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Anton: "(I'm not really sure where to begin. But I will say that the fact that they attached themselves to your aura for a bit is worrisome.)"
Serenity: 'so what do you know about Amal's friend anyway?' She's not really mumbling at Anton but his ears are right there.
Serenity: 'so amal is a dark spot, and his friend is invisible?'
Anton: 'The entity that made him wink out of existance did not exist on our plane until a moment before he disappeared. It attached itself to his aura and he vanished shortly after.'
Serenity: 'how bizzare'
Anton: 'Yes. Which is why the fact that the petal attached to yours was concerning.'
Ice|Sleep: 'you know, most people consider ease dropping rude in and of itself, but they usually don't respond as well too'
[OOC] Anton: Oh uh did you get that other line I sent when I pinged
[OOC] Anton: Err you pinged?
[OOC] Ice|Sleep: 19:13] <Serenity> 'how bizzare'
[OOC] Ice|Sleep: 19:14] <Anton> 'Yes. Which is why the fact that the petal attached to yours was concerning.'
[OOC] Anton: 19:16:04] <Anton> 'Nothing physical is supposed to interact with the strings around you outside of say, Amal tugging on them. They're supposed to pass through.'
[OOC] Anton: 19:19:25] <Anton> 'One last thing as a matter of good will. When I mentioned color I was talking about the thread.'
[OOC] Anton: Also the strings aren't tightly wrapped around someone so it's not a case of 'it touched your skin' it is loose and wavy and it definitely got caught on the thread
[OOC] Serenity: okay then that first comment, followed by
Serenity: 'wait you perceive them in colors? how does that work? wouldn't a roll of film make more sense?'
Anton: 'Colors are actually the hardest thing for an oracle to see. I'm not very good at it, I still see them in monochrome unless I reeaaaaaally focus.'
Anton: 'But if I can find a colored string I can identify a person with perfection. Mood, disposition, feelings…'
Serenity: 'so is this like… synesthesia or something?'
Serenity: 'wait are you still talking about world lines? this sounds like a different thing'
Serenity: 'or at least i don't understand how alternative realities could convey emotions of a single person and be color coded'
Anton scratches his head before smiling. 'I probably explained that poorly, sorry. If I can find a colored thread it basically tells more about the world changing event.'
Anton: 'Their motivations are usually a part of that.'
Serenity: 'so it… what, zeroes in on the whats and whys and hows of one, uh, 'worldline' splitting off from another, and in the case of colored ones, gives you a feel for the emotions in the events that trigger it?'
Anton: 'They're all colored. I'm just bad at percieving them. Think of it as a different part of the story to read.'
Anton: 'I can follow a thread and see a scene of what it can lead to, but to truly understand everything about it I need to be able to percieve it fully.'
Serenity: 'and something I did the other day was impactful enough that even you could see it, despite your lack of talent?'
Anton: 'Yup!'
Serenity: 'weird'
Serenity: 'oh.'
Serenity: 'you remember that first day in the sewer?'
Serenity: 'when i started acting weird?'
Anton nods.
Serenity: 'was there anything about amal in particular that stood out to you? 'cause one of the words he said was… super bizzare and wrong.'
Anton scrunches up his face before smiling. "I can't actually remember, sorry. When he was leading us around the Divine Aegis though every time we got to a fork in the road things started to flicker."
Serenity: 'oh, yeah nothing really stood out as weirder-than-normal to me then.'
Anton: "He was likely rewriting things with a Zero-Fate."
Serenity: 'a what now?'
Anton: "That's what this whole FATEBREAKER thing is that Cor did. A future that is statistically impossible but not an absolute impossibility. One that can only be reached through interference of an Oracle as without strict knowledge that the particular future CAN happen it never WOULD happen. It's hard to notice at the time, but if you replay things that happened in the past in your head any time an oracle interfered with history a frame is ski
Anton: history a frame is skipped. "
Anton: "Amal pulls at peoples world threads in combat as well. When someone would have missed an attack he rewrites history."
Anton: "And when I look into our past the fight is full of frame skips like a choppy video."
Serenity: 'wacky.'
Anton: "Normally… Amal wouldn't be able to create a Zero-Fate because he lacks the ability to see potential futures and is limited by his own creativity. But with Al's help… he was able to manipulate things to get himself into a group that Cor already forceably placed on the timeline."
Serenity: 'okay,'
Serenity: 'i realize you are a giantic dork,'
Serenity: 'but you don't actually need to whisper shout for emphasis every time you say "Fatebreaker" , Anton.'
Anton frowns. "… Cor tells me not to capitalize it when I write our incident reports too."
Serenity: 'anyway,'
Serenity: 'so is zero-fating different from doing something so intensely you saw a color you hadn't seen before?'
Anton: "Yes."
Serenity: 'how so? from your perspective, wouldn't they more or less be the same thing?'
Anton: "When you used that ability and asked for a truth of the present however a large majority of your own strands showed color clearly as well. Given what I've said so far, uh… sorry for the invasion of privacy?" He smiles apologetically.
Serenity: 'or… no I guess 'reel skipping' is different from 'color appearing'…'
Serenity‘ shrugs. ’of the present is a really weird way to put that. I was just talking to his spook.'
Anton: "Reel skipping isn't something I can detect in the present anyways. I have to specifically be looking at an event in the past and I can tell you if someone altered history."
Anton: "Colors appearing is something I see in the present just looking at the threads."
Serenity: 'aha.'
Anton: "And before you ask, no I cannot tell you if someone altered history concerning the Goddess. Seers come in two flavours as I said before. I'm short-sighted. Hours are crystal clear. Days require focus. Weeks require a lot of searching. Cor is really bad at finding things until they get further and further away from the present."
[OOC] Serenity: did you mean Oracle or was Seer intentional
[OOC] Anton: Oracle sorry
Anton: "She hasn't even told me anything she knows about that, though."
Serenity: 'yeah that's fine. I already asked her about it and was mostly satisfied with the answer. I get the feeling we'll stumble across the secret eventually, anyway.'
Anton glances to his side. "Uh… please keep all this Oracle stuff to the group, though. Going public with that sort of thing is sure to attract the attention of a heretic hunter or something."
Serenity: 'I mean, if you don't go around telling people about Mediums I won't go around telling people about Oracles. Not like either of us wants every random person we come across asking more questions.'
Serenity: 'wait. heretic hunter doesn't even make sense in this context. You can be heretical if the entire religion revolves around you guys doing your thing.'
Serenity: 'or what's left of it.'
Serenity: 'unless…'
Serenity: 'you're implying that's NOT what it was about, and the Oracles buried that…'
Serenity: 'and there's a group out there that knows the truth and is trying to bury YOU…?'
Anton: "I wasn't sure what to call 'the city state is going to hush you up' politely. Don't look too deeply into it. What happened and what stays buried is the Divine Oracles burden.'
Anton: 'Which you already knew Cor knows.'
Serenity: 'haha.
Serenity: 'I mean,'
Serenity: 'And I could be wrong,'
Serenity: 'But I have a really hard time imagine Cor's girlfriend deciding to kill me because I knew a little bit about how you work, and Cor allowing it.'
Anton: "Yeaaaaaah. I think stuff like that is handled somewhere in Hughberts building anyways."
Serenity: 'They've gotta know you working with a group of people are bound to figure some things out. I mean, we're all perceptive and intellegent in our own ways.'
Anton: "Oh, no. Nobody cares if I tell you. That's why I said ask me anything! Just y'know, don't go to a printing press."
Serenity: 'woah woah woah Hughbert is part of a secret team of assassins which keep forbidden knowledge hidden????'
Anton: "… he's one of seven divisions. He's the intelligence division."
Anton: "IE not his division."
Serenity: 'oh'
Serenity: 'i guess his super power really is just wearing suits then.'
Anton: "The same suit." He remarks with a grin.
Serenity: 'still!'
Anton glances at Serenity before smiling. "Still, don't you think this is a bit too much give and no take? Why don't you tell me something I don't know for a change."
Serenity: 'I'm actually way cooler than you'll ever be. Sorry you had to find out this way. "
Anton: "What in particular did she say to you in the sewers regarding Amal?"
Serenity: "Umm… thjs isn't really the thing that I mentioned to you earlier but, back up a bit to before you so rudely decided I was talking to you and not her,"
Serenity: "She can't really… see Amal, properly? He's like a dark spot in her vision. She can, I guess for lack of better phrasing, feel the absense of Amal,"
Serenity: "Where as when I asked about Amal's friend, she said it's invisible to her."
Serenity: "Or well,"
Serenity: "What she said was closer to that she couldn't see it at all, it was no where she could see,"
Serenity: 'And when I offered up 'so like a dark spot versus being invisible', she agreed.'
Anton 's expression gets a bit serious at this statement as he continues. "I see. I can forgive you if you wish to keep your own secrets, but Agent Amal is under strict observation as he's Alcores playing piece. Any and all information regarding him must be submitted so we can decide how to handle him."
Serenity: 'Psh.'
Serenity: 'Cor didn't mention shit about me filling out any paperwork for this job, that's all on you man.'
Anton: "I'm aware. I'm just saying drop me a line if you notice anything."
Serenity: 'Anyway keeping secrets from an Oracle with short vision seems like an excersise in futilie anyway, so,' She shrugs, 'just don't use your power to peep and we're cool.'
Serenity: 'And for what it's worth, I getting the feeling demon kid's just as confused about himself and his circumstances as we are.'
Serenity: '…Maybe a little less since he sees things we don't. But then again, I hear things you guys don't, and you see things we don't, so I suppose there's a lot of that goin' around.'
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[OOC] Serenity: 20:29] <Anton> "I'm aware. I'm just saying drop me a line if you notice anything."
[OOC] Serenity: 20:29] <Serenity> 'Anyway keeping secrets from an Oracle with short vision seems like an excersise in futilie anyway, so,' She shrugs, 'just don't use your power to peep and we're cool.'
[OOC] Serenity: 20:31] <Serenity> 'And for what it's worth, I getting the feeling demon kid's just as confused about himself and his circumstances as we are.'
[OOC] Serenity: 20:32] <Serenity> '…Maybe a little less since he sees things we don't. But then again, I hear things you guys don't, and you see things we don't, so I suppose there's a lot of that goin' around.'
Serenity: 'Man. You ever get the feeling maybe reality wasn't actually very well constructed? "
Anton: "Well, I mean… we are living on a foundation of lies and rewrites."
Serenity: 'wh-huh?'
Anton: "I have no idea what the long term impact of rewriting history is but I can't imagine it's good in the long run, is all."
Serenity: 'nothing you described sounded like rewriting histroy to me.'
Serenity: 'ARE there some of you that can?'
Anton: "Dunno. Even if someone was able to figure out how to do it we'd have a hard time telling. So I can't say for sure."
Anton: "The concept obviously exists on a theoretical level but the how-to not so much."
Serenity: 'in any case the lying is something people are doing, I think, and the uh… if I said course correcting, would that make any sense to you? are all done by people anyway,'
Serenity: 'and I was more so musing at the fundimental of reality only being what you can, yourself, perceive, and how badly construct it seems to be since… well that's three of us now who all have wildly differenses senses and ways to interface with what we perceive as reality.'
Anton shrugs. "Want to know what I really think?"
Anton: "This much serious conversation is seriously making me hungry." He grins.
Serenity: 'That is, indeed, the primarily reason I am currently hanging from your back.'
Serenity: 'Sigh.'
Anton: "Uh, one last thing though. You uh… might not want to do that."
Serenity: 'Do what?'
Anton glances down at the ground. "… cling to my back."
Serenity: 'I don't know, it's working out pretty well for me. "
Serenity: 'This the most you've ever spoke in the entire time I've known you! About something that wasn't complete bullshit. "
Anton chews at his lip for a moment before speaking up again. "Regarding that. I hope it doesn't impact our ability to work together but uh… I can kind of get a reading as to how you feel? You went to college, I'm sure you've heard of the concept of empathy. Well it's REALLY hard to ignore when you're this close."
Serenity: 'O-oh no, he's going to find out I secret think he's super cute and want to make out with him, kyaa~!' This is of course the opposite of how she feels, which is largely indifference and a slightly annoyance (directed at him forgetting something).
Serenity: Mixed in with a smug sense of satisfaction/.
Anton: "I've been able to get a reading of how many people are nearby from this despite not being able to see them. I also knew Hughbert was in the same spot for a while since I've been around him enough to familiarize myself with his aura. I've been able to trail suspects such as on the Divine Aegis Climb operation because when they were fleeing they were exerting an overwhelming sense of fear and whether they succeeded or failed at the action
Anton: or failed at the action of running would change history their world threads were so large they were leaving a giant trail for me to follow as they were slowly getting unravelled. "
Anton: "When I finally caught the target the last of the threads were no longer wrapped around them."
Anton: "… I see the world very differently."
Serenity: "Man."
Serenity: "That was a hell of a lot of words in order to not get to the point."
Anton: "I already got to the point the first time I mentioned it." He shrugs indifferently. "That was more a bit of insight towards how skill set functions to aid the group as a whole."
[OOC] Anton: *my
Serenity: "Well, sure. But. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned not minding."
Serenity: "I don't really go out of my way to conceal my emotions in the first place."
Serenity: "And if you can read them, then it would theoretically make it easier for you to interact with me, right? So I'm not really seeing any demerits."
Anton gives her a deadpan look before mimicing her voice. "'just don't use your power to peep and we're cool.' Mixed messages, much?"
Serenity: "There's a difference between you knowing I'm happy, or annoyed, or sad,"
Serenity: "And you deliberately peering into the future to catch a climpse of me when I'm not wearing any clothing,"
Serenity: "Dumbass."
Serenity: intense bemusement
Anton goes silent for a moment before he starts to chuckle. "Oh… oh man. That hadn't even crossed my mind! Thanks, Serenity."
Anton pauses before speaking up again. "Just kidding. It's really hard to find that sort of thing anyways. World changing events are what really stand out since that's what I follow the threads to get to."
Serenity: "Just remember Anton, - oh."
Serenity: "Fair enough."
Anton: "I could in theory abuse my power to win the lottery as that has way more impact on a worldline but Cor could just look into the past and they'd see frame skips all over the place and I'd be finished~."
Serenity: "How tragic."
Anton: "Genius really is misunderstood in every generation…"
Anton: "Woe to the one who plays the fool. The courts favour does not win the kings."
Serenity: "Don't worry, me and Harrier still get along just fine despite that."
Anton: "Thanks, though. You'd be amazed at how often fear pops up after I tell someone that sort of thing."
Anton: "Or unease. You get the picture."
Serenity: "I mean,"
Serenity: "Not really?"
Serenity: "I imagine little six year old me talking to other kids and teachers at school,"
Serenity: "Talking to someone else no one can see,"
Serenity: "Wondering why no one else hears what she says, or why they don't talk to force gears,"
Serenity: "I can definitely relate."
Anton: "Point taken."
Serenity: "I'm used to those looks."
Anton: "Won't have to worry about any of that stuff when I'm Divine Oracle, of course!"
Serenity: "May the Goddess have mercy on us all."
Anton: "Didn't your teacher or parents ever tell you to follow your dreams, Serenity?"
Serenity: "If I did, I wouldn't be here."
Serenity: "Now, onward to the drivers seat!" mild spike in uncomfortableness but it vanishes quick.
Anton: "Well, in the sea of limitless possibilities. Endless amounts of world lines. I searched and searched and I found exactly one. One path I have to take to become the Divine Oracle. And I am not going to let that thread escape my sights for as long as I still draw breath~."
Serenity: "Well. I suppose it's good you're motivated."
Anton nods before heading to the vehicle.

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