A shining day, a tiresomeday day. The day is going to come to a close at some point, but it is not yet ready to leave the stage.
Anton has been called up someplace, where he is right now is a rather simple room, a hybrid meeting room and living room, and waiting at a sofa is where he is at in a room within the Grand Chapel
Through one of the doors comes someone, wearing what appears to be tattered robes and a hood. She walks over to the sofa across from Anton and, with a single swift motion takes off the robes and tosses them carelessly on the floor. Hair the color of the sunset, physique imposing and tall and eyes framed with the color of sleeplessness she more or less just flops on the seat "Oh, you're already here Anton" it was she who called you here for the meeting, Cor Caroli tosses out the remaining stick of her lollipop out and picks another from a bowl in the center table, she offers you one
Anton scratches at his head as he waits in silence. There could be any number of reasons he was over here right now. Did they call him here because he jokingly said he'd give someone a discount for a confession? He takes the lollipop and plops it into his mouth before smiling. "Ah, great it's you. I mean that in a good way, I really do. Rubbing shoulders with all those stuffed shirts always has me on edge."
Cor Caroli: "No doubt, it get on my nerves too sometimes" she lies back, tossing a letter to you "Well, you know about the Fatebreakers and stuff, official invitiation and all that. Not why I called you right now, though"
Cor Caroli: "I need a favor, just… And I know it's going to be weird… Just go out in the courtyard for about an hour and then report back if you could?"
Anton chomps down on the lollipop before nodding. "Weird comes with the profession, Cor. You see anything more than that?"
Cor Caroli: "That I did… But i'm afraid sharing more might interfere with the results"
Cor Caroli: "Hopefully it's the best situation"
Anton leaps to his feet before stretching. "If you're suggesting it, it's bound to be interesting. How long til the big meeting anyways?"
Cor Caroli: "About three hours, some of the other three may already be arriving though"
Anton: "Guess I should get a move on then, huh?" He tosses his stick into the trash before holding out his hand with an expecting look.
She chuckles and hands you another lollipop
Anton plops it into his mouth before waltzing out of the room.
Heading out, the day's got that particular shine of the afternoon, the courtyard always gets a particularly beautiful glow on it at this time of the day thanks to the colorful windows casting in a beautiful light. Even the higher parts of the Grand Chapel which was built only recently took that in mind. Beautiful flowers line the outer edges of the yard, a few people are milling about, some winding down from work others procrastinating their work a little
Anton pulls out a journal of sorts as he walks and looks it over. Seems he still had a request or two to report in before the days end.
Anton makes his way over to the flowers and picks one before sniffing it.
This is a bed of beautiful flowers, colored like the rainbow
Anton slowly turns around and surveys the courtyard. He has the same dopey smile plastered on his face he always does.
Anton doesn't seems anything particularly strange… Although you do grab for just a moment the sight of someone young heading inside
Also of interest, someone that wasn't there before, is a man with perhaps the most unusual hair you ever saw, a radiant silver color, not white but silver, reading the newspaper as he sits in one of the benchs
Anton makes his way over to the bench and nods with a smile before sitting down.
The man looks at Anton with a smile, he's wearing also the most strange clothes you ever saw, because black-and-red stripes is not something you see normally "Ah, good evening"
Anton: "Very much so. What brings you to the church? I can't say I've seen you around here before."
Silver Haired Man: "Oh, I used to be here all the time…"
Silver Haired Man: "But things happened and, well, I don't anymore. I thought about reminiscing"
Anton chuckles. "I could do little to resist the pull of this place myself. It drew me here as surely as a siren's fallen tears are swept from the rivers to the sea."
Anton: "One can only wonder what lays in store, hmm?"
The man chuckles "You sure do sound like you've got the gift this place needs" he looks up, sighing
Silver Haired Man: "I don't know, some of us don't need to wonder"
Silver Haired Man: "And that may be the worst thing to ever happen to us"
He puts down the newspaper, and puts a hand on his chin, thinking.
At this point you realize that there is nobody else around here, at all. He seems to be in serious thought
Anton scratches at his head at the gift comment. "Well, I don't mean to brag but I would like to think that everyones change of heart recently is born of a desire to follow my shining moral example." He cracks a grin. "Anton, by the way."
He smiles back "Oh I don't doubt" he sighs "I'd introduce myself, but that'd be counter to my plans"
Silver Haired Man: "Hrm… No, no, that's not the best solution"
Anton places a hand to his chest. "Ah, yes. I see how it is. I'm just a squire that does jobs around town. Not important enough for an introduction I see. I feel as if my delicate glass heart is about to be broken." He's smiling as he teases the guy.
He stands up "Alright, do me a favor young man. Tell her she's still not as good as she thinks she is. And that i'm already on my way out of the library"
Silver Haired Man: "You've still a long way to go, though. This would have came to pass very differently if you didn't."
Silver Haired Man: "Well, good luck on your work" he bows, rather exxagerately "And have a nice evening"
The man starts heading out towards the exit
Anton brushes his bangs to the side before narrowing his eyes a bit as his expression grows serious. "And what should I say about the woman?"
He chuckles, and walks out without giving you a response
Anton may have been told to report back right away after but… well, he's not the best at following directions. He follows after the guy instead. He had three hours and he isn't even attempting to hide his presence.
Anton: "So what are you looking for in the library?"
You do attempt to follow the man but- Isn't it just unlucky? When he takes a corner you happen to run into someone else going in the opposite direction. You still got an eye on him so you keep going but when he goes through a doorway the wind happens to close it right on your face the exact moment you try to get through giving you a smack in the nose. Undaunted you follow him out of the Grand Chapel and down a street but you wind up tripping on a cat on the way, who was being chased by a rather large rat, this final happenstance giving him enough clearance to finally step out of view
But he seems to have wandered off the street and into an alleyway
Anton casually wanders into this completely safe alleyway.
As you head inside you hear some noise- But then you're stopped. Your way is intercepted by a man wearing old robes of some unknown religion, chains in his arms and legs, a lollipop in his mouth. He grins at you for a moment
Anton pouts. "Not even going to stop me in person, are we?"
You hear some noise- Boots? Some other kind of metallic noise further behind?
The man just stands there
Anton scratches at his head before smiling. "Not to be rude, but I can't really stay and chat. I have an appointment later, you see. So it'd be best if I don't waste time on illusions." He crouches down slightly as if to get a running start as his boots start to make noises.
JayM: Oh dear what're you doing now
Anton barrels right on through the image with as great a burst of speed as he can muster. His momentum slows down after that but if what he heard was right the man couldn't be that far away yet.
Anton crashes through the image and it's gone, following the alley he has to make a sharp left turn- Only to be stopped in his tracks by a falling swordsman! A man wearing akaviri officer clothes delivers a powerful blow that Anton just barely avoids. He moves with almost unnatural speed as he swings his greatsword horizontally with a single hand, driving Anton further back.
You have time to see the silver-haired man head down a manhole "Don't push your luck!" he shouts before vanishing. The dark-haired warrior before you steps back slowly
Anton stares at the swordsman before bursting into laughter interrupting the tense silence. He shakes his head after a moment. "I'm sorry if I'm being condesending. I had pegged you all for chumps. But it's clear that you actually know what you're doing."
The man sighs, aggravated. He'll retreat to the same manhole should you not try to follow
Anton: "That said, it seems like you have a lot on your mind right now. If you've got something to confesss I'd be happy to give you a discount~. It seems like you've been through so much!" He grins at the swordsman.
The Swordsman closes his eyes for a moment, thinking "I'm a knight who serves two lords. How terrible is that?" he says before retreating
Anton makes his way to the manhole cover before glancing at his pocket watch. He smiles. "Ah, shucks. Seems I'm out of time today. Can we perhaps schedule a playdate for later?" He calls out to the retreating swordsman.
JayM: No answer
Anton shakes his head before talking to himself. "Still, what a tease. To leave this unresolved and to encounter them later… the thought of the very prospect leaves me barely able to contain myself." He spins around before gaining as much speed as he can before taking flight. He had chased them for quite a while and had an appointment to make. Destination landing, the courtyard.
The courtyard, a short while later. You've been just slightly over an hour. The courtyard is as it is bound to be, beautiful flowers of many colors on the planters, not so empty as a few people mill about. Interesting how there are people now, yet when you were talking to the silver-haired man before only the rainbow of colors of the flowers stood witness to your conversation
Anton may have ruined a patch of grass on his landing, but hey he's here. He pulls out a book and starts to write in it as he heads back to the Grand Chapel.
And back in the Grand Chapel, the way in is built in such a way to bring a sense of awe to those who make this path, it's always beautiful. You make your way in, perhaps to report back what you've found? If so, you will find Cor Caroli is still in that room, but she seems to have decided to have a nap in the same position you left her at, that or she just passed out like that.
Anton makes his way to the desk and pops open a drawer before grabbing a lollipop and sticking it in his mouth. He then grabs a second one and puts it into the sleeping Caroli's mouth before he sits down and waits.
She pretty much instinctively grabs it with her mouth without waking up, which is perhaps al ittle bit creepy. A little while later she wakes up, looks at you, looks at the clock in the wall, looks back at you. She rubs her eyes for a moment "Take it you didn't spend all this time here watching me sleep, what'd you find?"
Anton tears out a few pages from his book and puts them into a paperclip. He places it on the table. "Already wrote the report. Go ahead and read it over."
She picks it up and looks it over "Hrm… That's much more than I was expecting"
Unlike his application form, this is actually a pretty formal telling of the events that transpired with a few personal opinions mixed in.
[OOC] Anton: *report
Anton: "Guy seemed to know you."
Cor Caroli: "I expected you to find whoever it was with the strange aura that was wandering around, if I told you what to look for I knew he was going to wind up killing you. But this hair and condescending nature, though"
Cor Caroli: "What's Al doing here? If that is even him, I haven't seen him in five year"
Cor Caroli: "But dealing with Akavir? And this other instance here at the start, hrm…"
Anton: "Any idea on the accomplice? I didn't get a good look at her."
Cor Caroli: "Him, I know who he is, he was leading an effort to construct an artillery platform in the Divine Aegis. His name's Sanger from Akavir, a high ranking officer. That part we've dealt with already earlier today"
Cor Caroli: "What's Al doing with them, though? Hrm…"
Anton shakes his head before pointing at the beginning. "Kind of overshadowed since I didn't follow them, but I meant the woman. Only a physical description so I know it's not much to go by."
Anton: "They weren't very good at hiding their presence, though."
Cor Caroli: "This one that came in? Oh, that was Amal arriving, they arrived at around the same time you mention here"
Cor Caroli: "… Amal, huhn… There's that too"
Anton tilts his head before frowning. "Amal? Ah… how awkward. I just kind of assumed from the height."
Cor Caroli: "I only invited three others… They weren't part of the three"
Cor Caroli: "But the invitation almost perfectly checks out so…"
Cor Caroli: "They're in right now as a Fatebreaker. Keep your wits about you, I don't think they're dangerous on their own, but someone wanted them in and I don't think they're aware of that"
Cor Caroli: "Anyway, I'd better go get ready. You too, Anton, things are about to get messy from here on out"
Anton: "Got a preferred method of communication, by the way?"
Cor Caroli: "Leave them in dead drops, i'll know when to send someone to pick it up"
Anton nods before getting out of his seat. "Got one more request to wrap up for tonight. I'll be back in time for the meeting."
Cor Caroli chuckles "That's why I like you. Okay good luck out there, kid" she waves you off as she stands up herself, heading off
As you head out, a gentle breeze blows in as if caressing you, scattering inside the color of a hundred petals from outside.
JayM: What fate now awaits those who gather today

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