Harriet: "Well, if we left the building intact it was definitely gonna get haunted."
Serenity: "The hell is that think Hughbert took anyway?"
Amal: "Somethin' Viper lost. I've been lookin' for it."
Hughbert: "For starters, let's get some distance from this building. As for the destination…" He strikes a contemplative look as he gets into the car. "I suppose it'd be best to report in to the president, then return Viper's core… Then make our way back home."
Harriet: "Yeah, this is Viper's!"
Serenity: "Ahah."
Serenity: "Works for me."
Serenity‘ climbs back into the car.
Harriet piles on in, too.
Anton: "Well… with the facility up in flames hopefully Mai won’t be able to do more tests for a while."
The car doesn't complains- You've been travlling for a while now. to the president's home-slash-prision?
Anton: "Still kinda bummed we didn't take her in."
Hughbert: "Lola's interference is getting to be tiresome. Trying to deal with her is like playing chess with a child. As soon as she's about to lose a piece, she declares that she uses her special chess power and her king is invisible and she's not actually in check. Quite irritating."
Serenity: "Yup."
Anton glances at Serenity. "Did you detect her by the way?"
Serenity: "Here?"
Serenity: "No."
Harriet: "Well, small mercies I guess."
Amal pats Anton on the shoulder. "Some people just… are what they are and they can't change that."
The trip towards the president's residence isn't short, it takes a little over a day from where you are. At very least you brought some high quality camping supplies that are quite refreshing
Anton: "Well, basically Mai's aura was definitely in that building. But once we walked into that room it just up and vanished and it was pretty obvious to me that Lola was somehow faking Mai's aura to begin with. Probably with an image or something? Amal seemed to have caught on to the trick."
However there is some worrying visages as you get closer… You come to realize one of the spatial tears has struck near here
Amal: "She's so dumbbb."
Amal: "…aw, crap."
As you come by to the hill that hide the presidential residence… You see no more hill
Anton: "Ah, geeze."
As you approach close to the tear you see… Only about a third of the presidential residence, as well
Anton: "That happened way too long ago for a realistic rewind too…"
Harriet: "… damn."
Serenity: "What did happen?"
Hughbert frowns. "Is he still here…? Let's park somewhere and do some scouting."
Serenity: "I think giving you a few minutes to backtrace it is probably worth it."
Serenity‘ looks for some stable ground to stop on.
But perhaps most immediatelly worryingly, you see five armoed vehicles, those mobile refineries you saw before, remember? Exceot they’ve been repurposed with flamethrowers and who knows what else, mobile chemical warfare platforms
Anton: "This happened back during Alcor. The fact that we even managed to stop him from getting the uplinked data is definitely not worth rewinding."
Serenity‘ looks for stable ground out of sight of the cavalry, that is.
And then you hear the sound of gunfire, and other such loud noises- As you approach closer you see one of the armored vehicles has been upturned and is in a pool of water
Serenity: "Not when Anton, what."
Amal: "What the heck is even happening here…"
Harriet: "Oh man, this is bad."
You find some place to stop, it’s not difficult. Though without a good angle to see you can imagine there are two forces in combat, one such force seems to have a couple of ghouls with them, and they're fighting from within the damaged mansion
Anton blinks confused. "Ohhhhh right. You were passed out after powering up Alcors death weapon and it backfired on you. He blew up a lot of the countries on the continent."
Harriet: "Are those ghouls? … maybe they're protecting the President?"
Hughbert: "Any objections to providing backup to the defending force?"
JayM: The forces on this side are wearing various difference company uniforms
Harriet: "I mean I'm really not a fan of getting shot or set on fire but I guess this kind of is what we do."
Serenity: "Huh… right."
Serenity: "Uh I guess we should? We kind of want him alive don't we?"
Harriet: "Yeah, let's go be heroes."
Amal: "Oh yeah okay good guys vs. bad guys here is pretty obvious nevermind let's do this."
Hughbert: "Here's our plan…"
Hughbert: "Serenity, take us within firing range. Our group will strike just hard enough to grab their attention. Use the noisiest, most attention-grabbing tools at your disposal. Once we've got their attention, we just… Leave. That's all the ghouls ought to need to win; a distraction."
Serenity: "You're up, Harriet." Serenity starts the car's engine back up.
Anton: "Oh man. It's not often I don't have to be the bait!"
JayM: The car starts up
JayM: Are you ready for it, Harriet?
Serenity: Then begins loudly revving before slamming down on the pedal and heading towards the assailants.
Harriet: "Right, let's do this!" Harriet begins spinning up her ECC, leaning out the window, flicking a few switches to speed up the process.
Anton: "Definitely consider that bulletproof thing when we get back though, Harriet!"
Hughbert gestures to Harriet. "You're likely the member of this particular wheelhouse with the greatest spinning wheel efficiency. Err… Do wheelhouses involve literal wheels? Does that comparison work?"
Amal: "I'll allow it."
Harriet: "Well, like, mostly it's metaphorical. But I guess I could technically do that."
Harriet: "And yeah, I'll work on bulletproofing!"
Amal: "Hehe, Harriet, you're gonna like this…"
Hughbert: "Right. I believe you get my point; I'll be grateful for some explosions, if you'd be so kind."
The car starts off down the road with a roar! You drive until you're in range, the small group reinforcing the armored vehicle doesn't initially notice you until you're far too close- And Harriet's ECC goes off with a thunderous roar unlike anything you have heard before, arcing through the air and spreading with unnatural forks like the roots of a great tree of plasma and heat. They tear through the ground and leave terrible scorch marks in the plating of the armored vehicle, the sound echoing across the entire battlefield
Harriet: "Yeah! EAT IT!"
At that both the division you just attacked as well as the nearby one wheel around to look at you, and start chasing. What the hell was that weapon, you hear someone explain
Serenity‘ zooms off.
Amal: "Gahahahah! Yeah!"
Harriet: "Suckerrrrs!" Harriet laughs, making sure to pull herself and her ECC back in through the window before someone can think to shoot either of them.
Hughbert: "A solidly built piece of armor, to be certain. They have split up and taken the bait… Now to give the defenders time to mop up the weakened attacking force."
And then it’s time for a hasty retreat, and you draw them off a bit back until… You hear a different explosive sound. Some form of explosive charge has gone off under one of the armored vehicles causing it to stop, four armed people drop on the group coming from the underbrush. And a fifth person armed with a large cylindrical object with a large spike shows up too, driving the object into the tank's engine and with the sound of gunshot the spike drives into it, causing a massive chain reaction within it, destrying it from inside.
As you turn around to look at what happened you see further in the combat, there must have been a few other flanking strike teams readying to attack the formation looking just for an opening as similar strike teams descend on the armored vehicles, two others and taking over the last one
Amal: "Uhoh."
JayM: It isn't much longer until the battle slows down and dies out. The assailants quickly start scattering
Harriet: "Damn…"
Serenity: "That was loud." Turning back around.
Hughbert: "It should be alright to take us back to the mansion now. The defense was successful."
As you approach closer you see that no part of the main gate has survived, only a small portion of the mansion is there… It looks so strange, this kind of destruction, like someone took a scoop out of the building, as if it was icecream
Serenity: "Weirdly clean cut. And rounded."
Due to the tear in the ground, however, there is only one one way in. And as you take that path you find someone familiar guiding the defenders to fortify the perimeter, Glacies.
Harriet: "Oh, hey Glacies!" Harriet waves out the window.
Glacies waves as you come closer "That was quite the spectacle, thanks for the distraction"
Glacies: "Hrm, you really do have an oracle with you, don't you? Only that to explain such fortuitous timing"
Serenity: "Uh."
Anton scratches his head before grinning.
Serenity: "Mostly just coincidence, he didn't say shit."
Harriet: "He's gonna be the next Divine Oracle, but, like, if he did this he was really clever about hiding it."
Hughbert waves! He hops out of the car. "Hmm, I was unaware I was an oracle. Anton kept unusually quiet while I was left to decide our next stop."
Anton: "Now, now Serenity. I can't spoil 'every' surprise."
Serenity: "You could, if you were better at your job."
Harriet opens up the car, gets on out. "Absolutely spoil every surprise."
Anton: "Then consider this one spite for the sandwich." He winks.
Amal grins. "Don't worry, Anton. Your secret's safe with me."
Serenity: "What sandwich?"
Anton falters for a moment before looking at Serenity seriously. "…"
Glacies chuckles "Well, good to see you nontheless. We can definitely use a last little bit of help here"
Serenity: "…What?"
Anton glances at Amal. "… you do remember that, right? I didn't swap world lines somehow?"
Serenity‘ makes a quiet exasperated noise before following Glacies in.
Amal: "How could anyone forget the sandwich? Wow."
Glacies: "That disaster… The President got caught in it." Glacies takes you to a room in the second floor "He’ll survive, but he won't be in any condition to talk, much less help"
Anton chews at his lip. "Hrm. Maybe Serenity is the one who swapped world lines, actually! We all remember it and my d e a r f r i e n d Serenity would never forget about something like that otherwise, right?"
Amal: "…damn. Glad he made it through at least. Who's his second in command?"
Harriet: "I don't really care about sandwiches from so long ago that I've forgotten about them - wow, shit, the President's that bad?"
Serenity: "I have no idea what you're talking about man, we've eaten a lot of sandwiches in the last few months."
Hughbert: "We're planning on returning to Masharas soon, but we'd be glad to hear you out and do what we can." He nods… "Let's get a look at his condition."
The building is still standing nicely, thankfully, despite the damage. You find yourselves in one of the bedrooms in the second floor… The bedroom has been converted into a medical room, and there you find president Lumes in the bed… Missing his right arm, right leg and a portion of the right side of his torso…. He doesn't seems conscious
Anton nods to himself, seemingly convincing himself of something.
Harriet: "Holy shit."
Harriet: "
Harriet: "Kinda… kinda just chopped him in half, huh?"
Amal just blinks.
In the same room are Volkes and Strumm "There is no vice president, which shouldn't happen but it did. So the next in line would be the chief of the legislative, actually. I suppose the old companies thought they could have judges in their pocket easier than people of the executive. Too bad for them now"
Serenity: "Lucky it didn't clip his head."
Volkes is watching over Limes, while Strumm sits in a nearby chair
Anton glances at the others. "As a reminder, this was the second BEST scenario. Alcor is kind of a dick when he wants to collect data."
Volkes: "Yeah… That thing was terrifying. The opposite of serendipity, this is"
Serenity‘ sighs.
Amal looks really small and is basically leaning against the wall quietly.
Volkes: "He’s… Stable, as is. He's out from shock mostly, thankfully the damage didn't hit any internal organs too badly, aside from missing a part of the lower intestines, but you can live without that"
Hughbert salutes the room. "Right. Any number of people in this room could have suffered the same fate. It may be little comfort, but I think it's quite good to see most of you are in good shape."
Strumm: "You'd know about that"
Volkes: "Let's not talk about that"
Glacies: "Yeah… At least we're here… That said…"
Strumm: "Yeah, 'that said'. Seems like the head of Malus has decided to brand this… Disaster as some kind of weapon developed by a… 'Corrupt president under influence of foreigners intent on stealing our lands and our fortune', quote the newspaper"
Harriet: "Ugh, the media."
Harriet: "They don't understand shit."
Amal: "Ahahaha. Goddess if only they knew."
Volkes: "" 'It's time to take real action', same article… They're rolling out armed forces to the cities now "
Serenity: "Isn't that like the exact opposite of what happened?"
Volkes: "To note, with Akavir-manufactured armament, because of course"
Anton: "Did the media mention the other countries got hit too?"
Strumm: "Reality doesn't really matter for those people"
Glacies: "Nope, not at all"
Glacies: "They even misreported ground zero… As coming from the west, Masharas' direction"
Harriet: "Uuuuuuugh."
Serenity: "So should we go over and have a chat with them or…?
Volkes: "Expected, really… But this is kind of what we've been getting ready for, anyway"
Harriet: "Just stop the public from having opinions about anything they always fuck it up."
Anton: "If anyone at all still believes Cor when she said Alcor had Masharas's best interests at heart, please raise your hand now."
Anton does not raise his hand.
Hughbert currently has his arms crossed, does not uncross them.
Serenity‘ half raises is, hand wobbles.
Amal: "Is there any pie the dang Akaviri /don’t/ have their fingers in…?"
Harriet is absolutely not raising her goddess-damned hand.
Amal: "Also I never trusted that guy so."
Strumm: "Nah… We just need you to do a small favor and check the capital to see if judge Molinar is still doing fine, we should have forces ready there and everything should be fine but I heard nothing recently"
Amal: "I mean, I'm sure he -thinks- he does, anyways." It looks like they're about to say something else too but then they halfheartedly stop.
Serenity: "Okay."
Harriet: "It wouldn't be the first time Cor's lied to us. Oh, yeah, that guy, the judge, we should make sure he didn't get decimated too."
Strumm: "If it isn't… There's no need to report back, we assume the worst anyway. If it is, please slap one of the mail guys across the face for not sending a message"
Glacies: "I'd like to ask you to stick around for the fighting… But honestly? That is a problem we need to resolve ourselves"
Hughbert: "It sounds like it'll be quite easy to convince Masharas to back your forces, at the least." He nods. "Alright. Unless your couriers have a most convincing reason for the information network disruption, I will give them a Masharasian-style disciplinary action on your behalf."
JayM: Are you all ready for another long trip?
Hughbert: "We must return home after that's completed. Just as we've helped you set reclaiming your country into motion, we must pay some others a visit still. The negotiation table still has a few empty seats back in Masharas…"
Serenity‘ is pretty sure that’s basically all they do at this point so…
Harriet: "Yeah, we're kind of on this huge quest to save the world."
The travep, itself, isn't actually that eventful, although something feels certainly odd about it
There's a certain emptiness in the roads you haven't seen before, even the small villages you pass through seem rather empty
It takes over a day, but you reach the capital… You're first greeted by a barricade, but the people on guard aren't the ones that were there before, something on them seem different. Maybe the lack of company uniform
You are, however, recognized and directed to visit the central police precinct, where the defense forces are gathering
Serenity: "Didn't even realize they had state run law enforcement…"
And there you find the local defence force, led by a grey-haired veteran "Only as an old relic"
Grey-hair: "Generally they were all in the pocket of some company or another… We're just using the facilities"
Serenity: "Ahah."
Grey-hair: "You're the Masharas crew, right? Good to see you around here"
Hughbert salutes. "How's the situation here?"
Grey-hair: "It's… Harrowing, to say the least. You must have come from the south side if you're asking that"
Grey-hair: "Sure must look okay in that direction but… It shouldn't take much longer before we're getting bombarded again from the north. Thank the goddess they're too dumb to set up a proper siege"
Grey-hair: "Actually thank the goddess nobody here knows how to wage war"
Grey-hair: "Neither side. Company peeps like front attacks like they think they have infinite soldiers to spare with volume. Spoilers, they don't. Defending people here think if they should loud enough and don't give in they're not going to lose, like the morale, but that's all they got going."
Grey-hair: "This country really lacks a formal trained army"
Serenity: "No I ment… who's the other side."
Amal: "Akavir hiding behind the companies, I'd imagine."
Hughbert: "Malus, most likely, but that can't be all… Right?"
Anton scratches his head. "Only one country that direction."
Grey-hair: "There's six companies, actually, but Malus plays the face job. Admittedly they're the richest"
Serenity: "Akavir doesn't strike me at that shitty at waging a war, given history…?"
[OOC] Serenity: as^
Grey-hair: "Hrm… They're not. But they are also very good at playing proxy war"
Serenity: "Aha."
Amal: "Yeah, they don't really care as much as long as they can prop Malus up and not get their hands dirty."
Grey-hair: "It wouldn't surprise me if they're supplying Malus and their people, don't put in anyone here that knows what they're doing, let us fight until everyone's bloodied and battered. Then extend an olive branch, give some 'humanitarian' help for the simple price of otherwise unthinkable concessions, claim all the support their gave makes large portions of land theirs since they're not indebeted to them"
Amal: "Lucky for us, they weren't counting on us. Still. Despite, like, having a whole lot of advance warning."
Amal: "Anyways, where can we help?"
Grey-hair: "Ah… I don't really think there's much a small group can do right now… We already are moving some brave volunteers to sabotage some-"
And now is when you hear the sound of explosions, many, many of them in sequence "Fuck"
Hughbert: "That's an artillery strike… Was your operation in that area?"
Harriet: "That doesn't sound good."
Grey-hair: "That's north side. They should have disabled those weapons"
Anton: "Well, we had to head back that way anyways…"
Hughbert: "Does the area need to be evacuated?"
Grey-hair: "… No more time to talk, need to start moving people and get stuff done. If you wanna help, feel free. But this is our fight now, so don't feel obligated"
Grey-hair: "Guess what i'm going to do"
He runs off after shouting orders at a couple of people
Amal: "Tch… Still haven't figured out if the judge is okay either."
Serenity‘ sighs, leaning against the steering wheel. "Man, no wonder no one ever travels outside of the country."
Harriet: "This place is kind of a shithole, yeah."
Hughbert scratches his head. "If we let every single problem sidetrack us, we’ll be here forever. We're already behind schedule. If we head to the courthouse, I think that would be the best starting place, however… If the judge is in hiding, we may need one of them to tell us where to find him. Quite the predicament."
Someone who was left here, a young man with white hair, blue eyes and pale skin, looks over from his desk to you "Judge Molinar? He's in the courthouse, he's fine"
Amal notices something, waves. "Walk in the shade, brother. (…no wonder he didn't need much convincing about Akavir…)"
Nelly: "I'm Nelly, of communications. We've been trying to send our report but we keep having to repurpose efforts on the siege instead"
Nelly: "Did they send you over to check? I'm really sorry"
Serenity: "No doubt."
Harriet: "Well, I guess it makes sense."
Harriet: "You're kinda getting besieged and all."
Nelly: "Unfortunately. Although I believe we managed to get someone that can help out ready to go. She can't handle a weapon but she can drive fast so we have a messenger at last, going with a reinforcements request"
The sound of shelling gets louder, and closer
Nelly: "I see you're on a mission, though. Really better if you leave sooner rather than later, or you're going to get mixed in this pretty bad"
Serenity‘ leans backwards, tilting her head towards Hughbert.
Serenity: "Just plow through the center and let Harriet bomb whatever gets too close and head for home, or…?"
Harriet: "I’m in favour of getting out of the actual literal war zone."
JayM: Your car is fast, that's one advantage
Hughbert: "Break through this sorry excuse for a siege head-on? As long as I have a moment to analyze the weak point of the enemy's formation, I should be able to devise a route through."
Hughbert: "Perhaps we could toss some explosives to damage the artillery and disrupt the shelling while we're at it."
Serenity: "Yeah I figure between you and Anton we got a route, between you and Amal we don't get dead, and then Harriet and piss everyone off on the way out."
[OOC] Serenity: -and +can
Serenity: "Yeah."
Harriet: "I can totally wreck stuff en route."
Hughbert: "There's one thing I can do for you besides that…"
Hughbert pulls out a small pamphlet and drops it on the counter in front of Nelly. "My CO would fling me at a table if she caught me sharing this freely, but I'm going to trust that she won't find out that easily.
Nelly picks up the pamphlet and looks at it
The pamphlet is a training manual written by Lieutenant Hughbert Marcel that goes over a number of combat training techniques. Given that Masharas is entirely made of city and neutrality, many of the techniques contained within are specifically defensive urban combat tactics.
Nelly blinks "Oh… This'll be useful"
Nelly: "Thanks for sharing"
Hughbert: "Don't thank me. I didn't leave it with you, officially. …" He quietly adds, "You are welcome, though," with a quick, sly nod.
JayM: So leaving at last, eh?
[OOC] Hughbert: seems like it!
[OOC] Serenity: aye
It doesn't really takes long to start getting close to the combat zone, the noise isn't something you're used to, even if you're been used to weapon tests. There's always something a little different about the din of battle.
You see the impact of artillery shells, and the fighting farther ahead… There's a hollow whistle in the distance
Hughbert: "Left, about 30 degrees." Hughbert announces what evasive maneuver Serenity must take to avoid the next shell. "A little more speed and you ought to be able to spare your eardrums from the worst of it."
Serenity: "H'kay."
Hughbert: "Then curve back around to the right afterwards." Hughbert leans forward over the dash and points at an armored vehicle. "We've got to stay away from those things. Those are a threat, as long as they don't catch us, we're free to make a bombing run on them."
Serenity‘ lets out a breath. "Weird as hell actually listening to the backseat driving for once…" More swerving.
Serenity makes a wide curve as directed by Hughbert, driving away from the armored vehicle and towards an opening. As she drives forward she realizes, however, that there’s infantry on the way. About a dozen armed men stand their ground and open fire as you come closer. The whistling starts to get louder
Hughbert: "…Hm? I know that sound… Alright, see that ridge over there? We're going there. There's a very high chance of friendlies in the area."
Harriet: "Hey, Anton, toss this out the window when we go past, would you?" Harriet hands a cryogrenade over, and then returns to setting up her ECC. She'll blast anyone who gets too close for comfort.
Serenity: "Uhh… okay, just keep your barrier up."
Hughbert: "Just to be clear, the vehicle is going to have to deal with anyone you run over by itself. The bullets, I'll handle, however."
You drive past the armored vehicle, tossing out the grenade! The artillery vehicle slows down and turns around to face you as you run, meanwhile the infantrymen continue to fire. Taking the way towards the ridge suspiciously takes you towards a different enemy formation but…
Serenity: "Well yeah."
Something you weren't counting on, it appears that a couple of men on foot have rocket launchers- Those are clearly of Akavir make you've seen those before. They fire at you- But then something comes just flying from the top of the ridge. Six armored cars, coming by so fast they leap off the top of the ridge, their engine cages glowing such a bright blue you wonder if they put lights inside.
People jump from the cars as they fly overhead, six of them including a very familiar face. She has an engine backpack with a tube connecting to her left arm's armor. She pulls a pistol with her right hand and points at the incoming rockets firing a single bullet, causing all of them to detonate midair. She points her left hand with a sudden and jerking motion towards the nearby armored vehicle and the engine pack glows as bright as the engine of the cars and a powerful lance of light fires from the fingertips of her armor, tearing the tank in half.
Maj Celestine: "Follow" she says curtly as the cars finally land and curve back near the party
Serenity: "Huh… okay then."
Harriet: "Holy shit."
Harriet: "That was so cool."
She jumps off your car as the other five, who're wearing large shield force gear split up, two of them stay with you and the other three go back to the other armored cars "I'm going to have to hook this up to your car for you to keep up, just going to last a couple of minutes, stay close" she heads up to the front of the car quickly opens the hood, connects her gear to the engine and closes the hood "Now go!"
Serenity: "You know some weird people, Hughbert." Slammin' pedal.
Amal: "Ahahahah wowwww."
Hughbert: "My thanks, Major. It's good to see you." Hughbert instinctively salutes, even though she's probably a bit preoccupied to notice.
The six cars make the way ahead of you, and Serenity comes to the realization that whatever they just hooked to the engine will 100% take the car far, far beyond it's limit, that gave the engine easily a hundred times as much output and keeping control on the car is almost impossible, but with this much acceleration and top speed you clear the combat zone in seventy three seconds- Which appears to be as long as you had left as the cars with you lose their glow and quickly lose most of their speed, and soon stop. Your car's engine does much the same, except it fizzles out completely
Harriet: "Aw, man… don't worry, I can fix it."
Thankfully, you've stopped nearby somewhere nice… It's a Viper Convoy, except it's been repainted with the colors of the High Guard "Get their car in the Stork first, than the Arrows" the major shouts to the mechanic "Let's get inside so we can get moving, then we talk"
Hughbert: "Yes, ma'am! Flip her into neutral, could you?" Hughbert hops out and shoves the car into place with the mechanics.
Serenity: "That was fun."
Harriet: "That was so cool."
It isn't long until you get the car in place and get directed to the meeting room, and the Convoy can finally start moving away from here. Said meeting room really is more of a resting room at the moment, though, there's places to sit, there's things to drink, there's some light food "Arrow operations tend to be like that" the Major says as she arrives
Maj Celestine: "Something tells me we're going to have a lot more of them in the future"
Hughbert: "There's a low likelyhood of any of us complaining about that, at least…"
Maj Celestine: "Hrm… So, I hope you don't mind me asking… But what the fuck happened?"
Serenity: "Well idealy I'd rather be on rails, or like, I don't know, flat, level terrain if it would of lasted much more than it did but yeah…"
Harriet: "Well, a doomsday device happened and then everything went to shit."
Serenity: "Evil Oracle experiment."
Amal: "…we're up against someone who thinks trying to crack the world in half is a good idea."
Maj Celestine: "Hrm… Of course. Couldn't be against someone capable of anything less than tearing mountains in half, no"
Hughbert: "Alcor's responsible, with Terra Medical as his puppet that made it happen."
Maj Celestine: "To apprise you of the situation, whatever that was nearly took out the south block, it missed by a margin of centimeters but nothing was damaged, but it was enough to cleave clear a path through the Divine Aegis giving access to Terchuan and Akavir"
Serenity: "Good thing we just gave Terchuan a bunch of shit to fix their land with huh…?"
Maj Celestine: "You can imagine Akavir was quick to offer a (heavily armed) hand with possible restoration efforts. Our luck was that the crown prince was leading the effort, it was easy enough to deflect it"
Maj Celestine: "Hrm… Can you give a little more detail on that doomsday device? I am used to having to work with cryptic information but it's so pleasant when I have something actually useful"
Serenity‘ glances at the Major, then Harriet and Amal, then shrugs.
Amal: "I, uh… hm. We’ll share what information we have, but…"
Harriet: "It was bullshit is what it was."
Hughbert: "Anton and I are working on preparing the report for all the details. For now, I can tell you that Alcor's next move is likely to rebuild that goddess-damned contraption that did that thing."
Serenity: "Something partially made in another dimension out of a material that shouldn't really exist and does weird things to ragnite and blood…?"
Serenity: "Also giant honkin' laser beams."
The major finally sits down, and unstraps the armor on her left arm, slowly, slowly removing it as she hears. Underneath the armor is something somewhat unexpected, arm's thin, as in thin enough you can see the outline of the bones, almost no muscle is left of the arm. She quickly covers it with her cloak "Oh, great. Now the grimdark theatrical freak is messing with with Black Technology, everything I needed"
Amal: "It was a weapon that shouldn't have existed, that's for sure."
She rubs her forehead with her right hand "Ugh… No wonder Cor wanted you back soon, seems we need to expedite things as much as we can"
Hughbert: "Think of the cataclysm 20 years ago… That was stage one of his research. This is stage two. For better or worse, despite the fact that stage two completed, all of his data was destroyed, so he's effectively back to square one of stage two."
Maj Celestine: "It just means he's going to try again… And i'm fairly certain Cor knows where and when, I bet"
Harriet: "That's what he gets for not telling me anything about his stupid goddamn…" Harriet just sort of trails off into discontented mumbling.
Maj Celestine: "She's made some really suspicious choices lately, it makes sense if she's trying to direct you there… On that note, one of those choices kind of pertains you (and a few of our secrets like the damned radiant ragnite)"
Serenity: "The what now?"
Harriet: "Radiant what who?"
Hughbert: "Depending on what she says, I'm going to recommend we get Humint on an information campaign. In theory, vaccinate as many places as we can against his influence- whatever land is most likely to be suitable for that weird machine strapped to the top of our car."
Maj Celestine: "Radiant ragnite, the only fuel the Arrows will take, generates roughly a hundred thousand times more energy than normal ragnite. It's actually a mixed ore"
Harriet: "Oh my Goddess."
Serenity: "I feel like I'd probably of known that was a thing…"
Serenity‘ scrunches up her face, frowning.
Maj Celestine: "As you know, we don’t have a sufficient standing army to protect Masharas without the Divine Aegis, nor the hardware. So we got them off Rissan's warrior clans… In exchange for some technology, plus promise that you will be there in the next step of your trip"
Amal smiles. "It'll be nice to head home for a while."
Maj Celestine: "I doubt Cor or her holiness would have made the choice to trade that piece of technology coupled with promise of your presence if they weren't expecting Alcor there next"
Harriet: "Guess we're going to Rissan."
Maj Celestine: "It is a very well kept secret, Serenity. For what's worth it doesn't makes any noise a medium hears, anyway"
Serenity‘ folds her arms over her chest, pouting.
Maj Celestine: "I hear the force gear drawing from it gets really loud when using the energy, however"
Harriet: "I just wanna get my hands on some of this radiant ragnite, honestly."
The major sighs… "You’re still going back to Masharas for refuel and rest…" she thinks for a while "Oh, sure, why not. At least you're on our side and given your other projects you have the potential to find more out about it"
Hughbert: "We'll have some time to grill her on it when we get back." He thinks for a moment, then smiles, turns his face upward to a corner of the room, and waves. "See you soon, Cor." He then turns to Anton and stage whispers, ( "Do you think she heard me?" )
Maj Celestine: "When we arrive you can take a fuel unit from this Convoy's storage. They're rare however, you only are going to get one, and no more. They're graphite spheres you'll see there, don't worry they're among the most stable forms of ragnite we know"
Harriet: "Really?!" Harriet just kind of lights up. It's kind of like some kind of… radiance…
Anton chuckles. "Dunno if she'll view it by the time we visit her. But she'll catch it after for sure."
The sighs "Anyway… I'd say dismissed but not like we have any particualr accomodations set here yet, so just… Rest a little until we're back home, shouldn't take long"
Anton: "That said, I'm pretty sure she goes through me as an anchor to see what we're up to since she's the most familiar with me. So anything I don't see she may overlook."
Harriet: "Take care of my car, okay?"
Maj Celestine: "And Hughbert? You can take a little more with the report on this one. Goddess knows it's going to be a long one"
JayM: Well, then
JayM: That was Something
JayM: It was… Okay
Hughbert lets himself fall back into a chair and helps himself to a warm cup of tea and a biscuit or two. "With pleasure."
JayM: But I needed this
JayM: Thank you all for playing
Harriet: thank you for running, julian!!!!
Harriet: now get a bed
JayM: That's [+15 XP]

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