You have become so accustomed to witnessing the light of the day duelling with all that stands on it's path to find the ground that now, in those wide open spaces of Orsis the fact it soon finds your skin instead has become somewhat of a nuisance, the sun hits strong and the air is stuffy
Yet not all is open ground, as you head further down the highway you see signs starting to pop up now and then- They mention a mining facility of some sort ahead.
JayM: Have you taken the highway in the production route?
Serenity‘ took the highway - probably best not to tempt fate by getting too close to other mining operations.
Harriet: "UUUUGH," Harriet flops back theatrically. "What if I just… fucking… let off one of my cryogrenades in here? It’s so fucking hot." She's letting Serenity handle the route, since she's the designated driver.
It is not long until you pass by it… Large fields of machines… Some form of pump? They go up and down like jackhammers, large tubes of steel, as large as meters in diameter, head out of them. One of them passes parallel by the road for a while as it snakes around one such pump, by it's side a heavy glass window- Ragnite in it's most crude gelatinous form. You've never seen a mining operation taking some much of it
Serenity: "Can you contain the blast to 'not on my seat of wind shield?"
Harriet: "Trust me I am absolutely working on those logistics in my head."
Harriet: "Just gotta… think cool thoughts."
Hughbert urged Serenity to take the quickest road possible. While he won't complain about the detour - it was a price that had to be paid to keep the group's minds on the mission - he still insists on trying to not fall behind schedule.
Anton scratches his head. "That's gonna be a tough schedule to keep, Hugh. The detour took a while as is and we're gonna have more problems down the road."
Serenity: "For real though the people running the mining operations out here are fucking retarded."
It doesn't takes long until you see the highway split off in two different directions- Before reaching the split you see a sign showing where each side goes, thankfully you were given a map before leaving. One leads to a city that's been marked as a large city but mostly a worker's town, the other leads to the capital, but it's a long distance to go.
JayM: Which way to go
Serenity‘ tilts her head towards Anton.
Serenity: "Trouble?"
Harriet: "I could rig up a crude directional shield using my force diffuser… of course, the concussive blast would probably knock everyone out… get out of the car? No, no, the sun’s even worse out there…" Harriet mumbles to herself. The people in front can take care of directions.
Anton laughs. "Don't worry about it."
Serenity: "I mean there's a split in the road, you're the seerer and the map reader."
Serenity: "Which why dumbass?"
[OOC] Serenity: way^
Hughbert: "I'd advise taking the most direct route we can. But… If you can foresee a slight detour saving us time in the long run, I would be glad to hear out the details."
Anton: "Just stay on course. It's likely something will happen regardless of the path you take."
Anton: "Belatedly do we have the tools to fix the car on hand, Harriet?"
Serenity‘ sighs in mild annoyance before turning onto the road that should have the shortest distance from here to their destination.
Hughbert nearly perfectly duplicates Serenity’s sigh.
Onwards to the capital, then. Your objective is contacting the President after all, so it's most logical he's there.
Harriet: "Oh!" Harriet looks up at Anton. "Yeah, of course! I shoved all the necessary gear in the boot. Hopefully we don't have to grab them for another project before the car blows up."
Hughbert: "…Why not work on modifying your grenade to release a much more stable, slow-burning cryo-reaction rather than an explosive one, Harriet?"
Harriet: "Slow-burning, huh…?" Harriet taps her chin. "You know, that just might be crazy enough to work. Grenades explode as a rule, but, I mean, rules are basically made to be broken."
The road goes onwards for a while with the very samey environment around, you only pass through one notable thing on your way, what looks like a lot of trailers on the road, like a caravan? A few moments after you pass by it, though, you hear the sound of other cars- Something you haven't heard yet on those highways
Serenity: "I imagine he was thinking more freeze ray, less freeze bomb."
Serenity: "Or maybe something like a tear gas grenade but with cold?"
And then you see the origin of the sound- A couple of cars pass by you… How are those trailers moving so fast? There's tubing of golden ragnite connecting the trailers
Harriet: "A freeze ray? Well, if I introduced rapid cooling to water ragnite, maybe… oh, frozen tear gas! Of course!" Finger-snap.
Anton glances to the side before deciding to put on his seat belt with a click. "I need to get one of those for my boots."
Hughbert: "Must it be a grenade? Why not build a directional ventilation system, and attach it to the power system of the vehicle itself for the necessary generation power? That way, each passenger gets the pleasant air, and the same system can be re-purposed to deliver heat in different temperature zones."
After a couple more seconds you notice that the entire caravan, about a dozen different trailers, has decided to move and go around you. There are tubes of golden ragnite connecting every trailer like the web of a spider
Serenity: "Anton you putting your selt belt on makes me nervous."
The entire caravan closes in on you, slowing down
Harriet: "A directional venting system - WHOA that's cool they're cool - that could work, I know Mossely was working on principles of cold-air systems and had some interesting ideas in his last paper - hey, guys, should we be worried about that?"
Anton: "Let's not worry about the little details, my dear~. Looking too deeply into every action I do will only make you paranoid."
Hughbert scribbles a doodle from memory into his notebook. "We have a file about a system like that in R+D that got shelved, but… Oh. We should finish this another time."
Then people start climbing on top of the moving vehicles! Ports open above others and people pop out, they're all armed with such strange weapons, despite the guns visible there's also greatswords, knives
Amal looks like they were spacing out a bit until now but they blink a bit and squint into the distance. "…is that the viper caravan?! What're they doing here?"
Serenity: "In my defense you're an incredibly suspicious person, and it's mostly when the little details change that I get on edge."
And then at this moment someone jumps out of the front vehicle of the caravan, flipping through the air like an acrobat a tall and lean woman with crimson hair and matching outfit lands on top of the vehicle "Allright!" she shouts with a voice sounding happy, yet like a roar "You there!" she points at the party
She draws a long sword, a simple one "Come on, let's fight!"
Amal grins and waves!
Serenity‘ turns her head slightly to the side, giving the woman a flat stare.
She grins back at Amal
Serenity: "WHY?"
Anton gives her a peace sign and a winning smile. "Can we stop the vehicles first?"
Woman: "I’m feeling like a fight! C'mon, it'll be fun!"
She whistles, the caravan begins to slow down. They'll stop if you do
Woman: "I'm feeling rowdy today!"
Serenity: "I'm not getting paid to fight with highway lunatics, I'm getting paid to reform the government!"
Harriet: "What kind of savagery is this?" Harriet mutters to Amal.
Amal laughs delightedly and shouts. "My friends are pretty strong this time!"
She chuckles "C'mon then, Amal, show me that strength, then! And I may just have something in it to help your mission"
Woman: "If you can defeat me"
Serenity: "Uuugh."
Hughbert sizes up the challenger… "Hmmm…"
Serenity: "Amal this is stupid, your friends are stupid."
Amal: "Haha, it'll be fun."
Hughbert: "Serenity, I think it may be less time lost if we just humor her."
The woman is tall and slender, her outfit looks more made to impress than to defend. Something feels strange about her, however, like you're staring right at the uncanny valley
Anton: "My auburn topped highness does have a point however! Can you explain what you're offering if we win? They seem to desire incentive."
Harriet grumbles, folding her arms. She's an engineer, not a bloody brawler!
Amal: "C'mon Harriet don't you like weapons tests?"
Woman: "Of course. A little bit of material incentive, plus information on how to contact the President, because you're not going to be able to contact him through official channels"
Harriet: "I guess I do need to see how the cryogrenades behave in a fight…"
Serenity‘ starts slowing down.
Woman: "And of course, I might just have a little bit of a contract for you this time, involving a certain company you’ve already been antagonizing"
Serenity: "I highly doubt we won't be able to talk to the stupid President."
Anton: "So you're basically seeing if we're capable and if we are you want to hire us. Gotcha."
Hughbert: "Fair enough. Do you want a wager from us, or is it enough for us to offer to thoroughly rout your caravan?"
The caravan matches up until you stop. As it comes to a full stop two more people come out of the front car to stand beside the woman, a man looking in his middle years and a younger woman with jade hair. The crimson-haired leader smiles at Anton "Ahaha! Let's see you strength, then, mister officer!"
Serenity: "She's wasting my time, that's what's on the fucking line."
Woman: "I just want a fight!"
Serenity‘ pulls off the side of the road before stopping.
Amal: "Eh we don’t need to take on the whole caravan. (Honestly, she just wants to see if you're strong enough… If I just -told- her she'd never believe me.)"
Serenity‘ digs around in the glove compartment for a minute, pulling out a small pouch. Then turn around and holds it out towards Amal.
Anton clicks his tongue before unbuckling his seatbelt and getting out of the car. "Officer? No, no. I’m an Or-Ac-le."
Amal takes pouch, looks confused, then peers into it and starts LAUGHING.
The woman and the two beside her jump off the vehicle, now staring at you. The two beside her both wield greatswords, although the shine of ragnite in the fuller shows they're not normal melee weapons. "Eric, Thessa, you ready?"
Serenity: "Time for science, little buddy."
Amal: "Oh maaaaaaa~n this is gonna be good."
The both nod at her "Ready as always, boss" "Let's see if they're as good as you say they are"
Serenity‘ opens her door and hops out, before pulling her force gear free.
Harriet slides out of the car, carefully. (She kind of has to hold her ECC and her calotype on her lap so they don’t get in the way.) Straightens up, gets all her gear in the right place, pulls her goggles down over her eyes.
Harriet: "Right, then."
Hughbert unfastens himself, gets out of the car, and rolls his sleeve up, revealing an additional expansion attached to his force gear- this one, a glove that extends past the wrist of his core bracer force gear. "This will be a weapons test for my R+D department as well, Harriet. You have more to look forward to than you expect!"
Amal looks like a kid on christmas morning.
The woman looks at Amal "Hah, so that's how it is? Alright!" she draws her sword- At the movement you realize she has more weapons on her, two pistols on her belt, a knife on her boot "Come on then!" the man draws his blade and readies a stance "My name is Eric, the River Terror!" the younger woman draws her blade too "I am Thessa, the Water Blade!" the woman with red hair points her longsword at Serenity "And I am the Black Viper, and You Will Know Our Names!" []
JayM: Battle order: The Black Viper [F]:0 Amal [B]:3 Harriet [B]:3 Serenity [B]:6 Anton [B]:8 Hughbert [F]:8 Thessa [F]:9 Eric [F]:10
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [==========]
[OOC] JayM: oops, hold on, forgot the -10D for someone, I imagine Anton as always
[OOC] Anton: Yes
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:-2 The Black Viper [F]:0 Amal [B]:3 Harriet [B]:3 Serenity [B]:6 Hughbert [F]:8 Thessa [F]:9 Eric [F]:10
JayM: Anton, go
Serenity: "Amal your friends are nerds."
Amal: "Are you surprised!?"
Anton glances around before he starts laughing. "Oh, man. Certainly going for the thematics aren't we, Serenity?" [Ingenuity - 30D]
[OOC] Anton: HP: 550/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 4/6, SoS: 137
Serenity: "I'm a little surprised they seemed like they were going for a water theme, and then the leader doesn't really deliver on it…?"
Amal: "Aw, I think it works!"
JayM: Anton is readying up
[OOC] Anton: HP: 550/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 4/6, SoS: 137 - Time Cards[5] (U)
Serenity: "Viper's aren't water snakes!"
Amal: "Water's important, though! It's a Rissan thing…"
The Black Viper spreads open her arms "Come on now, my friends, you're Under My Wings!" the two sword wielders move just slightly back. The Black Viper gains Under My Wings(3), while the status is active on her other monsters take -30% damage
The Black Viper chuckles "Well, my friends are free to follow the st yle they wish to. Myself… I couldn't let go of some parts of the past" she readies in a stance again "So get ready"
JayM: Amal!
Amal pulls a rainbowy thread of magic sparkles out of apparently thin air [HQ Goods] and stuffs it into the bag serenity gave them before shaking it up for a bit and then hucking it at the Black Viper, whereupon it explodes into a puff of [Dragon Dust x2 Potency, 40D]! "Don't ca~tch!"
She's smart enough to attempt to dodge, but there is no dodging it, she shakes her head and waves the dust away, now covered in it "This? Hahaha, you always wanted to set up with this"
Black Viper: "IS this going how I think it is? Ahahaha, you're about to have a big surprise" "
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet picks up her special ragnite calotype, focusing the lens on the Black Viper. "A big surprise, huh? Okay, let's see…" [Scan, 30D]
Amal: "But… have you considered… that YOU'RE about to have a big surprise!?"
She chuckles "It's always a big surprise with you"
The Black Viper acts again, she raises her blade upwards as wind gathers on it! [Swift As The Wind]
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:2 Thessa [F]:3 Eric [F]:4 The Black Viper [F]:9 Anton [B]:22 Harriet [B]:27 Amal [B]:37
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [==========] Dragon Dust(U)
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Serenity!
Harriet: "Looks like she's pretty tough - and adaptable, too, I think she's got a lot of fighting styles. Seems like she's focused on helping her underlings, though. The way she's acting, they'll act quicker around her, at least until someone goes down. And judging by the way this came out, I'd say she's insanely lucky."
Harriet: "There's something else, too, but I can't quite put my finger on it."
The Black Viper chuckles "Aha, so you managed to at least sense my Laplace Drive?"
Serenity‘ lets out a long, slow breath. "Lets see now… where was that sound, precisely… coming from again…." After a few second Serenity aims at a space behind Viper and pulls the trigger. A moment later a small vortex appears behind her. Serenity inhales sharply, then swings her off hand forward and makes a grabbing motion at something as her eyes begin to shine with the color of
Serenity` ragnite. [50D] [Cross-Dimensional Beam @ 20D]
Amal chuckles.
Amal: "Harriet’s pretty amazing!"
JayM: Terrifying
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert clenches his right fist and, following the azure flash of ragnite kicking in, activates the 5.5μm High-Density Gaseous Blade. An impossibly thin, nearly-invisible line of hyper-compressed air creates a whirlwind that sends ambient sand particles spiraling downwards over his hand. His offhand gestures back to everyone, cutting them off from the group with a silvery curtain of air. [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
Harriet glances over to Serenity, raising a brow before she nods. When she looks back towards the enemies, they're protected! Hughbert's the best.
Serenity‘ grinds her teeth together, grumbling her her breath. "Fuck you Lola… And Al… And Cor…"
Amal stares at Serenity somewhere between ’super impressed' and 'totally horrified'. This is gonna be AMAZING.
Anton places a hand to his chest. "And Cor? Are you going to tack an 'And Anton' on to that next?" He laughs.
Serenity: "I am now."
Thessa takes a deep breath "Okay this is actually mildly scary… Boss, support time!" she presses a button on the pommel of her blade and the entire blade starts glowing, she then charges at Hughbert and slahses at him [Heal Drive]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for 80
JayM rolled 1d10+120 and got 6 ( Total: 126 )
JayM: Dealing [126] Physical Melee damage and enters a stance. Punishes attacks that don't damage her by healing her party for 100 HP
Eric moves his blade sideways and does much the same "Think you can handle us in a battle of attrition?" [Heal Drive] also striking at Hughbert
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 ) for 80
JayM: He misses wide, but the heal drive's still active
The Black Viper grins, she does a flourish with her blade "Come now, Heroes Never Die!" a field of white light covers her and her companions, she then points her blade at Thessa "Now, Thessa, be Swift As The Wind!" and the wind gathers around her gratning Swiftwind(1), actions have 0D
JayM: The all-powerful Cross-Dimensional Beam will be fired!
Harriet grabs the Black Viper's photograph. "You know, there's something interesting about the material I've printed this on. It's got a ragnite lattice, keyed to its image, so when I do this…" She suddenly tears the paper in half, and it sparks! [Lightning Flash - +50% damage]
Serenity‘ yanks her arm back while making a strange gesture with four of her fingers, before stopping her foot into the ground. "HEY LOLA< CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!" And the vortex behind Viper seems to errupt for a half second, before collapsing in on itself. Nothing happens for a second, then it explodes once again, with black and purple tinged energy spilling out and flying into the
Serenity` mercenary.
Serenity` rolled d12+600,270% and got 2 ( Total: 1625.4 )
Serenity` rolled d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 ) for 10% repeat
The powerful stream of energy strikes her from behind, she braces as it tears into her. But yet, it seems to have damaged her clothes but not her. She grins wide "Oh… Now that is what I call power!"
The energy leaves behind a strange smell of sulphur and smoke
Amal: "WOAH."
Harriet: "I knew I could count on you!"
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Harriet [B]:5 Hughbert [F]:10 Amal [B]:15 Thessa [F]:16 The Black Viper [F]:17 Eric [F]:17 Serenity [B]:28
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Anton!
Amal: "Serenity that was cool! And scary! And weird!"
Anton first fires off an [Attack Assist] at the Black Viper.
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 45 ( Total: 45 ) for 80
Anton rolled 1d12+140 and got 10 ( Total: 150.0 )
Serenity` drops down to a knee a few seconds later, sweating a bit and staring at the space behind Viper as the the odd light in her eyes fades away.
Anton then snaps his fingers as three of his clones materialize. [Phantom Rush - 70D | 30D]
Both the sword users wave as brilliant white energy pours out of their blades [Heal Drive Trigger] x2
JayM: Phantoms!
Serenity` then grins wildly before shouting at it. "I KNEW IT! TELL AL TO GO FUCK HIMSELF. I AM THE BEST!"
JayM: HArriet!
Amal: "Y- you okay?"
Amal: "Alternatively what the heck did you DO I’m really curious how you did that."
Serenity: "Okay so you know how my basic spell is, more or less, tiny little micro implosions…?"
Anton: "I'm more curious about the source of the attack. I know how conjuration works."
Serenity: "I made a really big one, between here and the uh… thread…? Lola resides in,"
Anton: "World line."
Harriet: "Yeah, you're pretty great." Harriet grins at Serenity, and then turns back to the enemies. "Okay, now let's see…" [CT15]
Serenity: "Whatever. Point is I ripped open a worm hole, more or less."
Hughbert: "This side of the curtain got a very pleasant 'breeze' that nearly knocked me over. A truly thrilling level of output. Well done."
Harriet: "We're going to have to experiment with this, you realise."
Serenity‘ still breathing kinda heavily, but looks immensely satisfied with herself.
Serenity: "And I heard her response to see it. Hee."
JayM: Hughbert!
Amal: "Daaaang. Furthermore: heck. That’s really impressive, also, wow, I guess she's living in hell or something?"
Serenity: "I mean, hell on earth if her claims to to be believed, but energy gets weird when it gets filtered through magic. Or my magic, at least."
Hughbert gestures to Serenity - her friendliness attribute towards the others has increased drastically! [Compressed Sphere, 30D]
[OOC] Hughbert: or should I say, from the others? words are difficult
Anton: "Nah, I can't get a good visual on that place either."
JayM: So many moves, Amal!
Amal starts charging up crystalline light! [CT 10]
JayM: That's some preparation!
Thessa raises up her blade as it becomes covered in water "Alright, it's you see how powerful I can be" [Downstreak Blade]
The Black Viper chuckles, and sheathes her sword in her belt "You know, Serenity, you're pretty strong. That was also a pretty dangerous dimensional collapse maneuver, don't do it too often" [Delayed Flash Strike]
Eric drives his blade int othe ground as it shines ever bright [Radiant Burst Blade]
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Thessa [F]:2 Amal [B]:5 Serenity [B]:8 S-Anton A [B]:10 S-Anton B [B]:10 S-Anton C [F]:10 The Black Viper [F]:12 Hughbert [F]:20 Eric [F]:47 Anton [B]:50
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Harriet!
Serenity: "…?"
Harriet grabs one of the cryogrenades from her chest strap, and lobs it in an arc to land behind the Black Viper, catching her and Thessa in the blast. "Let's see how this works!" [Freeze, 35D]
JayM: A powerful sub-zero assault
Harriet rolled 1d10+150 and got 2 ( Total: 152.0 ) for magical ice damage
JayM: Magic damage!
Thessa then lowers her blade to a better stance for a wide swing, it's covered in a coat of water "I heard you use water too, Hughbert, let's see whose is stronger!" she runs at you and brings her blade up for an overhead strike "Like the mightiest river, Downstream Blade!" she brings it down on you with immense force
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
JayM rolled 1d10+360 and got 6 ( Total: 366 )
Serenity: "Wait,"
Harriet: "Ha! Okay, looks like they hold up in combat just fine. I was a bit worried about the ignition system, but I guess that fix really worked, huh?"
JayM: Dealing an impressive [366] damage
Serenity: "Why is Hughbert using some kind of water vaccume sword thing instead of a book what's going on?"
Serenity‘ blinks as she stands back up, finally noticing that.
JayM: Amal!
Black Viper: "You really have a one-track mind, girl"
Hughbert: "The all-consuming - ouch - march of progress and technology, of course."
Black Viper: "That’s going to end badly for you"
Harriet: "You okay, Hughbert?"
Anton pats at his side patting the holster to his [Star Shooter]. "We got some upgrades."
Serenity: "You stupid and ugly and dumb, what's your point?"
[OOC] Anton: Err in english
Harriet grins at Anton and flashes him a thumbs-up.
Amal casts [Protect D30] on Hughbert! [-30% physical damage (5)!]
Black Viper: "That you're just the kind of person I like"
JayM: And Hughbert's shielded!
Amal: "Haha yeah I KNEW you two would get along."
Serenity: "Don't swing that way."
Amal: "Also you and Harriet probably!"
JayM: Serenity!
She chuckles "Harriet seems like the fun kind too"
Harriet: "I'm still kinda miffed that you dragged us out here just to fight, but I guess I'm getting good data out of it."
Serenity‘ lets out a puff of air before pulling the trigger on her force gear twice. [Somebody Loves Me] [Sniper Beam 50D] [First @40, then second @60]
Hughbert: "I’m fine, Harriet. Not bad, Thessa, but if that is your best, then you do not have a high chance of victory."
JayM: Anton, your shadows!
Anton fires three bolts at the enemies!
Black Viper: "What to do, I love fighting, and you're so fun"
Anton rolled 3d100 and got 100, 40, 53 ( Total: 193 ) for 80
[OOC] Anton: -2 LP
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 487/650, Stored: 183, MP: 650/650, LP: 5/6, SoS: 162, Protect (5)
Black Viper: "I'll be sure to show you some toys after this, though"
Anton rolled 1d12+140 and got 6 ( Total: 146.0 ) for group damage
The bolt seems like it's going to strike the Black Viper- But she sidesteps at the exact last fraction of a second [1 LP]
Serenity: "Amal thank you for not picking up back habits from your other friends."
Amal giggles.
Anton: "I -guess- I can let that one slide."
JayM: Battle order: The Black Viper [F]:0 Hughbert [F]:8 Amal [B]:23 Harriet [B]:23 Thessa [F]:25 Eric [F]:35 Sniper Beam:36 Anton [B]:38 Serenity [B]:46 Sniper Beam 2:56
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [========= ]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [======= ]
The Black Viper grins "How do you like that? My Laplace Drive can simulate an Oracle's abilities, much more limited, but useful in combat" she grins at Anton
Harriet: "It can, huh…?"
Harriet: "So, any way I can convince you to talk to me about that?"
Serenity‘ preemptives sighs at Viper’s response.
She then goes into a lower stance and sudden- She's past Serenity and into the party's back row, blade extended. She sheathes the blade slowly as only a moment later Serenity feels the impact of the slash [Delayed Flash Strike]
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 5 ( Total: 167 )
JayM: Dealing [167] Magical damage and inflicting Delayed Flash(2), whenever you get hit instead get hit fir 108 unmitigable damage
Hughbert winces a bit as the Viper strikes the barrier around Serenity, preventing damage!
The Black Viper backflips back in her position "Sorry, you are literally incapable of using it"
JayM: Hughbert!
Harriet: "Oh? Why's that?"
Black Viper: "There's nothing in this world as it is that can use it, after all"
Harriet: "I'd still like to hear about its specs, even if I can't use it."
Black Viper: "Certainly… It's a calculation engine"
Black Viper: "It can't see the future, but it can calculate it. And I can use it's results to react. Of course it's only accurate up to point six seven second"
Math: (167/2) = 83.5
Serenity: "Hughbert your force gear is really weird."
Harriet: "What calculation system are you using for that?"
Hughbert: "I heavily modified it during the previous downtime based off data. It had several excess features that have been trimmed down into more useful ones. Now please don't panic, you are about to feel a bit of a sting."
The Black Viper winces "Damage reflection?" she starts giggling "We got some history with that, don't we Amal? Oh man…" she looks at Harriet, and taps her head "Just this"
Harriet: "So, how've you hooked up your brain to it?"
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 403/650, Stored: 0, MP: 650/650, LP: 5/6, SoS: 162, Protect (4)
Amal: "Oh doooon't eeeeveeennnnn." They footscuff.
The Black Viper chuckles, then looks at HArriet "That's a secret"
Harriet: "What, even if I zap you really hard?"
Amal: "Golly."
She grins "Can you zap me hard enough? I'm dieing to know"
Harriet: "I mean, you just might."
Harriet: "The calibration on this thing's not really exact yet. It's still a prototype."
Hughbert spread the barrier off Serenity and back onto the party! [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
Serenity‘ glances between Viper and Harriet, makes a face.
The Black Viper chuckles "Never saw two girls flirting, Serenity" she pulls out a red vial from her pocket and powers it’s contents on her blade [Carmine Snake Poison] "Better do your job on Hughbert pretty fast, Amal. You've only got a moment to do it"
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Harriet [B]:0 Thessa [F]:2 The Black Viper [F]:12 Eric [F]:12 Sniper Beam:13 Anton [B]:15 Hughbert [F]:15 Serenity [B]:23 Sniper Beam 2:33
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [========= ]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [======= ]
JayM: Amal!
Harriet goes kind of red. "Hey, I wasn't - that wasn't - come on!"
Serenity: "I mean you can flirt all you want but you don't gotta be weird about it."
The protective shield on Hughbert shimmers and he regains all of [30] HP!
Black Viper: "But she looks so cute when flustered"
Amal then starts charging a normal spell, frowning a bit. The timing's off… [CT 15]
Harriet: "I'm not weird, you're weird," Harriet grumbles, adjusting her goggles.
Serenity: "I ment her, not you."
[OOC] Amal: Wait I can spend LP
JayM: Yes you can!
[OOC] Amal: It's 1 LP per 5 delay, right?
Harriet: "Oh. Right."
[OOC] Anton: Yes.
[OOC] Amal: CT 10 then instead
Serenity: "Unless you're into punch and shocking people in bed,"
JayM: Harriet!
Serenity: "Then it was also aimed at you."
Harriet: "What?! No!"
Serenity: "Okay."
The Black Viper can't help herself but giggle
Harriet spins up her ECC, flicking a couple of switches to make the barrel spin uncomfortably fast. She swings it around at Thessa, first - "Time to show you what my most developed invention can do!" [Jolt, -5CT=0CT, 25D]
Harriet rolled 1d12+180 and got 8 ( Total: 188.0 ) for reduce her delay all two points down to 0
Thessa growls as she's struck by lightning "Ooow…. Okay, that was good!" she looks at you like a beast
Thessa then runs forward at Harriet and swings her [Greatsword] at her
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 ) for 80
JayM rolled 1d10+120 and got 5 ( Total: 125 )
Math: (125*0.8) = 100
JayM: Dealing [100] Physical Melee damage after row modifier
JayM: Amal!
Amal sends preemptive healing sparkles Hughbert's way! [Cure D35]
Amal rolled d12+180 and got 7 ( Total: 187 )
Harriet grins maniacally. "Ha! Good luck getting through Hughbert!"
The Black Viper nods "Good, good idea Amal" she grins and then runs straight at Hughbert "Then try this Carmine Snake Poison, it neuters healing!" she swings at him with a wide arc
JayM rolled 1d12+162 and got 2 ( Total: 164 )
The blade strikes with unnatural accuracy, barely scratching him but the poison deals [164] magical damage and Carmine Poison(3), all incoming healing reduced to 1
Eric then finally draws his blade and raises it high "Now for the clincher, go Radiant Burst Blade!" it shines with bright light!
Harriet hears that declaration and steps up so that she's in front of the blade instead. "Shield, set up - ow! Geez!"
JayM rolled 1d12+216 and got 8 ( Total: 224 )
JayM: Dealing [224] Magical damage to the party and heals his party for 100 HP
Eric then keeps his blade up as it becomes covered in water [Downstream Blade]
Anton sighs. "Isn't that something?" [Anton learns Radiant Burst Blade]
JayM: Battle order: Sniper Beam:0 Anton [B]:2 Hughbert [F]:2 Eric [F]:5 Serenity [B]:10 Harriet [B]:12 The Black Viper [F]:19 Sniper Beam 2:20 Thessa [F]:22 Amal [B]:32
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [========= ]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [===== ]
JayM: Sniper… Beeeam!
Harriet: "Shield, set up!" The force diffuser fizzles out after two [-20%] mitigations, and she hits it a couple of times before grumbling. She's sure to step back behind Hughbert.
Serenity‘ flicks her fingers to one side as a small implosion drags Eric into the ground.
Serenity` rolled d12+270 and got 7 ( Total: 277 )
d100: 40 [Total: 40]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 317
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 288/600, MP: 660/700, LP: 8/8, SoS: 150 - L-Ether - 1 (-),I-Ether - 0 (-),Carmine Poison (3)
JayM: He’s struck badly!
JayM: Anton!
Anton scratches his head before smiling. "Going to be honest here? I'm fishing for a really unlikely future. But it'd be pretty cool so I'm going to do it anyways. There's that 8 percent chance!" [Prophecy - 30D]
Anton rolled 2d6 and got 1, 5 ( Total: 6 )
JayM: What A
JayM: Chance1
Anton then gestures at Hughbert. "Hang in there, Hugh. " [Heroes Never Die] ".
JayM: Hughbert!
[OOC] Anton: Nobody can die for the next 30D
[OOC] Anton: Quick Refresh, Imitate btw
Hughbert grunts, his force gear beeping wildly under pressure "…! So that's your idea of a fight. I understand now…"
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 100/650, Stored: 67, MP: 650/650, LP: 5/6, SoS: 162, Protect (3)
JayM: Anyway, your turn Hughbert. Which you are probably still calculating
Serenity: "I feel like I probably should have asked this months ago,"
Serenity: "But is that supposed to be sending out feedback shocks to everyone or…?"
Hughbert rushes into Eric's lowered guard state and slashes at him with his hair-width blade! [Trench Warfare, 50D]
Hughbert rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 )
[OOC] Hughbert: is he ranked?
JayM: Nope, he's Mook
Hughbert rolled 1d10+134 and got 2 ( Total: 136 )
Serenity‘ gestures toward Eric as an explosion goes off the second Hughbert pulls his sword back. [Attack Assists Exist]
Serenity` rolled d12+180 and got 6 ( Total: 186 )
Hughbert: "Whew. Now, don’t tell me you plan on making me do that twice." [Attack Orders]
JayM: Battle order: Eric [F]:0 Serenity [B]:5 Harriet [B]:7 The Black Viper [F]:14 Sniper Beam 2:15 Thessa [F]:17 Amal [B]:27 Anton [B]:27 Hughbert [F]:47
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [=== ]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [===== ]
Eric is staggered, he really did take a good hit there "You really are good too, but try this one out!" she brings his [Downstream Blade] crashing down on Hughbert
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
The blade misses Hughbert barely and hits the ground, leaving a small crater
Eric: "Crap!"
JayM: Serenity!
Hughbert: "Serenity, I have created an opening. Capitalize on it immediately." [Heals HP, +20% damage for (4)]
Hughbert rolled 1d10+80 and got 6 ( Total: 86 )
Serenity: "Alright…" She then aims behind the mercenaries, taking another shot at the air. [50D] [Sniper Beam @60]
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet: (what's inits look like)
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 The Black Viper [F]:7 Sniper Beam 2:8 Thessa [F]:10 Amal [B]:20 Anton [B]:20 Hughbert [F]:40 Eric [F]:43 Serenity [B]:48 Sniper Beam:53
Black Viper: "This has gone on long enough, it'll get boring at this rate. Let's shake things up. Thessa, Eric, if you could?"
Thessa: "Already? Aww. I do get to watch you go crazy, though"
Eric: "Ahaha, I could use with a little bit less beating down, they actually are pretty dangerous"
Black Viper: "Choose wisely, Harriet"
Black Viper: "I'm about to change things pretty interestingly, as soon as my companions got a chance to move out of the field"
Harriet: "Fine, I guess I'll show you what I can do." Harriet spins up her electrical conduction cannon, pulling a crank and flicking some switches. [CT50]
The Black Viper grins "Good choice. You two, move back, now!" [Under My Wings]
Amal raises an eyebrow.
JayM: Battle order: Sniper Beam 2:0 Thessa [F]:2 Amal [B]:12 Anton [B]:12 The Black Viper [F]:19 Hughbert [F]:32 Eric [F]:35 Serenity [B]:40 Harriet [B]:42 Sniper Beam:45
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [====== ] Under My Wings(2)
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [=== ]
JayM: Status for Thessa [F]: : [===== ]
JayM: Second Strike, sniper beam!
Serenity‘ flicks her fingers to the let, and a beam of light lances through Thessa.
Serenity` rolled d12+360 and got 5 ( Total: 365 )
Math: (364*0.8) = 291.2
Thessa moves just slightly to the side- The Black Viper intercepts a portion of the beam with her blade "Alright, i’m going boss, good luck" Thessa then quickly jumps back and runs back to the caravan to watch [Escape]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Anton [B]:0 The Black Viper [F]:7 Hughbert [F]:20 Eric [F]:23 Serenity [B]:28 Harriet [B]:30 Sniper Beam:33
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [====== ] Under My Wings(2)
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [=== ]
JayM: Amal!
JayM: And Anton!
Anton gestures to Amal. "Go ahead, little buddy. I'm just preparing myself for disappointment."
Serenity‘ exhales slowly as the residual energy from one of the sniper beams floats back towards the party and evelopes Hughbert, patching up some of his wounds. [+90 HP]
Amal frowns a bit and burns [Potency] and 2 LP, frantically charging energy. [CT 5]
JayM: Anton?
Anton takes a deep breath. [Copycat]
Anton rolled 1d4 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
Hughbert: "Ah, how exhilirating. Has that always been a feature of your arts?"
Anton then summons a copy of Serenity and fires a [Trans-Dimensional Beam] into the sky at 40D. [40D -2 LP] He snaps his fingers as it revs up. [Destruction - +100% Potency]
Serenity: "Huh? Oh. Yeah. There’s a lot of weird, subtle ways I can manipulate them just… most of 'em requires really specific situations."
Serenity: "…"
A most powerful gathering of energy
The Black Viper grins "Oh… That? I want to be ready for that!"
Serenity: "Fucking hell Anton. That was a lot of work and you don't even look like you're breaking a sweat. Your powers fucking cheat."
JayM: Amal!
Anton smiles. "You did all the work for me."
Anton: "I just repeated you doing the thing."
Amal gestures towards Hughbert and healing-sparkles at him again, but then also, a reflection or memory of healing sparkles, from elsewhere or elsewhen, shadow the effect!
Amal rolled 2#d12+180(1) and got 7 ( Total: 187 )
Also rolled 2#d12+180(2) and got 1 [Total: 181]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 368
JayM: So much ealing
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 588/650, Stored: 0, MP: 600/650, LP: 5/6, SoS: 162, Protect (2)
Hughbert: "Give me your best shot, miss Viper. I believe there's a high chance of an impressive show coming up, is there not?"
The Black Viper grins "Well, then. Eric, get back" . She looks at Hughbert "An amazing show to come!" she throws her sword away "Jetzt, in einer wagen des lichts… Wir Fliegen!" suddenly there's a heavy wave of impact as heat energy starts emanating from the Black Viper, she readies a hand-to-hand fighting stance- An intricate pattern in blue appears on her clothes, hexagons and other straight lines []
Amal grins!
Serenity‘ squints at the energy lines… mean anything in particular to her?
JayM: Battle order: The Black Viper [F]:0 Hughbert [F]:3 Eric [F]:6 Serenity [B]:11 Harriet [B]:13 Sniper Beam:16 Amal [B]:23 Anton [B]:23 Trans-Dimensional Beam X:23
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [==========] Under My Wings(1)
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [=== ]
The Black Viper stamps her ground on the floor, shattering it, as a blue aura surrounds her [Novalibrium]
JayM: She gains Novalibrium(3), spells deal +30% damage
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Eric [F]:3 Serenity [B]:8 Harriet [B]:10 Sniper Beam:13 The Black Viper [F]:17 Amal [B]:20 Anton [B]:20 Trans-Dimensional Beam X:20
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [======== ] Novalibrium(3)
JayM: Status for Eric [F]: : [=== ]
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert rematerializes the compressed barrier between himself and the party. He points the tip of the whirlwind in his hand at the Black Viper. "You won’t disappoint me, will you? Come! Reveal your grand master plan!" [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
Eric shakes his head and runs back as well!
[OOC] JayM: Escape
JayM: Serenity!
[OOC] Serenity: this seems excessive but inits
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Harriet [B]:2 Sniper Beam:5 The Black Viper [F]:9 Amal [B]:12 Anton [B]:12 Trans-Dimensional Beam X:12 Hughbert [F]:22
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [======== ] Novalibrium(3)
[OOC] Serenity: oh wait n/m I was looking in the wrong place the last one was good enough.
Serenity‘ glances over at Anton, then up at the sky at her image.
Serenity: "Well, I guess if I’m going to double tap anyway…"
Hughbert: "Whatever you do, you must get past me to get so much as a scratch on the others. I'm sure you realize that. You'll plan accordingly, won't you?"
Serenity‘ rolls her shoulders, before staring down Viper. "What’s the dumbest mistake you've ever made on a mission…?" [Scanner Sweep - 40D] [She Takes +30% from Operation Spells (3)]
The Black Viper grins "Of course"
Anton: "Y'know Hugh, I could have just taken that hit. I'm basically invincible right now."
Serenity‘ narrows her eyes at Viper.
Serenity: "Future, or different world line?"
The Black Viper chuckles "First. But also, an entirely different place"
Serenity: "The future of another world line…?"
[OOC] Anton: HP: 495/550, MP: 340/550, LP: 4/6, SoS: 137 - Time Cards[4] (U),Anton takes -100% DMG (U)
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Sniper Beam:3 The Black Viper [F]:7 Amal [B]:10 Anton [B]:10 Trans-Dimensional Beam X:10 Hughbert [F]:20 Serenity [B]:38
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [======== ] Novalibrium(3) Scanned(3)
JayM: Harriet!
Black Viper: "… I don’t know how much would be wise to say, I tend to say too much on those things"
Black Viper: "But I guess… As far as this life of mine matters… Just the End"
Serenity: "Turns out I'm really good at interogations." Serenity flicks her eyes towards Amal, then back to Viper.
Harriet swings her ECC around at the Black Viper, and grins as she lets loose a horrible crack of lightning which jumps right for her.
Harriet rolled 1d12+450*1.2 and got 9 ( Total: 549.0 ) for Storm Guillotine, 50D
The Black Viper weathers the strike as if nothing happened "Hah! Oh I love this, Harriet that's a wonderful weapon you've got"
JayM: And now… Sniper Beam!
Serenity: "Bang."
Serenity‘ rolled d12+360,130% and got 12 ( Total: 483.6 )
Serenity` rolled d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
Serenity: AND AGAIN @20
Serenity: Err. +74 more damage on that, forgot hughbert’s buff oops
Harriet: "Thanks," Harriet grins. "That's not even the worst she can do, either."
JayM: Battle order: The Black Viper [F]:0 Amal [B]:3 Anton [B]:3 Trans-Dimensional Beam X:3 Hughbert [F]:13 Sniper Beam:13 Serenity [B]:31 Harriet [B]:43
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [===== ] Novalibrium(3) Scanned(3)
The Black Viper chuckles "Let's see if you like mine" she points her right hand at you and a three hundred little spheres of red energy appear behind her [Fire Carnival]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Anton [B]:0 Trans-Dimensional Beam X:0 Hughbert [F]:10 Sniper Beam:10 The Black Viper [F]:17 Serenity [B]:28 Harriet [B]:40
JayM: Amal!
JayM: Amal, Anton ANd the Trans-Dimensional Beam all at the same time
JayM: Organize your actions
Amal charges a web of light, timing it to go off right before the sniper beam! [CT 10]
Anton takes a deep breath as he restores his LP. [Foresight - 40D]
Anton rolled 1d10 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for LP restore
JayM: And now
JayM: For the Trans-Dimensional Beam
Anton then snaps his fingers as two more distortions floating around him fade away. [Disaster - Time card is now GT] The wormhole in the air expands to triple the size. "Game over, Viper." He then points the group target laser at her entire Caravan.
Anton rolled 1d12*2.5+600*2.5 and got 3 ( Total: 1507.5 ) for group damage
Serenity: "HOLY FUCK!"
Harriet: "… wow."
The Black Viper raises an eyebrow "Motherfucker…" and she vanishes- You simply can't see her. Less than a hundreth of a second later she is standing by the caravan- Before the beam can get close she does a single swipe of her right leg like a kick in the direction of the caravan, the wave of impact is enough to send the entire caravan sliding away a good hundred or so meters. But still, tht leaves the Black Viper straight in the epicenter of the convergent wormhole
Amal: "..!!!"
Harriet: "Wow."
The impact of the dark energy is so gigantic it leaves a crater in the ground. Still, once the dust settles she's… Still standing there, unbloodied, seemingly undamaged. The pattern on her clothes shine brighter [Unstoppable] "Low blow… But i'll elicit to believe you knew I was going to protect them successfully"
Hughbert stabs his blade into the ground in front of him and releases the compressed air- a blast of air propels himself behind the barrier as well.
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:0 Sniper Beam:0 The Black Viper [F]:7 Serenity [B]:18 Harriet [B]:30 Anton [B]:30
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [-KO-] Novalibrium(3) Scanned(3)
JayM: Amal!
Amal: "So… we win, right? Or are you not done showing off yet?" They grin.
Anton: "In every possible future you succeeded in defending the caravan."
Anton: "You took every hit."
Amal then winds up and tosses the web of light at her! [Chorus D25]
Anton: "It was an oracles gamble~." He winks.
The Black Viper chuckles "I'm not even done showing off yet"
[OOC] JayM: Unstoppable - Still need to be hit twice to die after hitting 0 HP
Amal rolled d12+99 and got 11 ( Total: 110 ) for +20% damage to the next hit!
JayM: Chorus, first hit!
JayM: Hughbert!
Serenity‘ tilts her head up towards where the rift had been.
Hughbert: "Is that how you’re going to play, then? You don't seem to understand that your chance of success has plummeted to zero. Get behind me!" He charges through the barrier- [Covering Fire, 50D]
Hughbert rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 )
Black Viper: "Just one more, Amal, this one for old time's sake" she takes Hughbert's strike "But don't you see it, Hughbert? I could never have won. The fun is in trying"
Hughbert rolled 1d10+96*140 and got 7 ( Total: 13447.0 )
Harriet swings her ECC around, and fires off a quick flash of lightning after Hughbert. [Spell Assist]
Hughbert: er
Hughbert rolled 1d10+96*1.40 and got 2 ( Total: 136.39999999999998 )
[OOC] Hughbert: that's better
Harriet rolled 1d12+100 and got 5 ( Total: 105.0 )
Serenity‘ smiles.
Serenity: "Hey Anton."
Serenity: "Cor’s medium potential is complete shit, right?"
Hughber's strike is the second hit, knocking the Black Viper backwards "Ahaha! So that is it! Alright, one more, for time's! I will eat the full Spectrum of light! Photon capture nets, deploy!" and suddenly the light of the day darkens
Amal: "Ahahahahaha YES."
The Black Viper's shadow expands, as if two great wings had grown on her back, yet they have no. She draws out her knife and holds it with her mouth, then draws both pistols. A sickly-sweet substance is oozing out of her teeth and into the knife "Ahahahahaha!" []
Serenity‘ rolls her eyes, before flicking her fingers up and sending the last sniper beam straight at Viper’s mouth.
JayM: Roll for it
Serenity‘ rolled d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 ) for 100/10
JayM: Damage too!
Anton jolts back for a moment before frowning. "Uh… ask questions later. I’m pretty sure if I flubbed that prophecy even a little I'd be dead right now. But I think Lola cut my threads since I can't spend LP anymore." [-100% on next hit]
Serenity‘ rolled d12+216,150% and got 7 ( Total: 334.5 )
Amal frowns at Anton.
Hughbert: "…You challenged us to a duel of sport. If you have a death wish, say so from the beginning. I have a schedule to keep us to."
The Black Viper takes the hit in stride, hit hits traight into her face and scatters out, she doesn’t flinches "Seems like I gave you a good chance" her voice is absolutely clear despite the knife in the mouth "Just a little more, Hughbert… I rarely get to use all my energy like this" she chuckles "Pattern-Reaction Protocol, active. Target, Serenity" she suddenly vanishes from sight and reappears near Serenity- And disappears again and does it again and again- It's like a dozen of her are moving around her target [Ambush Rush]
Amal: "Suuuuuch a showoff!"
Serenity: Roll it. :)
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 66 ( Total: 66 ) for 100
Serenity‘ clenches her fist, and the second Viper gets close to her a shockwave errupts out of Serenity, throwing everyone back. [-9 LP]
Amal: "!?!?!?"
The Black Viper is thrown back with a sudden surge- She skids on the floor. She laughs as a clear blue liquid drips from a wound on her cheek
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Amal [B]:2 Harriet [B]:12 Anton [B]:17 The Black Viper [F]:22 Hughbert [F]:32
JayM: Status for The Black Viper [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity: "…Are you kidding me?!"
Serenity: "Down! Bad mercenary! Down! Bad!"
JayM: That said
Amal starts to look a bit panicked and their eyes lose focus.
JayM: Pattern-Reaction Protocol: Anytime Serenity uses Sniper Beam she takes 165 damage
JayM: That was a Quick
Suddenly the Black Viper stops "Wait… No, no, dammit… Amal, what’s going on!" she spits out the knife "I'm getting a boson pattern reaction, this only happens when you're doing your thing!"
Black: "Viper Shit, this fight's over. Amal, pay attention to what you're doing"
Amal: "Something's wrong!"
Serenity‘ narrows her eyes before spinning back towards Viper, taking aim with her force gear, then - "Huh?"
Serenity: "Am I shooting her or…?"
Harriet: "What’s going on, Amal?"
Amal stares, unfocused, eyes shining with weird light; their feet are tree roots winding into the soil. "Damnit..!"
Serenity: "Uh…"
Anton scrunches up his face. "Now that I'm done my gambit I planned back at the car… what ARE you anyways? You don't have an aura."
Amal: "What the FUCK-"
Suddenly there's a shift in the entire world around you- The color fades except for two, red and black tones become so much sharper. Anton's pinned to the ground and pillars of stone rise- The wrap around him like chains "
Hughbert closes in on her and keeps the front line up. He's got his blade in front of him, two hands gripping the thin air wire tightly-
And a moment later the color returns to the world-
Amal grits out, clipped: "-Mom go help Anton-"
Serenity: "It's -"
Serenity: "No he's fine, it's a warning shot."
Serenity: "I'm pretty sure he pulled back by now already anyway."
Amal: "UGH, FUCK YOU!"
Serenity: "Amal calm down and stop turning into a tree."
Hughbert: "…Is this your doing, Viper? What the hell is going on?"
Serenity‘ walks over and grabs him by the shoulder.
Serenity: "No, it was Lola."
Amal looks down at their feet and frowns and steps out of being-a-tree- "-it was a metaphor!-" -and runs towards Anton.
Serenity: "She didn’t appreciate Anton peeping."
Harriet: "Oh, geez…"
Serenity: "I have no idea HOW THE EVER LASTING SHIT -" She lets Amal go free from her - " She did that but uh."
The Black Viper looks at Hughbert, then at Serenity "That information's new… All I know is something was going on with… The thing Amal does. But seems liek you're more in this than I am"
Black Viper: "Amal are they alright?"
Harriet shakes her head, stepping over to Serenity. "You wanna fill me in on what just happened?"
Serenity: "Oracle, medium, mad scientist, snappy dresser and -" Serenity shifts her focus from Viper to Harriet.
Amal nods. "Yeah, they're fine. And Anton's fine…?" Is Anton fine?
Serenity: "Uh after we opened those rifts, I could make contact with Lola,"
JayM: Anton's definitely fine, jjust stuck to the ground
Serenity: "I imagine Anton used the bigger rift to do his… thread weaving thing…?"
Serenity: "And was apparently looking at her."
Serenity: "And she didn't appreciate it, and was talking in red the entire time."
Amal might one-inch-punch a ludicrous and unnecessary amount of healing sparkles into Anton worriedly, JUST TO BE SAFE.
The Black Viper crosses her arms "Lola? I imagine it's someone you know" the light effect from what the Black Viper was doing doesn't changes, but she seems to just suddenly be so calm. She walks over to Anton, and with a single hand tears apart the rock binding him "Hrm… There's no way the reaction I got is from either of you"
Serenity: "Someone from another world line working with an Evil Oracle from Here to… destroy the world in a very specific way so that only most of it is broken instead of all of it?"
Amal: "Lola's the thing in the middle of the snarl. Um, it's a long story. Theogenesis."
Hughbert does a double take. "…! What are you- how'd you get past-"
Amal: "Er, she's connected to the thing."
Amal: "Goddess, I don't even know."
Black Viper: "It was from the other side, meaning it's someone with similar manipulation capacity as you, Amal… But it was only six percent of yours?" the Black Viper sighs "Theogenesis…"
Black Viper: "That again… Are we back in the Apocrypha?"
Black Viper: "No… Still, what the fuck…"
Amal: "No, and I don't think it's any of our old friends, either. Six percent is… reassuring, though."
Amal looks at Anton. "Deep breaths, okay?"
Harriet shakes her head and sighs, clapping a hand on Serenity's shoulder. "Well, it doesn't look like anyone exploded, so it's fine." [Wild Card - +1 Luck]
Serenity‘ walks over to Anton, stares down at him.
Amal: "And… warn me before you do something crazy like that again, okay…?"
Serenity: "Did she look like Cor?"
Anton takes some deep breaths.
The Black Viper sighs "It is, yet still look at this" she waves at what remains of Anton’s prision "She, whoever it is, can still do this much" she looks at Hughbert "As to what I am, maybe Amal can answer if he thinks it's okay… It's… Complicated, and I often talk too much"
Serenity: "Because I'm reasonably confident Cor can't talk in red."
Anton: "I uh… saw your world, Amal."
Anton: "Or at least one of them."
Harriet heads over to Anton, scratching at the back of her neck. "Amal's world, huh?"
Amal: "…I'm sorry to hear that."
Amal lets out a tiny puff of breath.
Hughbert releases his air blade and stomps over to the group. "…So now we're going to have to defend from attackers outside this world?"
The Black Viper looks back at the caravan "Guys, prepare a rest car, and to link up their car" she looks back at the party "Why don't we head inside and have some tea? I'll get us going towards the President's 'official residence' to get things going while you rest up"
Amal: "That… t- tea would- that'd be good."
Serenity: "Uh…"
Serenity: "Probably not…?"
Anton: "If I had to take a guess I'd say it's the timeline where a great storm destroyed the world. It's completely barren besides a giant machine. I couldn't see Lola but she was definitely in its pod. She cut my threads and flipped out shortly after that."
Hughbert: "Oh, first things first, Viper-"
Serenity: "Honestly I feel like if Alcor or Lola could do what I did they would have done it ages ago,"
Hughbert holds out a hand for a shake. "No hard feelings?"
Serenity: "But uh if she can use the opening as well we can, that's… a good reason to be careful with it."
She shakes his hand "Of course, no hard feelings. It was fun to finally use that much energy"
Amal: "Paws says that they can help protect against that, they just need a little warning."
Serenity‘ frowns.
Harriet: "The void cuts two ways, huh?"
Serenity: "You didn’t get a look at her face, then, Anton?"
Amal: "So… it's probably okay to use that power."
Serenity‘ nods to Harriet.
Anton: "No. She was in the pod."
Serenity: "Fuck."
Hughbert: "Given that the additional turn that battle took remained unresolved, I was unsure if you felt disappointed we could not continue it."
Serenity: "Okay so."
The Black Viper waves you all to follow her into one of the cars, for tea "Hardly… I might love being silly, and a bit dumb, but even I know when things get real serious"
Serenity: "Either the shadow Cor thing was a ruse to throw us off and she’s full of shit…"
Amal: "Wait…"
Amal: "No, that's crazy."
Serenity: "Or in that world they figured out how to do the artifical medium thing really well."
Serenity: "Because I'm pretty sure Cor has no medium potential herself, yes?" Looking to Anton for confirmation.
Amal shakes their head, frowns. "If you can build God from scratch, you can probably generate an artificial medium…?"
Anton: "None."
Serenity: "Okay well."
Serenity: "Consider how powerful of a medium you need to be, in order to make the ragnite in the ground in another world move in the very precise way it just moved in order to make stone pillars errupt from the ground and then safely wrap around and restrain someone."
Serenity: "That's fucking insane."
Anton: "It was a LOT easier to do things with the wormhole triple the size on my end. I imagine the same applies here."
Serenity: "Still."
Hughbert: "Well. With that settled, I believe I'd like to learn firsthand about Orisis' tea, while you figure out this development. Would you like a hand brewing it?" He follows right after the Black Viper.
Amal stares at Serenity for a horrified, hadn't-even-thought-of-that second.
Anton takes a deep breath before brushing his bangs to the side and grinning. "Still. Was that cool, or what~?"
Serenity: "That's a level of manipulation I've never seen. Destruction is easy, but getting the ragnite to control something else like that, that finely, that delicvately?"
Harriet: "It must've been a real big machine."
Serenity‘ rubs at her face.
Serenity: "I thought you said everyone back home was dead anyway, Amal?"
Amal: "Do you know how far ahead she is? I don’t know if- if that's a thing either of you two have a feel for, or…"
Amal: "Also Paws says she didn't actually manipulate the ragnite, she manipu…"
Amal: "Holy crap."
Serenity: "Not something I can sense." Serenity shrugs, then gives Amal an odd look.
Amal: "She manipulated the heat energy and turned it into matter!? Which is sort of like what Paws does, when they manifest at all…"
Serenity: "…"
Eventually the Black Viper takes you to what looks like a living room- There's a friggen living room in this car. It's just you all. She has prepared some calming tea for everyone "… Is this Lola a Spirit, too?"
Serenity: "Well, that's not horrifying at all."
Amal: "I… don't… maybe!?"
Anton: "That's pretty hard to compare at all when you can't even tell me what one of the 566 disasters took out your world, Amal."
Serenity: "…Define Spirit?"
Anton: "I don't know if you even were on the same worldline as her, let alone different points in time."
Harriet: "Energy into matter? That's kind of a big deal."
Black Viper: "… Nothing that can exist in this world"
Serenity: "Uh…"
Black Viper: "But… Wait, Paws? What? They changed names? Anyway, Paws is a Spirit"
Black Viper: "But… Dammit, Amal can I answer this?"
Harriet looks around at the living room, shrugs, takes a seat and a cup of tea. "Please do."
Hughbert: "It is my understanding that 'Paws' is more of a nickname."
Serenity: "The working theory is that Lola's just a shadow of the Divine Oracle but I'm not… one hundred on that nyamore."
Serenity‘ sighs, giving Anton a look before plopping herself down on a sofa.
Amal lets out another tiny puff of breath and nods. "Anton! I don’t think she and I are from the same branch of possibility-space. Serenity! A spirit is… like… imagine if the Goddess had children. Those children would be sort of like Spirits, but for this world."
Serenity‘ raises her hand.
Amal takes a sip of tea.
Amal: "Yeah?"
Serenity: "This might make that analogy suck now but I’m pretty sure she's just the uh. Master Vein."
The Black Viper nods "Yeah… That's a good answer… Wisp, Shade, Salamander, Undine, Gnome, Jinn, Luna… The Goddess' children that preside over creation"
Black Viper: "She?"
Hughbert takes a very deep breath. "I would like to suggest a moratorium on calling these entities " she " or " her "."
Black Viper: "Playing the pronoun game can get pretty tiring, I agree"
Amal smiles softly at Serenity. "…two theories explaining the same facts. Paws' mom is a Goddess that is also a tree, so I mean…"
Serenity: "I mean,"
Anton: "… mind telling me what she was saying?"
Serenity: "I tried to give her a name but she got really pissy and started having a nervous break down."
Anton: "I need some context to go with that rage."
Serenity: "So no names for my head honcho Spook."
Hughbert: " 'Nameless Spirit'. Is that fine?"
Serenity: "You can probably get away with referring to her as The Goddess, but I'd avoid anything name-y."
Amal: "I'm gonna keep calling her the Goddess!"
Harriet: "The Goddess works, sure."
Hughbert: "Okay. The Goddess. Good." Hughbert sips tea.
Serenity: "Anyway,"
Serenity: "That sounds weird as fuck Amal."
Serenity: "Go get me a cup Anton."
You notice now that the Black Viper haven't been drinking anything. Nor eating, after she brought over cookies (where from?!)
Amal totally grabs one of those cookies, omg.
Harriet: "So, okay, if the Goddess has children, and there are Spirits who aren't from this world, that implies they've got some other mother."
Black Viper: "You look like you're dealing with a pretty bad goddess if she's going to have a fit over having a name…" she looks at Harriet "There is only one who isn't from this world I know of, that's Paws"
Amal: "I don't think the Goddess has kids, but /if she did/, they'd be /like/ spirits."
Hughbert: "…The Goddess is the master vein. Saying the Goddess is present in the 'Blood of the Goddess' is elementary, is it not?"
Black Viper: "If the Goddess really is this master vein, though, then the concept of spirits kind of breaks down"
Anton seems to be in kind of a funk honestly. Maybe he's replaying scenarios in his head. Maybe he's trying to figure out why he can't spend LP right now. Either way he hasn't moved to get Serenity a cup of tea.
Amal: "Paws is a child of /a/ goddess from another world."
Amal pours Serenity tea for Anton. They're a helper!
Harriet: "Okay, so one theory is that the Goddess is the master vein, and another is that Puppy Paws has another mother?"
Black Viper: "I think we have reached reasonable theories, yes"
Serenity: "She's really weird and nitpicky about certain things." Serenity shrugs at Viper, before taking a sip.
Amal: "Paws isn't… from 'here' at all, Harriet, so yeah."
Hughbert: "Who is nitpicky." Hughbert glares at Serenity.
Black Viper: "I swear… When you brought me here I thought life would be simpler"
Amal: "Ahahahaha. Sorry about that." They grin.
Black Viper: "Turns out not having a narrator makes life a lot more complicated"
Hughbert: "The Goddess, or Paws? Or another spirit?"
Black Viper: "Which is fine by me"
Serenity: "Sorry dad, I've been not using names with her for like fifteen years."
Serenity: "Er. The Goddess."
Amal: "It'll be okay once we win!"
Harriet: "So, what's your deal, Viper?"
Serenity‘ shrugs again before taking a larger sip.
The Black Viper looks at Harriet, grins "I’m an old friend of Amal, that he saved from a life of slavery"
Hughbert: "I apologize if that seemed an unreasonable question. I don't have fifteen years of familiarity with spirits and their kin, you see."
Black Viper: "I'm nothing you've ever seen, but i'm certain you'd love to get your hands all over my body"
Harriet: "So… you're the same sort of demon as Amal, or a different type, what?"
Amal giggles at the Viper.
Harriet: "- h-hey!"
Black Viper: "Hrm… I'm… Amal, do you want to field that?"
Black Viper: "Actually, how much do they know?"
Harriet grumbles into her tea. "Jerk."
Amal: "She's not like me! She's… uh… heck, this is complicated."
Serenity‘ pauses, looks over at Hughbert for a moment.
Serenity: "…Sorry, didn’t mean to snap. Processing a lot."
Amal: "I built her body, a long time ago."
Harriet: "You can do that?"
The Black Viper nods "Yeah. I've been around for a long time too"
The Black Viper nods "I'm proof…" she chuckles "Want to see?"
Hughbert: "As am I. I lack the foundation that you have to work with, so I'm lagging behind in the conversation, I believe…"
Amal: "It wasn't easy and I had to cheat a lot. …or else I'd have written the tricks down and slipped 'em under your door by now."
Harriet: "Well, yeah, being able to create bodies wholesale would have outrageous implications for medicine."
Harriet: "It's not my wheelhouse, but I know a guy or three who'd love to hear about this."
The Black Viper stands "Nope, this is entirely your specialty, Harriet"
Amal: "…you might be able to get some ideas, though, that's true."
The Black Viper lifts her shirt, then puts a finger just below the navel and slides it up all the way to the top of the chest. Then, she puts her hands in the line (there's a little light), and pulls it open- Her entire front torso opens revealing… So many tiny, tiny, tiny little moving parts, all made of metal and plastic. You've never seen machinery so small or precise, nor those… Things. They look entirely too alien. There is a single glowing core deep where the stomach would be
She lets you look at it for a moment, before closing it again "Can't let it get much dust in, though, so that's all you get to watch"
Amal was visibly eyetwitching at her being open at all outside of a dustproof environment.
Harriet: "Wait what the fuck." Harriet gets up and closes the space and stares at it. "What the fuck."
Serenity: "…"
Anton: "… I did say she didn't have an aura."
Serenity: "What the fuck!"
Serenity: "SHE'S A CLOCK????"
Anton: "This was the only logical conclusion."
The Black Viper nods "Like a giant one, you could imagine"
Harriet: "Okay, but you're - talking, and reasoning, and there is no way to - listen, you can make machines do things, it's a new science but they're getting there, but -"
Harriet wheels on Amal. "Tell me everything."
Hughbert is stopped halfway mid-sip, eyeflits back and forth between everyone and Viper.
Black Viper: "Remember where i'm from… Also a single part of me is living. My consciousness. This body is jsut a shell for it"
Amal: "The -core- of her, her self, isn't machine, if that helps any."
Black Viper: "On that note, there is one piece a lost that I want back"
Anton: "That's why you can't use the gear to imitate an oracles probability by the way." He remarks to Harriet.
Black Viper: "I mean it's not like it's really missing, I have more than enough backups and can make more if I can secure some palladium, but I don't want those things going on around"
Amal: "What'd you lose?"
Black Viper: "A memory storage core."
Harriet: "Well yes obviously I can't compete with a sophisticated man-sized machine but you have to realise just how many theories just got dashed on the rocks here and -"
Serenity: "Yeah uh for those of us playing along at home that glow absolutely was not ragnite."
Serenity: "That's all fucking clock work. How the in the shit…?"
Harriet: "And you're thinking! And moving! And talking! And -" Harriet reaches over and pinches Viper's arm. "- and can you feel that? How's your senses?"
Black Viper: "I got in a tangle with some Orsis heavy machinery helping the Black Stingers out of a terrible, terrible blackmail-like contract, got severely damaged. By the time I got myself fixed I realized the missing core, I tracked it down, though"
Amal: "Oh jeez."
The Black Viper looks at Serenity, blinks "It kind of is, it's artificial though" she looks at HArriet "I can! They're… Just like yours. Except I got a lot more of them"
Black Viper: "Remember, I still pretty much got a living soul, so, my senses work like they used to. But I get some additional thanks to my sensory suite"
Serenity: "Artificial… ragnite…?"
Anton: "That aside, what are you contracting us to do exactly?"
Harriet: "Holy shit, you just - so that's a near-perfect mimicry then, it's not just shaped like - oh my Goddess do you realise what this means?!"
Serenity‘ looks at Viper like she’s just sad that a mudcake taste better than donuts.
Hughbert finally resumes sipping tea.
The Black Viper nods "Yes, Serenity. It has some interesting similar properties to yours but… Not a lot of them. I used it as fuel, mostly"
Amal is trying really hard not to giggle at Serenity, Harriet, and the Black Viper, they KNEW this would happen.
Black Viper: "The computational engine and my moving servos are all pwoered by electrical force"
Serenity: "You … can't … make artifical ragnite…?"
Serenity: "What in the everlasting fuck."
Serenity: "Wait wait wait wait wait."
Harriet: "Electricity! I fucking knew it! I told those goddamn crusty professors it was the method of the future and I'm fucking vindicated!"
She looks at Anton "Well… Turns out that there was a battlefield scavanger in that battlefield. Someone working for Terra Medical made off with my memory core, and I tracked where it went to. I want you to retrieve it"
Serenity: "…Yeah I guess that kind of makes sense… except…"
Serenity: "…Wouldn't she need some kind of engine still, though?"
Amal: "Ohhey that gives us an excuse to crash their party."
Anton: "You're… missing memories?"
Harriet: "Electrical engine? It doesn't need ragnite to run."
Black Viper: "I got some of my Vipers working for them, they don't know my friends are double agents"
Anton: "I'm assuming you aren't meaning memory as in power as you clearly could do that fine in combat."
Black Viper: "Not really, I got backups and spares, so I didn't lose any memories. I just don'twant that hardware going on around"
Black Viper: "Oh, believe me it'll take a few days to recharge after that"
Harriet: "I've worked on some prototypes, I've had some ideas, but the field is so new, my last one took up an entire room and it wasn't small either -"
Serenity: "No no I mean… even if she runs on electricity, wouldn't she still need an engine to generate it? Maybe one of those Goddess awful combustion engines I've heard about, but she isn't really big enough for that…?"
Harriet: "And you're - look at you!" Harriet gestures to all of Black Viper. "You're people sized!"
Hughbert: "I don't think Harriet will take kindly to you talking about her car as having a " Goddess awful engine ", Serenity… Well, assuming she isn't distracted…"
The Black Viper crosses her arms "I use a kind of engine you quite literally can't concieve yet. It'll be hundreds of years before you realize this particular state of matter can exist, much less theorize a fourth of what goes into my engine"
Black Viper: "But I also, uhn… 'eat light' for power too"
Black Viper: "In a simpler way to say it"
Harriet: "Huh? What?" Harriet looks over to Hughbert, confused, before she turns back to Viper. "Light? You can extract energy from light?!"
Anton: "… man. Why couldn't I be an Oracle scientist?"
Amal: "(Harriet we should totally invent the electric motor together after we save the world. Just sayin')"
Black Viper: "I can"
Serenity‘ reaches over, places a hand on Hughbert’s shoulder.
Harriet: "(YOU'RE GOING TO TELL ME EVERYTHING,)" Harriet stage-whispers to Amal, in such a way that everyone probably hears anyway.
Serenity: "That's definitely a ragnite powered car, buddy. You can tell because we don't need earplugs to ride in it, and it doesn't smeel like farts twenty four seven."
Black Viper: "By the way, I did promise both a material reward and information for your mission for victory, right, Hughbert?"
Amal: "Combustion engines are a terrible idea by the way."
Hughbert: "…Right, anyway, if either of you would like a nice research grant under the R+D Corps, it will be easy for me to make that happen. That goes for you too, Viper." He nods.
She pulls out a small square container out of a pocket. She hands it over to Hughbert "This is called papyrus poison, it's not quite the original but it's a potent combat-applicable psychotropic, it'll make your opponents confused. There's the recipe for it too, shouldn't be too hard to restock, but it needs a specialized container and that's the only one I got" she sits back down "As for the information"
Hughbert safely stores it away. "Should be able to reverse-engineer it if we need more, that's no problem."
Black Viper: "I know you're going to talk to the President but you need to know he's just a puppet at the moment, if you try any oficial means you're going to get run around, he isn't even in the capital where he should be, he's been more or less in house arrest in the official residence, where i'm taking us to. You'll need to quite literally break in to contact him"
Amal: "Who's pulling the strings?"
Black Viper: "There's six extraction companies, a kind of olygarchy led by the most powerful corporations in Orsis"
Amal: "Ugh…"
Black Viper: "I'll write down the list in a moment" because the GM didn't generate names for them all yet "They're… Not the best at their job even. They just have absolutely n o competition"
Serenity: "Wait did we stop talking about automatons, what's going on now?"
Harriet: "I was still thinking about the fact that Getterong's theory of sophistication is actually not bullshit honestly."
The Black Viper grins at Serenity‘ "I thought Hughbert must have been feeling left out of the conversation"
Black Viper: "So I added a bit for him"
Serenity` nods to Harriet with an "Aha." at Viper.
Harriet: "Okay, so, like, corporations, super evil, gotta take them all down. Hey, are your main functions in your head or your chest? It seems more logical that they’d be in the biggest cavity but humans have their main shit in their heads so I'm wondering just how close to human physiology you hew here."
Black Viper: "You could try to reach the President through his daughter Glacies, they're not in good terms but she has been more or less an underworld queen for a while, leading something of a small revolutionary form that's been a little inneffective given it's primary concerns" she looks at Harriet "Somewhat split, my core energy and spirit are in my chest since it's my most densely armored area, sensory functions and data storage are also in the head. We tried a few different designs but it just feels… TErrible to deviate too much from human form"
Harriet: "So, like, a literal and figurative heart, okay, makes sense. And you sense the differences and it feels wrong? That's really interesting, actually, implies that human 'consciousness' has expectations even removed from the body, I wonder how that would apply to transplants actually, this is basically just one giant techno-transplant…"
The Black Viper sighs "I'm not sure human consciousness really applies to me, but something like that. I can sense the difference and it just… Feels like the body is wrong. Not like I can't handle but it's a real bother"
Anton hears the term 'pulling the strings' and pulls out his book and jots something down on a piece of paper. He hands it to Serenity.
Serenity‘ tilts her head, opens it up.
Harriet: "So you’re not human? What species are you, then?"
She sighs "Fiend. Actually pretty snake-like, hence why I chose this name"
Serenity‘ frowns. "You alright?"
Hughbert adjusts his glasses. "So if we fracture and limit the power these companies hold, capitalism will do the rest, and they will be torn apart by competition doing the same job but better and for half the price."
Harriet: "Wait, so your original configuration is a snake? Then why are you in a humanoid body?" And does that make wanting to smooch you weird? Wait, no, don’t say that part.
Anton gives a thumbs up and a winning smile(tm).
Amal giggles.
Serenity‘ passes the note over to Amal before patting Anton reassuring on the shoulder.
Black Viper: "I miss my tail, and some arms. And my fangs, feels weird without them. But my proper body would look… Too out of place. But i’ve been pretty human before too so" she looks at Hughbert "There's still the problem of the immense levels of corruption in the government, proper capitalism will just fall back to this oligarchy again if that isn't resolved. There's people trying, but they need help"
Amal eats the note.
Harriet: "Wait, human and snake? How does that work? Like some sort of - mythological shapeshifter? Because shapeshifting has so many problems, the mass doesn't go anywhere, there's several laws of nature -"
Amal reads it first, obviously.
Serenity: "Lamia."
The Black Viper shakes her head "Like that, yeah. Also the world I was before didn't… Really have laws of nature in as much as it had laws of narrative"
Serenity: "…Say what now?"
Harriet: "Oh, the half-snake half-people things? Right, yeah, I guess that makes sense. And - what? You can't have a world without natural laws."
Black Viper: "It was like living in a story book that only follows what is important to the story"
Amal: "…it was the sort of world where anything could happen."
Hughbert: "Hmm… Right, the disease must be cured in a way that leaves the body immune to the same infection, that kind of strategy, huh…?"
Black Viper: "It's… Not a good world to live in, if you're not the main character"
Harriet: "But that makes no sense!"
Black Viper: "That wouldn't make sense to you, would it? Because it doesn't, it didn't need to."
Black Viper: "But this world very strongly refuses anything that doesn't make sense"
Black Viper: "… I love it"
Harriet: "A world needs - basic underlying structure, even if you don't know what the structure is! That's the entire point of science, figuring out what the rules are!"
Anton: "You say as we just fired a trans-dimensional beam."
Amal: "It was under rather less obligation to make sense than this world is."
Harriet: "The trans-dimensional beam makes sense! Science has described the possibility of wormholes before!"
Black Viper: "Pretty much Hughbert. Actually, if you want I can put some of my Lost Vipers under your care, they're good at being places and finding people that don't want to be found"
Harriet: "You can't just have a world based on a storybook! That's stupid! I feel stupider just knowing that!"
Anton: "So if we get the memory core back, think you can do something for us, Viper?"
Hughbert: "I'd be glad to have some under my [Command], if you're quite alright with that."
Amal giggles helplessly at Harriet.
The Black Viper looks at Harriet "Imagine if that underlying structure wasn't the laws of physics. It was the laws of narrative convenience. The Secret Science they called it… Bullshit is what it was but still"
The Black Viper grins at Anton "And what is that favor you need"
Amal also giggles helplessly at the Viper.
Anton: "You're going to tell me about the Eternal Stairway because without an aura I can neither get an empath reading on you for your reaction to my request nor can I look into your future or past as you have no threads to follow."
Harriet: "That's so dumb. That's so dumb. You can't just replace science with, with literature. Soft sciences are bullshit sciences!"
Serenity‘ leans over, gently pats Harriet on the leg.
Harriet looks like she’s about to launch into another rant, but then Serenity pats her and she flumps back in her chair and folds her arms instead. "So mad."
Black Viper: "Why do you think I like this world better, Harriet" she looks at Anton "Ah, that place… That place I got no idea, it's… I visited once, without anyone knowing of course. I could detect intense spatial distortions and I managed to map it to the entire space on the upper area of the tower being folded into a moebius strip, but there's no way I could do anything to that"
Hughbert: "Well, Harriet… It sounds a lot like… Picture if every experiment you ever conducted had exactly the sort of results you were looking for. And then, when you noticed this, you started doing experiments that should fail- but they don't. And then you create another Chinook, except, it's powered solely by your aggravation at the fact that it shouldn't be powered like that. I don't believe I'm making it sound better, am I…"
Serenity: "A… huh, yeah I guess… a moebius strip would do it."
Harriet: "I'm gonna go to that world and I'm gonna blow it up."
The Black Viper crosses her arms "Don't worry, I already did it"
Black Viper: "It's… That one's thankfully gone now"
Harriet: "You did? I knew there was a reason I liked you. Okay. Great. Fucking nonsense Wonderland is gone. Weight off my mind. Science prevails once again."
Amal still giggling!
Harriet: "Definitely stay in the world where concepts have meaning and there are actual laws."
Black Viper: "I plan on. Hah… Back there I was just a slave to the world after all, not a master of my own fate. I prefer it here, where I can be certain that this is always my story, even when ti runs in that of others"
Amal: "You won't find me disagreeing with that."
Hughbert: "What's a… A what strip now?"
Harriet: "Yeah, that must've been a nightmare. And, hey, now you've got a totally fucking sweet mecha-body, which - do you ever need to wind that, or is it entirely electrical?"
Serenity: "A moebius strip?"
The Black Viper picks a piece of paper and bends it into a kind of infinite symbol, except twisted "Like this, a moebius strip. If you follow this surface it will be infinite because it loops on itself"
Serenity: "It's like uh… Anton give me some more scrap paper please."
Anton tears a piece of paper out of his book and hands it to Serenity.
Serenity: "Oh, or weird snake lady can do it."
Hughbert: "How does that translate to us being unable to advance up the Bloodworks just because it's twisted?"
Serenity: "Basically it all loops back into itself at the same point without it being obvious."
Black Viper: "As she said"
Amal: "Imagine that, but in three dimensions. We keep walking… and walking… and wind up in the same place."
Serenity: "Sort of like um…"
Serenity‘ gesticulates in the air without saying anything for a while.
Serenity: "…Kind of like a portal that was for both space/time instead of just time…? And the portals were only a centimeter apart because of weird bendy physics?"
Black Viper: "It’s a hard to describe effect without an amazing grasp on physics"
Hughbert: "…So if we'd avoid the loop by moving in a third dimension…" He mimics jumping off the two-dimensional paper strip by lifting a finger up, and into the metaphorical Bloodworks. "We need to move in a fourth dimension to bypass the third-dimensional strip?"
Black Viper: "That would do it, if you could do that"
Serenity‘ nods.
Amal: "You shouldn’t do that, though!"
Harriet: "The fourth dimension is time."
Amal: "If- if something wanted to be left alone badly enough to turn reality into a pretzel so that they wouldn't be bothered it's- it's not very polite to barge in on them anyways, is it?"
Harriet: "Secrets are meant to be discovered, though. That's another key point of science!"
Serenity‘ turns and stares at Amal.
Serenity: "Consider the people gathered here in this room, little buddy."
Hughbert: "Hmm… But why would they do that in a tower in a populated area, and not… Any other location in the entire Goddess-blessed world?"
Serenity: "Oh!"
Serenity: "That one’s easy."
Black Viper: "I have no idea. But people are known to settle in places they shouldn't"
Serenity: "Our city state is WEIRD AS FUCK if you do even a little bit of investigation into its origins, and, uh, full of long lost and forgotten secrets."
Amal frowwwwnnnnnnnnnnnns.
Hughbert: "How exactly would I do research on lost and forgotten secrets…?"
Hughbert sips tea.
Serenity: "It's a very complicated field of study I'll grant."
Harriet: "Always start with the premise that you don't know, and work from there."
Serenity: "But uh there's a long and proud tradition of Masharas being where Secrets Go To Die And Be Forgotten."
Serenity: "Easiest example being the entire religion our society is founded upon."
Harriet: "Yeah, what's with that, anyway? It's not my wheelhouse, but it's always been kinda weird how we don't know shit but still swear to the Goddess."
Amal: "Which stops existing entirely in the future, mysteriously."
Hughbert just slowly pans over to Black Viper. "It's easy, she says. I just need to dig up forgotten secrets from a place where secrets want to be forgotten, she says. This tea is fantastic, by the way." Ssssssip.
The Black Viper looks out through a window "Well… I'll have to leave you now for a while, you did exhaust me completely so I need to catch some light and recharge. Feel free to help yourselves to anything here" she pets Amal gently for a moment before heading ou, through the roof of the car
Serenity: "Oh,"
Amal: "Waaaaaaiiiiitttt"
Serenity: "I didn't mean making sense out of it."
Harriet: "I've got to get some notes from her on how she does that."
Amal gets up and hugs the Black Viper before she takes off, then sits back down.
Serenity: "I just ment answering the question of 'why the tower was sitting in the middle of the R&D labs."
The Black Viper stops, hugs Amal closely, and then leaves
Serenity: "Looking into all that weird shit is kind of my hobby though."
Amal: "-I'd- build an R&D lab on top of the biggest, weirdest unsolved mystery."
Hughbert puts the tea down, walks over to a couch, puts his copy of Tactical Front-Line Arts, 27th edition under a couch pillow, and lies down on his side. "I'll be taking a nap the rest of the way." He then releases the biggest sigh.
Harriet: "Oh, sure, have fun." Harriet's pulled out a notebook and is scribbling wildly.
Serenity: "I can show you my notes on some of it when we get back home if you want!"
Serenity: "…Amal, how are you at cooking?"
Amal: "Boring but okay!"
Serenity: "…Okay I'll make us some food then, everyone else seems distacted."
Serenity` pushes off from the sofa, making her towards the kitchen area of the RV.
JayM: Such an amazing battle, such an interesting ending.
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