The cool, familiar gust of wind blows-
Even now, a day later, the sensation of impending doom hangs after a fashion. Every other time you arrived something went wrong, something is yet to go wrong this time.
Still… Still the day is peaceful in this corner of Masharas.
Cor Caroli: "Well, Fatebreakers, for now you can consider your job done" she said yesterday "Now it's for us diplomats to do our jobs. The peace talks will be in three weeks from now, me and the Major are probably going to fight over you for a while, but you're definitely going to do something on the day of, so stay ready" she cautioned
JayM: But today? Nothing to worry about today-
JayM: Except an invitation: It seems that Harriet's grand secret project is finished, and you've been invited to her workshop. Or rather a small offshoot of her workshop, you've been to her shop before but you see that a small, blocky-looking black steel offshoot was built.
Serenity: "Okay show of hands. Who here remembers the insane ass fucking amazing thing I was going to do with Harriet's machine when we got back?"
Serenity‘ does not raise her hand.
Harriet has… /tried/ to clean up. There’s… enough room to move around, at least!
Anton glances at Serenity. "… Man. Are you passive aggressively asking me to look into the past so you can remember what you said?"
Serenity: "OR the future, which ever one works better."
Hughbert shows up, punctually and well dressed. He fights the urge to get this branch more tidy- he has no idea if any of this is safe to move.
Anton: "Considering you never actually shared with the rest of the class, the past is definitely a wash."
Harriet: "Okay, guys." Harriet grins, goggles down, as she hands out a set of devices which look vaguely like shoulder bracers - but it's not armor, but instead the shoulder is just where all the wires and blinking boxes of ragnite live. There are connections which run up to sit just behind the ear and at the temple. They're all connected, ominously not just to each other but /also/ to a black
Harriet: containment chamber marked with at least eight different warning labels. "Now, if this works, I have an idea of how to mobilise them, but let's try it out first…"
Serenity: "I may not have, okay check the future now."
Harriet: "Don't worry, everything will be fine!" Notably: her hair is /recently/ singed back. Surely that explosion was fine, too.
Hughbert straps his on, moving to assist anyone else in need of an extra hand. "I hope I do not regret asking this, but, what are the potential side effects if something goes wrong?"
Serenity: "Brain soup."
Harriet: "Oh, nothing major. Surface burns, personality changes, possible brain death, aaaand it's theoretically possible you might get temporally shifted out of sync."
Serenity: "Wait wait nevermind I think it's coming to me."
Harriet: "But don't worry! I ironed those bugs right out!"
Harriet: "I'll even go first so you can see there's nothing to fear!"
Anton: "I already can see there's nothing to fear, though…"
Serenity: "Speaking of I need a volunteer after Harriet fails to kill herself here."
Hughbert: "Should I have brought a witness?" Hughbert sighs. "…Very well. That will be good enough for me."
Amal: "Oh come on. I'm here. If anything goes wrong, it won't have gone wrong." They grin.
Harriet: "Ha! Precisely!"
Serenity: "…Is there a way to like, make parts of a time line unviewable by the by Anton?"
Anton nods to Serenity. "How could I leave my friends stranded when they want to prod at things like this? I'm willing to volunteer!"
Anton pauses. "The only instance I know of that happening is the point in the timeline that no one can look past, which is the singularity shit goes wrong day."
Serenity: "Hmm."
Serenity: "What about inside the crying tower of dumb bullshit?"
Anton: "That would probably fall under spatial distortions."
Anton: "Which would definitely distort ones ability to view things."
Serenity: "I guess we can relocate there frist then."
Anton: "Flat out blocking everything though? What I said before!"
Serenity‘ nods, then makes a ’get on with it' gesture towards Harriet.
JayM: Activating the machine, then?
Harriet: "Ha! Let's do this!" Harriet flicks a switch, and then pulls down the giant lever, because of *course* she constructed this thing with a giant lever. Just be happy she didn't also make it shoot electricity.
Anton: "The tower fits into a category where I can sense that something is there, but I can't fully perceieve it? The apocalypse there's just… nadda."
At first, there is a strange sensation of- A hard to describe sensation, similar to that very light tingly feeling left after you're done stretching, you feel it wash over your entire bodies
And then the first input begins
JayM: Anything I say here doesn't applies to the owner of the qualia, to note
At first, the gear on Harriet's shoulder glows slightly brighter- And you don't seem to notice anything different? Except… Except there's a certain difference in resolution of certain things in your sight- The very machinery around you seem to have just ever, ever so slightly higher resolution than anything around, you can notice certain details you couldn't before like the very light traces left when a scredriver was used to tighten a screw, or the fact the difference in the tighteness of ragnite tubing connections is noticeable
Harriet: "Ha ha… hahahahahaha!" Harriet checks on her shoulder pad for little flickering lights, checks the main panel for its own readouts. She sounds just a /little/ manic. "Perfect! All systems green! Activating second switch!" Get ready, Hughbert, that's your one she's flicking down.
Amal: "Oh wow."
The gear to spin up is Hughbert's- And you realize something… That there's subtle differences in color in certain places. What could possibly it mean? But there's a pattern to where those differences are, windows, doorways, the documentation Harriet left on the table. Harriet's laugher echoes for just a tenth of a second longer
Hughbert: "I'm very curious about how you see things, adjusted for my perspective." Hughbert patiently waits for things to get weird again.
Harriet: "Still alive? Still conscious?! Good! Great! Third switch!" Serenity's up!
Anton scratches his head. "I wonder… what would happen if I was in the quick silver chamber when this happened?"
Amal: "…that sounds super dangerous." They laugh.
The third gear activates, a more interesting one: Serenity's. For a few moments nothing spectacular happens- But slowly you start hearing… Hearing voices, a loud and large cacophony of voices that speak of so many different actions going on. The loudest of all the voices, however, repeats endlessly "Push… Push…"
But something else can be heard… A song can be heard off in the distance, as a background tone to… To everything, it has no source, and is all-pervaidng []
Amal: "Let's wait until AFTER we save the world to do that."
Anton: "The chamber already amplifies things for me ten-fold!"
Serenity: "So out of mild interest why is this broadcasting everything to us, I thought you were like… making a machine that could make a single person use the extra sense, not…. linking our senses together. That's fucking weird, Harriet."
Harriet: "Hahaha, we can try it later! What could go wrong?! Listen to that! Just listen! It's perfect! Don't question perfection, Serenity!" Who might be feeling kind of weird, since the machine seems to be causing some kind of reverse-feedback which echoes her back to herself. "Fourth switch!" And… Anton!
JayM: … Well, now isn't that awkward?
JayM: Nothing seems to happen
Hughbert crosses his arms and gives Anton a stare.
Amal perks their ears up, listening… and smiles. (To Serenity's being enabled, that is. I'm just slow.)
Anton winks at Harriet. "Don't worry, you'll get it right someday soon, I promise!"
Harriet: "- weird. Weird. Weird!" Harriet bangs on the console, leans down to study the readings.
Serenity: "Anton actively do your thing."
Amal: "Anton's probably just cheating."
Serenity: "Yours isn't passive. Actually I guess the auras should be….?"
Hughbert: "Perhaps Anton just sees things exactly the same as one of the rest of us…?" Hughbert says, not entirely confident in his theory.
Serenity: "Naw he's mentioned auras before."
Serenity: "Unless yours is interfering, somehow."
Serenity: "Not sure what this bullshit colorcoading thing you have going on here is."
Anton: "The auras are in fact, a thing I don't have to work to see."
Anton: "If I follow a thread though, I see no reason why your machine can't follow me on my journey!"
Harriet: "No, it's working! It's got to be working!" Harriet whirls around, grips Anton by his unteched shoulder, shakes. "Data doesn't lie, Anton! How does this work?! Show us how it works!" … this close, he can see dark circles under her eyes. How long has she been staying up working on this?
Hughbert looks at his own hand. "I should be able to see my own aura, then…? We must wait for Harriet to figure out what happened, I suppose."
Anton needs only direct you in the right direction
Anton blinks before laughing. "Now now, Harriet. Allow me to show you the way. Let's go on a trip friends, a journey to a fantastical place called the future~." He grins before closing his eyes.
Serenity: "Shake him harder, Harriet."
Once pointed- You notice what looks like at first a lost thread of spiderweb floating in the air.
But once you track it you notice it's wrapped around on Harriet's throat in one end- And floats off into literal infinity in the other direction
And you realize there's so many more of those threads wrapped around each one of you, on your limbs, on your torso, colorful as a rainbow
Serenity: "Wow that's not creepy at all."
Amal: "Ohhh, so THAT'S what- wow. Okay. That's cool."
And then, in following it, you realize you were not paying attention to the floor beneath you
Because now you realize there is nothing there- Or rather that it is there but it's skewed in a strange position- As is everything around you in a strange, bizarre angle that makes it almost seem like you're standing on top of a picture
Anton: "As I said before, I see the world differently than you guys!"
And if you tilt your head just to the side you can see the edge of another picture behind it
And if you stand on your toes and stretch up you can see a bit of it, and of the one behind it, and the one behind it, and the one behind it, and the one behind- Off in the distance, off so far
Each picture, each frame, a scene from the future. And sometimes, you see the moving pictures are side-by-side, and they have pictures behind them as well, and you can… What madness is this- you can not-hear the sound from those pictures as well, it's not hearing, it's feeling it as if… In this sense you were not aware you had
You cannot see far- But you feel that if you really put your heart and soul into it, you could perhaps see into infinity itself
Hughbert tries to grab one of his threads between two fingers, trying not to dizzy himself by tilting his head at angles to take in the sights. "…This is quite unexpected."
JayM: That's the interesting part, Hughbert
JayM: You can't grab it because your hand isn't there
Amal squints.
Amal: "Wowwww."
JayM: Perhaps this is what it feels like to look into a dimension your body doesn't exists in
Harriet: "… it works! It works! It works! It works!" Harriet squeezes Anton in a tight hug while she's got him captured, using the fact that she's already got her hands on him to draw her back into this reality, and then turns back to the console. "It actually, really works! And no one's dead! Alright! FINAL SWITCH!" Oh, no. The only person left is…
Amal: "Hehehe, of course it works."
Amal's switch is thrown.
At first there doesn't seems to be any change- Except you feel a terrible, awful, COLD
But that side- You hear a giggle off in the distance "Alright, I was looking after this one!" it's a childish voice, maybe 8 years old? Or perhaps 11?
Serenity: "?"
Amal waves!
Once you turn to look- The entire existance around you shifts instead. You didn't turn to face it, the entire world around you shifts-
Your senses are not ready, not ready at all for this, there is both a darkness of nothingness and a shine of everything. You find yourselves sprawling in the ground/walls/ceiling as you lose your balance no longer having anything to use as a frame of reference
Voice: "Aaaa!"
Something sweeps down at great velocity, grabbing you all in their wings to prevent a fall
Amal: "oh dear"
Harriet falls downwards, but she's laughing, even as she's swept up in great wings. "Hey! You! You're Paws, right?! Check this shit out! It works!"
Serenity: "I don't even understand what this is supposed to be doing."
Harriet: "Hahahahahahaha we are so far beyond human perception right now!"
Anton waves. "Yo."
Serenity: "Harriet makes us see better. Hughbert's puts an outline around objects to sort them into relevant groups. OKay. I hear weird shit and put colors onto words. No big deal. Anton reminds us that fate is literally choking us and whatever with the frames."
Serenity: "What is this horse shit though Amal."
Anton: "Honestly this doesn't seem that bad for me?"
Harriet: "What's even going on?! Fucked if I know, but we're seeing it! That's the first step to understanding it! It's amazing!"
Hughbert tries to look around, eyes bulging! Once he lands, though, he shakes his head to regain his composure. "…Please explain to me exactly what I am currently looking at."
You find yourselves held together by great mighty wings of pure white.
Once your balance is regained the owner of those wings steps back- Short as a kid, a body inhuman- But surprisingly cute for a being with a humanoid form and the face of a goat, with stubby hardly grown horn, their fur is soft to the touch like recently groomed fur, they wear a simple striped shirt that goes down to their knees, in their right arm a silver-colored snake is coiled, in their left arm a gold-colored snake is coiled and what seem like wires from from it's right ear to a pocket in the shirt
Serenity: "You're constantly living with vertigo and extra dimensional sight, of COURSE it would bug you less."
Amal: "What horseshit?" Is this. Is this seriously how Amal sees everything all the time? It must be.
Anton: "Like I said before, I'd still trade this for hearing voices!"
Harriet stumbles forward and hugs the monster. "It works! It works!"
Serenity: "The infinite void clashing with the overwhelming light and inability to parse relationships in space, mostly. The being able to see demigods things is easy enough."
That person waves to Harriet "Yes! That's me Harriet!" they make a considerably silly pose with their right fist in the air and wings stretched out "The Spirit of human creation, Aura!" they smile at Harriet "Welcome to the higher plane! Or, well, looking at it"
Aura: "It's rather inhospitable to you here"
Serenity: "…What the fuck are those anyway I saw Lola wearing something similiar." Serenity attempts to reach out and snatch Paws' headphones.
Harriet: "Ha! Give me a week, I'll build a summer home!"
Amal: "Hehe. Hi!" They're grinning goofily and doing /something/ to try and keep things at least a little more stable. "I… it's hard to describe it, I guess. It's like a fish trying to describe water. I'm -still- not totally used to it… It's like… it feels like Anton's vision, except if you got up off the floor and looked down instead of sideways? But that probably only makes sense to Anton,
Amal: even… "
Aura backs up! Don't actually do that! They remove it from their ear and then hand it to Serenity- Grasping at it feels really strange, like she's stretching her arms up at the ciling "This is a music player! It's got a lot of music in it"
Aura then extends a finger and points at Amal "Yeah, look" they point DOWN
Hughbert: "Er…" Hughbert didn't really have a speech prepared for meeting any divine beings today. "Nice to meet you. I suppose I don't need to introduce myself, do I?"
Serenity‘ tilts her head while flipping it over in her hands a few times, then brings the speakers up to her ears.
Serenity: "Why are you gesticulating in color Paws?"
Anton: "Still, I do have to say it’s waaaaay easier to see the color of the threads with this thing going."
Anton: "I usually have to focus really hard to percieve that."
Harriet talks a big game for almost falling on her arse when she steps back from the hug. But there's a big grin on her face! "That tiny thing plays music?!" Is it actually tiny? It's so hard to tell, here. Everything is at strange angles, like a room of mirrors. Her gaze follows Aura's finger -
Hughbert slowly and nervously looks down…
Serenity: "Your welcome."
Something, that word, that DOWN has a strange, different feel to it "That? Oh, there's… There's things which there isn't a concept for in your plane, but are deeply important UP here."
Serenity: "Man."
Amal: "Hehe, I thought you'd get a kick out of it. I was hoping Harriet could pull this off, and not JUST so that y'all could meet Aura finally."
Serenity: "I can assure you the concept of 'up' and 'down' are super fucking important for living in the third dimension."
Anton starts to laugh.
JayM: It's a small rectagle with it's longest sided being 10cm, Harriet
Serenity‘ scrunches up her face. "This song sounds familiar.’
Looking at the pointed direction- You realize that you can't change the direction you look at here, instead the world always shifts around you to move the direction in front of you. Here you are the literal center of everything, and it all revolves around you
But in that direction- You see a river? No, but it looks like the delta of a river that splits and changes into many tiny rivers- But no, it's made of web, much like a spider's and made of… Something? Something familiar
And each strand of web is actually made of a million smaller strands, and even though it is so far, far away below you you can see make out each individual strand
Amal: "Mmmm. There it is…"
Hughbert: "Huh… Those look like veins. Wait, could that be… ragnite?"
Serenity: "I duno, does it SOUND like ragnite?"
And you see… Something, something that really draws your attention- It's like a dot, a spot, an adimensional dot. That dot is- If you look at it you see- You see the entire universe cointained within that dot, but that's a bit too much and instintively you look closer and closer until you make out something a bit more within the purview of your own senses- You see Masharas, your see the workshop, you see yourselves in the workshop talking
Hughbert leans in, down, and tries to hear.
JayM: But, it doesn't sounds like ragnite, but yes, it is
Hughbert staggers back a bit, eyes bulging. "In a broad sense, yes, it was ragnite. All of the ragnite. Along with everything else."
Serenity: "uuhhh NOPE okay lets."
Serenity: "Lets not look outside our bodies nope nope."
JayM: And if you look backwards and forwards you can see the strands that are each of you- because each one of you is made of a whole bunch of strands that stretch forwards and backwards. And you realize what you're looking at- Time at a different perspective
JayM: But also- Each strand- Each strand is matter, and is also energy. Each strand is quite obviously (you don't know why it's so obvious to you) the matter and the energy that comprise the world
Amal: "Hehehe. By 'it' I mean 'everything'."
Harriet: "Beautiful… beautiful… beautiful! Hahahahaha!"
JayM: And they're inheretely different from the strands that Anton sees- Because with access to all the senses you can see it, what Anton sees are where those strands that comprise everything touch eachother and entangle
JayM: And you know
JayM: If you look far back enough
JayM: You see all the strands have a single origin point
Serenity: "This is literally the dumbes fucking shit no wonder we're cut off from most of this."
JayM: And not very far in the future you see… It looks like as if all the strands converge in a singular point- And then someone threw a goddamn grenade into it generating a scattering of strands chaotically
Amal: "It's pretty useful when you're trying to save the world, though." They grin.
Harriet: "Everything is connected! Yes! Anything is possible!"
Aura giggles "Your people aren't made for this… Neither am I to be honest… This place, it's a kind of place only the goddess was made for"
Aura: "No reason we can't hang out here, though"
Amal snaps their fingers at Harriet, laughing. "Anything could happen!"
Serenity: "Oh."
Serenity: "Where is that dumb bitch anyway?"
Serenity‘ starts looking around.
Amal: "Heyyy, don’t be mean~."
Serenity: "Who said anything mean?"
Hughbert: "So that…" Hughbert gestures to the point of convergence where the chaos spreads forth. "That's the point you cannot see past? But… Can't you get a glimpse of it from here?"
Amal: "I can get angles on it, now and then, but… the closer I get to it from here, the harder it is to see any details."
Amal: "The closer I get to it in /your/ time, the clearer I can see here."
JayM: A good question, Serenity
JayM: One you cannot answer quite yet-
JayM: But you do sense something, someone, in the distance
JayM: Off in a different direction than youré looking but you can't tell quite which
Hughbert tries looking for that person, piecing together the method of how to find anything in this realm as he goes along. "Hmm…"
Serenity: "hey where are you liquid mom"
JayM: A gasping sound as Serenity's words-
JayM: You can track that noise in that direction over there
JayM: There's nothing? But
JayM: You can sort of feel like there's something hiding between two… Layers of nothing? No
JayM: It's more like hiding under the stairs
JayM: That's some strange description right there
Serenity: "Hahah I wonder how hard she had to force herself to not respond to the red, I don't think she's ever ignored that before."
Amal: ":|"
Serenity: "What."
Harriet: "Hey! You should come out and say hi! Everything's great!"
Aura: "D-don't be mean to her, okay"
Serenity: "She never said I couldn't LOOK at her, just to not give her a name."
Serenity: "Hmm there's gotta be a thread connecting me to her…"
Serenity‘ starts brushing threads about randomly, trying to feel them out.
Serenity can obviously follow the threads
Serenity: "Can’t imagine any asshole talks to her even half as much as I do."
Anton: "That's easy! If you've ever interacted with them at all we just go back to that point in time following threads and then bam you follow it to them!"
Serenity‘ starts moving along one of the more distinct ones.
Amal: "Hmph. I’m not helping you."
She can do it so obviously because all threads lead to her. You follow them over to the stairs, and you don't see anyone, but you can walk down- It's not even stairs, that's just the only plausible way to explain moving to a plane one level lower
Serenity: "This is my Goddess given right, Amal!"
And then you don't need to grasp at threads to find you need to head down three more floors- Because you see drops of ragnite at first, then large splotches of ragnite that look like someone bled profusely while running
Serenity: "…Holy shit when did I ever do anything that would lead you to believe I was going to hurt you?"
And eventually you find yourself in…
Serenity‘ gestures with her hand as she moves, making the ragnite move towards her and letting it fly into a vial she pulls out of her coat.
It’s a great room made of CRYSTAL… The is no light, but there is no need for it as you can still see the entire room. The floor is absolutely covered in strands, coated completely you've no way in other than walking on top of them
And in the center of it all is something… A humanoid form wearing an all-concealing hooded robe, leaving nothing of itself to be seen- But all the strands enter the bottom of the robe
Serenity: "There's a WHOLE LOT of your bullshit over this way by the by Amal!
Serenity‘ shouts over her shoulder before moving inside, then tosses the vial of ragnite towards the robed figure.
???: "I… Did not want you to see me…"
JayM: The voice is shy and reserved, almost fearful
Serenity: "You can’t be any dumber looking that sparkles."
Anton: "Be careful what you wish for, Serenity!"
[OOC] Serenity: than^
Amal follows Serenity, a few steps behind. They certainly weren't -helping- her, but they weren't stopping her, either. She's right, it /is/ her Goddess-given right. They kneel respectfully.
Serenity: "Eh?"
She makes a strange noise- Like a huff both angry and defiant. With a swift motion she throws the robe away-
Hughbert hesitates a bit before saluting. "I don't think you're technically part of the chain of command…? But, regardless, Lieutenant Hughbert Marcel of the R+D Corps, at your service."
Harriet ends up kind of falling down the stairs, but she catches herself on the not-a-banister and pulls herself up. "Hi! Yeah! Harriet Babbage, genius, reporting in!"
The woman undearneath looks perfectly human, although in all aspects perfect, whichever your ideal of perfection is.
Undearneath the robe she wears… It couldn't even be care threadbare, just the strands that grasp and compress her body almost like a torture device- Yet the strands in which she is dressed- Looking at her like this you see she is dressed in the world itself, in both time and space, and all the strings and strands pressure and cut at her skin as they seem to be holding on to her like a bag.
You look down to see the origin of the weight that wounds her so- And therein you see something a deep crimson- Everyone, every person in this world held in a basket woven of the world itself, held in safety in the pillar that is the Goddess… Who quite clearly cannot bear the weight
Serenity: "I. Hm."
Goddess: "I guess… If it is your wish, and by your will, you made your way here"
Goddess: "I guess" she has a genuine smile "Welcome"
Serenity: "Y'know if you weren't wearing the Pope's weird ass fetish shit you'd almost be as hot as me. Duno what your problem was."
Anton: "Man. And I thought Cor's threads were choking her too much."
Harriet: "Geez, that looks structurally unsound. Hey! Nameless girl! You want me to build you some supports?!"
Amal quietly: "If -any- human could figure it out, Harriet could."
The goddess smiles at Harriet "If that is your desire"
Goddess: "If you were to show me you have finally no need for a goddess, nothing would make me happier"
Serenity: "You seem pretty deity-y to me though, so, I mean. There goes THAT lie and pretending you're jsut a bunch of semi sentient liquid." Serenity grins, a little aggressively.
Goddess: "… Please, I beg of you to keep such knowledge to yourself"
Harriet: "Uh, hello! Harriet Babbage, defier of divinity, right here?! WHO do you think just spent the last three night perfecting a device to link us all up instead of relying on what we were born with?!"
Harriet: "If that's what you want, you've already got it, duh!"
Goddess: "I wish nothing for my children to grow… To grow and surpass me, to one day break free of the (…) laws of the CRYSTAL. I… I do not wish for my children to depend on me"
Serenity: "To be perfectly honest I don't think anyone else aside from Alcor and a smattering of the Priest would give a shit, but."
JayM: You have the sincerest feeling she said "the stupid laws" there
Harriet: "Imagine a world where you're not limited by the senses you were born with! Where anything is possible! That's the world we're going for, baby!"
Goddess: "As long as I am here… My children will turn to me" she looks sad for a moment, then smiles at Harriet "Indeed, child, you are the wonderful driving force of this world"
Amal: "…one of your children already surpassed the Laws and returned. Always remember you are not alone. And that child will not be the only or the last. The others will find kinder, gentler paths."
The goddess smiles at Amal
Serenity: "Do you mean you or Paws?"
Serenity: "Actual question, that's always been kind of unclear."
Aura: "Nah, i'm not a child of this goddess"
Hughbert: "I know of a way that you can find out if we are ready or not. Harriet, your device, does it have a sixth receptor currently?"
Serenity: "Oh right here's your shit back goat dude." Serenity tosses the headphones back.
The goddess nods "Indeed, this Spirit is a child of my…" she mumbles something as her right fist clenches "My sister, Mana"
Aura reacquires headphones!
Amal giggles. "I think at this point you could say you're an adoptive child! But no, I meant me."
Serenity: "Right on."
Serenity: "…Huh."
Harriet: "Theoretically of course it's possible! The safety tolerance is high enough! Of course, it depends on the connection. But the equipment is all there!"
Serenity: "Hey why do you still look like a nine year old here and not stardust?"
Aura blinks "Oh, well"
Serenity: "Or the older, hotter version of you."
Aura: "That's what I looked like when Amal met me in the Apocrypha"
Aura: "So I guess I stuck with it?"
Serenity: "No no I ment Amal."
Serenity: "This is the first time I've seen YOU, I have no reason to doubt you look like a goofy goat dude all the time."
Hughbert: "Do you think we would be able to set our gracious goddess up to one, to let her see the world from one of her children's eyes? To judge for herself if her work is finished."
Aura starts giggling, because, getting confused again betwene themselves and Amal is funny
Amal shrugs. "This is the form I chose. That matters even here."
Serenity: "Hmm."
Serenity: "So it's not really all inclusive true sight here,"
Serenity: "Or… you surpass it?"
Amal: "…that's a good question?"
Harriet: "Hook the Goddess up?! It would burn us to bits! It would overload the black box! The explosion would level the university! Perhaps Masharas! It would be glorious! With no chance of survival!"
Serenity: "It is!"
Harriet: "Why, to give her sight, I'd need - a castle of a machine! No, a city! No, a continent!"
Amal: "Well, you won't get bored." They grin.
Serenity: "Wanna go steal Lola's?"
You her a laugher behind you "Oh, gracious. Did you all really make your way down here?" a familiar voice from behind- Cor's voice? "And Her Uselessness isn't being dramatic and wallowing in self-destructive nihilism"
Hughbert just gives Harriet a big, stupid grin. "And?"
Serenity‘ tilts, tilting her head backwards.
[OOC] Serenity: blinks,^
Anton frowns. "Not to spoil on the parade, but you won’t finish it before Cor calls on us."
Anton: "You can start, though!" He smiles.
Behind you you see someone else- It's Cor, but dressed in the Masharas R&D Division uniform, except it's colors are slightly different. The strands also cover her body much like how they do the Goddess, although they stretch at a different angle "And I would appreciate you don't try to steal my machine"
Lola: "See, it's not in the present, so it isn't real at all"
The goddess only has a genuine smile to offer to Lola
Anton stage whispers. "Told you Cors threads were just as bad."
Harriet whirls, righting reality, points at - the edges - no, there she is. Lola!
Harriet: "You!"
Serenity‘ lets out a sigh, reaches out and slaps the Goddess’ hands.
Serenity: "No, bad."
Serenity: "Bad Goddess."
Serenity: "Don't be happy to see Lola, she sucks."
Amal narrows their eyes, but she has every right to be here, too. Even IF she's their enemy.
Lola has a derisive laugh to share "Ah, don't be angry at her, Serenity"
Lola: "She's a slave to the make of the world, a useless puppet of it's works, she has no other option isn't it?"
Serenity: "Fuck no wonder she's so moody all the time if you were the one closest to her before I showed up."
Serenity‘ makes a gagging motion in Lola’s direction.
The goddess looks conflicted for a moment "It is true, it is my nature. How could I not be happy at a child of mine achieving so?"
Harriet: "You're… kind of a dick! Have you considered not being a dick?!"
Lola chuckles "Yes, actually"
Hughbert: "Do you normally talk to her like that? What has she done to you to deserve such abuse, besides enabling you to make the claim in the first place?"
Lola: "Unfortunately, I don't have the TIME for that"
Serenity: "Because her big plan is to destroy not one but two worlds?"
Anton: "So, are you going to fill us in on what the endgame is here, or do I have to search for it with all these heightened senses?"
Anton nods to Lola.
Serenity: "Which is, you know, A REALLY SHITTY PLAN."
Lola: "What? How about being a deep disappointment in how she doesn't do the most basic job of a parent, of taking care of their children? If relying on them to not hurt themselves, rather than keep them safe?"
Amal rolls their eyes. "…no, but I do. And I couldn't have done what I've done without your work. So can't you just… be satisfied with that, and step out of our way?"
Lola chuckles "Ah, Amal. You do, yes you do.'
Lola: "And you know what happens when we run out of it, right?" she seems to be breathing faster "I'm at the end of my rope, though Alcor borrowed me some TIME, I just… I find it that I no longer have it…" "
Amal: "We're more than just children. We had to grow up some day. It was just… the hardest thing we've ever done, and we almost didn't make it. And you were part of it, Lola, you'll always have been part of it. You… you won, already. Please, just…"
Lola: "My goal? My goal has already been achieved. But I think Alcor wants to have a monologue about it when we meet again…"
Hughbert looks at all the people gathered in the room. "I'd say we've done a fine job of fending for ourselves. I'm not sure what you're complaining about."
Lola: "For now? Ah, I just want one last bit of indulgence with the present, with truth and reality, before i'm left behind"
Harriet: "You know history won't remember you, right?"
Lola: "I wish I cared more about that"
Lola: "Honestly"
Amal: "…that's not true. I will." They're mostly talking to themself, and entirely out of principle.
Anton scratches his head. "Aw, man. I can't take away Alcors speech he's been waiting months for this. Okay. I won't spoil it."
Serenity‘ glances around lets out a sigh, then opens her eyes wide while thrusting both hands out into the air and grasping at a particularly gnarled chunk of threads of various types.
Amal raises an eyebrow.
Serenity: "Oh."
Serenity: "Oh that’s how that works, okay."
Serenity: "Ahahaha."
Lola grins, and laughs "Oh, oh is that how it is!"
Hughbert also raises an eyebrow, trying to look closer at the threads…
Lola: "Ah, Serenity… You're so… Smart"
Serenity: "Oh shit you weren't supposed to notice that."
Serenity: "Fuck it we're doing this now then!"
Serenity‘ yanks, hard.
Lola: "You kidding me?"
Harriet: "Looks like we’re doing this live!"
Amal: "Oh boy."
Serenity‘ gives Lola the look she gives Lola and Alcor every single time she does something stupid and reckless, shortly followed by streming in pain at the top of her lungs.
[OOC] Serenity: screaming^
Lola suddenly lurches forward- Serenity’s hands bleed as the strands cut through her flesh
Lola digs her feet on the ground and pulls back- And everything shoves towards her, the room, the goddess, the very world- Except you "Astral Sabers!" you hear Aura shout as they pull twin swords out of nowhere and bring them down on the strands Serenity is holding. They obviously can't cut, but they manage keep the starnds from exerting force on you
Serenity: "- The - FUCK -?"
Harriet: "Okay, I'll trust you! Let's do this!" Harriet grabs the strands Serenity's grabbed, and starts pulling, too.
Serenity‘ closes one of her eyes, before groaning giving the threads some slack.
Serenity: "Wait no this is fucking stupid."
Lola sighs a contended sigh "My little Harriet built a much better machine than yours. Do you honestly think I am weak?" that evil laugh could go in an anime "I am stronger than the goddess herself!" she looks down at you, and then sighs "I’m just a little stuck"
Serenity‘ screams again, before biting down on her lip, slackening the threads, then rushing forward towards Lola with them.
She crosses her arms "But it is too early"
Harriet: "Yeah, well, that’s impossible, because I'm the best Harriet that exists, and anyway, all Harriets work together for the common purpose of science!"
Anton seems to be taking a passive stance at the moment. If one had to guess he's probably using the time in here to his advantage.
Amal looks skeptical at Anton.
Harriet: "And speaking of science…" Harriet turns away from Lola and back to the Goddess, and holds her thumb and her forefinger out as she does some mental measurements.
Serenity‘ lets go of the threads as she gets right up in front of Lola, then thrust an open palm forward in the air. There’s a shattering sound as cracks appear in the air, and the various threads she'd been holding begin to move on their own, coiling around themselves and through the cracks, as is weaving a sphere around Lola.
Amal: "Woah."
Hughbert turns from the conflict between Serenity and Lola to face the goddess. "…I don't know if we're going to be unexpectedly expelled from this space shortly, so let me just get this out of the way." If need be, Hughbert kneels down to be level with the goddess (but, he probably doesn't). "I want to say, thank you for everything you've done thus far. Our world, our history- it belongs to us, and you're a part of it. So,
Hughbert thank you. "
Lola blinks, raising an arm to shield herself "Tsk, good trick but-" the strands coil around her like a spherical cocoon- And once done so- You realize there's something, some weight some force pulling them away- And she's drawn away, through the same space she came from
Amal: "Oh my Goddess she's such a filthy cheater."
Serenity: "Bull -" Serenity spits a large amount of blood out of her mouth, "- shit."
Serenity‘ then sort of topples over, bleed profusely from her hands.
Amal scoots over to Serenity and applies healing sparkles.
Amal isn’t gonna ASK what was SUPPOSED to happen there but they're sure curious.
Serenity: "too many goddamn threads anton threads are bullshit"
The goddess herself walks over to Serenity, kneeling besides Amal. She helps him out by weaving Serenity's skin back together "You two… Are so wonderful children…" she says, amazed
Serenity: "should have shattered them whatever"
Anton waves a hand, still having his eyes closed. "Hush, Serenity. I'm trying to focus. I'm watching the goddess disappear from the world right now."
The goddess might be also trying her best to avoid looking embarassed at Hughbert
She was honestly quite speechless, although something within her still looks conflicted
Amal: "Hehehe. You'll get your chance, I promise. Just relax for right now, okay?" -they tilt their head at Anton, confused.
Hughbert checks up on Serenity as well, patting the goddess on the head for a brief moment before kneeling down. "You still have enough strength to complain, I am sure you will be fine. Is it time for us to end our experiment here?"
Serenity: "yeh"
Anton: "Man. The forests of Terchuan were artificially planted by mediums? I was expecting the origins behind medium powers to be more interesting than mixing ragnite with their own blood and an exctinct plant."
Harriet: "Yeah, sounds like Serenity's fried! Besides, after an event like this, we're gonna run out of juice soon! But I'll be back to make you a nice comfy chair, nameless!" Harriet thumbs-up at the Goddess!
Serenity: "what"
Serenity: "moron i could have told you it was that boring"
The goddess chuckles "That was such a dangerous feat they attempted"
Serenity: "it was super obvious it ws ragnite injections"
Goddess: "My children are reckless beyond compare"
Harriet: "Duh! You don't make history if you're not on the cutting edge!"
Anton shakes his head before turning to the Goddess. "It's been quite a while now since you did disbanded the Divine Protectorate though. Anything you'd change if you could go back?"
[OOC] Anton: *disband
The goddess closes her eyes "Many things…" she looks sad "I would have made it less painful to the splinter states, they suffered so during transition… I would have told the priests to be kinder, to take longer"
Goddess: "But to rewind time is beyond even my own power. Causality is the only law that will not be broken by any means in this world I have woven, as it is everything that keeps the Pure Hearts away"
Serenity: "the what"
Anton: "So should we stay away from the tower, then?"
Goddess: "But, you are already here"
Goddess: "After a fashion"
Serenity: "oh right anton giver her a sucker i ment to do that and tell her to stop crying so much before i got distracted by knows-how-to-dress-evil-cor"
Godess: "The tower was… A long time ago, a place I built so my children could speak to me… They had not the power to tear it down and… And… I was… Afraid of… Doing so… Myself…" her voice slowly fades as she speaks "
Serenity: "seems like this is a good place for that sentiment tho"
Anton reaches into his coat before tossing the Goddess a lollipop. "What's your opinion on Alcor?"
Serenity: "not a fan"
The goddess picks up the lollipop, staring at it. She puts it in her mouth and just… There is a strange sense of joy in her, she can't help herself but to lose it in giggles for a minute
Goddess: "Alcor, too, is one of my children. He has achieved so much, how could I not love him?"
Serenity: "because hes an asshat"
Serenity: "and not the cool kind"
Anton: "But yeah, watching the world go from the old ways to almost nothing and then rebuild itself is kind of surreal."
Amal grins guiltily at the Goddess.
Harriet: "Geez, do you seriously just hate yourself and nothing else?!"
The goddess can just smile at Serenity "That is true. Yet… This is my nature, and I cannot be otherwise"
Serenity: "eat more suckers and hate alcor imo"
Harriet: "Lame! Harriet Babbage will make you see the light!"
Anton: "Did you foresee everyone warring and destroying each other when you fractured the empire into the five nations? Or is that just an acceptable consequence of giving us the reigns?"
Amal: "Probably the best of a lot of not-great options."
Anton: "I'm sure I don't need to tell you how many timelines that happens in."
Goddess: "I did, and I too saw a way in which it could be avoided, but…"
Goddess: "My children's choices are their own, if that was the path they chose"
Goddess: "How could I disagree?"
Harriet: "It's easy! First you scrunch up your face like this -" Harriet scowls - "and then you say, 'cut that shit out!'"
Amal giggles.
Anton brushes his bangs to the side before he glides closer to the Goddess giving her a smile. "No matter. It's been a wobbly ride, but we still haven't strayed from the thread I caught sight of back at the start of this mess in the courtyard. We'll be reaching the climax soon enough~."
The goddess can just shake her head, amused "That… Beyond my nature"
JayM: At this point, however, things start to get somewhat blurry
Goddess: "I am the Story"
JayM: And her voice gets harder to hear
Harriet: "Look, not even some defeatist nameless totally-not-a-Goddess can bring me down right now. So instead I'm gonna raise you up! I'll figure out some way to make you more comfortable eventually!"
Amal: "Hehe. It's okay. You've got us."
Amal: "You're not alone~!"
Harriet: "… but for now, we gotta go!"
Goddess: "It is why I made you"
JayM: You can no longer see her but, just hear
Goddess: "To do what I cannot"
JayM: And with a low whine, you didn't even realize you came back to normal area, but the machine powers off, out of energy
JayM: Turns out you're, uhn… Out side now
Serenity: "dont worry i got wearing good clothing on lockdown"
Serenity: "dumbass"
JayM: There's a hole in the wall
JayM: You've literally dragged the machine out fro mthe connections at some point
JayM: Wow you messed up the place, I mean, yo uwere moving around in this space
JayM: Heavens knoly know what you did in general while looking at the higher place
Anton laughs. "Serenity, I think you need to look between both the higher plane and the one we're on. Our physical selves were still here you know!"
Harriet: "Well, time to start working on a mobi-" Harriet staggers, falls into Hughbert. "- whoaaa."
Hughbert points to the machine- "Is that supposed to happen?" then catches Harriet.
Serenity: "what i didnt do anything"
Amal starts laughing, out of breath.
Anton shakes his head before moving to clean things up.
Serenity: "unless lola was literally standing in here too then i fucked the lab up but i am like nine nine percent sure that isnt th case"
Serenity: "i know how space works"
Harriet: "Hahaha… we never really went anywhere! We just… expanded our consciousness, and…" Harriet yawns.
JayM: So much mess, thankfully the machine isn't damaged, it was just dragged
Hughbert: "Right. Harriet, go sleep. Amal, help me get Serenity stable and moved to proper care. Anton, I'll send some R+D crew to help clean all this up, could you get Harriet's people to help as well?"
Serenity‘ rolls over onto her back. "’m fine."
Harriet: "Nuh… I'm fine, just need some… coffee and I'll…" Harriet is flop.
Amal salutes Hughbert!
Anton gives a salute as he carries the machine back to a wall. "Sure thing, Hugh!"
Serenity: "Anton ya'll oracles have no fucking creativity by the way."
Anton: "Oh?"
Hughbert silently mouths 'I don't believe either of them' to Amal and Anton.
Amal nods to Hughbert.
Serenity: "Or well I guess it wouldn't occure to you you could puppet things with just the oracle strings, it's a lot easier with Amal's mixed in."
Serenity: "…Or probably be able to feel the source without mine."
Serenity: "Thank fuck Alcor doesn't have an Amal."
Anton: "Those threads are surprisingly sharp when they want to be. With enough force they can sever a human into pieces."
Amal: "Who knew doofy magic qualia machines were actually the key to everything!"
Serenity: "Yeah no shit."
Harriet: "Yup… I'm a genius… you're welcome…"
Anton: "As a member of the church, I think it goes without saying that decapitation isn't really something I strive to do!"
Serenity: "Actually TRYING to contol Lola right there was a really dumb idea."
Serenity: "With her source all the ass over there and her being almost as stubborn as me."
Serenity: "I think if we were standing over the convergance I COULD have turned her into puppet though."
Anton lets out a long stretch before plopping a lollipop into his mouth. "Shame I only really had time to look at the origin of all things and the creation of this world, though. The past is finite and had a clear path. I would have needed much more time to untangle the web to find the one thread that gets past the apocalypse."
Serenity: "It's me."
Amal: "Ugh, good freakin' luck. Although maybe you wouldn't have gotten repulsed by it like I do? I dunno."
Anton blinks at Serenity. "You're Orom?"
Serenity: "Yes."
Anton: "Oh…kay then."
Anton pauses not sure if she's serious.
Harriet: "… yeah," Harriet mumbles, "… big comfy chair…"
Serenity‘ isn’t either.
Serenity: "What?"
Harriet: "For the nameless one, duh." Harriet yawns. "She's all… tied up and dumb and it looks… really painful."
Harriet: "So, like… a chair. Yeah."
Amal: "This is why we're friends, Harriet. Speaking of comfy chairs…" They'll drag her and Serenity off somewhere to relax and get treatment if they have to.
Serenity: "Make her wear some non shitty clothing too!!!"
JayM: Man that… Certainly was a trip, wasn't it?
JayM: I wonder what you're all going to make of it
JayM: I hope you get a good rest after it, though
JayM: For now, though, this GM has delivered all they are capable of
JayM: Just one final warning, however
Amal: thanks for running, julian!!!!!
JayM: This game doesn't have a Narrator
JayM: That doesn't mean someone didn't usurp a few of those rights

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