Though given the hospitality of the Postal Service, this group from Masharas is anything but not industrious, despite having come just out of a battle as well some of them dove straight into the research and engineering sections
And thus has most of the day gone by as they helped out the Postal Service finish the repairs to Capel, first your silent assistant (who's proven to be rather inept at underwater operation but sufficiently skill to repair as she required either way), and then Harriet have turns dealing with the repairs. Harriet, when not doing that, busies herself in the forgotten research buildings of the Postal Service's headquarters
Somewhat interestingly, over time as the day passes and you wait for Anton to wake up you notice that the headquarters is… Kind of devoid of people. It seems like it was vastly overengineered to hold so many more people than it do, and the very constructions seem alarmingly organic in their growth, unplanned and added as required, which makes you question why does it feel so empty now?
Hughbert: "You're very likely doing better than I would be." Hughbert offers some encouragement to Lorelei when she's taking a break.
Still, it isn't until the following day that Anton finally comes to, early enough to have breakfast. You haven't seen the Postmaster ever since she went to her office with the prisioners, and Harriet seems to have become completely consumed by the work she is doing at a forgotten laboratory
Lorelei just smiles at Hughbert, then nods a knowing a nod.
Serenity: "Yes, I do forgive you for forgetting to mention the exploding ferrets by taking the second one in my place Anton. Your master plan has come to fruitation."
Amal probably brought Anton breakfast or something. They've been super worried! :(
Anton smiles. "Good morrow, my dear companions. To be honest with you, that was definitely my fault. I was tracking something else at the time so I noticed a tad bit too late."
Serenity‘ shakes her head. "Dumbass."
Anton grins. "Worry not. I will refrain from tugging at heart strings in the future. How many tears were shed?"
Anton: "Oh, wait. Hold on. I can check myself!"
Amal: "I’ll never tell! Your secret's safe w- oh, darn."
Serenity: "Prepare for disapointment."
Hughbert: "Sounds very likely that you did not hit your head too hard. You're definitely the same Anton. Still, don't push yourself too hard today, alright?"
Anton slowly goes from a doofy grin to a frown. He pauses in silence for a moment before speaking up. "Ah, yes. There's another. That just leaves Harriet."
Serenity‘ snots.
Amal pats Anton consolingly.
After a while, someone finally shows up at the doorway to the small medical room where Anton’s been recovering. It's the Postmaster herself and her aide Mikhail "Ah, so you've finally woke up. Good, how are you feeling?"
Anton: "Fit as a fiddle, I assure you! An exploding ferret of all things isn't going to keep the Divine Oracle down. … For long, that is!"
The Postmaster chuckles "Good, good. I hope you're feeling well, then, well enough to take part on the next startup test"
Postmaster: "I figured, given we'd literally never have found those faults without your help, you could be part of the next test"
Mikhail: "Whenever you're ready to start it, meet us up in the main transmission room, it's in the same access corridor that leads to Capel. The plan is perform a first test within normal range and, should that go smoothly we'll try to use the wave bombardier to contact Masharas"
Mikhail: "We hoped you could do that contact"
Serenity: "Fine by me."
CuppaCoffee is, of course, still in the lab. The passage of time is meaningless when perfecting things.
[OOC] Harriet: Harriet was, of course.
Harriet emerges, eventually, with a contraption which seems to be made of two differently-sized straps, one hosting all the force gear technology neeged to power it, wires running up to the second. To the nearest person, she declares: "Ha-HA! It's finished! … what day is it?"
Serenity: "It's tomorrow."
Harriet: "Oh. Ooooh. Well, that's convenient."
Harriet: "So what's happening?"
Amal: "Woah, is that the ~thing~?"
Serenity: "Final test to make sure everything got slapped together right then sending a message home, now that you're done."
Serenity‘ slides out of her chair and heads for the transmission room.
Harriet: "That’s the thing!!!" Harriet grins, holding it up. "See, you strap it around your waist and then run the headband up over your temples, and - oh man, they're testing it out? I gotta get on this." She does give Hughbert the gear first, though.
Hughbert takes it with him to the test. "We'll run a test on it after we message back home."
Whensoever you feel like going, you will find the main transmission room to be… Rather unusual! There is a command console near the entrance, it's wide with just about every required control on it, and there's a glass pane. Across from the console there is a different room altogether, there's desk, with a few meters built into it, also with an elaborate-looking microphone and earphones. The walls of the room, however, are slightly disturbing perhaps: They're black and soft, and also really large triangles that look almost like spikes, they won't hurt if you touch at all and are kind of likely to break off. You see that there's already a technician in the control console.
Harriet: "Holy shit, this is so cool."
Serenity: "H-huh…"
Lakshmi and Mikhail are already there, looking over some clipboards
Hughbert takes a look around. "Hmm… What an unusual material for the walls here."
Amal: "Woah, this is pretty cool."
Amal: "What's with the…" They gesture at the walls.
The technician perks up and looks at Hughbert "Oh, yeah. It's… A bit of a wacky material made from processed paper. Shape and material make extremely good echo-less sound isolation"
Serenity‘ scratches at the back of her head. "This doesn’t look like any radio I've ever seen… how are you supposed to make adjustments with that glass window in the way…?"
Harriet: "Sound isolation…? Well, yes, I suppose the way sound works…" Harriet hums thoughtfully, considering the room.
Amal: "Ohhh, okay."
Technician: "Gives off a perfectly clear sound" they look at Serenity "Oh, I make adjustments separately from the speaker, there's a lot of things to keep track of and we expect to be able to have untrained people talking as well so the separation of technical and operation teams was necessary" "
Serenity: "Weird."
Technician: "We did experiment short-range with untrained people before when we were considering how to build the transmission room"
Mikhail: "Turns out that if you plan on having someone that isn't in the tech team operate it copletely talking and adjusting becomes quite difficult"
Harriet: "Oh, so you keep the normies away from all the breakable stuff? That's eminently sensible."
Technician: "Yeah, we learned the lesson after a small feedback incident… Thankfully it was on a test rig"
Amal: "Hahahah, yeah…"
Harriet: "Goddess, ouch, yeah. Glad you got that out of way early."
Technician: "Anyway you're here for the startup test, right? If it starts up correctly the first call will be to the current Ironclad settlement since they're our development partners. After that works, well, we'll turn on the wave bombardiers and call the Academy of the Silver Winds in Masharas"
Serenity: "Yup."
Technician: "Whoever wants to speak just take a seat over there- Or you can all go in too, it's fine for it"
Harriet: "Do you wanna do the honours, Serenity?"
Harriet: "You're our radio girl."
Serenity: "Yes."
Amal: "Serenity's got the ~radio voice~, yeah."
Harriet grins and flashes a thumbs-up. "Knock them dead."
The desk for transmission is actually quite comfortable, and settle in place easily. Testing the mic quickly makes you realize that the headphones play out your own voice at you, it always sounds weird
Technician: "Alright, we're starting up in five… Four… Three… Two… One…"
Serenity: "…I don't actually sound like that do I?"
Amal: "You TOTALLY do."
Serenity‘ Frowns.
The technician flips a button- And there is an all-pervasivle hum, a single tone of it that is immense and powerful and doesn’t even feels like sound, like it's just the echo of a vibration. "And… Power's stable!"
Harriet clasps her hands together and grins, but, you know, silently.
Serenity‘ is sort of glad she generally only puts headphones over one ear.
Serenity: "Uh. Anyway. Ironclad, come in. This is Postal HQ."
Serenity` glances back towards the window while rubbing at her open each and mouths ’did anyone else here that'.
You see various meters light up to maximum for less than a second before they die down to normal levels "Nope, no additional noise"
Serenity: "Huh."
Serenity: "Ironclad, you there? This is Postal HQ. Over."
It takes almost a full minute before you have an answer- There's static, a lot of it, but in the right frequency and above the threshold so it gets picked up "Hold on, hrm…" Mikhail looks at the meters "Switch to double side band" the tech nods and makes the change "-ere is ir-" he adjusts a few more dials- Slowly the voice turns clearer and clearer, and he manages to finally clear it completely of static "Here's Ironclad, I repeat-" it sounds as a radio should- But then the technician flips one last switch, and the voice suddenly sound as clear as standing right beside you "This is Ironclad convoy! There we go, we got you loud and clear!"
Ironclad Convoy: "Damn, talk about clear, what'd you do?"
Amal punches the air! (Very carefully.)
Serenity: "Fuck are you sure you can't dup a couple of the nobs and switches in here - okay that's better. We fixed a cracked crystal stabilizer."
Ironclad Convoy: "Oh, man, sounds like you had an issue right at the heart of the system! Happy to know our creation's finally up and working!"
Serenity: "Yeah pretty much. Test successful I guess." Serenity leans backwards and thumbs up at the window.
Ironclad Convoy: "Alright! Have fun with the final test, we'll do our preparations here, it's finally time to start distributing the client stations!"
Hughbert returns the thumbs up!
Harriet grins at Serenity. She's doing great!
Ironclad Convoy: "Tell the Postmaster we lucked out on some Masharas wanderer to help us out, just had to trade in some spare precision equipment we had"
Serenity: "…What did they look like?"
Ironclad Convoy: "So the client stations should be ready within two days ready for pickup"
Ironclad Convoy: "Weird guy, silver hair, weird striped clothing. Bit of an eccentric but I hear everyone there is so"
Serenity: "Huh okay."
Serenity: "Well I think they can hear anyway so consider the messaged relayed. Anything else?"
Ironclad Convoy: "Nope, Ironclad convoy out!"
The technician gives Serenity a thumbsup "Alright! First test full success… Hrm.. Actually" they look back at Lakshmi
Serenity‘ tilts her head backwards then points at Anton.
Postmaster: "Don’t worry, it's expected. We can add the wait step to the next startup, it should take about as long to stabilize"
Technician: "Okay, cool. Give me a minute to spin up the wave bombardier"
Amal: "That's a cool name for a thing."
Amal: "I'm not even sure what it does, but I like your style!"
Serenity: "The thing that gets the signal over the mountains."
About a couple of minutes later the technician nods to themselves and calls up Serenity again "Alright, bombardiers set. This time we're calling the Masharas academy. Get ready to make history, the first international transmission happens now!"
They then give a thumbs up, go ahead and call
Harriet: "It's a pretty rad name. I feel like Matheus would approve."
Serenity‘ pulls the microphone a little closer to her mouth and then starts to… hum a song softly into it.
Hughbert tilts his head. "A song, huh…"
It takes a few seconds… But you notice the readings on the console start going up, in general. On it’s own the power output of the entire system starts going up until it reaches just the very limits of safe operation
Harriet: "(Damn… she's pretty impressive, huh?)"
Then, a rather unexpected noise fills the room- Music, definitely coming from the other end of the transmission, it feels familiar, like a song you've heard your entire life but can not remember where []
Serenity: "Ahahaha okay okay okay it's only funny whoever's near the radio hears that, not if *you* repeat it outloud."
Serenity: "Wait, out loud?"
Serenity‘ blinks, looking around then back at the group.
It stops, rather abruptly
Serenity: "…That *was* out loud right?"
Harriet nods.
Given that the technician, Lakshmi and Mikhail are looking around surprised "Yes, it was. I take it you know what that means?"
Serenity: "Uhh yeah."
Amal looks like they’re spacing out with a bewildered look on their face, looking -past- everyone.
Serenity: "It's not really an issue I just wasn't expecting her to do it back over the radio, especially since she's already here…"
Amal then cracks a smile and laughs a little bit.
Lakshmi: "'Her'? Oh, is this related to your capacities? Hrm… " she puts a hand on her chin "I wonder if it was your presence that served as catalyst"
Hughbert: "…Ah, does that mean this is what a force gear sounds like?"
Amal: "She's so weird."
Serenity: "Uhhh more specifically this is what the chapel, the temple, and, I guess, this place now, sound like. I think it's a side effect of massive concentrations of ragnite in a specific place."
Hughbert nods. "Quite unusual."
Serenity: "Individual ones are more just like… a single thought or purpose endlessly repeated."
And then, there's another, staticky voice that calls up. Far more expected. The technician quickly gets to work, but this time takes a lot more to get it to sound clear
Amal: "I wonder if you put the playback equipment in the chapel, what'd happen. Actually that'd probably be a terrible idea nevermind."
Serenity: "Anyway -" Serenity turns back to the mic, "Someone go tell Professor Stein to take a fucking bath I can smell him all the way out here on the ocean."
Turns out that this far away a normal transmission can only get about 85% as good as the closer one was, but it's still good "Wh- Ahahahaha" and then there's laugher on the other end "I am certain he will be overjoyed at how he was featured in the first transmission in this frequency!"
Serenity: "No doubt. Did you guys here the song too?"
Radio: "But this is Silver Winds, you were trying to reach us, right? And yes, we did. Basically any force gear attached to radio equipment started making that song! Everyone's been in a bit of a tizzy over here about that"
Silver Winds: "Take it was your doing? Whatever it was seems to have died down now"
Hughbert drops his face into his palm. "I was afraid something like that would happen."
Serenity: "Yeah that was me. I was trying to spook whoever was near the comms but I guess she decided to out-cute me." Serenity laughs.
Silver Winds: "Huh?" there's a second without transmission "Oh so that's what it was? I wonder if the transmitter we've set up at the Grand Chapel was to blame for that, maybe she heard it! Either way, good to know that apparently we can get them to respond via radio!"
Silver Winds: "Sounds like it's breakthrough after breakthrough today!"
Serenity: "Probably, that's the only place in the city where the song is really noticable."
Serenity: "Was weird as fuck hearing that with my actual ears."
Silver Winds: "I imagine, I never heard it before but Reinolds here was weirded out too. You're sounding amazingly clear too"
Silver Winds: "I'm going to consider this transmission system a success if you give the green light on your end"
Serenity: "I thiiink we're good over here too. Good to know all this stuff actually worked right."
Silver Winds: "Definitely! Now they can't say we shouldn't focus on developing a base station here! Just you wait, we're going to get constant radio programs going on over here!"
You hear a clatter for just a moment- Did they actually run off to inform everyone just like that? Probably did
Serenity: "Hahaha."
Serenity‘ pulls the headphones all the way down to her neck and lets out a breath.
A distant sound "Ugh, idiot left the mic open" and the noise cuts completely
Lakshmi smiles from the command room "And with that, we have success!"
Serenity: "Yeeep."
Harriet: "That was amazing!"
Serenity` pulls the headphones off, then leaves the mic pit and heads back into the control booth.
Postmaster: "Once we get the client stations from the Ironclad and hand them over to the other clans we should have reliable transmission in the entirety of Rissan, no longer we will be bound by the speed of our machines to contact eachother! With this, we make the world smaller in the best way!"
Serenity: "Take that, carrier pidgeons."
Harriet: "Ha! The world’s opening up!" '
She turns to Mikhail, excited "We'll need to restructure our work divisions, move mailers from deliveries back to research, both logistics and linguistics and I want at least one back on cognitive" she turns to Serenity and Harriet "And we have you all to thank for this. For all the work we did, we'd never have found those faults on our own"
Serenity: "Anyway uh sorry about that spike at the beginging I didn't realize that was going to happen even though in retrospect it's pretty obvious.
Hughbert nods and smiles. "Things are moving in the right direction, that much is certain."
Postmaster: "It's perfectly fine, if the system can't handle a few spikes it won't survive the operation it requires. Plus we actually heard back from Masharas, so the base stations actually also work."
Serenity: "Good point."
Harriet: "Yeah, gotta account for power surges!"
Amal chuckles. "Think of it as a stress test!"
Harriet: "And hey, you're welcome. This is what we do!"
Serenity: "You figure out what Alcor was up to out there yet Anton? And… were you… previously familiar with the song, Amal?"
Postmaster: "For all this work… I really feel like I owe you more than I can do to repay… But maybe I can do something to start with. We have a few test rigs we use on vehicles to verify signals, we can easily convert this into a mobile base station for you"
Serenity: "Oh that'd be cool!"
Harriet: "Oh man, yeah, I'd love to see that."
Amal: "I'm pretty sure this is the first time I heard it, but, I heard Her singing it too."
Amal: "Anyways, honestly, just having a radio system set up is its own reward." They grin.
Mikhail: "Indeed. If there's ever anything we can do to help you, simply tell us"
Serenity: "Aha okay. Can't never be sure with you, and you reacted a lil' bit more than the others."
Amal: "She sounded so happy~!"
Serenity: "I'm not really happy is the word I'd use…"
Hughbert flips through a notebook… "Hmm… Well, even if you could just point us in the right direction, that would help…"
Amal: "Hmph."
Serenity: "Hahah I mean,"
Serenity: "You know that dead language that book I'm deciphering is in?"
Mikhail: "Tell us where you need to be, we know all the paths"
Serenity: "The songs in the same language I'm pretty sure, and I can understand bits and peices of it."
Harriet: "Huh, okay, yeah. That makes sense."
Amal: "Oooh, yeah. I think you're right."
Harriet: "Linguistics was never my thing, so this is way out of my wheelhouse."
Hughbert: "With this network set up, it shouldn't take long for you to be able to come to some form of agreement on the representative to send to Masharas, most likely… So while you're electing them, I believe it's best if we focus on limiting Akavir's ability to destabilize the area. Let's start with the Silvarant Knights, for example, we had to repel an attack by them that was almost certainly Akavir's responsibility."
Serenity: "Or well. Some of it is at least. It's… weird."
Mikhail crosses his arms, he looks at Lakshmi who nods, then he looks at Hughbert "Well, we can take you either to their current settlement or to Castle In The Hill, depending on how you want to approach them. I'd be cautious, there's a very serious schism going on in their ranks at the moment and while people of both factions are in the two places most of the Legacy Faction are in Castle In The Hill while most of the Advancement Faction is in their main settlement"
Harriet: "So, wait, what's the difference again?"
Hughbert: "Which faction holds which view, regarding Akavir?"
Mikhail: "You probably noticed we're suffering a serious resource crysis here, the Advancement Faction has been working very closely with Akavir… I think they have some plans of moving the entire clan off of Rissan into more fertile lands. The Legacy Faction has been opposed to that"
Amal: "…surprised they could get people to go along with that. Fertile lands -where-?"
Serenity: "Where other people are currently living."
Mikhail: "I couldn't tell, but they're biting"
Lakshmi: "They are… Narrow in the view"
Amal: "Do we know anyone on the inside of the traditionalist faction?"
Hughbert: "Hmm… Perhaps there is a way to reconcile their views and get them to work together, rather than taking sides."
Mikhail: "I couldn't point you to anyone in particular…"
Lakshmi: "True… But maybe her family might be slightly more welcoming to someone bringing in the mail"
Hughbert: "Where can we find Tressa?"
Mikhail: "She is next slated to make the deliveries to Clan Horizon, you're most likely to find her in the loading dock cursing her fate"
Lakshmi: "I certainly hope the new radio will make Horizon's deliveries a lot less problematic… But knowing them I doubt it"
Hughbert: "Alright, we'll start with her for the Knights… Any ideas about the Black Stingers, or perhaps the Dustfire clan?"
Mikhail: "It shouldn't be difficult contacting the Stingers at this time of the year, they're having the Felidar Festival, the exact time of the year they're most welcoming to outsiders, they're even nicer to trespassers on Hidden Valley during the festival. Their settlement isn't excessively far from Dustfire's current camp as well"
Lakshmi: "Dustfire's actually currently deeply nested on the peak of Mount Hope working on the Heat Dam project…" she sighs "They've sold their souls to complete it for the sake of all the others, if there's one place removing akavir's influence will be difficult is there"
Amal: "What can Akavir possibly give them that's worth that much?"
Harriet: "Oooh, a Heat Dam, that sounds cool."
Lakshmi: "You already know this, Amal, but for the sake of your friends. The volcanoes of rissan are our lifeline, from the lava that bursts from the heart of the land we make our riches and our sustenance"
Lakshmi: "The cooled lava is very fertile and the very reason we're a nomadic people- But snce the Shattering so many of them have become permanently active"
Lakshmi: "What once were fertile lands every few seasons are now permanent rivers of flame"
Lakshmi: "That is what the Heat Dam aims to fix, artificially divert the flow of Mount Hope to two different rivers in an alternating manner, generating an artificial harvest season"
Lakshmi: "The construction of the Heat Dam, however… Well, they needed resources, they needed work power, they needed tool of the sort you find only in Akavir"
Serenity: "That's one way to ensure crop rotation I guess."
Amal: "Grrr.."
Mikhail: "Yeah. Even deep digging to use the bottom layer of the sandy soil only gets you so much, without the lava flows our situation is dire. Dustfire wound up giving up a lot of their best engineers in exchange for their necessities for the construction of the Heat Dam"
Mikhail: "It works however, it honestly does. The first redirection haven't reached harvest season yet but give it a few more months"
Hughbert: "Oh. That's easy. We just gather a list of accessible materials and desired results, we give that to Harriet, and then she tells them how to make everything without Akavir's help."
Mikhail: "That's the thing… They've completed it already"
Mikhail: "If you had arrived five months earlier, perhaps, that could have been avoided"
Mikhail: "But the price's been paid"
Amal: "…but they indentured themselves to Akavir to do it."
Hughbert: "Right… So our problem is the debt."
Mikhail: "Basically"
Mikhail: "Once said debt is repaid i've no doubt their people would be eager to return home"
Harriet: "Oh geez. What I need is like… maybe five more copies of me so I can go and fix all these problems before they get to this point."
Harriet: "Maybe I can get Anton on that."
Serenity: "They can't do new things, only shit you've done before."
Amal: "Well, the situation in Akavir will be changing soon enough…"
Amal: "…not that you heard that from me." They smile innocently.
Lakshmi chuckles "We are the Postal Service, of course we keep confidentiality"
Hughbert: "In that case… I believe I have a plan for the order in which we should handle these three. I'm sure the Stingers will be holding their festival for a while, but, I believe it'd be best to visit them first. I won't have unexpected delays cause us trouble there. After that, we go to the Knights. We need as much information as we can before helping the Dustfire; a debt is something we can't brute-force, after all."
Serenity: "Well we *could* if the *right* people are there… but yeah."
Lakshmi: "I will see if our… Intruders know anything about that case. They seemed pretty ignorant of anything other than their orders, however. Blindly faithful"
Harriet: "Hughbert with the plans, as always. Nice job." Harriet grins.
Hughbert: "Of course. We don't know who the right people are yet, so that's why I think we shouldn't hurry to approach them."
Mikhail: "If that's the case…" he pulls a map from inside his yellow jacket "Here's an excerpt of our most up-to-date map, with the position of the Stinger settlement marked."
Harriet: "Oh, that's handy!"
Lakshmi waves you to follow "Then let's take a moment to refresh ourselves before you depart. I swear I never met anyone as industrious as you people"
Lakshmi: "Is everyone from Masharas like this?"
Harriet: "We're the best of the best, but the people back home do solid work."
Amal chuckles. "There's a reason I kept pushing for an alliance."
Hughbert: "Much appreciated. Oh, we'll need to talk to Tressa first, won't we…?" He looks out in the general direction of the loading docks. "I'll have you know I've set a very strict schedule. We've yet to make it even once so far, granted… It is not for lack of effort, though."
Mikhail: "I'm happy that you did, then." he chuckles at Hughbert "The schedule never survives the first contact with reality"
Hughbert: "Unfortunately, I'm unable to plan around delays like Amal's large cat playtime hour." He shrugs, and gives a weary smile to Amal.
Amal grins and shrugs.
Hughbert: "Ahhh… Someone understands!"
The loading docks! Which happen to be the place where you've parked your car! You see a rather large device being worked on beside your car, it has a folding antenna and a control console similar to the master transmission room's. Someone's taking measurements of the car to make sure the device's adjusted to fit somewhere (they're not actually messing with the car, however)
Harriet: "Oh, she's getting all prettied up!" Harriet goes over immediately to investigate the process (and make sure her car is okay).
Also in the loading docks you find a rather large three-wheeled vehicle currently being loaded with a large amount of boxes, grand majority of them are empty actually, as well as some portable lockboxes are being loaded. There's a woman with a rather frail-looking constitution just about shouting to the heavens "And now they're off in the ends of nowhere's ass!" a small dog, with the fur coat reminiscent to that of a shepherd but considerably more fluffy, howls in unison with her
Serenity: "…Good thing we got new batteries."
JayM: No worries, Harriet! They're making sure the device can fit either in the trunk or in the back seat (it's kinda large) without needing installation. If you can you could also install it under the hood, since it's designed to be kind of modular.
Harriet examines it, and starts making suggestions! She guides them towards putting it under the hood, since the boot always seems to have spare parts in it and the back seat might get kind of crowded with everyone and all her weapons.
JayM: Indeed! It's not even difficult to integrate the control panel into the dash, a simplified control panel so you can adjust the frequency while driving, plus a folding advanced control panel if you need finer adjustments
JayM: Acquire [Long Range Radio]x1, you have the capacity to contact any big organization in a friendly country from your car! While in Rissan it requires no setup, outside of it you need to devote at least 40 minutes to it's operation to use it
Harriet will definitely suggest they install that on the front dash, so Serenity can keep them in easy reach while she's driving.
JayM: Your car is getting pretty advanced at this point
Someone else, who's been loading the other vehicle here, looks at the person that's screaming her heart out "Tressa, chill the fuck out, I can't handle your pup just howling because of you"
Amal side-eyes in that direction. So that's Tressa!
Tressa: "Oh c'mon, you don't like doing the roamer trip either!"
Loader: "Nobody does, but someone has to! You know how many people depend on what they bring back"
Tressa: "Ugh… Is my clock synchronized? By the goddess it better be synchronized"
Her dog jumps on three-wheeler and barks once
Hughbert waves Tressa down. "Excuse me! Miss Tressa, a moment?"
She turns a round, looking exhasperated "Yes?"
Tressa: "I hope it's not urgent because I need to leave soon"
Hughbert: "Lakshmi mentioned you might be able to tell us something about the Silvarant Knights. We're going to be visiting them soon."
Tressa crosses her arms "… Why?"
Tressa: "If the Postmaster said so i'll trust her, I know she wouldn't ask you to talk to a knight reject without good reason, but first why are you visiting them"
Hughbert: "It's regarding Akavir. We're going to get them to try and cease their meddling in the area, in short."
She raises an eyebrow at you "You… What?" she sits down on her vehicles "I don't think you can… But if she sent you- Wait, weren't you the ones that-" she blinks
Serenity: "That did the thing that fixed the problem in the place, yeah!" Serenity shouts towards them while still watching the system installation.
Tressa: "Well… Okay… I can't really do much for you but… Hrm…" she pulls a letter from her jacket, that's been folded and unfolded, written and rewritten a thousand times "Take this, say you're just going to deliver it to the Anyr family… It isn't a lie, i've been… Procrastinating on getting this letter to my parents. Hopefully they should give you some shelter if you're going for Castle In The Hill"
Tressa: "Try not to stir up too much trouble for them though, please"
Tressa: "We're just a small family of frontliners, nothing to proverbially write home about and with hardly any pull to influence the decisions of the higher ranks, but it's better than nothing, right?"
Hughbert: "I apprecite this. I'll deliver your letter…" He pockets it safely and securely in his jacket "…And we'll make things better for your family back home. You may count on that."
She sighs "I won't. But then again, i've learned not to count on anything. I'll allow myself a bit of hope, however" she looks at her vehicle "Anyway I better go, if I don't leave in twenty minutes i'll miss the roamers. C'mon Kero" she jumps on the seat, her dog jumps up besides her- She speeds off perhaps a bit too early, perhaps a bit t oo hastily
Hughbert salutes!
JayM: And with that
JayM: You're ready to depart
JayM: Towards the Black Stinger base, right?

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