Harriet Babbage

Class: Wizard
Current XP: (The XP you have not spent yet)
Total XP:
Feelin' Good?: Shocking!


MAG 10 STM 10


HP: 600 / 600 ( 200 + 50 x VIT)
MP: 700 / 700 ( 200 + 50 x STM)
Luck: 8 / 8


All your currently equipped and usable abilities and their effects go here for easier reference, with pre-calculated delays and damage and anything else you might need to know quickly. Cost is for stuff like MP or CTs

Action Name Cost Delay CoS Target Keywords Effect
Attack 50D 80 T: Single Technique, Deals 1d10+72 damage.
Item 40D 100 T: Single Support Consume one item and gain its effects.
Change Row 20D 100 T: Self Move the character into the row they are not currently in.
Wait 15D 100
Defend 30D 100 Support, Stance Gain a 4/5 defense factor until your next turn.
Thunder 60MP CT15 35D 100 T: Single Spell, Lightning Deals 180+d12 magical damage.
Jolt 60MP CT5 25D 100 T: Single Spell, Lightning Zap the target for 180+d12 magical damage. Reduce their delay to 0.
Atom Smasher CT20 80MP 35D 100 T: Single Spell, Lightning Deals 240+d12 magical damage. You suffer +30% damage while charging Atom Smasher.
Storm Guillotine CT50 180MP 50D 999 T: Single Spell, Lightning Deals 450+d12 damage.
Freeze CT15 75MP 35D 100 T: Double Spell, Ice Deals 150+d10 magical damage.
Biting Wind CT20 80MP 35D 100 T: Double (Different Rows) Spell, Ice, Condition Deals 150+d12 magical damage. The struck target's spell delays are increased by +15D. (1)
Crystallise CT15 50MP 25D 100 T: Single Spell, Ice, Condition Coats the target in ice (4) - they inflict -30% less damage. This condition ends when the target is damaged. If the condition is ended by fire or lightning damage from the Wizard, that spell inflicts +40% damage.
Douse CT30 90MP 40D 100 T: Group Spell, Ice, Condition Deals 100+d10 damage. Enemies are soaked (4) - they take +20% Ice and Lightning damage from the Wizard.
Burn CT15 60MP 35D 100 T: Single Spell, Fire, Condition Deals 150+d12 magical fire damage. Inflicts a 40-damage Burn (3).
Fire CT20 75MP 35D 100 T: Double Spell, Fire, Condition Deals 120+d10 magical fire damage. On a result check from 1-40, the enemy remains aflame (3), burning for 40.
Transmission CT15 90MP 35D 100 T: Single Spell, Fire, Condition All other enemies lose their burning conditions, and a burning condition is inflicted on the target of Transmission (6) with power equal to the sum of all absorbed flames.
Scan 30D 100 T: Single Support Photographs an enemy to show its HP, MP, LP, level, rank, any passive abilities it has, and a brief blurb that often hints at their nastiest trick or any special mechanics.

A Wizard gathers Ether after casting a Fire, Ice or Lightning spell - ambient elemental energy that fuels further magic.
Each elemental spell grants one ether of its element, up to a maximum of four.
When you cast a spell that doesn't match the element, non-matching Ether normally dissipates. (Your Strike Assist never dissipates your ether, and if it's a Spell Assist, it's non-elemental.)
Ether also dissipates at the end of each encounter.
Each stack of ether grants a benefit:

Fire: You inflict +10% magic damage for each stack of F-Ether.
Ice: All MP costs are reduced by -15 for each stack of I-Ether. Reducing the MP Cost of an ability to 0 or lower does, indeed, allow you to perform them without having or consuming mana.
Lightning: Choose an enemy that wasn't struck by the spell for each stack of L-Ether you have. Each inflicts 3xMAG magical damage to that enemy. An enemy that's struck at least twice by L-Ether also suffers all effect text of the spell you just cast.


Reaction Name Trigger Cost Target Keywords Effect


Magnetic Field - Allies in your row suffer -10% damage during your lightning CTs.
Storm Tracker - When you cast multiple different lightning spells in a row, the second spell inflicts +20% damage and the third and onward inflict +30% damage.
Cool-headed - On your third battle and on since resupplying, you start battles with an additional Ice ether.
In The Red - When your MP is at half of maximum or less, you inflict +20% damage with actions that cost MP.


Quick Blast - 100+d12 magical damage when an ally strikes an enemy, or 180+d12 if you pay 60 MP!
Guard Assist - Leap in and take an attack for an ally!
Lightning Flash (WA) - Activate after an ally strikes an enemy you have a photograph of. You disintegrate the photograph, boosting the damage dealt to that enemy by +50%.
Chain Lightning (BA) - Your L-Ether inflict double damage after your next spell, but you can't strike the same target more than once. Apply effect text from the ability against all targets.


Weapon Power Dice Delay Properties
Sword and Shield 12 d10 50D Blocks. A total of -40% can be allocated among all attacks you suffer in a battle, in -10% increments.
Amplifying Force Diffuser 12 d10 50D Blocks. With each weapon hit, add +30% to the potency of your next Spell or Support ability.
Armor Properties
Robe Grants 80 T.MP at the start of each battle.

Although she carries a rapier, the Electricity Conduction Cannon is Harriet's main offensive tool of choice. She also employs a calotype of her own design; ragnite elements in its construction allow its images to be used in unconventional ways.


Electricity Conduction Cannon - This is her force gear! She made it herself, interlinking a ragnite system with electricity and using its charge to model the ragnite reaction with explosive results. It's a large cannon, suitable to be wielded one-handed on a shoulder or a sling or in two hands, with a large central tube which spins rapidly in its seating when in operation. Ragnite tubing runs primarily along its right side, cycling the ragnite through the mechanism. Rods jut out from the edge of the cannon, through which the lightning energy is discharged towards an enemy. While the central mechanism expels a lot of light during charge-up, it does not have any recoil, as the only thing being launched from it is energy.

Special Ragnite Calotype - A large, boxy mechanism, with an outer chassis made of wood and bronze around its lens. By inserting a piece of ragnite-treated paper into a slide, and inserting the slide into the calotype, Harriet may make an impression of an enemy. These impressions are tied to the enemies themselves, and her particular ragnite formula for the paper activates when agitated sharply, such as when it's torn in half. When activated, the ragnite paper deals some effect to the enemy it's bound to; currently, her only formula is one which weakens an enemy to an attack, making it deal more damage.

Force Diffuser - Strapped to her wrist, the ragnite mechanisms in the Force Diffuser flare up when directly exposed to a large amount of energy or kinetic force, creating a shield which protects the user from some of the damage. After several accidents in the lab, the Force Diffuser has been tweaked to only initialise when the activation word is spoken. ('Shield, set up!')

Rapier - Light enough to be wielded by someone whose strength isn't her focal point, Harriet's rapier was given to her by her mother when she graduated. It's sentimental, so she hasn't turned it into a monstrosity of science. She's also not a fencer, so she mostly just carries it for show.

Cryogrenades -

note to self: invent a cool name for a lava gun, or just make it into a flare gun or something ig



Sc: You're at the cutting edge of technology. You immediately grasp complex machines and the latest theories, and can speak, on good if not even footing, with a scholar of just about any field. You know how parts fit together, and this helps you in repairing and dismantling any technical system you find yourself in front of. When you take Invention, choose a field - that's the sort of thing you make, whether it's chemicals, robots, computer programs, engines, or so on.
Sp: You can spend one luck to take a useful invention you've been working on out of your pack. An invention does one thing - you have to be able to describe it in reasonable specificity, as "it's an x that does y".
Sp: Once per game, in your workshop, you can spend one luck to design a masterwork - a tremendous, world-shaking invention that you will become instantly famous for, as soon as you construct it. Your Masterwork is always feasible to build, but doing so may be very difficult.
Harriet is an engineer who focuses on Ragnite development. She's not shy about borrowing from other fields - such as the exciting new field of electricity - to better enhance her work. What some people call magic, she understands as a clever application of science.

Wild Card

Sc: You can handle yourself in disasters by trying something and hoping - pulling levers at random, telling a brazen lie, and generally slamming on the accelerator when you ought to be hitting the brakes. Essentially, when you try something crazy and wild, and tensions are high, Wild Card has your back.
Sp: Once per expedition, when tensions are high, you can spend one luck to have an unbelievable stroke of luck. Falling off a cliff onto a passing flock of giant birds, for example.
Rf: Once per expedition, when you have a moment of calm for everyone to catch their breath after a disaster, and the smoke clears, you can restore one luck to an ally.
Harriet tends to work without a plan, acting on inspiration to complete her prototypes - which sometimes works, and more often ends in a plume of smoke. She's very lively about it all.




She keeps losing all her hair in explosions. Inventing is real tough! Also she wears a vest over her dress, WHAT A TOMBOY. She's 5'11", with brown hair, tan skin and blue eyes; she looks to be about nineteen years old, and she tends towards a wardrobe of brown and blue, because someone once told her that she should match her wardrobe to the colours she naturally has. It's the only fashion advice that makes sense to her so by Goddess she's sticking with it.


Oh, man, do I really have to write one of these?? I always knew I'd deserve a biography, but does it have to be autobiographical?! Geez…

Okay. So here's me, right? Harriet Babbage, scion of Ada Byron and Charles Babbage. And who ever thought that pairing would work out? It's like something out of a lady's serials. They still bicker over tea. My mother came over here from Terchuan to better take advantage of our technological advances - I picked up all sorts of things from her I wouldn't otherwise run into in Masharas. Hell, I still talk to my gadgets when they're not cooperating, and I reckon it helps. My dad, he was an engineer. Got me interested in science in the first place.

So I grew up surrounded by the modern advances of society. I've always been elbow-deep in something which wasn't working - or something which was. (Liked to take them apart to see how they worked, see?) While other kids were outside messing around with each other, I was studying schematics. Kids always annoyed me, anyway, even when I was one. I guess that makes me that kid, huh? Note to self: maybe keep that bit out of the history books.

As I got older, I was always hanging around the university. I was way too gaggly to belong, but I got tolerated well enough. Eventually someone actually asked to see what I was working on - showed 'em my pocketwatch, the one which used a little Ragnite to keep steady even as you went out at sea. It wouldn't have held up, not the way it was, but it was an interesting enough idea that a guy named Xavier took me under his wing and sponsored my entry. I was real young compared to most of the guys there - started at fourteen, the youngest anyone's ever passed the entrance exams - but I picked up the slack quick.

I graduated as an engineer; I studied ragnite, but I put a lot of credits into understanding electricity, too. Did you know that force gears need electricity for their ragnite to function? They keep it gelatinous, so it can - oh, right, this isn't a technical manual. Gotta keep it about me. In short: electricity + ragnite = hilarity.

I stayed under the university after I graduated, working on new horizons for ragnite-electrical devices. They were happy to have me so long as they kept getting prototypes, and I was happy to provide. I never did much with my projects once I got them working - I'd always have new things to work on, you know? But then things started getting heated outside. I would've been, like… nineteen when I first noticed people were pushing for me to make more dangerous things? No biggie, I thought, everything's kinda screwed outside our walls, totally willing to do my part to keep us safe. I'm real proud of my Electrical Conduction Cannon, even - just got it working!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got the letter from the Divine Oracle. She wants me to meet the Pope, and be a 'Fatebreaker'?! I'm amazed they'd ask me; I'm not even slightly associated with the church, and neither's anyone in my family. But I'm an engineer, and if you don't mind me saying, I'm a damn good one - so I'm sure I can solve whatever problem they're laying on me.

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