The sun gazes from beyond the ashen clouds, the car trip has been long and your mailer companion seems to be tireless atop her windseeker. You notice the light shift in the terrain as you go further northwest, as the desertine sands slowly turn to arid shrubland and then into something that resembles a savannah. The first stop in the long trip is trivial, although you get to witness but a kilometer away a flowing lava river as you stop to rest and recuperate
You also notice as you stop to rest this time that Kyra does not gets off her vehicle, the two-wheeler appears to be unusually comfortable as you see her lay down on it- In fact, you've noticed that is the position in which that vehicle is ridden, as if you were laying down on a bed. She stares at the distant glowing caldera in silence
Amal is also watching the caldera. "…seems brighter than I remember."
Kyra: "Yeah… A few of them have been going nuts the last few weeks…"
Serenity: "Caldera shouldn't be bright at all, should they? I thought they were like, dead volcanos or something?"
Harriet: "It's remarkable, really. I've often wondered how to harness that sort of power."
Kyra: "It's supposed to be"
Kyra: "It's not right now, which… Yeah"
Kyra: "You'd like the Dustfire, they're experienced with those things"
Amal: "I mean, some of them are. There's even a lake in one of them, because there's no drainage."
Amal: "But tectonic activity's been up…"
Harriet: "I guess the doomsday device didn't help, either."
Serenity‘ tilts her head to the side and upward while mumbling to herself.
Hughbert: "Will we need to make any major route changes to avoid those rivers, then?"
Kyra: "Nah, there’s a bridge over that particular river, it's safe. Pretty hot, though"
Serenity: "Shouldn't be a problem."
The second leg of the trip, however, is strangely… Refreshing. The further you move the air starts growing wetter and wetter, which is unusual here, a distinctive smell permeates the air. After the long trip you finally reach an area of brilliant golden sand of very fine grain, it spreads far to your right and to your left, behind you the harder savannah soil, the wind comes at you from straight ahead- Ahead of you is an endless, limitless expanse of jade-green and blue- Water as far as the eye can see. The wind blows refreshing and cool as Kyra jumps off her windseeker, looking around
Hughbert: "That tire swap continues to be a worthwhile maneuver, in that case. How awfully generous of that traveler to get us equipped."
Kyra stares intently around the expanse, mumbling a bit to herself "Traveller? I wonder who you met"
Serenity‘ scrunches up her face, glancing towards Amal. "Is that ACTUALLY water I’m seeing or some kind of optimal illusion? I think I remember reading something about flat deserts full of salt sometimes looking like water from a distance or something…?"
[OOC] Serenity: optical^
Harriet: "Man, nothing about nature would surprise me at this point."
Amal: "Haha, yeah. We hit the ocean!"
After a while Kyra heads a bit closer to the water, and starts digging a hole in the sand "Should be… Aha" she pulls out some sort of device out of the sand- A long rod with a box attached to the top "You've never been to the ocean before?" she says, turning around
Amal: "Mirages don't smell like that! Also they're always super far away!"
Serenity: "Oh shit that's actually the ocean? Huh."
Kyra chuckles "Want to see it closer?"
Serenity: "Didn't realize we were going that far out."
Kyra: "The headquarters is actually in the ocean"
Harriet: "It's way bigger than the books made it out to be."
Serenity: "What."
Amal grins.
Kyra: "There's an island around twenty kilometers off the coast, it's where we set up the Postal Service's headquarters"
Kyra: "Oh, man, just wait until you see how we're getting there"
She turns around to the box device, opens it's top and there is… A microphone in it, alongside a button. She presses it "Mailer Six Four Thirteen, Kyra. Requesting passage to headquarters, I have guests"
Box: "Welcome Kyra" says a somewhat distorted metallic voice "The sun is out and the winds are strong"
Serenity: "I guess being on an offcoast island would make it hard to find…"
Kyra: "Winds at our back and taking us along"
Kyra: "… That was it, right?"
Box: "For once, yes, you got it. Who're the guests?"
Kyra: "Masharas people, care to warn the boss?"
Box: "Alright. Opening up the seaway now"
Amal is a helper.
Hughbert: "Ah, a password. I thought that exchange seemed odd…"
Anton stares off into the distance before glancing to the side and grinning at Amal.
Harriet: "I hope we're going by boat. Did you know the thing which got me into university was a pocket watch, to help calculate longitude?"
And then there's a sudden rumble… And something starts rising out of the sand- A panel, about as large as it'd take for those giant convoy vehicles to fit through. As the panel rises moving sand to the sides lights turn on inside- A gigantic tunnel into the earth and, given the direction, into the sea
Serenity: "How the hell did you go from that to weapon's development?"
Hughbert: "Opening the seaway… Don't tell me we're going to drive there, somehow?"
Harriet laughs. "They found out I was talented at making things blow up, and it just went downhill from there."
Kyra: "Yes" she turns around, smiling "We are. The Seaway is the most amazing feat of engineering of this country, it's still kind of a mystery to this day"
Harriet: "But holy shit, that's… the amount of pressure that would be under, and… that's really impressive though."
Amal: "I'm still morbidly curious how you went from 'pocket watch' to 'things blowing up'…"
Hughbert slowly nods. "Okay. We're driving to this island, then. Anton, I appreciate not hearing the spoilers on this trip so far. Very interesting surprises."
Harriet: "I'll tell you about it sometime! But right now I want to hear absolutely everything about this Seaway."
Kyra: "Ahaha… If you want I can tell you more about the Seaway! I spent a fair bit of time on it's maitenance- Alright!"
Kyra: "We'll talk on the way, the drive's kind of long"
Anton glances at Hughbert. "It doesn't threaten either ourselves or Masharas, so I figured you could find out the old fashioned way."
Harriet: "Great!" Harriet grins. She's definitely going to talk Kyra's ear off about it.
Kyra gets back to her windseeker and guides you in- As she does the entrance behind closes, leaving on the lamps around you to guide you on your path "So, the Seaway is a bit of a miracle. Initially we set the HQ on this island because of the plans for the Continental Radio, soething about the needs of the antenna"
Anton: "This place is too distinctive to encounter Alcor as well, so at least during our stay here we have nothing to worry about."
Harriet: "It makes sense, radio work's pretty sensitive. Serenity could tell you all about that!"
Amal grins at Anton and gives him a thumbs up for keeping the secret!
As she guides you at a far more sedate pace, she presses a button on her vehicle, activating some sort of force gear- As she does so the light around go out- And then you see what you weren't expecting, the semicircular metal walls seem to change- Around you, as if in a bubble around you, they seem to turn into glass! Not quite translucent, somewhat foggy like very light sunglasses, but sufficient that you can see the ocean spanning around you "Originally we did all of our transport via boats"
Kyra: "That was, however, turning into a logistical problem since… We don't really have good ports, nor good naval tech around. So the idea was to build a giant road over the sea, we are our best on the land, of course. One of the first things we did was comission Dustfire large amounts of the strongest metal alloys they could harvest"
Serenity: "This isn't the strangest place we've ever been too… but it's pretty high on the list, geeze."
Kyra: "Hrm… Right, bears saying since you're outsiders. Dustfire is known for firediving, harvesting materials off of the lava flows, including metal. They're incredibly rich in those. There's an entire process of lava refining they use, I never saw it myself but I know it must be impressive. It's also kind of volatile if you're careless"
Kyra: "Turns out of the metal we comissioned, well… It got involved in some incident. They don't refine in large scale often and apparently the refinery had a meltdown, it ran for days on automated mode with no supervision until they got it under control."
Kyra: "We were lucky, though. After testing the metal wasn't ruined, it had the hardness and strength we needed so waste not want not, right?"
Amal: "Probably the single best example of 'don't ever throw anything away' working out for us, haha."
Hughbert is trying his best to listen, but wow, dang, that's a view not everyone gets to see… "Should we be worried about the metal being flawed…?"
Harriet: "Lava refining sounds amazing actually."
Kyra: "And we began constructing the original Seaway, the road, supporting it with great concrete pillars. You'd think the tarnished metal would be what'd fail us… But nope, the pillar construction did. Apparently we didn't account for the way the sea floor is unstable, when around a third of the Seaway was built the entire thing collapsed into the sea"
Kyra: "Thankfully we did foresee the possibility, so there were some emergency underwater gears avaiable… And that was a lot of serendipity- Because that's when we discovered the properties of ironglass, this metal here"
Serenity: "Yeah I imagine a bridge this long would have been… interesting to try and math out."
Kyra: "Turns out that when certain types of force gears are near ironglass it becomes ever so slightly more malleable- Enough that instead of the straight section of road cracking in half, the gently bent into a slope in the sea!"
Kyra: "And it's strong enough to withstand the sea pressure too!"
Kyra: "So we decided to continue building it underwater, we built segments of it on the ground, towed it by boat and lowered it down"
Harriet: "That's really impressive."
Kyra: "Turns out another type of force gear makes ironglass turn translucent- Hence the name, ironglass"
Kyra: "We have no idea how ironglass actually works, it was created by accident and it's still under research"
Serenity: "Crazy."
Harriet: "Oh man, I'd love to get my hands on a sample sometime."
Hughbert: "You're awfully carefree about this… I would be more worried about utilizing a morphing construction material that hasn't been tested."
Amal grins at Hughbert.
Amal just… grins. (It's sort of a bless-your-heart grin, but utterly pure and without malice.)
Kyra: "It was really fun to work maitenance on the Seaway while I did, until the dearth of mailers hit and I had to be placed on delivery duty permanently…" she turns to look at Harriet "Sadly we gave off all of our remaining ironglass to the Dustfire after we had to shut down two thirds of our R&D divisions"
Kyra: "Ah, i've been driving here for the longest time, i'm used to it by now. If it haven't caved in a decade or two why would it cave in now?"
The ride is certainly interesting, letting you watch as some of the sea life swims lazily past you- Until you reach the upwards slope again "And here we go, we're heading into Headquarters now" the path has a light at the end
Serenity: "Is the rest of your base this weird or?"
The light grows bigger and bigger until it opens up to the deep blue skies- And as you head out of the tunnel you see ahead of you one of the largest structures you've seen up to now- But yet the most skeletal looking. Giant metal poles spanning a hundred meters in large V shapes at the back, an intricate web of nearly-invisible wiring woven in them, in front of them large stakes that seem like the skeletons of cannons aiming at the sky in three different directions
Amal: "Oooh."
Hughbert: "…There's been a large-scale cataclysm or two since then, hasn't there? If the seabed avoided any sort of damage, well, that would be most fascinating. Perhaps we should set up an ironglass bubble of a colony underwater."
Anton: "I admit I'm surprised this place didn't get a single rupture and filled with water given the rupture. What luck that we arrived on a worldline where everything worked out!"
[OOC] Anton: -given the rupture
At the front of the base of the great structure is an austere and strange building made of metal blocks on eachother painted with garish colors of danger. And behind the great antenna is a most unusual building, but a kind of design that would be familiar to anyone that sees it- A great building that has grown as organically as a tree, as structures became necessary they were tacked on where would fit, made of dark stone braced with metal. The most interesting part is the giant metal web between it and the antenna
Harriet: "Damn, that's impressive."
Kyra: "Yeah… I was here in the base when that happened, that thing came cutting by to the west of here, it's a miracle it missed just about everything"
Kyra takes you all the way past the antenna, to a parking lot at the base of the structure "Yep, that's the Continental Radio's transmitter! I'm not sure how it works, not my area, but I do hear it can transmit anywhere in the continent, regardless of terrain… When it works
Serenity: "Hmm."
Harriet: "When it works…?"
Harriet: "Well, don't worry, we'll help with that."
Serenity: "Well I mean th - yeah."
Serenity‘ blinks a few times, tilts her head from side to side and glances around, now thtas they’re going slower. "Also huh that's… interesting."
Hughbert: "What sort of sound does it make, Serenity?"
Serenity: "It's kind of like an… prchestra, I guess?"
Serenity: "I don't think I've ever heard this many smaller gears all linked together and running at once before, it's pretty wild."
Kyra: "Hear?"
Serenity: "Told you I was a witch."
Kyra: "Huhn… I'll take your work for that after the cat thing"
Amal: "Oooh, that's neat. Harrriiieeetttttt hurry up on your magic thinking hat I wanna hear it."
Harriet: "You've gotta give this stuff time, or it'll end up frying your brain instead of expanding it!"
Serenity: "I wonder what the signifigant of the song at the holy sites is though, since… the song these things are playing are kind of reminisant of it."
Serenity: "Not quite the same, but it uses a lot of the same moteif."
At this point you finally stop at the lot and there are two people there to welcome you- One of them heads straight to Kyra. Kyra turns to you "Alright, need to unload. Seems they sent in a welcome commitee so i'll leave you with Mikhail" she turns to the one that came for her and the two of the mtogether get everything that was in the carrying bin and start hurrying inside through a side door
Hughbert: "Fascinating. Well, please do enjoy your stay here, in that case. Quite the pleasant ambience, I would imagine."
Anton nods to Kyra before glancing around again.
Serenity: "Definitely better than the last couple of dumps we were in on the last mission."
The other person, wearing the same yellow-and-green uniform colors but something a little less 'lots of pockets and a jacket', comes over to you. Tall and lanky in an almost comical manner his sleeveless shirt (it's summer-hot here) allows you to see that his right shoulder has some rather interestingly artistic scarring. He offers a hand "Ah, so you're the Masharas delegation. Mikhail, secretary of the Postmaster"
Serenity: "Oh yeah."
Serenity: "I imagine everyone here except Hughbert here is probably already well aware of this fact but never hurts to make a note of safety proceedures so:"
Serenity: "Make sure you never, ever stand directly in front of that giant ass antenna."
Amal: "Ahahahaha yeah."
Mikhail: "Please, if you'd follow me? Postmaster Windrunner is ready to meet you." he watches as Serenity gives the safety brief "Yes, indeed. There's a reason we built it in the sea"
Hughbert salutes Mikhail and introduces himself, name and rank. "We've got a delivery for you."
Hughbert nods and follows.
Serenity‘ hops out of the car and does much the same.
Harriet follows along!
He takes you through the main building, it’s a bit of a winding way. You pass through corridors that are strangely empty and others bustling with activity from nearby offices, eventually taking you all the way to the fourth floor, not even the highest but still the right one. Here, however, it's somewhat strange off to the side you notice a doorway leading into what seems like a small kitchen and another with a door ajar gives sight of what looks like an honestly too-small medical facility.
However, the main attraction of the floor are the double doors that lead into the Postmaster's office- As Mikhail opens it up a soft and refreshing smell wafts out- The smell of incense isn't strong, but you have a feeling that until recently it must have been overwhelming. Rather then a desk and chairs you see instead a large carpet sprawled on the floor, and on top of it a great many colorful cushions. And laying on those cushions is a lady that appears like she could be royalty as she lounges there, waiting for you
Amal waves cheerfully!
Serenity‘ glances over at Amal with an ’is this normal' look on her face.
Arranged in a semicircle around her are cushions for you all to sit if you so wish, or there's also a couch if you are more inclined. The lady's body however has something unnatural to it, and strange. If you dare drive an intense stare you notice that her arms and hands, just barely not hiding under her sleeves and fingerless gloves, appear to be reptilian scales?
Amal surreptitiously shakes their head at Serenity mid-cheerful-wave.
Postmaster: "Ah… Welcome to humble abode. I am Lakshmi Windrunner, the Postmaster"
Harriet goes and sits on the couch, because getting off the floor with all her gear would be horrifying.
Harriet: "Hi, I'm Harriet Babbage, and I'm here to fix your problems."
Postmaster: "It's good to meet all of you at least. Please, sit down, relax. I'd love to hear- Yes, I was hoping to hear that"
Hughbert salutes and introduces himself, name and rank. "We've brought you a delivery from Masharas." He takes a seat on a cusion and lets Harriet take over.
Serenity‘ … shrugs, then flops down unceremoniously.
She blinks "Oh, Babbage? Are you perhaps related to Charles Babbage?"
Harriet: "Oh, yeah! That’s my dad!"
Anton eventually takes a seat. "Oh. Is your dad famous, Harriet?"
Amal carefully folds themself up on a cushion on the ground.
Harriet grins. "He's a pretty great engineer. The first stuff I ever learned I learned from him."
Postmaster: "Oh, what a coincidence. We've been working with your parents for a while it, then, it seems. The heart of the Continental Radio, the transcoder Capel, is based on your parents' work on the differential engine"
Postmaster: "Is this fate perhaps?"
Harriet: "Oh man, it is?! I always knew that thing was going to go great places."
Postmaster: "Indeed. I could give you a tour of the Continental Radio, and take the chance to show you what has been giving us trouble"
Harriet: "Yeah, absolutely! I'd love to see!"
Serenity: "Wait."
Serenity: "Holy fuck how did I never connect those dots together before."
Postmaster: "Wonderful!" she closes her eyes for a second "Though if there is anything you'd ask or speak first, perhaps we should do it first."
Postmaster: "?"
Serenity: "I didn't realize they were related, ahaha."
Harriet grins. "I'm a genius, you know! Of course I come from geniuses. That's how this stuff works."
Serenity: "Anyway uh… I think most of what we'd want to ask about would be more effectively gleaned by looking over the blue prints and then hearing about what's not been working right."
Postmaster: "Very well, then" she looks outside "Mikhail if you could?" he nods "I will be with you in a moment, then"
What proceeds to happen is perhaps a little bit baffling- But first you're ushered out of the room, and her and Mikhail go in- Then she takes around eight minutes before she finally leaves. Her posture is serene- And focused. Perhaps a bit unnaturally so and her skin has a gleam she didn't have before
Unlike the uniforms of others here her outfit is loose and much like robes
Serenity‘ kneels down beside Amal as they walk. "(IS THAT LADY PART SNAKE OR SOMETHING WHAT THE HELL????)"
Harriet: "How do you not get those robes stuck in machinery?" Harriet asks Lakshmi, skeptical.
Anton: "So uh… are you doing okay?" He glances at Lakshmi before scratching his head.
Amal makes sure they’re out of earshot because talking about people is rude when they can tell you're doing it!!! "(She's pretty sick or something…)"
As Lakshmi starts taking you back down she comments "Unfortunately I cannot work on any heavy work, sadly, so I haven't had the chance" she looks at Anton "As well as I always have, I believe"
Serenity: "Also didn't you like,"
Mikhail's following you, as Anton comments he writes something down on a clipboard
Serenity: "Have scales a few minutes ago."
Lakshmi chuckles "Aha, so you noticed. That is how it appeared, then?" she looks at her assistant "Do note that down" she looks at Serenity "I do have the Windrunner's Curse"
Serenity: "The what now?"
Postmaster: "An old hereditary disease, leftover of the plague that nearly wiped Clan Windrunner, the predecessors of the Postal Service"
Anton blinks before nodding to himself making a mental note.
Serenity: "Huh… that seems like a thing that would get phased out pretty quick. … Ya'll got weird fetishes down here, Amal."
Harriet: "Wait, hang on, didn't you say that was your name?"
Postmaster: "As it is, and the reason I wear those clothes and cannot do heavy work, my skin is very fragile and the scale-like appearance, which believe me is not nearly as pretty looking without the special care I take, is a sign of it"
Amal shakes their head and sighs at Serenity.
Postmaster: "Yes, technically every postmaster takes on the Windrunner clan's name, in remembrance of those who sacrificed everything they were to become the Postal Service. But I am the last member to carry the actual blood of the Windrunners"
Harriet: "Well, at least it's not affecting everyone, then."
Harriet: "Sucks that you can't get into the work yourself, though."
Postmaster: "Admittedly, I was wondering how you would see my condition without prior information on it… You may not be aware but we are running research on forms of cognition, particularly that you saw them as actual scales is an important data factor in relation to the perception of color and form."
Postmaster: "I wouldn't worry too much on that, Harriet, i've always been more of a logistics person myself- Ah, here we are, let's begin with the most interesting and important part of the Continental Radio, the Capel"
Harriet: "I mean, I just figured you had really intense makeup, since your room was so artsy and all."
Harriet: "Oh, the Capel?" Attention instantly redirected.
You realize now that you've actually come quite a ways down, and underground. The powerful lights illuminate the immense pool of water undearneath, but there is a vast machinery in the water, it isn't very mobile looking, but it has complex intricacies of some of the most complex force gear you've seen, also of the most complex electrical work you've seen as well. And scattered through the entire construction (that is actually around twelve meters deeper and covers around three hundred square meters) are lights pulsing in perfect unisson
Amal raises their eyebrows and tilts their head to the side. That's interesting, a perception filter acting on a disease.
Serenity: "Does that feed into the ocean?"
Postmaster: "Yes, and no. The ocean feeds into it as necessary, but this water is specially treated to serve as electrical and r-field isolation"
Postmater: "The Capel runs immensely hot as well, hence it also serves as coolant"
Serenity: "Yeah that's what I was wondering about. It just being a standing pool of water seems like it would strat top boil though."
Harriet: "It looks like you've done a ton of electrical work alongside those force gears."
Postmaster: "This here is the transcoder Capel. As a transcoder it's job is to transform information into electromagnetic waves. But it does more than that, as you know a radio can only transmit a message in one frequency, yes? Well, with a transcoder like this you can actually transmit more than one message in the same frequency, you could have, should it work correctly, three hundred people talking, without interference to eachother, in the same frequency"
Serenity: "Ooo."
Harriet: "That's pretty impressive."
Anton: "That sounds impressive." He pauses before grinning. "No idea what it means, though~."
Serenity: "Also Capel, Chapel, I get it." Serenity looks amused at a joke that probably only really makes sense to her.
Postmaster: "It is… One of the parts that has been giving us the most trouble, actually. Our biggest problem up to now has been overheating, not of the parts in the coolant but those" she points to immense heavy wiring leading up from the water into the ceiling "That connect to the antenna. Every activation test has been leading to a meltdown of the connection wiring, and we only have four more activations worth of wiring"
Harriet: "Imagine, like, one person with three hundred people's futures associated with them."
Amal: "Hmmm…"
Serenity: "Sounds like the solution would be better wires then, no?"
The Postmaster looks at Harriet, then Anton, and smiles "The Capel itself seems to work flawlessly, but the power output causes problems. It shouldn't, because the current that flows through the wires should not, in any circumstance, heat copper enough to melt"
Postmaster: "But it does"
Postmaster: "We tried other metals but they lead to interference, though I imagine figuring that out is part of why you're here"
Postmaster: "Next up we're going to the main drive"
Serenity‘ makes a motion towards the capel with her hands, kind of vaguely wiggling before ointing up towards the roof.
Serenity: "Just out of curiosity but have you guys been running the machine at full power each time?"
Harriet: "Hmm. Have you considered using Gold Ragnite?"
Postmaster: "Yes, we have. The intent is ensuring the system at full power non-stop, which sounds absurd but so are the lofty goals of dreamers, I guess"
Postmaster: "Unfortunately, Harriet, those wires need to be electrical transmission for the antenna, particularly where it connects to Capel"
Harriet: "Well, let me think…"
Serenity: "I have a hunch that when someone was crunching numbers there were using numbers they were more familiar with from smaller radio single way transmissions and not the crazy parallell sorts thing thing is theoretically capable of."
Serenity: "Can’t think of what else it would mean by echo anyway…"
Hughbert: "If the current wires are unable to handle the output… And better wires are out of the picture… Why not split the output onto more channels? Spread the load among some extra wires."
Serenity: "That would be the first way I'd try and tackle it, yeah. No idea how complicated that would be with electricity, but."
She takes you back up again, towards the back of the main structure. You notice that this place is beyind just a working place, on your way to the back you pass through segments that are living spaces, houses, even a grazing field. Eventually, however, she takes you to a gigantic, gigantic engine room "The cabling is actually already a large array of smaller cables, but if we start splitting too much we lose power for the antenna" the engine room is a monster, it's built heavily "This is the main generator"
Harriet: "So, like, how many types of wires are you using in this rig, anyway?"
Postmaster: "This one serves exclusively the antenna, there is a second one that services all the other systems" she looks at Harriet "It should be only one, we have in fact checked. But nothing prevents us from not having seen something"
Serenity: "Stands to reason."
Harriet: "Yeah, check your wiring." Harriet waves the thought off and points at the engine. "This thing is an electrcial generator, right? You sure are going in on the new thing here."
Serenity: "Hmm I wonder if it might be a grounding issue, too."
Harriet: "I admire it, actually. There's not enough people on electronics as a field."
The Postmaster then starts taking you around "And next up, we'll get a back view of the antenna itself" she nods "It's sad there isn't, the power to connect it brings is wonderful"
Serenity: "That's because electrocity is fucking horrifying."
Hughbert: "Then I would check for any errors in the cables themselves, yes… Or the systems feeding power into those cables."
The trip is rather long until you finally reach the highest elevation of the building, and you can see the antenna from behind "And those are our most interesting creation, the wave bombardiers" she motions to the cannon-like structures
Serenity: "It that how it's supposed to get over the mountains?"
Hughbert: "We aren't really investing fully in it back in R+D, but that may change soon. One of my smiths came with to support the operation, and I have little doubt she'll be impressed enough to raise electrical awareness back home."
Postmaster: "They're a kind of force gear that can change the electrical resistance of anything in their field of effect, thus changing how the radio waves travel faster or slower. They have such a fine control they can make a shifting gradient which, indeed Serenity, lets us arc the radio waves even over the mountains"
Serenity: "Huhh…"
Postmaster: "And… The wave bombardiers have been proving to be most difficult, they worked flawlessly up until they were upscaled… In theory they should work, but they behave erratically whenever they are actually active"
Postmaster: "Rather, not quite erratic, they shift their work in a kind of pattern, but we haven't been able to extract any meaningful information out of it"
Serenity: "Hmm."
Serenity: "Why am I hearing so many force gears around here anyway if most of this system is suppose to be electrical based?"
Harriet: "What's the pattern?"
Anton glances at Serenity. "Oh. You were wondering that too, huh?"
Postmaster: "Hearing force gears?" she looks at Mikhail "Did you bring the datasheets?" "Yes ma'am" he hands Harriet a sheet "They're there, we just know there's a pattern nothing else"
Serenity: "They have a very uh… distinctive sound."
Harriet looks over the sheets, gnawing on her lower lip thoughtfully.
Postmaster: "But we do use a lot of force gears of manipulation of the electrical systems, on their own they electrical systems can't generate the power nor have sufficiently stable frequencies"
Anton: "I was mostly curious why the entire system would go down when it's supposed to be modularized."
Postmaster: "We use a quartz-ragnite compound to regulate the frequencies, like the ticking of a clock"
Anton: "Inject a bit of ragnite and it goes through the whole place."
Harriet: "Oooh, that sounds like a cool mix."
Serenity: "I wonder if it's just the ragnite and electricity not playing nice together because eletricity is the devil's power."
Harriet: "Hey, be nice to electricity, it's the future."
Serenity: "Maybe if it wasn't trying to kill you one hundred percent of the time and knew how to talk back…"
Amal giggles.
Postmaster: "Hrm? The systems are supposed to be independant so they don't interfere with eachother-"
Serenity: "Yeah, that's."
Serenity: "That's absolutely not true."
Serenity: "They're definitely connected."
Anton nods. "Without a doubt. I checked."
Serenity: "Kind of curious how *you* figured that out though." Serenity tilts her head towards Anton.
Postmaster: "Ah- Right, I forgot the special gifts of the children of masharas for a moment, now your questions make sense" she considers "Hrm…So somehow the force gears are connected somewhere" "
Serenity: "Oh right. You cheated."
Anton glances at Serenity before stage whispering. "(Actually. I decided to see how the black ragnite would flow through the system on a timeline where I fired it. Future you didn't tell me.)"
Serenity: "(…You have some really creepy ideas some times, dude.)"
Harriet: "Ragnite has fields, and electricity has fields, and if you wanna work with both of them together you gotta know how they play together."
Serenity: "Oh."
Serenity: "Okay I think I know where it is now follow me."
Harriet: "Also, like… are these graphs all from the same original input?"
Serenity‘ takes off down a hallway,
Serenity: "It’s connected but not *properly*, you're gunna need to fix that Harriet.”
The way you head is… In fact… Towards the Capel
Anton: "(Seeing how it flows through a system is the best way I've got at understanding technology. Think of it as my own aura reading.)"
Harriet takes off after Serenity, because, you know, science. "Ugh, yeah, I was afraid of that. Well, at least this is in my wheelhouse."
Hughbert: "I was about to ask you to take the lead if you weren't going to. Reliable as always, Serenity."
Serenity: "It took a few to pin point it."
Serenity: "Ahahaha."
Serenity: "Yeah I'm DEFINITELY not fixing this myself."
Harriet: "Yeah, electricity's a new thing, there's no standard way to approach it yet."
Harriet: "Which is a real pain in the ass."
Serenity‘ squats down next to the pool of water, pointing towards the quartz down at the bottom of it.
Postmaster: "Is this here, then? Hrm…" she looks where Serenity points "That clock? Hrm… That will be… Difficult"
Harriet gets a look at what’s around the wires, while she's here, and then goes over to Serenity.
Hughbert: "How so?"
Postmaster: "This water is not the healthiest water to consume, or to dive in either. Would you be willing to don the diving gear then? You are the expert"
Anton: "You'll be okay, promise!" He nods.
Postmaster: "As I said, this is treated water to serve as isolant and coolant, not normal seawater"
Harriet: "Sure, it's not the first time I've done something dangerous in the name of science."
Serenity: "S'why we keep you around."
Harriet: "Ha!"
Harriet: "And here I thought it was because of my fearsome intellect."
Serenity: "Same thing."
Anton: "There literally isn't a single future where things go wrong for you in there Harriet. You're just that good~."
Amal grins. "Wow. That's impressive."
Harriet grins, and turns to the Postmaster. "So, uh, Lurksmey? Where's the suit? The sooner I get down there, the sooner I can get to work."
You have perhaps never seen diving force gear before, and it is a little bit awkward to wear. Have you ever seen a suit made of rubber? It's made of rubber, and quite tight, but not uncomfortable. The head is a metal sphere with a strong front of glass, you lose a little bit of hand dexterity but you can still work
Hughbert: "I'll… Just keep a steady watch regardless. I'll get the water to spit you out if anything goes wrong, Harriet, so don't worry about it."
The party watches as Harriet dives down
Serenity: "That is so goofy."
Harriet is very glad it's rubber, she'd been kind of worried about whether they'd caught on to that. She heads on down the ladder, and gets a good look at the connector before she gets to work.
Lakshmi: "You should have seen the earlier models, they were made of leather and looked quite baloon-like"
Serenity: "" Leather does not sound NEARLY safe enough for my tastes. "
Lakshmi: "That's why we don't use them anymore"
Serenity: "Also backing up a bit but did you sort of imply you actually know about Oracles and Mediums?"
Lakshmi: "Yes, one of our mailers went to the… Summer School program, was it? Unfortunately returned a negative"
Lakshmi: "I have made a point to keep this information secret, worry not"
You see, down in the water, Harriet diving deeper and deeper until she vanishes behind machinery
Serenity: "Oh, huh. Hardly anyone we run into outside of home has heard about it."
Serenity: "I don't think it's really a secret perse, just not used to people getting it without having to use, uh, more derogatory terms."
Anton: "I'm pretty sure everyone knows OF Oracles at least. They just don't know they've met one!"
Lakshmi: "Aha… Yes, It would be difficult to realize you have met such a gifted person"
Lakshmi: "Though I imagine that is your gift, Anton? Given your friend's allusion to your 'cheating'"
Serenity: "Well I mean, just like I can call myself a with and people sort of get it, but I can count the number of people on one hand that recognized the term 'oracle' instead of 'fortune teller'."
Anton nods to Lakshmi. "Yup! I'm going to be the best Oracle there ever was. … In the future!"
Amal: "Just… look for people with a weird obsession with lollipops…?"
Serenity: "Yeah I still don't get that."
Anton: "You don't happen to have any lollipops do you? We've been on this trip forever and I ran out." Yup. That's a sad face.
Harriet has been gone for a while now…
Lakshmi: "Ahaha… Perhaps we can take a stop by the kitchen, then"
Amal pulls one out of their sleeve and hands it to Anton with a grin.
Anton grins back at Amal before chomping down on it.
Anton calls down. "Don't let it get to you, Harriet! I know you can do it. Literally!"
Harriet eventually appears, climbing up one of the conveniently-placed ladders. Once she's on dry land again, she tries to figure out how to get her helmet off.
Amal: "You're stuck that way forever!!!" They do the best dramatic horrified voice they can.
A little bit of work before Harriet can find the clamps in the neck area that keep the helmet in place. There's a strong hiss as the pressure difference equalizes
Serenity: "Good job not dying."
Harriet: "Uggggh," Harriet coughs, "okay yeah magical air is strictly inferior, okay."
Harriet: "So, like, I've got good news and bad news."
Serenity: "It's usually too pure - hm?"
Amal: "Bad news first!! Unless it makes no sense that way."
Harriet: "The bad news is you've got a saboteur, there's a microfracture running all the way down that shit and your isolation gears are sharing ragnite. It's the sort of thing which is real hard to notice on a look-through, that's why I've got tools." She holds up a little force gear, with a light on the end which is currently unlit. "The good news is that I'm good at integrating gear systems so
Harriet: they use one field, it's how Sacred Grove works. So once you fix the microfracture, I can make the system work. "
Serenity: "…Who the fuck benefits from this thing not working?" A very confused look in either Amal or Hughbert's direction.
Amal: "I, uh. Hm."
Lakshmi furrows her eyebrows "Saboteur?" she closes her eyes for a moment "Hrm… Must be the men in black… Could have been that doctor as well…" she opens them and looks at Harriet again "You could make the isolators work with a single field? That's interesting"
Harriet: "Man, I don't know. But the microfracture was way too long and deliberate to be an accident."
Amal: "…Anton, what's the weather like around the microfracture?"
Amal: "Don't gotta think too hard about 'who benefits' when the answer's right in front of you."
At the back of the party your silent NPC makes a motion to herself, she's a materials specialist, she can have the fracture fixed
Amal: "Although if I had to guess, Akaviri with a vested interest in Rissan -not- getting its shit together."
Anton: "A solid guess." He nods at Amal.
Lakshmi: "That is my first guess. They have interfered before, and would do so again"
Amal: "They're basically -counting- on the disunity of the thousand grains of sand not sweeping up into a sandstorm, at this point."
Amal: "What doctor?"
Harriet looks over to - what was her name? Fern? Mary? - and waves her over.
Hughbert: "If you think it's best that someone sits down and has a chat with your suspects… I have full confidence in Serenity's talent as a sort of 'aggressive negotiator'." He motions back to Lorelei after that and verbalizes her intent: "I think that suit should be her size as well, no?"
Lakshmi: "A few years ago a doctor appeared claiming to be able to help me with my condition, back when we still had an active medical research staff. She worked with us for a while until we've noticed she had rather terrible practices and had to expel her. She had interesting ideas, but no regard to the safety of others. Recently she appeared again, i'm not exactly sure what she was thinking with her offer to me, perhaps she forgot that as Postmaster I must take care of my mailers?"
Hughbert: "Was her name 'Mai', by any chance…?"
Lakshmi: "Either way, after a short… Issue… Wherein we discovered she was a medium we managed to subdue her, and she's been put in the Black Stinger's care as their prisioner"
Lakshmi: "Ah, that would be her"
Harriet: "Oh, boy."
Serenity: "Uuugh."
Serenity: "Why are these shit heads everywhere we go, but years earlier."
Lakshmi: "Still, I doubt this is collateral from her rampage"
Anton: "For what it's worth, I've only seen us encountering Alcor during our trip here. Mai's likely long gone unless I pick up on her later."
Serenity: "Wait wait."
Hughbert: "The short history is… We do not like Mai either, nor does she like us. You were wise to dismiss her."
Serenity: "How long ago did you take her prisoner?"
Serenity: "Because… she's also an Oracle."
Lakshmi: "Around five days ago"
Serenity‘ scratches at the back of her head.
Serenity: "Why the fuck would she…" A glance towards Anton.
Lakshmi: "Hrm… If she is, I wonder what she was aiming for"
Anton shrugs back. "That said just because we won’t encounter her doesn't mean she isn't around…"
At this point you hear the rapid patter of feet against the floor, something rushes by- You but a flurry of silver- A woman in light clothes wearing a mechanical gauntlet in her left hand rushes right past before coming to a skidding stop right besides Lakshmi "Postmaster!" she says with a deep sense of urgency "Boats coming from the west, appears to be the men in black"
Lakshmi: "Openly?"
Woman: "Well, no, but we got the superior optics"
Serenity: "Hey Amal are the black stingers also some weird relic/artefact guardians like your other friends here or something…? This all feels real off all the sudden."
Lakshmi: "They must have noticed the arrival of the masharas delegation and predicted they'd resolve the sabotage"
Amal: "Ruthless, fierce, got a mean streak. Good at keeping prisoners if you don't want to trust the Silvarant Knights."
Hughbert: "An enemy fleet? Hmm… What's your standard plan for dealing with enemy ships?"
Woman: "C'mon boss we need to evacuate"
Serenity: "I wonder if may she just wanted to get in contact with them to hire them or something…?"
Anton chews at his lip before muttering to Serenity. "(Take to mind that any Oracle you've dealt with besides me is farsighted, though. They're way more common. Mai and Cor fit into that category. Her plans don't really need any great actions to happen on her part. As long as a small push occurs things can snowball and set off a chain of small events. So this along with whatever else she setup is likely going to lead up to something m
Anton: lead up to something more impactful despite her not being here.) "
Lakshmi raises a hand "Move everyone to the safety bunkers, put a call out of the warrior clans and wait"
Lakshmi: "Whoever can fight, picks up their arms and goes"
Amal: "Tch… nothing's ever easy. Anyways, time to show our new friends why we're here and what we can do, I guess!"
Serenity: "Yeah I know Anton, that's why this is bothering me."
Lakshmi: "Silver, how many are there"
Silver: "There's only a few, I think it's an infiltration team, we just caught them early."
Lakshmi: "Good, that's what I wanted to hear" she looks at the party "I'll trust you to handle this, then… And if you can keep them alive, I would be thankful"
Serenity: "A few boats, or a few people?"
Harriet: "Oh, yeah, we can take care of that."
Silver: "Two boats, around five people"
Amal: "Oh, psh. Yeah."
Serenity: "…"
Serenity: "…You were going to evacuate over five people???"
Amal: "Five people can cause a lot of damage in an installation like this!"
Anton scratches his head. "If anything at all ruptures couldn't we drown?"
Serenity: "Pft only if you let them get in."
Lakshmi looks at Serenity "How many people here do you think can fight"
Hughbert: "You don't have any anti-naval weapons on your island installation? Hmm… Well, alright. It's not an invasion force, for sure."
Serenity: "I'd assume at least a few if Harriet over there can."
Serenity: "Shit, I can and I'm definitely the lazy sort of nerd."
Serenity: "Whatever lets go beat the shit out of some assholes."
Harriet: "We've kind of become badasses."
Lakshmi: "Silver's the only one equipped and trained for combat, we have two who left the Knights because they weren't fit warriors but can improvise, and nobody else"
Harriet: "Except Hughbert, I'm pretty sure Hughbert was just always a badass."
Serenity: "All Hughbert does is stand there and look pretty,"
Serenity: "Although that DOES do a lot for morale I suppose…"
Lakshmi: "Perhaps it is foolish of us, but we have always depended upon the kindness of the clans"
Hughbert: "Harriet, you wouldn't happen to have any depth charges on you, would you? We should assume that they'll resort to ramming the island or any similar foolishness to make themselves into as much of a nuisance as possible…"
Harriet: "Depth charges? Not on hand, but I could rig something up."
Serenity: "What's a depth charge?"
Amal: "Go boom, boats sad."
Serenity: "Oh I can do that."
Serenity: "Lead the way Anton."
Amal: "Serenity I appreciate you~."
Hughbert: "It's an explosive we could use to capsize a vessel or two, if they're set for shallow depths."
Serenity: "So uhh…"
Serenity: "You guys remember when we were going through the desert,"
Harriet: "Yeah, let's go, I'll do my tinkering when we're out there."
Serenity: "And then that mine camp out in the distance exploded?"
Serenity: "Yeah."
Serenity‘ adjust the sling for her rifle and begins following Anton to the shore.
Hughbert: "Hmm. Right. We have a walking depth charge. Cancel that, Harriet, we’ll have to come up with something that outdoes her." Hughbert adjusts his glasses and struts down the hall.
Harriet: "Oooh, is this a competition now?"
Harriet: "I'm game."
Amal: "Oh ~no~."
JayM: Here is the conundrum: There are two incoming boats. You could take a vessel from the Postal Service to set up a marine trap for one boat and neutralize it before it ports. However, the other boat's circling for the opposite direction and you only have so much manpower and time, so you only get to neutralize one, and the need to deal with the invaders from the other
JayM: One's approaching from a direction closer to the Capel, the other's approaching straight for the antenna
Harriet: "Hey, Serenity, can you take care of one of those boats while I go and take care of the other one?"
Serenity: "Holy shit."
Serenity: "Oh my Goddess."
Serenity: "No way ahahah."
Hughbert: "Wait a minute."
JayM: Oooh, you're trying to split is that it?
Serenity: "One of those fuckers is charging the antenna head on."
Serenity: "Just.. let them."
Serenity: "It'll solve itself."
Serenity: "I'll sink the other one, haha."
Harriet: "Oh, come on, there's no way they're that dumb."
Hughbert: "Didn't you mention not to stand in front of that? Yes, I was going to ask about weaponizing the antenna."
Serenity: "It's Incredibly Unheatly for like nine miles out, if they get to the shore in front of it they're basically dead."
Amal: "Oooooh. They're gonna have a bad time."
Hughbert: "Actually, let's assume the worst case scenario. If they're not actually that dumb and they have a plan to survive that, then what?"
Serenity: "… OH RIGHT."
Serenity: "Right it's… turned off for repairs right now."
Amal: "Oh damn."
Serenity: Yeah okay that's all yours Harriet. "
Amal: "Anyways they could probably get close enough to really mess aroun with it so- yeah."
Serenity: "C'mon Anton lets go fly out for a bombing run."
JayM: So, what's the particular plans for each of you, then?
Harriet: "Yeah, turning it on would involve frying the wires. Though I'm wondering if I can use the rigging as amplification."
JayM: Oh god Serenity and Anton aerial bombardment, this will be fun
Anton can't help but laugh. "Man, I'm not going to even tell you the odds on this one. Let's do it!"
Anton: "Missed opportunity."
Hughbert: "Right… Okay, let's form two groups. Anton, sounds like Serenity chose you to be her spotter / transport. Amal, we'll be providing support to Harriet. Silver, get us some optics, if you'd be willing to lend them."
Amal: "Never tell me the odds!! And, sure thing, Hughbert!"
JayM: Sounds like a path split
Harriet: "Right, okay." Harriet grabs some gear out of her backpack, and kneels to the side of the antenna. "Amal, Hughbert, can you grab me some metal to rig this up? Anything conductive will work."
Amal scampers off to find some metal!
Hughbert: "On it. Check that warehouse over there for scrap, Amal, I'll ask around with the maintenance crew."
One team, made of Serenity and Anton, is heading for the boat in the Capel's direction: It's a flat boat with a covered top, colored a sort of jade green- The same color as the ocean when seen from above. You almost can't make it out camouflaged as it is, but Silver helps you with the binoculars for you to see- There's some strange film in the lenses that changes the colors of everything, making it blatantly visible
Anton: "How close did you want to be?"
Serenity: "Not that close, that
Serenity: 's why I have a gun-type force gear. "
After Silver helps them, she helps Hughbert with another pair of those binoculars, then goes to a vantage point with telescope ready to send in information. The distances she needs to cover to inform any one of you of the boat's current position is kind of long- But then more of the local staff shows p to help- They're good at transmitting information and this is in fact kind of short distance for them
It doesn't takes long for Harriet to have all the material she needs- Admittedly there is a deep dearth of materials in this place, you wonder how they keep everything well repaired here they're running on the barest necessities, but there's enough
Serenity: "Max range probably, no sense in getting within their counter radius. God this is going to be kind of awkward from your back but whatever." She finds some way to get the rifle over Anton's shoulder in such a way that she can still aim it.
Anton: "May want to brace for recoil by the way. I don't have anything to balance that out in the air."
Hughbert flips some settings on his force gear and flips it into a semi-active state. "Wind direction is… Good. And so is the speed, this will do nicely… Alright, and how's the water?" He dips his right arm into the ocean… "Not exactly meant for saltwater, but no damage, I see… Alright. I have all the readings I need. I'm good to call out whatever adjustments are required for precise aiming."
Serenity: "…Wouldn't that mean we'll just get flung/float backwards a bit? Well it would if I was firing normal shots and not magic, we should be find."
JayM: Oh man… Let's start with some Serenity action
Serenity‘ rolls a shrug, gets a baring on the boat and how fast it’s moving… then fires out a rapid barrage of multiple instances of Sniper Shot (you know, the one that implodes) along the boat's pathway before mentally shouting at the boat own force gear to go unresponsive.
Thankfully, there isn't recoil on Serenity's spellgun- The boat takes a moment, and the engine goes off- It continues moving through inertia alone for a while and then…
It wobbles, and wobbles again- The silent destruction of it's underside is signalled by it stopping completely, and then slowly starting to sink
Serenity: "Fuck that was actually a real made gear - egh got it. Okay should be happening in three two…" She flings the rifle back over her shoulder so she can properly hold onto Anton before things start blowing up.
[OOC] Serenity: well made gear^
And soon enough Anton has to land, finally taking both of them back to the coast- His feet land at the edge of the water, the hiss of steam rising
JayM: And now, for Harriet
Serenity: "…Oh good I did get that lined up right. Was kind of worried it'd be too high and send debris flying. Good job me."
JayM: Show me, show me your terrifying power
Anton: "Still wanting better force boots. My air time carrying someone is way less since I overheat faster."
Harriet rigs the provided scrap up - soon enough it becomes clear that she's building a small, secondary antenna beside the main one. Once it's secured (as well as it can be when it's made of spare bits), she disconnects some wires from the main antenna and connects them to her rig. The amount of power this needs is miniscule compared to what it outputs normally; she should be able to make
Harriet it work. Well, work once.
Hughbert takes a moment before beginning the operation to point to the still-aerial Serenity / Anton combination. "Wouldn't you call them a match made in the heavens?" He nods with conviction… Then gets serious and focuses on keeping watch with the optics.
With Hughbert's guidance (has he done artillery spotting before?) Harriet can get a bead dead center in the incoming boat
[OOC] Hughbert: it'd be unusual if he didn't!
Harriet uses Hughbert's expert guidance, aims the antenna, and connects the last wire. (She's sure to stand behind the antenna, of course.)
There is no noise, there is no clear signal that anything is happening for a hwile
And then… The boat starts to fall apart, melt as if it was made of ice in a hot summer's day
The pieces slide off sizzling in the sea, until finally the engine succumbs to the weapon, the ragnite in it igniting-
JayM: There's your fireworks
Harriet: "Ha-HA! It worked!"
JayM: Aren't you terrifying
Harriet: "Oh man, I was half convinced that was going to fuck up somewhere, I'm so good at this." Harriet gets to disconnecting the wires and reconnecting them to the main system, now the ship's engine is nice and exploded. Don't want to leave her impromptu weapon out longer than it needs to be.
Serenity: "The fuck are they doing…" Squinting through the binnoculars. "…I think we're on prisoner retrieval duty, Anton."
Serenity: "Keep an eye open for where they wash up."
Anton takes a deep breath before closing his eyes. "One moment."
Anton: "Our boat is heading towards the shore underwater. They're moving away from our current position. I can't detect any auras from Harriets boat."
[OOC] Anton: *The passengers from our boat
Serenity: "Yeah didn't figure."
Hughbert: "Confirmed hit. … But you didn't need the extra zoom to confirm that, did you. Did we win the competition?" He boxes the optics back up to get them ready to return.
Harriet: "Oh yeah, we TOTALLY won. Did you see that?! That was amazing! There was no visible attack at all!"
Anton makes his way over to the shore to intercept them.
Serenity‘ jogs after Anton.
JayM: Just the two of you, Anton and Serenity?
Serenity: "I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they come to the surface and see us standing there."
Hughbert: "Alright… Amal, if they're bringing prisoners ashore, they may need some medical help. I think I can see Anton from here… Mind checking it out? Meanwhile, I'll help Harriet disassemble this- er, we ARE disassembling this, right?"
As you come up to the shore you have an advantage of a higher position… Four men clad in black garb jump out of the water, three of them armed with rifles and a fourth with a type of rod
JayM: The most curious thing, however, is that one of the men is holding a really weird-looking ferret in each hand? What?
Harriet: "Oh, yeah, we don't wanna leave this lying around. It might mess with the main radio system!"
Serenity: "Hiya. Drop your weapons if you have any vested interest in getting through this ordeal unharmed."
JayM: Said mustelids have odd growths on their bodies like cancerous growths
The man grins, lets go of one of the beasts and charges right at Serenity holding the other while the remaining combatants assume a defensive stance
Amal frowns.
Amal: "…well, they'll need medical assistance after this, I guess."
Anton: "Did I forget to mention they were armed and planned to assault us before I started running?" He smiles at Serenity.
Serenity: "Meh it's only one guy." Serenity snaps her finger and the ground underneath the man charging her collapses in on itself.
He drops-
JayM: But
Anton: "Those ferrets explode by the way."
JayM: That is not everything he does.
Serenity: "What -"
Anton: "They're all armed to explode."
JayM: Because Serenity has time to see the beast thrown in her direction
JayM: And with the sound of an explosion we close off for today

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