JayM: "It's your turn now, friend"
The great hand comes out of the ground, dragging the rest of her body up. Still, she lacks the strength to fully pull herself up- Though her visage is familiar now, you've seen her before and you've seen your world's version of her she sheer size of her being makes her feel even more otherworldly for doing so, having dragged herself out of the dark void in which you stand Lola is yet still being dragged down by the many strings and strands which tie around her body, dragging her down and cutting at her skin. She holds herself up with her left arm, alone the size of a building, right hand pointing at you, reaching, menacing "Well, let's have some fun, shall we?" she says, and there's music, music echoing off of headphones hanging from her neck []
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Harriet [B]:7 Hughbert [F]:7 Anton [B]:18 Amal [B]:20 Cross-Dimensional Beam EX:28 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:29
JayM: Status for Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]: : [==========] Indulgence(6)
JayM: IT's an extension of the last battle, so a lot of things remain including Serenity's time card
JayM: Still, also, Serenity it's your turn!
[OOC] Serenity: That is Anton's actually.
Serenity‘ fires another another [Sniper Beam 50D] [@40D] while another [Inertia Canceller] slams in from beyond time and space immediately.
Serenity` rolled d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
Serenity` rolled d12+180 and got 7 ( Total: 187 ) for +15D to Lola
The dimensional beam strikes at Lola, who laughs in joy?
JayM: Harriet!
Anton scratches his head. "That’s uh… bad."
Anton: "Serenity, she has a way to reflect damage she recieves to all of us at once."
Harriet: "… oh. Should I… not hit her then?"
Serenity: "That sounds like an Anton problem, not a Serenity problem."
Anton: "I'm more alluding to the fact that she's going to use that beam to murder us."
Serenity: "That is also what I was alluding to, imagine that."
Harriet: "Oh, well, in that case, open season."
Harriet flips another switch, and starts charging up, the charge rattling at her ECC and at Harriet consequently. [CT20]
JayM: Hughbert!
Serenity: "I know you have ways to consume those thing and invert them and change them into other things, if you're that worried."
Hughbert flings a Spider Mine at Lola's left arm… [Q- Spider Mine]
Hughbert puts a barrier between himself and the party, protecting them with shimmering air. "We may both be children of Masharas… Destroying our history may be a crime in both our blood. But, today, I will not let you bring ruin to ours." [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
JayM: Anton!
Anton takes a deep breath, unsure of what to do. [Prophecy - 30D]
Anton rolled 2d6 and got 1, 6 ( Total: 7 )
JayM: Omens
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Harriet [B]:7 Cross-Dimensional Beam EX:8 Hughbert [F]:17 Sniper Beam:20 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:24 Anton [B]:28 Serenity [B]:30
JayM: Amal, Hariiet, and then doom for all!
Anton: "So uh… Hugh. How do you feel about tanking the apocalypse for the team and having Amal patch you up after?"
Anton: "It's the best future for everyone BUT you."
Lola: "Would you do that, Hughbert? Ahaha, would you give everything of you for the sake of saving others?"
Amal rummages around in their sleeves and pulls out a packet of sparkling dust, carefully tosses it in a particular direction, whereupon it catches a sudden air current, and spills out all over Lola. [High Quality] [Dragon Dust D40]
Harriet: "Hughbert's always done that for us. Haven't you been paying any attention?! Hughbert's basically our knight in shining armor over here!"
Anton also used his quick to leave a shadow in front of Hughbert. [For the next 40D damage Hughbert takes is reduced by 1 step. (3/5 -> 2/5 etc)]
Amal: "…whatever happens, I'll be here. It'll be okay."
Harriet: "And, you know, we're gonna get rid of you so you can't do that to him any more. Because…"
Harriet flicks a series of switches on her ECC, and lets loose an arc of electricity which leaps into the Ersatz Goddess! "… no God or spirit can possibly stand before the march of progress!" [Atom Smasher, 35D]
Harriet rolled d12+240*1.2 and got 12 ( Total: 300.0 )
Anton rolled d12*3.2+240*3.2 and got 8 ( Total: 793.6 )
Hughbert turns around and gives Anton a thumbs up. "I might need you to give me a little extra push, but I'm ready."
Lola swipes her right hand, catching the lightning midair as if it were made of cloth! She slams it on the ground as it spreads open into a web, strenghtening her defenses [Plot Armor]
JayM: That was a support-attack, Anton?
[OOC] Anton: No that was the real damage.
JayM: Oh okay
[OOC] Anton: As Cuppa rolled the wrong multipliers
Amal laughs and looks at Lola. "Is it seriously called-"
Lola: "Why, yes, of course"
Lola: "What else would it be?"
Harriet: "Wow, I really, really hate you."
Amal: "Even I'm not that shameless, is all."
JayM: And now the dimensional beam!
Anton: "Pretty impressive armor, at least! But can it withstand this…?" Anton snaps his fingers as the rift in the air triples in size. "I even left a path to your own world wide open, free ticket home!" [Cross Dimensional Beam EX]
Serenity: "Three, two…"
Anton: "Man. I really wish I had sunglasses for this. I GUESS closing my eyes will have to suffice."
Anton does so and a giant laser engulfs the battlefield.
Anton rolled d12*5.3+600*5.3 and got 10 ( Total: 3233.0 ) for Group damage
Serenity‘ snaps her fingers as the last laser slams into Lola, which this distorts and cracks as another tear in space opens up. [Attack Assist]
Serenity` rolled d12+180,530% and got 11 ( Total: 1012.3 )
You hear a giggle behind you "Alright, I liked that one!" Aura says- You hear a distant noise of breaking glass, whatever happened obscured by the power of the beam as [Astral Saber] disables [Plot Armor] for this strike
THe powerful beam seems to engulf her body completely… And when it finally dies down she is shaking, her body scorched and with dark marks- She holds defiantly to a bundle of strands- You notice the light lingers as motes around her…
The motes gather on the strings and they suddenly glow a radiant white as the [Ties That Bind] your fates together send the energy flowing back at all of you!
However, all the strands first go through Hughbert, before reaching all of you, because he is the bastion that stands before all and he takes 5x[3233] damage!
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Sniper Beam:3 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:7 Anton [B]:11 Serenity [B]:13 Amal [B]:23 Harriet [B]:25
JayM: Status for Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]: : [==== ] Indulgence(6)
JayM: Hughbert, are you alive?
Anton snaps his finger dissolving another time card. [Good Fortune - Reduce the damage Hughbert takes by 1 step.] (Shadow Guard is also present. Reduce the damage Hughbert takes by 1 step)
[OOC] Harriet: hey jules since that technically targetted all of us can i use my shield on it
Harriet: "Shield, set-up!" Harriet barks, fiddling with the emitter as the radiance careens forward. [-40%, -6 LP for a further -60%]
JayM: That alone eats one instance of damage
Amal looks like they’re suddenly focusing /really/ hard.
Hughbert digs his heels in and crosses his arms in front of him. The impact of the blast slams him into his barrier, but it doesn't break! After the initial impact fades, he pushes off it, dropping to his feet. His suit is in tatters, and his force gear is beeping loudly with a red light flashing, yet he staggers forward, his knees not dropping to the ground. He points his air blade at Lola and stares over its tip at her.
Hughbert "Use our strength at your own peril; we'll have your head if yours isn't the better of us." [-40% shields, -60% -6LP] []
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 266/700, tHP: 0, Stored: 513, MP: 600/600, LP: 0/6, SoS: 162
Anton: "Told you I saw the best future for all of us~."
Amal grins! Magnificent!
Lola stares at Hughbert, laughing, laughing a deep, joyful and pure laugh of enjoyment- For some reason the headphones on her neck seem to have changed themes "Oh, Hughbert, what a show!"
Lola: "It's not wonder this world is as it is it"
Anton: "Your turn, Hugh!"
Harriet: "Ha-HA! Hughbert's the toughest!"
Amal: "Like I said. We will endure any storm, any challenge!"
Hughbert flips the switch to silence the rather deafening protest of his force gear, inverting part of it towards himself. [128 damage spread to the rest of the party, Q: DCRFG Inversion]
Hughbert rolled 1d10+96 and got 9 ( Total: 105 )
Lola raises her right hand "Not yet, no!" she grabs something in the air, pull it as blood drips from her wounds into the strings- And great lances of crimson ragnite form above the party [Bloody Distortion], and then she twists what she has grabbed- Serenity's strings, bringing along [Energy Sealing], giving her E-Seal[-100](1), reduces her Spell CoS by 100
JayM: Still your turn, Hughbert!
[OOC] Anton: HP: 445/550, MP: 330/550, LP: 6/6, SoS: 137 - Time Cards[2] (U)
Hughbert flings his blade back into the barrier to put a little more juice into it. He turns back to the party, "Paws, can you put a little extra power into that? Everyone else… Try to leave enough of her for me so I can get a bit of payback in." [G-Curtain, 30D]
Aura laughs "You got it!" they raise up the blade in their right hand as a gravity field forms around Hughbert
JayM: Battle order: Sniper Beam:0 Anton [B]:8 Serenity [B]:10 Amal [B]:20 Harriet [B]:22 Hughbert [F]:27 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:54
JayM: Status for Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]: : [==== ] Indulgence(6)
JayM: The Sniper beam!
Crackes in space/time continue to form, then with a shattering sound the party falls out of this time thread and onto another one, one where the sniper beam landed where it was supposed to, and where Hughbert went on the offensive.
Serenity‘ rolled d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 ) for one of these days I’m going to get a repeat
Serenity‘ rolled d12+270 and got 4 ( Total: 274 ) for not today though
JayM: Teh strike lands for [164] damage as the [Plot Armor] intensifies
Hughbert drops his barrier, swinging back the blade he leveled at Lola and leaping forward! He slashes once at her wrist- "Just this once," he pierces her forearm with a deep thrust- "just for you, Lola," the blade snakes a bit before flinging Hughbert up to her elbow in a whip-like motion. He slams down a two-handed slash, kicking himself off and back into formation "I shall accept no surrender." [As Swift as the Wind, 50D]
Hughbert rolled 3#d100(1) and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
Also rolled 3#d100(2) and got 75 [Total: 75]
Also rolled 3#d100(3) and got 16 [Total: 16]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 177
Hughbert rolled 1d10+120,130% and got 7 ( Total: 165.1 )
[OOC] Hughbert: two hits of 165
Aura grins "Let me dod my part too!" they seem to vanish with a movement of their wings, reappearing behind Lola brandishing both blades "Astral Sabers!" [Astral Sabers] removes the defense factor of [Plot Armor] for this strike
The combination assault makes Lola lose her grip on the floor- She seems to edge down and almost fall- But brings herself back up
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Serenity [B]:10 Amal [B]:20 Harriet [B]:22 Hughbert [F]:47 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:54
JayM: Status for Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]: : [=== ] Indulgence(6)
JayM: Anton!
Anton smiles at Hughbert before a copy of the man in the suit appears in the front row. A snap of the fingers [Farsight] and a second copy of Hughbert also appears. "That was amazing~. Good thing I can make these sorts of things a reality, huh? There’s three of them now, Serenity. I'm sure you can get ONE of their suits off!" [Motion Blur - 50D x3 (Anton, S-Hughbert-A, S-Hughbert-B)
Amal: "Serenity, need me to clean that garbage off ya?"
Serenity: "No just patch us up I'm fine."
Amal: "Gotcha."
Anton also starts to shimmer. The immediate space around him seems to be warping. [Prophecy activates. Antons next action is instant.]
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Amal [B]:10 Harriet [B]:12 Hughbert [F]:37 Anton [B]:40 S-Hughbert A [F]:40 S-Hughbert B [F]:40 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:44
JayM: Status for Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]: : [=== ] Indulgence(6)
JayM: Serenity!
[OOC] Amal: who took damage btw just Hughbert or?
JayM: Hughbert ate all the damage
[OOC] Anton: Everyone took 1whatever
[OOC] Anton: Hundred something
[OOC] Serenity: hughbet spread 130ish to everyone, and I took a lil more before that
[OOC] Hughbert: I took a bunch and everyone else got redistributed-on
Serenity‘ runs her finger along the red thread for a moment, before flicking it to the side and forming A [Bloody Ragnite] pillar, then hit her rifle as the force gear begins to whirr up, before taking a shot at Lola. [After Me, 67D]
Serenity` rolled d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 )
Serenity` rolled d12+108 and got 10 ( Total: 118 ) for that’s why I saved 1LP i guess
[OOC] Serenity: next person to attack lola before she acts does +30% damage
JayM: Amal!
Lola is laughing "Oh, aren't you such a well-oiled almost perfect machine?"
Lola: "Ah, I do miss those days that never were… Makes me jealous of you, who'll keep having them"
Amal starts glowing around the ages, staring Lola down, gathering magic. "No matter what happens, this world will survive. We will survive. This world is not doomed, and it never has been!" [Miracle Thesis] [Masterclass] [CT 15]
Serenity: "Don't look at me, you're a fucking moron that abandoned your team."
JayM: Harriet!
Lola: "Ahahaha, yes! Yes go on, show me everything you have, bring it all to bear!"
Serenity: "Whatever happened to the smarter Alcor and your Anton anyway?"
Harriet flicks switches, cranks up her ECC. [CT50]
Serenity: "Or did they find somewhere to hide from you while you fucked everything up…?"
Harriet: "That seems likely. She does fuck an awful lot up."
Lola: "Hah… Alcor knew he couldn't stop me… Though he may well have killed me that day… Anton, that buffoon… I never, ever knew where he went"
Lola: "I still wonder"
JayM: Amal!
Anton: "Well THAT's disappointing!"
Amal gestures at Hughbert, and a bright, warm ray of light springs from their hand - and then splits into strands, and the strands double, light ramifying, spreading across the entire party like a fractal. [Deep Cure D0] They then continue building magic! [CT 15]
Amal rolled d12+240 and got 7 ( Total: 247 )
JayM: Amal is a healer without compare!
Amal rolled d12+120 and got 11 ( Total: 131 )
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Amal [B]:3 Anton [B]:3 S-Hughbert A [F]:3 S-Hughbert B [F]:3 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:7 Harriet [B]:25 Serenity [B]:30
JayM: Hughbert!
[131] and [247] healing to the entire party!
Lola: "Ahahaha, yes! YES! The blood quickens, the muscles obey, this immortal body is mine for one more day! Ooh, Amal, come on, let's fight forever!"
Aura: "You know if you just wanted a fight it'd have been easier to politely ask, you know"
Lola: "But that isn't how those stories go, though"
Serenity: "Uhh."
Hughbert reforms his barrier and tosses his blade back into it. He calls for Paws to amp it up and braces himself for whatever's coming next. "There's a high likelihood her behavior is about to become more erratic…" [G-Curtain, 30D]
Serenity: "Wow that sure took any enthusiam *I* had right out of me.
Aura strengthens Hughbert's barrier with a gravity well!
Amal tips their imaginary hat to Lola. "Our fight has to end for the world to move on and thrive. You know that."
Lola is enjoying this fight a little too much. Indulgence ticks down to (1)
Lola: "Then grant me one last bit of cruelty to you, Amal"
Amal: "But, enjoy these moments, and know that I could not have done what I did without your work." They sketch out an elegant, inviting bow.
Lola: "Because in the end i'm still resentful. Resentful you're not stuck here with me. For my TIME has run out, after all"
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Anton [B]:0 S-Hughbert A [F]:0 S-Hughbert B [F]:0 Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]:4 Harriet [B]:22 Serenity [B]:27 Hughbert [F]:27
JayM: Status for Lola, the Ersatz Goddess [B]: : [=== ] Indulgence(1)
JayM: Amal again!
[OOC] Amal: Anton go first I think >_>
JayM: Or Anton too
Anton scratches his head before smiling. The air around everyone begins to warp. "Been saving this one for a while. Always best to toss in a bit of [Undpredictability] in the final showdown, huh?" [Instant due to Prophecy]
Anton rolled 7d8 and got 7, 5, 1, 7, 1, 8, 4 ( Total: 33 ) for Last two are shadows
Anton then rolls a copycat.
Anton rolled d4 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
Anton nods to the shadows of Hughbert before adopting their formation. They all rush forward striking Lola in a flurry of blows. [Anton is using Trinity Strike. Trinity Strikex2 from Hughbert go off!]
Anton rolled 9d100 and got 76, 54, 47, 92, 68, 13, 8, 93, 76 ( Total: 527 )
Anton also destroys his last two time cards making the last 3 hits do +100%
Anton spends 2 LP to make the 92 connect and 1 LP for the 93 (Unpredictability gives another -10) -1 LP on the 8
Anton rolled d10+120 and got 8 ( Total: 128.0 ) for x6
JayM: Anton landing a million hits
Anton rolled d10*2+120*2 and got 7 ( Total: 254.0 ) for x2
Anton rolled d10*3+120*3 and got 8 ( Total: 384.0 ) for x3
[OOC] Anton: Err x1
[OOC] Anton: On the last one
[OOC] Anton: 50D
Even through the intense power of her [Plot Armor] she still gets hit immensely hard
Anton rolled d10*1.3+120*1.3 and got 1 ( Total: 157.3 ) for That's actually x3, other x3 of the 6 were 128
Hughbert watches all of the Hughberts wreak havoc, turns around, and gives Anton a grin and a thumbs up. "Well done, very well done."
Harriet: "Anton's shadows can be really effective."
Amal: "…you made yourself into a Goddess in a world that demanded sacrifices. You chose this story, and its ending, willingly. For that, I salute you. But at the heart of your storm there is a single, shining path of peace. I see it now. You've brought me close enough, I can see it now…!" [Apocatastasis D???] [???] [???] [???] [CT 10]
[OOC] Anton: 128][128][128][157][157][157][254][254][384!
Lola starts laughing "Yes! Yes! Let's go, one final act!" she lets go completely of the edge- But instead of falling herself the entire world falls around her as omnious music start to play []
And you fall somewhere… Grassy fields? No, you're near a city, but a city unlike any you've seen before- The way the buildings are made is very different, the material is strange and the forms unlike any style you've seen before. Inside the city you see things, cars in types you're unfamiliar with a strange and loud noise you see passing by a machine in the air- But you don't haev time to contemplate this scenery that is so familiar to Amal
You hear the sound of clanking metal- When you turn to look a great white cylinder, it splits open revealing a glowing blue core- And suddendly everything, everything, turns to flame. The very air itself consumed by flames as they spread over the city, over the sky, over the grass- You cannot breathe as the flames eat the air- And suddenly, suddenly the flames aren't gone but there's snow
Snow falls over the flames, and it's bone-chilling cold as the world is engulfed in oblivion-white
[OOC] JayM: In(f)/(v)erno] - dealing a massive 80000 damage to the party
Anton activates [Imitate - Ties that Bind - When taking damage reflect it back as group damage]
The world stands still.
Serenity‘ places both of her hands over hear ears while gritting her teeth before the snow buries them.
The last survivor of this world, of this time, takes a look around.
Shakes his head.
Hughbert is frozen in place- midair, thrown through his barrier, the barrier dissolving around the center and the edges, not stopping him this time.
Amal: "Not this, no. Not catastrophe, either. I built your machine. I walked the strange paths. I am human and more than human, of this world and now another. You may be a Goddess…"
Harriet has been frozen mid-laugh - she had to laugh, at the magnificence of it all.
Anton is frozen in place with a goofy look on his face. He seems to have a shit eating grin, though.
Nine snaps his fingers; the world melts like wax, white running into white, colour seeping back into everything.
Amal: "But I am the Universe."
[OOC] Amal: Damage Negated] [World-line Restored] [A Kinder, Gentler Path
The world melts down… The memory-given-form slowly washes away as it is what it is, nothing but a memory- Unforgotten but still unreal- The white drips away from the edges of the nothingness where you stand-
You stand somewhere- nowhere- nowhen- From above something hangs, a limp body, too tired to act anymore- Definitely normal-sized Lola hangs from above tangled irrevocably in the threads of the world
You hear a clapping close by. As you turn to look you see two people. Alcor, and Anton. Alcor’s looking like his normal human self, Anton, however, is wearing a mask but looking otherwise normal
JayM: Pardon me, a half-mask
Serenity: "Uuugh."
Serenity: "Amal."
Masked Anton: "Nice show. And hey, you were amazing in there, Anton. You were hitting on her best defense and still look at that!"
Serenity: "We're never going back to your timeline god fucking damn my hear still heart from your Goddess."
[OOC] Serenity: ears^
Anton claps back, laughing. "Good news, everyone! The spoilers aren't all that important from here on out. We stayed on the path!"
Amal: "…yes, you're right. Nobody's ever going back there. I'll make sure of that."
Alcor: "Ahaha, ah… That you did manage to- Almost. Need just one last little push"
Harriet: "It would've been interesting… but let's carve our own path!"
Serenity: "Fuck."
Amal walks up to Lola. Holds out a hand. "…you -can- lay down your burdens, you know. You always could. We've both paid a heavy price."
Harriet: "See? I knew it'd come in threes."
Anton: "Still, I always knew that I would make my entrance at the very end! I don't even have a monologue, I just need a mask to be cool!"
Hughbert blinks, makes sure the ground beneath him is solid, then lowers his arms…
Anton: "Note to self. Make a mask!"
Serenity‘ glances between Anton and Alt-Anton.
Masked Anton: "Indeed, if you’d come here a moment? We're in a bit of a tangle of time, all the timelines converged here, and it'd be leaving it a bit up to random chance to just let the present got anywhen"
Harriet: "Anton, no, you don't need a mask to be cool."
Serenity: "Yeah lets hurry up no world deseres two of you."
Amal: "I've got enough time left. We could all go back, to the world with a future. Live out our lives, knowing that future exists."
Hughbert: "If they're all converging here, then what does it matter what timeline we were on, exactly?"
Alcor: "Yeah, i've spent a good amount of time mapping out what timeline in this mess is the one we ended up coming from… Here" he points to a direction "Should be that one. IF you'd all help me push the Present in that way?"
Anton nods seriously to Serenity. "I too, wouldn't wish to inflict the choice on you, my auburn topped princess!"
Lola looks down at Amal "Oh… You can't release me from this tangle, Amal… I've become entangled in the threadsd of fate too deeply… Believe me, i've tried"
Serenity: "…Choice?"
Anton: "It'd be a most complicated triangle!"
Amal smiles. "What makes you think that just because -you- can't do it, it can't be done? Anything can happen. You're the one who taught me that."
Hughbert: "Where you came from… Wait. You two are from another future? Is it the same as Amal's?"
Lola: "You're welcome to try then…"
Four more beams of dull grey light fall through the nothingness, slamming into the space around Alcor. Shock waves ripple between them, before the air around them implodes and collapses in on itself and forms a worm hole.
Serenity: "Anton are you implying we are going to fuck after this,"
Lola: "Not like I wouldn't like it… To… Be in a real time… To not be afraid of facing… Eternity in nothingness"
Serenity: "And even if that was the case, why in the hell would I have to *pick*, even if there were multiple of you."
Amal: "We don't need a Goddess. Nobody has to suffer. From now on, we can carry the world on our own shoulders. And I'm not going to leave anyone to suffer."
Serenity: "Hughbert try and keep up, that's Lola's Alcor and Anton."
Harriet: "Yeah, like, we kind of…"
Harriet: "… haven't…"
Masked Anton: "Well, general" he says to Hughbert "It doesn't really matter what timeline you came from, but I figured you'd rather keep on a timeline you're familiar with- One you worked so hard to lead down a good path"
Harriet: "… needed Gods for a while now."
Harriet: "Try to keep up."
Lola: "Maybe… I hope you never do, Harriet"
Anton smiles at Serenity before nodding to Anton. "No worries. We'll talk again when I'm the Divine Oracle, promise!"
Harriet: "I'm my own master. With intellect and skill, I'll make a better world. No religion required!"
Harriet: "Besides, all those threads look fucking uncomfortable."
Masked Anton: "As for myself, general, i'm from the same as Lola. Kind of saw you'd all end up here. So I figured, hey, this would make a perfect entrance and a good way to finish this mess, yeah?"
Amal holds out their hands, the hands that operated the GMM, the hands that rescued Aura from the Apocrypha. Threads of fate untangle, gently. Carefully. Flickering off to tie the world along the proper path. They've got just enough time left for what needs to be done. "
Lola chuckles "They really are"
Serenity: "No,"
Serenity: "Holy shit, no."
Serenity: "Fuck you."
Serenity: "What part about this is perfect, or even elegant."
Amal gently untangles Lola… She falls on his arms limp, almost lifeless in her tiredness. She has almost no weight as it is
Serenity: "This is all incredibly, obnoxiously, fucking stupid Other Anton."
Harriet: "It's super dumb is what it is."
Anton: "I dunno… I think if you tried a bit harder we could have tossed in a 'The Antons must switch places and live out alternate lives to save the world plot hook!"
Serenity‘ highfives Harriet without turning to face her.
Anton: "This is rather underwhelming!"
Masked Anton: "To be honest, the most perfect part is your reaction"
Harriet just, completely straight-faced high five.
Masked Anton: "It was worth it the side trip"
Amal smiles, voice gentle. "(See? I told you.)" Gently, healing sparkles flood into her body. She’ll be stable, until she can rest.
Aura kneels down besides Amal- Changing forms completely to their smaller, child-like one "You really do have a gift for that"
Harriet: "Gonna be honest, I still kinda want to kick her ass, but I guess I'll let you do your thing, Amal."
Anton: "Other me, I have to ask! Do they have better force boots that can fly for more than ten frickin minutes in your world?"
Hughbert nods. "Let's get ourselves towards the world where nobody has to call me 'general'. The more I reflect, the more I find that if my services are ever needed as 'general', the world will highly likely be in peril."
Masked Anton: "Oh, that they do! The Mark VI Skyrazer was the latest model I got my hands on! Tell them to keep working on their current airship technology, they're going to get to it eventually!"
Anton: "Harriet. My first decree as the future Divine Oracle is that you are hereby banned from weapons research until you advance the airship market enough!"
Serenity: "Ugh go away this is just getting dumber the longer it goes on."
The Masked Anton laughs at Hughbert "Well, hopefully that won't be the case!" he looks at Alcor "Anyway, Alcor. Time we get them all moved on, yes?"
Serenity‘ walks up to Alcor and Alt-Anton, then shoves them through the worm hole.
Alcor: "Definitely"
Alcor lets himself fall-
Harriet: "Uuuuuuuuuugh," Harriet throws her hands up. "Fine, but only because I actually like you!"
Serenity, then, is dragged in by the pull of the wormhole
Harriet: "Wh- Serenity!"
And so is everyone else as- As-
Most definitely, completely, uncerimoniously and underwhelmingly- You’re just back in front of the Grand Chapel
Hughbert stares at the wormhole with wide eyes. "Should we- okay!"
In the exact moment before it rose up to the sky
Except only a few things are different. Alcor's there with you, and Amal is holding Lola
Anton blinks at Anton before shaking his head. He waves a finger condescendingly. "Tut-tut-tut. That was the perfect chance to save her from getting sucked in too. You may have a mask, but you need to be a bit more suave my friend!" He pats himself(the alt) on the shoulder before walking through the wormhole.
Serenity: "Amal get rid of that thing."
Hughbert slips off what's left of his jacket off and drapes it over Lola's shoulders- is she even wearing anything?
JayM: She is! Wearing a different variant of the R&D uniform with considerably more black and red in it. It's in absolute tatters though as if it went through a grinder
Amal: "Thank you, Hughbert."
Serenity: "Well that was offically completely fucking pointless."
At about this time, however, you see people rushing along from inside the Chapel- It's Cor, alongside with a handful of paramedics "What is going on over here!" she shouts as she comes by
Alcor: "Oh, you know, crazy stuff. The sort of thing I do for fun"
Anton: "That's half the reason I didn't spoil it! I realized that no matter what I did, it wouldn't live up to the hype so I'd rather someone else took the fall for it!"
Harriet: "Everything was fucking stupid for a while but we fixed it, you're welcome, we're the best, et cetera and so on."
Serenity: "And for some reason Amal brought home the only person in the multiverse dumber than Alcor
Cor looks at the passed out Lola, she looks at Alcor, she looks at Amal. She slaps Alcor clear across the face "Yes, he is. He likes dumb things. But we're exactly past the point I couldn't see past and… Something strange really went on I can see"
Serenity: "Just a lot of dumb pointless bullshit."
Hughbert: "You wouldn't even believe me if I told you. If it wasn't for the fact that I still have a few holes in my uniform, I'd have shrugged it off. Look, even my backup uniform needs patching up after that accursed blast…" Hughbert is turning another R+D uniform jacket about in his hands, scowling at it.
Amal isn't letting go of Lola until they find somewhere safe to put her. They seem… a little weaker than before, and shrug at Serenity with a little grin. "I owed her one. It's complicated. But we've all paid our price…"
Amal: "…anyways, I think…"
Serenity: "Man you don't owe that bitch shit."
Alcor: "Hey, look. The Present wasn't going anywhere logical without some help in that tangle, okay?"
Alcor: "I needed someone else with enough power to help me poke it in the right direction"
Alcor: "So ther ewas that at least"
Serenity‘ makes a jacking off motion with her hand.
Amal: "…ahaha, it’s starting to get fuzzy for me. I think things are gonna be okay now? Mission accomplished? Someone with future sight other than me check, I'm tired."
Cor Caroli: "Is that the one?" she inspects Lola closer for a moment "C'mon, let's get inside in place to rest"
Anton moves between Amal and Serenity before shaking his head. "Come now, let's not worry about all the little details, shall we? I'm sure Amal has their reasons, and rest assured this action is only going to cause another series of events down the road."
Serenity: "I'm pretty sure we could have done this without the fucking blood red ragnite castle."
Serenity: "You motherfucker."
A soft wind blows past the party
Amal: "Also someone get Anton a sandwich."
Amal looks up, smiles.
Alcor: "Yes we could. It could have been a lot simpler, but hey, no actual loss"
Hughbert takes a deep breath and shouts for one of his troops nearby. He orders them to come back as quick as possible with some water, some snacks, and a medic for Lola.
Anton: "It was a big loss. We skipped a meal with how long that monologue chain was!"
Serenity‘ screams at the top of her lungs, then punches Alcor in the face as hard as she can before letting out a huff and going inside.
Alcor starts heading inside as if he had done nothing wrong, nose still bleeding from Serenity’s strike. Thankfully, Cor already came with a medic entourage, so that's covered.
Thankfully, there's a chance for you all to rest and recover (there's sandwiches, lollipops, coffee and tea).
Amal just starts laughing. They managed to get through this most fiendish of timelines without a punch to the face and will consider that a victory.
Anton is not eating his sandwich. He is just staring at it for some reason.
For some reason (some reason? have you seen all the energy you've spent?) the remainder of the day is a bit of a daze.
Cor has put Alcor under strict vigilance he is not leaving his goddessdamned room. At least until the peace talks are over
Hughbert is spared having to stay in Command during it, nor the party need to attend it should the wish not to, but they can if they want
Harriet: "We're still charging you for those snacks," Harriet mumbles around a mouthful.
Hughbert downs a bit of coffee and a bit of sandwich, but otherwise doesn't have that much appetite at present.
Anton chuckles darkly to himself. "How dreadful is it that genius is misunderstood in every generation. I truly outdid myself this time. If I do not eat the sandwich, I can in fact relive looking into the future and eating it every few seconds!"
Serenity: "Anton,"
Serenity: "You're a goddamn idiot. Eat the fucking sandwich."
Harriet: "You've waited for so long, dude."
Hughbert: "I've got the receipt in triplicate, Harriet. I'll have a copy made, should you wish to frame it and hang it as a souveneir."
Harriet: "If you don't eat it…"
Harriet: "Who knows what would happen to it?"
Anton shakes his head. "No, no. This is important. I have to wait until the perfect moment to chomp down on it. You know what I'm talking about, right?" He glances off to nothing in particular.
Serenity‘ rolls her eyes, then leans over shove the sandwich into Anton’s mouth.
Hughbert attempts to oversee the command, but eventually, finally, concedes to his troops insisting he get his burns and scratches treated, despite Amal's patchwork being more than adequate for him to return to duty.
After all this hard work, however- It's good to see that it all paid off. The meeting goes off without a single problem, the leadership of the countries being on very friendly terms.
The Pope's plan is definitely a most daring plan to keep the land stable and letting it recover. The numbers she shows are the absolute level of grim, the truth is that no matter what the land will never be able to sustain as many people are there are now, even at it's peak health. You'd eventually have to count on outside assistance- But as long as the Sealing Currents remain, mysterious currents that destroy any boat trying to leave this landmass, that is an impossiblity. So the downsizing plan until eventually a boat powerful enough to withstand it is invented has to happen.
The leaders don't directly agree with the full plan- No, they see weaknesses in it, they find improvements- For no single mind can hold all the answers, and they have answers for where the Pope failed, just as she had hoped
JayM: As for the Fatebreakers? I wonder, what are their plans for the future?
Amal is going to a) rest and b) make sure these nerds (including Lola and Alcor) don't do anything terrible or self-destructive for a while!!!
Harriet is going to make the Goddess a chair. Never mind that the plane of existence she's in isn't even logical. Harriet will make them make sense, and then she's going to make things more comfortable for that stubborn wilting flower. And maybe learning how to do that in such a nonsensical world will bring her closer to the goal she's realised in her mind - to bring humanity into a world
Harriet where they don't need fate or Gods. … oh, and she'll work on that airship, but only because Anton was really keen on it.
Serenity‘ doesn’t have much else to do now that Alcor and Lola are Grounded from playing outside their time line… and the desert clans seem to be handling the continental radio stuff just fine… so… That pretty much just leaves her to do two things: Help Harriet detangle the Goddess from the threads holding her down, and then find a way to get around or through whatever Barrier is
Serenity‘ enclosing the continent. Couldn’t be THAT much harder that tearing down the space between universes.
Anton is going to bother Harriet literally every day until he has good force boots. He keeps saying he wants to be a cool Divine Oracle who can do even more air parkour as he saves the world.
Hughbert plans to complete his current tour of duty- no doubt the Major intends to shower him with promotions and the like, but after seeing the foundations of the plan set, he doesn't plan to sign on for a second. Not yet, anyway. Throughout the Fatebreaker's travels, Hughbert compiled a great lengthy list of places to see, histories to study, and of course foods to try! Though he could only give brief attention to each of
Hughbert them during the journey, he has every intention of studying every bit of worldwide anthropology he can. No detail should be lost from the pages of history due to the downsizing, no library should be complete without Hughbert Marcel's works.
Harriet will certainly be putting some of them in her library!!
Who knows what truly the future holds.
Through the combined genious of Harriet and Serenity… You never knew you could make an object like that. And what in blazes is even that chair? Neither of them ever managed to make heads or tails out of the nonsensical plane where the goddess resides, but through sheer empyrical testing at least the chair (made of what seems like obsidian, but is soft and comfortable) seems to have had such a strange, comforting effect on the goddess' heart. Though the tangles of the world still cling to her, they seem to hurt her less
Yet you never know what the ramifications of all of your actions are. Over time as Fatebreaker engineers worked on breaching the Sealing Current and the airship project… They start to notice that force gears all over start behaving… Oddly. Requiring a deep shift in how all of them work, their construction, their equations, all changed! Damn that chair, I say, playing with the pillar that holds the world can have consequences. Thankfully, in that regards at least no disaster truly occurs, just a necessity for worldwide technical retrofit but you do avoid any disaster coming from that… Aside from the time it takes
In a far away, distant land… Or perhaps a very distant ocean, in a very distant time…
Sitting alone at the highest point of a mighty pirate galleon a hooded person sits beside the pirate captain, a conspicuously familiar woman. The hooded person is reading a book "Hugbert Marcel's Travel Guide" is written in faded letters in the book
Woman: "So, 'Sage', are you sure we got a way in?"
Sage: "Yep, the Path of Tranquility should be open… It's a pity she didn't live long enough to see the tide controller work…"
Woman: "Well, it's alright… You're here to see it. And who knows, maybe the last Divine Oracle would have shown it to her, that fool loved spoilers"
Sage: "Perhaps, perhaps. But for now… We're almost there. Get everyone ready!"
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