Gmm9 1

The scene is the darkness of a tent. How exactly you're here is not so much important, it's all part of your current mission. The sleeping bag is soft and has a surprisingly relaxing smell to it, apparently the soft material used in terchuan sleeping bags is some form of aromatic leaf, makes for restful sleep, which are in right now
Serenity‘ rubs at her eyes a bit and glances around her as she awakens. Harriet’s a pretty heavy sleeper, none of the force gears seem to be turned on…
Serenity: "…huh?"
The tents are individual, thankfully, but something slightly strange is happening. Vines are covering your body, and the sleeping bag too but also your body, they've made their way in. They're odd in that the leaves are silvery
Serenity: "Oh, I'm dreaming. Okay."
Serenity‘ lets out a sigh, and then tiny beams of light materialize through out the tent, before ripping the vines covering her to shreads. It’s a lot easier to control the magic when it's not real.
Outside just the chirping of the beasts of the night, which would be birds and a distant cricket
Cairn: The problem, Serenity, is that it's real
Cairn: And you're not at all dreaming
Cairn: (so be careful with that)
Serenity‘ probably doesn’t know that until only like two or three beams get soht instead of thirty.
Serenity: "Er… uh? Huh?"
The beams pierce through the outer vines- One of them bounces harmlessly from the vines inside the bag, that could have hurt you if it didn't. The vines retreat and suddenly undo themselves into a flurry of silver leaves
Serenity‘ groans as she begins - blinks and sits up. "The fuck?" And then peaks outside of the tent.
The construction camp is as normal, and everyone is asleep. A gentle breeze blows
Serenity: "Like hell."
Serenity: "Which one of you shit fucks is awake?"
Serenity` closes her eyes and concentrates on pinpointing the weird force gear she’s hearing.
Serenity‘ grabs her rifle, flips the switch to activate the force gear, and then after a minute fires the largest possible blast she can into the ground with both her gear set to maximum outpot and her powers boosting it.
Cairn: A powerful blast of light! It scatters silvery leaves from the vines that had grasped at your ankles
Serenity` exhales slowly, looking around.
Cairn: Nothing more
Serenity` powers the force gear down, before picking up one of the silver leaves from inside the tent, then looking at the small crater in the ground.
Cairn: Despite the silver color, they still feel like leaves
Serenity: "What the hell was that just now…?"
Serenity: "So… what, that’s a question for Anton then…?"

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