A Shining Day outside! The wind blows gently across the field… The university has been in a bit of an uproar lately, the High Guard has given quite a few comissions on combat gear research after all! And today, well, today is Testing Day. Sadly you've been given a rather bland seeming task, help Matheus with… A sword
Generally there are indoor testing fields, today, however, you're testing in the outside. You're really only slated to start testing in about two hours, but Matheus asked you to show up early for some reason
The testing field is even beautiful in this quiet right now, a line of tiny, colorful flowers lines the edges of the field
Harriet is always excited about testing days, but, unfortunately, her own project is still sending out sparks and backfiring, she's gotta give it a few more tweaks. So when she was tapped in to help Matheus, she got out of her workshop and into the bright sunny day! (Ugh. At least her Terchuan side helps against sunburn.)
Harriet: "Hey, Matheus!" Harriet calls out, saluting him loosely as she saunters up in her usual dress-vest combination. The progress she'd been making on growing out her hair has been cruelly erased again. Fire hates hair.
You find Matheus sitting against a tree, he's always been a good friend actually, from Terchuan himself as well except he was born there, his darker skin tone seems to glisten from his sweat and you can see why, the sword to be tested is right beside him, it's quite large in a metal of blueish tone, a single tube is visible inside it, seems like it's a Force Gear. He waves at you "Harriet, managed to get you out of the lab, did I"
JayM he smiles and pat beside him for you to sit down "How're you doing?"
Harriet: "Hey, apparently you gotta air out the fumes sometime." Harriet grins and sits down, leaning over to get a look at the force gear. "Kinda hungry, but it's no big deal. So when you described this as a 'sword', you were just using the most boring language possible, huh?"
Matheus: "Well, it really is a sword, and works like one. But combined with the Magnetic Fang" he pats something on the floor, looks like a folded boomerang "The Magnetic Blade is pretty impressive"
Matheus: "But speaking of blades…" he looks serious "There was something I wanted to talk to you, it kind of involves a sword, of another kind" he closes his eyes for a moment "It's kind of serious"
Harriet laughs. "Come on, Matheus, there's nothing more serious than our work! We're creating the future, here!"
Harriet: "… wait, are you, like, being serious?"
Matheus smiles kinda sadly "Yeah…"
Matheus: "You were born here, right?"
Matheus: "Have you ever wondered what it is like in your parents' home?"
Harriet: "Uh… shit, sorry." Harriet scratches at the back of her head. "Yeah, I was born here."
Harriet: "I mean, I'd heard some stories, but…"
Harriet: "What's up?"
Matheus: "I was born there, but I was really young when I moved…"
Matheus: "I remember I saw your mother give you a sword… Do you know what kind of sword is that?"
Harriet: "That's be a…" Harriet thinks for a moment, because 'classifications of swords' just isn't something she prioritises in her memory. "A rapier, yeah."
Matheus: "In particular… It's a kind of rapier called a 'Rapiera', actually"
He sounds like a person reminiscing
Matheus: "As a sword it's just a… Decent weapon but… It's more of a symbol, you see"
Harriet: "Break it down for me? I'm not really much of a sword buff."
Matheus: "There used to be this city where it's people were descendants of an old knightly order"
Matheus: "It was interesting… The people there could all trace their lineage to the order, and each family had a sword passed down from the knights, well they were more like rangers really, Terchuan and all, those swords, the Rapieras, were a ceremonial weapon"
Matheus: "That city, by coincidence, was the one that first pushed for mechanization in the fields"
Matheus: "You don't see Rapieras anymore, wanna make a guess as to why?"
Harriet: "Uh… terrible explosion wiped the city off the map?"
Matheus shakes his head "That'd have been nicer… The people of the city were… Pushed away"
Matheus: "The traditionalists weren't willing to take to change and… People were slowly driven away from their homes by pressure…"
Matheus: "You don't see Rapieras in that city anymore… In a twist of irony, in that city is where they now build the amazing automated harvesters they use those days"
Matheus: "You know… I remember… Still seeing that sword at my grandparents' house, before we moved"
Matheus: "I've been thinking about it a lot lately"
Harriet: "So, wait. What's my mother doing with one of them?"
Matheus: "I don't know. I figured your family's from the same area, somehow"
Harriet shakes her head. "She never mentioned anything about this. Like, I knew she was more interested in tech, that's why she moved here in the first place, but…"
Matheus: "But I do know one place where we can find out that reason, and maybe… Just maybe… Take back our legacy"
Harriet: "Holy shit. I have a legacy."
Matheus stands up, and you realize part of the whole ensemble of the sword Force Gear is a small assembly on his back like a small backpack. There's a wire connecting the pack to the sword "Harriet, do you wanna go with me?"
Matheus: "I've made some friends, and with their help, we can get that city back to our people"
Matheus: "Those who were driven away"
Harriet: "Hold on, hold on! This is - this is a lot to take in all of a sudden!"
Matheus picks up the sword and shoulders it "There's no time to hold on, Harriet. This is too important to me, and we don't actually have a lot of time"
Harriet: "But I'm an inventor, not some knight-ranger -"
Matheus: "I wasn't supposed to meet up with you… I was supposed to be out of here by now, with the Magnetic Blade. Come on, come with me, please"
Harriet slaps her cheeks together and stands. "Okay, okay, okay!"
Harriet: "Okay. I'll do it. Let's do it."
Harriet: "It's just another problem, right?"
Harriet: "I solve problems. It'll be fine."
Harriet: "
A sound of something hitting against wood, and you see something- Someone arrived using a flight Force Gear- The outfit is a little odd but you recognize it- It's the insignia of the Orsis armed forces "Matheus, are you quite done? I'm supposed to have you out of here before the first shell hits"
Matheus: "Don't worry, we're ready to go"
Harriet: "Uh, I don't suppose I can go grab my gear first? I wasn't exactly equipped to go on a Quest." She emphasises the word.
Matheus: "Don't worry we can-"
Matheus stops short when he notices something behind you. Wearing a hooded outfit, dressed in old clothes like a hobo, is a woman with something in her mouth, it looks like a white stick "See, that's why I like you, Harriet"
The person who arrived to pick up Matheus pulls out a watch, worried "Matheus let's go, we have only a few seconds before-" and there's a powerful sound of something exploding- From above a powerful impact wave- A rain of metal debris
Harriet turns to face whoever's speaking, only for a great explosion to echo, with debris raining down. Harriet covers her face, yells at Matheus over the ringing in her ears: "Matheus, I don't think that's a failed experiment!"
Woman: "Artillery shell. Easy to predict the path and intercept with another"
Harriet: "And who are you, anyway?!"
The person who came for Matheus grabs him by the arms "Enough, we're out" they jump up in the way
Matheus: "Wait! Wait! Lemme back!"
Another explosion- This one close- But not close enough the landed shell could hurt anyone. The strange makes away with Matheus- A third explosion- This time distant
Harriet: "Matheus!"
Woman: "And that's the strike team dealing with the Forte"
Woman: "Don't worry, he'll be fine"
Harriet: "Goddess-shitting-fuck, what the hell is going on here?!"
Woman: "Wether he remains when all is said and done, hopefully, can depend on you"
The woman hands Harriet a letter "The beginning of the end. The first shot of what promises to be a war that simply cannot end well"
Harriet: "Okay there are a lot of explosions going on and one of the only guys who consistently hangs around me just got yoinked out by a flying stranger going on some bullshit legacy quest and I would really like some answers right about now!" So Harriet grabs the letter and tears it open.
Woman: "That's the problem, I don't have answers. But I have people who can find them"
Harriet: "Great! Who are they! Also, who are you!"
Woman: "Who are they? Read it"
The letter, an invititation to the Grand Chapel. To meet the pope and the Divine Oracle. You have been named… A Fatebreaker
JayM: When you look back up- She's gone
Harriet: "Oh my god I just wanted to invent some shit and maybe get some ice cream!"
JayM: Fate is not so kind on those who must act, sadly
Harriet: "I was perfectly happy being top of the class holy shit what is my life." She buries her face in her hands. "I don't even care about religion? Or swords???"
Harriet: "I should've seen this coming I mean I've been developing weapons for a bit now but come on!"
Harriet: "Ughhh fine I guess I'll go… meet with these religious whatsits okay whatever." She grumbles to absolutely no one. "Gunna go get my gear first though. Not even ready for today, guys, not even ready."
Harriet shoves the letter in her vest pocket and stalks off.
Witnessing the wrath of an engineer involved in what she desires not are only the colors of the flowers that line her path back inside

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