JayM: Alright
Hughbert: (now someone with 5 luck needs to continue the countdown)
[OOC] Serenity: HP:500/500, MP: 600/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125
Serenity: didn't work :(
Given access to the best that Masharas has to offer in manner of rest, which is probalby your own beds, the day passed in such a tranquil manner it did not seem as if some great fate hanged in the horizon.
The day didn't bother to start early, you've only been told to come again to the meeting room in the afternoon.
Amal is always aware of fate hanging in the balance. That doesn't mean they don't know to get a good night's sleep despite that!
Today only Cor is at the room, the book corner has been carefully cleaned and organized. She is sitting at one of the sofas, reading a book as you arrive.
Harriet is much more bright-eyed in the afternoon. She shows up all geared up, as usual, trudging in and taking a seat.
Serenity: "This is way too much like actual work."
As Harriet shows up she just pats at the sofa to indicate for you to take a seat at one of them "I'd say sometimes I do that, but it seems like it's the only thing I do those days"
Anton slides into the room before skidding to a halt. He checks his watch before giving a salute to everyone. He's covered in soot. God knows what he was doing before this.
Cor Caroli: "I hope you're in the mood for travelling" she haven't looked away from her book yet "When you're all here you're going to have to make some travel plans"
Amal: "Think how cool it'll be to be able to tell people you saved the world! …actually, all this will probably be classified forever, haha. Oh, well."
Harriet: "Hey, ain't too fussed by work." Harriet grabs a book as she swings over and sits on the couch.
Serenity: "I mean the 'come here every day, sit in on largely pointless meeting at the start of each day before running around doing busy work' bit."
Amal: "Hey, Anton! Whatcha been up to~? Looks like you had fun." They grin.
Cor Caroli: "Welcome to government work"
Serenity: "It's like university work only with more people shooting at me, yeah."
Serenity‘ plops herself into a chair.
Hughbert walks in and takes his usual seat. "Ah. You’re all looking better today."
Harriet: "Could do without getting shot at, but at least it's not boring."
Anton scratches his head before smiling at Amal. "I had a bit of a run in with a chimney and a lost cat. It's a long story.~"
Harriet: "… but did the cat come back?"
Serenity: "I duno, two hours in a pitch black cave was kind of boring."
Anton: "Practically speaking, yes. Factually speaking, the clients pet was actually a llama."
Cor lowers her book "I'd hope you do, someone here has to be able to rest" she comments at Hugbert's. One of you might be able to recognize the fantasy novel she's reading, rather good one involving an archeologist that finds ancient super-technology.
Amal giggles and then grins even more. "Oh my gosh you actually literally went rescuing kittens from chimneys."
Cor Caroli looks at Anton, raises an eyebrow "That…" she sighs "Not unexpected actually"
Amal: "Wait. Llamas in chimneys? How does that even - nevermind." They turn towards Cor, actually paying attention.
Cor Caroli: "Either way, it's time for your real mission to begin"
Cor Caroli: "I already told you of our grand plan, and for that i'll need you to lay the groundwork for our diplomatic missions. Your goals are in Akavir, Orsis, Terchuan and Rissan. The order in which you tackle them isn't important, as long as it's done"
Cor Caroli: "At each of the four there's different things that must be done, do any of you have anywhere in particular you want to go first? I can cover those first"
Harriet: "I'd like to settle things in Terchuan, if no one else has anything pressing. I mean… I'm pretty worried about Matheus."
Serenity‘ folds her arms over her chest and shrugs.
Hughbert: "I was about to ask if you were concerned about that. I have no problems with Terchuan first."
Cor Caroli: "Very well"
Amal: "Fine by me!"
Anton: "Akavir is the most prevelant great power coming out on top." He slams a fist into his palm. "So it’s only natural we leave them for last to build dramatic tension!"
Cor Caroli: "Terchuan may be the easiest or second easiest of the assignments"
Serenity‘ gives Anton a sidelong glance.
Cor Caroli: "Currently, what I actually need you to do there is ensure all of the Wise Five are resolved with the particular internal struggles of their regions so that they can focus on attending the meeting"
Hughbert: "…I can’t promise I won't try to suggest we tackle Akavir sooner rather than later. I will consider your opinion while I weigh the risks and concequences, however."
Cor Caroli: "Which those struggles are, sadly, I could not acquire information on"
Serenity: "A plus recon, boss."
Cor Caroli: "I will also require you to cooperate with three research institutes working on the Sacred Grove project, an autonomous environment recovery, food source and restoration area system"
Anton: "It's the most common worldline. Until we try to deviate from it I'd say our chances of success on the other operations are a lot higher!" He explains.
Harriet: "The Sacred Grove project, huh…?" Like the one she read about?
JayM: Yes Harriet
Amal glances up. "That sounds… promising!"
Cor Caroli: "Their research has been mostly been stalled by a very influential traditionalist political group"
Serenity: "Oh that finally got enough traction to start?"
Harriet: "Yeah, the plans looked pretty solid."
Cor Caroli: "Oh, it did, Serenity. It's in the initial prototyping stage"
Cor Caroli pulls out a letter and hands it to Harriet, and another to Anton "One to introduce you to the Arklight Research Society, one of the institutes, and one to introduce you to Judas, one of the Wise Five that has been working closest to us for some time"
Hughbert: "Worldline? What is that supposed to mean? …Nevermind, it doesn't matter right now, does it. The course of action has been decided, for now."
Cor Caroli: "By the way, if you can do something about Terra Medical in the process… It's not required, but useful"
Harriet: "Okay," Harriet puts her letter away. Presumably it's the one to introduce them to Arklite! "And sure, I'll see what I can do."
Cor Caroli: "We can get an armored car to take you close to the border, much faster, but from there you'll have to find transportation on your own sadly"
Serenity: "University epionague and sabotague isn't exactly my forte, but."
Amal: "What's Terra Medical, again~?"
Serenity‘ sighs.
Serenity: "The group that was experimenting on the snake and tiger from yesterday."
Amal: "Oh! Yikes. Yeah, that’s some bad news…"
Cor Caroli: "Well, feel free to depart as soon as you wish to"
Cor Caroli: "This is bound to take some time, so prepare well"
Hughbert: "When you say " do something "… What are you expecting us to be able to accomplish?"
Anton is still staring at the letter dumb founded. "… Wise Five? Seriously? They called them the Wise Five?"
Amal: "There's probably some obscure archaic Terchuani language that sounds WAY cooler in."
Serenity‘ turns her head towards Hughbert.
Serenity: "You haven’t been paying very close attention to these " meetings "," and she uncrosses her arms to air qoute, "have you?"
Harriet just kinda shrugs at Anton.
Anton: "As someone who has personally been doing work here for years… you get used to being confused, Hughbert! You just go places and everything falls into place."
Anton: "And at the most crucial moment we clue in and go 'OH that's what they wanted me to do!' and then you do it!"
Amal: "If you're not confused around here you just don't understand the situation. That is to say… tactics, not strategy!" Mug-for-the-camera smile.
Hughbert flings his copy of Tactical Front-Line Arts over his shoulder and throws his hands in the air while making an exasperated sigh.
Anton: "Someone with as much tactical training as you though should have no problem coming up with impromptu plans, right?" He grins.
Amal: "Eep!"
Cor Caroli: "To be honest, Hughbert, I don't know what can be done but if you can gather information on what they're planning to begin with with their monster breeding already helps"
Serenity: "Now you're getting it, Hugh." Serenity smiles.
Harriet grins. "Yeah, it's kinda like that."
Serenity: "Anyway this was the most pointless meeting yet, I'm going to go get a change of food and some trail mix."
Serenity‘ slides out of her chair and heads out.
Cor Caroli: "It’s a long travel"
Anton reaches into his satchel and tosses Serenity a bag of trail mix. "Already got you covered, my dear~."
Hughbert just sits there, arms crossed and scowling.
Anton glances at Hughbert before sliding up next to Amal and stage whispering something to him.
Serenity‘ kind of sort of fumbles a bit to catch it, then turns at Anton. "You better not have a change of clothing of mine in there too."
Harriet: "Okay, but do you have some spare copper tubing? The fucking storehouse was all out."
Amal snickers and grins at Anton.
Anton winks at Serenity. "Perish the thought. Unless that’s an invitation…?"
Serenity: "I know where you sleep and will take any excuse to shoot you."
Serenity‘ actually leaves to go gather things, now.
Amal: "Gosh."
And off you go. The trip itself to the borders of Masharas is uneventful, a trip to the cable car taking you to the border post, from there the post’s people pretty kindly show you the armored car you're taking. You'd expect it to be something a lot more dangerous looking and/or more uncomfortable but it's actually a vehicle designed for carrying VIPs rather soldiers, the outer plating might be austere but it lacks guns and looks quite agile, the interior isn't decorated and the seats are a bit close to eachother but otherwise comfortable. "We'll be taking you through one of the large travel tunnels out the Aegis and to a small town called Lily's Ridge, they've been a trade post for a long time"
Harriet: "Sounds good." Harriet slings her cannon onto her lap so it doesn't jab at the person she's sitting next to.
Serenity‘ basically expected that. They didn’t say it would be a tank or a combat rover, after all. Settles into her seat along with a small backpack, in addition to her usual force gear.
JayM: Or it could go in the arms locker if you want, it'll probably take the whole locker but it'd be more comfortable if you're comfortable with it
Harriet totally does that, then. More room for the rest of the gear she brought along!! She probably didn't include the kitchen sink, but an inventor has to be prepared.
Amal scoots into the car, scunches up to be unobtrusive and not take up a lot of room.
Anton pulls out a book and for the most part keeps to himself on the trip. He's writing unless otherwise disturbed.
Hughbert didn't forget to pick his book back up after he left the Oracle's room, and is idly flipping through it. "Hmm… Lily's Ridge. That gives me an idea. I have someone stationed there, I'll have him accompany us."
Travelling in a car throught the tunnel is a little eery, mostly because there is only the echo of the car's engine following you "I miss back when there was more traffic around here… Really hate driving alone in this tunnel" the driver comments, mostly to herself
Harriet: "It's kinda eerie, yeah."
Serenity‘ is resonably confident both her gun and herself are small enough to cope. These outings are kind of unpredictable.
Harriet: "Hey, Amal, tell us a story so the car’s not so silent."
Amal: "With any luck, sooner rather than later trade will get restored! Don't give up hope~!"
Serenity: "…"
Serenity: "Wouldn't this be way scarier with cars coming at you…?"
Amal nods to Harriet! And starts telling a /fairly elaborate/ story that I'm not clever enough to actually come up with a premise for in narrative text, but I promise, it's actually really great.
Driver: "Not really, it feels… Dead here."
Driver: "Like something's about to jump out at us"
Serenity: "If you say so."
Harriet is appropriately entertained by the story which is totally right there, you guys.
That said, despite what might seem like a perfect setup for an ambush nothing happens. And you emerge into the sunlight again at the other side… It's a little odd because while there is dense forestry around the road the further ahead you go the most the trees seem to have lost leaves around the top, some trees are of such height they command awe… Or would if they didn't seem to have just up and died, somehow
Harriet frowns when she sees the trees. She knew things were bad out here, but…
Hughbert: "I would recommend taking it slower if you're nervous. That, or going much faster."
Anton: "I could have sworn he set up a flag for us there, too. Seems this will be a relaxing trip after all!"
Amal stops in the middle of the story to look out a window with a sad look on their face for a moment or two before they get their groove back. :(
You stop just before a small bridge over a lazy river… The plantlife around the river seems to have died completely you realize. The bridge itself is made of superb construction, but it still shows signs of damage despite looking safe. The driver takes a moment, and then drives over the bridge
Serenity: "Flag?"
Anton smiles. "Oracle mumbo-jumbo."
Harriet shrugs. "You do you, man."
Serenity: "What an illuminating explination."
Hughbert: "Is that related to a 'time card'?"
It is perfectly safe, thanks to the bridge having been built to withstand disasters, but it still looks terrible. The further you get again from the river the more the plantlife seems to return to life. After a while the road becomes better paved, and soon enough you reach the city of Lily's Ridge
The city is a bit of a jarring sight in comparison to what you're used to in Masharas, it has grown like the roots of a tree from within a central seed. The larger four-story building you can see from here has a large sign at it's top "Pad Warehouse" , the buildings are compacted against eachother and the streets chaotic in design, if there was ever design other than where is a good place to put down a house
Anton: "That's kind of a broad category. Like what I do is look for states of myself in the past and summon them. Those are time cards. But what Al specializes in that's more the blasty stuff is also a time card. I'm not really that good at explaining this stuff." He scratches his head.
Serenity: "I'm sensing a running pattern here…"
Harriet: "I'd love to really try and get to the bottom of this at some point, but for now we've got other things to do, huh?"
Amal: "It makes sense to me!" They lean back in the seat a little and look at the scenery now that it's not poisoned blasted wasteland.
Some people mill about, they seem busy with their work. You drive until you reach a sort of parking lot at a small two story building. It's unmarked other than a sign at the front with a series of letters you can't make out the meaning for
Anton: "What I do though is basically take states of myself from the past and then it's like I took Harriets camera and snapped 3D pictures and printed them only they were fully functional Antons that developed in the time it took to snap my fingers?"
Hughbert: "Right. This is my stop, at least. I'll be back with Silvester. Up to you if you want to wait outside or take a look around a military warehouse." He steps out of the vehicle and enters the building.
The driver looks back "And here we are. Over at the city center is the Pad Warehouse where most of the trading goods are inspected before crossing the border. There should be bi-weekly caravans departing from there. Maybe you can bum a ride?"
Driver: "Otherwise I don't know much about the place" she looks at Hughbert leaving "I need to refuel too, so"
She exits the driver's seat and heads over somewhere in the building too
Anton reaches into his bag and pulls out some tiny bags. "Who wants nutmeg?"
Amal: "N- nutmeg? For what?"
Harriet gets her gear together, pulls on her cannon again, turns to Anton with sudden interest. "Nutmeg?"
Serenity‘ holds out her hand towards Anton/.
Anton: "You can crush it on a lot of stuff and it tastes better!" He tosses a bag to Serenity.
Harriet: "Absolutely, hit me up."
Serenity` stuffs it into her pack, glances out the window.
Amal: "Huh, I thought you just baked with nutmeg." They take some out of curiosity if nothing else.
Serenity: "There’s going to be less and less large buildings as we go, huh?"
Harriet thinks. Did mom say anything about what towns looked like in Terchuan?
Anton: "Good question. This is actually my first time coming out this way."
Serenity: "Probably for all of us."
Serenity: "I've only been out of aegis like… twice, but not this way."
Harriet: "Yeah, I've never actually been here myself… but my mother always described them as wide and sprawling, you know? Working with the land instead of flattening it and making it work for you."
Anton: "Oh, you have parents? … Neat!" He gives her a thumbs up before wrapping his arm around Amal. "Don't worry buddy, I'm in the same club as you."
Serenity: "That's uh…
Harriet gives Anton a weird look. "Don't you-" Stops. "Oh."
Serenity: "That's kind of the default norm there, nutball."
Anton scratches his head. "Yeah, that kinda came out funny."
Amal side hugs Anton consolingly.
Serenity: "I mean you had parents too,"
Serenity: "But I make no claims for the demon."
Harriet: "Well, uh, yeah, my parents are both alive and in great health and giving me so much shit about staying safe with this whole secret job I've got going on."
Serenity: "…wait this was a secret?"
Harriet: "Well, I mean, I haven't been talking about it too much."
Harriet: "It's pretty standard protocol!"
Harriet: "Some guy wants a weapon made, probably doesn't want it spread around. You know?"
Anton glances at Harriet before turning pale. "… we aren't supposed to talk about this stuff? Ha… hah… ha…." He sinks in his chair.
Amal: "I -did- have parents." They're not stressing too much, but it's a little more subdued than their usual.
Harriet shrugs. "Hey, maybe I'm wrong."
Anton glances at Amal. "Maybe forget about what I said earlier, then." He smiles.
Harriet: "But I wouldn't want to share too much about this with my parents anyway. I'm pretty sure they'd freak."
Harriet: "'You're too smart to die!' Which, I mean, totally agree, buuut…"
Serenity: "Admittedly I guess mine are a bit more used to weird things happening around me, they didn't really seem too concerned, haha."
Amal: "Heh, it's fine."
JayM: Man Hughbert's taking a while
Anton glances out the window. "This is why I don't like dealing with stuffed shirts. If Hugh wants to do that… I'm not complainin'."
Anton: "He's been in that building for a while now."
Harriet: "Should we, like…"
Harriet: "Go in, ask what the hell's going on?"
Harriet: "Is that a thing you do in this situation?"
Harriet: "Honestly kinda lost here."
Serenity: "Fine I'll go."
Serenity‘ opens her door and heads inside.
Anton: "He hasn’t moved from that one spot for a while now."
Anton chews at his lip. "Probably worth a check given how worried he is."
Harriet: "I just figured he got stuck telling stories to one of his friends. That's a thing you do with old friends, right?"
Anton gives Serenity a salute. "Praise be to our obstinate savior. So her allies can continue to snack in luxury."
Anton pulls out a sandwich.
Hughbert nods to Serenity as she walks in. "Ah, I was just about done here. Is everyone still waiting? I believe I have a plan of action, for now."
Serenity: "Anton is getting increasingly more Anton-y with each passing minute."
Serenity catches a glance of what's inside, what looks like an office with three very overworked looking people
A short and muscular guy, the sort that looks like a small square, is heading out with Hughbert. Eyes and hair the color of the earth and an easygoing smile, he waves
Serenity: "I think he just put nutmeg on a hoagie he pulled out of his pocket while bemoaning people in suits and making doe eyes at the door."
Hughbert: "…Do oracles use nutmeg as a divining reagent, perhaps?"
Serenity: "Don't think so. He's just weird."
Hughbert: "No nevermind, I don't want to know. Let's go," he leads the way and walks back to the others.
Serenity‘ nods.
The guy follows silently as Hughbert returns to the party
Hughbert waves and introduces the tough-looking uniformed gentleman beside him. "Silvester, these are my partners on this mission," then introduces each one briefly. "So, our current problem is our lack of further transportation. I have a few ideas of what we can do to fix this."
Harriet waves to the guy whose name she is definitely going to forget.
Serenity` opens the car door, pulls what lefts of Anton’s sanwich out of his hands. "Your savior demands offerings." Then proceeds to eat it.
Hughbert: "We can wait for the next transportation service, which… unfortunately just left. It'll be about 2 weeks, in other words. A poor choice, I believe…"
The man nods "Silvester, specialist. Yeah we've been discussing for a while, sorry for the delay"
Anton 's jaw hits the floor as he stares at Hughbert, Silvester and Serenity like someone had just shot a puppy.
Harriet: "Didn't foresee that," Harriet notes dryly.
Hughbert: "There's the caravan our driver mentioned. However, it has little room for passengers. We'd have to really beg and persuade someone to let us on board, and even then, I hope you are not expecting a comfortable ride."
Harriet: "It cannot possibly be worse than the slingshot trip to the mountain."
Hughbert: "I don't suppose anyone secretly has any relatives in town, that could help? Perhaps an old friend… or lover? Someone we could call a favor in from, or someone who'd be open to lending us one."
Hughbert: "If not… Then, I have one last plan. We can raid the scrap heap at the warehouse and hope we can find an abandoned, but servicable, vehicle… and entrust Serenity and Harriet to ensuring it doesn't fall apart before we reach our destination."
Harriet: "Can't think of any relatives who live here, but I can totally get you a car running. That's not even hard."
Anton is still staring into the distance with a blank look on his eyes. It's kind of like the look Cor had when she was staring at her cards.
Hughbert: "…Do you need more nutmeg? Will that help?"
Amal: "Either it's sandwich shock, or he's divining. …I'm not sure which."
Harriet: "Huh? Oh, right. Hey, Anton, you okay?"
Anton licks his lips before nodding to the others. "Delicious."
Harriet: "Uhh…"
Harriet shrugs. "Leave him, he's happy."
Silvester just has a raised eyebrow
Amal giggles.
Serenity‘ doesn’t really go out of her way to point out Anton didn't eat most of that sandwich as she finishes off the last two bites.
JayM: Even I have been left discombobulated now
Serenity: "Anyway yeah now that my mouth isn't full, junkcar works for me too."
JayM: Well, if that's the plan agreed on
JayM: The Pad Warehouse would be easy to find, all roads lead there, quite literally
Harriet: OFF TO THE TREASURE TROVE i mean, the scrap heap.
Hughbert: "…Why don't we go to the scrap yard and see what we can find. Anton, there's a stall three streets down there and to the right, if you're that hungry." He proceeds to lead on.
Harriet follows Hughbert!
Serenity: "I'm also down with Anton producing more offerings for me."
Amal makes sure Anton tags along in his hallucinatory sandwich daze.
The streets are easy to navigate, a gentle breeze blows colorful petals past you as it makes the trees that line the main street whistle beautifully. There's a few horse drawn carts carrying smaller goods to smaller warehouses, a large threaded truck passes you by as you get closer to the Pad Warehouse
The Pad Warehouse is a large storage building and customs checkpoint, there's two clearly labelled entrances for Masharas and Terchuan, as well as two well labelled exits for both loading docks.
Serenity: "Okay."
Serenity: "Now."
Serenity: "This is going to sounds slightly crazy but."
Anton seems to come to once Amal shakes him a bit. He waves a finger at Serenity. "I'll be sure to pack more for you next time."
Yet your objective is off to the side, a smaller entrance to the administrative portion as well as the garage entrance
Serenity: "Does anyone feel like any time we leave the city proper they're finding their attention unnaturally drawn to falling petals?"
Amal takes a deep breath. It's a wonderful day!
Anton smiles. "I do now~."
Harriet: "Uh… not really? They're flowers in the wind, I don't see the big deal."
Harriet: "Like, happy they're not dead flowers, but."
Hughbert: "Do you not like this season?"
Serenity‘ scratches behind her head. "I guess it is just me then."
Harriet: "It’s not really my favourite. All the pollen makes me sneeze."
Harriet: "Real pretty from behind a window, though."
Anton scratches at his chin. "Perhaps we should all wear masks? We can be a cool special ops team and fight allergies at the same time!"
Hughbert leads the party through the admin/garage entrance, obviously to the garage portion.
As Serenity scratches behind her head a single petal blows past- Gently passing by her cheek like a caressing hand
Amal giggles again at Anton and follows Hughbert.
Harriet followin' Hughbert to - THE SCRAP ZONE -
Serenity: "Not sure if you were trying to be funny but it came across a bit creepy," She's mumbling to herself…?
Anton tilts his head and stares at Serenity.
Amal: "(Don't staaaare!)"
Serenity: "Wait, what do you mean bloodless?" Serenity blinks, stopping for a second, then realizes she's still on the street and keeps walking.
Amal: "(It's not polite!)"
Anton scrunches up his face. "(Just kinda worried. I haven't seen something get caught on the strings before.)"
Serenity‘ then becomes to mutter a bit quieter and more quickly, stopping long enough to give Anton a confused look and ask "What?"
Amal is the one staring at Anton now. "(Huh?!)"
Anton shakes his head. "My apologies. I wasn’t meaning to eavesdrop. Perhaps a steaming bun later to make it up?" He smiles.
Serenity: "One of you two,"
Takes just a bit of talking to be shown the garage. Surprisingly they are more than happy to have someone look at the decomissioned vehicles and maybe take them off their hands. Way easier than usual recycling. The clerk shows you the garage where there's currently two trucks parked in the maitenance bays and one being refuelled from a very large tank of ragnite fuel. Four people are gathered around one of the trucks in the maitenance bays, discussing something from a sheet of paper in a binder
Serenity‘ stares at Anton and then some unfixed point in the distance.
Serenity: "Is really going to need to learn how to explain things and not just mutter confusing comments that are relevant."
Amal puts a finger on their nose. "Not it!"
Harriet gets right to assessing the vehicles. This is going to be fun!
Anton had raised his hand before snaps his fingers annoyed. "Aww man. No fair, Amal!"
Hughbert walks over to the four and salutes them. "Lieutenant Marcel. I have a question for you." He fills the mechanics in on the basics - need car, accepting clunker - while vaguely gesturing to the excited mad scientist and trying to explain that she is, in fact, supposed to be climbing all over their vehicles now.
Amal grins. "Hey, you’re supposed to be able to see the future. You should have already had your finger on your nose and been one step ahead!"
Serenity‘ stands up on her toes, in order to wrap and arm around Anton’s neck, then starts dragging him towards the junkyard. "That sounded like you volunteering to me."
Anton flails. "I have to -focus- to do that Amal. You should know that by now."
Amal: "Psh, excuses~."
Serenity: "Seriously though, I think you've mentions strings multiple times now."
Harriet would be glad someone is explaining, except she's very busy assessing everything right now. She comes up in the middle of the group after a few moments, goggles down over her eyes. "Well obviously your problem's in the pipeline, come on, the damage might be minor but it really builds up! Of course I can fix it. You don't mind, right? Right." And then she disappears again, raiding
Harriet some other things to try and grab the parts she needs.
They turn at Hughbert "Oh, someone to take some trash out of our hands, eh?" he points further back, unseen before until now is a sort of short vehicle with wheels instead of threads "That thing's been sitting here for a good while, engine's completely given in and it's one of those temperamental new-type tire-using vehicles and we don't actually have any way to fix those overblown balloons it uses for wheels"
Serenity: "I told you about the spooks, you tell me about your shit."
Harriet: "Yeah, yeah, I'll totally fix that too."
Hughbert: "I invite you to watch, if you have professional curiosity." He nods to Harriet.
One of the other mechanics notices Harriet "Wait, what-" they're too slow to stop the Hurricane Harriet, however, and chases her around a little bit as she raids the supply cabinet for repair materials. However, once they realize she is actually right and the speed with which she gets the fuel system reinstalled they kind of just stare "We've spent the whole morning trying to figure out what was up"
Harriet: "You've gotta know to look against the grain, like, get some magnification," Harriet taps her goggles briefly, "you get little scars, right? I mean they're not really scars but you know what I mean!" She's a flurry of activity as she repairs the system.
One of the other mechanics looks at Harriet as she works "Now aren't you a little savant…" they head over to the driver's seat to check if it's starting up proper, which it is of course "And weren't you right"
Harriet: "Of course I'm right. Anything else you need fixed?"
Mechanic: "Man if you need any supplies to fix that car you can have it, I just wanna watch"
Harriet grins. "Done deal."
Harriet heads off to assess the clunker, now!
Serenity‘ glances in Harriet’s direction, "Get a replacement valve, we'll need it." before returning her attention to Anton expressionlessly.
Anton pouts for a little bit before smiling at Serenity. He mutters something to her.
Serenity: "Start with 'they'."
Anton scrunches up his face. "I'm really not good at explaining things. That petal is not supposed to stick to non physical things, though."
Anton: "Nothing physical is."
Serenity: "So you know what the petal is?"
Hughbert chats with Silvester. "They're an odd bunch, but… Just look at what we can do when we're in our element."
Anton: "Do you?"
Silvester nods "I can't even figure out what is going on those three there"
Serenity: "I wouldn't be so annoyed if I did. I got a " it's not supposed to do that " from you, and a " that isn't natural " from her. All I know if I've been noticing petals ever since Cor showed up."
Harriet flurries around once she's done with her initial assessment, grabbing spare parts. (She totally picks up that replacement valve, of course.) She grabs a tool from her belt and spends some time painstakingly shaping one of the gears to fit some new configuration, and grabs one of the tarps and brutally savages it to repair the slashed tires.
Hughbert: "You and me both."
Harriet: "Hey, guys! Do we want a cannon on this thing?!"
Hughbert: "Yes. Wait, that won't compromise the vehicle's operation, will it?"
Serenity: "Gattling gun if managable, cannon last resort!" turning her head away form Anton to shout.
Harriet: "I can totally make it work!" And then she dives back into the spare parts to continue improving the car. She's gonna put a gun on it.
Amal: "Okay so- hang on am I the only person who can see that Serenity's wearing a creepy ghost? Because I mean that might explain the, uh." They wooble their fingers around in the air like something getting stuck to something else.
Serenity: "What."
Serenity‘ glances back over her shoulder.
Anton sighs. "Man. I was just getting to that part."
Hughbert stares blankly at Amal. "How do you wear a ghost."
Amal: "It’s like you're made of ragnite, or something. It's kinda cool, actually."
Anton: "I thought you said I could do this!"
Hughbert: "Ghosts aren't clothes." He sighs heavily, his Mystical Bullshit Capacity Meter approaching its limit. "Ghosts aren't clothes!!"
Anton slips out of Serenities headlock as her attention is otherwise occupied.
Serenity: "I don't know what they're talking about either - hey!"
Harriet: "What?" Harriet looks up from where she's unslung her ECC and is working on attaching cords from it to some abomination on the back of the clunker.
Harriet: "Did someone say something about ghosts?"
JayM: Guys that's looking a little bit dangerous, what Harriet is doing
Amal: "Serenity's a ghooooos- what the heck are you doing, yikes."
Harriet: "I'm putting a gun on it," Harriet explains, as if it should be perfectly obvious.
Amal: "Is… that… safe?"
Harriet: "Nah."
Harriet: "But it's cool."
Amal: "Cool!"
Serenity‘ turns her head towards the car at the word ’safe'.
Anton scratches his head. "Did she mean that the petals were unnatural or the fact that one got stuck on your aura was?"
Serenity‘ frowns.
Harriet: "Anyway you guys have fun with your ghosts or whatever." And Harriet’s back to creating.
Serenity: "Petals themselves."
Serenity: "Also if you dodge the question I'm going to hurt you."
The mechanics are just kind of watching in equal parts amazement and fear
Anton chuckles. "Please don't look at me with those cold hazel eyes. Such a masterpiece is known to move the soul~."
Serenity: "Anyway I said gatling gun, not canon! Something that powerful is going to mess with the driving part if it's ever shot."
Serenity‘ then grabs Anton by the collar of his shirt.
Harriet: "It is a gatling gun! You’re in charge of finding something vaguely ammunition shaped!"
Serenity: "If that's the kind of thing you're into I will oblige if it gets you talking."
Amal isn't helping Anton out of this one (plus they are WAY too distracted by Harriet's honestly impressive hack job.)
Harriet tinkers with something else - the ECC whirrs disconcertingly - and she falls backwards as an explosion rocks the whole vehicle. The first thing she does is to pat at her hair to make sure it's not on fire (again).
Hughbert isn't sure if he should be spending his time and energy debating ectoplasmic textiles with Amal, vehicular non-combustion with Harriet, or stopping Serenity from punching Anton, and instead, just- ducks for cover.
Amal starts clapping!
The mechanics jump back and dive for cover, what even-
Harriet: "Everything is fine!" Harriet calls out, coughing. "Perfectly normal!"
Serenity‘ was pretty sure the explosion was coming and doesn’t even flinch, just keeps a hold of Anton and glares at him.
Hughbert: "Are… You sure? I don't consider explosions an indication that you have everything under control, Harriet."
Anton sweatdrops before speaking up. "In all seriousness, I only have theories about the petals appearing when Cor got involved. The fact that it is unnatural likely is related to the fact that we, the FATEBREAKERS are unnatural. As in, there was never a big prophecy about us. Completely made up. The fact that we exist at all as a group is a huge fabricated anomaly."
Harriet: "If there aren't at least five explosions in the creation of an invention it's a horrific failure!"
Serenity: "Thank you."
Serenity: "What is your current, favorite theory?"
Hughbert: "Is that how inventions work." He flatly asks the other mechanics.
Amal didn't dive for cover, they were /exactly/ as far away from the explosion as they needed to be.
Amal: "Also yes that is."
Amal: "Absolutely."
One of them unhides from under one of the trucks "No! Not in the least!"
Amal: "How inventions work."
Anton: "What I just stated. Cor set things in motion that by no means should have existed in the first place."
Amal: "Was inventor in previous life, can confirm."
Anton: "I presume to put pressure on Al, but…"
Hughbert: "Harriet. Explain yourself. The mechanic said that's not how it works."
Serenity: "And the petals are…"
The other mechanics get back up "What did you even do there?!"
Serenity: "What, a glitch in the tapastrey of fate?"
Amal: "They're just a mechanic, not an inventor!" Beat, apologetically: "I'm sure you're a very good mechanic!"
Anton smiles. "No idea~. Could be!"
Serenity: "Your theory sucks, never go into a research field."
Harriet lifts her head from where she's wrestling at something with a wrench. "Uh, Hughbert, I wrote the book on managing dangerous accidents in the workshop."
Amal: "Aw, you don't have any theories?"
Harriet: "Well, okay, it was a paper."
Harriet: "But it's basically the same thing."
One of the mechanics looks at Harriet "You would if everything you do winds up this way…"
Harriet: "Also, I just refitted some of the engine parts to feed into a system which delivers cargo at a high-velocity rate."
Harriet: "It's really simple actually!"
Anton gives a pleading look to Amal. "C'mon, do I look like the scholarly type? I'm tellin' you what I know! Help me out, Amal."
Amal: "Wow that is an AMAZING euphemism."
Anton: "I know what is, could be and can be. Not why!"
The one that seems like the oldest of the mechanics looks at what Harriet's done "Uhn… That said, there's an interesting way to redirect engine power output"
Serenity: "Someone should probably tell Harriet to backpedal a little too, her engine is getting WAY too excited."
Hughbert: "Harriet, I may have to impose a ban on further explosions to ensure that we can drive this vehicle. Do you understand?"
Harriet: "Oh, the beauty of it is I'm not using the engine! That would definitely make me have to stop the car. See, I'm using my Electricity Conduction Cannon so-" Harriet interrupts herself to pout at Hughbert. "Aw man, seriously?"
Serenity: "Anyway." Gives a downward yank on Anton. "Threads! Explain!"
Amal: "Anyways uh the flowers are, like… a friend of mine, sorta, kinda. A presence that's watching over me, and… part of me, at the same time. They're prooobably just happening because I'm around."
Amal: "I dunno why the petal stuck to you, though."
Serenity: "Actually hold the thought -"
Serenity‘ nods to Amal, briefly, before redirecting her attention to Anton. "Okay go."
Harriet: "Fiiine I’ll can the gatling gun." She turns to the mechanics. "Hey, do you guys want a gatling gun?"
The oldest mechanic nods at Hughbert "If you would please not destroy my garage I would appreciate"
Mechanic: "Nope, you keep that with you"
Amal: "Sorry I didn't speak up before but I wanted to hear Anton's theories slash I wanted to see what you were gonna do to him." Grin!
Mechanic: "We got no use for weapons thank you"
Anton: "Amal is an even bigger anomaly than the FATEBREAKERS by the way. Al managed to place him into a group that never was supposed to exist to begin with."
Anton: "Always one step ahead of Cor."
Hughbert: "You can keep the gatling gun, sure, just follow the rules and ensure you leave the garage in one piece. I suppose small explosions are okay, then."
Harriet: "Okay, okay, small explosions I can deal with, I guess." Harriet disconnects the ECC and continues tinkering with the gun.
Serenity‘ swings around the side of Anton, then clambers up onto his back and holds onto his neck with her arms. "Yes, the demon is the weirdest of us all, no arguement there. That isn’t what I asked though."
Anton: "Uh… this one is really hard to explain it's kind of a see to understand thing. I can see world threads. Yup."
Serenity: "Using the power of context clues and basic reasoning skills I have and you lack, world threads are… what you perceive different versions of reality as in your visions?"
Anton: "You hear the goddess? Well, I see things no one else can. It's like I'm an oracle or something!" He glances into the distance at no one in particular before stage whispering ( "Soon to be Divine Oracle." )
Serenity: "So."
Serenity: "That said."
Hughbert apologetically looks at the chief mechanic. "I truly hope that you find the experience of watching worthwhile."
They nod at Hughbert "Well, you learn new things every day… Can't say I like her… Method. But the results are interesting, at least"
Serenity: "How exactly does a world thread wrap itself around someone, or, whatever it was you were saying the other day about a strange or unusual one or whatever it was."
Serenity: "Also while it's come up I'm not really convinced that the spooks are the goddess but I suppose the, uh, one with a personality is unusually present in the church."
Harriet is just as careful as she needs to be to avoid everything blowing up in her face again, and - tighten this screw there, make sure the crank's working… did she just repurpose the pistons?
JayM: This vehicle will be kind of amazing
Anton: "Ah. Well, when I look at each of you. You're all wrapped messily with strands. How many threads you have represent how much influence you have in the world and your capability to shift to a different worldline. When we come across enemy agents they usually stand out to me. Also when we captured them most of their strings just flat out evaporated. The exception… is our good friend Amal. His amount of strings hasn't changed at all si
Anton: hasn't changed at all since I first saw him and he has a lot less than anyone else. A set, manufactured amount that are neatly woven between his fingers so he can manipulate events to his favour. Thanks for the save on that mine by the way. "
Serenity: "Aha."
Amal: "No problem~!"
Soon enough the car's about done. The engine's working, the tires have an interesting cover made of tarp and there is a freaking gatling gun mounted in the back that technically only Harriet can operate. It has enough places for two people in the front and four in the back, plus someone playing gunner standing on the trunk
Anton: "When he does things like that I actually see what he's pulling at, so to speak."
Serenity: "Isn't sharing fun, Anton? Now, take me to the driver's seat."
It's color once upon a time may have been some value of green, but it's not a spotted burnt-metal from welding slag and faded green paint
Harriet stands back, finally, throwing out her hands. "BEHOLD! This car lives anew! And now… it's joined by the High-Velocity Rotational Deliverance System!"
Harriet: "A great improvement, don't you think?" She grins, pushing up her goggles. She looks so happy don't crush her dreams.
Amal: "Harriet you're AMAZING."
Hughbert gets in the front passenger seat. He notes that there's an absent fixture on his seat- apparently, one of the belts on the gun was repurposed from his seatbelt…?
JayM: It's not the safest car but it will take you someplace
Harriet had to make a few sacrifices! It was in the name of science!
Hughbert: "Well. Thank you very much for allowing us use of your garage and access to your scrap." He thanks the mechanics.
Harriet: "Thanks!" Harriet squeaks, grinning to Amal. And she whirls to the mechanics, clasping her hands together. "Yeah, thanks a lot! You guys had amazing tools! And believe me, you can tell a lot about a craftsman by the state of his tools!"
Anton: "… honestly that's only scratching the surface on what I can do. But I'm not sure I'm supposed to even be saying this much. It's not exactly public knowledge how the Divine Oracle works."
The chief mechanic nods "Thanks for cleaning up… Sort of… Our scrap pile. Honestly explosive misadventures aside this is simpler than getting all this repurposed so"
Serenity: "It's okay, it's not like the public know how Medium's work either."
Serenity: "But if you expect me to care about helping you, you're not gunna keep secrets from me."
Hughbert: "If the gun doesn't work out, we might stop here on the way back to 'borrow' some more, if luck is with you."
Harriet: "No problem! I love playing around in scrap piles! There's always the right configuration of junk to make something!"
Serenity‘ then blinks, looks a little embarassed and looks away from Anton.
Harriet: "By the way, you can totally make an amazing sprinkler system with like," she gestures to one of the piles, "that stuff over there."
The mechanic scratches behind their head "Juuuust give a two-week warning when you do come back so we know to move all this stuff to somewhere… We care less about getting destroyed"
Anton grins. "I’m not keeping anything. If you ask, I'll tell~."
Serenity: "Okay, but maybe don't make me get all dommy on you before explaining next time, yeah? You're cute but not that cute."
Hughbert: "Are we all set to start traveling, Harriet?"
Harriet: "Yeah! Everything should be set to go!"
Harriet: "If the engine gives you trouble, just give the dash a bit of percussive maintenance."
Harriet: "Just to the left of the steering wheel's the best place."
Hughbert: "Well…" He looks at everyone else's intact seat belts. "…Everyone else buckle up, I suppose, and let's get started. Serenity, if you would?"
Harriet hops into the back!
JayM: Everyone in? Good
JayM: Thankfully there's a road to follow
Serenity starts up the car… It doesn't responds for half a second… Then lurches forward heavily, shaking everyone and making Hughbert have regrets. Then it starts moving very slowly for a while… It's worrysome until it starts picking up speed and…
JayM: Yep
JayM: You're on the track
JayM: You're going to be able to reach the next big city, though it will only be late at night, maybe even tomorrow. You're looking at six hours of travel
JayM: I hope nobody decided to invent the highway police yet because that gun
JayM: But for now
JayM: You're on the road
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