Character Name: Serenity

Class: Commando
Current XP: 0
Total XP: 0
Feelin' Good?: I guess so.


MAG 10 STM 8


HP: 500 / 500
MP: 460 / 600 (SBW 80TMP)
Luck: 7 / 7


USING OPERATIONS: All spells are time-marker based. Whenever you cast a Timed spell, you create a time marker that activates in 20D, 40D, or 60D: Your choice, on every cast! You can only have one time marker active for each ability you know.

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Deals 1d12 + 108 physical damage, which is ranged.
Forward Strike 60D 80 T: Single Technique, Recovery Deals 1d12+108 ranged physical damage. If an ally attack assists off this, they do +20% dmg and recover 72 HP
After Me 67D 80 T: Single Technique Deals 1d12+108 ranged physical damage, and the next hit against the target before it acts deals +30% damage.
Cover 60D 80 T: Single // Technique, Recovery// Deals 1d12+86 ranged physical damage, and the next ally to strike the target gains +90HP.
Pin Down 60D 80 T: Single Technique Deals d12+108 ranged physical damage. Next ally that targets the enemy before it acts has -10CTs.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend T: Self 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn. Recover 32 MP.
Scanner Sweep 40D 100 Single Support, Condition Scans the target. Scanner Sweep grants knowledge of the target's vital statistics - their HP, MP, LP, level, rank, and any passive abilities the target has. Ask a question about the target: Though Scanner Sweep can't predict the future or look into the past, you otherwise learn the answer. Locked on - They take +30% damage from Operations spells (3).
Sniper Beam 60MP 50D 100 T: Single Spell, Timed Create a time effect which deals d12+180 magical light damage. Against targets with 0-10D, deals more damage based on time effect timer; 20D: d12+216, 40D: d12+270, 60D: d12+360
Inertia Canceller 60MP 50D 100 T: Single Spell, Timed Create a time effect which deals d12+180 magical time damage. If the time effect hits the next acting enemy it delays it, based on the time effect timer: 20D: +5, 40D: +10, 60D: +15
Ground Trap 60MP 50D 100 T: Single Spell, Timed Create a time effect which deals d12+150 magical gate damage. The target inflicts reduced damage (1), with the potency of the condition determined by the length of the timer chosen. With 20D: -10%; 40D: -30%; 60D: -50%.
Spell Demolition 80MP 50D 100 T: Row Spell, Timed Create a time effect which deals d10+120 magical fire damage. This spell gains bonus damage if longer timers are chosen. With 40D: +20% damage; 60D: +40% damage.
Storm Bombing 60MP 50D 50 T: Triple Spell, Timed Timed. Strikes for d12+180 magical lightning damage. This spell gains addition CoS if longer timer are chosen. With 40D: +10 CoS; 60D: +20 CoS.
Cross-Dimensional Beam 100MP 50D 255 T: Single Spell, Timed, Special Times. Strikes for d12+600 magical force damage, but has an innate -100% damage modifier that must be overcome.


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Domino Effect - Whenever an enemy is slain, you and your allies' attack assists gain a stacking +10% damage modifier for the rest of the battle.
Matter of Time - After you've acted three times, you and your allies' attack assists inflict +30% damage for the rest of the battle.
Aftershock - When the result check for one of your timed spells is 10 or lower, immediately create an additional time marker for this ability (even if it was Special!) at no additional cost. The new timer marker can use any of the three lengths.
Still In A Dream - When one of your timed spells activates, allies in SoS recover 10 x WIL (90) HP.
Attack Assist Upgrade - Copies situational modifiers from the triggering strike.


Arts Aren't Even Hard, Idiots (Spell Assist) - After an ally hits an enemy, ding it for d12+100 magical damage. Or pay 60 MP and zing it for d12+180 magical damage! Copies situational modifiers from the triggering strike.
Magnetism (Guard Assist) - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!
Somebody Loves Me - Before Acting - Your next Operation Spell generates two different Timer Markers. Both must strike different targets.
Peace Maker - When Approp - Activate Peacemaker when an enemy is slain by elemental damage. A wave of energy crashes into all other enemies - they take +40% damage from that element (2).
Bloody Ragnite - After Acting - Sacrifice [X] HP to create a Red Pillar that is in no row in particular. While the Red Pillar exists, deal +20% damage with Spells.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Bow (Physical Ammo) 14 d12 60D Ranged
Okay It's Working (Bow+Book) 14 d12 60D Ranged, on hit next spell does +40% stacking bonus. Can use this 1/expedition
Armor Properties
Robes SBW 80TMP


Mystic (Ragnite)

Sc: You have a connection with the other-worldly and the supernatural - when you meet an otherworldly entity, you get a sense of it desires and its motivation, and can generally communicate in some fashion. You perceive the extraordinary. You and those with you have unusual resistance to evil magic and spiritual influence, though this may at some times require your active protection. When you take this skill, you can choose a specific connection for it, such as "The Dead" or "Nature" - if you do, this skill extends, to some degree, to even natural members of that class - animals shy away, and you can sense certain things even from the restful dead, for example.
Sp: You can spend one luck to create a seal - after performing suitable ceremony or actions, you can prevent a magical being from escaping its current location. This seal can only be broken by an Ace, and it can't be broken by the entity you just trapped.
Rf: When your connection communicates a desire or an injustice to you, you resolve it, and it creates a moment of peace, you can restore one luck to an ally.

Ars Prima

Sc: You can wield the elemental force of your magic like a physical tool - you can use it to destroy or drive back that which is before you, to power or overload machinery, or to compel a sudden, drastic change in the weather.
Rf: Once per expedition, when the aftermath of your magic leaves a strange beauty, you can restore one luck to an ally.



Serenity just wants to fade into the crowd, doesn't like sticking out. Given how short she is, you'd think this would be pretty easy accomplish. Somehow though, she always winds up drawing attention to herself. While not short enough to have her age mistaken, she's still short enough to occasionally get teased about it and isn't as tall as most people her age. Her hair is a deep auburn, long enough to reach down to her shoulder blades, and with her bangs usually pulled back into a loose pony tail without the rest of her hair. Occasionally she puts it all into a ponytail which drops down the front of one shoulder, but usually the blue poofy scrunchy she uses to do that is just wrapped around a wrist instead. She has hazel eyes, and usually has a bored or annoyed expression on her face. For clothing she tends to stick to halter tops in darker colors, accompanied with ankle length skirts in slightly lighter colors (black tops with grey skirts, forest greens with mossy greens and the like), most of which has a long slit on one side up to her hip, for ease of movement. She tends to wear heavier work boots, which look a bit out of place with her normal clothing, though it's hardly the only thing. Whenever she messing with ragnite machines she tends to wear a single fingerless glove on her left hand, and is almost always wearing a large, old looking leather trench coat that she had assumed she's grow into but never quite did, which gets closer to the ground than she'd like.

The devise that she messed around with the most is a heavily modified rifle. While it can still be fed normal, physical bullets capable of inflicting kinetic damage, a large number of see through tubes have been hooked up to the rifle and run through and around it, along with various wires. Special canisters with ragnite are loaded into it from the bottom, which then fill the tubes and allow her to use the rifle as an implement of sorts of her magic Arts.


It's pretty weird that you can track back family lines within the old clergy hundreds of years, even after most of the lines stopped actively practicing, but they can't even remember the name of the religion or its deitific figure, right? But here we are, I guess. Sometimes I wonder if maybe there's more to it than people just forgetting, especially when the voices start up, but eh, I guess it's not really important.

In any case, I guess I'm from one of those old blood lines? Not that you could really tell without asking or looking up family records. Dad's been working in a factory all his life, Mom's been doing… whatever it is she does. Some sort of community organizer or something? I never bothered to ask for any details, sounded like a lot of effort for hardly any gain. Grandpa and grandma ran a bakery. Pretty sure the great grand parents never did anything church related either, so it never really seemed important before. And I never figured it really would be. Until a couple of years into school.

So, being from the only place in the world that isn't completely filled with backwater hicks, so we have a lot of schools. And they try and teach us all kinds of crap, and they even let us mess around with ragnite and stuff sometimes. Hands on learning or whatever. And I guess I have like, a lot of affinity with the stuff. Controlling and manipulating it, using it to unleash Arts and shit, that's always come pretty natural to me. Maybe a little too naturally. Instructors started getting on my case constantly, lamenting how much talent I had since I was so lazy and how much I could accomplish if I just put in some effort, and what a waste someone who was so smart wasn't doing anything with herself and blah blah blah. Duno why they cared, I did just enough work to keep from failing any classes. It got more annoying later.

So at some point I started like… being able to hear these weird voices, whenever I was messing around with ragnite for too long, or if there some other, like, emotionally intense trigger or whatever. Not like 'oooh kill your classmates oooh' stupid voices or anything like that just… I duno. Most of the crap they try and convey is pretty pointless or meaningless anyway. I think someone explained it as like some kind of psychometry or something? Remnants of particularly strong thoughts and feels from the things that the ragnite has been around. Look, shut up. I know it's weird. I can't really explain it well. And fuck you I'm not crazy, there've been other people with the same… talent before. I got to hear all about it at the college they eventually bumped me up to after discovering it. The Blind Path College. … Yeah, that one that was built over the church.

Anyway they had me keep messing with ragnite machines and crap in between studying. And then we kinda… sorta… figured out I can uh. Kind of use arts without rangite aid…? Not like, terrible WELL, mind you, but I can do a bit. Mostly motes of light and pushing things back. Sometimes if someone nearby me is hurt real bad when I'm messing around with it, it'll seal some of the wounds. Harder to do anything more destructive. Without the gun, I mean. With the gun to amplifying my magic it's super easy. Which is. Probably why that weird old oracle lady came to talk to me a while about fate or whatever. And I guess how I was like prophacised to save the country or some crap like that? Even though everyone was giving her looks when she said it, and makes even worse looks when I bring it up. … Not that I can really blame them, I'm not really sure I believe it either. Destined hero of the country? That sounds like a lot of effort. I hate putting effort into things.

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