The day is still as such as it's been since it's rise, a gentle, cold breeze blows through the chambers of the ancient, forgotten temple. Within it's confines a small group of people, some of which may just be having a feast of (cold) food and sweets. Or as close a feast as they can have with limited supplies, given a chance by Glacies to ressuply and do maitenance on their gear and their bodies. There's enough supplies here to do some much needed maitenance on your gear, in fact, a chance that would be wise to take.
Glacies and her friend Flake have retreated over to the lower floor, wherein her cold can remain confined while she recovers from the berserk state in which she was
Anton had no problems helping himself to some snacks! He seems to be in a good mood.
Harriet is already on it, sprawled out with their gear and tinkering with the bits which need fine-tuning.
Harriet will… probably remember to eat, at some point, eventually.
Hughbert has a map laid out in his space on the table, staring deeply at two marked locations. His plate is in his lap as he munches at a sandwich.
JayM: Can't say the supplies are high quality, but they're definitely average quality, unlike the rest of stuff you might have seen in this country
Serenity: "Y'think you'd get sick of ice cream if you ate it nearly every day like this…?" Serenity asks off handedly, while eating out of a cartin of some.
Anton: "There's enough variety in flavours that it would stay interesting!"
Amal makes sure Harriet remembers to eat. Plz eat a food, eating food is important.
Hughbert scribbles some notes in a red-covered notebook as his eyes dart between the dots on the map and his notebook. "This… Could work…"
Harriet gets reminded to eat! She's pretty hurried about it so that she can get back to work, but at least she eats. … unfortunately, eating ice cream that quickly would give anyone an ice cream headache, so she ends up just cradling her head in her hands and groaning for a few moments.
Harriet: "I have regrets."
Serenity: "Sucker."
Hughbert spills out a few hard candies onto the map and moves them about in various formations…
Amal casts the world's tiniest healing magic to make up for it.
Harriet: "Uggghhh," Harriet swats at Serenity's general location ineffectually. Then Amal's tiny magic settles in, and she perks up. "Huh. Okay, back to work!"
You notice that between sweets and other foods most of it is very high energy
Anton stands up and stretches. "You figure out the plan yet, Hugh?"
Amal: "I'm sure he's figured out the plan! …he might still be working out the details, though!"
Harriet: "Well, whatever the plan is, our stuff will totally be able to hold up to it. The supplies here have been great for tightening things up."
At this point you hear the sound of footsteps in stone. Soon enough Flake heads up from the lower floors, he's shaking very visibly. He pats himself down cleaning some condensation "It's not a lot that's here but it looks like useful stuff at least" his voice is kind of shaky too
Hughbert looks up and adjusts his glasses that had started sliding down his face. "I believe I've gotten most of the details compiled and a reasonable listing of possible outcomes written down here." Hughbert nods, then proceeds to shut the notebook and stow it away. "How is Glacies holding up, Flake?"
Amal: "You okay?"
Flake: "She's grown colder with time… But I think that's good for her. Difficult to be around, though. Gotta prepare better"
Anton makes his way over to Serenity and Harriet before smiling. "Looks like you two are on Team Anton~."
Flake: "She's just sleeping right now, she'll be okay"
Serenity‘ opens her mouth briefly toward Flake, before deciding better of it and putting another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. After a moment she raises an eyebrow at Anton
Harriet: "We are? Cool." Harriet flashes Anton a thumbs-up and returns to closing up her ECC.
Anton winks back at Serenity and smiles at Harriet. He doesn’t elaborate further, though.
Flake: "Sounds like you're planning something"
Flake: "How's it going?"
Anton: "Not me!" He grins. "I just cheated and had a peek."
Anton: "Hughbert is gonna want you, Glacies, Amal and himself to go somewhere, though."
Anton: "Which means that WE need a cool team name." He nods to Serenity and Harriet.
Flake crosses his arms "Hrm… Alright,what do you need?"
Flake: "I doubt she's going to disagree"
Serenity: "Nope."
Harriet: "Uh, okay. How about team… ASH?" It turns out Harriet is just as bad at naming things as she is at remembering them.
Anton hits his fist into his palm before nodding seriously. "Team ASH, huh? We can make a lot of puns with that actually. Let's do it!"
Hughbert: "Right. I'm planning a simultaneous strike on both Thumpers. If we strike one, and then the other, the enemy will be on high alert and put their best defenses on the second target."
Serenity‘ shakes her head.
Flake: "Hrm… Need to remember the effect those things have on Glacies, though. She’s… Probably going to go a bit berserk"
Amal snickers a little.
Serenity: "Sooner she breaks it, sooner it stops making noise."
Hughbert: "I will have a system in place that will give us tactical flexibility to adapt to any unexpected changes in the battle environment, don't worry."
Amal: "Plus, you'll have me on your side!" They grin cheesily.
You hear the sound of steps again. This time, it's Glacies heading up, still covered head to toe in winter gear "She's right. If you need my help taking those thumpers down, i'm in"
Anton scrunches up his face. "Wait, shoot!" He seems irritated. "We can't be Team ASH! We're getting a 4th aren't we, Hugh?"
Flake looks back at her, she seems like she's smiling but her mouth is covered "You sure you don't need more rest?" she shakes her head "Not going to help any more to sleep extra, just going to make me more tired"
Glacies: "So, simultaneous assault. Who's going where?"
Hughbert: "We will need to plan a route that goes through Viper's territory, most likely. I'll collect a 'runner' that's capable of bringing the team with them… Right, runner is an R+D term, I'm referring to a teleportation force gear user. They will be assigned to Anton's team."
Serenity: "You must be real fun at surprise parties, Anton."
Hughbert: "Amal, Flake, you, and I are going to the northmost target, Glacies. Anton, Harriet, Serenity, and my runner will go southwards."
Anton glances at Serenity before scratching his head. "So… I need a better name, then?"
Harriet: "Don't look at me, Matheus was the one who named all our projects."
Glacies comes closer to observe the map "I see…" she looks at Amal, then looks back at Hughbert "Viper? Hrm… you mean those mercenaries?"
Serenity: "I can assure you, you are the only person in this room that cares about a weird mini group name, Anton."
Glacies: "Around here" she points to a small town a few hours northeast "We sometimes meet them here, we've managed to hire them now and again"
Amal: "What! I care! I just know Anton will think of something cool~."
Hughbert: "At any rate, the runner will follow Anton's orders based on his ability to divine the northern team's status. Should any team require assistance, or once the southern team cleans up their target, we'll teleport accordingly." Hughbert nods to Glacies. "They're cooperating with our efforts to improve the situation in this region. I am an officer; as such, she's entrusted me to comandeer some personnel as needed… Hmm. We can get there. If
Hughbert: we need any more supplies, we can acquire them there, as well. "
Anton scratches his head. "Uh… how far away are the two points exactly?"
Looking at the map, it looks like it'd be nine hours of travel through car
Anton chews at his lip. "I'll see what I can do. If you're expecting a real time feed though at that distance you're going to be disappointed. I basically have to go back to the point where we split up and then follow your thread to the present to get an update on the situation."
Amal: "Hmm…"
Hughbert: "As long as you're able to set an interval of a minute or two, rather than constant monitoring, that should be sufficient. I didn't expect constant contact."
Anton: "I'll try my best. The longer we're apart the longer my response time gets is all I'm saying! When I say distance I mean that in minutes passed not actual location of course."
Amal: "Hmm. Paws says if you make some kind of signal we can probably find you!"
Hughbert: "Please elaborate on that, Amal. How would a signal help?"
Amal taps their foot a bit. "Paws says… they can make Anton feel like they're holding his hand? And he can talk to them and they can relay messages back and forth if needed."
Glacies looks at Amal "Paws?"
Harriet: "Iiit's a long story."
Anton grins at Amal. "I suppose I'll be borrowing a bit of their attention, then! Don't get jealous~."
Hughbert: "Like a radio, except… Traveling through… Weirdness, instead of physical space, right?"
Amal: "Bingo!"
Amal grins back at Anton. "I can share~"
Glacies: "Hrm… I don't hear any particular force gear… But… I guess its something else entirely"
Serenity: "(Nothing at all like a radio…)"
Glacies: "Well, sounds like we're about ready… If we're goint I suggest we go soon"
Anton lightly elbows Serenity. "(Shhh. Elaborating on this has no impact on the worldline, just let it slide.)"
Serenity: "That's why I was mumbling!"
Serenity‘ sets the spoon she was using down… somewhere, then hops off the table she was sitting on.
Hughbert: "Paws is short for ’Puppy Paws', Glacies. I'm afraid I'm unable to explain in any more detail." He nods. "We can perform any additional planning on the way. South team, Amal won't be with you, so make sure you're prepared to tend to yourselves if you take any damage."
Serenity: "Anyway I" m keeping the car, later. " And then begins to head out.
JayM: Well
JayM: You get to decide who will keep the car after a while, because you all still need to get together to where you'll meet your teleport person
Harriet finishes closing up the last bit of their gear, and straightens up, slinging the ECC over her shoulder again. "Thanks for letting me use your supplies!"
Glacies: "With what you're helping, i'm happy to let you use those"
And you leave soon, taking off towards the city where you could meet the Viper contact. It does takes a while to meet someone, and it's not even you who find them first but you get found first. Thankfully, one of the people who'd been assigned to Hughbert is in fact capable of using a teleportation force gear, Raziel is his name, tall and blond with a very imposing frame.
You brief him quickly, and off you separate again. Thankfully, you ALSO get a free transport to the northern Thumper. Raziel was happy enough to get you a vehicle- The truck is old and you are 100% certain that it has been stolen because it still has the Malus symbol in it, thankfully it SHOULD allow you to approach undetected faster
JayM: So because i'm not actually a game console i'll take care of each one of the teams at a time, okay?
Anton mutters under his breath. "(HARS. RAHS. RASH. Gosh darnit… I don't think this is going to be okay this time.)"
Serenity‘ shakes her head.
[OOC] JayM: Hughbert has a question first, however
Harriet: "(… I thought of one, but I’m not gonna say it.)"
[OOC] Amal: NOPE gotta run 'em both at once
Harriet: "(I might be an engineer, but I'm still a lady, you know!)"
Hughbert jots down a quick sketch, folds it up, and hands it to Raziel. "This is a shot in the dark, but… Do you happen to know anyone who looks like this? It would be convenient for the sake of the mission if there was a face with a bounty on it that looked passably like this one."
Raziel looks at the picture "Hrm… Nope, can't say there is. And that's a distinctive face"
Hughbert: "Hmm… Unfortunate. Looks like you'll have to improvise a little if you run into your 'boss', Anton." Hughbert takes the sketch back and slides it into a pocket on the inside of his jacket.
Anton gives a hearty salute to Hughbert.
[OOC] Hughbert: dat's it from me
Soon enough, though, it's time to depart. You separate now, and first we watch Hughbert's team first
It takes a short while, but you soon enough start getting close to the Thumper. You notice where you are as you see Glacies holding her head
Glacies: "Uhn… We're getting close…"
As you come closer you see in the distance… It looks like a great tower, ten floors or more. In it's center a massive circular cylinder goes up… And then comes crashing down. Each time it does so, all of your force gears seem to have some weird reaction, like they got a bit of excess energy, but it lasts for just a moment
Flake, who's driving, ushers you into the back "I'll see if I can get us closer to it. Glaci… Be safe, okay?"
Glacies: "Don't worry, I will"
Hughbert: "…Goddess. I can see why you're having a rough time. Don't worry, my force gear is specialized in protecting our allies. We've got your back."
So hiding in the back you can judge your distance but how badly Glacies is wincing. She fidgets with her hands a lot as you come closer. You hear Flake's muffled voice saying something as you stop… And then you start moving again
After a bit more Glacies seems almost… Serene? Except you've probably seen the face of the most calm wrath before. That's that face right there. You finally stop, and Flake opens the truck's back doors "Alright! I got us pretty close, we're in the storage room for maitenance equipment…" he looks at Glacies
Flake: "Uhn… I think we skipped most security, from here there's just the maitenance team. But they're… They're apparently working on some construction, and i've seen people here use construction equipment as weaponry before so, uhn, careful?"
Hughbert nods. "So, my engineer friend, what point of this structure would be the most vulnerable to a considerable application of force?"
Flake considers "The structure is very resilient and well made, actually. I imagine since it works like a piledriver it needs to be. However, if we're aiming to disable it, with the most collateral possible, we should aim for whatever the central engine is like. It should be located closer to the center of the structure"
Flake: "Even in use Ragnite can still react quite violently, so we disable the system and cause enough structural damage to make sure this place will fall apaprt"
Amal: "…ugh. This is -awful-."
Hughbert: "Let's get a bit closer. Keep an eye out for any patrols, and always look behind you when crossing a corner or door so you know what to look for on the way back out." Hughbert takes a look for what doorway looks like it leads to the central rooms…
As you step outside of the truck… There really isn't much to see, this an unloading dock after all. Glacies follows silently outside, she then looks straight at a wall "That way" she says. There's a doorway that heads that way
Hughbert is definitely not in a position to second guess Glacies and shivers at the thought of what would happen if he did. He leads the charge ~that way~.
Interestingly, Glacies seems like she can point directly where the heart of the machine is. It may make sense, though. It's strange, however, as after going through two workshops on your way you see nobody. You finally step outside of a building and can see how immense the Thumper really is, it's gigantic- And the sound of metal slamming on metal is deafening as the central piece hits the floor. The energy shockwaves cause your entire bodies to shake due to the force gear, Glacies winces every time.
Amal: "Mmm, it's too bad you can't just remotely overload ragnite…"
Around the base of the giant structure the entire lfoor has been replaced with metal, it's obvious the tubing scattered here has been very purposefully put, you can see it in the pattern… But those aren't ragnite tubes, however… Heavy cables?
Amal narrows their eyes. "Wait…"
You hear the sound of someone- A hatch opens nearby in the floor "Are you really sure this thing's working, sis? I'm not sure I trust those metal cabling"
Amal: "(I've seen this before…)"
Amal: "(…!!!)"
Out of the hatch climb up five people "It's working, i'm telling you. I've went to visit one of the relay stations, the things are going crazy"
All are dirty and holding digging drills, except for one who has a large… It looks like a kind of engine connected to a giant metal spike
Hughbert does his best to look inconspicuous and steal a glance at those who just walked in while listening to the conversation… While fighting back the urge to study those cables. "(Metal floor's too noisy to make a run for it…)"
Amal nudges Hughbert. "(I've seen this before, I thought it was a circuit diagram or something… in the book that had the instructions for a god-building machine. What in the world is it doing here at this scale?!)"
Sadly, there isn't enough time to react to them- As before you, between you and the great machine ahead, a bright pillar of light appears
JayM: And now we go back to the other team
Hughbert gives Amal a very puzzled, confused look. "(So it must go, then…)"
Amal: "(-watch out!)"
Team Anton, or as previously designated Team DPS, is slowly approaching what looks like a great valley. Although a strange sense of foreboding strikes you. The marked location seems to be in perhaps the only area with… Somewhat healthy looking vegetation you saw in this entire country
Harriet: "Why is it that plants are always bad news these days?"
Anton glances at Harriet before smiling. "It's hard to avoid them in these climates. After all… it's our time to shine~."
Soon enough you see that the valley isn't… Quite natural, however. A perfectly circular depression in the ground, far too large to be made by any kind of equipment you could conceive of, but far too perfect to be natural. The vegetation isn't dense, actually, but there are sure a hell of a lot of vines growing here, covering the ground. Vines and brushes aside the place seems entirely and completely empty
Harriet: "It just always seems like when the land's actually got stuff growing in it there's something horrible going on."
However, something feels… Strange as you drive the car in the circular area, the sound the tires make is different.
Anton chews at his lip. "You don't happen to have geology under your belt, do you?"
JayM: I dunno, have you ever licked a rock, Harriet
Harriet: "Not too much, but I can tell you with all certainty that that's not the sound a rock makes when you drive on it." As for licking rocks, listen, IT WAS JUST THAT ONE TIME.
Anton has Serenity slow down the vehicle and he gets out to investigate.
Harriet, however, is familiar with the material that is making that noise. The ground… It isn't ground. It's pure metal, smooth but with some form of embrasure on it. Small cables run on them. The vines have grown over the metal…
Harriet hops on out, and kneels down to have a look.
Harriet: "… yup, I thought so. Metal and cabling."
But something also feels wrong about those vines, stepping on them feels rather wrong and, should you investigate… What is up with those vines?! They sure are vines on the outside- But they're cabling on the inside?! Some metal you cannot identify
Anton: "This place has Alcor all over it."
You notice something else in the vines- They all are aligned directly towards the center of the circle
Anton: "Any idea what's underneath us, Harriet?"
Raziel: "… I never saw anything like this before… And I saw a lot before"
Serenity: "What the fuck."
Harriet: "Yeah, it's super weird. And -" Harriet frowns as she steps on a vine. She crouches down, flips out a pocket knife, and cuts into it. "… yup, these vines are cables too. Honestly, I've never seen anything like this."
Serenity: "Hold up does no one else here that?"
Anton: "I hear the car. And you, my raven-topped highness!"
[OOC] Anton: Err auburn
Harriet: "If I had to guess, this sort of resembles electrical work, you know, independent of Ragnite, but… it's still so weird, and on this scale? - No, I'm pretty sure that's weird Medium stuff."
Serenity: "So you *don't* hear the robot singing along with weird diagnostic machines reprogrammed to play music…?"
Serenity: "Okay."
Harriet: "Not in the slightest. I'm still working on a way to translate that shit."
Anton: "Nope! I do see an insane number of threads coming from all directions converging into the center of this crevice, though."
Harriet does look pretty excited about whatever this machine is, though.
Serenity: "This is hand down the most bizzare thing I have ever heard in my entire life."
Serenity: "What is even going on here…?"
Anton: "As for empath readings, I'm picking up what I think is Alcors influence. A strong feeling of someone being super smug because they've got everything figured out and anyone he has to deal with is a fool."
Harriet: "I don't know what's going on, but I sure as hell wanna find out."
Serenity: "Quiet time. Stop singing."
Serenity: "Is that you, probably-not-actually-Lola?"
Serenity: "For real though what the fuck is that?"
Once you decide to head further you see that there is, in fact, something far in the distance… It looks like a giant cylinder, until you come closer. A capsule? Big enough for a person to fit inside. All the cabling and vines seem to converge into it. As you stop you see someone sitting atop it, he looks down at you and grins, jumping off his high perch and landing gently on the foor, ignoring all laws of physics a gigantic crossbow is at his back, held in place by nothing. It looks more like a small ballista meant for a person to carry "Ah, how good of you to finally show up" he says. Silvery short hair, striped shirt red and black… Of course you know who he is
Anton gives a wave to Alcor. "Yo. Miss us?"
Alcor grins "Ah, I have. It's always good to have someone interesting to talk to like this"
Alcor: "I've even been wanting to show you something"
Serenity: "What did you do with the -" Incredibly vague hand gestures in the air around her ears.
Harriet: "Tell me everything about your electrical machine right now." Harriet clasps her hands together.
Anton: "So is Lola in that machine right now, or…?"
Alcor: "Oh, you can hear her singing too? I admit, she's not really super good at it. But still, we all carry the blueprint of creation" he puts a hand over his chest "In our sense of rhythm, so it helps to sing while doing what she does"
Alcor grins "Oh, Harriet, but what fun is that?" he looks at Anton "This? No, no, this isn't hers"
Serenity: "No I mean I can hear the song Lola's singing along to,"
Harriet: "Oh, come on, there's nothing more fun than going over an invention!"
Serenity: "And it's werid and makes no sense."
Alcor: "Allow me to be the first to present you the first prototype of our greatest creation!" he backflips in the air, standing on top of the cylinder "The God-Maker Machine!" "
Serenity: "The lyrics aren't even real words, although nothing in it sounds real…?"
Anton: "Alcor buddy. I've already looked into the future regarding that thing. There's no way you haven't. What gives?"
Harriet: "Okay, now tell me everything about it in excruciating detail." Straight-faced.
Alcor chuckles "Ah, electronic distortion of sound. I hear it became something of a fashion on her timeline" Alcor looks at Anton "Oh, but the beauty of this machine is that… It doesn't obeys the proper laws of time, as Lola can attest" he jumps back down, pressing a button in it's front- And you can feel something strange, that you cannot define, like things aren't in the right place around you "Let's see how the first test goes"
Anton glances over his shoulder before giving a signal to Hughberts NPC. From what he could tell they hadn't encountered any trouble on their end at least.
As he presses the button many glowing lines appear around the machine, forming an intricate spiralling pattern. The blue glow of ragnite visible now not only on the machine but also on the ground- How come you did not notice the actual ragnite tubing before on the floor?! It forms an intricate pattern that looks even magical
Harriet: "Wait, there was ragnite there? How did I miss that?!"
Anton: "Important questions aside, I have to admit I'm curious! Just how long were you waiting here for us?"
And this is when things start getting… Weird- The very air around you seems to start being moved sideways in a circular pattern, but soon enough it's not just the air, an unseen force starts trying to move you as well. But it's not just you that are being moved, all the way up to the very sky the clouds spiral and gather
Alcor turns around "Just three minutes, actually. Twelve percent chance i'd have had to stall you for time to finish the last adjustments before the startup test" he chuckles
Alcor: "How's that for precision?"
Anton scratches his cheek. "Kind of pointless to ask for a better explanation when I already know you're going to give one, huh?"
Lightning? Yes there's lightning, but something is wrong about it too- Lightning strikes the ground. This one, it goes down- And keeps going, and going, and going- because it gets diverted to the horizontal and starts circling over the machine like a halo "Ahahaha… Tell me, what do you think makes a Goddess?"
Alcor: "Well… Better than that, what do you think it would take for someone to reach Her level?"
Anton gives a thumbs up and a beaming smile. "Good looks!"
Harriet frowns at the lightning. "Oh, come on. Now you're just showing off. Use a kite like everyone else."
Alcor chuckles "Well, i've found the solution to that. After all, though the blood of the goddess has power, through the blood of humankind you can ascend. It's just a matter of using the right properties of transference… And this world that is so beautifully arranged gives us all the tools"
But isn't that the strangest part, Harriet? The lightning is heading down. Except that down is now in that direction… What is your sense of direction even doing at this point
Harriet: "I'm pretty sure Amal would protest about how morally wrong that is."
You hear the sound of the rock face breaking
Harriet: "Additionally, what the fuck?"
Anton: "Is this in any way going to stop the cataclysm in the far future? Or are you just showing off?"
Alcor: "Oh… Of course he would… This is very, very morally wrong… But that doesn't matters"
Alcor: "… This will stop all the cataclysms that will have be, and that have ever been"
Anton: "So explain why that machine was the only thing left in the far future and it tried to kill me when I peeked."
Alcor: "Hah… I've been told once the goddess loves us, I greatly doubt that. We do need someone in Her shoes, though"
Harriet: "Oh, so it's also a time machine? Goddess, just fucking stop."
Alcor turns around and grins at Anton "Oh… Hah. Because this machine is beyond dangerous, Anton"
Alcor: "What do you think brought about the apocalypse that still hurts this land? The first prototype, of course"
Serenity: "Wait."
Serenity: "Wait."
Alcor: "Activating the fully working system will cause the destruction of the entire world"
Serenity: "Hold up."
Serenity: "Alcor you're a Medium right."
Alcor nods "As you know"
Serenity: "And you… think… she's A) A Goddess B) There's any merit at all in having a Goddess…?"
Serenity: "And you're… over fourty…"
Harriet: "'Don't build a doomsday device, Harriet! It's a pointless thought exercise, Harriet!' Ugh, and now I'm getting shown up by you."
Serenity: "Have you just like… had your head LITERALLY UP YOUR FUCKING ASS until six months ago or…?"
Alcor shakes his head "There's definitely no merit to having that useless thing around"
Alcor: "On the other hand… I'm also an Oracle, Serenity"
Alcor: "I have seen things you can't even fathom…"
Serenity: "I have a pretty good imagination."
Alcor: "We need a God… There is no survival without one"
Harriet: "Yeah, well, see this." Harriet makes a very rude hand gesture. "Your doomsday device is bad and you should feel bad."
Alcor: "Maybe someday i'll show you… I'll show you the inevitability of the end… The million, the infinite ways in which the end comes. There is no amount of foresight that can avoid it"
Anton: "So, uh. Why are you being so distant with Cor?"
Alcor: "Hrm… Really, Anton"
Serenity: "You are the dumbest fucking person I've ever met, and I've run into Anton and Mai and whatever that bitch's name back in terchuen was and Excter and man I run into a lot of dumb people… but you're still top of the list."
Alcor: "Have you been hearing everything I said? Has it been making any sense to you?"
Alcor: "Do I sound either like someone sane, or someone that isn't a villain straight out of a badly written novella?"
Anton glances at Serenity before saluting. "So… what you're saying is I'm the first person that comes to mind?" He grins.
Alcor: "I'd love to have her help… But I'd rather do this alone"
Serenity: "Not a great time for flirting just fyi."
Harriet: "I just can't believe that you decided to try to end the world and did it like this. Like. I'm personally insulted on behalf of scientists everywhere."
Anton: "So… you'd rather do it alone. And you're showing this to us because…?"
And at this point you hear a deafening sound- And the very sky shows cracks of darkness- A massive shockwave of energy sends you all to your backs
Alcor: "Because everything has a place and time to be at"
Alcor: "And right now I need you here"
Serenity‘ blinks a bit and after hitting the ground makes sure her gear is turned off.
Harriet: "You don’t even - augh!" Down she goes. Luckily, her cannon lands on her instead of the other way around.
Anton: "Yes, you definitely needed us here at this exact moment in your decade long gambit. And that's definitely why you didn't fail to kill us on the mountain."
Anton shakes his head.
Serenity: "Harriet did you ever get that weird lava gun thing working?"
Alcor: "I admit I had to change my plans over time"
Harriet: "Not yet, it's still in the design stage. Really wish I had one right now."
Serenity: "Uuugh fine I'll do it myself."
And suddenly everything is at a standstill- Like the calm at the center of a hurricane. At the edges of the giant circle a glowing wall of what… Looks like glyphs, but are more like patterns of lines, slowly rise from the ground, forming a dome
Serenity‘ stands back up and swings her force gear off of her shoulder, before slamming it into the ground as hard as she can, causing the tubing to leak. She then hurls it towards Alcor and the center of the machine. "I SAID BLOW THE FUCK UP!" [Ars Arcana]
[OOC] Serenity: Ars Prima, rather
The powerful streak of ragnite flies at Alcor- He barely sidesteps it and it strikes straight into the casing of the machine
Harriet: "(Holy shit.)"
It looks like it had no effect at first… But crystals of ragnite form past it like the exit wound of a bullet. And then you hear the sound of metal tearing apart and a large hole appears in the machine.
And suddenly- Serenity’s entire body seems to lose strength as she falls to the ground, bleeding through the mouth and noise, through cuts in her skin
Serenity‘ drops to the ground and slams both of her palms onto the ground as her eyes begin glow more intensely blue that they ever have before and the ragnite in the air and explosions start to humm and buzz, resonating in the air strangle. "You aren’t fucking going anywhere baby fake god!" And all the crystal rapidly moves to seal the entire thing, even through the ground and cabling.
Serenity‘ [Mystic Seal] [-1LP]
At this point, Alcor just grins "You’ve lost your chance, Anton… Ahaha, an Oracle cannot hesitate. Lola?" suddenly all the color drains from the world, everything is black and white aside from the colors red and black, which are much brighter. And the crystal does as Serenity intended- Except it's different… The ragnite has turned red as blood. And Serenity feels weak, and her body suffers even more wounds-
Anton: "Was it really a chance when you already knew, Alcor?"
Harriet: "If Serenity dies I'm gonna invent five new ways to tear off your dick. Just so you know."
And the entire machine stops. Everything weird that was going on comes to an end, as if it never was there? Flower petals suddenly scatter around Serenity- And she falls to the ground
Serenity: "I swear to the Goddess Anton if you're about to tell me I just fed it the blood it needed to turn itself on I'm going to kill you for not giving a heads up!" Serenity grits her teeth for a moment, before coughing up a fair amoutn of blood and collapsing.
Alcor: "I admit, I know everything… But you did it."
Alcor grins at Serenity "I wasn't going to risk myself doing this test"
Alcor: "Hence why I needed you here. There was a very small chance Anton would have used black ragnite to disable the machine, which would have been very frustrating, because it'd have caused sufficient damage i'd lose all my data for designing the third prototype"
Harriet: "Shit, you know we don't have a healer, right?" Harriet kneels beside Serenity, grabs a [Gilead Balm], and applies it, for all the good it would do.
Alcor: "Hrm… All that's left is picking up the results from the secondary sensor array at the other station and share the results I promised to Mai"
Anton: "Not going to do a field test, Alcor?"
Harriet: "Would you shut up for a moment? People I actually care about are hurting."
Slowly, the color returns to the world- Except around Serenity. And Harriet notices something- She cannot get close enough to Serenity. No matter how close she gets, she never gets any closer
Harriet: "Okay, the fuck."
Serenity‘ rolls onto her side, somehow, so that she doesn’t choke on blood.
Anton takes a deep breath before closing his eyes.
Harriet sighs, grabs her ECC, and swings around, aiming it at Alcor.
Harriet: "Okay, playtime's over, fix your shit."
Alcor sighs "Do you-" and then there's something you may have been expecting. For a moment vines, flowering vines gold and silver, wrap around Serenity. And then they split apart like they've been cut into tiny pieces. And the color returns around Serenity.
Alcor winces and steps back "Tsk… The interloper again…" he blinks "Wait… Wait where's Hughbert?"
Serenity‘ slowly raises her hand into the air, before flipping Alcor off.
Alcor looks around "… Hell, hell, shit, the secondary array!" he raises up his right hand and everything aorund you goes bright "Lola, get us there now!" and you’re all enveloped in light
Anton lets out a long sigh. "… I owe you one Paws. That didn't play out the best way it could, but since they're there at the receiving point if they can get the data the test may as well not have happened."
And suddenly- You all fall to the ground- But you're elsewhere entirely. There's a giant tower- A gigantic pillar, like that of a pile driver
Harriet: "- wh-" Thunk. Luckily, Harriet doesn't land on her cannon.
Hughbert gets to have the gift of being the one to catch Serenity- Amal and gets to watch his friends fall from the sky- And see Alcor appear in a pillar of light with the rest
Alcor looks around quickly, looks up- He leaps- Flies up
Serenity‘ isn’t really moving much, and is kind of competely covered in blood around her mouth and chest.
Anton flies after Alcor intending to tackle him. "Hey, uh… if you guys could get the data while I hold this guy off? Great!"
Amal: "-what the-"
Harriet: "On it!" Harriet scrambles up. "Amal feed Serenity some healy sparkles she did some stupid badass shit and got hurt thanks!"
Amal starts running before they even know where they're going. Probably towards the pillar, though!
Hughbert nearly falls over, but manages to catch her. It takes him a moment to begin grasping what's going on. "…Why is Serenity wounded? What data, where am I going? Where's Raziel and how did you get here? Is that Alcor? What is going on here?"
Amal twists mid-run and a /tremendous/ stream of golden light flings itself out of their arm and wraps around Serenity like a warm cocoon.
Anton calls out as he flies off. "I'll write the report lateeeeeeeeeeer!"
Anton tackles Alcor- Alcor seems to have gotten into a panic, and lost his capacity to think on his feet due to that. But you do see where he was flying to. There's something- At the second floor of the tower you can see a ring of machinery, kind of small in relation to the rest of the tower so you didn't see in the distance. Yet, it's visible. It's mostly sensorss really
Harriet scrambles off towards it!
Amal: "I've seen this entire structure! It's a god-making machine, which means… the core has to be… this way!"
Hughbert follows after Amal, in that case! "You look like you've seen better days, Serenity."
Anton tries to get a firm grip on Alcor as he wrestles him in the air. He's going to try and crash both of them into the ground.
Harriet: "Alcor needs the results from the secondary sensor array! We've gotta fix that!"
Alcor makes some weirdly feral noise and grabs Anton by the arms, and goes straight down into a massive aerial piledriver
JayM: The sensors are too high for anyone other than Anton to reach- But you could destroy it with a well-placed shot
Serenity: "Uhh… yeah…"
Amal snarls and lights up the sensor array with a web of light. "There! Shoot the fuck out of it!"
Harriet intends to do just that, because sometimes fixing things involves blasting them into tiny little pieces. Once she's in range, she swings her ECC around, flips some switches, and cranks it up so that it charges as quickly as possible. [-1 LP]
Serenity: "Just drop me you can run faster that way ill live."
A flash of lightning at the speed of thought- The lightning strikes the sensory array just as Anton and Alcor hit the ground, the impact sending both of them flying
Alcor: "… Dammit…"
Alcor: "Ah… That's the thing Cor has always been better at then me… She can keep her head in a crysis…"
Anton starts to laugh. That impact likely wasn't pleasant. "The black ragnite was the bait you were supposed to focus on. It was such an obvious effective plan that you'd overlook Hughbert."
Alcor stands up slowly "Dammit… That's the entire data on the spatial unfolding… Now I only have the red ragnite scans…"
Alcor starts floating, pulling out his arbalest- He stops suddenly "Don't you dare Goddess… I'm angry and you know you're powerless"
Hughbert sets Serenity down on her feet and makes sure she's standing stable before he gives Harriet and Amal a thumbs up. "That's outside my range; I'll leave the sensors to you." He charges off in another direction, activating his force gear as he charges in Alcor's and Anton's direction.
Alcor: "You're stupid storyteller that can't deviate from your script"
Alcor: "Keep crying at Serenity"
Amal: "…you don't know anything at all, do you, Alcor…?"
Amal: "You think you know everything, but…"
Amal: "…haha, that's so sad."
Harriet blasts the records again, for good measure. "Fuck your data."
Alcor grins "Why do you think this arbalest is called the Divine Bunker Buster, Amal?"
Anton gets to his feet before pulling out his crossbow and aiming at Alcor. "So. That'll be 100 mira for the monologue. Confession fee, you see~."
Alcor: "I didn't think any of you could visit the tower… But it seems you did"
Alcor: "This weapon let me in there"
Amal: "That's not very nice. The door's closed for a reason."
Amal: "Anyways, you still don't get it…?"
Amal: "At all…?"
Harriet: "Anyway, you're in a bad position." Harriet swings her cannon around, aiming it at Alcor again. "Most of us aren't divine in the slightest."
Amal: "Anyways…" -and for a second they're talking to someone else, past Alcor, and they smile. "-it's okay."
Alcor blinks "Wait what?" the single ragnite bolt in his arbalest suddenly- It ignites, detonating with tremendous force
Amal singsongs: "Anything can happen~"
Anton: "Ground yourself Alcor, before a barrage of crossbow bolts come your way."
In fact it detonates with such immense force that it leaves a mark in the entire area around you, the mark of complete devastation- It detonates with enough force bring down the giant tower, and sending everything scattering away for meters around
Harriet fires, following up the ragnite ignition with an arc of electricity.
Serenity‘ sits up, glancing out in the direction of the others and Alcor and now a tiny crater and collapsing tower. "FUCK YOU!"
Hughbert throws his blade in front of him, spreading it out, shielding himself and the party from the blast! After all, Harriet needs to not have her aiming pose broken…!
Anton honestly just got knocked over again from the shockwave. He wasn’t that steady to begin with from the piledriver.
Harriet: "Get fucked!" Harriet is very thankful Hughbert is there to help, but right now she's busy being angry.
For a moment you see in front of you something- A shade of something… Small, humanoid but not human, with great wings- The impact of the explosion is blocked by it, despite how close you are
Amal -stares- and looks like they're trying really hard not to laugh, grinning like an idiot.
Alcor is sent flying backwards- But he seems unhurt. For a moment you see around him what looks like… Threadbare translucent cloth? Spiderwebs? "… So that's hwo you're playing"
Alcor: "… Turns out I severely underestimated you… You're not tied down to the flow of time, are you?"
Alcor: "That's the only way this makes sense…"
Serenity: "…Wait why are Amal and Hughbert here?"
Harriet: "I'm gonna kill your Goddess and then I'm gonna kill you."
Serenity: "Where the fuck is the capsle -" Slowly pushing herself up and standing.
Anton: "You… gonna surrender or am I shooting you, Alcor?"
Alcor: "Alright, if that's how it will be…" he points his arbalest, now without ammo and a little damaged but still active, at Amal "Next time I will, unfortunately, not play nice"
Anton shoots Alcor, then.
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 ) for 80
He turns around- And it's very odd as he simply vanishes as he does so. It's not like teleportation force gears, or anything like the previous pillar of light. He just disappears
Amal: "I look forward to the attempt."
Amal: "And wish you the best of luck."
Harriet: "Asshole!"
Hughbert: "Serenity… Have you ever read one of the many cheap, subpar fantasy novels based around the premise of a girl falling from the sky into a waiting hero's arms? That's you. You're that girl right now."
Serenity: "Oh."
Serenity: "I guess I'm gunna win that bet to see you naked real fast and probably at your own fault then, huh?"
Serenity‘ rubs at the side of her face, grimmacing at the amount of blood on it for a moment, before scanning the area for the capsle and red crystals.
JayM: You’re somewhere else entirely
Harriet: "It was a shitty doomsday device anyway," Harriet grumbles, folding her arms.
Harriet looks up, realising something, and looks back over to Hughbert's arms. "Hey, Serenity, are you dead yet?"
Hughbert: "I have higher literary standards than that, I'm afraid. Besides, such trite usually has a perpetually unresolved love triangle, and I don't see any other suitors about, do you?" He clears his throat. "…But I'm glad to see you have the energy to carry your usual demeanor. You looked beyond pale a moment ago."
Amal anyways, runs over to Serenity and starts tearing great gouts of golden light out of thin air and spinning them around her body carefully.
Serenity: "I mean,"
Serenity: "Anton."
Harriet: "You're not? Okay, cool. Don't fucking kill yourself when we don't have anyone who can fix you. Thanks."
Serenity‘ sighs, putting both her forearms on Amal’s head before leaning into them. "It's okay, you can't fix blood and everything else is good."
Amal then pays attention to what they're actually saying and cracks a smile, then outright chuckles and lets Serenity lean on them. They're stronger than they look!
Anton is pretty far off in the distance still. He was acting pretty cool but as soon as Alcor he lets out a whine. "Pardon my language, but HOLY CRAP did that hurt."
Amal: "…take care of yourself, okay? I dunno what happened but Paws freaked the hell out…"
Anton moves his shoulders left and right. "People aren't meant to be piledrived…"
Serenity: "Which i mean I'm gunna sleep for like twelve hours and then I'm going to eat all the food we own shortly but it's probably a good thing we loaded up on ice cream before hand I guess hahaha."
Serenity: "Also uhhhh."
Serenity: "The machine literally was ripping out my life force and doing… something… but also nothing really. It was not great."
Serenity: "On the upside it's a power torque not a creation machine as advertised so."
Serenity: "No baby god?"
Serenity‘ yawns.
Anton stumbles his way back to the group before giving a smile to Hughbert. "Good job, boss." He then lays down on the nearest piece of grass still around.
Serenity: "Alcor having red crystal probably isn’t great though and it's pretty squicky to be honest."
Serenity: "Also how the fuck did we get here?"
Harriet: "Yeah, well, I'm gonna kill him and his shitty knockoff Goddess, so fuck him." Harriet looks over at Anton when he flops down. "You okay, Anton?"
Hughbert: "I'm glad the strategy worked out, but… I have to ask to what effect. What happened over there?"
Amal: "Also Paws has a lil' bit of Lola's blood squirreled away now, which we both hope one of you can do something incredibly creepy with."
Harriet: "Alcor built a doomsday device and he wouldn't even tell me how he did it!"
Anton: "Peachy Harriet. Got a physics question for ya. If two grown males 400 meters in the air descend downwards at a speed of 52 km/h at a 90 degree angle, given the force of gravity what is the normal force the ground has to respond with?"
Harriet: "And then Serenity blew up her force gear to shove a hole in it. And then she did something with the ragnite to seal it. And it almost killed her because she's an idiot, and also incredibly badass."
Amal: "Holy shit Anton."
Harriet: "Approximately 'fuck you personally' levels of force."
Serenity: "In my defense nothing about Ragnite, Blood or life force is suppose to work that way."
Amal runs over to him and starts curing him because at least that they can probably do something about. D:
Harriet: "I mean, yeah, I'd never have guessed it either."
JayM: Anton will be okay… It's a surprise he only broke those bones. But whatever measure Alcor did not to break himself as well softened the blow a bit
Harriet: "It was pretty fucking badass but also you scared me, can you, like, try not to do that unless we've actually got people around to fix you next time."
Harriet: "Like, if Paws hadn't been spying on us and if Alcor hadn't teleported us here, the fuck were we supposed to do about that?"
Hughbert: "So… Whatever it is, it's sealed in there. Do we need to take further action? Should we recover this… Er, artifact? Lifeform?"
Serenity: "Uhh…"
Anton scrunches up his face before letting out a long sigh. "… sorry, Serenity."
Serenity: "I duno I'm pretty sure I hadn't pushed it over the 'kill self' line yet, but I mean…"
Serenity: "The machine powers up whatever's inside and… there wasn't… anything inside? It was a start up test."
Harriet: "He said he needed the sensor data for the next test."
And from a distance back you hear a voice, behind an ice shield to defend them from the explosion it's Glacies and Flake "What… Just happened"
Serenity: "Oracle did it."
Hughbert: "Right. And you destroyed the sensors before Alcor could access the data… Which means… The doomsday device test data is completely lost to him, both devices have been destroyed, and he is effectively back to square one in terms of research. Is that right?"
Anton doesn't seem to be in the mood to joke about being the Divine Oracle this time around.
Serenity: "Anyway Anton please punch yourself in the dick for me I don't have the energy to do it myself right now, thanks."
Harriet: "He said he had the red ragnite still, so that's a problem."
Serenity: "Uh ish. He probably has that red crystal shit which isn't natural in the slightest to play with."
Anton: "… I couldn't find a better alternative in time. Sorry." He seems frustrated honestly.
As you turn back to look at them… You see something, perhaps terrifying
Hughbert: "Alright… So currently, his access to red ragnite means he's still a major threat. What is that ragnite capable of, exactly…?"
In the distance, since this place isn't in a valley, you see… A great tear in the land. Kilometers wide as if a giantic blade had cleaven through the land
You can see the tear extending into the horizon
Amal: "Hey, any battle you walk away fro- what the heck?"
Harriet: "Holy shit." Harriet points, jaw agape.
Serenity: "I uno I could only barely convince her to blow up Alcor's ammo, and was gunnin' for his shoes and weapon. No idea what this was."
Twelve such tears extending from where the site where Alcor was… They tear a great damage throught Orsis… If any of you is good with a map… From here you can know those tears spread far, into Terchuan, into Akavir, into Rissan
Hughbert scratches the back of his head. "…When did that…"
JayM: One such tear seems to be at the correct angle to cleave the Divine Aegis clear through, going right across if not at least grazing Masharas
Amal: "No seriously what the…."
Anton: "Alcor intended to repeatedly goad and trick you into feeding your energy into the machine so he could collect his data, Serenity. What you see right now is the results of you doing what you did at one of the earliest possible points. Had you waited too long, Alcor would have HAD to turn off the machine because the tear would have been five times the size of what it is now."
Serenity: "Huh."
Anton: "Had you not blown it up right now, you were almost guaranteed to try when the tear started expanding."
[OOC] Anton: *right away)
Serenity‘ shifts slightly, putting all her weight onto Amal before glancing to the side at Harriet.
Hughbert: "…Right, so this is the result of minimizing the damage, is it? Could have been much worse…"
Serenity: "Does that mean I beat you to developing a WMD?"
Anton: "This is the second best scenario for minimizing the damage." He nods to Hughbert.
Amal: "(Please don’t develop WMDs…)" They sound so sad!
Harriet: "Yeah, I guess today is the day for everyone to one-up me."
Serenity: "If it makes you feel any better you're also the only one that didn't nearly die today so…"
Serenity: "Point in your favor there."
Serenity: "Lets trade places next time."
Harriet: "Yeah, you kind of got fucked there."
Harriet: "How about I rebuild your gun for you?"
Anton: "The best scenario for minimizing the damage immediately which would have resulted in Serenity not getting hurt is me destroying the machine with Black Ragnite. But I didn't act soon enough because in this immediate scenario Serenity COULD stop the tear because Alcor would obtain his data and stop the machine. When the final product rolls around she'd just feed it life force for no reason. I need to save my trump card for that."
Anton: card for that. "
Serenity: "…Fuck."
Serenity: "FUCK!"
Serenity: "It's still back at the other site, ugh."
JayM: Do you have a mind to go there?
JayM: There is perhaps still a chance to go there during daylight
Harriet: "We should probably swing by to see if there's anything we can do there, anyway."
Amal: "Yeah no Anton that was the right call. Even now there're things he doesn't know about what we can do and we need to be able to surprise him with that when it matters."
Amal: "I probably would have-" -Amal woobles their fingers dramatically- "-if that had happened, and I obviously didn't." They pat Anton on the shoulder consolingly.
Hughbert: "I'll take second best. Right, sorry to keep you in the dark, Flake, Glacies, but… It's true that the primary reason for this assault was to destroy both thumpers, but we had a distinct secondary goal. You just saw one of the oracles responsible for constructing this literally goddess-forsaken terrible object. The reason for striking both sites was to bait those oracles into a trap… Which turned out to be a success. If you'd like to
Hughbert: give what's left of the machine a solid hook or two, you're welcome to it… "
Anton nods to Amal. He still doesn't seem to be that chipper about the situation in general, though.
Glacies has just been listening to you all, she looks at the remains of the tower "There's… Nothing else really to even destroy…"
Glacies: "I can't even fathom what truly happened here…" she looks at the destruction in the distance "Did… This oracle… Cause this?"
Flake: "…"
Amal: "Or maybe I did. You'll never know! But you can blame it on me if you want. I mean it."
Serenity: "What happen is Anton tanked his chances of getting laid by a signifigant amount, that's all."
Glacies: "I… I feel like this is definitely beyond me…" she closes her eyes "… What just happened to my home…"
Anton forces a smile back at Serenity and tries to crack a joke. "That would have only happened if you could promise the Goddess had her eyes turned away. She'd blush if she was watching~."
Glacies: "… I thought this was was bad but this…"
Harriet: "Uh, yeah, we're kind of fucking with an end-of-the-world class scenario."
Harriet: "Don't ask me how I got here, I just wanted to make weapons."
Glacies shakes her head "Well… I don't envy you"
Serenity: "Four hundred and … thirty… seven? of them to be precise."
Hughbert: "If my understanding is correct… This is version two of this device. Version one was made twenty years ago. If you believe that the disasters around that time are related, that is likely true."
Glacies: "… Well… Hell"
Anton: "Five-hundred Sixty Seven, Serenity."
Harriet: "Yeah, it's pretty fucked up."
Amal: "…well, that finally answers a question I've had for a while."
Glacies: "I don't think I can handle… Dealing with the forces you are"
Serenity: "Oh did the number go up again?"
Glacies: "But if you can make them suffer very badly for what they did, that's all I ask"
Harriet: "Don't worry, we're gonna fix it, and-or murder the shit out of some dudes."
Amal: "Anyways, that's why we're the Fatebreakers."
Anton just smiles back.
Glacies: "Hrm…" she crosses her arms "Fixing this… Damage. That's going to be my job. And of the people who live here"
Glacies: "Damn… This is like an apocalypse all over again"
Harriet: "Asshole thinks he's so good just because he can invent a machine that fucks with the world… I could totally top that if I wanted to."
Amal: "Build one that fixes it. Always easier to break a thing than put it back together, after all…"
Harriet: "Fiiine."
Harriet: "But seriously, fuck that guy."
Harriet: "He's smug as shit and the worst part is he's actually a decent engineer."
Amal: "'Decent' isn't a word I'd ever choose."
Harriet: "Oh, he's a shitty person. He's just also really fucking good at tech. This shit he's dealing with is purely on the theoretical level, and some of it hasn't even been proposed yet. Fucking cheater."
Serenity: "Hey Harriet figure out why the machine was full of dead ragnite before I wake up ok? ok."
Serenity‘ closes her eyes, slumps over Amal.
Harriet: "Sure thing."
Amal props Serenity up and/or outright carries her somewhere she can sleep. They’re way stronger than they look!
JayM: Since Serenity's asking that, i'm going to decide you eventually took the trip to the other site to recover gear/car/artifacts
JayM: Can I do that?
Harriet is definitely going over there. And she's gonna fix Serenity's gun while thinking on that problem!
JayM: It was unventful, I promise. Glacies and Flake decided to stay behind to… Think, and start doing things. You had to evade one of the tears, but you can get there ventually
[OOC] Serenity: didn't actually ask for it but probably wants to see what's left of the machine / crystal anyway
The remains of the site… Are literally just as they've been left. The air still feels heavy and a little strange, though. The machine is encased in red ragnite
Serenity‘ is guilting Anton for all its worth and getting him to make her Another Great Sandwich with whatever they have in the care plus all the snacks, and basically doesn’t bother getting out of the car when it stops, but does sort of gesture towards the machine with sandwich in hand. "We should proally take all that with us." Before taking another bite.
[OOC] Hughbert: yeah hughbert wants to see what's left, anyways
Amal squints and looks headachily at the site remains.
Hughbert tries to take a sample of the red ragnite.
Amal: "What the actual heck."
Harriet works on isolating the machinery to make sure it's safe. Once she's got a piece of it to study, she pokes at it for a bit, gets a few readings, and then frowns.
Anton will probably be EVEN NICER THAN USUAL since he feels bad, yeah. Not that he isn't pretty bruised up himself.
Harriet: "Hey, Amal, get over here."
Harriet: "Do you recognise this metal?"
Amal: "Eep!" They were kinda staring into space, and hop over Harrietwards.
Amal: "Ugh, the air is all crinkly." They squint at the metal.
The red ragnite breaks off as easily as normal ragnite
Anton: "Right. Let's deassemble this. If you're about to make a bad move I'll tell you not to do that."
Harriet: "See, I'm pretty sure the reason the ragnite became dead - that is to say, non-reactive - is because of the arrangement of piping here, and the type of the metal. But I've never seen this metal before."
Serenity: " - The fuck?!"
Serenity: "Hit another chip off real quick but like only a small one."
Amal: "Wait, yeah, what the heck, I definitely know this stuff."
Harriet: "What is it?"
Hughbert is a bit started, but… He takes another small sample and stores it in a safe evidence bag.
Serenity: "Uh."
Hughbert: "Is there some sort of reaction, Serenity?"
Serenity: "Wow sure am glad you guys didn't take a sledge hammer to it at first hahahahah what the actual fuck."
Hughbert looks at the two samples in the bag and observes any reactions.
Serenity: "I can… still… feel it…?"
Hughbert: "…Oh."
Hughbert: "Err… What should we do with the rest, then? We shouldn't just leave this here…"
Amal: "It's… I don't remember what we called it, it's really hard to make… it's used to isolate components from outside energy, we used to use it to make crucibles for creating artificial ragnite but it's like… making it requires carefully positioning metal at the /atomic freaking level/, how in the world…"
Serenity: "I have no idea."
Serenity‘ shoves the rest of the sandwich into her mouth, then crawls out of the car and goes to place a hand on the red crystal.
Harriet: "Well, as far as I can tell, the entire fucking thing’s made of it. Isolating it from outside energy would make sense, though. I guess that's why we didn't realise there was ragnite here."
Hughbert stands up, then walks over to Anton. "Hello there, Anton."
Serenity‘ frowns, pokes a hole through a layer of the crystal in its thickest part, then places both hands over it and concentrates.
Hughbert: "I believe this will be safest with you." He hands Anton his red ragnite samples, then kneels down to his level and whispers, "(I think it’s a piece of Serenity's heart. Treat it well.)"
Amal: "That's, uh. I don't think this alloy can even be /made/ at this point in time. He -definitely- shouldn't know -how-, I don't care how good he is at this. Dang cheating bastard."
Anton opens his mouth. Closes his mouth.
Anton lets out a sigh but he's smirking a bit. "Thanks, Hugh." He puts it into his bag before closing his eyes again as he gets a frustrated look on his face.
Harriet: "The machine must be ridiculously sensitive for him to need shielding like this…"
Amal: "It is. It's… unbelievably complex. Even I only half-understood what was going on."
Harriet: "Even the smallest fluctuation in the ragnite would've fucked things up. It's no wonder Serenity's stunt made the whole thing crystallise."
Harriet: "So what we need to do is figure out a way to break the shielding without causing… that." Harriet gestures vaguely to the red ragnite.
As Serenity draws out strength the crystals of red ragnite seem to… Slowly, slowly turn to dust- And the dust in turn becomes nothing at all. You see Serenity straining as she goes through the process. At one point, as the crystals disappear unevenly… You see something drip from inside of it- Like ragnite gel is contained inside solid ragnite, this red ragnite crystal drips… Blood
But soon, even that is absorbed by Serenity's effort- Soon, the entirety of it has vanished
Harriet: "Okay that's super creepy."
Amal: "(Yikes.)"
Serenity: "Yeah no I agree."
JayM: … This was such a strange experiment… This is such a weird feeling…
Serenity: "That was fucking weird."
Amal also, writes something down on a piece of paper and tucks it into Anton's pocket.
Harriet: "Still in one piece?"
Serenity: "Well except for the two Hughbert chipped off earlier, hah."
Harriet: "Wait, if you felt those… did you feel anything before we got here?"
Harriet: "We might be able to tell whether Alcor got samples by that."
Hughbert gives Anton a pat on the back. "I don't know what you were peeking at, but remember. This is the world where Alcor cursed us for standing up to him. Pretty soon, I'm going to need your advice on what our next move will be." [Investigation - Restore 1 LP, no ace has taunted us more after all]
Serenity: "Not that I remember but then again I was sleeping most of the way here."
Harriet: "Check yourself for injuries, maybe?"
Anton glances to his side before smiling. "You did good today, Hugh. Let's keep it going."
Hughbert nods, then stands back up and checks on Serenity. "Are you able to feel where Alcor brought the other red ragnite to?"
Serenity: "…That's a good point I should REALLY wash some of this blood off and change my clothes…"
Harriet: "Yeah, you're kind of a mess."
Anton slides a hand into his pocket before blinking. He pulls out the note and reads it.
Serenity‘ goes to pull some stuff out of the trunk, before rummaging around for a couple of minutes on the other side of it from the party.
Serenity: "I think I’m good!"
Serenity: "Although uh I feel like I can DEFINTIELY creep everyone way the fuck out next time I feel like blowing something up."
Amal: "Always a fun side benefit."
Harriet: "So, like, we should definitely scavenge this metal and also dismantle this thing."
Serenity: "As far as I can tell Alcor never came back here."
Harriet: "I wonder why…? Guy could definitely get here before us if he wanted to."
Harriet: "And he definitely sounded interested in the red ragnite."
Serenity: "Hell if I know."
Anton jots down a response before handing it to Amal.
Serenity: "Also the weird ass music stuff is gone."
Serenity: "Maaay have been coming from whatever portal Lola had open and not, uh, related to the machine or this area in particular."
Hughbert: "Good. Let's salvage as much as we can fit into the trunk, then. And maybe a little more. You've got extra pockets, Harriet, just stuff them with whatever isn't too pointy."
Amal: "He can probably just claw open a hole to wherever and whenever he got -this- from, which is… worrisome. I don't understand how those two do the things they're doing, yet."
Harriet: "Waaay ahead of ya."
Harriet: "We can probably rig up the roof and lash some piping onto there."
Serenity‘ climbs back into the truck a bit later, wearing signifigantly less bloody clothing and no longer having the front of her covered in it.
Serenity: "Uh you are over looking the easiest answer to this by the way."
Harriet: "And what’s the easiest answer?"
Serenity: "He can see into the future and is specced for that if I'm not mistaken?"
Amal smiles at Anton and then eats the note.
If anyone ever bothered to check, the capsule does open. And inside it looks like it'd comfortable fit a person inside. It is, obviously, empty
Serenity: "He let someone else do the research and peeked ahead at the results."
Harriet: "That's, like, peak mystical bullshit right there."
Serenity: "Good pun."
Harriet: "Thanks." Harriet grins.
Amal: "Yeah but it should still be really, really hard to make this shit without the proper infrastructure. And like, teams of engineers with degrees in advanced magnetohydrodynamic thermal alloying techniques. And- heck."
Amal: "Whatever, not gonna think about it too hard. Cheater."
Serenity: "…I wonder if it'd be easier to just strap the capsle to the roof rather than trying to get it all into the trunk? Especially if we want to use anything in the truck."
It isn't difficult to salvage things. The metal proves… Quite difficult to separate from other bits of it if you decide to cut it, but not the hardest metal you have tried to. If you decide to, that is. You can salvage tubing, ragnite, metal, strange plastic plates that were aprt of the capsule.
JayM: There's a lot of things
JayM: But, uhn… The capsule is… It isn't bolted to the ground, it's part of the ground
JayM: It's all a single block
Harriet: "Yeah, let's do that. There's no room anywhere else for the capsule, anyway."
JayM: Really, how did he make the entire ground here a single block?
JayM: But you can probably still cut away the capsule
JayM: With some work
Harriet will surely be shown the error of her ways once they get down to the capsule!
JayM: I mean sure let's get to work and tear the capsule away to take with you
JayM: From here, though… Damn, where to now?
JayM: What are you even going to do?
Serenity: "That is."
Hughbert: "Just let me know when you're satisfied with your haul. I'll be doing some uniform first-aid, I seem to have also gotten some of Serenity's blood on me as well. Grab all you want, you've earned it. The operation may not have gone as I had planned, but it was still a success, after all." [Command, Harriet gets 1 LP for every toolbox needs a hammer]
Serenity: "Absolutely the worst chair design I've ever seen!" Serenity shouts from her seat in the truck, while shovelling trail mix into her mouth instead of helping.
Harriet: "You had better believe I'm taking as much of this shit with me as I can."
Harriet looks over her shoulder and yells back: "I know, right?!"
Serenity: "Wonder why the fuck he needed it as part of the floor, so weird."
Amal: "…I bet this'll have thrown Malus and their allied corporations into disarray."
Harriet: "Probably to annoy me personally. I'm still gonna take it."
Serenity: "Fair."
Amal: "We've got an Oracle and a Medium and a demon, we can take advantage of -all- of this chaos."
JayM: Ah, you know what
JayM: This is enough of the session
JayM: Man I feel alive like I haven't in such a long time
JayM: I love each and everyone one of you
JayM: Here, have [+25 XP] because you skipped a fight with Alcor
JayM: Don't worry, you'll still get to fight him and his sillyness
JayM: Anyway, thank you all so much

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