Iron Scale Shen

Name: 'Iron Scale' Shen
Race: Alloci Elf
Class: Weapon Master
Level: 0
EXP: 0

HP: 95 / 95
MP: 40 / 40
LP: 10 / 10
Weight: 11
Drive: 0 / 19
Initiative: 1d6+11

R: Earth
W: Fire


Type Name Effect Special Weight Charges & Magical Effects
Armor Medium Armor Reduce incoming physical damage by 3. Gain +15 Max HP. 4 WGT
Shield - - —- 0 WGT
Weapon 1 Fist 1d8+6, Scratch 1. M-Rush Earth Form 0 WGT
Weapon 2 Greataxe 1d10+10, Scratch 4 M-Launch Accuracy & Critical 10. Fire Form 3 WGT
Weapon 3 Baton 1d8+6, Scratch 7 M-Rush Accuracy 20. Water Form 2 WGT
Weapon 4 Sword 1d8+8. Scratch 3 M-Rush +2 damage when you activate a combo. Momentum generated by this weapon is +1, as well. Air Form 2 WGT
Accessory 0 WGT
Charm Slayers Charm When you spend LP on an ability, gain +1 Potency per LP with it. 0 WGT


[1] Crane's Charm (Anytime an enemy attack targets you, then misses: gain +1 Drive.)
[2] Empty
[3] Empty

Money: 1G
Rations: 3


Iron-Fist: Your fist is as strong as a weapon. It deals 1d6+6 damage, rather than 1d4+2.

Agile: Increase the damage die when using weapons by one size, Additionally, anytime you miss with a Technique, Scratch for 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) damage. (Or in the case of Batons, add 1 to its Scratch damage value)


Passive Abilities

[P] Cursebreaker: Gain +10 Critical and +5 Burst. Anytime you score a Critical or a Burst against an enemy, Suppress the targets Drive by -1.

[P] Armed to the Teeth: Weapon Masters make use of a lot of weapons - far more than any other class. Luckily, they're rather adapt at carrying them all. Whenever a Weapon Master has a weapon equipped, only count half of its Weight when factoring in initiative rolls and Drive Gauge penalties. Additionally, when first creating a Weapon Master, all weapons are purchased at half cost (they cost their normal amount after gen though, so make sure you start with what you need!).

[P] Elemental Stances: Weapon Masters function a little bit different from other classes. Rather than having a list of abilities available for use each round, they perform basic attacks, which are powered up by various elemental stances based on each weapon. When first creating a weapon master, assign every single type of weapon to one of the four stances: Fire, Earth, Wind or Water. Weapons may be assigned in any way that pleases the Weapon Master, so long as every element has at least one weapon assigned to it. From now on, any time the Weapon Master performs a basic attack while wielding as specific weapon, that are considered to be in that stance. If, during the course of adventuring, the Weapon Master happens upon a new type of weapon not on the equipment list, assign a stance to it the first time they perform a Full Rest while having access to it. (If desired, you can assign a elemental stance to your Unarmed Attack as well.)

Each stance has a Mastery level. Any time you perform an attack with a weapon, you can spend 4 MP and activate a number of Mastery effects for that stance, up to your Mastery level with said stance.

Action Abilities

[T] Basic Attack: 80CoS. Deals weapon damage. M-Weapon.

Defend: 100CoS. Until your next turn, you take -5 damage from all sources. Additionally, you may Reload any equipped Firearms to their maximum ammo value. Quicken 1

Item: 100CoS. Use an item from your inventory. Targeting, effects and momentum vary from item to item.

Elemental Stances

Fire Earth
Mastery: 1 Mastery: 1
Abilities Abilities
Repeat - Attack another target afterwards with a different weapon. This attack has 40CoS, and cannot benefit from Mastery. Block - You gain a Bubble (10)
Bash - +1 Damage die Step In - Cleanse an ally of short statuses
Weapons Weapons
Greataxe, Shotgun, Spear, Dagger Fist, Greatsword, Staff
Air Water
Mastery: 1 Mastery: 1
Abilities Abilities
Untouchable - Until your next turn, until you spend LP, enemy attacks that roll 20 or less miss you and you ignore all Scratch damage. Acclamation - Add +5 to an existing Momentum.
Save - Even after missing: Reduce the result check by 20. Baton Pass - Restores +4 MP to an ally.
Weapons Weapons
Sword, Mace, Hammer, Rifle Pistol, Flail, Axe, Baton

Quick Abilities

[Q] Quick Ability: Effects


[OD][S] Overdrive: True Iron: 100CoS. Cleanse all negative statuses from you and your entire party. If any ally is Dazed, undaze them and restore d8+10 HP to them. M-Recovery.

[OD][T] Open Arsenal: 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to a single target. You may repeat this attack, as long as you use a new weapon and attack a new target with each repeated attack. Generates a single Momentum from one of the weapons used.

Dazed Abilities

[D] Will To Live: The next time you would have HP restored and Daze removed, increase its potency by +10. Can stack. M-Recovery.

[D][T] Throw Weapon: 4MP. 80CoS. Throw your weapon at a single target, ignoring row restriction and dealing weapon damage to them with 1 Mastery Level. You cannot use this weapon again for the remainder of the battle. Generates Momentum equal to the weapons. (You can use this ability with Firearms even if they have no ammo)


You've taken extreme precautions to resist magic.
Sp - You're immune to the Hex condition, and all magical mental influence. You see through illusions. You cannot taste food, and have no sense of smell.
Sp - Whenever you touch a Dantali (including with weapon, or through gloves), your touch burns: additionally True Strike them for 1 Supreme damage.

You were trained to protect the Arcoliths - three of them from intrusion, and one of them from escape.
Di - +2 dice to rolls to understanding Arcoliths, and Architect technology. Apply this when making Navigation rolls for an expedition to an Arcolith, as well.
Sp - You start the game with certain information about the workings of the Arcolith. The nature of some items there is already known to you.
(Including the location of the Filios, Agaap, Storgei and Pheros arcoliths, and that they are roughly aligned to Water, Earth, Air and Fire.)
Sp - Once per expedition, after defeating an Arcolith monster, you may kneel over it, examine it, and perform its last rites:
If it has a Weak Spot, you learn one.
If it does not have a Weak Spot, you discover and declare one, after negotiation with the GM: Strikes described as hitting that weak spot may have additional benefit.
(This weakness applies to all fights against monsters of that genotype.)
Mo - Arcolith constructs.


Points Skill Description
1 Agility Running, dodging, leaping
Charm Likability and social finesse
Coercion Intimidation and leverage
2 Determination Stamina, endurance, and willpower
Experimentation Identifying and analyzing something through experimentation
1 Insight Seeing to the heart of things, piecing things together
Lore Knowledge
Lying False pretenses, disguises, forgery
Mechanisms Opening locks, sabotaging devices
Mysticism Spirits and the protocols of the unreal
Navigation Reading the weather, finding the way, steering a ship or caravant
Operation Use and understanding of complex machines
Sorcery Solving a problem though magic
1 Stealth Avoiding attention, sneaking into places, detecting alarms, stealing
Streetsmart Fast talking, bribery, underworld politics
2 Strength Smashing, lifting, throwing, cutting
1 Survival Foraging, hunting, tracking, you roll it when resting in the wilderness

Character Background

Background will go here when I decide how to write it

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