Hughbert is standing in the way. [As Tough as the Mountains]
Amal: "Don't you dare!"
[OOC] Amal: Oh that works too
Serenity: "I guess…"
JayM: Dealing [114] Physical Melee damage- But Hughbert's got a very beefy barrior up there
Serenity: "That was his way of saying 'yes please mommy fry me like a shrimp'…?"
Amal definitely started to run in at least, though.
Harriet: "Yeah, sounds like it."
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Harriet [B]:6 Hughbert [F]:19 Serenity [B]:39 Black-clad Gunman A [F]:55
JayM: Status for Black-clad Gunman A [F]: : [==== ]
JayM: Amal, Harriet, Hughbert, Serenity
Harriet: "I've got, like, no sympathy for the guy."
JayM: I don't think he's surviving between all of you
JayM: And he's not going to give up
JayM: How do you prefer to take him down?
Amal narrows their eyes and focuses a little weirdly. "Hit him with everything you got. I'll patch him up later. Give 'em something to remember us by…" [CT30]
Hughbert watches the bullet get pulled off course and crumple into a small brass speck. Perhaps it was deflected by the recovery field emitted by his force gear? [Everyone heals 40 HP]
Harriet finishes cranking her ECC, flicks a series of three switches in one swipe of her thumb, and a gigantic charge of electricity arcs from her cannon's tines into the Gunman. "Eat this, asshole!" [Storm Guillotine, 50D]
Harriet rolled 1d12+450*1.3 and got 3 ( Total: 588.0 ) for storm tracking
Amal: "This is what you get for trying to walk in and destabilise my clans! Better remember it!"
Serenity‘ snaps her fingers as the electrictiy starts to die down, making it detonate. [Assist]
Serenity` rolled d12+180,130% and got 3 ( Total: 237.9 )
The massive wave of lightning strikes right into him, he grits his teeth and bears it for a while, he has the time to take one breath before the explosion knocks him off his feet and on the ground [KO]
JayM: Seems like you’ve taken down all of the invasion force
Amal frowns intensely, their eyes glowing a little tiny bit through the worst of the storm. The attackers… will survive, yes. With some scars.
JayM: … Actually, now that you're paying attention
Harriet: "And stay down! Jerks."
JayM: Weren't there two ferrets, and not one?
JayM: Where'd the second one go?
Serenity: "Well, that was exciting."
[OOC] Serenity: It blew up in front of Serenity and Anton didn't it
JayM: It exploded, yes. But as you've noticed they don't exactly die when they explode
It takes only a few seconds- But you hear another explosion further inland
Serenity: "Two three not it on ferret duty."
Harriet: "On what duty? - oh shit."
Serenity: "Uuugh."
Amal: "Oh for goodness' sake."
Harriet: "Ugh, okay, I'll go take care of that thing since you two are good at like fixing people." Harriet hefts her cannon, and goes off in the direction of the explosion.
Serenity: "I'll secure these guys and Anton, you all get moving since you'll be more suited to dealing with small scale explosion repairs."
Hughbert tosses Serenity some ties for their wrists. ((He's long since stopped carrying around formal handcuffs. We need too damn many of these things, a pack of zip-ties gets the job done))
Heading in that direction… It doesn't takes long to find the site of the explosion- You reach the entrance of the main building where you see the cracks on the floor of where the explosion happened, however, instead of seeing any further destruction you see Silver there, looking somewhat worse for the wear, holding a ferret by the throat so hard it's either dead or passed out "Don't worry, I got it"
Harriet: "Oh, good, you caught it already."
Harriet: "Did it do much damage to your systems?"
Hughbert: "Much appreciated. Did it manage much damage?"
Amal scoots over to Anton basically first thing and makes sure he's okay and stable.
Silver: "Tried to, caught it trying to sneak in. It went off close by the entrance, but I managed to negate the blast in this direction with my blast gauntlet" "
Silver: "We're going to have to repair the entry's floor but that's it"
Anton's basically okay, stable too. It's easy to fix the physical damage he took
Harriet: "Oh, that's good. I was worried it would get into your gear."
Silver: "We've had enough sabotage going on already"
Hughbert: "Good to hear. We should have approximately three prisoners for interrogation. There is a high likelihood they are still breathing. Where should we bring them?"
At this point, someone else approaches. The Postmaster and her aid "Take them to my office, i'll handle them"
Postmaster: "Take your friend to my medical room as well, we'll make sure he's fine"
Hughbert nods. "I'll head back and start carrying them in. We'll need a bed to let one of our allies rest as well. Harriet, even though there doesn't seem to be any major damage, would you mind making a quick inspection? Keep a grenade on hand, just in case."
Serenity‘ glances at Amal.
Serenity: "Okay I fucked this one up.
Serenity: "How are we going to carry four people."
Harriet: "Oh, yeah, sure thing." Harriet heads off to do just that!
Amal: "Anton can j- oh shoot."
Amal: "Uhhhh."
Amal: "Get someone from the base to come out and grab these idiots?"
Postmaster: "Thank you again for your assistance. Don’t worry, i'll have some of the mailers help you out"
Serenity: "Yeah sticking to plan " sit here until they come back. " And she plops herself down on the last gunman that was standing.
Hughbert salutes and heads back to see a neatly arranged pile of unconscious goons. "Nice work."
Amal perches near Anton whilst glaring at the other two. A few judicious healing sparkles just to keep them stable.
Eventually, Hughbert comes back with three mailers ready to take them in for custody
The three of them help haul the captives off- In fact, given each one of them can easily carry two of the captives they're more than enough to bring everyone in
Serenity: "Okay good work team."
Unfortunately for the party, however, Anton will take a while to recover. Lakshmi makes a point of ensuring she is alone with the prisioners in her office, and everyone around is quite adamant nobody be allowed even in the same floor during the procedures
Serenity‘ decides that’s probably one of those things she doesn't want to know.
Harriet finds the party, after she's checked over the equipment. "All systems green. How's Anton?"
Serenity: "I bet he took that hit on purpose knowing he'd be able to sleep for like a day straight if he did."
You are, however, offered to stay around in the housing area and even have lunch in the mess hall. At some point, however, your friendly mute NPC has scooted off somewhere- Industrious as ever she has already begun working on repairing the microfractures on the Capel. She'll give Harriet the green light to do her part as soon as they're repaired, but she isn't taking another diver with her
Amal is a little bit disappointed they don't get to be around for the interrogation. Just to make sure they stay conscious. Buuuuut it's probably better this way.
Harriet gets lunch with people, but starts talking pretty much as soon as she's taken a few bites.
Harriet: "Since Anton's busy having a powernap, I'm gonna start work on developing stuff while I'm here. There's a lot of facilities I wanna take advantage of. Oh yeah, I'm borrowing you for some of them, Serenity."
Serenity: "Fair enough."
Harriet: "In related news, I need someone to be my guinea pig, because I'm pretty sure the stuff here will actually let me prototype the Loom. Well, 1.0, anyway. I'm gonna synch it to Serenity so you get the same senses she's getting. I still need to work out how to do Aetas without killing you guys."
Hughbert: "That's exciting news. You're making the sensory sharing device finally."
Amal: "…ooh."
Harriet: "Yeah! See, the problem Terra Medical has is they're trying to create Mediums wholecloth. But if you piggyback off an existing Medium, it gets exponentially easier not to end up contributing to the horrible monster population."
Amal: "I've been looking forward to that."
Serenity: "Aetas?"
Harriet: "Timey-wimey stringy-wingy."
Serenity: "Wait there's a proper name for that? No one told me that."
Harriet: "I've learned a lot getting into the nuts and bolts of this stuff. Yours is called 'Auditus', technically."
Serenity: "Oh is this like weird dumb medical terms people don't actually use or something?"
Harriet: "Yeah. And I'm calling Amal's weird stuff Regnum, because I'm the first one to write on it and I get to do that."
Amal: "That's the privilege of a… person… who discovers stuff!"
Serenity: "I guess that would explain why Anton didn't know the word, and also, why I don't care because I can just say medium and people get it."
Hughbert thumbs up @ Harriet. "Use that privilege to its fullest."
JayM: Hrm… It will be some time until Anton recovers, plus you could use some time to patch up after those vast amounts of explosions Hughbert absorbed, so why not?
JayM: Who'd be the testing grounds for Harriet's new device?
Harriet: "Yeah, pretty much. But that means I need someone to synch this device to. You know, someone who isn't Serenity, because giving you double Medium powers is hilarious but not actually what I'm going for here. I'm gonna ask Anton too when he wakes up."
Serenity: "Probably not Amal either since you probably wanna test on an Actual Human first."
Harriet: "Oh, yeah, that too."
Harriet: "I mean, maybe in the future I can make a universal one, but for safety reasons I wanna synch it up to one specific person first. It's way easier to control for errors when you're not trying to make something for everyone."
Serenity: "Uhh."
Serenity: "Sounds like Hughbert then."
Serenity: "Since he's the only one you can use for all three of us."
Serenity: "Since you gotta run and monitor the machines."
Harriet: "Hmm, yeah, that's a good point."
Harriet: "How about it, Hughbert?"
Hughbert: "As long as a profound sense of soreness will not prove to be a difficult variable for the experiment."
Harriet: "Oh, no, I can control for that. I made sure to explore that early on, given how often we get into fights these days."
JayM: Sounds like you'r ready for some experimentation
JayM: Hrm… Actually, perhaps this is a good cliffhanger to end on, as well
Hughbert gives a nod of approval between bites of lunch. His hunger is intense.
JayM: We've been at this for a while, and I got pretty happy at that fight, so how about we start the next scene with Harriet and Hughbert leaving the lab… Next week
[OOC] JayM: +7 XP] for that riveting fight, and for how amazing a monster healing 70% of it's health through battle was

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