Character Name: Hughbert
Class: []
Current XP: 0
Total XP: 0
Feelin' Good?: As long as we stick to the plan.


ATK 10 VIT 10


HP: 700 / 700
MP: 600 / 600
Luck: 6 / 6


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 50D 80 Single Technique, Deals 1d10 + 120 damage.
Item 40D 100 Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Trench Warfare MP 50 50D 80 Single Technique, Adversity Deals ( 1d10+168 ) x1.4 weapon damage. Must target an enemy that has either placed an active Punishment Effect on the field, or used a multi-target attack last turn. (Highest Court)
Opening Shelling MP 30 50D 80 Single Technique, Adversity Deals ( 1d10+156 ) x1.3 weapon damage. Must target an enemy at 75%+ HP. (Quarter Draw)
Supply Disruption MP 50 50D 80 Single Technique, Adversity Deals (1d10+180) x1.5 weapon damage. Must target an enemy that used a Support last turn. (Hot Rebuke)
As Swift as the Wind MP 100 50D 80 Single Technique, Adversity, Special Deals (1d10+120) x1 weapon damage three times. Cannot be used until my third action. (Trinity Stake)
Covering Fire MP 30 50D 80 Single Technique Deals ( 1d10 + 120 ) x1 weapon damage. If the target uses a single-target attack next turn, you can redirect half that damage to another party member. (Deflection Hit)
Compressed Sphere 40D 100 Single Support, Stance Stance lasts until next turn: Damage the target takes is split 50% to me and 50% to the attacker. (Bodyguard)
Compressed Curtain 30D 100 Self Support, Stance Stance lasts until next turn: 3/5 defense factor, damage a chosen row takes is redirected to me. (Storm Rod)


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Damage Control and Redistribution F.G. (Empty Stance) - When an attack damages me, I can direct half the damage away from me into my reserve damage. At the start of my next turn, I can divide the reserve damage between any number of party members. If the battle ends while I have reserve damage, my force gear enters standby mode and releases the remaining damage as exhaust.

High-Priority Target (Bring It Down) - Deal +20% damage to Ranked enemies. Additionally, if using Adversity abilities, quicken a single combatant by (Threat: -3D, Boss: -6D, Super: -9D). No effect against enemies in SoS.

Pre-Battle Drill (Prime Load) - The first Adversity ability used in each battle gets +10% damage per enemy in the battle, and also has no MP cost.


Distance Compression (Strike Assist) - Deals 1d10+120 damage, is Technique, CoS: 80.

As Tough as the Mountains (Guard Assist+) - Leap in and take an attack for an ally! Before the attack hits, heal your party for 40 (5xWIL) HP.

Speartip Formation (Break Out) - Usable when no allies have dealt any damage since my last turn. My next T:Single attack deals +20% damage and places a condition (2) - all damaging abilities used on the target are sped up by -10D.

Anti-materiel Formation (We Are A Killing Team) - Usable when all allies have dealt damage since my last turn. My next attack deals +100% damage.

Attack Orders (Exhaust Shine) - Usable after hitting a target with an Adversity ability. Restores ( 1d10+80 ) 10xWIL+1d10 HP to one ally and gives an Enhancement (4) that increases damage by 20%. Until the enhancement ends, my Adversity actions are sealed.

DCRFG Inversion (Spark) - Restores 96+1d10 (1d10+WILx12) HP to one target.

G-Curtain - Once per battle, when using Compressed Curtain negate all damage taken smaller than (140) 20% of your max HP (does not consumes the usage of Puppy Paws for other abilities)


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
5.5μm High-Density Gaseous Blade 12 d10 50D Four -10% d.t. charges, can apply multiple at once
Output Limiter (When disabled) - - - +10 Crit
—Copy of Tactical Front-Line Arts, 27th Edition 9 d8 40D Stackable +20% Spell or Support mod on hit
Armor Properties
Masharasian juinor officer's uniform 80 T.HP



Lieutenant Hughbert Marcel leads the 2nd platoon of the Maharasian army's Intelligence and Research Corps. The main mission of his platoon is to aid research and development of new tactics and equipment that will help strengthen Maharas's defense. Whenever possible, Hughbert tries to coordinate his troops and send them on a mission to get some practical experience, rather than rely on waiting for the espionage teams to dig up new material.

Sc: You command others with authority and wisdom. If you hold a command post, your subordinates are well-trained, respect you, and are capable of "holding the line" - things don't get worse when you have to handle other matters. If you don't hold a command post, you're still essentially good at ordering others around - whenever you take charge of a situation, you can use this skill and these abilities.
Sp: You can spend one luck to send a named subordinate on a mission - choose a single skill. While off-screen, they act with the full power this skill affords them. This luck can't be regained until the mission ends. You can free up the ability to regain it early - if you do so, your subordinate is forced to abort the mission early, or is called back.
Rf: Once per expedition, if you agree on a plan with your party, after the plan is carried out, you can restore one luck to an ally.


Hughbert is an eternal scholar who thrives in the military world of intelligence. Those who would keep secrets from him should fear his inexhaustible curiosity.

Sc: Your keen intellect and fine perception make you a force to be reckoned with. You pick up on small details that offer up a wealth of information to those who know how to look, and you possess an excellent corpus of world knowledge that equips you to make the necessary connections. You're skilled both in investigating specific sites, turning up any clues that might be hidden there, and in doing research and footwork - chasing down leads, asking questions, looking through archives. You likely have some connections to the legal system - if not as a formal detective, you at least have a contact or two that you share information and insight with.
Sp: When you glance over something or someplace, you can spend one luck - if you do so, it offers up a clue to a matter of interest to you. Your first two uses of this ability each expedition are free.
Rf: Once per expedition, when an Ace who has taunted you suffers a comeuppance at your hands, restore one luck to an ally.




On Hughbert's right arm, usually hidden by the cuff of his jacket, he has a simple wristwatch. His watch also gives him some basic readings on his force gear's status, which is just below it- a bracer strapped to his forearm, over his shirt but under his jacket. A few tubes wrap around his arm, on top of leather padding, with the Intelligence and Research Corps insignia displayed prominently in the center. It's not uncommon to see a wire or two leading to another apparatus strapped to his upper arm, which could be anything from a simple data collector to the latest experimental force gear modification. While the bracer's tubing is padded for protection, he still finds the subtle feeling of motion that the ragnite gives while surging around to be comforting.


Always a curious boy growing up, Hughbert was rarely seen without a library book on hand. History and anthropology have always been his favorite subjects, though besides that, he was also (and still is) an avid newspaper reader. News of the war surrounded him while he was growing up, and it was often on his mind. When he finished his usual Maharasian mandatory schooling and was questioned about what university he wanted to attend, his family could do little but sigh in resignation when he pulled out a brochure for the Maharasian Academy. They were reluctant to send their son off to a war with such grim outlook, but on the inside, they had heard him talk about it too much to not have already accepted the possibility.

After his training ended and he started as an officer cadet, his career started by manning an outpost on what little ground Maharas has outside the city limits. It was a small outpost, manned by little more than a single section, and Hughbert didn't find keeping things running to be very challenging. To his pleasure, he found he could share much of his scholarly enthusiasm with the troops under his command, and upon finding this common ground, Hughbert requested extra work from HQ- research materials, to perform studies that would aid the war effort. Between him and his section, they were able to create a report of suggested modernizations that could be applied to their outpost based off intelligence gathered from Akaviri fort design. That report caught the eyes of his superiors, and within his first six months, he was changed from mere guard duty to a much more suitable role. He was promoted to Lieutenant, his forces expanded to a platoon, and was reassigned to a laboratory in the city as part of the Intelligence and Research Corps. He proved his qualification for the position when Hughbert published a training manual that covered the basics of modern tactics and fighting styles used by the four rival nations fighting in the war.

Not long after that, Hughbert earned the envy of his peers and the awe of the boys and girls under his command when he received an invitation to discuss business from far further up in the chain of command- the Great Oracle herself. He was quite excited by the invitation- though he didn't wear it on his face, keeping his usual outward calmness intact. Though he may not be specialized in combat magic, he suspects it might not be his water magic talents that earned him this attention, but something else about him…

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