A night of rest in the hidden retreat of a prince, wouldn't that be such a delightful thing to have? Wouldn't that be such a delightful experience in your lives?
It would have been, but fate has decreed it not be so. The sun has yet to be raised when you are woken rather violently by noise, or perhaps being shaken "Awake, awake you all!" you hear Sanger shouting "It's an emergency!"
Amal was already awake, sitting up patiently waiting for things to start happening; they've got their wits about them, and they immediately pack up their things and start helping get everyone else up.
Anton rolls over in bed groaning. "But this was very unlikely to happen… I just wanted to sleep…"
Serenity: "The emergency is that the sun isn't up." Serenity rolls over, making a 'what the fuck is going on' face in Harriet's direction.
Harriet: "Ugh… what'ssa… uuuuuugh." Harriet covers her face with a pillow.
Shaken out of bed and ushered through corridors "Kids, you know where to go, I trust you!" you hear Sanger shout as he drags you along "Prince get your flimsy ass in the car and the team there!" by the time you're in the car parking only your car haven't left yet- You see the sun rising in the distance…? That doesn't seem right "The Grand Carronade, they're going to shoot it, we need to act now"
Serenity: "…Oh. OH okay I'm awake now." And speeding off as soon as everyone's body is inside the vehicle.
Harriet gets dressed and kitted up, with an exasperated gesture to Serenity of the 'don't they realise geniuses need to sleep' variety. Off she's dragged to the vehicle, in she gets.
Amal: "Mmm, okay, -that's- what's going on. Tch. Their timing, damn."
And that is when you notice it's… Not the sun in the horizon. There is a golden glow in the distance, that maybe seems like the sun peeking from behind the mountains… But there are no mountains there. Sanger gets in the vehicle, giving Serenity directions to the Carronade "I'll go with you until we're close, any questions?"
Sanger: "After you're there i'll take off to oneo f the generators, i'll come grab you as soon as i'm done"
Harriet: "Uh…. what, holy shit. That's not the sun, that's a gigantic cannon."
Serenity: "Well, yeah. You saw the blueprints."
Harriet: "Yeah, but it's really impressive to see face-to-face."
Harriet: "Legit thought the sun was rising early for a second there."
Amal: "…okay, yeah, that's… nicely done."
Amal: "Guess we'd better be careful, huh?"
Anton scratches his head. "Here's hoping you don't see that thing go off, Amal. It doesn't seem that pleasant from my distant view of it."
Amal: "Nahhh, we're not gonna let it happen."
Serenity: "It's funny because we're going inside the barrell."
Amal: "But, I mean, damn."
Anton nods to Serenity. "Yeah. I'm just saying though that there are more than a few timelines existing where we get incinerated. Just from a distant view that doesn't look like something Amal should have to deal with."
Harriet: "I mean, everyone knew it was how I was gonna go."
Harriet: "Let's do it."
Hughbert finishes adjusting his tie as he settles into his car seat, buckled in. Somewhere in the rush, he found time to change from pajamas to his uniform. "We'll get it right the first time. About how much time do we have?"
Amal: "Hehehe… it's fine. It'll be okay. This won't break the Fatebreakers!" …they -do- smile gratefully and a little sadly at Anton, though.
Harriet: "Let's see… if the blueprints were any indication, we've got an hour and fourty minutes if we're lucky, maybe shave twenty minutes off if we're not."
The car, which by all means is a fancy car used by royalty to go places, is both surprisingly fast and sturdy. Not really an offroad vehicle but reinforced in the just in case variety.
Following the directions Serenity takes you to where the Grand Carronade is. Thankfully a weapon so powerful takes a long time to charge, so the half hour you take to get there isn't too much of a burden- And the road was good too, apparently the choice for base of operations was purposeful in it's location.
Anton: "Just as a heads up though, Alcor is waiting for us at the top of the cannon. He's not even trying to hide his presence."
Anton: "He's basically showing off and saying 'come stop me'."
Harriet: "Ugh, what a dork."
Serenity: "I forget, does he know how to teleport?"
Anton: "Yeah."
Serenity: "Barf."
You arrive to watch a short distance away the grandious cannon- It's base is wide, as wide as four houses in fact, and it's barrel is actually a beautiful construct. The barrel of the cannon is a little over seven hundred meters long, angled fourty degrees from the ground, hexanogal with milimiter-perfect curves made of a jet-black metal with glowing blue ragnite lines
You can all feel your force gears shudder slightly, the sheer tremendous energy being drawn into the cannon's accumulator banks creates an R-field of such proportions there is no shielding against it, thankfully the cannon's structure keeps almost all of it contained, not enough for it not to be felt by everyone
Harriet: "Oh you are just beautiful, aren't you?"
Amal: "Ahahahaha, wowwww. That's -amazing-, yeah."
Serenity: "The fucking fuck?"
Amal: "What's up?"
Serenity: "Uuhh how do I even describe this,"
Serenity: "Okay."
Serenity: "You know what synestasia is right?"
Hughbert has an expression of discomfort. "I do now."
Amal: "Mmhmm."
Serenity: "It *feels* like your color even though it's not saying anything."
Amal blinks. "That's weird. I wonder what -that- means."
Serenity: "Your 'i'm being a weird space starfish' color, I mean."
Sanger waits until you're all off "Focus on the task" he looks around "… Be cautious, there was supposed to be a large defensive compliment here" he points down, to what is an obviously large camp at the base of the cannon, with the vehicle repair bays and spare parts you know they must have had tanks here "But they're not here"
Amal: "Hahaha, you mean like this?"
Serenity: "Yeah that."
Amal: "Wacky."
Sanger was about to step back into the car, he stops to looks at Amal "Huhn…"
Serenity: "Also it's ignoring me completely."
Sanger: "That's a really strange thing to do Amal"
Serenity: "…You could notice that?"
Sanger: "But that reminded me. One of the times Alcor was taking to me he mentioned a friend was running out of time"
Amal: "Heyyy! You can tell too?"
Sanger: "And it sounded just like that"
Amal: "…hahahahaha. That's actually -really- good to know."
Sanger: "I really can't tell what you're doing, I just know it sounded the same"
Sanger: "Anyway, I need to go and make sure those missing soldiers are accounted for I don't want an ambush you on the way back"
Harriet: "Yeah, good luck."
Amal: "'cause… I've got all the time in the world." There's a REALLY scary smile on their face. "Stay safe!"
Serenity: "Huh weird. I guess that means more than me and Amal can notice stuff like that then. And Alcor is a fucking cheat and has three powers instead of one."
Harriet: "Well, yeah, Alcor's gotta be the most important person in his story."
Anton nods to Harriet.
Sannger nods at Harriet, gets back into the car and speeds off
Ahead of you is the only path avaiable- The slow down and into the camp, and from there the scaffolding of the cannon
Serenity‘ adjust the rifle slung over her shoulder while looking around, before settling between Amal and Anton. "In either case I’m definitely not leading here."
Harriet: "I nominate Hughbert."
Amal: "Good luck for us there's only one way to go."
Hughbert: "Alright… Let's move." Hughbert takes point, rushing down to the cannon.
Surprisingly, or perhaps not, there is nobody to stand in your way. As you head down the military camp feels almost like someting out of a ghost story, the place is devoid of people but tools are scattered and in the field mess hall the food's still warm on some plates- But the utensils are scattered and some plates overturned, as if they ran out in a panic, or in an emergency call
Anton follows after Hughbert. He seems to be focusing on something.
Harriet heads on down after Hughbert. "Looks like the decision to fire early was kinda rushed."
Serenity: "Bet Alcor made it unilaterally."
Anton: "Outside of us, the only person within a large radius of us is Alcor."
Serenity: "I don't think they even had time to get all the support systems they need in place."
Anton: "I can't detect a single other living thing."
The scaffolding that leads up to the cannon is… Actually, it only looks like scaffolding, but you can see it's part of the very structure of the cannon as well, or at least has been built into it, it seems like it can fold within the cannon itself if necessary across it's entire structure as well, a built-in maitenance mechanism. Unfortunately, it will only take you so high up and you're forced to take a thin and tall doorway that seems to lead to the very interior of the cannon
Amal: "He's sooooo dramatic…"
Interestingly enough, the walls of the barrel are hollow- Certainly they have the structure to withstand immense force but they're also built such that you can walk upright here, clearly for maitenance as you see the flowing ragnite tubes
But the tubes are perhaps the most dangerous you've seen yet, you've never seen ragnite tubes leaking energy, certainly if you stay at least five centimeters away from them it's safe but get that close? You're getting burned
Amal: "Careful, don't get too close."
Harriet: "Yeah, no kidding. This is a health and safety nightmare."
Anton scratches his head. "I'm starting to get the feeling this is a giant trap for us."
Amal: "Haha, I mean, yeah."
Amal: "Obviously."
Amal: "He's not even trying to hide it."
Serenity: "When *Harriet* says it's a health and safety hazard…"
Amal: "Haha, right?"
Anton: "There doesn't exist a single timeline where the cannon fires at its supposed target. All of them fire directly at the ground causing an explosion magnitudes greater than the ranged variant. Everything in the camp kinda causes a chain reaction on the explosion."
You follow up the maitenance corridor until you reach another doorway leading outside
You step out throug hit, only to find Alcor (who looks quite worse for the wear) sitting on the edge of the small balcony that faces the same direction as the cannon "Someone had the wise idea to break up the maitenance tunnel with a balcony with the most beautiful view of the cannon's muzzle" he says, and it's true, from here you can see the glowing energy in front of the cannon's muzzle. You're halfway up the barrel, the muzzle glows with a radiant, powerful golden-red light- It's not just energy, it's the heated metal as well
Amal: "Huh. What's… oh, he wants to take us out."
Amal: "That's adorable."
Alcor: "You really don't disappoint, Anton" he stands up, drawing his crossbow to battle stance "As you may have noticed, I put a very tiny failure on it. Once it's through ninety eight percent of the firing sequence, well past the point of no return, the R-fields of the cannon invert phase. And as you know, on a kinect accelerator like this, a phase inversion causes an inversion of the projectile's direction, it backfires"
Amal: "I was gonna say this cannon is really impressive but maybe that's even MORE impressive. I like your style."
Alcor: "Hah! You wish this trap was for you" he chuckles "I just don't like this weapon, but I do need it to reach seventy percent of firing sequence"
Anton: "Why's that?"
Amal: "Awwww, I thought it was for us."
Alcor: "It moves massive amounts of energy, it actually moves seven times more energy than my god-maker machine, but only at zero point one percent effeciency. Still, I need data on the movement of energy, the last point I need"
Alcor: "And when this selfdestructs taking with it at least six nearby towns? Akavir's going to learn to never make a weapon like this again"
Amal: "Hahahaha, oh, honey."
Amal: "No they won't."
Amal: "I promise."
Anton: "Based on its blast radius I can say with certainty that the only way we as a group are getting out of this alive is if we turn it off, though."
Harriet: "I mean, that's cool and all, but you don't really think we're gonna let you do that, do you?"
Harriet: "Like, you can't possibly be that deluded."
Alcor chuckles
Amal: "I mean, I like it! I like your optimism. But I promise they won't. And if they do, someone else will forget. Or try to take advantage of their unwillingness to build such a weapon in the future."
Alcor: "Of course I'm not, Harriet. But you're all incredibly good at your job"
Amal: "…I still like your style, though. I wish you were right."
Alcor: "So good, in fact, that i'm way behind schedule"
Serenity‘ glances at Anton, sighs, starts walking away towards the controls.
Amal: "Shit, I’d almost let you get away with it on principle."
Alcor turns to the side and fires at Serenity- Which she will have to actively dodge if she doesn't wants to be hit
Alcor: "We were supposed to have had another three fights. So I had to force it this one time, to get to the controls you'll have to get through me"
Serenity‘ flips Alcor off while shuffling from side to side.
Serenity: "Listen tiny tits -"
Serenity: "No one gives a fuck."
Serenity: "Stop talking, go away."
Anton: "So if your goal was to start up the machine and get the test done…? Why were you waiting for us to show up this entire time when our arrival was the only thing that could thwart your data gathering plan?"
Serenity: "You’re a fucking moron and we're better at everything than you, so just go sulk off somewhere in a dark cave and let us save the world."
Alcor grins, levelling his crossbow at Serenity "Good, you're in the mood"
Anton: "I get you want to show off, but that's a bit much, no?"
Hughbert sighs, activates his force gear, and grips his air blade once it forms. He steps up towards Alcor. "I'll make an opening for you to get past. There's one of him and five of us- quite the tactical disadvantage."
Amal: "I mean, we'll fight you if that's what you want. Just ask and stop being tsuntsun about it."
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Amal [B]:10 Alcor [F]:10 Serenity [B]:13 Harriet [B]:13 Hughbert [F]:13
JayM: Status for Alcor [F]: : [= ]
JayM: Alcor's in the way, either way. You're not getting out without a fight
Anton frowns. "Something feels off about this."
Harriet: "Ugh, fine, I'll fight and calculate at the same time, whatever." Harriet looks distracted.
Amal: "Alcor you're so weird. I hope you survive."
Anton: "Seriously though, answer my question."
Alcor: "Hrm… Because an even more important part of my testing requires me to put pressure on you"
Alcor: "You'll see what I want when I get it"
Serenity‘ makes a jerking off motion in Alcor’s direction.
Amal: "Such a tease."
[OOC] Anton: Waiting for a PM response before I do something.
Alcor chuckles "All part of the plan, Amal"
Anton chews at his lip for a moment before shaking his head. "Yeah, no. I see your game. Let's steer away from that timeline." He snaps his fingers and a copy of Hughbert appears in front of the man in the suit. [Shadow Guard - Reduces Damage Taken by 1 step for 40D.] The air around him then begins to distort. [Intangability - 30D]
Amal: "What's the story, Anton?"
Anton: "I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!"
JayM: Amal!
Amal starts charging something on the off chance they have enough time before Alcor acts. [CT 15]
Harriet: "I've got it!" Harriet announces, out of the blue.
Harriet: "Let's hurry up and kill this guy again so I can save us all. Or kill us all. It's definitely going to be one or the other."
Alcor chuckles so much work for nothing, Serenity. A glowing red marker appears under Serenity due to the power of [Another Goddess] making her Marked(4) as Amal points his crossbow at her, energy charging on the crystalline bolt
Amal: "…huh. Those are -my- grenades. What're you doing with those?"
Amal: "Also watch out."
Serenity: "You have grenades?"
Alcor: "Isn't it a beautiful question, Amal"
Amal: "I had grenades once. Haven't used 'em for a long time. Used to be one of my specialties, though."
Serenity: "…I can't picture it."
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Harriet [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:0 Amal [B]:12 Anton [B]:17 S-Hughbert [F]:27 Alcor [F]:27
JayM: Serenity!
Anton: "Man. I thought for sure you were planning to gib Hughbert before they did that thing they do, too."
Serenity‘ pulls a small vial out of her pocket, shakes it up, then flips off the top and sends a bunch of [HQ] [Dragon Dust] Alcor’s way. [40D]
Anton: "Not that you don't have ways to ignore the shield."
Alcor: "… Huh, oh so that's how it happens okay" he nods to himself, he chuckles to himself "Anton you got how that works backwards. It's based on my target, not me"
Alcor: "… Ugh… Damn, it actually feels terrible to do that"
Harriet: "Look, if you really feel bad you can stop fighting us for no reason and let us get to work."
Alcor: "I really do have a good reason, though"
JayM: HArriet!
JayM: And Hughbert!
Amal: "Oh yeah like all the other good reasons you've had to do all of your other terrible decisions."
Hughbert makes a barrier in front of himself, then clenches his fist on it. It's drawn towards Hughbert, clinging to his uniform and making it shimmer like an armored coating. He stares down Alcor, watching his crossbow. "Try something. I dare you." [Compressed Sphere, 40D]
Harriet cranks up her ECC, turning up the knobs to 11 as the central tube starts spinning wildly. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. You're in my way, so just hold still for a second." [CT50]
Serenity: "The dumber she is the easier it is to justify abandoning everyone that used to love her to herself." Serenity rolls a shrug.
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Anton [B]:5 S-Hughbert [F]:15 Alcor [F]:15 Serenity [B]:28 Hughbert [F]:28 Harriet [B]:38
JayM: Status for Alcor [F]: : [= ] Scorpion Mine[+50%](4)
JayM: Anyone can cash in the Scorpion Mine for +50% damage on command!
JayM: Amal!
Alcor sighs "I do have very good reasons i'm doing what i'm doing. I do know the future, you know"
Alcor: "But tell me, would you knowing those reasons change anything?"
Serenity: "I know a lot of people that know the future but you're the only one that turned into a punk ass bitch because of it."
Anton: "Aww Serenity, you shouldn't have~!"
Alcor: "You're right, I am!"
Amal flicks their fingers, and a sequence of magical seals made of light flicker into existence in front of and surrounding Alcor. [Interference D35 - all Spell and Technique CoSes -20 (4)!]
Serenity: "That wasn't really a compliment…"
JayM: Anton!
Amal: "Nobody knows the future for certain."
Amal: "It's an impossibility in this world."
Alcor: "But why wouldn't it be? After I go so far out of my way to give you that impression"
Anton rolls his shoulders before deciding he's content to let this play out to its obvious conclusion. [Prophecy - 40D]
Anton rolled 2d6 and got 3, 1 ( Total: 4 )
Harriet: "I don't really care about the future, or fate, or anything like that."
Harriet: "Solving impossible problems is just interesting to me, that's all."
Alcor grows silent for a moment "… Actually, you're right Amal. But that uncertainty"
Alcor: "Well, that uncertainty is exactly what ensures there is only one future left"
Serenity: "Why in the FUCK,"
Alcor: "But that's not important"
Serenity: "Out of everything we've said,"
Serenity: "Is THAT the thing that hit your sore point?"
Serenity: "Holy shit I don't even have words to describe how insanely far up your own ass your head is."
Amal: "It's frustrating to not know the future."
Harriet: "Just give up figuring him out, he's the smartest moron I've ever met. And I went through university, so I met a lot of smart morons."
Alcor: "Because i'm an oracle. Because I saw a future that can't be avoided. And you know what? It's logical, it makes absolute, perfect sense. Because the uncertainty the goddess forced in this world, the fact that anything can happen means that with enough time everything will happen"
Alcor: "At some point, somewhere, somewhen, a deadend will happen. Even the most infinitesimal chance will someday happen given enough tries, and in the infity of time, it will happen"
Serenity: "How old are you, twelve? Is this just a late nihilistic phase you're going through?"
Harriet: "Citation needed."
Amal: "There's a story about a puzzle with simple rules, but which would take all the time in the world to solve, and a monk who solved the puzzle overnight. The other acolytes were astounded. Could it really have been dumb luck? Or were they wrong about the way the world worked, on a fundamental level?"
Anton: "Word of advice, Alcor? When Serenity eats your sandwich you only look at the timelines where you got to eat the sandwich. You don't watch all the other stuff it's just depressing!"
Alcor laughs "Oh fine, hell with it" he grins "No, it's a simple matter of statistics, Serenity"
Serenity: "Boo fucking woo."
Alcor: "Enough tries, and something no matter how small the chance happens. It's true that nothing is eternal, not even we are"
Harriet: "Uh, yeah? Everything dies."
Amal: "I think you and your friend are going to run out of time before you can answer that question, Alcor. Give it up. We're here now. We'll solve the problem you can't solve. The problem that can't be solved in this universe."
Harriet: "Are you… are you seriously fucked up about that."
Alcor: "And you know something? I can't accept that. I'm fine with dieing, but for everyone to reach oblivion?"
Amal: "It's… it's okay. You can just got home and relax or a while."
Alcor just smiles at Amal "You're right, Amal. You're here now"
Alcor: "You are here now and that is why I know I have to do what I can"
Alcor: "There is no further proof I need"
Harriet: "I thought you were a scientist, man. This is just… really basic shit. We can't save the world forever, obviously. We just save the world until we can't do it any more."
Harriet: "People aren't meant to live forever, you know."
Alcor: "You are right, Harriet. We are not meant to live forever."
Alcor: "We are meant to lead to people who are"
Hughbert: "I believe I've learned some games I'd like to test your theory with that I've picked up around my base. Of course, as long as you didn't give the Duskfire so much you can't afford to ante up."
Alcor: "I'm just making sure we get that chance"
Amal: "You want I want the same thing, Alcor. We want the -world- to survive, and we know that it won't, unless we do something."
Amal: "That's why I've always liked you~."
Alcor: "To be honest, I wouldn't be doing this if we had a proper caretaker." he shakes his head "But she will do nothing. It's in her nature. It's why she made us after all"
Amal: "Hahaha, yeah. I'm mad about that too."
Amal: "But this was never a problem that could be solved from inside the system."
Alcor: "We just need to have the chances we need, but all she'll do is watch. So i'm taking charge, i'll be the caretaker"
Alcor: "Or at least learn how to make one"
Alcor chuckles at Amal "You're right. But Amal"
Alcor: "Every path starts somewhere"
Amal: "Eventually, you'll call it non-polynomial time-space complexity. And to solve a problem like that, you need an oracle. Not an Oracle. Easy mistake to make."
Amal smiles.
Serenity‘ holds a hand to her head
Alcor: "I told you, Serenity. It wouldn’t change anything to know my reasons. They're meaningless, in the end. All that matters are the outcomes of my actions"
Serenity: "No it's your actions that are meaningless."
Amal: "Good utilitarian. I'll bake cookies for you once this is over."
Serenity: "You just discovered that the world is eventually going to fail and everyone on it is going to die? Well fucking welcome to shit anyone with half a brain and a decent education ALREADY KNEW. Does that scare you? That's reasonable, I guess."
Serenity: "Should you go off on a whirlwind tour of the world making shit worse for everyone still here and alive?"
Alcor: "Oh, that part?"
Serenity: "You look into ways to GET OFF THE PLANET."
Serenity: "Fuck."
Alcor: "No, i'm just hijacking the causes of outcomes I cannot stop"
Harriet: "Uuuugh how are you this dumb when you're technically clever."
Alcor: "The most immediate disaster we're going to face cannot be avoided- Not by actions we could have taken in our lifetime anyway"
Serenity‘ slaps her face, pulls down on it.
Alcor: "Since it was going to happen anyway, I decided, why not play the villain for this story in order to get my experiments done?"
Harriet: "Yeah just pretend I also did that, my hands are kind of occupied." Her ECC’s still charging.
Serenity: "Do you want me to kill you?"
Alcor: "Isn't it funny that the decline of the civilization in this land was decided over three hundred years ago, by people that didn't even know we existed?"
Serenity: "Not a threat, an actual question."
Alcor: "You can't do that, actually. But I do want you to try your best"
Harriet: "Look, I can appreciate wanting to get your data no matter what, but you're just being super dumb and I really wish you would stop."
Harriet: "Guys if I ever turn out this dumb can you slap me? Thanks in advance."
Serenity: "That was a yes or no question, but I can see how you'd interput that as an inventation to be a dipshit."
Alcor chuckles, aims at Hughbert, and through Hughbert Serenity and fires his crossbow with immense force- The distortion that follows the bolt leaves ripples in the air [Piercing Blaster]
JayM rolled 1d12+252 and got 4 ( Total: 256 )
Math: (256*1.5) = 384
JayM: Striking Hughbert for [256] Magical damage nad Serenity for [384] damage
JayM: Wait
JayM rolled 2d100 and got 94, 33 ( Total: 127 ) for 80 Interference oops
JayM: That's a miss on Hughbert
Hughbert pumps extra energy into his barrier, taking twofold damage in Serenity's place! 50% of the damage is also redirected back to Alcor! [As Tough as the Mountains]
Amal: "Admittedly I'm curious what your experiments are exactly now."
Math: (384/2) = 192
Serenity: "He's trying to make liquid stepmom."
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:0 Amal [B]:7 Harriet [B]:10 Anton [B]:17 Alcor [F]:22
JayM: Status for Alcor [F]: : [= ] Scorpion Mine[+50%](3) Interference[-20](3)
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity‘ makes an ’after you' gesture to Hughbert.
Alcor: "You're all really slow"
Hughbert makes a barrier between himself and the party, boxing Alcor in on the balcony. "If he fires at you, I'll block it. May be best to run for the controls." [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
Harriet: "Cool, just let me fire this off."
Serenity‘ levels her rifle at Alcor, then takes a pot shot at him. "Yeah okay." [After Me] [67D]
Amal: "…ohhhhh."
Serenity` rolled d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 ) for 80
JayM: That’s a miss
Serenity‘ rolled d12+108 and got 11 ( Total: 119 ) for no it isn’t
JayM: That's some damage!
[OOC] Serenity: +30 to next attack, and the mine'll go off so 400% that fucker, Harriet.
JayM: Amal first
Amal: "You're the one who writes the Theogenesis Treatise, a fixed-point of this world." They start channeling light. [CT 10]
JayM: Harriet!
Alcor: "… So I did do it… Ahahaha, I mean, you're here. Enough proof, but, it's good to have it validated"
Harriet swings her ECC around, bracing against the admittedly unsteady ground of the cannon, and pulls a lever back - luckily, it doesn't ignite the entire area as the electricity jumps from the rods to Alcor's body. [Storm Guillotine, 50D]
Harriet rolled 1d12+450*1.4 and got 12 ( Total: 642.0 )
Amal: "Ahahahahaha, you crazy bastard. Alright, I'll play your game. I guess I owe you one. It works, you know. It all works. Had to put together some of the pieces myself, to be fair, but."
[OOC] Harriet: Actually, That's 1812
Serenity‘ holds her hand out in front of herself menacingly as Harriet’s lightning cannon rips through Alcor, thumb pressed against her pointer finger -
Alcor draws up his crossbow- The weapon takes the entirety of the strike, the energy is enough to cause it to explode from within, undoing itself in a shower of shards
Serenity‘ then snaps as the electricity explodes *again*.
Serenity` rolled d12+180,400% and got 4 ( Total: 736.0 )
Alcor grins "But I need something very important out of you now, Amal!" he points his right hand up- And the lightning strikes him again, it sears through his body and you can see the marks in his flesh
Alcor: "N-not yet- C’mon Lola!"
Amal: "Oh yeah? What's the secret ingredient?"
Harriet looks around once the electricity clears. "Okay that didn't explode everyone? Okay, cool. Solid work, Serenity!" She's gonna start moving towards the control console.
And suddenly, the color washes out of the battlefield- Except two colors that are much more vibrant, the black and the red. Alcor's charred body begins to fall- But it stops, held in place by invisible threads- Which through a glint of the light you can see. They wrap around his body like a cocoon, and then something- Something reaches out of it. Red-and-black striped fingers reach out, the white threads cling to the skin as he tears open the cocoon-
Still partially covered in web, almost the entirety of his face covered by it except his right eye, his skin turned to some form of striped red-and-black enamel "I don't know yet, Amal, but that's what I need to figure out" he picks osmething out of the air- Headphones? He puts them on his neck as noise starts comiing out
Serenity‘ sighs,
Harriet: "Uuuugh are you for real right now, take us back to the real world, I have a real-world problem I need to fix."
Amal walks up to the cocoon, curiously. "Hang on, guys, this is probably important."
Harriet: "Oh, and the exploding cannon isn’t important?"
Alcor starts floating in the air "Let's see how you fare against the fate igniter!"
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Anton [B]:0 Alcor, the Fate Igniter [B]:5 Hughbert [F]:13 Harriet [B]:43 Serenity [B]:50
JayM: Status for Alcor, the Fate Igniter [B]: : [==========]
Harriet: "THAT'S A DUMB NAME!"
Serenity: "Hard agree."
Anton: "Surprise! He soaked the big hit."
The field is now under Field Of Fate. Party LP expenditure is locked. Alcor's LP reserves are limitless.
JayM: Amal!
Amal: "…tch. How'd you figure -that- trick out?"
Serenity: "Because I did it first."
Harriet: "That's fine, Anton, I'm gonna just fry him until it sticks."
Alcor: "Correct"
Serenity‘ glances around, looking for the edges of the space.
JayM: The colorless space seem to extend as far as sight
Serenity: "This is a lot bigger though."
Serenity: "I can still feel the glass too for what it’s worth."
Harriet: "We've got, like, fifteen minutes to tie this loose end up, eighteen if we're pushing it."
Amal dumps another [Interference D35] into him since he seems to have shaken it in the phase transition.
Serenity: "I'm pretty sure the flow of time here doesn't align with a one to one rate as it does back, uh, there."
Harriet: "What, like, faster or slower?"
Serenity: "No idea."
Harriet: "If we get back to a crater I'm gonna be pissed, I was going to do something clever."
Serenity: "I'd guess slower but I don't really have any basis for that guess. Just a gut feeling."
Harriet: "It might have killed us all, but, you know, incredibly clever."
Anton: "Well, if nothing else that would dodge the us getting obliterated problem!"
Harriet: "Yeah, but weren't we supposed to be avoiding collateral damage…?"
Anton: "Us coming out okay is better than not, but… yeah."
Harriet: "I mean, okay, sometimes you've gotta scramble a few eggs, but there are a lot of eggs in that basket."
Harriet: "Like… so many eggs."
Amal: "We're not letting him break the world -again-." Amal growls.
Serenity: "…Again?"
Harriet: "But mostly I just don't want to be known as the engineer who didn't pull a miraculous victory out of her ass and neutralise the gigantic death cannon."
Harriet: "Not when I totally had the miraculous victory in the bag!"
Harriet swings her ECC around. "So let's toast this guy and get back to reality already."
[OOC] Amal: Server lag?
[OOC] Harriet: i think anton is consulting his walkie-talkie of fate
Anton scratches his head before summoning three clones of himself. Two begin to glow. [Phantom Rush - 60D | 30D | Invert on two]
Serenity: "Amal they want paws to do that thing where you guy go " wow that was stupid " and rewrite reality."
Serenity: "I guess lola needs to see and measure it from outside?"
Serenity: "We can probably skip Alcor's entire… whatever this is," She gestures vaguely, "If we skip the foreplay."
Amal: "Ohhhhh. For goodness' sake."
Harriet: "So, what, he's holding Akavir hostage so we pull out our mystical bullshit?"
Amal: "Is that what you want?!"
Serenity: "Pretty much."
Amal laughs.
Harriet: "So… he waited until we were in the country with the people who hate us most, with the least amount of sympathetic actors?"
Serenity: "And this is a great place to force that hand since most of my ways out of this involve a lot of things breaking."
Harriet: "That's his genius plan?"
Amal: "Okay, good, because I promised this dumb nerd I'd save his life, anyway."
JayM: Battle order: Alcor, the Fate Igniter [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:8 S-Anton A [F]:25 S-Anton B [F]:25 S-Anton C [F]:25 Amal [B]:30 Harriet [B]:38 Serenity [B]:45 Anton [B]:55
JayM: Status for Alcor, the Fate Igniter [B]: : [==========] Interference[-20](4)
Alcor chuckles "Lola's no fun, I wanted to keep this act up a little bit. But I want to see if your friend can do a very specific thing. And pressure's the best way to handle it" five copies of himself appear around him, but they're distorted and strange [Shadow Incongruency]
Serenity: "I mean,"
Anton: "Woah, woah woah. FIVE?"
Amal: "No, this is actually really clever. I like it. It's the perfect way to trop me into… doing… something I already wanted to do."
Serenity: "You should be GLAD Lola's willing to have calm talks."
Anton: "Not cool. Images are my thing!"
Serenity: "Because if she WASN'T, and *I* was solving this problem on my own, how the fuck do you think this would end?"
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 S-Anton A [F]:17 S-Anton B [F]:17 S-Anton C [F]:17 Amal [B]:22 Harriet [B]:30 Serenity [B]:37 Alcor, the Fate Igniter [B]:42 Anton [B]:47
JayM: Status for Alcor, the Fate Igniter [B]: : [==========] Interference[-20](4)
JayM: Status for Incongruency A [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Incongruency B [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Incongruency C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Incongruency D [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Incongruency E [F]: : [==========]
JayM: The Incongruencies don't have rows, btw, but they're targets.
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert: "While I do see the wisdom of not wasting time and simply doing what we must… Part of me wishes to avoid conceding and create an alternate solution. I believe I'm going to have to leave the rest up to you. I'll cover you." [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
Amal: "Nawwww…."
Harriet: "How about we just destroy this moron and rip a hole in space-time to get out of this bullshit mystical field?"
Amal starts glowing around the edges, rainbow-lit.
Serenity: "If you REALLY want I can try and collapses all of time space and possible kill us all and/or accidently dump us out in Lola's world.
Serenity: "Fuck knows I have no quams with being ornery for the sake of it."
For a moment- It seems like something might just happen.
Harriet: "Well if we go to Lola's world I can at least slap her personally."
AURUM: "I don't think so." The voice is resonant, and comes from everywhere, not just Amal's mouth. (And they're recognisably /more/ than just Amal, here, in this moment.)
Serenity: "Is that Hot Amal's voice?"
Harriet: "Fine, fine, we'll do the eldritch skin-tearing thing."
Serenity‘ glances around.
But something fails to happen- A web of bloody silk falls can grasps at AURUM, clinging them to the ground
The hand of the true God of this world gently, almost lovingly, closes the cocoon, closes the rift torn in reality in Alcor’s last desperate moments.
Anton: "Oh… oh man."
Harriet: "Uh… what?"
Harriet: "Hey Serenity, you wanna provide subtitles here?"
It would seem the narrators of this story are having a dispute as to the true nature of the events unfolding. But one of them is running out of time, and the other isn't. Or am I wrong?
Serenity: "He's not really saying anything else, he's just doing."
Anton: "I don't know how this looks to you guys, but… wow."
Harriet: "It looks super dumb to me."
Serenity: "It looks like the abstract concept of a hand."
Anton: "I guess it would without the threads and stuff involved, huh?"
Serenity: "Which is a let down honestly, I wanted more tall, flowing hair, ripped six pack abs Amal."
Harriet: "Yeah, I'm getting that, but, like… who the fuck?"
Serenity: "Oh that's Amal and Paws."
Harriet: "Oh, is that what they look like when they're not pretending to be people?"
There's a weird flickering in the air.
Hughbert is scribbling some notes on observations- squints, rips the paper out of his notebook, then scribbles again. After a moment or two, the pile of torn papers begins to add up. "What even…"
Serenity: "I think Paws is possessing Amal to interact more directly…?"
Harriet: "No wonder they don't have an R-Field."
Amal, hovering in the air, radiant with rainbow light, begins to sing.
It's… a different song than the music blaring from what's left of Alcor's headphones.
A different song, instrument and voice and an unknown language spill fort from Amal []
AURUM: "-river in a dry land! The last ace in a lost hand-" Amal's hands flick back and forth, like they're conducting an orchestra.
And the hand of God rises from the strings, in rhythm with their motions, free of tangles.
Like this? Are you listening? You'll need this in order to succeed at your task. But I know you will, because you already have.
I'm looking forward to meeting you.
Serenity: "This is a lot less complicated than ghost mom's song."
Serenity: "Though admittedly you're just kind of bullshitting this adlibbed so that's still impressive."
Harriet: "What sort of style even is that?"
Suddenly, the strands tear apart from Amal, and the ground and the world around you dissolves- Two great snakes, one silver and one golden, seem to burst out of nowhere and coil around the field- And flower bloom in the unexistant ground as something… Something appears in front of you, it looks like a child, but it's not human- It has two great white wings but the rest of it's body? Nothing but shade "My heart doesn't beat in the rhythm of this world… But I have a friend whose heart does!" the child raises it's hands, and brinsg them down-
Serenity: "It's a weird cross between ghost mom's song and Lola's."
Harriet: "So that's Paws, right?"
And the entire world around you shatters like glass.
And you're in the balcony. And nothing has happened. And the cannon haven't fired. And it's glow is gone
JayM: And Alcor? Not there anymore
Serenity: "Fuck if I know. Anton?"
Serenity: "ALSO THANKS MOM."
Harriet: "That's gotta be- what." Harriet looks around, confused. "Goddess damn it, mystical bullshit is so dumb." She rushes over to the console to check the current status of the cannon.
Anton chews at his lip. "Gimme a bit. I'm still looking at alternatives to how that could have played out."
JayM: It's… Offline?
JayM: Power was jsut entirely cut
Serenity: "Hughbert don't look now but I think that pile of notes that were at your feet are gone now."
Harriet: "Okay so… the cannon's offline. The power's just, out."
Amal collapses in a heap, exhauted.
Hughbert stares at the cannon…. then looks at his discarded note pile, or lack thereof. "I hadn't assumed they would stay… But I confess I am unnerved, just a little bit."
Serenity‘ crouches down next to Amal, poking them in the side.
Amal yelps very quietly.
Serenity: "Alive, for values of living that work for you?"
Serenity: "Oh good."
Amal: "Mmmfff."
Amal: "Gonna… take a lot more’n that… to take me out."
Amal: "Oof."
Anton: "For what it's worth, with what Alcor could do in that fight it would have been dicey to fight."
Harriet: "Good news! We're not going to die today. Bad news! The cannon is still, technically, functional, and someone can try to start it up again. Working on it."
Anton: "I liked the part where he summoned copies of Lola and himself and then destroyed us."
Amal: "Seemed like it was gonna be a lot of fuckin' bullshit, yeah."
Anton: "Glad to see you got your threads back after that though, Amal. I was a bit worried when you just up and shed every last one as it could have been a one time thing."
Amal untangles themself from the pile of sad demigod, doesn't quite make it to their feet. "Haha, yeaaaaah that scared me a little."
Amal: "I think I figured it out now."
Serenity: "…Alright it's uh."
Serenity: "I'm not sure WHAT kind of machine Lola is running over there, but it learns FAST."
Harriet: "Yeah, don't kill yourself, you're a valuable member of this weird-ass team."
Serenity: "It already learned how to do your color and taught it to her."
Amal: "Yeahhhh. The bad news is I have to let them win enough to be scary in order to ever make it here in the first place."
Amal: "The good news is y'all are also scary and so I'm not really worried."
Harriet: "You wanna elaborate on that?"
Anton: "Time travel!"
Harriet: "Of course it's time travel. Why wouldn't it be time travel."
Serenity: "Basically like, think of the world as a task of term papers waiting to be graded."
Harriet: "But, like, you're being created by things going wrong here?"
Amal: "Time doesn't really mean very much in the grand scheme of things, really-" -that's probably not going to help.
Serenity: "Anton can see all of the term papers at once. I can hear the professor mumbling to themself as they grade them. And Amal can make a pen out of no where and make corrections to them."
Harriet: "That's kind of what I'm getting here."
[OOC] Serenity: -task +pile
Harriet: "Yeah, yeah, that all makes sense, it's just important to know how much I have to let Alcor's dumb plans work so that reality doesn't fold in on itself because everyone is special."
Serenity: "And Lola has some kind of machine that's been studying everything we do and is teaching them how to do all that shit at once,"
Amal: "There's a book that exists in every fragment of this world. A book that's written by Alcor and Lola, that they're working on the research for… right now."
Anton: "That was basically just a very elaborate way to test the limits of and gather data on Paws in a controlled setting. Don't you love scientists Harriet?"
Amal: "Me getting here… being where I am, and with Paws, depends on me having read a copy of that book."
Serenity: "What they don't know though,"
Serenity: "Is that I have not yet even begun to throw a tempertantrum over how dumb this shit is getting."
Amal laughs a little.
Amal: "Just a little bit longer."
Harriet: "Right, so they have to use their learning machine - so mad they have a learning machine, that shit is so cool and they are so dumb - to learn how to do all our tricks so they can write their dumb book and you can read said dumb book."
Harriet: "(The worst part is that experiment was actually set up decently.)"
Serenity: "Speaking of, Harriet you've been working on your uh… sense machine right?"
Amal: "Yup. And then they throw copies of the book into every fragment of the world that exists or could exist."
Harriet: "Yup! With the tools I ganked from that factory, I'll be able to make precision tools to help me with 2.0."
Serenity: "I want to borrow it real quick and attempt to do something INCREDIBLY stupid."
Harriet: "Sure thing, I'll let you know as soon as I've prototyped it."
Harriet: "I'll need to get back to my lab to do any serious work, though."
Amal: "There's probably some last crucial piece of data they need and we'll have to do some big huge final confrontation with them about it, but hopefully that'll hang tight until after we've secured peace talks."
Amal: "Goddddessss they're soooo dumb. If they knew who I was why didn't they just ask me to collaborate with them on their research, I owe them that much."
Serenity: "Yeah they're"
Harriet: "They are incredibly dumb and it makes me so mad."
Serenity: "Basically gunna splooge all over the place."
Harriet: "Like… they're so smart, how are they so dumb?!"
Anton: "Just to go on record, they knew who you were the second you strolled into Masharas uninvited. Like Cor knew BECAUSE Alcor warned me to warn her."
Anton: "I talked to him in the courtyard before you were hired!"
Amal laughs.
Amal: "…anyways, I think I finally have all of the pieces put together."
Amal: "And they should be out of our hair for a while."
Amal: "Hey Harriet did you sabotage the big sexy cannon yet?"
Harriet: "Oh, my plan to disable this thing is to just leave delayed charges along the ragnite lines as we leave. That should destroy the internals, and the good news is that it won't even cause a cascade effect and destroy us all so long as I avoid the base connector."
Anton: "It's a solid plan. I looked!" He nods.
Serenity: "Hooray."
Anton: "So you met paws when you came across the book is the gist of your story, yeah?"
Anton: "If so many copies of the thing were made, why is there only one person doing what you do, though…?"
Harriet: "That was going to be my daring plan to disable the cannon, but I never got to hook one of my cryogrenades up to the charging system in order to hypercool the ragnite and interrupt the process. It was either going to save everyone and be really impressive or kill us all. Anton knows how cool it was gonna be, I'm sure."
Hughbert: "…Alright, good, this is a topic I can follow. Please allow me to help set the charges. I need to clear my mind of this extradimensional absurdity."
Amal: "…I've always wondered why I was the only one."
Serenity: "Didn't you say everyone else was already dead but you?'
Amal: "I'd spent my whole life up to that point trying to save the world, and I
Amal: "…I'd failed."
Anton: "On his one individual timeline, yeah! But the books were given to all timelines at the same time they just tossed them out to all parallel dimensions?"
Harriet: "Hughbert, you're my right-hand man and also the only other sane and unfucked person here, high five."
Anton: "So why just Amal?"
Harriet: "Also, maybe everyone else who read the book got their brains fried."
Hughbert gladly meets Harriet up-high *and* down-low.
Serenity: "That actually seems pretty likely."
Amal: "…maybe I was just the first. For some value of 'first' that makes sense."
Harriet: "I mean, it's not exactly normal human knowledge -" up-high, down-low - "and there's a lot of it."
Amal: "Then again, there's only one way to solve the teglon puzzle, and more ways to fail it than there are atoms in the universe."
Serenity: "The what?"
Harriet: "You can't just name something like that and then not go into it."
Amal: "A puzzle that's impossible to solve unless you can pursue every possible avenue to solving it simultaneously."
Harriet: "Oh, so it's an Oracle's puzzle, okay."
Amal: "Yeah! Yeah."
Anton: "So you're saying it's like a contract, then? You just happened to be the first person to come across the book chronologically where it would be found seconds, minutes, hours, days or years later in others and that made it void? Or are you just speculating?"
Serenity: "…Why is there a word for that."
Amal: "I mean, if I said it was an NP-complete problem that definitely wouldn't make sense to you." Amal shrugs.
Harriet: "I dunno, we make up names for all sorts of weird problems in maths."
Harriet: "Probably they keep doing that in the future."
Amal: "Haha, they do, I promise."
Amal: "Anyways, I'm speculatin'."
Anton: "So before you found the book… were you normal?"
Harriet: "Well, maybe the reason you're here is because Paws attached to you, and everyone else who read it didn't have a passenger to help them not burn up."
Amal: "Either way… I read the book, and it sent me to a… library, sort of. Full of every book that's ever been written in any world, every story, every secret."
Serenity: "Wow."
Harriet: "Oh man, I want to go to the everything library."
Anton: "That sounds incredibly boring."
Serenity: "How did you manage to sort through all the weird porn to find something useful?"
Harriet splutters. "Serenity!"
Harriet: "It's true, but you can't just say it!"
Amal: "There was… an author, writing the story about the stories." …they smile. "That's how I met Paws."
Serenity: "Too late."
Amal: "I rescued Paws from the machine at the heart of the library- that's how I met Maryam of the Black Vipers too, actually. And we came back, and… started trying to save the world."
Amal: "…and now we're almost done."
Amal lets out a puff of breath.
Harriet: "So why was Paws in the machine in the first place?"
Anton scratches his head. "What did Paws do to you, though? Ever since I've met you, you always had a set amount of threads that were artificially made from an external source. Based on what you've told me you weren't always like this. I literally winced when you did that transformation thing they were all ripped out from the roots before they stitched you back together after."
Serenity: "I thought we already went over how Amal died and now he was the ghost of christmas future?"
Amal: "An asshole put Paws there to… power… the entire library."
Amal peers at Anton curiously and tilts their head. "Yeah, I was normal before. I gave that body up, and Paws and I built… well, a lot of replacements."
Amal: "This is the one that worked the best."
Amal: "A normal body wouldn't've been able to do what it had to in order to save the world, hehe."
Harriet: "But were you this weird as a normal person?"
Serenity: "Absolutely you can't fake that shit."
Serenity: "Honestly he was probably worse before he came back, I bet."
Anton groans. "Man, why can't things just be normal. They're getting SO weird lately! And they're only going to get weirder, too…"
Serenity: "Hey."
Serenity: "Don't think too hard about that."
Anton grumbles under his breath. You can't make out much besides '…five shadows'.' but he's complaining.
Serenity: "Not before I get a chance to do it."
Serenity: "Oh, that. Nevermind whine about Alcor all you want."
Amal: "Hahahahaha."
Harriet: "Alcor is pretty fucking dumb, it's true."
Amal: "It's okay Alcor that five-shadows thing gave me an idea for something I wanna try."
[OOC] Amal: er fuck Anton. I'm tired.
Hughbert: "That's certainly a coping strategy that works for me. I find myself rereading my tactics manuals and reviewing command charts to soothe my headaches when I can't make sense of things outside my dimension."
Serenity: "Don't worry the magical fairy library is new to us too."
Anton: "It's frustrating sometimes. Like I know the thing I want to look at is RIGHT there. But it's not on this timeline so it's like trying to see what's right above your eyebrows without a mirror!"
Serenity: "Wait, what do you want to see that's not on this time time line?"
Amal pats Anton's shoulder consolingly.
Anton: "A lotta things, but I can't look at them. I just know they're there!"
Serenity: "How very specific and descriptive."
Anton: "Obvious things are Paws and Lola since I know where their entry point on this plane is but I can never follow further than that. But it's come up a lot more than them!"
Serenity: "I mean,"
Serenity: "I can MAKE you a tunnel to Lola if you want. It's not hard."
Anton: "And then there's the tower. That one really frustrated me."
Serenity: "Actually I take that back it's really hard but I can do it."
Serenity: "I feel like I know what the secret to the tower is too but it's like, that thing where it's right on the tip of your tongue and you can't remember it entirely."
Serenity: "I want to say it's like… some kind of temporal anchor?"
Amal: "I think we'll figure out the deal with the tower before the story's over."
Anton: "Well, if things keep up we'll be going back eventually."
Anton: "We haven't strayed off the path yet."
Anton: "What happens after that though, couldn't tell ya!"
Serenity: "Well yeah, attempts to see past it would fold in onto themself I imagine."
Anton: "I'm still kind of annoyed we didn't get it the first visit though. There were timelines we disappeared!"
Amal: "All the world-lines converge eventually. And soon."
Serenity: "If I recall correctly you agreed with Amal that we should leave that first time."
Serenity: "*I* wanted to keep going!"
Harriet: "Doesn't that sort of imply that everyone's choices are getting funneled into one very narrow set of options? What happened to free will?"
Serenity: "I don't think I would have been strong enough to pop the bubble then though so whatever."
Anton: "99% of the worldlines I've seen end up being the same in the end, Harriet. They just have drastically different events leading up to them."
Amal: "It's more like… everything converges at one specific point that nobody can see past. Anything can happen after that."
Amal: "…including us saving the world."
Anton glances at Amal. "Huh. You got that roadblock too? When I glanced at Lola's world I was able to work my way back, but when I tried to cross the threshold again I was stuck."
Harriet: "That's not really a question. Of course we're gonna save the world."
Amal: "Yeaaah. Heck, that roadblock is why I'm /here/ in specific. Had to see it from the inside."
Amal: "And now I mostly understand what's going on!"
Serenity: "That's progress I guess."
Amal: "Hahahahah, yeah."
Amal: "Anyways… we should be able to sort out Akavir now, yeah?"
Serenity: "This was basically the last of it."
Harriet: "Yeah, now we've wrecked their cannon they don't have much else."
Serenity: "…Oh man I wonder what all this looked like from the prince and his bodyguard's perspective."
Amal: "I bet it looked awesome."
Harriet: "We'll probably get to ask them."
Amal: "I hope so! They'd better've stayed safe like I told 'em to."
Anton: "What IS the plan after this anyways?"
Anton glances at Hughbert.
Serenity: "Go home, We Do A Thing, then more or less waiting for Alcor and Lola to do whatever dumb shit they're planning."
Serenity: "Meanwhile people that aren't us do political things."
Hughbert: "We'll have to get information from the prince. I suspect he won't mind if we take our time on our way back. Perhaps we'll find something interesting in this cannon? The secret will no doubt be out, and whatever grand confrontation this machine's existence can spark, will happen."
Amal: "Hahaha, yeah."
Hughbert: "As long as our good prince has all of the resources and support he needs to win the confrontation… We let him fight his war. Unless another factory must be smashed, or a supply line cut, I suppose. Problems that we don't need to dive into other planes to solve, I'd be glad to say."
Serenity‘ opens her mouth, closes her mouth.
Harriet: "Yeah, let’s stay on this level of reality for a while."
Harriet: "I don't like not knowing what's going on."
Amal: "I give you about five years and doing research with me when this is all over and you'll be building extraplanar airships or something." They grin.
Harriet: "Oh yeah you and your weird future knowledge are definitely not getting away from me after this."
Amal: "Hehehe."
Hughbert kicks the cannon and glares at it. He sighs. "Even though I heard this thing's 'voice', I cannot say I have any sympathy for it."
Anton scratches his head. "I might not be able to tell you what's good anymore, Harriet. I'm gonna be the Divine Oracle soon!"
Serenity: "Oh right I keep forget you get to hear my stuff too."
Serenity: "…Did you catch all that stuff between me and Lola too?"
Harriet: "Yeah, so that's why I keep Amal on the payroll. That and all their ridiculous future knowledge."
Harriet: "I figure you'll be real busy doing… whatever Divine Oracles do."
Harriet: "What does she do all day, anyway?"
Serenity: "The pope."
Amal laughs!!
Anton: "Eat lollipops. Procure lollipops. The Pope."
Harriet: "Okay, yeah, I walked right into that one."
Amal: "Yuuuup."
Hughbert: "At best? Like a radio that's one notch off from the right frequency. I can't say I didn't hear, but I also cannot say I understood."
Anton: "I think the real question is what you're going to do after all of this." He point a finger at Serenity.
Anton: "I'm gonna be the Divine Oracle. Harriets going to go back to inventing things. Hughbert will get a promotion but stay in the same job."
Serenity: "Ah. So you're basically just hearing the voices but can't parse the words?" Serenity rolls her eyes back over to Anton, tilts her head.
Serenity: "I mean, if this is anything at all like a normal fantasy novel I'm clearly going to open a pub and coast off of my fame ill gotten gains from our adventures for the rest of my life."
[OOC] Serenity: and and ill^
Harriet: "You're totally welcome to the science club with me and Amal."
Anton glances at Amal briefly before turning back to Serenity and smiling. "That sounds more interesting than weather research at least."
Amal grins at Anton.
Serenity: "…Weather research?"
Anton was definitely not grinning when he glanced at Amal.
Hughbert: "At times, I can make out brief fragments. At most, three or four coherent words, total, not necessarily next to each other either."
Harriet: "
Harriet: "Yeah, I'm planning on refining the system a lot when I've got the downtime to do it."
Amal honestly just assumes Anton's going to troll Serenity at all times and grins preemptively.
Harriet: "2.0 should see a lot of improvements on coherency."
Anton: "Did I never mention that's the job you ended up doing on the other timeline?"
Serenity: "Hmm."
Anton: "The one me, Alcor and Cor ran around on before Cor became evil?"
Serenity: "I guessssss that would be a little more important in a decaying, post apocolyptic hellscape."
Serenity: "I still want to know what the hell happened to the other Alcor and you, on that note."
Anton: "It was pretty important, yeah. With the damages to the landscape from the war we artificial weather was needed to grow crops."
Anton: "Acid rain and stuff isn't really conductive to that."
Serenity: "No doubt."
Anton: "Have you not asked Lola?"
Anton: "She'd know better than me, she was there for the whole thing. I've only seen fragments of our lives."
Serenity: "She claims she doesn't know, and hasn't been able to find them since she told them her plan and they left her."
Serenity: "Or maybe she hasn't looked. Either way, didn't get an answer."
Anton: "When I'm looking at another timeline like that, I'm basically peering into the present, only across dimensions and then can go back and forward a bit. So every week or two I see what we're up to in 'that' world, if that makes sense?"
Anton: "Going forward and back isn't really fluid like it is on the timeline we're on."
Serenity: "Right, and Lola's your anchor over there rather than yourself, so you only really get a feel for what she's up to."
Anton: "Heck, even Alcor probably is more aware of that than me. That entire tree of Oracleing I've never really been 'good at' so to speak!"
Serenity: "Not that speaking to Alcor has ever done anyone any good."
Amal: "Hehe. Maybe once everything settles down he'll stop bein a dumbass."
Amal: "…hahaha, no, probably not."
Anton: "When we get back to masharas though I could take a real good look if you want to see the entire story."
Anton: "If I'm in the chamber, I should be able to see everything."
Serenity: "I suspect we'll have a bit of downtime, yeah."
Anton scratches his head. "If Cor would let you in, anyways. That room is restricted to the Divine Oracle only. I just cheat and use it because I know I'll eventually be the Divine Oracle so it's okay!"
Amal laughs. "Wow, Anton."
Serenity: "Why would I need to be there?"
Anton: "The chamber basically is a zone where you can focus with no noise and it amplifies the scope of your foresight tenfold. Oh uh… I guess I could give a summary after instead of a play by play."
Serenity: "I mean,"
Anton scrunches up his face before muttering something about what the point of being cool is if nobody can actually see him do it.
Serenity: "If the goal here was to get me into a soundproof room alone with you… you'd *probably* be too embarassed to ask Cor for permission before hand anyway….?"
Amal snorts.
Anton starts choking and hitting his back.
Serenity: "Yeah, exactly like that."
Anton coughs into his hand before speaking up again. "ANYWAYS."
Anton: "I'll look into it, okay?"
Serenity: "If you get the chance."
Serenity: "I'm not gunna say no to sneaking into the labyrinth either."
Harriet: "Let's do it."
Anton: "The batcave wasn't THAT hidden. It just literally was in the one place you didn't look. Behind the popes bed. You can imagine how awkward THAT is to sneak into sometimes."
Serenity: "…Are you shitting me?"
Harriet: "Wait, what."
Anton: "Nope! Their master bedsuite swings out for a hidden passage and everything."
Serenity‘ mouths ’batcave?' under her breath to herself while giving Anton an incredulous look.
Harriet: "What."
Amal starts laughing all over again. "That's AMAZING."
Amal: "Every part of this is amazing."
Harriet: "I'm so mad, we looked everywhere!"
Anton glances at Serenity confused. Was he remembering the wrong worldline?
Serenity: "No wonder they didn't give a shit that we were looking all over the chappel."
Harriet: "I bet they were laughing at us the whole time."
Serenity: "Wait they share a bed in the chappel??? The fuck."
Serenity: "Why is she always passed out on that couch instead of jsut going to bed then."
Harriet: "Maybe it's a really comfortable couch…?"
Anton: "The same reason Harriet sleeps hunched over on a table!"
Anton: "Cor just manages to roll over a few inches first."
Serenity‘ shakes her head.
Anton: "(I think there’s technically also an entrance in Cors office but that's way less exciting way to tell this story…)"
Amal: "Nerrrrds."
Amal: "Workaholic nerds."
Harriet: "Listen, the Goddess invented coffee so that I could keep working on my shit."
Harriet: "It's not my fault my body has certain structural faults."
Anton: "You should talk to Amal, I've heard he has experience dealing with that kind of thing." He winks.
Anton is quite aware they literally talked about that today.
Harriet: "Look, if they can get me a body which doesn't fall asleep after so many hours being awake, I'm all for it."
Amal chuckles. "Maybe we can work on that after the extraplanar airships."

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