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The Affliction Codex

The wise remember
To make everyone's lives easier, this is a list of all the status effects you've ran into, in alphabetical order
Affliction Effect
Blast Bullet[X] When it ticks to 0 deals [X] damage that cannot be mitigated by any means
Bullet Drive Deals +100% ranged damage, dissipates if the afflicted is damaged
Delayed Field[X] When it ticks to 0 all monsters are healed for [X]
Directed Hit The Crescendo deals +50% damage with it's next action against the target and then the condition dissipates
Dispersion Field[X] When the afflicted is damaged, attacker recovers [X]
Force Disrupt Afflicted deals -30% magical damage and has -30% potency with Recovery and Life effects
Locked On You've been marked as a target
Painted Red Take +50% incoming damage
Pinned Reduce the result checks of all actions striking this target by 20
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