A warm breeze blows through the windows, ruffling the drapes and bringing in terrifyingly warm air into the living room. Kestrel has left to deal with preparations for what appears to be a fight he will be having with his cat later tonight-
Meanwhile, the Fatebreakers are left with a perhaps grim necessity to achieve their mission: There is an Akavir representative here, Lady Altamira is her name. She needs to not report back to Akavir for at least another twenty-one days, and prefferably not be here at all. How to achieve that, Kestrel left it up to you
However, warm breeze aside, as you sit in his living room you hear the footsteps of someone else, the young woman from before (Kestrel's daugther most probably) brings something to drink, in this heat hydration is important, and juices often make it even tastier. She doesn't say a word, just nods courteously and goes away again, to the upper floor
Hughbert scribbles madly through a packet of papers clipped together. Official R+D Corps seals mark a few, as well as general army insignias. "Altamira, Altamira… Stationed here, reports to Akavir… Altamira…" He doesn't look up from the paperwork for a few moments, but takes a quick sip once he realizes drinks have somehow materialized in front of him.
Harriet downs her juice, because it's hot in this place.
Serenity: "Sounds like you have notes or a plan…?"
Amal: "Harriet, you got any tech for keeping someone in a box for a few weeks…?"
Harriet: "Sure, it's called a box with a padlock."
Harriet: "Unless…" Harriet taps a finger to her chin. "… nah, box with a padlock's solid enough."
JayM: Don't go fancy if you're going for effective! Fancy is for when you got the time and resources to spare for seeing what works
Hughbert taps his papers on the floor to even them out. "That ought to be good enough. I'm going to have HumInt back home send us everything they've got on Altamira. I don't think I'll need to send the papers in, since the radio is working, of course- these are just for the post-mission report."
Hughbert: "It should take about two days for the report to arrive. And, as you might expect, we'll have a special messenger delivering it who'll be able to fill in the blanks in our knowledge with some old-fasioned fieldwork."
JayM: So, waiting for that knowledge, what would you do in the meantime?
JayM: There is, after all, a festival going on. (And if you want, you can even get a front seat to the duel and the show both tonight, given you know Kestrel and all)
Harriet: "So, like, are we gonna watch that weird guy fight his weird cat wife?"
Serenity‘ is SIGNIFIGANTLY less exciting about the show, now that she knows what it is, but has nothing better to do and still planning on going.
Serenity: "Yes, but we’re going to be grumpy about it."
Harriet: "Done and done."
Amal: "Oh heck yeah I want front-row tickets."
Serenity: "Pretty sure that's what we got yeah…"
Hughbert: "I'll get the request filed immediately. I'll be finished before the show, so I will meet up with you there."
Anton: "How long do we got until the show, anyways?"
JayM: You have a few hours, the show's only at night and the sun's still out
JayM: So meanwhile, what are you doing ,wandering? If you have no specific goal in mind…
Hughbert plans on seeing if any of the storytellers have any interesting tales (besides the one they got just prior, of course).
Serenity: "…I guess some of us should look around and find a good place to set up the temporary prison?"
Harriet: "Yeah, and buy more things from cats."
Harriet: "I mean, come on. Where else are we gonna get to do that?"
Serenity‘ shakes her head
Hughbert: "That was quick. You were rather agitated by feline commerce until just now, Harriet."
Anton: "I do admit I’m tempted to see if anymore festival games are running. We could win some snacks!"
Harriet: "Oh, I'm still super pissed about it."
Harriet: "But I've been thinking."
Harriet: "Cats are probably awful at math."
Harriet: "Think of all the stuff we could get away with!"
Serenity: "Admittedly conning more con-games WOULD be kind of fun Anton…"
The storytellers certainly have a lot of tales. There's ancient tales of survival (you did not know you could literally eat the bark of certain trees, for those doubtful she even has some you can try, it's soft after it's been cooked and kind of tasty), there's stories of war, so many of them- Surprisingly, so few of them are of the Stingers themselves, most of them tell tales of others as seen by the eyes of the Stingers they hired (a story told from the point of view of an observer, wherein the storyteller interacts with the story itself, it's kind of interesting)
JayM: They don't have much mythology, though
Anton: "Not every festival game is rigged, Serenity!"
Anton glances at Amal. "… I think?"
Amal: "I'll show you the good ones!"
Serenity: "Well sure but that's different kinds of fun."
JayM: Harriet is going to scam some stores?
JayM: Is that what i'm hearing?
Harriet: Damn right!
Harriet: Gonna get those cats back for making a fool out of Harriet Babbage.
JayM: (it wouldn't be hard, though the cats CAN man a store, they really cannot discern the difference between enough money or not really, the best they can do is know "this thing goes in this box, then they can take the other thing" )
The festival has all sorts of games, and you can bet 90% of them aren't rigged. Seems like the riggest ones draw the most attraction, though. In fact there's a particularly cheaty marksmanship game where literally everyone knows it's rigged- But it's also the most popular attraction at the moment, everyone's trying to be the one to beat the cheat
A surprising thing about the festival games, of course, is the content- You have a feeling a lot of this is training, even the silliest of games seems to have originated from some practical skill- Like this awkward game where you need to pick up one of those fish-like bobbers with a tiny net, it's ingloriously difficult to actually do and you can't tell why. But you're certain if you can pick up one of those damn things yo ucould catch a real fish
Serenity‘ glances around.
Serenity: "Yeah, we’re definitely hussling these motherfuckers Anton."
Serenity: "Warm up that third eye."
Harriet gets right down to business: using her advanced mathematic abilities to give all the salescats awful deals.
Anton holds back a smile before nodding. "If that is your wish, I'll do my best to aid you."
JayM: You people are so irresponsible I set you free on a crowd of innocents and you start scamming everyone
Amal giggles at Serenity.
Harriet: Listen. Listen. That cat made a fool of Harriet Babbage. No one makes a fool of Harriet Babbage.
[OOC] Serenity: Listen, no one running a rigged stall is innocent. That is the opposite of how that word works!
Amal doesn't try to stop them or anything, all's fair in love, war, and carnival games.
JayM: Although…
You have a strange encounter as you are on your cheating spree. Serenity and Anton happen to be at said rigged marksmanship minigame, it's quite impossible to hit the mark because whenever you aim the pressure gun at the target it just moves, something correcting the gun and the target. Of course there's a line, clearly Anton can see just the right angle where the rigged system doesn't works, right?
Hughbert is writing down some notes on some good, wholesome stories and- okay, fine, maybe he's haggling a little too hard on some snacks, but he's gotta conserve budget for the mission later!
But there's a line
Anton scratches his head. "This one might be a bit tricky to give directions for."
Serenity: "It's shooting. Just tell me what's wrong with it and I can probably figure it out myself."
And before Serenity and Anton have a chance to challage the system someone else in front of them goes, something familiar about this woman who picks up the gun with one hand instead of the two for a rifle, her face is quite disfigured as a scar of a terrible cut that never healed correctly tears across her face from the left side of the mouth the right of the temple, right through the right eye (a glass eye, it seems). She has such strange, floaty moves and her coat (wait is that a lab coat?) has some marking on it you find familiar at a glance
Anton: "Oh huh. Didn't see them there."
She aims the pressure rifle forward lazily and fires- Straight center of the mark, because the rigged system seems to have worked in reverse this time, aligning the target with the rifle
Serenity: "…Is that Mai?"
Anton scratches his head. "Awkward."
Serenity‘ sighs.
She turns at Serenity and smiles. You remember what the marking on her coat is, it’s the symbol of the masharas R&D division, how'd it take so long for you to realize? She walks off in the crowd
Serenity: "What do you want, bitchtits?" Serenity shouts towards her, as she turns to walk away.
The guy manning the stall is just dumbfounded, especially since she walked off without the prize (it's a pair of boots, pretty good leather boots with metal toes- but also specifically designed to be worn under flight force gear)
JayM: She's, sadly, gone
Anton chews at his lip before frowning apologetically to Serenity. "Looks like you're on your own for this game, actually. Fortune be with you, hope the line was worth the wait!" He heads off into the crowd after the woman.
Serenity: "Yeah no I'm not letting you go after her solo, you nearly get yourself killed every time you chase down another Oracle."
Serenity‘ shakes her head, jogging after Anton. Someone beat the rigged game already anyway which was the whole point.
[OOC] Hughbert: b-but you could win anton the best prize in the carnival! the ship is sinking!!
Anton rounds a corner before chewing his lip again. "Huh. Never seen that before."
Serenity: "Seen what?"
Unfortunately Anton dashed ahead, it takes Serenity a small moment to catch up, she sees him dive to the left in a corner of the street- The woman’s gone completely
Serenity‘ is way more than used to the sound of Anton’s force gear by now, and can follow it easily enough.
Anton: "Well for one, that woman didn't have an aura at all. Which is weird since even some robots in this world have had an aura. And two, if I try to follow her just looking on the timeline instead she doesn't even show up. Like, the sound of her footsteps and the dust on the ground parting and the like are there that she caused, but she isn't present?"
Anton: "So my conclusion is that she isn't from this world."
Serenity: "Hmm. Guess she was here in front of you and me to make sure neither of us could detect her then, probably."
Anton: "Watching the festival game be won with nobody there was incredibly funny to watch by the way."
Serenity: "Since I didn't hear anything unusual."
Serenity: "…Still leaves Amal though, maybe." Frown.
Anton: "Also, bitch-tits was incredibly rude given that wasn't Mai."
Anton: "No wonder she didn't stop."
Serenity: "Wait what do you mean she doesn't even show up? You were able to track down Lola even between different wor - Anton when have I ever not been rude, and usually people stop to at least glare."
Serenity: "How do you know that wasn't Mai though? You recognized that emblem on the coat, yeah?"
Anton: "I was able to look into the timeline that Lola was on and see her there, yes. I'm just pulling out conjecture here, but my best guess is that this is like if… Lola projected herself on to our timeline so she's there… but she isn't."
Anton: "Rather than interfere with it from her own."
Serenity‘ shoves her hands into her coat pockets, looking around. "So more Amal’s bag than yours. Okay."
Serenity: "…And Hughbert's probably more likely to know about any weird, possible rogue R&D people than you too huh?"
Anton scratches his head. "I'm not even sure that's a fair comparision given that… well, nevermind. You can ask him about it if you want."
Amal jerks their head up like they were lost in thought. "Mmm? …mm! H- hang on, lemme…"
Amal looks a bit distant again.
Amal blinks!
Amal: "What."
Serenity: "That's why we keep multiple people with weird, fucked up senses around."
Amal: "Bitchtits!"
Anton: "Well, I mean given the scar I have a good guess…"
Anton: "It was a pretty bad scar."
Amal: "Anton was right."
Amal: "The strings were all missing, though!"
Serenity: "What am I missing here?"
Amal: "Showoff…"
Anton glances at Serenity. "That person didn't dodge a plate if you catch my drift."
Amal: "She wanted us to see her. She was, like… projecting herself, like a lantern trick."
Serenity: "I… don…"
Serenity: "Oh!"
Serenity: "That was Lola?"
Anton: "Yeah."
Serenity: "Aha."
Amal: "Oh! Oh. Yeah. Sortakinda."
Amal: "Ugh she's the worst."
Anton: "I imagine that just sent a message to us as well. She's able to directly influence things on our timeline without Alcor."
Serenity‘ sighs, rocking back and forth on her heels.
Anton: "By all means we should have won that festival game, but instead nobody did and history doesn’t remember her just a shot coming out of no where and hitting the target."
Serenity: "Oh, no one else could see her? That's… weird."
Anton: "Everyone could see the projection. Just when you look back at the event on the timeline she isn't visible at all."
Serenity: "So… scrying invisible. OK."
Anton: "Basically she can directly impact events on our worldline in person, but she is undetectable by aura readings and farsight, yeah."
Serenity: "That'll be a pain in the ass later, I'm sure."
Harriet approaches the group, her arms full of scarves and snacks and whatever else the cats might have been selling. "Hey, guys! Why are we huddling?"
Serenity: "Because Fuck Lola."
Amal: "Lola did mad science. It's not as good as when you do it."
Harriet is carrying a considerably amount of clothes, snacks, rocks (?) and is that one deck of cards?
Anton: "Harriet my friend!" Anton waves with a smile. "I am sure those cats will have a bountiful amount of catnip tonight!"
Harriet: "Ugh, Lola. I could outclass her mad science any day." Harriet grins to Anton, "and they're not getting nearly as much catnip as they should."
Serenity: "…A rock, Harriet? A Rock."
Harriet: "The cat was really attached to it."
Harriet: "So, of course, I had to take it."
Anton: "They are the best pets, to be fair!"
Serenity‘ rolls her eyes before pulling the deck of cards out of the stack of junk, then idly shuffled them a few times.
Anton: "Gone are the days where you have to try and read an aura to decipher your pets feelings or constantly keep an eye out for upcoming catastrophes from their erratic behaviour. Rocky has never let me down at home!"
JayM: (whereas it is an actual deck of playing cards it has different imagery. You’d think it's a local thing but no, this appears to use Terchuan animism for it's theming)
Harriet: "Well, then you can have these rocks too."
Serenity‘ pointedly ignores Anton as she looks at Harriet. "So yeah apparently she can just, you know, show up here. And out little Oracle can’t see it with his future/past vision. So that'll be fun."
Time, however, slows it's march for none. Having fun and encounters takes it's time, and the sun has started to hide behind the ashen clouds. A few lights turn on on their own as the light outside dims
Anton visibly starts to pout before pulling out a lollipop.
Harriet: "And you can't sense her, either?"
JayM: To be honest those rocks, once you look at them in the right angle, show a rainbow of colors. They're raw ore but you're almost certain you could make a gemstone out of them
Serenity: "Amal picked her up after we mentioned it to him, but she didn't have a force gear turned on so I didn't hear anything strange mself."
Harriet: "Damn. Gotta figure out how to emulate Amal's stuff, too…"
Anton chews at his lip. "If I used the Silver Mirror I might be able to pick up on more. I wasn't able to even hear her conversation with you a few months ago until I did, after all. I'll have to perform science at a later date."
Serenity: "I thought that was supposed to be a secret."
Anton waves a hand dismissively. "Details, details. Worse comes to worse I can just have Amal rewind time again and tell me not to say that."
Hughbert wound up running some errands for the storytellers. He overheard an old gentleman grumbling about how good the grilling meat down the street smelled and offered to buy some for him- and before he knew it, he had gotten half the stalls their lunches. He shows up, still munching a snack after he finally managed to keep one for himself. "…Harriet, I am not going to help you carry all of that. I leave you with full responsibility
Hughbert for all of your… Gains. "
JayM: Hughbert The Adventurer
Harriet: "Uuuugh, seriously? And after I get us all this sweet shit, too!"
JayM: Learns what happens when you give a mouse a cookie
Around this time you see that the crowd has started to move and gather somewhere
Anton glances at Harriet. "Have no fear, Antons here!" He gives her a salute before offering to take some of her shit.
In fact that somewhere would be the stage, as the darkness starts to become deeper you realize the show would be starting soon
Hughbert: "If a mob of angered shopkeepers come claiming that their feline husbands and wives were swindled, I'm going to feign ignorance. This is the best favor I can do for you." He adjusts his glasses.
Serenity‘ will hold onto the deck of cards at least, as they start moving to the stage.
Harriet hands off some of her haul to Anton! Including the pretty rocks. "You’re the best, Anton."
The stage is actually… Quite interesting on a technical standpoint. Despite the dark covers around it's back side it's still possible to catch a glimpse of the the system being used for lighting and, apparently… If you don't mind having to be shooed off after staring so much to figure this out… Moving platforms, is that?
As people gather for the show you notice they make great use of the darkness and the advanced lighting system combined with… You have no idea what, actually- to depict stylized images of backgrounds on the backdrop
The show itself is quite interesting, actually- Because it isn't just a boring old play depicting the story of the clan, and it isn't just the genesis of the clan either, a story you've heard already. It's actually a musical, surprisingly, and the actors aren't just good singers but quite the dancers too. The fact there are dance/fight scenes is also quite amazing.
Harriet definitely stares at the assembly until she's shooed off, which is when she finally cedes to sitting down with the others. (She ties one of the kerchiefs she brought around her neck. She's the cowboy now.)
Amal is transfixed by the performance.
Serenity: "Hrm…"
But it also depicts more recent events as well! You're not sure how they managed the sounds for the depiction of the Shattering- But hell that was a terrifying noise. The final act, however, brings to your attention something you hadn't quite noticed yet. They actually drag someone from the audience into the performance! Said someone is a woman in her late fourties, she's mostly stunned by what is going on but her clothes are entirely unlike rissani clothes- It's easy to recognize who she is, however, because this last act is about her, depicting Lady Altamira's arrival (with apparently what was a heavy armed escort), she kind of plays her part mostly in stunned silence
It all sounds really flattering how this scene plays out, though
Hughbert diligently absorbs the entirety of the musical, as best he can commit it to memory. "Now this is quite a surprise… Oh, perhaps, not as much of a surprise as I thought." For just a moment, a Knowing Grin slips out, before he re-composes his expression.
Serenity: "They uh… get really into it, huh?"
Hughbert: "Sounds like a pleasant view of this part of history, doesn't it?" Quietly, he adds, "Very likely that the compliments are rather shallow."
After the final act, the still-stunned Altamira returns to her seat. You notice she's always flanked by guards, one of them is a surprisingly tiny woman, almost a girl, with pale gray hair, the other a man that looks just as out of place as Altamira herself. Both seem to have enjoyed seeing her stunned and confused like that
Harriet snickers at Hughbert's remark, though she at least tries to keep it quiet.
After a while, after the artists have bowed out, the crowd starts moving again, this time to the arena beside the stage. The tech crew remains on the stage's equipment, though- Because it seems they can control the lighting effects of the arena from there as well. The light is soft, enough to make the (for now empty) arena visible while not making it seem like unnatural light
Amal smiles out of a corner of their mouth.
There's a certain murmur around until finally the two combatants enter- First enters the cat, Selena. She's wearing the full scorpiora outfit, the force gear/armor hybrid. She sits elegantly at her end of the arena, staring across it intently
Serenity: "I wonder why their tech as so much focus on lighting? You'd think that'd be a pretyt minor concern in the desert."
Harriet: "Maybe it's just cooler this way?"
Then enters Kestrel- Perhaps Kestrel is not his real name, just a title, because he is wearing flight boots as well, though he's shirtless and his only weapon are a pair of gauntlets. He cracks his knuckles and stares at Selena intently
Harriet: "Oh, they have the fight at night so he doesn't get sunburnt, okay."
A voice, the announcer "And tonight, at the time, we hold now a decisive fight" says the announcer "For tonight is the Felidar Ritual, wherein we choose our leader" he sounds very cerimonious "For we are warriors, and only a the strongest warrior is fit to lead us!"
At that, the crowd erupts into a cheer
Hughbert: "…Hm? What happens if the cat wins then..?"
After a moment the crowd dies down "And so, Master Kestrel, known as The Savage for his skill in combat with bare hands, and Mistress Selena, she of unmatched speed, will see who is more fit!" a moment "Ready…" the two combatants ready up their stances "Fight!"
Serenity: "Then the cat's in charge."
Indeed, his mention of Selena's speed wasn't for nothing, it seems the force gear she wears greatly enhances her speed too and she's on top of Kestrel in less than a second- The heavy impact does not, however, surprise him and he's able to revert the tackle into a circle throw, sending her flying up and behind him
Hughbert: "What manner of policy does a cat place into effect? How does a cat budget the clan's resources? This only raises questions."
Harriet: "Probably they end up chasing a lot of mice? I dunno, I was never into cats."
Amal: "You can ask! Just don't ask any questions you don't want to know the answers to…"
Hughbert: "I would have never guessed…" Hughbert glares at Harriet's pile of stuff.
The fight is actually quite interesting, particularly given the combined speed of both- But you also notice something particular: Both of them ARE making quite the effort for not causing any lasting wounds, it's quite obvious Selena doesn't have her claws out at all, and Kestrel is refraining from any particularly crippling blows.
… But not for too long. Can't miss this fight.
Harriet grins at Hughbert when he points that out. "Worth it." She's totally watching the fight, though. At least as much as she can follow.
That, it turns out, makes the fight last quite a bit more than it should, around twenty minutes when it should have been done in five. It ends when Kestrel dodges a pounce, countering with an elbow to her belly and setting his flight gear to full, dragging her high in the air- It ends in a move failiar for Anton- An aerial piledriver. This ends much, much less painfull however as Kestrel aborts the maneuver at the last second just lands on the ground with the his right hand over Selene's throat instead. She seems poised to try to do something for am oment- But relents, and looks away defeated
And cheers and meowing erupt from the crowd all over, and you're certain that it isn't just cats meowing
Serenity: "…"
Anton scratches his head. "Now I'm kinda wishing I had a crowd when I did that to Alcor."
Harriet: "These people are so weird."
Hughbert: "My questions remain unanswered for another day."
Kestrel picks Selene up on his right arm, she looks the image of a grumpy cat, but if you pay close attention you notice she's apparently purring. They walk out of the arena to the cheers of the crowd, and the announcer (that you notice is quite the elder) hands Kestrel something- A gun from the looks of it? A pistol with an extended bayonet? Or at least looks like someone built a pistol into a knife or something like that. Kestrel howls loudly as he shoots at the sky- And the crowd cheers again in synch with it, it's kind of amazing.
The crowd kind of forms a corridor for him all the way until he returns to his home (which is conveniently nearby) before they start scattering
Amal was totally cheering, too!
Serenity: "That was a thing, I guess."
Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of someone else- Altamira was watching too, and she was definitely rolling her eyes
JayM: Now wasn't that an interesting show
Harriet: "Well, at least we won't have to negotatiate with a cat from now on."
Serenity: "…Anyway. Guess that's it for tonight." And they probably fill Hughbert in on the Lola thing, too.
[OOC] Harriet: *negotiate
JayM: Thankfully for you… There's no need to try to arrange a place to sleep, as Kestrel will be more than happy to have you in his house
Hughbert looks a bit shocked about the R+D coat, but makes sense of it by the end of the explanation. "Hm. I should notify the Major about that… But what does she gain by revealing her hand at this point?"
Serenity: "Uhh, assurance that we can't easily detect her when she does something important, most likely."
Amal: "Also, a psyop against us might be more effective than letting that information slip."
Serenity: "A what?"
Amal: "Messin' with our heads."
Serenity: "Oh."
Hughbert makes a troubled expression and runs through scenarios in his head on the way back to the lodging. "Hmm… Well, perhaps she needs an additional push to see what other capabilities she has? Or… Hmm…"
Harriet: "Maybe we just need to invent a tether to keep her where we can see her!"
Amal: "…hmm. Given that she was more like a -shadow-, I'm not sure, but… hmm. I'll talk to Paws about it for sure."
Hughbert: "Rather than an observation device… Maybe a containment one? If you can attach a tether to her, perhaps you could pull that tether back and into a capsule designed for immaterial beings."
Serenity: "She seemed pretty solid for what it's worth, picked up the toy gun and shot it just fine."
Harriet: "Sure, I'll just stuff her in a ball. Gotta figure out how to design it, though…"
Not much longer later you find yourselves in Kestrel's house- You've been invited to spend the night there after all. Seems like Kestrel's daughter has prepared food- Which is all served in the pans in the kitchen, you go pick it up whenever
And a… A single bedroom has been arranged for you. There's a single, large mat down for all of you
Harriet: "Okay, Hughbert might sleep in his suit but I need a place to change."
Serenity: "Why in the hell do you still wear those froofy ass dresses anyway?"
Hughbert: "Oh, I don't sleep in my suit. Don't be silly, I've already changed into my sleepwear. You… Can't tell?" Hughbert has a mischevious grin.
A while later, however, Kestrel himself shows up just in time to hear Harriet "You can use my study" he points up to the second floor "The first one in the left"
Kestrel: "Did Mila set everything up for you? And sorry for disappearing at the end there, I had a small emergency to deal with"
Harriet: "Because I'm not a man, Serenity. Goddess." Harriet brushes down her dress for emphasis before turning to Kestrel. "Hey, thanks. And yeah, she got us dinner and everything. What's the emergency?"
Hughbert nods. "What happened?"
Kestrel: "Well, apparently someone's been going around buying a lot of the battle spoil junk people had lying about, and you know how merchants can be they all wanted a piece of that action"
Kestrel: "Except a couple got excessively drunk and wanted a piece of each other instead"
Serenity‘ opens her mouth in Harriet’s direction to respond, then doesn't since the conversation has already moved past that point. Frowns.
Kestrel: "They're cooling off in their respective rooms at the moment, picking a fight right now"
Hughbert looks over to Anton. "Was it a friend of ours? He seems to be on a bit of a shopping spree, no?"
Harriet: "I know absolutely nothing about that and I'm going to go change now just because it's bedtime and I need to be in bedtime clothes." Harriet grabs her pack and goes up to the study.
At this point Kestrel's daughter appears from the kitchen "Ah, dad. See, i've finished setting them all up" he smiles "See, what'd I tell you? You'll make a fine innkeep someday" he comments
Serenity: "Well…"
Serenity: "Maybe if you had more space to work with but like, generally… five people roll in… they probably don't all wanna be in the same room in a single bed. Just in case that was unclear or another weird cultural thing."
Amal: "Foreigners are so weird." They grin at Serenity.
Serenity: "I'm just sayin', would YOU wanna share a bed with Anton?"
Amal grins and giggles a little.
Kestrel looks at Serenity, then looks at Mila, and sighs "My dear, what have I told you about assumptions" "Uhn?" "You haven't been with outsiders much if at all, but quite unlike us, they prefer to sleep separately. Why don't you at least set up a mat for each?" she's flustered for a moment, before running off
Serenity: "…oh my god you people actually do sleep like cats too, holy shit."
Kestrel: "Yes, it can be somewhat baffling. I don't quite get how you manage to sleep alone, but it was very awkward when I figured that you do"
Serenity‘ buries her face in her hands.
Kestrel: "Companions always sleep together, wether families or travelling companions. Honestly it’s just… It just feels lonely if you don't"
Kestrel: "You people seem to have picked up some weird implications for sharing the same bed and it's honestly kind of terrifying that you did so"
Serenity: "It's way too hot for other people's body heat."
Kestrel: "That's why you drink plenty"
Kestrel: "On the topic of heat… Have you figured out a plan yet?"
Hughbert: "I, for one, am willing to give this new way a try before dismissing it. But you are welcome to rest wherever you want, Serenity."
Harriet comes back in, nightie-equipped. (It's just as long as her regular dress, but the sleeves are just straps.) There's a sleeping mask tilted up on her forehead instead of a pair of goggles.
Serenity: "Uhh. I duno, did we have a plan yet Hughbert? We sort of got distracted buy other, other … obstacles."
Hughbert: "We have had an unusual development of our own. I don't think there's anything we can do about it tomorrow, though… The day after, I'm having one of my subordinates arrive with an intelligence report. Perhaps we should spend the day running investigations of our own?"
Serenity‘ nods.
Kestrel nods "Tell me if you need any assistance, then"
JayM: Hrm… That was a productive day, wasn’t it?
JayM: I seem to have lost my bearings and capacities on the move, however, and this is taking a while to spool up. Don't worry, though, next time
Hughbert: "I'll get you in contact with my subordinate; I'll be grateful if you could provide them some guidance."
JayM: I'm calling it off for now, though, so I can start well next week. Don't worry, it'll be fine!

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