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Here is data about the world surrounding the Oran, for the [[Oran NPCs]] go there. For the [[O.R.D Codex|Oran Codex]], go there!

Many things happened in the past, how they affect you is only a matter of choice

==The Creation of Astral==
Eight thoustand years in the past all the earth's races were in war. The Humans led by both their conquering spirit and fear of the other races waged and won a war to eliminate all the other races. However, they survived in one city, the magical fortress-city of Astral. With powerful magic the city was hidden from the outside world for five thoustand years, and with time all knowledge about the other races the humans had turned into no more than twisted myths. Magical knowledge was also lost to the outside world, as the few humans who knew it weren't willing to teach.

===The Viera catastrophe===
It's common knowledge nowadays that the Viera are a strange race, consisting of only females and are only able to reproduce through cross-breeding, but very few people know the real truth. This wasn't a problem before Astral was created, but in the ancient war fate was against them as every single man was killed, none survived and, thus, the Viera male genes disappeared. And fate was no kinder as cross-breeds don't ever yeld a male Viera.

===The rediscovery of Astral and the Astral Wars===
In the year of 2002 a disaster that nobody knows how to explain destroyed the ancient magical cloaking of the city, and not only that, the cloaking of those outside agents (people from Astral that through disguise and skill were working for the day of a planned rediscovery of Astral) generating a huge chaos in the whole planet.
What followed it was a huge world-wide war against Astral. Though a few countries, that were already prepared for the rediscovery, sided with Astral it seemed like a loosing war for Astral in the start, until Magic came into play. In a strange tactical display, Astral only ever defended itself and it's allies, never put a foot out of it's territory. In the end this display of pacifism caused the war to subside and end in peace after one hundred years of war

==Agemo War==
Long time ago it was discovered an aggressive star-faring race in the deep corners of space. Few if no info on it's way out of the secret channels of military higher-ups. What is known is that the greatest ships of the Earth fleet were sent, the twin dreadnoughts Oran Reinis and Cairn Reinis. What happened there nobody knows. The Oran was mostly unharmed, while most of it's officers after returning either quit the military, suicided, started on depressive waves or worse. The Cairn, however, could only limp back. Almost entirely destroyed, surviving only on emergency power, life support working only in the bridge, all of it's officers dead save for the commander and three brave souls, all four of them insane, the ship being dragged back via hyperwarp portal by the Oran.

The universe has many planets, while only a few are inhabited even less are known

Earth is, literally, the most diverse planet. It is populated by so many different races it's hard to account on all of them, and they are all native. Despite their massive physical differences, all of the Terra Proprius (the name of the earthling species) races have compatible DNA. Interbreeding is unique, also, always leading to a child of the race of either of the parents (or of a close relative), there is a complex genetic dominance scheme. However, while being genetically compatible, one must keep in mind that in a variety of cases they are not physically compatible, even in some extreme instances like the asexual Galka and their 'rebirth' cycle.
Earth is also the known to be the greatest nexus of magic in the universe. Earth's main military power lies in magitek starships and it's mages and adepts.
Earth is half ruled by a single 'king'. His existance is acknowledged, and he has power to do as he pleases, but no order was ever given in the past two thoustand years. Free to do as they please the others countries of the Earth exist like they always did.
Currently the identity of the old King was discovered as a person named Ikaido, who alledgedly lived for eight thousand years. However, a new King was chosen, a mithra of the name Kolitk. The King is chosen not by bloodline, but by skill. The old King chooses his heir based on who is the most apt at ruling the planet, although generally that tends to be a specially-trained descendant. Also, the Queen is not precisely the King's cohort, as the title of Queen belong to Earth's 'second-in-command', directly below the King and the one who observes the 'housekeeping' of each nation, being a man or woman bears no difference to the title of King and Queen. Only in four occasions it occurred that the King's cohort was the Queen, and the current Queen was the cohort of King Ikaido. She is a Bangaa, an extremely skilled politician and economist as well as apt in many more fields, she had many years of training and according to rumor is the mother of the first male Viera in millenia, created through gene technology. A romantic history about how she was a slave in a pirate and King Ikaido rescued her and fell in love floats around the internet, it surprisingly enough is not a lie.
Currently the King's Cohort is a human woman named Emily, and their daughter Reeis, given birth through genecross, is currently 14 years old.
Mana Fog: This strange natural phenomenon that exists in the Solar System causes immediate short-circuit of any non-magical or non-magitek system in it's area. It's like an invisible cloud. Nobody knows what this is, but it is what makes Earth the greatest fortress of the known universe
Green Forest Space Station: This strange space-station was created in the year of 2012 by a before-this-unknown viera geomancer from Brazil known as Lita. Though it started as one of the very first pioneering projects on Magitek to assist Brazil to defend itself from the attacks (as it was part of the Astral alliance) of the other nations. This strange geomantic spacestation resists until today, nowadays used more as a museum than anything else
Solsat Web: A web of satellites which form a perfect sphere over the entire solar system with five central lines pointing at Earth, which is also inside a perfect circle of satellites. Created after the first meeting of Earth and Iliria after it attempted a hyper-range bombardment on the planet. It is a rather old system that is constantly updated, the Solsat Web permits the channeling of any person-level spell to cover it's whole area, but due to their workings only field-type spells can be channeled such as Protect and Shell.
An interesting perk of Earthling society is that it is unusually peaceful for such a militaristic world. This fact stems that they are not truly militaristic, but they make of combat and dueling a sport, even to the level that would be called bloody and cruel by other people. This is mostly because of their capacity of healing magic, making wounds for them to be far less worrisome than for other worlds.
Dueling: The official sport of Earth, Dueling is like it sounds, two groups, sometimes it is a real duel, facing each other in the battlefield using whatever means they can. Only thing forbidden is Annihilation, damage beyond the capacity of healing magic. Generally every school teaches Dueling as means of PE and it has made it's way into Earth's culture.

Iliria is a mostly watery planet, like Earth, but different from here the land there is nearly uninhabitable being mostly composed of highly caustic materials that are inospitable to plant life. Iliria houses a single sentient race, known as Ilirians, that are similar to humans, except they're blue-skinned and amphibians to a degree. They live most of their lives underwater, and breath like fish, but can otherwise life in dry land but they need to remain wet. They devised a technology of special clothes that keep them always wet when outside water.
Ilirians are by nature militaristic and aggressive. The fact that their first ships in space were armed is a good enough proof. Iliria is currently in a state of war against both Earth and Kivara, but it's currently surpessed. Both Earth and Kivara have no interest in obliterating Iliria, but keep them supressed to prevent attacks. The cities in Iliria are deep in the seas, their capital city of Naordia is settled in the deepest sea trench of Nakin in the southern portion of the planet.

Home of the Kilvans this planet is nearer from it's sun than most other planets. The extreme heat and desertic climate has generated quite a strange race. The Kilvans are bug-like, they have four legs in which they walk and have six arms, their faces also sport pincers. They lack internal skeletons but have exoskeletons as tough as steel. Kilvans also seem to suffer a racial disease, while not particularly aggressive most of the time, during the period called 'Hunter's Moon' every Kilvan is afflicted with some strange sort of feeding frenzy. While not turned into mindless beasts during these three days every month their mind changes quite a bit and they are compelled to hunt the nearest food source, living food source. The only thing that escapes their Hunter's Moon period are other Kilvans and, in a few rare cases (More precisely the Oran officers Keros and Varkish) their non-Kilvan lovers. While this tends to be a problem in crowded starships they usually voluntarily lock themselves up to prevent trouble. There exists many projects on ways to suppress the Hunter's Moon period, but no success has been achieved by now.
Kivara only sports two major cities, in it's cooler poles. The cities of Lirat (North in Kilvan) and Saren (South in Kilvan) are large metropoles and everything beyond them is just sand. There exists a 'road' between Lirat and Saren known as the Pilgrim Road. It goes through a whole planet from pole to pole in scorching heat and grinding sand, almost nobody uses this road except maybe for a crazy group of Kilvans attempting to show their strenght. All the trade between Lirat and Saren is made through orbital trade stations, with goods being traded in space then sent back to the cities.

===Desert Clans===
Not all of Kivara is truly desolate, every once in a while you can spot a few cooler places under rock outcroppings where a few water wells have been made. Those are the watering holes of the desert clans, those are the rare few Kilvans who endure daily the dangers of desert, moving from point to point to survive. While the desert clans leave the two cities alone, it's not above them to steal the very rare few who try to cross the Pilgrim Road

A planet off all the trade and movement routes of the galaxy, Amazonia is a primarily tropical planet. 80% of the planet consists of a dense jungle, making it hard for starships to land except in a few clearings, either natural or artificial. The few areas not covered in jungle are usually arid disaster-created deserts or the one Amazonian Ocean, that coves a good 15% of the southern side of the planet. Along the planet many rivers cross so water is never lacking.
Amazonia is home to the cat-like Mithra. More humanoid-looking than cat-looking they still conserve many of the feline aspects. Their species also have a strange gender spread, only one out of every 10 mithra is born a male, what causes them to be a valuable resource. Mithra also tend to abhor technology and rather live in the old way, magic in their society is also very rare, leading to a progress stagnation.
Amazonia is also a source of the rare mineral Arcanite. While of no use to the Amazonians, Arcanite is very valuable to the Earth, being the only planet with the ability to process it properly. This caused a few mining colonies from Earth to exist in Amazonia, though they're mainly located in the few desertic areas, that seem to be both the most abudant with Arcanite and have no Mithra population. Every month a barge ship comes to Amazonia to take the loads from the mining colonies, it's known that a few Mithra tribes actually mine for Arcanite to trade for a few of the space-era goods the barges bring, usually weapons and armors or special brands of food and tailoring.

===The Sartan Clan===
This is a strange tribe of Mithra. Heavy militaristic their society is different from all the others. Their sacred scrolls tell about a great disaster that happened in the past, it was then that the Great Marrotha (a word in amazonian only this tribe recognized, it means Father) guided them to the sacred lands to rebuild their tribe. And in his example all man are great leaders. Historical research tells a similar tale, where a great earthquake caused by an underground volcano decimated many tribes. By a matter of fate only a few survived, interpretation of the texts and history seems point that 5 or so males and only two females survived, all of them apparently still children, except for one man.
Currently the Sartan Clan resides in an area considered holy ground by all the other tribes "From where nobody returns". It is, indeed, a dangerous part of the planet as many of the wild animals seem to be the most ferocious and some areas seems to be deadly traps. They also seem to lack that distrust of technology the other mithran tribes have, their city is a small stronghold of technology in the planet, containing some of the most advanced pieces of equipment avaiable, notably most of them are specially created to meld with the environment.
The one notable difference of the Sartan Clan is their men. While other tribes keep them, at most, fit for a quick escape, the Sartan Knights, as they're are called, are trained from early childhood to become not only powerful warriors, but great military and social leaders. It's advised you don't treat them lightly, as their motto is "A real man can fight five woman, and come out victorious"

The vast openenss of space still has it's landmarks and people

==Kadesh Nebula==
The Kadesh nebula is the home of a strange tribe of nomads. While the nebula is just a giant cloud of debris and gas that obstructs any kind of scanner, the Kadeshi, it's denizes, are a band of nomads that are highly dangerous and consider themselves natives of the nebula. While nobody ever saw what a Kadeshi looks in person, it's suggested that they're not native to the nebula as it's not a planet.
The Kadeshi are nomads, and thieves. The live off pillaging trade ships that come nearby their nebula and occasionally sending raiding parties outside. Nobody knows what their true power is like as they've shown to have technology centuries beyond the rest of the known universe. They usually give the ones they raid a 'chance'. Join them and have their ships destroyed or die with their ships

==Crystal Report==
The location of the nine elemental crystals and a report

===Fire Crystal===
Acquired, found on Mars under the care of Flammarion

===Water Crystal===
Acquired, found on Neptune under the care of Unna

===Wind Crystal===
Location: Mercury
Guardian: Aelia
Skilled in ninjutsu and high-speed combat, as well as aerial combat, her special arena, Sky Citadel, is on Mercury itself. The fierce temperatures added to the natural effects of the Wind Crystal cause massive atmospheric disturbances, which only exists due to Aelia's doing. Prefers to fight with a swallow, overly zealous. Scout parties could not track Sky Citadel for long

===Ice Crystal===
Acquired, found on Pluto under care of Shikane

===Earth Crystal===
Acquired, found on Uranus under care of Terana

===Lightning Crystal===
Location: Jupter
Guardian: Voltaro
The flying fortress Jovian Dream, small-scale early-type prototype to the Highwind destroyer series is controlled by Voltaro and powered by the Lightning Crystal. Flies through a pattern easily recognizable in the Jupter atmosphere by the trails of lightning left in it's wake. Scout parties unable to approach

===Bio Crystal===
Acquired, found on Earth under the care of Makuto

===Holy Crystal===
Location: Saturn
Guardian: Josh
Information about Josh unavaible, scout parties have not returned. The Dreamtide Town, an elusive stealth space station in Saturn's ring is his residence.

===Shadow Crystal===
Location: Venus
Guardian: Nero
Information about Nero unavaiable, except for love of music. Scout parties have not returned. Underside Astral, a legendary colony in the eternal darkness under Venus' clouds is said to be his residence.

==New Terra==
A planet set very far away in the middle of the absolute nowhere, or so the location data says. Everything else but location is classified

==The Scrapyard==
A site recently discovered within the Milky Way, data suggests massive amounts of metals from destroyed starships. No further data known. A Bentusi signal has been sighted two days ago

The Oran is currently the greatest ship of the Earth's fleet. The only one that compares to it is it's sister-ship the Cairn, that's been in the repair docks for the last 10 years.
All the various areas of the Oran are connected through Hyperwarp elevators, that in case of failure still count with both Float-powered elevation systems and mechanical elevation systems. Also, stairs connect all the levels too

Because everything needs an explanation. As things show up i'll post them here

===Hyperwarp, Hyperspace and Warp===
Every Time Mage is familiar with the Warp spell, it's a spell that opens a gate through space for which a small teams can go through in order to instantly cover a considerable distance in no time.
Advances in technology also showed up the wonders if Hyperspace, a kind of different place where the laws of physics are different. While the Hyperspace isn't livable on, as we run on different levels of existance, it also has no limit on the speed of travel, whereas in normal space it's limited to that of light. This is actually usable by starships for interstellar travel, using gravitic fields in order to open a gate to Hyperspace, send the ship into it and stablize it during the travel a ship can travel up to in hyperspace with simple gravitic engines. As soon as the stabilizer field is lifted the ship is quickly dumped naturally back into normal space. Hyperspace is, however, very affected by gravity and it limits it's uses
Hyperwarp is… Not entirely understood. It uses a mix of Hyperspace technology and highly powered Teleportation magics, it basically is a gate to the Hyperspace, that is then bent into shape and powered through magic in order transport who enter in the gate like through a Warp spell, except the fact that since it's melded into Hyperspace it's range becomes… Too big for numbers, though it's limited due to safety to a certain range, depending on the systems used

===Savant Computers===
The pinnacle of magitek boptronics. These computers are made not only from normal electronic components but also enhanced with biological ones such as dna-based hard drives and proto-neurons enhancing cables. More than that each Savant is enchanted with a golem-like proto-soul, a level of semi-sentience that enhances their processor capacity. They are, however, still machines without any emotions or sentience.
There are, however, gossips about Savants being truly sentient, and living. But that's just gossip and tale

===Magitek Healing===
Magic isn't perfect healing. Alas, it takes a giant amount of skill to heal a wound with perfection using magic, and even then it is not possible to do so with magic alone, at least a focuser device is needed. As such hospitals count with special staff trained in high-precision magical healing as well as non-magical healing methods and magitek apparatus.
Tales abound about a few sadistic people who known methods to cause damage that cannot be healed normally through magic, as the wounds are made specifically so healing magic is ineffective. However, a Magtek Surgeon can heal it just fine

Genecross, that is a word to describe special people and one that has caused much problems in the past. Genetic engineering has reached a point where designing the characteristics of your child is possible, but seen as highly unethical and penalties of law are severe, most cases ending in perpetual prision of the genetic engineers who try. Genecrosses, however, are a different case. Having parents of two genetically-incompatible races the genes of the father are 'translated' to the closes equivalents to that of the mother's species. So, in the case of a Kilvan x Human union the child would inherit such things as heigh, skin tone and such from the Kilvan father, but still within the bounds of the mother's species. There are various factors that are intranslatable, however. There is a second kind of Genecross that is considered unethical, yet has lesser penalties if found, it is called Ovulus Fusion, the union of two female ovulus by making one of them 'believe' the other is sperm, this generates a child with two mothers, and only generates female individuals. Cases of those aren't rare, most slip under the legal radar, and it's actually considered legal for the few spacefarer mithra

===Material, Ethereal and Transcient Sciences===
Magic follows a set of logical rules entirely different from what more traditional science does. At the time of the rediscovery of Astral, all people viewed magic as an illogical kind of "art" where where experiments would lead to strange occurances where nothing made sense. "It's magic" was a very common thing to say when answering why things that didn't make sense happened.
However, as time went on this view started to slowly be dispelled. When a daring scientist that was nearing the end of his career without ever making a single research of importance decided to apply the scientific approach to magic he started to slowly percieve the logic under it. While he died without seeing the fruits of his research, Marcus Kitase's theories became the root of what is currently called today Ethereal Science.
All of the different brances of scientific research, from physics and chemistry to psychology and antropology, now follow three different lines in their research, the Material line, that is just the same kind of science that had always been in the past, the Ethereal line, where it works with the magical logic, that despite being wildly different from the 'standard' one it's as consistent as it. And the third line, the Transcient.
The Transcient line of research is very young, and it works with the various small points where Material and Ethereal sciences converge. To note is that a certain kind of matter or energy either works in the Material or Ethereal set of logics, but there are a few who work in both, and it's surrounding these double-essence materials that Transcient sciences proliferate. The most known Transcient materials are:
Arcanite, a metal that has the capacity to greatly enchance the magical elemental energies and their material relatives when their atoms are arranged in the proper formation. Depending on which element they are 'attuned' to their color and reactions to elements change. The golden arcanite, the only type of elementally-atuned arcanite known to form naturally isn't aligned to any element in special but has the property of stabilizing any type of unstable arcanite nearby
Magical Crystals, that are distant relatives from the diamonds, created from a source of magic but behaving like diamonds themselves. Magical Crystal atoms are a mix of normal material particles and ethereal elemental particles.

===Synchro Fighters===
Arcanite is known to have many Transcient properties, one of them is that with the proper Alchemical manipulation their atomic structure changes very easely, generally with a large chance of uncontrolled chain reaction. This maleability, however, can be harnessed to create fluid structures that, despite having great solidity, can change shape at a whim. This still in R-grade prototype levels technology is applied to the starfighters known as Synchro Fighters. By having the pilots biologically interface with the ship though a series of connectors to their neural system the entire starfighter takes the shape most appropriate for them to pilot, and due to the Bio-elemental nature of the Arcanite used the fighter can safely interface with the pilot without leaving scars, sans for a small leftover metal plate in the base of the back of the head where the main neural shut is connected.
The existance of the Synchro Fighters is level 4 secret and by this level there aren't many people who know about them. There are seven Synchro Fighters known to exist:

  • Alchemical type I: A tabled-shaped ship in the center of a stone ring floating around it. It sports two micro Ion Cannons in it's underside
  • Alchemical type II: (Jimmy's Synchro Fighter. I lack a description right now)
  • Necro type I: Sports a variety of wings similar to locust wings around a spiked central mass. Sports no weapons but has a remote bit similar to a obsidian black obelisk when folded, that can open up two 'wings' that have a series of ether laser beams
  • Lion type I: A simple triangular metallic form with two longer wings at the base. The tips of the wings are composed of a crystalline matter and can emit a large variety of energy types
  • Lion type II: (Kisro's Synchro Fighter. I lack a description right now)
  • Psy type I: An Synchro Fighter made of pure, clear, crystal allowing the pilot to be seen in the inside, shaped like a triangle with four wings in the back in an X formation and a floating ring just behind the thrusters. It uses two remote-controlled spear-shaped bits capable of using weak ion beams and possessing great piercing capacity
  • Striker type I: A Synchro Fighter fused with the purified Beast Cells of its pilot, the Striker I has a ramming/cutting prow that resembles a hooked beak, a body that seems to ripple with black metallic feathers, and two under-wing weapon-bays that resemble a birds legs folded in flight. When docked or executng extreme-speed maneuvers, the wings of the craft fold back against the fuselage for a more streamlined appearance, like a striking raptor.
  • Scryer type I: An ever-changing vessel, it's shape depends entirely on the mental state of the pilot, which often changes due to it's forecasting abilities. It possesses two unique Particle Cannons underneath and several electronic warfare suites

===Navigational Coordinates===
Something that everyone knows at this day and age it's how to navigate in space using the simple coordinates system. Coordinates follow the 'waypoint':'x','y','z' set, an example of coordinates is as follows S03:32,-65,44
Waypoint: The identification number or similar of the point that'll be used as a reference, it can be an astrological body identification number (S03 being Earth's) or even the name of a space station. Each waypoint has it's own X,Y,Z set of axis, normally using the visible 'up' (or a pre-defined set). Military ships tend to have their axis at odd angles from their upside.
X: Horiontal distance from the waypoint according to the defined axis set
Y: Vertical distance from the waypoint according to the defined axis set
Z: Depth distance from the waypoint according to the defined axis set

===Earth's Military===
Earth's military is unique among the other planets' for a single reason, the majority of it's power hails from mercenaries. While it's armed forces are up to par with the other planets' in training and firepower of units, it's size is comparatively minimal if you exclude the Comissioned Officers.
The so-called Comissioned Officers are nothing more than a formalization of a mercenary hired by the armed forces. Each Comissioned Officer answers only to a single commander and otherwise must not answer to anyone else. Their ranks (From Junion to Lord) denote both their skill and their specialization. This strange system has kept Earth's military might a constant yet unreliable secret. Strangely, despite what the best enemy spies could ever divine, Earth had always managed a breakthrough using mercenary forces even when it seemed like it's resources were depleted

===Soul and Science===
At first we set up a small explanation on nomenclature: All that which falls under ethereal science is energy, that is, all things that follow the rules of ethereal science are, in fact, energy. Also, this energy coexists in the same plane of existance (and indeed, same place and time) as things of material origin. However, this little explanation will consider them as if they were on two different planes, to facilitate explanation. This is possible because ethereal energy can coexist in the same time and space as material matter and energy.
It is to be noted that every piece of material matter has it's equivalent ethereal double. Every atom, every indivisible unit of material matter and even energy exists synchronically with an ethereal energy signature, that forms it's double in the ethereal 'plane'. Exceptions exist, but they do not come into play for this explanation and is to be left for further explanation.

Energy in the ethereal plane plane comes on 4 varieties:

  • Mana: Free energy, not attached to any Material matter or energy. Highly unstable it can quickly transform into other types of Ethereal energy. THE Ethereal energy source, for both magic and magitek.
  • Prana: Ethereal energy attached to Material energy, such as electromagnetical radiation or, even knectic energy. More stable than Mana, but can be forced into transformation between Prana 'types', such as heat into kinectics into radiation.
  • Animus: Ethereal energy attached to innanimate Material matter, also called 'Ethereal innanimate matter', it's just as stable as the Material matter it's attached to. It must react with Animus plus Mana or Prana to be changed, and even then at a high expense of Prana and Mana.
  • Anima: Ethereal energy attached to living Material matter, also called 'Soul', 'Spirit' or any other words to that mean. Extremely resilient, up to now only a few Mana reactions have been known to alter the nature of Anima, and those usually require extreme amounts of Mana for little alteration in Anima.

It must be noted that the ethereal-material link of matter and energy remains until one of them looses their identity as to what they are. So while radio waves are still radio waves they remain attached to radio prana, but when they have their frequency changed to X-Rays, they then cause their Prana to alter to X-Ray Prana, or even loose the link to their previous Prana and link to X-Ray Prana, depending on the environment.
The more resilient to change of nature the material matter/energy is the more resilient the ethereal counterpart will be, of course. The only exception is Anima. While a being can loose what characterizes it as a living being, Anima is so extremely resilient and attached that it remains linked to it's matter for up to one year before it detaches from dead matter, thus, as long as the dead matter can be returned to a state where it can sustain life any kind of 'revival' magic or technology can be used to return it to life as long as no more than one year has passed (sometimes more if special precautions are taken), even if the body was originally turned to a fine red mist (though repairing that might be hard).
Also, Anima takes centuries to loose it's identity, and only when the original 'soul' is divided into very minimal pieces. The scattered pieces of Anima sometimes take the place of Animus, thus, giving a living soul to an object, but causing no further effect. During the magical era of Japan, Samurais learned how to draw on the Anima of the metal of their blades, that being how the amazing Bushido techniques were born.

===Black and White Anima===
Recent advancements of ethereal science has found ways to replace one of the most feareful and ancient magical rituals, the sacrifice. It is known that some ethereal reactions take Anima as catalyst or, in the case of spells up to this day still being researched on their internal workings, have Anima as a component. Said spells have cataclysmical power, though had been banned ever since the Astral days, however, nowadays there exists a replacement for sacrifices. An artifical kind of Anima called White Anima, which is basically a unique type of Mana that has over 87% of the coalescence properties (Coalescence Property: To magical energy the same that frequency and amplitude are to physical waves) of Anima, with the exception of the resilience and some of the properties which mostly define life. Still, there has been no spell of such sort which couldn't be, instead, fuelled with White Anima. Such a commodity is of very difficult production and it's price tend to be beyond the range of but the richest individuals.
There is a different kind of artificial Anima called Black Anima. It's been known since the days of old by many names, but it's most defining characteristic being that which composes the soul of the undeads. Black Anima in itself is not artificial, but a type of 'mutation' of the normal Anima. However, with time as a certain bit of Black Anima grows stronger, it sheds, something which normal Anima does not, and those fragments (which normally end up attached to a type of black, vile, bubbly liquid which oozes from an undead's body) can be used to create whole new undeads fuelled with this artificial Black Anima, or if infused within the core of normal Anima, corrupt it. Unless Black Anima is infused into the 'core' of normal Anima (being it's area with highest density, varies by individual), the normal Anima will eventually purify the Black which taints it.

===Infused Anima Program===
Infused Anima Programs, or IAPs for short, are the most recent advanced in electronics. They are basically computer programs with an Anima of their own. This grants them a unique level of self-awareness and identity as well as granting the program itself it's own processing capacity that, while dependent on the hardware it inhabits, still currently far outmatches all high-end machines short of Savants.
The creation of an IAP is a complicated and difficult process, at first their Mother Machine, the machine in which they are programmed, must be made entirely out of material which naturally possesses enough Anima density, generally the same density that most living beings have. Then, the computer must be fed directly with high Prana density electricity, this is generally only found on magical lightning but specialized generators exist. After the program is coded with the Anima Persona Core, the special code which permits the Anima attached to the electrical current which the program inhabits to remain whole, it is then transferred to a circuit. This circuit behaves like a 'body' for the IAP and then can be transferred to any other system that requires the IAP. Storage devices and remote sending are not possible with IAP, that is, while they can travel via network to different computers, if they are for some reason disconnected from the Father Circuit, the IAP at the other end will simply vanish (literally) and the copy in the Father Circuit will remain.
IAPs are also unique in that it has been proven that they have their own unique existance within the computer network. They appear to exist like persons, in a type of cyberworld, their Anima grants them a human-level of perception which leads to such. According to a specially aware IAP, they can exist in two different 'shapes', called modes. Code Mode, where they forfeit their individuality to become part of the system, their base functions are best executed in this mode but it conflicts heavily with the nature of Anima, it is, thus, something they avoid, usually finishing their alloted tasks at as high a pace as possible before reverting to Avatar Mode, in which the best description for those who do not study those sciences would be the form of persons in the cyberworld

==Docking Bays==
Five hundred entry ports for ships, each of the bays can handle up to seven fighters or two frigates. It's mainly a military place but a lot of 'undergroud' civilian commerce happens in this area. Shady corners between repair systems, parked ships waiting for a liftoff order, all those make perfect hiding places. The Bays also house the Engineering area.

A huge eliptical area riddled with labs in the outside and in it's center the Diagnosis Table and Ports, a huge table that displays status of the whole Oran at the movement of a finger. Each engineer is assigned his own passcode to access it and can only see as much information as his level of clearance allows, though this protection may end up lifted in emergencies. It also house a series of ports where you can jump in to quickly head wherever the problem is, they work with four systems of transpot: First, they are equipped with Hyperwarp gates; second, in case the hyperwarp fusion device fails, they are enchanted with a Warp spell; third, in case the Warp falters, they are equipped with personal Hyperspace gates; and lastly, in case all else fails, they are still tunnels to the areas they connect to

==Civilian Area==
Everyone in the Oran has it's duty in it, or else they wouldn't be in it. But when they aren't fighting for their lives or struggling to keep this behemoth of a ship working they actually have a life to live. The second-biggest area of the Oran, spanning at least 50 stories tall. It is a large city inside the Oran itself where people live, have fun, and even make more people. This area exists because the Oran is frequently on missions where it stays a dozen of years away from habitable planets. Shining high above all are a series of special lights, made so they'd emulate the light of a sun. It is also set in a cycle of day-night with the 'rising' sun being in the direction of the Oran's front and the 'downing' sun being in the direction of the Oran's back

The Sartan Tribe: Currently a group of 10 mithra woman and a mithra man from the Sartan tribe live in the Oran. They boarded about 10 years ago.

===The Bedrooms===
Known as the bedrooms this area is mostly formed by apartment complexes, some odd houses and a few parks. Nothing too remarkable about the bedrooms except that it tends to be the place where most 'underground' stuff happens, usually by old buildings.

The Esluansazuio Tribe: The tribe of the current Earth's King, Kolitk. It was forcibly relocated here during the End of the Agemo incident. In general it looks like an ancient little town stuck in the middle of a spaceship. The Mithra of the little town are as self-sufficient as can be and live independently from the rest of the ship, although now and then young women leave the village to try to live with the rest of the ship. Entry is forbidden without authorization from an Esluansazuio citizen.

===Soldier's Relief===
The most busy area of the civilian Oran, all day long. Here are a collection of bars, restaurants, theatres, movies. All sorts of entertainment, from the most erudite to the lowliest illegal. Most of the people here are either right out of military duty or a few moments prior to going back to it

Here you can find mostly everything, this conglomeration of shops and salesman forms a maze of streets and people. From used military goods to childrens toys you can bet, if you don't find it here, you won't find anywhere else in the Oran. Well, maybe in the dark shops of the bedrooms but…

==Farm Area==
People need to eat, and having to go out to look for food is truly counter-productive during long space missions. For this reason the Oran has a series of farms inside itself, including a small jungle-like area. These places cover all the organic needs of the Oran, from food to fuels.

The actual farms are heavily mechanized and automated, though humanoid labor is still used in many parts. They usually produce mainly eating goods, with only a few producing other goods such as steel-cotton (genetically engineered highly-resistant cotton) and artificial petroleum. Some people say that food grown in space is better than planet-bound food, though no true difference has been seen

This area is made to simulate natural environments where animals that cannot be tamed live and also as a research station. Many plants that require specific environs and can't be easely planted in farms are also grown here

==Military Area==
Covering most of the Oran, the Military Area is it's heart. It ranges from sensor stations, military training centers, life-support complexes and magitek amplifiers to huge Savant computer cores, man-operated energy cannons, fire-control and the dreaded Eraser.

Known as the Academy this complex is what keeps the officers in top shape, so that they're always ready to rumble. Ranging from training areas to weekly lectures about tactics this place is a must-go for all officers

===Savant Core===
This is the main Savant computer core, where the four most powerful Savant computers; Kraft, Frost, Dante and Borealis; are gathered in order to maximize their power. The four Savants work in a network link and keep the Oran running serving as assisstants to the commander. Also, here is where resides a fifth Savant, called Neo-Savant Valoris. Nothing about it is known to those with clearance lower than chief researchers

===Intelligence Central===
You're all going to come here one day. This is where all kinds of briefings and info-gathering is done. Counting with the best hacking and spying equipments and officers the IC is a vital part to the victories of the Oran. The leader of the IC is also quite a personality, nobody knows a thing about it, not even gender. Everyone calls it "Chief Intel", and his true identity remains a secret, though it's not any hard to call it. After all, his phone number is public.

===Weapon Bays===
All the heavy artillery in the Oran needs maitenance, this part shows a bit of the heavy firepower whose insides are enterable… Or not

Siege Cannon MK.VII - These giant cannons are very simple. A pack of simple high-powered explosives goes through the tube, miday through it gets enchanted with a powerful Ultima spell through a magitek system, it gets loaded in the shooter, leftover plasma from the engine system is packed into the explosives, it is then shot. The result is an extremely powerful blast of energy that can vaporize any Fighter-class ship, destroy less-armored Firgate-class ones and heavily damage bigger ships. However, the shot is slow-moving and innacurate

Magitek Enhancer - The simplest weapon, and also one of the most deadly. These simple chambers work through a mage inside them. The mage casts a spell, that's then fueled through the Oran's MTek Enhancer system as to get powerful enough to affect large ships. Easy as that

Infinity Cylinder - A strange weapon whose operation can't be made from inside the ship, requiring a very unique outside energy source. The Oran shoots a series of light pink lasers to serve as a targetting system and then shoots a massive gravity distortion wave that envelops the targets, creating a temporary "split dimension", that from an outside view would look like a sphere of darkness, where a huge concentration of energy resides. After the energy cllapses upon itself and explodes the dark shield shatters revelaing a white background where whatever is left of the enemies remain. After the split dimension isn't being fulled by the Oran anymore in seve ndays it collapses upon itself and ceases existing, but in the meantime travel to and from it is as simple as crossing the border

The Eraser - This weapon is sort of a legend. Nobody remembers the last time it was fired, though they suspect that it found heavy use during the Agemo War. It uses so much power it renders the Oran powerless for 20 seconds. What this weapon does is a mystery, but some people argue that it's capable of completely erasing something from existance

Galaxy Zodiark - Unknown to public, this weapon is the most powerful in existance. It officially is part of the Oran's and Cairn's arsenal but in reality both the Oran and Cairn are their components, the Oran serving as energy collector device and the Cairn as the barrel of the gun. It utilizes the tremendous energy from Earth's "crystal core", that although nobody has any proof is a crystal is a storage of near-infinite energy in Earth's core, as well as the energy from the planebreaking Aeon combined attack Zodiark. To be executed the Galaxy Zodiark requires alchemical focus points on all the planets in the solar system, which means that there are only brief windows in which it is usable. Although theoretically it's sheer output would destroy the entire galaxy upon firing, the fact that it's beam is has a trans-dimensional nature only things in it's path are affected. It was only ever fired twice and was originally made as a system to collect and research the energy of the Crystal Core.

==Rough Sketch of the Oran==
The Oran is a giant starship with an edgy appearance. It's most obvious features are a large cannon set in the front-right side and the six 'spikes' that hug close to the main body. While the main body of the Oran is a deep black color the spikes themselves are jet-black, a deeper black than the rest of the ship. They say the 'spikes' move but nobody ever saw them doing so


==Synchro Fighter Pilot==
Not exactly like this, this setup is stolen from Homeworld 1 and used for capital ships. A smaller version is used in the Synchro Fighters


SW page
=Split Worlds=
An unimaginable time ago, the two great goddesses Ultima and Phoenix fought over who was the greatest. They fought for so long that the sky was covered in the ashes of their fight, the blazing light of the sun turned dim by it. It was then decided that the one who would show the greatest feat would be recognized. Ultima had shown her destructive power, by easily wiping out a continent, Phoenix on the other hand descended directly to the land, bringing on her back all the people who now live on the lands. Ashamed that she held but the power of destruction, Ultima retreated to the now-eternal black clouds in the sky and was never seen anymore, and tired from her feat of creation Phoenix slept where she was on the ground, but not before granting part of her creations the power of the gods, Magic.

Eons have passed, and civilization grew. Towns were born, grew to cities and eventually kingdoms, but people had split. First, those of different skin, different races, chose to stay only with their kin. Then, further, the ones who would be able of using the divine power called Magic and thos who would find their own way to do so the same without it's power, calling it Technique. That is the history passed down by the Church of how the world came to bear and how people were created, and why were they split.

The world is a vast place, the sky perpetually covered in fluffy white clouds which filter through the light of the eternal sun, in the rare few places where there are no clouds the light is so scorching that it leaves everything it touches burnt, but those rare occurrences have only been seen in three places in the world. There is no night in this world, except under the storm clouds, and during the rest of the time, an eternal drizzle falls all over the world, although not enough to make anything wet.
In this vast place two kingdoms control everything, the Ethereal Kingdom in the north, populated by magicians where wonders of magic are created every day, life is made easy even if it follows the most ancient traditions as magic is a highly traditional art. And the Material Kingdown in the south, populated by technicians whose creations spew forth gouts of steam and arcs of electricity, structures rise to the skies without the aid of magic and life is made easy by the works of man. Even further, each of those kingdoms is divided in the racial districts, nobody questions this, it just seems natural.
And then, there is a place which rare few dare utter the name, lest they be put to the blade by the warring kingdoms, yet, all know about it, the Transcient Town. A place where it's said that magic and technique unite in the most spectacular and dangerous ways.

Not too long ago, a strange group appeared, raiding ruins for ancient and sacred relics, said group had always it's present announced by the sound of an omnious and sad flute song, the darknening of clouds and the inevitable destruction, led by one called "Heir of Ultima", whose strange flute seems to be able of calling down the mighty destructive power of Ultima at his will. Their intentions are unknown, and if you do not get in their way you will be spared, and yet, they pose a great danger to the warring kingdoms.

It's in this world where you were born, and now you are together, for a reason or another, adventuring and diving into ruins yourselves

World Data:
Smaller towns in the Material Kingdom have a tendency of being small farming towns, dominated by the farms with a dozen houses aside in the center while bigger cities tend to be mostly trading hubs and research centers. Notable places in the Material Kingdom are Alvarest, the capital, Rorest the Border Heart, a city known for it's dangerous streets, busy markets and for being the core supply center for the border forts and Trassim, the city beyond the swamplands.
The Material Kingdom has a well-maintained road system, having roads made of smooth bricks connecting every larger city in the Kingdom and 'unofficial' but still maintained packed dirt roads connecting the main roads to the smaller towns. The main roads are always patrolled, albeit lightly, and at constant distances small watch towers possessing cannons keep watch, ready to defend the road from monsters. The side-roads tend to be unpatrolled, or guarded by mercenaries hired by towns.

Alvarest: Known as the City of Reason it is the center of the Material Kingdom, a gigantic fortress-city made of stone and metal, sheltered inside it's walls is a majestic city full of wonders of science and powerful and proud knights. It is the center of military training and scientific research of the world. The city is famous for the fact that the castle is built such a way that the entire population can take shelter inside it's massive walls and labyrinthine corridors. Famous places in the city include the Knight's Rest Inn, famous for it's service worldwide, and the rival military gear factories "Lynx", "Panther" and "Tiger".

Rorest: First, a crossroads and depot leading to the frontier, second a center of trade and wealth, third a hive of scum and villainy. Rorest grew haphazardly around a supply depot of the military into a giant trading town with winding, maze-like streets and hidden corners and forgotten buildings. The area is dangerous, but with great danger comes great reward, trade deals there involve the lowest prices and magical gear coming from the Ethereal Kingdom, but beware, the only things safe from theft are the military convoys, not even the darkest thief prince wants to see their beloved Material Kingdom invaded by the mages of the north

Trassin: A city famous for it's export, hardy people. Founded by hardy frontiermen who braved the haunted Lirtran Swamp and survived, it is an isolated land where brave man and women toil the hard and infertile ground and where the greatest warriors of the Material Kingdom are born and trained, their main source of income are mercenaries, the Guild System implemented by them guarantees frequent work for their mercenaries and constant income to the town

In the Ethereal Kingdom small towns are rare, magicians aren't prone to small towns where you know all you peers and so much more work must be spent just maintaining a basic life. Settlements are either cities or small towns that are setting the groundwork for a bigger planned city. Some simply big cities that sprouted naturally in the past while others are 'specialized' cities like Keiranka, a huge sprawling capital of farms, a veritable metropolis which focuses all of it's arcana on growing as effectively as possible food for the kingdom. Arzanta, the king's demesne, is a true sight to behold, a city made of glowing crystals where the "Almagest Ancestral" sleeps, said to be the most powerful creation of the kingdom, although what it is, is a secret.
Travel isn't common in the Ethereal Kingdom, people being far more static and trade caravans being generally very large so that they only set out once every 30 Passes (or 30 Rains). Roads are non-existant, travel requires either powerful bodyguards or proper wilderness training yourself. Beaten paths exist but they are hardly roads

Arzanta: The capital of the kingdom, it's where the greatest mage academies and the king's castle reside. Arzanta is quite literally made entirely of crystal of varying colors, being illegal to build anything of any other material in it's territory. That might seem at first like an excessive boast, however, it is said to be tied to the "Almagest Ancestral", something that the Ethereals have been working on since the creation of the city. Visible in every single structure is the waves of the underground river that flows under the castle, reflected eternally in it's crystalline lattice.

Keiranka: Where all the food of the kingdom comes from, it's set in the plains to the east, disturbingly close to the river that serves as a territory marker between both kingdoms in that region. It's among the most magically infused cities of the kingdom, the ground itself is now extremely rich on mana even if unworked, the winds themselves feel magical even if moved by simple force of nature. In Keiranka incredible amounts of magic are used to make the perfect place to grow food, making it's crops strong, filling and quickly harvested, however, the entire area is vulnerable to anti-arcana measures. No-one dares try that, however, as the result would be catastrophic to everyone.

Ireniades: Originally twelve cities that have since joined organizationally and, slowly, physically as well. They serve as the 'industrial' complex of the Ethereal Kingdom, located in the far north region. Buildings of wood and rock tower all over the place and lights shine through windows all cycle long. However, the most distinctive feature of Ireniades is the "HW Field", an ancient relic unearthed decades ago that looks like a giant ring of steel that is set against the ground. The HW Field works like a very powerful and permanent teleportation spell, however, it has a fixed exit point being roughly 20km south of Arzanta. It's how most of the gear and magicite produced in Ireniades is delivered to the front lines.

Somewhere in the woods is where the mystical Viera are said to live, maintaining ancient tradition and lore. Often travellers are sent to their lands to try to gleam from them knowledge of such traditions. However, it is unadvised to go there during the storm season. During that time they are known to kidnap men, taking them to the deepest part of their village to partake in their strange mating rituals, after which they are returned to the middle of the wilds, with only fragmented memories of strange circumstances.

A nursery rhyme passed down generations worldwide

In our little island
30 were we all
Two of us went away
work for us all
2 and 2 together again
30 were total
One more came to us
Little left to all
So one we threw away
Everything left normal

The time of day is measured by the passage of Ultima's Throne, the giant mass of pitch black clouds in the sky, in most regions, but in the far north and south it is measured by the period of rains, because it always rains precisely the same time. In the measurement of Ultima's Throne passage time, a day is a Pass, an hour is a Wave, the span of a wave with your hand in the air, there are 33 Waves in a Pass. A minute is the Palm, measured in a Viera's palm in the celestial globe, there are 5 Palms in a Wave, and a second is a Finger, measured in a moogle's finger in the celestial globe, there are 79 Fingers in a Palm.
The rain measurement is slightly more complex to measure but easier to remember. There is First Rain (equivalent to midnight) and Second Rain (equivalent to noon), between each Rain there are 12 Drizzles (each one an hour), each Drizzle has 60 Mists (a minute) and each Mist has 60 Drops (a second). On both systems the Year is called 'Cycle', it is an ancient wording for a certain amount of time, and none really knows the origin of the name. A 'Cycle' has 365 Passes or 730 Rains.

Dragons are literally the most powerful beasts of the land, powerful lizardine beings with innate magic and terrible breath attacks as well as a terrible intelligence, making their great greed perhaps their only weakness. Interestingly, they are also the only lifeforms capable of flying any higher than the tree canopies, all other fliers don't fly higher a tree's height.
The Ethereal Kingdom has a dragon known as The Crimson Destroyer serving it in exchange for a great amount of wealth, it protects the western fort, making it the strongest defense of the kingdom.
There are rumors about a dragon who took residence in the Material Kingdom. It's said in the rumor mill that a powerful dragon of crystalline yellow scales fell in love with a knight of the eastern garrison, which resides in a dense swamp and is in constant siege by the Ethereal Kingdom. However, she couldn't stay with the man she had fallen in love with, as she was a being of magic and would never be allowed to stay, so in order to be able to stay with him, and to help such a defenseless outpost, she tore apart her own body, fashioning powerful weapons and armor, which was found by the knights the following night in their armory with one exception, a blade forged out of her own heart was found in the knight's bed, made specially for him. Of course, that is all rumor and the Material Kingdom denies that, but that fort IS called the Black Iron Dragon.

Lightning is an extremely dangerous element, present in abundance in nature every mage knows better than using it in excess under open skies. Regardless if you believe it to be divine punishment for using a forbidden element or simply that nature is that dangerous, Lightning remains powerful, the most powerful spells are lightning-elemental, and dangerous as the power drawn is so great it will invariably wound the user.
Usage of raw lightning (be it generated by magic or a contraption) in the outside is dangerous, if it is used too often it will coax lightning out of the clouds bringing down a volley of electricity powerful enough to destroy everything in the vicinity which cannot be protected against. Electrically-charged gear and other smaller uses are alright, as long as voltaic arcs aren't forming yet.

The world has a great many races on it, they differ vastly in form and disposition, but one thing they do not vary at all is potential.
For more information check [[SWRaces|here]].

Ruins litter the world, it's accepted all through that an ancient empire that once controlled all land existed at a point and then was destroyed. The majority of the ruins are actually underground with caves leading to them, a good deal are actually in the surface and only a rare few are underground with actual entrances above-ground. The ruins are also sometimes inter-connected by underground tunnels made of metal, and all of the ruins are metallic themselves.
Ancient relics can either be totally useless or tools of great power, and very often fetch very high prices, however, most ruins have become nests for monsters and some ruins have even self-defense systems.

Dead Ruins:
Called Dead Ruins are unique ruins in which those brave enough to head inside rarely come out, even if all they do is cross the Dead Threshold.
Those ruins have something specific about them that makes them so deadly, those who enter suddenly become aware that they previously had some sort of connection with the world itself, a connection that is severed once they enter. They feel displaced, strangers in their own land, as if existence itself was denying their right to be. Those ruins are dry, scaringly dry, as well. The Dead Threshold is what's called the threshold which you have to cross to feel it's supernatural effects, it's visible only to Humans.
Despite the sensations there are actually physiological effects of being within a Dead Ruin. Your body grows hungry much, much faster, food is absolutely unfilling, you could eat until your stomach explodes and you wouldn't be sathed, your wounds refuse to heal over time, recovery magic is stunted and chemical healing compounds are far less effective, Racial powers are disabled and in some cases reversed. Both Magic and Technique also works at a quarter power.
There are also mental effects, you feel extremely lonely, even if along other people and you feel a strange longing as well. You also feel scared, terrifyingly afraid of everything, your shadow, any sound you hear, it is as if your bravery is syphoned away. Only the bravest souls retain enough of their spirit to continue exploring after the Dead Threshold.
Thankfully, all Dead Ruins are devoid of any monster of defense system, and most often have very good rewards for those who manage to explore.

The land is great and distances greater than what can do on foot need to be traveled, so there are methods for that.
The most common method of transportation between cities and towns, as well as within small Material towns, it's chocobos. They come in a variety of colors, large birds with strong legs and almost all unable to fly they're excellent pack beasts and have enough stamina to take a rider or two anywhere at very good pace. Generally a chocobo-driven cart is what traders will use to go between towns with their goods. However, other methods exist.
Most of the medium-sized Material towns and bigger will have steam-powered vehicles, generally using compact stoves that recycle the steam into more water using pressure generated by the own engine, real marvels of engineering that generally move on six wheels coated in whitened rubber that are supported by a series of coils and springs to make the ride smooth. They don't have much autonomy, however, due to requiring constant coal or wood for power, so they're generally only seen in cities and they are complicated to make, so it takes a wealthy individual to have one.
Every Ethereal city is also equipped with a series of "Gate Pads", an interesting system based on Time Magic that has become standard in the Ethereal Kingdom. Gate Pads are essentially teleportation devices that are linked in pairs, every certain distance, that depends on local regulations, there are a group of Gate Pads, called a Gate Station, that will take you to a number of nearby Gate Stations, and from there you can jump to another station until you're at the one closest to your destination. Despite every city having Gate Stations, teleportation over long distances is all but impossible given the immense power required to keep them working. The only known long-range teleport is the "HW Field"
Transcient Town, for what is worth, has no actual special transportation method, because when the town is so small, why bother? Reality is, however, that a great many inventors DO bother, but their results are often unique creations and hardly something to call 'common transportation method'.

Military structure of the kingdoms:
RL Equivalent Material Ethereal
General Officer Knight-Commander Lord Magister
Officer Knight-Artificer Arcaner
Sergeant Knight Enchanter
Soldier Squire Caster

Each rank has four "Grades" that divide further within the rank. They are, in order of higher to lower:
Material - Inventor -> Engineer -> Gadgeteer -> Trickster
Ethereal - Spellcrafter -> Etherweaver -> Chanter -> Caster
Also, both kingdoms have "Specialists", they're, regardless of rank, specialists in different areas (there are a great number of specialites) and almost exclusively employed in those areas, even if they take the roles ordinarily assigned to lower or higher ranks.

Royal Families:
Not just the two Kingdoms have their rulers and royal families, but the Transcient Town's leadership also exists.
The current dynasty of the Material Kingdom is the Esteves, a human one. Rulership in the Material Kingdom changes families every fourth ruler (who rules until the end of his life), there is currently one 'Waiting Family' of each race, though they're vastly unknown. The current King of the Esteves dynasty is Mariano Esteves, known not just for his focused mind and overall superior wisdom but also for his own fighting prowess, as he believes that a ruler should be an example to his people, stories say that more than one assassin was stopped by his twin chakrams. Also stories mention that Mariano's father was not the previous king, but instead found as a homeless child, lost in a forest.
Queen Madrecita Esteves is a rather mysterious figure, she is a beautiful blond-haired human (who at this moment is said to be bearing child, but her pregnancy has been difficult) which was taken from the ranks of a never-heard-before noble family and is said to be the source of most of Mariano's wisdom.
Princess Vanessa "Halberd" Esteves, the first-born of the King, also has a little bit of story. Known by most as a sweet, gentle woman and the most shining example of nobility and lady-like behavior, the princess has acquired her nickname "Halberd" from a rumor that has spread over the cycles. They say that she fell in love with a Knight, who not being a noble, she could not stay with. She would, however, still meet him in secret time and time again, and when he was deployed in the front lines she kept contact with him by letter. Until the fateful day she was notified he was imprisoned by the Ethereals. That day, she made her way to the castle armory, and sneaked out carrying the weapon that gave her this unusual nickname, and almost a cycle after that, she returned to the castle, bloodied and bruised, the clothes she left with that day thorn and patched over, an unnatural piercing stare in her eyes and carrying her unconscious lover in her shoulders. Interestingly, the royal family never publicly denied that, they have neither accepted that as truth.

The current dynasty in the Ethereal Kingdom is the Razelse, the oldest family known to the land. The Razelse family has a strange tradition, every generation a child from a different race than that of the current ruler's immediate family is adopted into the Razelse family, and when time for succession comes all the eligible children of the Razelse family must prove their worth through tests of knowledge and virtue held by a special council whipped up just for this event, and then that one is declared the new king.
The current ruler is Doraimo Kareishan Razelse, a tall and imperious Yeti. Doraimo is one of the 'adopted children' of the Razelse family and has always excelled in every known magical art, some say that he has in his mind all of the literature of the kingdom as well. He is stern both in his personal life and rulership, often requiring the Queen to act as his voice of compassion as he is strict and uncaring. (Although stories say that one time, his adopted twins were taken hostage, and he himself went to rescue them in a rage yet to be rivaled by another Yeti, leading to a tearful reunion wherein all his suppressed emotion appeared).
Queen Lereiane Kareishan Razelse is known to be an overly compassionate and somewhat naive Yeti woman, taken from an up and rising noble family that seemed to appear out of nowhere due to the great success of their enchanters. Lereiane is a woman above reproach, but sufficient rumors exist about a mysterious pen-friend of hers, with which she exchanges letters religiously every ten passes, that the King himself has made an official declaration about, admitting that such a person exists and is a close relative of hers, which they both wish to remain a secret for it's safety.
Prince Arekiel Kareishan Razelse is the blood child of the king and queen, an overtly boysterious Yeti who, given his natural raw magical power couples with an innate talent with the Black arts, is taken as a child-prodigy and often revered unecessarily. Arekiel, however, often ends up in mishaps and social faux pas and it's an open secret that both king and queen fervently wish that their adopted children far surpass his magical adeptness, something which is likely going to come to pass.
Prince Durandal Erlestinne Razelse is the first of this generation's adopted children, whereas it's usual for only one child to be adopted it is also taken as a bad omen to separate twins, so Durandal and Joyeuse were adopted together. Durandal is a somewhat temperamental human that has just reached into adulthood and is especially masterful with the most dangerous of the magical elements, lightning. Even at this young age Durandal has been chosen to be a Lord Magister and lead one of the six special squadrons of the Ethereal Kingdom, he is official known as the Elemental Lord of Lightning and more casually known as the Fiend of Lightning.
Princess Joyeuse Erlestinne Razelse is the second of this generation's adopted children. While her twin brother is quick to anger and temperamental, she is calm and compassionate, extremely non-violent and intelligent, just like the element she masters, water. Originally Joyeuse did not have any aspirations are taking the mantle of ruling queen so she has never put much thought behind her magical training, mostly focusing on her somewhat humble hobbies (the rumor mill says she is actually a specially skilled fencer, the rumor mill is currently on the run from the police, though) and sufficient learning to perform her duties as part of the royal family. However, given her great love for her brother Durandal she took on more and more magical learning and acquire more and more power and control over the white school and the element of water to simply prevent her beloved twin brother from hurting himself with his own magic. And to match the man known as the Elemental Lord of Lightning, her power became worth the title of Elemental Lord of Water, and coupling her power and royal blood she was thus given the rank of Lord Magister and tasked to lead one of the six special forces of the Ethereal kingdom, a special group which is more often found performing relief duties than out in the front given their specialization in assist and healing magic. Very few even refer to her as the Fiend of Water, mostly only those envious of her skill and family.

Transcient Town itself does not have a royal family or a royalty system at all. Transcient Town is ruled by the wisest or, at least, the oldest. Given it's size and the nature of it's denizens, Transcient Town does not requires a powerful unified leadership, a simple 'town elder', called Prefect, is who rules the city. The Prefect is in charge of organizing the Transcient Town's D.I.R.T. (also affectionately called the Nag Brigade), being the central point of the civic services despite the fact that they are pretty much independently ran, bringing up projects to stir up cultural expansion and ensuring that the safety regulations are not just followed by also remain as nonrestrictive as actual safety allows.
The Prefect is chosen among the chief creators and artists of the time by the previous Prefect, the Prefect's 'rule' lasts only eight Cycles, ensuring that there are always fresh ideas in leadership, and for a person to be allowed to be a Prefect again there must be a waiting time of ninety six cycles beforehand.


  • Dark Green: Viera Forest
  • Red Lines: Mountain paths
  • Two-tone Green Zone: Lirtran Swamp
  • Red-and-Blue Sea: Reefs, untraverseable by boat

Random Tidbits:

  1. Generally, the average food a person eats is about a bowl of food a day. Gluttony is taken as a very rude thing, so if you go to any big parties, don't eat too much, it's just rude.
  2. Generally speaking, cities and towns of all nationalities seem to grow well with nature, it's not that people have a great respect for nature or anything, but it's always easier to go with what nature already gave you than try to oppose it.
  3. Water isn't harmful! No matter how much you put your back against it, be you a Material scientist making a powerful water-based gun or an Ethereal magician using the strongest water spells, it just fails to cause much harm at all in anyone, it's taken as a very bad choice to carry water-based offense, although using water as a medium for healing seems to make it more effective.
  4. The one exception of the above is the Water Elemental. While normal elementals are powerful but not above experienced warriors the Water Elemental differs completely. Wars stop when it appears. Instead of a floating sphere of elemental energy it is, instead, a humanoid form made entirely of water. It is invincible, it cannot be destroyed, and it can turn anything it wishes into water at a range of at least five kilometers and it cannot be resisted. If you see one, run for your life, because you never know whether it will be friend or foe.

The Beginning of the Tale:
The story will begin simple, the group, however large they are, will have just recently acquired a new job. A rather frail and almost disturbingly feminine Bangaa named "Sarah" (a human name, even!) has asked to meet all of you at a local equipment store in a small town in the Material Kingdom with a job in mind. She gave you a preview of what it is, she wants to visit an old ruin, old as in one that was discovered a long time ago and probably already looted, and might have a fair few more jobs for you if this goes well.

The Cast:
In a rather run of the mill tavern, a rather frail looking bangaa in a red dress sits by a large table. She looks like she just stepped out of a downpour, but there's just a light drizzle inside. She notices you coming by. "Oh, hello… Are you one of them? I mean, the adventurers… I hired" Her voice seems almost about to give away with each phrase

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Mechanical notes, 4e:

  • Systems in use are Jobs, Equipment, Limit and Reels.
  • Mechanical information on the [[SWRaces|races]] can be found [[SWRaces|Here]]
  • Regional Jobs: Your character is restricted in the jobs they can take depending on where you come from. Material Kingdom has access to FRE, ARC, CHM, COM, FGT, HNT, KGT, MNK, RAV, SEN, SNI, THF. Ethereal Kingdom has access to FRE, ACN, BLM, ELM, GRN, RDM, SER, SMN, TIM, WHM and Transcient Town dwellers have access to FRE, BRD, BLU, COR, DNC, DRK, DRG, MYS, NIN, PLD, SAM.
  • Starting Level: 4, Avaiable JP: 113. You've got some experience, make good use of it.
  • The party will start already together, and with a bit of experience together as well, enough to know that they're not retarded, but before forming any sort of party spirit. They will explorers and soldiers of fortune, getting random jobs everywhere, and will have to be either confident or stupid enough to take on some crazy jobs, most specifically, taking a deathly sick bangaa lady exploring around ruins. Also they will have already investigated a single Dead Ruin before the game start.
  • Summoners use a revised [[Split World SMN|list]], whose main different is flavor. List can be found here: [[Split World SMN]]
  • Lightning-elemental Job Abilities all receive +1 Die/Tier and +1 Power but in addition to their costs also incur a 10% Current HP cost. Lightning-elemental equipment and MYS's Thunder Sword aren't affected by this. You risk a game over if lightning-type abilites are used with less than 80D between them under open skies (a thin tatch roof is enough)
  • Limit Breaks are called "Angelic"s and must obligatorily have a watery effect. By no means it must be water-based, but even a fire-element Angelic must have a watery visual effect on it.
  • [[SWSarah|Sarah]] will be tagging along with the group for a long while. Most often she will not be fighting, or even in the battlefield, but close enough to meet up in a matter of seconds after the fight is over. Sometimes, mind, she might not have time to hide.

Mechanical notes, 3e:

  • No mithra! Instead we have the 'Seafarer' people, they're basically humanoid aquatic people. Not many venture out of the sea since they require special magic to keep them wet, lest they die. They use the same statline as Mithra, though.
  • Languages: One language for each race, one Ethereal, for the Ethereal Kingdom and Material for the Material Kingdom. Transcient Town has no language of it's own. All languages, except Seafarer, share the same root, however, so you can use half of your highest level Language skill to replace any other missing language.
  • Staring level is 8, and least ORD as possible, if you would.
  • No Summoners, and Callers can only call upon Phoenix or Ultima, however, they call upon the "Blessings of", which are essentially only the attacks, neither of the two goddesses ever appears. Their "Blessing" is seen coming from the distance. In certain parts of the world, only Ultima helps, sending aid from the sky, in others, only Phoenix, sending aid from beyond the horizon. Essentially every Call is flavored as an attack sent from far away by Phoenix or Ultima. There is no Calling IM, either full power usage or nothing.

Old Characters That Were Never Used!
[[Diarmid]] - a possible character!

SW races

Table of Contents

The world is diverse in flora and fauna, and the same way it is diverse in wildlife it is diverse in intelligent life. There are fifteen different races populating the world.
Although the varied races have good relations with each other, conflicts being more a social matter than racial, they don't mesh. Smaller towns are compromised exclusively of one race, with perhaps a few oddballs from other races, generally traders from bigger towns, while larger cities have the various races living under a single governing body, but separated into racial sectors in the same city. Every race is about as common as the next, except Seafarers who are the most populous of all races, living in every river and lake deep enough to hold a settlement, although despite the name, they rarely are found in the seas.
Falling in love with another race? You better keep that under wraps, no-one likes freaks, and everyone likes their skin intact.

The races differ not only in appearance but also ability, each one bearer of a unique quality which initially manifests as a Specialization and a Race Ability, which is always slotted in it's own slot, so you can't remove it, but it doesn't eats your abilities either. All races have the same final potential.
Certain Race Abilities differ weather one is from the Material or Ethereal Kingdom, while those from such kingdoms are limited to their proper hometowns, those from the Transcient Town can choose which of those two variants they wish at time of creation.

Lifespans shown are the longest recorded lifespans, general populace tends to have about 10% less.

Lifespan: 170 Cycles
Not the most common of races but definitely the most 'variable' of races, the number of humans seem to fluctuate wildly in the territories by the year, a small human town can vary it's population from 20 to 200 in the course of a Cycle. They are the perfect average by which all other races are measured, at least according to tradition, they have the simple four limbs, soft skin and only present hair in their heads, their skin is always a light chocolate color and their hair varies from silver to light green and all colors therein, their eyes varying from green to black. Perhaps the only distinguishing characteristic they have is the 'matrix' in their eyes, the image eerily similar to a shattered gear that is visible in all of their left eyes.

Matrix: Discretion(Huntsman)
How it works depends on the scholar of which kingdom you ask. In the north they will tell you that the human matrix lets them see the absolute truth of everything, hidden away in their aura, in the south they will tell you that not only humans have a sharper left eye they also can see a unique type of energy not visible to other races.

===Race Ability: Matrix Eye===
Type: Support

One way or another, humans see more and better than other races, allowing them to strike with more accuracy in battle than other races, effectively granting them Accuracy I.

Lifespan: 300 Cycles
Don't call them lizards! Generally they are short and very bulky being a lot wider than their height would surmise, they seem unable to acquire fat and have a tendency to be muscular, besides the four limbs they also have wide, strong and inflexible tails generally utilized as a third foot for balance. Their hands and feet have strong claw-like nails that, if treated with proper polish, can be effective meelee weapons. Their bodies are covered in hard scales that are large but packed tightly together making their skin smooth to the touch but their scales quite apparent, their snouts are short and their mouths have, in some people's opinions, more teeth than they need. They have even less body hair than humans, males generally only growing long and thin beards and females having a small coat of furlike hair in their chest. It is generally a common practice for Bangaa to walk around with nothing on the upper part of the body.

Fortress Body: Aptitude(Physical)
Tough scales and strong build, Bangaa are almost as if engineered living fortresses. Scholars from both kingdoms agree that their build is strong and dwarves through the world have taken lessons from Bangaa physical structure and bones and applied them to their structures, in fact, the strongest fortresses are based on their bodies.

===Race Ability: Fortress Body===
Type: Support

The bangaa build makes them insanely resilient, granting Armor I and M.Armor I.
Adjustment: +1 Armor at tier 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.. +1 M.Armor at tier 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Lifespan: 130 Cycles
Considerably taller than the average, Creimire possess a long and thin tail in addition to the four basic limbs, their tails are incredibly strong, flexible and dextrous that is generally used as a third hand in everyday affairs. Their body is covered in thick and matted fur generally ranging from white to dirty grey, they have a long snout where males sometimes cultivate tufty whisker-like moustaches. They possess very long fingers with strong claws that, although not as capable as a Bangaa's, tend to be cared for as a cultural factor. Their legs are double jointed making them extremely adept runners and jumpers which, coupled with their culture that revolves around music and dance leads to most of them being very acrobatic dancers. They are always thin-bodied, hardly ever developing muscle or fat and their agility is unmatched. They are also incredibly hardy survivors, being capable of goings cycles without food or water under harsh conditions.

Ultimate Survivor: Aptitude(Wilderness)
A Creimire's body can survive with almost no sustenace, for them survival is a matter of extending your hand and grabbing the nearest leaf. It is simply an accepted fact that Creimire need very little to survive.

===Race Ability: Last Rat Alive===
Type: Support
Creimire health is unspoilable, nor venom nor chemical can cause them pain or spoil their life-force. "Last Rat Alive" grants them Resist Poison 2, Resist Sap 2 and Resist Zombie 2.

Lifespan: 185 Cycles
Third shortest race known, Dwarves are often compared to coffers, they are short, extremely wide and dense. Dwarves have a preference to living underground, away from light and under the guise of darkness. At first it was speculated that they were sensitive to light but that is untrue as they can walk in the light with no trouble, although they show an incredible affinity to shadow arcana. Dwarves are incredibly adept at engineering and other large-scale crafts. Most dwarven cities are built directly underneath moogle cities or, in larger cities where the different races live together dwarven communities form close to the moogle communities, the two work as a perfectly fitting clockwork. Dwarves also possess a unique skill of "Lightcrafting", not even they can properly explain but using crystalline materials (from glass to jewels) they can perform supernatural light effects that harm or heal. This unique skill isn't a thing they can teach, but it comes with the blood, they simply 'know' it from birth.

Lightcraft: Flair(Technical)
Their unique Lightcraft lets them find alternate, albeit far less reliable, solutions to problems. Those are generally applied at the first more mundane attempts have failed, after all they prefer to rely on what actually work than risk something unknown, unless it's just for fun.

===Race Ability: Sunblade/Lightshot===
The nature of Lightcraft can be either physical or magical, depends on the nationality of the dwarf. Material Kingdom dwarves have Sunblade while Ethereal Kingdom dwarves have Lightshot.
Every dwarf carry some lightcraft trinket, and those who adventure often bring combat-ready ones. Dwarves choose one of two abilities, depending on their origin. "Sunblade" (Cleasing Strike with Blind, 20 MP) for the Material ones or "Lightshot" (Dark, but Holy-elemental) for the Ethereal ones.

Type: Action
Technique, Weapon, Status: Blind, Elemental: Holy
Target: Single
[W]D F[W] MP: 20

By attaching whatever their favored attack invention is to their weapon the dwarf proceeds to attack with a weapon covered in powerful bright green light. Sunblade deals holy-elemental weapon damage and has an addition 50% CoS to inflict Blind(4)
CoS: 80
Adjustment: +3 MP per tier above 1.

Type: ActionHoly
Magic, Spell, Elemental: Shadow
Target: Group
50D F20 MP: 27

Channeling a little bit of energy through a specially a specially crafted piece of translucent magicite the dwarf fires towards the foes a massive wave if red light. The exact manifestation differs from dwarf to dwarf since they are the ones who craft their own magicite, it can vary wildly from arcing homing beams to a massive burst but the end effect is the same, heavy damage to a group. Lightshot deals (8 x MAG + d6) magical Holy damage.
CoS: 100
Adjustment: +3 MP, +4 Power per tier above 1.

Lifespan: 250 Cycles
Similar to humans, Elvaan have all the same physical characteristics, although their skin tends to be closer in coloration to a deep brown or light black and their ears are pointed. Elvaans lack the human's 'matrix' and their hair coloration tends to vary only between light brown and a deep black, but their most distinguishing charateristic is that they are all born with silver-colored patterns on their skins. Those patterns are taken as an omen of the child's future and generally their reading (a skill passed down elders) dictates the child's entire life. No scholar, be it Material or Ethereal, has yet figured out why such readings are so effective, as all those who follow the guidance of the elders's reading seems to have a perfectly fulfilling life, as if those patterns were the elvaan's personality written in their skin.

Greater Insight: Finesse(Insight)
The Elvaan mind works in unusual ways, not enough to give them an alien mind but it grants them an entirely new way of thinking that not even they can understand sometimes, granting them unusual insight that at times seems entirely illogical, but always comes true in the end. Those with specially trained minds attest to their capacity to see the future in the Ethereal Kingdom or to divine the workings of any system in the Material Kingdom.

===Race Ability: Akashic===
Type: Support

The Elvaan unnatural insight borders on foresight, with nothing but the slightest glance at their foe they can quickly infer it's weakest spots and pain thresholds, letting them strike at the foe's most vulnerable spots. Akashic grants Critical I.

Lifespan: 300 Cycles
Large, stocky, rather bestial-looking, the Galka have a strong but mostly vestigal tail that serves no purpose. They are a veritable mountain of muscles that are comparable only to the Yeti. The Galka are mysterious and even they cannot unravel their own mysteries. Galka are neither male or female, their bodies show no difference although a Galka will assume a gender for itself if it lives in the larger cities where races mingle. Galka don't seem to reproduce the normal way, although no matter how many die their numbers seem to remain stable through the continent. Instead, a Galka at the end of it's life will travel towards one of the race's holy sites, great lakes of shining water, and dive into the waters, vanishing. From those same holy lakes is where young Galka spawn from, with bodies fitting a teenager of the race, and all the lore an adult should have, entirely formed personalities. Legends say that all Galka are in fact one single greater being, and the stories of shared memories and recollections of memories older than certain individuals corroborates to that.

Ancestor Memory: Finesse(Learning)
Galka remember, and never forget, the memories of all Galka who vanished in the holy waters course through the veins of every living Galka. It might be hard to call on them, but they are there.

===Race Ability: Ancient Link===
Type: Support

The Galkan memories are all-encompassing, and they bring with them memories of how to do everything in the most effect way possible, sadly it only becomes easier to access them as they come closer to them and grants them +5 CoS to everything when at SoS.

Lifespan: 185 Cycles
Seafarers are waterbound people, generally living in the rivers and lakes that surround cities and, since cities have a tendency to spring in the margin of rivers they tend to always be in the center of towns. They have a similar complexion to humans, but their skin is leathery and navy-blue, they possess gills in their throats and are far more agile than humans, although not close to the Creimire. They have a unique restriction in that they need to remain wet to survive out of water. Generally those that explore the dry lands wear robes studded with watery magical crystals, keeping them always wet, or powerful sealed metal armors full of water inside, covering up to their necks, depending on wether they live in Ethereal or Material lands.

Gift of Ultima: Trained(Spiritual)
Seafarers are unique among all races, they seem at times complete outsiders, yet not. But it cannot be doubted that they have the favor of Ultima, as if they call upon Her, She answers, always.

===Race Ability: Irastesho===
Type: Action
Enhancement: Bar-water
Target: Random
30D F15 MP: 17

Seafarers are one with the sea, they live in the water and welcome water. They have an ability that seems entirely detached from the nature of the world, it's effect too different to be a technique and too alien to be magic. This power envelops a random ally in a silvery field of energy that divers all harmful water aimed at it towards the Seafarer, but instead in a refreshing shower of misty drizzle. Irastesho bestows Barwater (5) to 2 random allies.
CoS: 100
Adjustment: +1 MP per tier above 1.

Lifespan: 100 Cycles
ittle beings often confused with animals by those more ignorant, moogles are generally taken as cute, have tiny teddy-bear-like bodies covered in pure white fur, a furry pom-pom hanging from an antennae in their heads, tiny vestigal bat-like wings in their backs and a lot of attitude. By nature moogles like being cared for and fussed over, just like pets enjoy attention, but treat them too lowly and you will feel the wrath of someone who knows full will the difference between being treated like a kid and being looked down upon. Moogles have a innate skill at working with small-scale, high-precision projects, be they incredibly focused and complex magics or tiny clockwork with three dozen moving parts that can fit in top of a finger.

Mooglecraft: Finesse(Magic Lore) or Finesse(Tinker)
Moogles are unnaturally skilled with tiny, high-precision projects, magnifier lenses and scanning magic are their favorite tools, even the wildest moogle who never saw an instrument before in his life would be able to suddenly come up with uncanny solutions. Their Specialization depends on wether they are from Ethereal or Material kingdom.

===Race Ability: Mog Precision===
Type: Support

Moogle precision with fine crafts, be them magical or physical is compared to none, the lesser the scope of an action the greater the ease their deft hands have. They have the "Moogle Precision" support ability, which reduces the delay on all ST moves by 3.

Lifespan: 700 Cycles
Nu'Mou are often considered to have some relation with Varg as they both exibit some slightly canine physique, although they are vastly different. Nu'Mou are short, have very long ears and strong furred tails, they don't have fur per se, they have a lot of downy and dense hair instead, which spreads to cover their whole body. They all walk hunched, something that makes them seem a lot shorter than they actually are, as for them walking upright is surprisingly difficult, their backs not being able to handle their height. Nu'Mou have a very long life, generally living to six or seven centuries, a bit of four times that of a human, which makes so that they greatly value their young. Nu'Mou children and teenagers tend to be among the most excitable and overactive children in the land, even moreso than moogle children.

Watery Dreams: Reliable(Scholastic)
An ancient tradition passed down Nu'Mou families is the water meditation, sitting by the water, watching it, and divining the solution from it's movement. It's almost assured, a Nu'Mou that spends some time meditating by the water will figure out the solution to your problem, and for some reason only they can do this, no matter how much effort they put into teaching others this skill. They gain Reliable(Scholastic) due to that. While the Material scholars simply consider it a way to quiet the mind and think clearly, Ethereal mages preach that this is how they commune with the world to gain answers.

===Race Ability: Aqua Communion===
Type: Action
Technique, Enhancement: Tranq
Target: Self
33D F13

Whether mystically linked or simply calmed by, Nu'Mou become incredibly more calm and collected after meditating with water. In combat, when they have their water source by their hands, they feel more tranquil and can use it to more properly focus themselves. As long as they have a water-element ability slotted (if from Ethereal Kingdom) or equipped with a piece of Water-aligned gear (if from Material Kingdom) they can grant Tranq (4) to themselves.
CoS: 100

Lifespan: 160 Cycles
Strangely round and maybe even amorphous-looking beings, Qu have incredibly long tongues and an incredible sense of taste. Qu are very light-hearted thinking little of things of life except for food and drink, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, this kind of natural attitude made them the only race that lives truly mixed with others, it isn't rare to see a Qu working in a moogle's store of some Qu spread through the different racial quarters of a larger city or working in smaller towns not their own. Very, very little is known about the Qu for a simple reason, they don't care about it. Although something about the Qu is very widely known, not only are they the greatest cooks on land, they're also the greatest alchemists, for them the difference between mixing a drink, cooking food or concocting a potion is nonexistent.

Taste Good: Discretion(Medicine)
The Qu are the ultimate potion-makers, no-one knows why and they don't care why, it just comes easy. They can make even the most exquisite salve turn from explosive failure to healing success. Just try not to be creeped out too much when they lick your wounds beforehand.

===Race Ability: Saucy Salve===
Type: Action
Technique, Item.
Target: Single
45D F20

Qu are incredible alchemists, and not only that, they can also squeeze every last bit of effect out of chemicals with as much efficiency as they can squeeze every last bit of taste out of their sauces. Select an item and use it, it has 20% CoS of not being used. Items usually target a single combatant, but special rules concerning any item always used override the properties of this action.
Saucy Salve interacts with Stash, increasing Saucy Salve's CoS to 40% instead
CoS: 100

Lifespan: 165 Cycles
Strong, tall and feline-looking, the Ronso are almost exclusively northlanders, living in the Ethereal Kingdom only, those seen in the Material Kingdom are either spies or outcasts. They have very strong bodies, a thick blue fur, feline faces and long tails ending in a tuft. Their tails serve for the purpose of balance when running as the Ronso tend to turn into a four-legged stance to run, using their hands and feet to achieve far greater speeds. The most characteristic feature of the Ronso are the horns on their heads, which are also the source of their incredible magical finesse. While the Tarutaru have great raw magical power the Ronso have the other half, great magical finesse as through their horns they can feel and control magic with precision. The horns of outcasts are a magical resource so greatly valued that now and then large scale internal wars occur over them.

Arcana Affinity: Discretion(Magic Lore)
The Ronso horn grants them an incredible sense of magic, their arcana is precise, they can sense the lightest fluctuations in magic. They don't fail, not if they can help it.

===Race Ability: Horned Precision===
Type: Action
Target: Single
35D F20 MP: 10

Their capacity to sense magic is uncanny, they can feel where it comes and where it goes and how to best apply it with precision, so as to not waste a single bit, even if they have to rearrange it themselves. This ability lets them increase the duration of all Enhancements on the target by (1).
CoS: 100

Lifespan: 110 Cycles
If not for their physical proportions (their larger heads being the most obvious) Tarutaru would be confused for Human children, their bodies seem stuck in a perpetual childhood and their mannerismis as well, often taking on rhyming and adding 'taru' to the end of their phrases. One must not underestimate their seriousness or mental capacity, however, as they are just as (if not more) capable of taking things seriously as any other race and have a natural propensity for scholarly pursuits. What is interesting, also, is that the Taru body seems to be the best magical conduit there is, granting them incredible raw magical power, leading to the most of the population being concentrated in the ethereal kingdom, but different from the Ronso who are exclusively northerners, a good part of the Taru still lives in the south.

Mana Batttaru: Finesse(Magic Lore)
Tarutaru are like living magical batteries, the magical power that pulses inside of them is like a wellspring of power nearly bursting. Those Tarus that do not put that power to use generally suffer from excessive agitation and twitchyness. Nothing that a non-taru would notice.

===Race Ability: Taruspring===
Type: Support

Tarus are massive wellsprings of magic, and it shows, easily. Taruspring grants +1 Die to all Spell Keyword abilities
Adjustment: +1 Die per tier above 1.

Lifespan: 160 Cycles
Somewhat more bestial than all the other races the Varg have strong claws and fangs, thick fur and long snouts full of sharp teeth. Varg are by nature nomadic warriors, their communities wandering from battlefield to battlefield serving in whatever way they can. The Varg are among the most simple-minded and worryless races of the land, second only to the Qu. Strangely, Varg are a completely magicless race, unable to use arcana in any way or form. It's said that when the kingdoms first split, the Varg and Ronso were the inciters. The Varg teach their young how to fight from the youngest age, for kids play-fights are common and there is no greater honor for a Varg than dieing in the battlefield.

Perfect Warrior: Aptitude(Physical)
Varg are hunters, warriors, knights, born of the land they are the mirror of the Ronso. Where one is the greatest magician, the other is the greatest warrior, their bodies are in perfect balance, capable of anything in exactly the degree that is needed.

===Race Ability: Forgotten Howl===
Type: Action
Technique, Enhancement: Brave, Accuracy Up
Target: Self
30D F10

Varg are powerful martial artists, their weapons strike with perfection and deadlyness and when they howl, their foes feel fear and their strength is brought forth. Forgotten Howl bestows Brave(3) and Accuracy Up (3) to self.
CoS: 100

Lifespan: 610 Cycles
Viera are the rarest of all races, all of them hail from the central woods, which are one of the two only pathways between the two kingdoms. Viera are apt hunters and stalkers and the Viera lands are rarely thread upon, the manner in which they hunt men leads to their lands being generally war-free. Interestingly, while the Viera are all denizens of that land, most of their population is elsewhere, as very often newborn children will be left to die out of the woods and be taken in by someone else. Other times, very old Viera will show up wandering out of the woods in a murderous rage, attacking everything they see in their way and causing great damage. Viera adventurers will always have adoptive parents, although they can swear they can still hear their blood parents, no matter how far they are, whispering good wishes and praying their child is alive.

Phase Ears: Down To The Wire(Scholastic)
The Viera are mystical, they hear those here and far, lore and prayers are whispered to the winds and caught by their fine hearing. Strangely, this gift is not given to those who remain in their ancient lands, but every Viera can stop and listen, to see what the wind says. It is always a whisper from somewhere else.

===Race Power: Artcall===
Type: Action
Target: Single
50D F15 CT10
All the Viera listen, and sometimes, they speak. A Viera can murmur to the winds and the gods will answer, delivering a powerful strike. Whether it is Phoenix or Ultima, it is up to fate. When the attack hits, Ultima answers, and a powerful pillar of white light shoots from the clouds and pierces the foe for (16xMAG + 2d12) magical damage. If the attack misses then Phoenix answers and a thin red needle of energy pierces through the enemy instead for (4xMAG + d6) magical damage.
CoS: 50
Adjustment: +8 Power per tier above 1 for hit damage, +2 Power per tier above 1 for miss damage

Lifespan: 100 Cycles
The Yeti are another somewhat rare race, most people fear them as monsters although they have proven cultured enough to be an acceptable part of society. Yeti are large, very, very large, and incredibly, unbelievably strong, although how their strength manifests depends on their young age. Their large muscles and thick white fur would suggest them to live only in the Material Kingdom but no, they live in both kingdoms. At their earliest age a Yeti must go through a mysterious Ritual of Choosing, a secret ritual known only by the Yeti themselves, none knows what goes on with it but just that it defines the child's future. Either they become monstrously strong or their bodies become weaker by they earn the capacity to channel titanic amounts of magic, there is no middle ground for them, only extremes. Although their culture is based around strength and tests of capacity they are far from being uncultured, it took the other races decades to discover they have culture themselves, although mostly oral they also keep written record which is treated as extremely valuable and sacred.

Titanic Potency: Scrape By(Physical) or Scrape By(Scholastic)
The Yeti are the embodiment of extremes. Either titanic strength or titanic magic, but it is wild and uncontrolled, in all cases it backfires. In the Ritual of Choosing they choose their path, strength or magic.

===Power: Apocalyptic Power===
The Yeti are people of extremes, and at an early age they choose, side with Material or Ethereal kingdom, strength or magic. At that point they choose between Apocalyptic Might or Apocalyptic Arcana.

Apocalyptic Might
Type: Support

The Yeti who choose the might are extremely strong, capable of uprooting trees and the mightiest of uprooting entire towers of stone, however, they sacrifice their magic, becoming incredibly feeble casters. They have +2 ATK, however, they suffer from -2 MAG.

Apocalyptic Arcana
Type: Support

Yeti who choose the path of arcana turn into extremely potent spellcasters, their magic become capable of destroying even small fortified buildings with a single casting or in the most extreme cases raze small villages in the blink of an eye. However, they sacrifice their physical might, looking rather squalid and withered. They possess +2 MAG, but their bodies wither causing -2 ATK.

=Etherside, the land of Aeons=
In the human plane everyone but a few enlightned individuals believe the Aeons are beings of divine power, capable of lending their powers to thousands of individuals without any effort. That is not entirely true. There are, indeed, Aeons of divine power, but they are just a few and not a single mortal has ever really called upon their power. Those are the Elders, the fathers of each Aeon bloodline, as ancient as the Aeons themselves and leaders of their bloodlines.
The Aeons that Callers and Summoners call upon are lesser to the Elders but not to be treated lightly non-the-less, because the Elders are the ones who choose which Aeon will be bound to each Summoner. In the human planes a few Aeons exist, the times when the Elders, that are so powerful they can freely roam the worlds in their original shapes, are in these planes to forge contracts with Summoners and the lesser Aeons that suffer a 'planar adaptation' when outside of Etherside. When a contract is forged between the Summoner and the Elder, insted of being bound to the Summoner himself, the Elder instead binds one of it's bloodline to the Summoner.
On Etherside the various Aeons live normal lives, though with various quirks due to their uniqueness. Etheside is formed by four main continents, Maetropa, Loreilal, Silturn and Sapureth. They all are surrounded by the Lyndbaum Ocean. Don't be surprised to find an Aeon where it should not be, though travel is uncommon outside of the few trades that happen it still happens frequently enough not to be a great surprise

Table of Contents

Maetropa is a grassland continent, home to the various beast-like Aeons (Valefor, Remora, Ifrit, Kirin, Cait Sith, Fenrir, Bismark, Sildra, Mist Dragon, Quetzacoatl, Salamander, Jormungand, Tritorch, Unicorn, Kjata, Cerberus, Leviathan and Bahamut). Being the biggest continent on Etherside it is still mostly wild and has various huge lakes and mountains, where the sea-dwellers and sky-farer Aeons live on.

===Miria Mountains===
Miria Mountains, the high mountains where the Valefor bloodline lives. Strangely enough the Miria Mountains has various visitors being the most accessible sky-farer capital. Living mostly in naturally-created caves and nests the ones of the Valefor bloodline are strangely simple Aeons, and uniquely they lack an Elder of their own

===Saltran Rivers===
Spanning through half of Maetropa the Saltran Rivers are quiet rivers home to the Remora population. In the middle of the Great Saltran Waterfall in the southern part of the continent the Remora Elder spends his days leading his bloodline. Pleased to work as transporters and couriers for the other Aeons the little economy Maetropa has is entirely driven by them.

===Jaris Volcano===
This huge volcano located in the south of Metropa is permanently active and has a constrant flow of lava from it's top, forming a river of lava that arcs back inside the volcano through a series of caves. The flame djinn Ifrit live in the depts of the volcano, in a city made out of brass. In a large castle set in the center of their city is where the Elder Ifrit resides. The metal goods made in Jaris are prized all over Etherside, loosing only in quality to Loreilal-made goods

===Kirana Woods===
Those woodlands dissent from the usual grassy look of Maetropa. Roaming freely through them are the reclusive Kirin, that keep mostly to themselves, their lives a mistery even to those of Maetropa. The Elder Kirin is only seen when she wants to be seen.

===Serian Woods===
It is extremely hard to know where Kirana and Serian separate, for anyone but the Kirin and Cait. Serian's dwellers, the Cait Sith, are much more welcome to the rare visitors, though one is advised to stay far away from whatever they offer you to eat, they live happy for a reason, you know? The Elder Cait Sith is never in one single place, you're very likely to run into him sometime, and lucky if you find him twice.

===Howling Cleft, Forest===
Nearby the ocean, this cleft houses a series of intricate caves and it's surrounded by a moderate grassland forest. Living in the surrounding forest are the powerful vulpine Aeons known as the Fenrir bloodline. The Elder Fenrir, despite his bloodline's habit of living is packs, spends his time alone in the top of the cleft.

===Western Shores===
In the western shores, in the ocean but still close to land, is where you will find the reef city of the Bismark bloodline. A beautiful sight to behold, the city made of beautiful naturally-formed reefs is a safe heaven for the Bismark from all the hardships of ocean. The Elder Bismark lives in the greatest depts of the city of corals, only coming out once a month to take a new breath of air.

===Okert Lake===
A giant lake in the middle of Maetropa is the residence of the sea dragons, the bloodline of Syldra. These calm water dwellers spend their days in the depts of the lake, but are playful enough to scare anybody who shows up in the surface. Though most of the rare visitors take this in good mood a few serious problems arive every once in a while. The Elder Syldra, of whom tales say he was the spirit of an ancient sea-dragon from another plane before turning into an Aeon, spends his days at the bottom of the lake, in silent contemplation of a long-lost past.

===Okert Plains===
Those misty plains that surround the Okert Lake are easy to get lost on, such is the heavy mist that makes vision impossible past a certain point. But you should not be afraid as this is the home of the Mist Dragon bloodline, powerful dragons whose body is compromised of the mist of the place, and they are more than willing to guide lost Aeons through the plains. Weather or not they guide them to where the lost Aeon wanted to go, though, is another matter. They say that the mist that covers almost all the plains is all the body of the Elder Mist Dragon, but nobody has yet confirmed that.

===Marit Peaks===
These high mountains, among some of the highest peaks in Maetropa, are ravaged by lightning and thunder every moment of every day. It is the house of the thunderbird Aeon bloodline Quetzacoatl, that among the falling bolts of electricity feels at home. Having their homes in nests made of stone sculpted with lightning they are very territorial and tend to be fairly aggressive with those who enter their sacred mountain without permission, but for those few who manage to get permission to cross their mountains they kindly offer shielding from the constant thunders. The Elder Quetzacoatl lives in the highest peak of Marit, drawing to her almost all of the thunder of the mountains, what given the amount of thunder that goes past her only serves to display her true power.

===Firebold Volcano===
Another volcano, this one situated in the northern portion of Maetropa. It is a lot smaller than Jaris and it's apparently inactive for a long time, but it is actually continually building enormous pressure over time and the Salamander bloodline is known to be the guardians of Firebold and the only thing that prevents it from going off and taking half of Maetropa with it. These fiery lizardine creatures are always busy working to keep the volcano out of a dangerous explosive pressure and give little heed to visitors, that is, as long as they don't tamper with the volcano. The Elder Salamander lives deeply in the core of the volcano, inside the lava, using his power to continually keep the volcano calm. His importance to the place is such that he ever so rarely leaves the volcano to go to the human planes to forge contracts.

===Maetropa Underground Caves===
This simple name denotes one of the most interesting features of Maetropa. A gigantic span of underground caves where the Jormungand bloodline lives, making sure the faulty constituition of their homeland keeps still. The caves are a strange geological formation that, despite being full of holes, keeps the seismic activities of a geological fault under Maetropa under control by working like a muffler. The Elder Jormungand is known to live in the deepest bowels of the fault and some of his own bloodline risk saying that the constant quakes they strive to prevent are caused by their own Elder

===Erita Crystal Clouds===
High above the Erita Crystal Field is where the Tritorch-bloodline lives. High in those crystalline clouds made of microscopic particles of floating crystal these tri-elemental birds live. Strangely even though they live in a place reachable only for sky-farers they are the ones who recieves most visitors out of all of Maetropa, the powdery crystal clouds being the perfect place to harvest the magical crystals both Sapureth and Loreilal use for different purposes. The Elder Tritorch lives in a castle of clouds so tight together they are solid, but still float in the air for some reason

===Laine Woods===
These woodlands reside in the northwestern corner of Maetropa, even more secluded than the Kirin bloodline, the Unicorn Bloodline is a mystery to all. They do not appear to anybody but those who they deem worthy of their presence. The Elder Unircon lives in the heart of these forests

===Erita Crystal Fields===
These grassy fields are dotted with large crystalline formations that have strange properties. They reflect and enchance all sorts of elemental energy, and every once in a while a small formation will blow up in millions of fragments. The grass of this land, despite being riddled with crystal fragments, is still edible, but only the mighty Kjata bloodline dares to feed on those crystal-ridden grass, as they serve to only amplify their elemental prowess. The Elder Kjata roams these lands with his closest family in a pack, a sight to behold and avoid as his temper is legendary

===Howling Cleft, Caves===
The Howling Cleft has a secret, in the deepest bowels of it's caves is a portal that heads straight to Silturn. Guarding over this portal and living in the caves in the cliff are the three-headed dogs of the Cerberus bloodline. They are spread all over the caves, rarely going out, normally only the nearby Fenrir have any contact with them. It's said that the Elder Cerberus herself watches over the portal to Silturn, but nobody ever got close enough to know

===Eastern Sea===
Where the most powerful sea-dwelling bloodline lives, the Leviathan bloodline. These gigantic sea snakes are very fond of the place where they live and will take great pride into showing to any passer-by the various underground caves they live in. And they better accept it, you don't want to see one of them angry. The Elder Leviathan lives in the bottom of the sea, from there commanding his bloodline in dreams of glory

===Dragon Fortress===
A gigantic building in the middle of Maetropa, so big it rivals the mountains. It is the home of one of the most powerful bloodlines of Etherside, the Bahamut bloodline. This gigant fortress made of stone houses in itself a complex city, riddled with traps that only those raised here know how to avoid. In the top of the tallest tower of the fortress the Elder Bahamut watches over all of Maetropa

Dragon Fortress specifics
The Dragon Fortress' inner layout is that of a three dimensional maze. It is separated in various different floors, with a variety of entrances and exits to each. The first twenty floors are the civilian floors, with only the first ten floors for non-natives to explore, should they manage. Mostly compromised of civilian housing and marketplaces.
Going higher up there are a huge variety of floors riddled with traps and sentry posts, as well as dangerous beasts abound. The higher you go, however, it reaches a point where the traps and dangers start to thin again until you reach the top-most levels where military facilities exist until the very top where a castle made of dark metal exquisitely decorate with draconic designs made to intimidate all those who look rests, where the Lord Bahamut lives.
Getting anywhere, though, is a nightmare for any non-native without a map, and even a map gives little in the means of help if you are not careful. Past the fifth seventh floor it becomes impossible to progress further if you lack means of flight.
There is, however, a trump card to overcome all this. The Sky Elevator, a simple elevator that goes from the lowest point of the Dragon Fortress straight to Lord Bahamut's palace. It is well guardeed by the three most elite members of the Dragon Fortress' army.

The Bahamut tend to be highly militaristic and serious, very rarely you'll find them lazying off somewhere, usually only on high-floor bars where their explosive nature generates frequent house-destroying bar brawls. They are taught from childhood to take upon anything with ultmost seriousness, even the most menial affairs.

Zeran: Owner of a shop in the lowest level of the fortress his laid-back style clashes directly with his bloodline's temperament. Behind a veil of apparent normality, however, it is said he has ties in places people shouldn't really have, ranging from Loreilal to Silturn.

Shayera: A single mother living in the bottom-most parts of the fortress she is actually the protege of the prime minister of foreign relations. She has an unusual gift of persuasion and is as hot-headed if not more than her kin, though it tends to represent itself through coldness rather than anger. Just recently she tends to mope a bit about how an inferior being bested her at a debate

Loreilal is, at first glance, a desolate land. But upon closer inspection you will realize it's bustling with life, mechanical life. Home of the living machines (Atomos, Golem, Ark, Doomtrain and Alexander) Loreilal is the smallest of the continents but the most advanced. The air is always with a heavy smog that makes breathing difficult and the is land riddled with metal, while this is unpleasant for the Aeons from Metropa and Sapureth it is the perfect place for the living machines. Though they think with logic and speak of being programmed like computers, having feelings is not beyond them, despite their (ironically) pride in saying they lack them.

===Xeran Gravity Lab===
A gravity-research lab gone haywire so long time ago nobody knows when it was built. From inside it spawns one of the most strange of the aeons, the Atomos 'bloodline'. Gigantic gaping maws with a black hole inside them. Some of them spawn every day from a gigant black hole generator in the perfect center of this facility. They say that the black hole generator itself is the Elder Atomos, the frequent shutdowns of the generator, that are timed perfectly with the times the Elder Atomos is in the human planes, give credit to this theory

===Keride Mountains===
The only mountain formation of Loreilal the Keride Mountains are the home of the Golem 'bloodline'. Deep on it's center is where they harvest the Heartstones that give life to the golems and from it's outside is where they gather materials for their bodies. Strangely the mountain never runs out of material, that may be because every Golem that is nearing their end returns to the mountain. The Elder Golem is a gigantic stone construct that lives in the center of the mountain, slowly harvesting the materials for more golems

===Excellance Airstrip===
This giant factory that spews forth clouds of smoke in the air has a large asfalted strip by it's side, so large it spans for hundreds of kilometers. Here is where the sentient airship Aeon 'bloodline' Ark is built. The Ark are known all through Etherside as transporters, being proud transporters of land-bound Aeons over the large distances between the continents. They say that the entire Excellance Airstrip is the body of the Elder Ark, and that what he sends to the human planes is simply a remote-controlled copy

===Graveyard Train Station===
The junkyard of the unusable Ark and Alexander parts, the Graveyard Train Station is where the Doomtrain 'bloodline' naturally form. A wicked sort of machine with the soul of a devil, they are disliked by all of Loreilal, but more than happily accept any sort of spare parts into their maze of train tracks, that they will use to create more of their own kind. Despite their dislike, the other mechanical Aeons see no other way to get rid of critically damaged parts, so they at least tolerate eachother during salvage trips. The Elder Doomtrain is a gigantic 50-compartment train that, they say, can travel through the air itself. It is said that the Graveyard Train Station has a connection to Silturn

===The Foundry===
A gigantic silvery-blue factory, that apparently uses lower technology than the rest as it relies on ancient forges to create the parts for what they build, the Alexander 'bloodline'. That isn't true as their techniques far surpass those of the Ark and their apparent low technology level is a mark of it. The Foundry sits atop a gigantic contruct, the Elder Alexander, that watches over Loreilal as a guardian.

The shadowy lands of Silturn are riddled with dyeing forests, namesless graveyards with tombs of unkwnown people. Though not entirely evil the terrible inhabitants of this place (Diablos, Catoblepas, Phantom, Hades, Anima and Lich) are certainly shady and enjoy the pain and suffering of others, or are suffering souls themselves

===The Dark Sand Desert===
The Dark Sand Desert is just as it is named, a dusty desert whose sands are entirely black. Whoever enters this place immediatly starts to feel sleepy, that's when they can fall prey to the diabolical bloodline of Diablos. They will sneak to a dreaming prey and feast on their dreams, and give them terrible nightmares that can kill if they do not awake soon. The place is dangerous even for the natural dwellers themselves, as it is not common they feast on eachothers rare dreams. The Elder Diablos is known to travel through the lands like a gigant cloud of bats, sucking the dreams of everyone he comes by, even those still awake and from his own bloodline

===Tsara Stone Garden===
The Tsara Stone Garden, a grassy land with the most realistic statues of Aeons of all bloodlines is a dangerous place. Here the deadly bloodline of Catoblepas lives, and feasts on the stone body of those they transform in stone. No one is advised to come here without heavy protection against petrification. The Elder Catoblepas, strangely, is a suffering soul. Having blinded herself voluntarily to never turn her pertrifying stare to somebody else, she sits still in the center of the garden, surrounded by four statues of her own kin.

===Gerin Graveyard===
This strange graveyard has many tombs of unknown persons. Looming here are the ghostly humanoid figures of the Phantom bloodline. These ghostly apparitions actually welcome with open arms any visitors to their graveyard, treating them as kindly as possible and have an incredible respect for life. Those who pray by the unknown tombs for the departed souls with a pure heart are rewarded with eternal friendship of those ghosts. The Elder Phantom is never seen, but his booming voice can be heard wherever he wishes, always at least wishing a good journey to those who leave the graveyard.

===Jarim Magic School===
The great dark ebony wood structure is the magic school where every one of the devilish Hades bloodline Aeons are taught their devilish arts. Potion-making is their specialty and actually anybody is accepted in the school, as long as they can pay an extra fee if they are not of the Hades bloodline, their souls. The Elder Hades is the principal of the school, ruling over it with iron fists.

===Medrid Magical Circle===
A place where no soul comes back as they came in. The Circle is a terrible place that spawns the demonic Anima bloodline. Terrible demons that are always split between two planes, and their accompanying souls that work to keep the demon they are locked with under control. It is said that the Elder Anima is the coupling of a terrible demon and a wicked soul who enjoy creating more their like, just to watch their struggle against eachother

===Kendar Graveyard===
Not to confuse the Kandar and Gerin graveyards, as the denizens of both will treat you very differently. The Kendar Graveyard is a dagerous place, populated by the Lich bloodline, that create more of them from the others. Every time somebody perishes in this graveyard they are risen back as another Lich. The Elder Lich is a terrible figure that lives in a castle made out of black stone

The land of magic and spellcraft, Sapureth is the home of the most magically-inclined Aeons, as well as the most human-looking Aeons (Lakshmi, Ramuh, Shiva, Sylph, Siren, Titan, Fairy, Asura, Carbunkle, Seraphim, Phoenix, Typhon, Madeen, Odin, Crusader, Magus Sisters, Yojimbo). Formed mostly by forests and very high mountains navigating through Sapureth without getting lost is extremely hard, but thankfully the denizens of the place enjoy having visitors, you just have to endure through endless chatter or, in some cases, endless displays of strenght, power or wisdom, that always grow boring after the hundreth time.

===Crystal Palace===
A great palace where the Lakshimi bloodline lives. The palace is entirely made of a blue-hued crystal that makes it a jewel in the middle of the forest. One of the greatest places to come after healing, as the denizens of the castle will always be more than willing to heal the injuried. The Elder Lakshmi lives in the center of the palace, in the highest tower

Crystal Palace Specifics
The Crystal Palace's first three floors actually double as a hospital, where they tend to those seeking for healing. Also the main library, where they keep all sorts of information but mostly medical books and scrolls, is located here.

One thing of interest is that all of the men of the Lakshimi bloodline live in the western sector of the castle, and rarely go out of there. While they pursue the studies of the healing arts the same way as the women, they rarely get to actually work and they are never bound to a summoner.

===Contemplation Peaks===
Aptly called the Contemplation Peaks it is the house of the human-looking Aeon bloodline of the Ramuh. Here are the greatest libraries of Etherside, loosing only to the electronical databases of Loreilal. The denizens of the mountains rarely actually go to the few libraries spread and spend their time in silent meditation, alone, through the mountain. The Elder Ramuh himself is totally isolated from the whole world, sitting atop the highest mountains protected by such a fierce thunderstorm that only the Elder Quetzacoatl would dare approach

===Ice Palace===
In the wintry northern tundra lies a giant palace made entirely of never-melting ice. In it lives the mighty amazons of the Shiva bloodline. Quite territorial and always willing to accept a duel the denizens of the castle are, still, nice enough to ask before they attack. The Elder Shiva in her eternal icy beauty lives in the highest tower of the castle, a sight to behold to those who can catch a glimpse of her when she appears in the window

===Sylvan Woods===
The Sylvan Woods reside in the southwestern side of the continent. There you are advised both caution and lots of patience when travelling as it is the home of the Sylph bloodline. Tiny faeries that love to make travellers get lost and play with them for a long time before setting them back to their original course, despite having no ill intentions, can be a royal pain. The Elder Sylph and her royal family can't be distinguished from the other Sylph aglomerates, and that is entirely on purpose, or else she would have a hard time having her fun, right?

===Singing Rocks===
In the southern waters of the continent there is a large rocky formation where the Siren bloodline lives. Their entrancing voice can easely set a careless Aeon out of their course making them crash, more than the fair share of Arks have crashed in the nearby formations. Though it is not by ill intentions this happens, but all the Siren have a natural desire to sing. Most of them manage to stay silent for long enough when they know an Aeon is going nearby them and they usually help heal (or rebuild) the ones who are hurt because of them. The Elder Siren is the only one who has learned how to use her voice in such a manner to still sing with the most beautiful voice but without entrancing the others without her will, she is what every other one of her bloodline aspires to be. She spends her time singing in the highest rock of the formation.

===Enkaso Mountains===
Those mighty moutains are home to the earthy Aeons known as the Titan bloodline. Living in rustic stone houses they carve out of the mountain itself, the Titan bloodline welcomes with hearty music and cheer any of the rare visitors. They always challange eachother to displays of strenght, what may be a bit dangerous to those less physically-inclined. The Elder Titan lives in the biggest house of all, speding most of his time making his body even stronger

===Leires Woods===
Housing many beautiful sights, the Leires Woods is among the best places to look for healing as the denizens of the woods, the Fairy bloodline, despite their tricky behaviour and tendency to lure people in just to listen to their endless chatter, find it highly amusing putting their healing powers to use. The Elder Fairy is strangely enough quite wise and silent, living in a giant oak tree in the middle of the forest. She says she already said all she had to say when she was younger, though that was such a long time ago no living Aeon remembers

===Sakara Yoga Dojo===
This idilic dojo in the middle of he woods is where the three-headed beauties, the Asura bloodline, live and practice their art of folding the body. For them it's a way to sharpen body and mind. Another of the top places to look for healing, it's very odd how those weird postures can pop a few broken bones back intact. The Elder Asura herself is the master of the dojo and frequently gives the classes herself. Don't go get entangled in your own arms, now.

===Veris Ruby Caves===
These caves made out of pure ruby are an incredible natural formation, and living on them is the shy Carbunkle bloodline. Small creatures resembling the mix of a rabbit, a cat and a lot of cute will quickly scoot away from any visitor that stumbles upon the place, using the rubies in their heads to make illusions with reflected light. If you show to be peaceful enough, who knows, one of them might decide to talk to you. Don't be scared if you are then swamped by a hundred of them, despite their shyness they love a good chatter. The Elder Carbunkle lives deeply into the caves, he appears to be eternally encased in a ruby wall, but the times he disappears to forge contracts in the human planes makes everyone wonder why does he lives there

===Seraph Clouds===
There exists a single stairway in the middle of nowhere in the forest, it's made out of gold. Going up it you will reach, eventually, the sky-high palace in the clouds where the Seraphim bloodline lives. Learning the ways of the gentleman, healer and yet still warrior this place is a safe heaven, almost in the literal sense, for anybody that is hurt. Being treated with maybe a bit too much care than healtly advisiable, everyone who enters this place is welcome. The Elder Seraphim is said to be always vigilant and be always roaming the skies of Sapureth, watching over everything and leaving his castle in the hands of his bloodline

===Rekan Mountains===
The tallest mountain in the whole Sapureth, in it's very peak are the blazing nests of the Phoenix bloodline. Known the be the only bloodline that could live indefinetly due to their rebirth ability, their nests smell of expensive perfumes. While it is not true that they can live indefinetly they all, indeed, only die out of old age. The Elder Phoenix isn't even seen in only one place, but her trails of flame can be seem all over Etherside

===The Pink Clouds===
Large pink clouds that float freely through the sky of Sapureth are the home of the eery Typhon bloodline. Just what they are and why does this pink cloud always laughs is a true mistery not even the greatest sages of Etherside managed to find even an acceptable theory for it

===The White Monastery===
A monastery set high up in a mountain, that is the place of birth and training of the Madeen bloodline. Powerful warriors and healers at the same time they spend their time in meditation and training to reach perfection and enlightment. Everyone one uses a different technique, some focus on the body, some focus on the mind, some even try to reach enlightment through calligraphy. The Elder Madeen is an individual that inspires confidence and they say he has already reached enlightment, but he affirms he has yet not.

===The Antaris Kingdom===
The only proper kingdom of Etherside, the Antaris Kingdom spans a few villages and a main city, all by the coast. The only denizens of this kingdom are the Odin bloodline of Aeons. Vicious fighters but honored they are always looking for a way to prove their worth to the Elder Odin, their king, that is a true warrior king and lives in the castle of the capital of the Antaris Kingom

===Arthur Graveyard===
An odd sight, a graveyard in Sapureth. But here is where the pure and kind souls of mighty warriors who fell in battle gather, forming the Crusader bloodline. Here they spend their time in what form of practice their ghostly bodies can, and everyone is welcome to the graveyard to talk. They will forever be in gratitude to whoever prays at their nameless graves, a behaviour also shared by the Phantom bloodline, something that hints a connection might exist. The Elder Crusader Coucil, the 13 knights who fell in an ancient battle and became Aeons when they refused to let evil win giving their souls to the only one who could use them, a Summoner they knew, are always roaming the graveyard, teaching the new 'recruits' powerful techniques and being leaders

===The Magic Hive===
Home of the trickster bug spirits, this giant bee hive is home to more than just one sort of bug. Well, 'sort of bug' is not a very good description of the denizens of this hive, as they seem to be human woman wearing bug outfits. Despite this, the Magus bloodline always seem to work in trios, they don't answer when asked but the other Aeons believe they all are born triplets, despite the heavy differences. Never really caring about what's going on outside their own private world you'd better not get caught in the middle of a chat between sisters… You don't want that headache, believe me. The Elder Magus Sisters live in the center of the hive and are oddly wise and aware, much different from their younger relatives.

===Yojimbo Agency===
A large pagoda in the middle of Sapureth, this is home to the mighty swordman bloodline of the Yojimbo. Selling their sword to the highest bidder the Yojimbo are, however, honorbound to the defense of Sapureth. The Elder Yojimbo himself is the manager of this business, the mightyest of the warriors he and his faithful dog eventually go out and roam through Sapureth for a few days looking for threats

Yojimbo Agency Specifics
On the outside it is one of the very few places in Etherside with a real airstrip, set up to recieve a decent influx of people brought by Arks and also a smaller landing pad for natural flyers who can endure the travels.
The first floor is compromised of a lobby whose main features are the two gigantic billboards, where it is announced who is avaiable for work, their price and their ranking, as well as free-for-all jobs of all sorts. The rankings work in a scale of 1 to 100, given by the Elder Yojimbo. He awards rankings above 100 to those of extremely exceptional skill and valor.
On the superior floors it is like a giant apartment building that houses a whole city. Each living floor has a dining area and the quarters where each of the Yojimbo live. Each five floors has it's own trade area, being the Yojimbo prime consumers is weapons and armors of prime quality.

The Yojimbo care deeply for honor, and tradition as well as family. The families tend to live all nearby, and practice together to strenghten their union and swordsmanship. However, breaking the traditions is enough to get you expelled from your family, what is the greatest shame one can suffer, and depending on how, from the Agency itself.

Kazuki: A living legend, they say this one has manage to stand for three rounds in a sparring session against the Elder. None has yet matched his skills in swordsmanship that are so great that are only rivaled by his own ego. However, word goes that his family is troubled, ever since his sister broke with the traditions, got expelled from the Agency and eventually returned no more than one month ago

Yasmine: A strange Yojimbo, known to have connections in places no other has. Her sword skills are mysterious and strange, but in the past she was expelled from the Agency for using Time Magic against the Elder in a fit of rage against the traditions. Ever since she returned she has yet to show any signs of magical skills. The truth is that after being expelled a mysterious figure pointed her out to the existance of the Cerulean Society, and she has been there for a long time, learning how to alter time and space using her blade as a focus, this way making the others mistake her skills in Time Magic for unknown sword techniques. She also has a special penchent for dealing with machines

==Tale of the Reverse Summoners==
The tale says that in the past a powerhungry human summoner found his way into Etherside. Here, using terrible techniques to enslave every Aeon that appeared on his way and none was safe. That is when a group of rogue Aeons, that had travelled to the human planes and back came up with an idea. One of them had studied the art of summoning himself, so he could understand what was the force that united the two worlds. Then, in a suicidal maneuver he summoned in a reversed fashion, not to bring an Aeon to the human he was bound, but to bring the human to the Aeon he was bound. It did work, and with the help of a few corageous Aeons and brave humans they managed to defeat the evil Summoner. That is, however, a tale. But they say that Reverse Summoners still exist somewhere.
Recently, strange rumors about a new invasion by humans. The truth is obscured, many legends clouds the facts, but the legends speak about a crazed Lord, invading Summoners, slavery, and six unknown heroes.

===The Rune Sniper===
They say that this figure sheathed in flame carrying a bow of intricate design could fire arrows so powerful they could pierce even the most resilient of the platings of Loreiral. It is also said that his knowledge of the arcane was only a rival for his marksmanship, and that he had mastered the art of summoning even beyond the summoners themselves. Some of the most bold legends talk about the hole that still exists cutting Etherside in half was made by a shot of his

===The Soul Alchemist===
A cloaked figure, carrying a huge two-hander blade with the airs of Death itself carrying a sword, it's said that he was able to heal any wounds with the right potions, that the black flames which would coat his blade would wreck destruction within the enemy ranks and heal him at the same time. But his true power would be his knowledge, with which he could perform alchemy if such high levels that even Lord Hades would have a hard time understanding

===The Heir===
There is a very obscure legend of all the Aeon Lords being related, and having a single source. Said source once chose a heir, matcheless strategist, silvertoungued such that could dieing enemy that he was completely healthy, that could sway the battlefield to it's side with a single word.

===The Robot===
Some say that this was the machine which was used as the first prototype for the machine Aeons of Loreilal, which was in deep slumber in another world and was awakened by an ancient Summoning ritual when danger occured. Against it, none could move as it'd slowly paralize and destroy the enemy ranks like a deadly venom. They say that it had also mastered creation, that it could create anything out of nothing for it's allies to use.

===The Martyr===
Some of the most obscure legends talk about a diminutive warrior, who had the bravery to face off by himself against the largest of the Aeon Lords, Jormungand, in order to obtain a key artifact to save Etherside. That the battle was waged for weeks, but in the end the warrior gave away his life, and noticing his mistake, in pain Lord Jormungand did more than give the heroes his artifact, but in fact gave part of his own soul in hopes it'd help redeem himself.

===The Unknown===
All the legends talk about six heroes, but none of them carry any description about the sixth. It's said that it's powers were the powers of all, and that it's face was such that it was one with all and none could notice it among their ranks. "The mustache is serious business" is sometimes a phrase attributed to it

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