Gmm9 2

The scene is the darkness of a tent. How exactly you've reached here is going to be at the beginning of next session, don't worry. The sleeping bag is soft and well made, the aromatic leaf used to fill it makes your sleep restful, to the point you're still deeply asleep right now.
Hughbert hears a familiar droning rapid beep - his damage dispersal system signalling that it's holding a charge. Given his strong internal connection, it's one siren that he can't sleep through. Hughbert rolls over reflexively, using one hand to blast the water in the ground away from him. A weak blast, but enough to send him from prone up to his feet instantly. "Intruder!" he shouts!
Hubert's thrown to an upright position with ease, a scattering if silver leaves around him look dramtic as dramatic gets, vines have sneaked their way into his sleeping place and covered his body. One of them has become tangled with the central piece of his force gear.
Hughbert: "…Or not?" He carefully grabs the vines tangling his force gear and gently pulls them loose, taking care not to damage any sensitive devices.
Almost all of the vines dissolve into silvery leaves as you do so, except for the one that got stuck in the central system of your gear, that firmly refuses to be removed… Until it dissolves on it's own
Hughbert walks over to whoever else's tent is closest and takes a peek inside to see if there's any more of that nonsense plaguing anyone else.
Cairn: Hughbert has enough time to see Serenity shooting at the ground
Cairn: And as far as i'm involved, that's it

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