The warm winds blow strong- But something is different in them this time… Somehow, they seem to refresh you still… That might be related to having just left a volcanic opening.
The car speeds through the landscape as noise fills the air, but not the usual noise of the car's engine, but music… The popular program you caught in local radio when you first arrived in Rissan seems to have started being broadcast through the Continental Radio as well, there's a bit of news, and music filling the idle time. Accompanying you in your travels is a map, a map you haven't quite noticed you had yet until you started getting ready for the travel to the Silvarant Knights. Alongside the letter from Tressa for her parents she had given you a small map, it contains the location of a place called The Moat. And your counsel with Cid before leaving the Dustfire settlement had you discover nobody really knows where Castle At The Hill (where your contact and hopefully friendly people should be) is, as it's a secretive emergency hideout for the Knights
JayM: Lucky for you, it just stands to reason the map she gave you would be helpful arriving where she asked you to deliver that letter, so you have that to go on
Harriet was sure to remove that impromptu cooling grenade from under the hood before they got going. That getting lodged in the gears would just be embarrassing.
Anton: "That meeting honestly went better than I expected!"
Serenity: "…Really? That was brain dead easy, how in the world did you see it getting messed up?"
Anton shakes his head. "Serenity my dear. I see all the ways it can get messed up!"
Serenity: "Right. I was, in fact, asking for examples, O Great Oracle."
Anton: "The ones where that guy ended up dead would have been pretty awkward to follow up!" He muses before chewing at his lip. "Or were you looking for more of the weird unlikely scenarios?"
Serenity: "I mean, either way really. I can't imagine that ending any way other than the way it did."
You see something in the distance glinting, but before you can recognize what it is you hear it first: The sound of heavy running water. As you come closer you see more of that darkened glassy structure, calamity glass, forming deep grooves in the ground.
Hughbert navigates using the map for the driver. "If that man had gone alone, that by itself would have changed things quite a bit. We had some help, after all."
Amal: "Hehe. Serenity wants you to go dark, Anton."
Serenity: "Go what?"
Amal: "Y'know, all the really hecked-up stuff that coulda happened."
Anton glances at Amal before nodding. "Aha. I see!"
Anton: "Well, for one if Hughbert hadn't asked for a copy of the documents as they were leaving they would have gotten outside before the girl confronted her uncle about his deceit! People all around would hear them and they'd actually end up getting lynched. You don't want to make workers who know how to carry lava and gas canisters angry!"
Serenity: "That sounds exciting."
As you arrive closer of the marked destination you realize that you're moving beside one of the great cleaves in the land left by the most recent calamity, however unlike the ones you've seen befoe that have mostly been left alone you notice they're getting filled up by sand as you come closer
Anton scrunches up his face. "… you really like that kind of stuff? Geeze."
Harriet: "It sells like hotcakes in the dimestore novels."
Serenity: "It's interesting because it didn't actually happen in real life."
Serenity: "Also sarcasm."
Amal: "You can sell fictionalisations of futures we almost hecked up after we're all done with this, you'll be set for life."
In fact the filling seems unnatural, and you see that it must be when you finally arrive at the marked place: What can best be described as a giant moat has been dug up, and it's been filled not just with water but running water that's churning like a raging river… Except, of course, the calamity left it's scar here as well and a portion of the moat was damaged, the water level has clearly fallen under half- And that's the origin of the sound of running water… A tube, a giant tube above, is dropping more water in like a waterfall
Amal: "Serenity'll be your biggest fan~."
Serenity: "Amal, man."
Amal grins beatifically.
Serenity: "You really gotta learn how to swear. You sound so fucking goofy."
Anton glances at Harriet and then Amal before his eyes light up. "So… I can write about an alternate world line that sounds interesting and I'd get MONEY for it?"
Amal grins even more.
Anton: "Man. We'd never have to eat travel rations again!"
Harriet: "Oh yeah, totally. You'd make a mint."
Serenity: "Likely, assuming we save the world and people can still afford to spend money on literature."
Serenity: "Speaking of flippant spending though -"
Serenity: "How they fuck can they afford to waste all that water on anything other than drinking and farming?? Holy shit."
There's no sign of a bridge at first, but if you watch closely there's stone markers… And if you follow them you see… A drawbridge
Through the haze of the waterfall you see great stone walls, a drawbridge serving as doorway is the only way in
Harriet: "Yeah, that's pretty weird. I mean, geography wasn't really a focus of mine, but deserts usually don't have big raging rivers."
Hughbert points out the markers. "Guess we go in through there."
Looking up, you see nothing that might indicate how to contact someone to get inside. But you hear a loud voice, clearly from an amplifier "State your business!"
Serenity: "Uhh…"
Serenity: "World peace?"
Hughbert introduces himself, name and rank. "Aside from official business, we're also here for a favor from a former resident."
Harriet: "We're here to fix your problems, open up."
There's a moment of wait "Please remain inside the car and drive into the waiting area" a couple of seconds later the drawbridge starts lowering
The drawbridge itself looks ancient, but it only looks ancient, despite the worn-out look of the chains lowering it there's no signs of damage, as it's done lowering and you look ahead it looks like it's opened and closed using a wooden contraption… But as you drive into said waiting area you pass by it and notice it's just a cover for a force gear
Said waiting area, however, is a small bit of space between the draw bridge, that's now being closed, and a guard post. It's got enough space enough for one of those large transport vehicles you see in Rissan, but only one, it's overlooked by rifle-armed guards. A guard wearing what can best be described as a caricature of an ancient metal armor approaches, though it has the same general form it's definitely a lot lighter and applies more modern impact-deflection designs. They have a sword hanging from their belt but they don't seem aggressive as they arrive "Lieutenant Hughbert?" they ask, waiting to see who answers
Hughbert lowers his window and waves. "How are you doing this fine day?"
Guard: "As good as can be, with all that's happened. I have heard about you, wasn't aware you were visiting. I must ask for some form of identification, if you have?" "
Anton seems to be surveying the area silently.
Amal glances at Hughbert. Do they… have… official ID? Or does Hughbert just look grumpy at people and then things happen?
Harriet: "Uhhh… I've got a copy of my degree around here somewhere, probably."
Guard: "It really is just a matter of procedure, ma'am. I'm not exactly sure how you do this in Masharas, but to be honest you're really hard to mistake for someone else"
Serenity‘ glances at Hughbert, then the guard, before leaning out her window and opening her hand, palm upright in the air. A moment later a couple of small implosions happen above her hand.
Guard: "Here in Rissan, at least. We’ve been-"
Hughbert pulls out his R+D Corps identification and shows it to the guard. "I can vouch for the others. If you need to see official work, then give me a moment to collect it from the party."
They take a step back "W-whoa, now-" he looks at Hughbert's ID, he pulls a pencil and a notepad out of his pocket and writes something down, returning them "It's fine, that's all I needed"
Guard: "Far as the Arc Knight is concerned you're free to enter. Cautious who you rile up, however, we're undergoing some pretty… Unusual succession rites"
Amal grins at Serenity.
Anton: "Tell me about it. Those goes at the waterfall seem like a real friendly bunch."
[OOC] Anton: *guys
Serenity: "Unusual?"
Guard: "Yeah, repair team's beem really annoyed since all that… Catastrophe happened, trying to repair the moat. Thankfully we managed to salvage most of the water but getting it back in place…" he sighs "Anyway, uhn… You're… Going ot get involved, aren't you?"
Guard: "Well, good thing you showed up here, then, I guess"
Hughbert: "While I do appreciate that you have a unique form of identification, Serenity, please do not harrass people for properly going through due procedures." After scolding her, he returns his attention to the guard. "Will do. Our first stop is to drop off a letter for that favor I mentioned. Could you tell us where to go?" He holds out the envelope.
Serenity: "Well I mean it's not like I have an ID other than the university one… or like they'd recognize it anyway."
Guard: "Okay, you really, really should find someone other than a Squire to explain it to you, I don't really have any authority in this" he looks at the envelope "Oh, that's the Albeque manor you want. Once you're in the Castle itself follow the wall until the sign showing you're in segment 3, take a left to Saint Valkaia Street, it's the only manor in there"
Guard: "But, uhn… Normally the Arc Knight chooses the most worthy of their disciple to succeed, this time, though, he decided to make his son and his granddaughter go through some kind of trial… It… Everyone started taking sides and all hell started breaking loose, but really don't take my word for it, I really can't say anything"
Serenity: "Aha."
Serenity‘ makes a note of the directions.
Amal: "That sounds kinda nuts…"
Harriet: "I really don’t get politics."
Following the directions isn't difficult… Because there's signs. There are street signs, you haven't seen those outside of Masharas at all, what a novelty. In fact as you drive in closer it is somewhat disturbing- This is very, very familiar architechture, there's some part of the design you're not familiar with but it's mostly masharas design, not even inspired by masharas architecture, it's straight up the same. It only gets stranger when you finally reach the wall proper, from it you can see the actual Castle, because even though you pass through some farmland on the way in (and it's pretty good farmland you'd say, there's some form of water treatment plant you pass by as well) you can only grasp why it's called Castle In The Hill when you see the uncannily familiar castle and it's defensive wall- A fortress city
Serenity: "Well, considering we're heading to a manor, I suspect someone there'll be able to explain it to us well enough."
Hughbert thanks the squire for his time and wishes him well on the rest of his shift before the car drives off. "Right. Should be able to get the political details from there."
Anton: "Huh. Didn't think I'd see something like this outside of my visions. Guess some people just don't like change!"
Serenity: "…Huh?"
Anton: "This castle is the spitting image of what our Grand Chapel looked like back around the time we actually started documenting our history again. We've made a lot of additions over the years."
The wall itself doesn't have guards on it, not now at any rate, and the gates are open. You head in, take a right, find the sign, take a left… It's strange, you see here only very manors, it's like a district only for the rich… Which feels somewhat at odds with everything else you've seen in Rissan. Either way you finally find the address, Saint Valkaia Street… Indeed there is only one manor, the rest of the street has a handful of stores and a blacksmith… The manor is a very large four storey affair, great gardens, it's built of the same sandstone as the rest of the town
Serenity: "…Huh."
Serenity: "…"
Harriet: "So this place looks weird to everyone else too, right?"
Serenity: "Right, the old temple ruins looks a lot like ours too, which…"
Serenity: "Definitely does seem to imply we all used to be part of a single nation before history ate itself, huh?"
Anton scratches his head. "Ah, geeze. Did I forget to mention that when we went there? I thought you already knew."
Serenity: "I mean, I suspect we were all thinking it, just, no one ever said it out loud."
Serenity: "And seeing this here now reminded me of it."
Amal: "Haha, yeah…"
Serenity‘ pulls to a stop.
There is, in fact a ringer at the front of the manor
Hughbert: "I can promise, at the least, that I will keep an eye out for any historical clues that might support your hypothesis." Hughbert walks out of the car, takes the ringer, and rings!
Anton: "Just to go on record though, Serenity."
Anton: "I don’t think it was so much one nation as the church held a lot more power and influence than any nation!"
It takes a few moments, but a man wearing a suit arrives at the front gates. He has an almost perfect posture as he looks you over, a disrespectful leer if there ever was one "Good morning, sir…" he leaves the phrase infinished, instead of formulating a question
Serenity: "How come we only ever find ruins of the church, then?"
Harriet frowns at the haughty armor dude, because being prideful is her thing.
Anton: "Because it's the one thing that people haven't completely torn down and rebuilt since then."
Hughbert introduces himself, name and rank. "We have a letter we have been tasked with delivering, from a lady that used to live here named Tressa. Would you be willing to let us see it to its recipient?"
Serenity: "Hmm… still sems kinda weird."
The man blinks, seems to falter for half a second "Please wait… I will consult with the master" he turns around and leaves
Anton chuckles. "All will be revealed eventually, rest assured! I have a feeling."
Harriet: "What's so great about the history of the place anyway?"
It takes around fifteen minutes when you hear the sound of footsteps- Someone's coming, and really fast. You spot a man running towards the gate, he looks like he's stopped whatever he was doing midway through to come which has left him barefoot and with an open shirt, he's being followed by a taller man who had the time and decency to put on his shoes before rushing out
The first one stops with a skidding halt, fully colliding with the gate, and opens it hastily "You! You said you were the ones with Tressa's letter?!"
Anton stage whispers. "(Word travels quickly!)"
Hughbert: "Right here, sir." He hands it over before it gets torn from his grip. "May we enter?"
The second man arrives a moment later "George please" he takes a few heavy breaths "They could have waited for you to button up your shirt"
Serenity‘ was about to respond to Harriet, but stops to stare at this man instead.
The man, George, picks up the letter and just stares at it, he starts quietly walking back. The other man sighs "I’m sorry, it's been years since we last heard from our daughter. I'm Anthony, please, come with me" he waves you to follow
Serenity‘ purses her lips together, runs through a couple of different sentences in her head, then ultimately decides to silently follow.
Hughbert follows in. Guess we’ll trust the butler with valet duties while we're at it!
Anthony takes you inside. Heading through the front door there's something unusual about the design of this manor as he takes you to the living room, generally manors have a lot of empty space mostly because they're supposed to be big but there isn't much to do with a house that big. This one, however, seems quite busy. At first you thought maybe just the two lived here, but there's enough signs of foot traffic for a dozen or more people living in here. The noise from upstairs seem to corroborate that
Amal: "Hey, it's okay. Don't worry about it." They follow inside, glancing around curiously.
Anthony finally takes you to the living room, it's a very large affair with a piece of furniture 100% out of place, a fireplace, here of all places? Kept just for the artistic value, for certain… You'd think, but there's a cold breeze coming from it. He takes a seat at a couch by a center table "Please, sit down" he looks at the butler that's finally caught up with you "Please, get the kitchen to prepare something" he looks at the party "Any preferences?"
Harriet: "Get me some coffee. Like, real coffee."
Hughbert: "She has a Masharasian palette." He gestures to Harriet. "Tea for me. Whatever's the local specialty, please."
Serenity: "Sometimes not spicey, my tongue's felt like it was on fire ever since we got to Rissan."
Anthony nods, looks at the butler who leaves for the kitchen
Anthony: "Our local food can be quite overwhelming, indeed"
Amal: "Hehe, the local specialty, please~!"
Anthony: "Well… Given the way the news have been going… I imagine you're the Masharas envoy? How was Tressa when you met her?"
Serenity: "She seemed good."
Anthony: "Much as i'd love to hear so much about her… I'm kind of hoping you didn't end up dragging her through your misadventures there, it seemed like it was chaos for a while, and she isn't quite fit for such things"
Anthony: "Good… As I said, we haven't heard from her in years ever since we… We had our falling out"
Serenity: "Naw she pretty much just acted as a guide to get to the radio tower."
Anthony: "Ah, good…" he sighs "I hope, then, it wasn't too much of a diversion bringing us her letter. Either way, I am extremely thankful"
Anthony: "I'll be more when George finally lets me read it, but I don't think I need to do that to know the contents"
Serenity: "Ah. No we needed to come here anyway because…" Serenity makes a hand gesture at Hughbert and Amal.
Amal: "…Rissan's turning itself around. I figure that might be relevant to some of you here, yeah?" They smile hopefully.
Anthony nods "Yeah… You've been turning the country, if it could have even been called a country, around. With the radio up we've been hearing from the other clans much more"
Anthony: "Of course… We can barely keep our own clan in order, unfortunately"
Harriet: "Well, it's a good thing we're here to fix shit."
Anthony: "So I hear, you're very good at doing so"
Anthony: "Of course even for a Vanguard Knight like me it's probably above my station to talk of the succession matters with an incredibly powerful outside force that could very well decide it's outcome"
Anthony: "But I really don't feel like letting my people just abandon their homeland and their freedom in exchange for… What, even"
Hughbert: "I'm afraid we'll have to take a few moments of your time to get us oriented in the right direction before we leave you to your mail. Let's just start with what you can tell us, then, and if you decide you'd like to tell us more, then we'd gladly listen."
Anthony: "So just pretend it wasn't me if someone asks, alright? Technically only the personal court of the two Ascendants can discuss this"
Hughbert nods. "We won't get anyone in trouble."
Anthony: "It all started around three years ago, when the Arc Knight Klein had to make a decision for his successor. Traditionally the successor is chosen by the Arc Knight from his disciples, called the Ascendant Knights, the one with the best traits is chosen for the position"
Anthony: "Of course, as it is wont to happen, the Ascendants tend to be the Arc Knight's family, doesn't have to be, but almost always is. In this case both his son and his granddaughter were very close contenders"
Anthony: "The thing is, both of them had very, very different views on how to lead the Knights. Without mincing words, our land is dieing, slowly but it is. And we are warriors, honestly that is everything that we are, what could we do to stop that?"
Anthony: "Ascendant Peyton had a very, very daring idea. He wanted to move us all somewhere else, to greener lands he said. We're all familiar with the lands outside, of course, after all they pay well for our services time and again. He wanted us all to pledge loyalty to a foreign lord, he said he was promised land and title like a proper baron… To be sincere the idea was very appealing, to finally serve a real lord, to move to a place where life was easier"
Amal frowns visibly.
Anthony: "But Ascendant Katia wasn't keen on that, instead, she had brokered deals and treaties with other clans and even other countries but not us out of here, no, but to move things to here. To do… Something, anything we could, to save this land that's kept us fed for generations"
Anthony: "So the Arc Knight two very distinct successors, both of his blood, both with wildly different views on how to proceed. Honestly? Both had resources and plans to make survival happen one way or another and he was… Torn on the choice"
Serenity: "Man."
Hughbert nods. "As much as life is difficult, you have farms and you have walls. That's more than many in Rissan can claim to have, and yet… That is no excuse not to strive for more. I can see how that decision would trouble your Arc Knight."
Serenity: "Do you guys SERIOUSLY think Akavir, ie, the stupid dumbass motherfuckers going to war with the entire rest of the world in a desperate fight to claim more land…"
Serenity: "Are going to give you guys land for real, and not, like, set you up somewhere, then send all your warriors out into a hopeless battle to die?"
Harriet: "Yeah that's… pretty dumb."
Anthony: "So for the first time in our history he decided he'd put them through a trial instead of making the choice himself. Whichever of the two could acquire the Pact Blade from the ancient vaults would be his choice. That… That caused a severe split in the populace, us of the Legacy fled here to the Castle In The Hill while those of Advancement remained in our forward base"
Anthony: "I don't, that's why i'm here. There's those who do, however"
Anthony: "Of course… The trial isn't so simple. The Arc Knight certainly foresaw the schism, he probably had seen it happening earlier as the two Ascendants had been sharing their views earlier, and used that chance to make it happen at once and allow us to solve ourselves… Of course, with the strong divide as it is even entering the ancient vault is almost impossible, there's constantly a force or another there impeding the other from entering"
Amal air-quotes dramatically. "Advancement."
Serenity: "'Force'?"
Amal: "Presumably, they won't let each other into the vault."
Serenity: "I mean, we've also encountered sealed ruined protected by actual force fields too, so."
Anthony: "Either side stopping the other"
Amal: "So, like, how much of a ruckus would it cause if we rolled in? We've already interceded in almost every other nation's personal business it's not like we'd be singling y'all out or anything."
Anthony: "Oh, hrm… We call it the 'ancient vault' but it's not… Actually that ancient. It's a safe vault we've built, yes, but it's also a reconstruction of an underground dungeon of the ancient kingdom"
Anton frowns slightly, but remains silent.
Serenity: "Aha."
Anthony: "How much? There's been a handful of expeditions that managed to get inside, they didn't return one way or another"
Anthony: "If you were to go in? Well… I'd prefer if you talked to Ascendant Katia and went in with her banner, because if you make your way in and back with the blade, whoever you claimed in the name of, we'd have a winner"
Anthony: "Of course… It's a trial between the two of them, so it'd have to be in the one of one of htem"
Serenity: "Oh man…"
Amal: "Haha, I didn't mean how much of a ruckus it'd cause for /us/. I'm not worried about us. Just wanna know if that'd make Katia's situation worse, which, okay, sounds like her having champions is fine."
Amal: "Okay!"
Harriet: "Don't worry, I have, like, negative interest in ending up mayor of some weird desert castle."
Serenity: "It'd be really funny if we just rolled in and claimed it for our own though."
Harriet: "Although…"
Harriet: "If I were to refit it as a lab…"
Harriet: "… that would be fucking badass though."
Serenity: "Probably stupid and would immediately make shit worse, but like, funny."
Hughbert: "Do you know if there's any way we can get information about the inner workings of the vault? Like guard creatures on duty, or traps that surely must be well-maintained."
Anthony: "It would certainly cause some chaos"
Harriet: "Hey, Serenity, let's get a castle and turn it into a lab and invent a weather machine so it can always be storming outside."
Serenity: "Why storming?"
Harriet: "For the atmosphere, duh."
Serenity: "Aha."
Amal giggles.
Harriet: "Plus, free electricity."
Anthony: "Hrm… There once were blueprints, but only the Arc Knight would have them"
Anthony: "It's mostly automated traps, however, and it's mazelike structure and heavily reinforced walls and doorways"
Anthony: "Ascendant Katia probably knows more about it, however, the Ascendants sometimes train there"
Harriet: "Ooooh, automated traps."
Harriet: "Those will be fun."
Amal: "Hehehehe. Don't worry~!"
Serenity: "Sounds easy enough yeah."
Hughbert: "Where can we find Ascendant Katia?"
Anthony: "She should be holding office in around two hours, actually. You'll find her office in the center of the castle, just head towards the front door and someone should be able to guide you, she has quite an open door policy in general"
Anton jots down something on a piece of paper before handing it to Amal.
Hughbert: "Alright. Obviously, I don't need to ask for a recommendation or anything of the sort, because we never discussed anything of that nature. Right?" Hughbert gives a knowing grin.
Serenity: "It's a lot easier to get in contact with people in Rissan than it was in Orsis, huh?"
Anthony nods "Exactly"
Amal glances at the paper curiously and then eats it and then pantomimes paws and then looking confused at Anton and then gives him a big thumbs up. They DEFINITELY don't seem crazy to everyone watching, I'm sure.
Anton tilts his head before holding up one and then two fingers.
Anthony looks at Amal, raising an eyebrow for a moment, but fails to comment. He looks at Serenity "Well, we're certainly smaller here in general, and that helps"
Serenity: "I imagine most of you not wanting to kill your own people probably helps yeah."
Anthony: "Was it that bad over there?"
Anthony: "Some of our knights recently returned from work there in their recent civil war… It sounded just so… Sad"
Serenity: "The house their Technical Leader was Basically-Imprisoned in was blown in half… while we were inside of it."
Serenity: "It was uh, decidedly unideal."
Anthony: "… That's… Terrifying"
Anthony: "I mean… I know we're having our schism right now but even for me… Picturing an entire nation tearing itself apart like that… It sounds impossible still"
Harriet: "Yeah, that's why I hate politics."
Harriet: "I like it better when the people asking me for shit aren't conflicted. There's way less guesswork."
Anthony: "It's much simpler, isn't it?"
Anthony: "Just point at you at a problem and you go solve it… Not having to actually ask wheter it's a problem or not"
Harriet: "Precisely!"
Hughbert: "Despite that, we have somehow managed to avoid leveling most of our problems with explosive force. Handling that vault sounds like we should meet our combustion quota for this leg of the journey."
Harriet: "Wait, are you for real giving me an excuse to blow shit up."
Anthony: "Oh, I don't doubt there'll be a few things necessitating usage of force there"
Hughbert: "I'll neglect to ask if we need to leave the traps of the vault intact for you."
Anthony: "I mean, we're a warrior clan, what kind of test doesn't involves having to fight someone, or something"
Anthony: "You could ask Ascendant Katia that, but i'm confident the answer would be 'no'"
At around this point, George returns. His eyes are red, but he looks less dishveled and in a more proper outfit now. He coughs gently, before sitting beside Anthony "Sorry for running off like that…"
Anthony: "It's perfectly fine, it's what you do isn't it?" he pauses for a moment "She isn't coming back, right? She wishes she was a warrior, but since she is not, she has to follow a different path, it's the one she chose after all" he smiles "And she said she wants to visit in the harvest season"
George: "Wha- How do you know?"
Anthony: "She's my daughter too, you know, I know her"
George sighs "You've always been so much better than me at understanding people"
Anthony: "That's why I get the headache assignements, yes"
Anton scratches his head.
Serenity: "Well, glad to be of service with the delivery, in either case."
George nods "No, thank you for bringing it to us"
George: "If you ever need anything, you just need to ask"
Serenity: "A light lunch before we go to meet whatsherface should be enough, I think."
Anthony: "I feel like we're going to be in a lot more debt to them before the week is over, so save up on the offering a bit dear"
George: "Of course, of course, the minimum of hospitality. I will have the kitchen ready something in minutes, please, the dining room is this way"
Hughbert follows. "Thank you, lunch does sound good."
Harriet: "Right, yeah, food. We should do that."
Anton: "Food sounds great!"
Serenity: "Sweet."
Isn't much wait, if at all. You're served light food, nothing too heavy for the beginning of the day but sufficiently hearty to give energy. It's considerably light on the spices, and there's plenty of fruit. There is, surprisingly, not a lot of juice but they do offer plenty of milk. And here, perhaps the only place in Rissan you had it, there's fish (just some fish sticks, not many)
Serenity: "Milk and fish, it's almost like being back home. Wild."
Harriet: "How'd they get fish out here…? Oh well, I'm not complaining."
Serenity: "Moat fish, Harriet."
Anthony: "I do believe a good deal of the fish we recieve is part of of the payment of our akaviri contracts"
George: "Indeed, the food deals tend to end up including seafood, they seem to have a fondness for it over there"
Harriet: "Huh, weird. Guess I never really thought about it before."
JayM: Hrm…
JayM: This sounds like a good, chill out spot to end, doesn't it?
JayM: I suppose we can pause for now, to start again
JayM: Things have gone so smoothly
[OOC] Anton: Alright.
JayM: Like nothing at all happened
JayM: Like nothing pivotal and fate-changing was decided in this day
JayM: What a change, I guess?

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