The smell of breakfast is welcoming, despite being somewhat meager, relatively speaking. Not so much that there's little to be had, but how much nearly a dozen people would consume in breakfast was deeply underestimated
That said, the table in the dining room is full, the kids and teenagers taking refuse in Ceres' house have raided most of it, then scattered around the house to actually sit down and eat, there's no space for that here in the dining room
Hughbert takes a fairly light plate, certainly less than a typical breakfast portion.
Harriet grabs something to eat and goes to find an empty space to sit amongst the teenagers. She's still technically a teen, she counts.
Still, the knock on the door is a portent of omen as soon after Ceres takes the door you hear "I warned you… Now come in, quickly" coming through in her voice
Anton gets out of his seat before smiling to the others. "Please excuse me. I forgot to wash up before the meal!" He nods and walks off towards the door.
She shouts to the inside "I need help over here, someone go open the medicine cabinet, free up my room!" three orders
Serenity‘ shrugs at Anton, shoving some bread into her mouth.
Amal doesn’t eat much (and makes a mental note to send these guys some money once they're back in Masharas.)
Serenity: "Think that's for you, Amal."
Harriet: "I don't even know which one is her room," Harriet shrugs, haplessly.
But a moment later Ceres passes by, running, towards upstairs
And afterwards it's Anton that arrives- He's carrying Matheus
Hughbert sizes up the teens with a glance and [Commands] them with authority. "You two, lend her a hand! In the back, you, get that medicine. The rest of you, clear a space in that room!"
Matheus is walking with difficulty, his entire torso is bathed red in blood, he can still move but badly
Amal: "Wait, what?"
Harriet: "Shit, Matheus?!"
Matheus: "Ahh… She caught me…"
Matheus: "I…"
Serenity: "She?"
A moment later Ceres comes running back down "Thanks Hughbert" she looks at Serenity "Questions later, take him to my room, we need to take care of this quickly"
Harriet shoves the rest of her bread at Serenity and gets up. She'll help him walk if he needs it.
Amal follows along behind the wounded friend-of-a-friend, healing sparkles at the ready!
Anton nods before making his way to the room in question. "Amal, y'mind interrupting your meal for a minute here?"
Serenity‘ shrugs again, shoving the rest of Harriet’s bread into her mouth.
Amal is already up and following 'em, yup!
He needs more than help to walk, he needs to be carried "W-wait, I…" he's grasping badly at something that he tries to give but his arm loses strength- A duffel bag full of books scatters on the floor
Anton: "Someone pick those up. Thanks~."
Serenity: "'Kay."
Still, you quickly take him to Ceres' room. Those with experience would notice that this room has been quite aptly prepared, and how quickly she did this. It's suitable enough for emergency treatment, you wonder if Ceres might have been a field medic or something
Serenity‘ plops down on the ground next to the book, sort of gathering them in a stack, and then flipping open one to glance through while she finishes eating.
Hughbert tears strips of cloth from his disguise cloak apart and hands them to one of his helpers. "Combine this bottle with some water. Soak these rags in the solution. This will disinfect them. Amal, do you need anything to do… Er… Your unique Amal things?"
Anton: "Geeze. With how much of a reading I got from you I didn’t figure you'd go down this easy, though."
Harriet struggles to get Matheus to the appropriate horizontal surface properly, but she manages without dropping him. "Geez, you're heavy…"
Matheus has lost a lot of blood, his consciousness is fading "She… She's got Ing…" as he's laid down on the bed you realize he's wearing what looks like was the belt portion of his armor, the telltale violet glow of tranport force gear
Amal shakes their head, taking a few deep breaths, fingertips shimmering with a web of light, flicking off little sparkles towards Matheus carefully, keeping him stable. "Yikes…"
Ceres looks at Hughbert and gives him a small smile, she lets him command while she tends to the wound. It's… A little ugly given all the bleeding, two stab wounds, one in the torso and another in the thigh
Harriet crouches by the bed as out of the way as she can get, holding onto his hand. "Don't worry about it, okay? Don't worry about it, we'll sort it out, just - don't worry about it."
Anton: "Let me know if you need me for something." He nods to the others before leaving the room again. He'd likely just get in the way at this point.
Hughbert: "Anton, just a moment. What's the likelihood that he was tracked to this location?"
After a few more minutes he's patched up, the cuts have been bandaged and Ceres has managed to jury-rig an IV drip on his left arm "The wounds aren't deadly if taken care quickly, he should be fine"
Anton: "It's not hard to track a limping man, Hughbert."
Ceres: "But he's lost a lot of blood, must have been wandering a long time before getting here, so he'll need time to recover"
Anton: "They let him come here."
Harriet: "You'll - you'll be okay, okay? Just stay with me, here. You'll be fine," Harriet talks to Matheus as the procedure goes through, and it sounds like she's trying to convince herself as much as him. Once they're done, Ceres seems to relieve her some with her assurances. "… okay. That's good."
Ceres sighs "I told him it was dumb to try to deal with Redica on his own"
Ceres: "Then again, you're all here now so I guess he's not so much on his own now, is he"
Harriet: "Of course he's not! … you'll take care of him, right?"
Harriet: "This isn't - it's out of my wheelhouse." Harriet sounds kind of helpless about the whole thing.
Amal glances up at Harriet, nods almost imperceptibly. "Heh. Being in the right place at the right time is kinda our thing."
Hughbert reaches down to pick up a book - first wiping off a smattering of blood with what's left of his cloak - and examines the cover. "He was true to his word. We must now follow through on our part of the plan."
Serenity: "It's both dense and boring, good luck."
Anton slips off into the hallway and out of sight.
Harriet wipes any blood off of her hands on her dress (it can't be that much worse than motor oil, right?) and picks up a book. "Right, let's see…"
Hughbert: "Forgive my doubt, but you don't seem like the type who would be a good judge of cultural literature." Hughbert finishes giving an order or two, then digs in himself.
Serenity: "They're law books, man."
Serenity: "They're intentially writen to be as obtuse as possible."
The books are both history books and an actual large legal codex, the history books are all about application of the old laws
JayM: He did bring back the books of the Land Knights' laws
Harriet frowns, but she presses through! If only she'd kept an open mind about social science like Matheus.
Amal sticks around and Is Helpful with Matheus. Unless he's stable and getting doctor'd on now? Either way they can still probably help. Healing sparkles are a heck of a thing.
Serenity: "Small upside, by the by, his gear is pretty far away and losing power so… they probably aren't planning on using it on us, I guess."
JayM: They are definitely useful, Amal, he's going to recover a fair ways faster this way
Harriet: "Oh, yeah, 'Ing' is probably his armor-sword deal, it fits his weird naming schemes."
Hughbert: "Hm. The simple way to solve it is to challenge this leader to trial by combat. Quite an exciting loophole."
Harriet: "Trial by combat, huh…?"
Even though Hughbert is a savant of literature, the law books are dense, complex and quite literally purposefully made so the average person couldn't decypher them. It takes a few hours before anything useful can be gleaned from them
By that time Ceres has mostly ushered everyone out of the room while Matheus recovers, right now he needs rest
Serenity: "I guess that's KIND of like lighting everything on fire which is definitely the mood I'm in now."
Hughbert: "There are other rules we can use to delegitimize her before her followers. The Land Knights' name does exist because they tended to the land, and if we prove that she has been negligent of the responsibility, then we can demand the appropriate punishment - exile."
Anton is sitting down on a chair in a nearby room. He seems pretty oblivious to anything around him at the moment and his force gear is making a light whirring noise.
Hughbert: "Also, this rule about age… Age was directly correlated with leadership ability. If we had someone qualified and of a greater age, we could demand they be the proper replacement."
Amal has been sneaking Anton surreptitious curious looks for a while, yeah.
Serenity: "I feel like letting Harriet blow the bitch up is probably the easiest solution."
Harriet: "Yeah, but finding someone older might give them more stability afterwards too."
Harriet: "I'm so not ready to settle down with a spooky lab on the hill."
Amal isn't interrupting his concentration because that would be mean and awful! "…why don't we do all of the above? I doubt she'll just step down nicely if we ask her to, anyways, even if we do have a better replacement."
Serenity: "Assuming you can find someone older that both gives and shit and isn't as much of if not more of a lunatic, I guess."
Harriet: "Hey, I wonder if Ceres is a Rapiera?"
Hughbert: "The clause regarding age will be how we cleanly resolve the situation. The clause involving exile will be how we get her followers to doubt her. And the trial by combat will make up the bulk of the plan. There are no rules about combatant limits, so we'd have the optimal chance of success by outnumbering her."
Harriet snaps her fingers. "Right. Hughbert, you're so good at this stuff."
Anton closes his eyes for three seconds before opening them again. He lets out a long sigh. "Sometimes I think the world would be a better place without Oracles and Mediums…"
Serenity: "I feel like if she was she probably woulda done something by now." Serenity signs, dropping the book she's going through and leaning back for a oment before shouting. "Hey, grandma! You a Rapiera descendent?"
Ceres looks at Serenity "It's only us left here now, everyone else was ran out"
Serenity: "Oh. Well. That was easy."
Amal: "Whatcha lookin' at, Anton~?"
Ceres: "I guess the old sword's still somewhere in this house, but i'd rather not remember where it is" "
Serenity‘ tilts her head at Anton curiously.
Ceres: "Of course, I heard the plan. So I may be able to help"
Amal: "I didn’t know you could do that with your force gear, that's pretty cool~." They grin.
Serenity: "Really? You strike me as the kinda old lady that doesn't much care for taking shit from uppity little kids. Kinda surprised you haven't bitch slapped her into submission yet."
Ceres: "If I had a small army maybe"
Hughbert: "As long as you're willing to try, we'd be happy to have you on board with us. You can leave the execution of the trial to us."
Harriet: "Well, I mean, oldness comes with patience, right?"
Harriet: "At least that's what all the old professors would tell me."
Amal: "Luckily you do have a small army now!"
Ceres: "But she's got followers, and i'm honestly old. But you're right, maybe I do"
Harriet: "Yeah, we're an elite strike force." Please no one point out they're actually just a collection of nerds…
Anton: "The last two days, mostly. Redica and the others obviously did that to Matheus. The recovery movement in general though has had subtle help from an Oracle. When he was sneaking to get the books someone rewrote history so a strap on his armor would break alerting everyone which caused them to attack him. There also has been tampering regarding some… military trucks? They forced a change in the route they took which allowed the recove
Anton: which allowed the recovery movement to ambush them. I presume for supplies. "
Amal: "Huh, that's interesting. Wonder who it is…?"
Serenity: "So…"
Serenity: "I was kinda under the impression that the Church kinda had a lockdown on the Oracle nonsense but like…"
Anton: "I too was under this impression, but clearly that's only in Masharas."
Serenity: "This is now three hostile Oracles we've encountered in this country alone, although I guess only two if I" m not counting Alcor, and there was that other innocent kid who seemed good natured but was also defintiely an Oracle. "
Harriet scratches at the back of her head. "Well, I guess the Church sort of centralised them back home."
Hughbert: "Is there any way to track a tampered causality back to its source, Anton?"
Ceres sighs "Thank you, i'm not quite fit for combat anymore, but i'll be ready"
Harriet: "Don't worry, gran! Just leave the explosions to us!"
Anton: "Not easily, at least. I can see exactly what points in time were altered when I look back on things but all I can tell is that someone changed these events quite a while ago. I'm near-sighted and things get really hard for me to follow the further away it gets."
She considers for a moment "I'll get myself ready, tell me when you're set to go do… Whatever you plan on" she says, heading over to do just that
Anton: "They changed this quite a while ago."
[OOC] Anton: I already said that whoops
Serenity: "Huh."
Harriet: "Right, I should, uh…" Harriet looks down at her bloodied clothes. "Probably get changed?"
Serenity: "Unless you're going for the deranged, unhinged mad scientist look when we roll in."
Hughbert: "So, for our part… I believe we have a decent chance of being able to choose our battleground. Any fair trial requires witnesses- we should choose a populated area and simply begin preaching about Redica's breaches of the law and demand she answer for them."
Harriet: "I mean, 'unhinged mad scientist' is a great look, but yeah, I guess it wouldn't really work in our favour." So Harriet goes to retrieve some more clothes and change! Somewhere. Luckily she's not that modest.
JayM: Come on this may be full to the brim but is still a house
Anton pouts. "And here I wanted to challenge them to an air race or something. Combats fine, too."
JayM: You probably brought a change of your own too so there's that
Serenity: "He specifically said trial by combat, not contest."
Hughbert: "You'll be the first to know if I read about a trial by air race in the Land Knights' laws."
Harriet did! It's just as plain as her other dress, though. Fashion is just not her wheelhouse.
Anton chuckles. "Walked into that one, huh?"
Harriet commandeers a bathroom, washes off the blood, gets changed. (Why'd the blood have to soak through to her petticoats?!) It's a complicated enough process that it takes a few minutes, but she's out eventually.
JayM: So off to the city to start preaching, huhn?
JayM: A good place, let's see, there's a large central plaza near the city center, that should do
Harriet: "Okay, I'm good. Let's go steal a city square."
The city square, it's a large plaza with marble flooring, there's a large fountain in it's center and a raised platform before the fountain. Large marble pillars make the plaza look a little terrifying the way it is, though there's benches and plant pots there is no full grown tree here
Serenity: "Two, three, not it."
Serenity‘ plops herself down on the edge of the unraise portion of the foutain, folds her arms over her chest, then closes her eyes and starts mumbling to herself.
Harriet: "Uh… so do I just pull out my sword and start yelling about how she’s not taking care of things?"
Anton jots down a note on a paper before holding it out to Serenity with two fingers. He dangles it there for a while since her eyes are closed. He's patient.
Serenity‘ is going to be like that for a while. Probably faster to just nudge her. Although sitting there with an arm extended for liekt wenty minutes WOULD be kinda funny…
JayM: Indeed, Harriet, how’re you going to kick this off? (just so I know how to start this)
Hughbert: "Hmm… She hoarded the books. None of these people understand the law. Pointing that out, then explaining it -" he holds up a book or five "- ought to get their attention. You're likely to be the most effective speaker here, thanks to your cutlery."
Anton knows better than to interrupt people. God knows if someone shook him when he was doing some of his things he'd completely lose track of the thread he was following.
JayM: So
Harriet: "Okay," Harriet takes one of the books and gets up on the raised platform. She pulls out her sword with her other hand and holds it up. "Oookay…"
Harriet: "HEEEYYY!" Harriet hollers, waving the book. "Stop what you're doing and pay attention to me because I've got some shit you really want to hear!"
Serenity‘ eventually opens her eyes slightly, giving a curious look to Anton before taking the slip of paper and reading it.
Harriet’s a little awkward, or a lot awkward, that's for certain. But after a half an hour you gathered a small crowd talking about the ancient laws. Soon enough, thankfully, Hughbert can find a way to hijack the lession when he realizes Harriet is running out of steam, that's fine too because his ability to [Command] an audience is just what is needed here
It's like an open air lesson on history and law for a while, until you start talking about the part of taking care of the land and how bad state it is in and how Redica is failing at her job
Hughbert has a bit of dryness in his explanations, but makes sure not to leave out the details and connections to thecurrent situation.
Anton gives her a quick wink before turning his attention to Harriet.
Harriet is more than happy to stand around beside him with the legitimacy of her sword because wow public speaking is not her thing. Also she might have called Redica 'Regina' a couple of times before someone stepped in with a save.
At this point there's quite a bit of dissent, but you manage to keep it to mostly discourse, it takes about an hour before your prey finally appears. Decked out in mostly the same armor that Matheus was wearing later is this tall woman with broad shoulders- She's far too well dressed under the armor, her entire appearance looks regal (or as much asi t can look with Ing on) and very well
JayM: worked on "And just who are you to tell lies about me"
Serenity‘ stares at the back of Anton head for a bit before shrugging. She’s still mumbling to herself.
Amal: "Just educating your people on things you decided they should remain ignorant of~ No big deal."
Harriet: "I'm Harriet Babbage, and we're not lying! You're the liar, you liar."
Redica draws the sword from her back, pointing it at Harriet "You! So you are the one who made my most trusted turn traitor!"
Hughbert: "So good to meet you, miss Redica. I take it you're familiar with the laws you tried your best to keep your followers from reading up on?" He holds a book up, tapping it with the back of his other hand.
She looks at Hughbert- He knows a good actor when he sees one, but for for just the moment her features betray her worriedness, but that was just a moment "And of what would you incriminate me of?"
Redica: "Everyone here knows how much I have worked for our people"
Harriet: "Oh, sure, worked to keep them stupid!"
Harriet looks kind of nervous about that sword.
Hughbert: "Under the name of the Land Knights, correct? The very same knights that turn in their graves at the very thought of what you're doing to it with your grip on the Sacred Grove! You should know better than anyone that the punishment for that crime is nothing short of exile!"
Harriet: "Yeah! You're supposed to be taking care of the land, it's right there in the name!"
Redica: "Our ancestors have cared for this lang for generations!" she turns to her followers "And we have, haven't we?!"
JayM: There's cheering for her
Serenity: "Oh, she's here. Thank the Goddess."
Serenity‘ rolls her head around her neck as she finally stops mumbling and notices Redica here.
JayM: But some of the people closer, some that arrived first, aren’t cheering, a few more are not that into it
Harriet: "If you've been caring for it for generations, where's all the big trees?!"
JayM: Isn't that a good question, Harriet
Anton: "Sorry to interrupt, but what was in the military trucks you guys raided earlier this week?"
JayM: Redica has no answer to that, so she decides to answer Anton instead "What else but proof the invaders wanted this land to themselves?"
Hughbert: "I'm sure you'll eat a hearty meal tonight, miss Redica, but how many here will go to bed hungry and wanting? Where is the literal fruit of your labor?"
She takes a half-second too many to speak "Have you seen the surrounding lands? Have you seen what we have done in the Grove?"
JayM: You have certainly seen the surrounding lands, not nearly as good as it should be, honestly
Anton: "I'm sure you take care of the lands as well as you took care of Matheus, yeah."
Amal: "I'm pretty sure there are blasted wastelands that've been better taken care of…"
Serenity: "Uh…"
Serenity: "Hold up."
There's murmurs around, people are getting a little bit uneasy, or maybe an actual bit more than that
Serenity: "Hold up."
Harriet turns to look at Serenity.
Serenity: "You think people want to invade your poison filled hell hole of a nation…? God, you're fucking stupid."
Anton: "Who did those trucks belong to, anyways?"
Serenity: "We're the ones that gave you guys the tech to get the grooves up and running in the first place."
Redica points at Serenity "You dare call your own what we built ourselves?"
Hughbert: "We've seen quite enough of what you managed to do yourself. A mere shell of what they could be under a proper leader. One who, according to the Codex of Land Knight Law I hold here - " he holds it up "- has the prerequisite age and wisdom. Valuable assets that the true Land Knights placed great worth on." He shoots the others a glance for deviating from the script, though… They DO have good points…
Serenity: "Was a joint operation, numbnuts. That's why we're here in the first place. To do maitence. Because we understand those systems."
Redica looks at Hughbert "Age and wisdom… And is there anyone else here more qualified than me?"
Serenity: "And your dumb ass bandits keep taking them over and fucking with them. If it wasn't for you chuckle fucks the soil and water would be a lot better off now than it is."
Harriet: "Yeah, there is! Even though you've driven off all the old people!"
Amal grins at Serenity for reasons unknown.
Harriet: "Which was totally on purpose, wasn't it?"
At about this time a voice calls out from further behind you "That would be me, Redica" Ceres shows up- She's wearing clothes with earthen tones, with a simple apperance aside from the band in her right arm bearing the image of a red leaf- It's obviously a military uniform. Ceres looks at Harriet "It's pretty obvious it is now"
Hughbert: "We've met a Rapiera many years your elder, named Ceres, who tends to many of the children who suffer on the streets under your regime."
Ceres sighs "Listen, kid, you're cornered now, your lies can't hold on any more. Please stand down and leave"
Anton glances at Hughbert before shaking his head. "She can't even point the finger at who's invading them. Do you often deal with people like this during negotiations?"
Redica looks at Ceres, then at Hughbert "The goddess knows who should lead us, so let her decide!" she raises up her blade and then points it at Ceres "I'll call for a trial by combat, that her guidance may show us who is correct!"
Hughbert stage whispers: "Very few people both require detainment and are well-informed, Anton. The overlap is a bit dramatic."
Ceres takes a step back "I'm past the time in my life to fight, although i'll choose those young ones to represent me"
Harriet crosses her sword over Redica's. "We're her champions, you get it?"
Redics huffs "Fine, hiding behind the outsiders, you coward. So be it, with my armor I don't need any help, i'll you and take you all down by myself!"
Hughbert: "We-" he gestures to the party "-will accept the invitation to represent miss Ceres in this trial. Now, prepare yourself!"
JayM: It's time for a trial by combat! -
Harriet steps back and sheathes her sword, picking up the ECC from where it had hung in its strap.
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Serenity [B]:8 Redica, The False Rune [F]:9 Harriet [B]:11 Amal [B]:12 Hughbert [F]:16
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==========]
JayM: I already gave you the 10D from the party ability, Anton
Redica swings her blade to the side and keeps a wide stance, the sword is far too large to be handled as easily as she does, but that's to be expected from it's construction
Anton: Assassinate - Once per expedition, at the beginning of the battle, select one monster. It takes +100% damage (2) from the first attack it suffers.
JayM: You've a good plan, she's marked for assassination
Anton chews at his lip before an image appears in front of him. [Copycat]
Anton rolled 1d4 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
Serenity: "Just to let you know…"
Anton summons a copy of Serenity before firing off a [Sniper Beam - 50D | 60D Timer]
Serenity: "Telling the Goddess to decide wasn't your best plan; she loves me a lot more than most people."
Amal: "Okay, so, we're doin' this."
JayM: A copy of Serenity.
JayM: And now, Serenity!
Serenity: "Also that's kind of creepy Anton, what the fuck?"
Anton scratches his head before smiling. "Well, I mean Cor doesn't summon images of herself either. I just repeated an action you took in the past."
Serenity‘ swings her rifle around before firing at a point behind Redica. [50D] [60D Ground Trap]
Serenity: "Cor said her images were herself, just younger!"
JayM: Time Cards Forever
Anton: "Nah. Cors image is of the first known Oracle many generations ago."
Serenity: "Huh…"
Serenity: "Wonder why she lied about that."
Redica pulls out a small pistol "Now how did this… If you can’t dodge the Marker, then…" she points it at Harriet and fires- Harriet feels nothing, but there was the sound of air pressure "You cannot dodge me!"
Harriet has Magnetic Marker(U), she is now the focus of Redica's attacks
Hughbert slips in front of the blow, softening it by using the Codex of Land Knight Law- which thankfully survives due to his force gears' shielding. [Physical Interference (Guard Assist)]
Harriet: "Hughbert help!! - phew okay."
JayM: That's not an attack that's just Snarler passive choosing the target
JayM: And you can't seven see the projectile, sadly, to intervene
Hughbert doesn't do that I guesssssssss
Redica then presses a button in the sword, it splits apart in the middle to reveal the gravity assembly, pointing it at Harriet as it starts charging [Graviton Mark]
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Amal [B]:1 Hughbert [F]:5 Redica, The False Rune [F]:13 Anton [B]:39 Serenity [B]:47 Sniper Beam:49 Ground Trap:57
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==========] Assassinate(2)
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet: "Oh come on, did you really just steal his entire force gear?"
Serenity: "Not all of it, but most of it."
Harriet: "You bitch! Here, let me show you what a force gear does when it's not blatantly stolen." Harriet flicks a few switches on her cannon, turning up a knob, and it begins spinning up, electricity sparking inside of it. [45D, -1 luck]
Redica: "Steal? He built it for me"
[OOC] Harriet: 45CT, even
JayM: Amal!
Serenity: "Bullshit."
Harriet: "Listen, lady, when you take it off of his bleeding body it sure as hell is close enough to stealing for government work."
Amal nods sharply and starts weaving together a mesh of protective light. [CT 10]
Hughbert holds up the Codex of Land Knight Law- "Our Rapiera will not bend to you." The air around Harriet swirls and shimmers, forming a spherical barrier around her. [Compressed Sphere, 40D] on Harriet
JayM: Amal, it goes off!
Harriet: "Thanks, Hughbert. You're the best."
Amal points in Harriet's direction and the web of light flickers through the air to settle around her contentedly like a well-fed cat. [Protect D30 - -30% physical damage (5)!]
Harriet: "You're great too, Amal!"
Harriet: "See, Redica, if you weren't such a fuckup you'd have friends to help you out too."
JayM: A protective field around Harriet!
Redica smirks "But I have them!" she looks at the crowd "Don't I?!" there's some cheering. She raises her blade in the air and it starts floating, the tubing on it disconnects. She points forward as the blade is encased in dark energy "You're going to down" and the blade flies towards Harriet! [Graviton Mark]
JayM rolled 1d10+110 and got 4 ( Total: 114 ) for Magical damage
The blade strikes for [114] Magical damage and leaves a Graviton Mark(6) as Harriet feels heavier. The blade flies at and past Harriet, Redica points at the blade and it stops midair, turning around [M-Link Blade Crash]
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Amal [B]:2 Blade Crash:4 Harriet [B]:6 Hughbert [F]:6 Serenity [B]:8 Redica, The False Rune [F]:9 Sniper Beam:10 Ground Trap:18
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==========] Assassinate(1)
JayM: Anton!
Loud beeping from Hughbert's direction, force gear activation, the barrier shines, damage redirection successful! [57] damage to Redica and Hughbert!
Harriet is slammed to the ground by the force of the blow, and she finds it curiously more difficult to pull herself up afterwards, though she manages eventually. "Ugh…"
Harriet: "Yeah, sure, use dumb gravity tricks to pretend like you're doing better at this than you are."
JayM: Graviton Mark: It can be detonated for +50% incoming damage whenever Redica wishes, also deals 110 Magical to the rest of the party when doing so
Harriet: "I'm fine, see?" She hefts her ECC back up.
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 520/600, MP: 650/700, LP: 7/8, SoS: 150 - L-Ether - 0 (-)
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==========] Assassinate(1) Drive Up [+10%](2)
JayM: Forgot that status, too, as her force gear amps up in damage
JayM: Either way, Anton
Anton summons three Antons in the back row. He then snaps his fingers as one of them transforms into another Serenity. She repeats the motion of the sniper beam as the blast in the sky suddenly gets a lot larger. [Phantom Rush | 70D , 30D x2 | Destruction (Destroyed 1 image to give +100% to Sniper Beam)]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Blade Crash:2 Harriet [B]:4 Hughbert [F]:4 Serenity [B]:6 Redica, The False Rune [F]:7 Sniper Beam:8 Ground Trap:16 S-Anton A [B]:28 S-Anton B [B]:28 Anton [B]:68
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==========] Assassinate(1) Drive Up [+10%](2)
JayM: So many combatants and time cards, Amal!
Amal doesn't… look like they're doing anything, just tapping their foot against the ground with a frown. [CT 10]
The sword shudders… And Redica pulls back the hand pointing at it! The Sword flies back towards her hands, striking Harriet again for another [114] Magical damage!
JayM: Harriet!
Serenity: "The hell are you doing."
up arrow enter, [57] damage to Redica and Hughbert
Redica catches the sword as it returns "Useful, isn't it"
Harriet stumbles, but manages to keep her footing this time. She swings her cannon around towards Redica, sneering as she pulls a crank. "I'll show you useful." [Storm Guillotine, 50D]
JayM: So Much Damage, roll it!
Harriet rolled 1d12*2.2+450*2.2 and got 2 ( Total: 994.4000000000001 )
The lightning flies at her and strikes- It seems to divert away at a point but not everything can be diverted and it strikes right at her for immense damage
Redica: "You think that little toy can do anything…"
JayM: Hughbert!
Serenity‘ snaps her fingers as the lingering electricity explodes. [Assist]
Dicebot:// Multiple Dice Error: Unable to parse 12+180 in 12+180
Serenity` rolled d12+180 and got 10 ( Total: 190 )
JayM: //Damage abounds

Harriet: "This ’little toy' is the culmination of months of work, and you're the testing ground!"
Hughbert: "Just keep calm, Harriet. She hurt herself that attack more than anything." [Split Solid Pulse, 50D] on Harriet and Hughbert
Hughbert rolled 1d6+40 and got 6 ( Total: 46.0 ) for healed
Harriet: "Calm?! Calm?! I'm totally tranquil!" Harriet was not, in any way, shape or form, totally tranquil.
[OOC] Hughbert: and Pulse [40 HP] for (3)
JayM: Such tranquility
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity‘ scratches behind her head, then shrugs and fires into the space behind Redica. After a moment’s concentration, two motes appear. [[50D - Sniper Beam] [SomebodyLoves Me @ 40D and 60D]
JayM: Battle order: Redica, The False Rune [F]:0 Sniper Beam:1 Amal [B]:3 Ground Trap:9 S-Anton A [B]:21 S-Anton B [B]:21 Sniper Beam:39 Harriet [B]:47 Hughbert [F]:47 Serenity [B]:49 Sniper Beam 2:59 Anton [B]:61
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [========= ] Drive Up [+10%](1)
JayM: So damn many time cards, look at this init list
Redica points her blade at Harriet "Now it's my turn to show you my power…" she starts… Floating a little bit "Limiter Release!" suddenly the very air around her becomes distorted and you can feel a light tug of all of your metallic materials towards her [Quick - Limiter Release]
JayM: Whatever she's doing will take a while to happen, though
Serenity: "That's gunna be slightly annoying."
JayM: Battle order: Sniper Beam:0 Amal [B]:2 Ground Trap:8 Redica, The False Rune [F]:19 S-Anton A [B]:20 S-Anton B [B]:20 Sniper Beam:38 Harriet [B]:46 Hughbert [F]:46 Serenity [B]:48 Sniper Beam 2:58 Anton [B]:60
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [========= ] Drive Up [+10%](1)
JayM: Sniper… Beeeam!
Harriet plants her heels in the ground and takes a tight hold of her cannon. "You had better not."
Anton watches as his powered up (But not 0-10D :() Sniper Beam hits Redica.
Anton rolled 1d12*2+180*2 and got 3 ( Total: 366.0 )
JayM: She's struck by a beam from above
JayM: Amal!
Amal claps their hands together, and the magnetic effect on Harriet just… /goes away/, with a wrenching shift in the nature of local causality. It never happened. [Perfect Cleanse D15]
JayM: And just like that, the mark is gone
JayM: A trap for the ages, Ground Trap!
Anton: "That next hit is going to hurt, by the way. Three times as much!"
Harriet: "Huh…?" Harriet looks around, and then nods to Amal. "Not sure what you did, but thanks."
Serenity‘ rolled d10+150 and got 1 ( Total: 151 ) for -50% to Redica’s next attack
Anton glances at Serenity. "Two… point five times as much?"
Serenity: "Huh?"
Hughbert: "I didn't think you were good at on-the-fly mathematics, Anton."
Anton: "Oh, Hughbert. One day I'll be able to get past that rough suity exterior and find out what you really think of me~."
The energy trap strikes deep!
Hughbert: "I have made no effort to hide my opinion. It's likely exactly what you think it is."
JayM: Battle order: Redica, The False Rune [F]:0 S-Anton A [B]:1 S-Anton B [B]:1 Amal [B]:13 Sniper Beam:19 Harriet [B]:27 Hughbert [F]:27 Serenity [B]:29 Sniper Beam 2:39 Anton [B]:41
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [======== ] Drive Up [+10%](1)
Redica tosses her blade upwards "(Now if this is right…)" the blade remains firmly in the air horizontal to the ground a good distance above- The dust that has been caused by the attacks everywhere seem to settle on a spirally pattern… From the sword, towards Harriet
Anton: "That limiter release thing she did makes her slower and she hits three times as hard." He explains now to Serenity.
Harriet: "Shield, set up!" Harriet pulls up an arm, her force diffuser flaring into life to take some of the force of the attack. [-20%]
Serenity: "Oh."
Redica jumps up! She lands on top of the sword as if it was a board, she pulls out two pistols as he impact of her jump makes the blade start sliding forward "Take this!" she starts firing at Harriet as she goes down faster and faster, the tip of the blade coated in a brilliant blue energy! As she finally comes to impact point she jumps off, the blade going straight to Harriet's shield!
[OOC] JayM: Magnetic Sword Diver
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 ) for 80/30
The impact is terrible dealing immense damage
JayM rolled 1d10+390,250 and got 8 ( Total: 995.0 )
JayM: Dealing a massive [995] Physical Melee damage!
[OOC] Amal: LP dodddggggge
Harriet is just barely not there. [-1 LP]
The hand of fate intervenes for Redica [-2 LP] and she still somehow still hits
Serenity‘ lets out a sigh - hm that’s an odd wind ……….
Hughbert slips in front of the blow, softening it by using the Codex of Land Knight Law- which thankfully survives due to his force gears' shielding. [Physical Interference (Guard Assist)]
Amal: "What the…?"
Hughbert takes the hit like a boss! Redica raises up her hand "Now… Burst!" [Quick - M-Link Blade Burst]
JayM: In 10D Hughbert is going to take (Max HP - Current HP) in damage
Harriet: "Hughbert-!!"
Serenity: "Something about that felt off."
JayM: Battle order: S-Anton A [B]:0 S-Anton B [B]:0 Blade Burst:9 Amal [B]:12 Sniper Beam:18 Harriet [B]:26 Hughbert [F]:26 Serenity [B]:28 Sniper Beam 2:38 Anton [B]:40 Redica, The False Rune [F]:79
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [======== ]
JayM: S-Antons!
Amal: "Yeah no shit."
S-Anton A fires at Redica. The second one glances at Amal and winks at him before vanishing.
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
Serenity: "…Wait, did you just say 'shit'?"
Amal: "Uhh."
Amal scuffs at the ground with a foot.
Serenity‘ squints her eyes, glancing and feeling around for traces of Alcor or Lola.
Hughbert puts a little more into the book-barrier…! [spending LP on damage reduction, now calculating…]
Anton makes that hit with [1 LP]
Anton rolled d12+140 and got 10 ( Total: 150.0 )
JayM: That’s ahit!
[OOC] Hughbert: 2 LP] for a total of -40% damage reduction (first hit targeting me), for [597] damage!
Anton: "There's an oracle nearby, by the way. I can't really focus on finding them during the fight but they're definitely helping them seem more competent."
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 352/650, Stored: 298, MP: 650/650, LP: 5/6, SoS: 162
JayM: And the second shadow!
[OOC] Anton: Does nothing it can't target the same target.
JayM: Alright
[OOC] Anton: They were just summon fodder to boost sniper beam
Serenity: "Aha."
Then, Hughbert realizes the energy from the blade is still coalescing around his body… It simply explodes on him for [350] damage as the sword finally flies back to Redica
JayM: Amal!
Harriet: "Hughbert, are you - Hughbert!"
JayM: I am also bad at tracking that friggen status
Amal: "H- hang in there!!" [CT 10]
JayM: And now, Sniper Beeeeeam!
Hughbert: "Gah! That… Stings… But I can handle it. I require some assistance…"
Serenity‘ rolled d12+180 and got 2 ( Total: 182 ) for and the second disappears since it can’t hit the same target, was just fishing for a timed hit :(
JayM: Right, Hughbert also get Mag Stun(4), take and deal -30% damage, dissipates on being healed, which he will in just a moment so don't mind it
Harriet: "Th- thanks. You'll be okay, okay?"
JayM: Amal!
Amal frantically throws magic sparkles at Hughbert. Yikes! [Cure D35]
Amal rolled d12+180 and got 2 ( Total: 182 )
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:0 Serenity [B]:2 Anton [B]:14 Amal [B]:31 Redica, The False Rune [F]:53
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [======== ] Drive Up [+20%](1)
JayM: Harriet and Hughbert!
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 359/650, Stored: 473, MP: 570/650, LP: 3/6, SoS: 162
Anton fires a late attack assist on Serenities hit since I was grabbing my food >.>
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 80
[OOC] Anton: Not spending LP on that carry on
JayM: Attack assit fail
Harriet turns a knob, flicks a switch, and things start charging up again. [20CT]
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert causes some irregularity in the flow of the fountain behind him, water building up top… [CT15]
Serenity‘ glances at Redica, frowns. "Actually I can fix this." She exhales, then fires a small mote behind her. [50D - Inertia Canceller] [@40D]
JayM: Serenity!
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:1 Harriet [B]:6 Amal [B]:17 Inertia Canceller:28 Serenity [B]:38 Redica, The False Rune [F]:39
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [======== ] Drive Up [+20%](1)
JayM: Anton!
Anton closes his eyes for a moment planning out the future. [Prophecy - 30D(-2 LP) | Imitate: Limiter Release - Next Action is +20D +20CT +200% damage]
Anton rolled 2d6 and got 2, 3 ( Total: 5 )
[OOC] Anton: Attack Assist, Guard Assist Refresh
JayM: The future has, apparently, Hughbert being a hero again
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert points at Redica and fires a blade of pressurized water (with a rather familiar design) at Redica! [Pressure Stream, 35D]
JayM: Such a well-crafted creation, Hughbert
JayM: One would think you came prepared just to do this
Hughbert rolled 1d10+150*1.6 and got 6 ( Total: 246.0 )
JayM: The blade of water strikes true!
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet pulls the lever, and an arc of electrcity jumps towards Redica! [Atom Smasher, 35D]
Harriet rolled 1d12+240*1.2 and got 9 ( Total: 297.0 ) for Storm Tracker
JayM: Powerful lightning strikes her!
JayM: Amal!
Hughbert swings the book in Redica’s direction, firing an arrow of water from the fountain at her! [High Pressure Chaser (AA), 60mp ver.]
Hughbert rolled 1d12+180 and got 8 ( Total: 188 )
Amal starts charging another heal, just in case. [CT 15]
JayM: Now, cancel her inertia, Serenity!
Serenity‘ rolled d12+180 and got 6 ( Total: 186 ) for +10D
JayM: She’s knocked around!
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Amal [B]:2 Hughbert [F]:6 Serenity [B]:8 Harriet [B]:11 Redica, The False Rune [F]:19
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [====== ] Drive Up [+20%](1)
JayM: Anton!
Anton takes a deep breath. This could go many ways, but only one led to the future he wanted. [Copycat]
Anton rolled 1d4 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
Anton summons an image of Serenity and she aims at the air and… the blast seems to be getting bigger on her rifle. [CT 20]
[OOC] Amal: Hugh, Harriet, HP?
JayM: Omnious
JayM: Amal!
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 526/600, MP: 440/700, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150 - L-Ether - 1 (-),Protect (-30% damage) (3),Pulse (+40HP) (2),STracker - +30% damage (-)
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 358/650, Stored: 0, MP: 450/650, LP: 3/6, SoS: 162
[OOC] Hughbert: oh right pulse
Amal points at Hughbert again with the healing sparkles, a good bit less panicky this time. [Cure D35]
Amal rolled d12+180 and got 10 ( Total: 190 )
[OOC] Hughbert: 398 actually)) ((but I'll take it
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 588/650, Stored: 0, MP: 450/650, LP: 3/6, SoS: 162
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Serenity [B]:2 Harriet [B]:5 Redica, The False Rune [F]:13 Anton [B]:14 Amal [B]:31
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [====== ] Drive Up [+20%](1)
JayM: Hughbert!
Serenity: "Okay Anton."
Serenity: "I need you - right now - especially after this parade of Serenities you've set up - to promise me you ABSOLUTELY never do that for any reason other than fighting."
Anton: "Does it mess with your senses, or…?"
Anton: "Oh….." He suddenly remarks as if realizing something. "If you would like I could try to make the image a bit taller next time!"
Serenity: "No it just has a really high ceiling for creeper potential."
Hughbert sets up a compressed air curtain behind him. [Compressed Curtain, 30d]
Amal giggles.
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity‘ sighs, then fires another mote behind Redica. [50D - Sniper Beam @60D]
Serenity: "Is there anything we need out of her or Matheus by the by?"
JayM: More beams
JayM: Harriet!
Anton: "I kiiiind of broke the first promise, though! You told me not to watch your entire life in the past but I kind of -have- to search around to do this."
Amal: "Oh my gosh Anton. I’m not gonna stop her!"
Serenity: "I swear it's like you WANT me to hurt you."
Serenity‘ pauses, scrunches up her face and looks displeased. "Ew gross, is that his game, Amal???"
Harriet flicks a switch or three, fiddles with a knob. "Okay, Serenity, here’s what we do, we get into a big technical project he couldn't possibly understand even if he did see it." [50CT]
Anton: "The future divine oracle, reduced to a mere creeper. Are you sure you don't like walking over my heart, Serenity?" He sobs.
JayM: Harriet going big
Serenity: "I mean, your creeper game is REAL STRONG for what it's worth."
Amal thinks for a moment and shakes their head. "Naw I just think he's really bad at realising what the stuff he's saying sounds like. Either that or he's hopelessly smitten with you~! …I'm really not helping, am I?"
Serenity‘ sighs.
Anton: "I love all of you equally, Amal! And I will continue to do so even after fate tears us apart!"
Redica looks as the party banters amongst themselves "I would have to be outsiders to have nor espect like this" She puts the blade back on her back and pulls disconnects three box-like objects that are part of the armor’s back "Let's see how you like those" she tosses them up and they unfold beautifully, like origami "Go, Grand Fang Slashers!" They turn out into what looks like giant
JayM: three-pronged boomerangs with bladed edges. They float in the air and starts spinning really fast [Grand Fang Slasher]
Harriet: "Who names their gear 'Grand Fang Slasher'?!"
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Grand Fang Slasher A [F]:4 Grand Fang Slasher B [F]:4 Grand Fang Slasher C [F]:4 Hughbert [F]:16 Amal [B]:17 Serenity [B]:38 Harriet [B]:41 Sniper Beam:48 Redica, The False Rune [F]:94
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [====== ] Drive Up [+20%](1)
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher A [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher B [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Anton!
Amal: "Annnntoooonnn I've toooold you we're the fate-breakers-!"
Harriet: "Besides, fate isn't gonna tear me apart. I'm Harriet Babbage! It wouldn't dare!"
Hughbert: "Try not to let it bother you. At least, not if you value your sanity."
Anton snaps his fingers as Serenities clone fires a super powered Inertia Canceller into the air. It looks rather menacing. [70D Anton | 60D Beam]
Serenity: "…Energy collectors?"
The Grand Fang Slashers start spinning faster [Charge]
Serenity‘ tilts her head towards Harriet.
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Amal [B]:1 Grand Fang Slasher A [F]:18 Grand Fang Slasher B [F]:18 Grand Fang Slasher C [F]:18 Serenity [B]:22 Harriet [B]:25 Sniper Beam:32 Inertia Canceller EX:44 Anton [B]:54 Redica, The False Rune [F]:78
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [====== ] Drive Up [+20%](1) Fang Charge [3](U)
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher A [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher B [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert maintains the barrier… [30D]
[OOC] Anton: Oh wait can I swap that to Storm Bombing I didn’t realize those had HP
JayM: Yes you can
[OOC] Anton: Or are they going to vanish before it matters
JayM: That's up to you to guess, Anton :D (no they're not)
[OOC] Anton: Swap thx
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Grand Fang Slasher A [F]:17 Grand Fang Slasher B [F]:17 Grand Fang Slasher C [F]:17 Serenity [B]:21 Harriet [B]:24 Hughbert [F]:29 Sniper Beam:31 Storm Bombing EX:43 Anton [B]:53 Redica, The False Rune [F]:77
JayM: Amal!
[OOC] Amal: hang on
Amal starts charging a web of light! [CT 10]
Amal immediately tosses it at Redica! [Chorus D25]
Amal rolled d12+99 and got 9 ( Total: 108 ) for +20% damage to next hit
JayM: Chorus, damage to be taken!
The Grand Fang Slashers charge further!
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Harriet [B]:3 Hughbert [F]:8 Sniper Beam:10 Amal [B]:14 Storm Bombing EX:22 Grand Fang Slasher A [F]:26 Grand Fang Slasher B [F]:26 Grand Fang Slasher C [F]:26 Anton [B]:32 Redica, The False Rune [F]:56
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [====== ] Drive Up [+20%](1) Fang Charge [6](U) Chorus [+20%](4)
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher A [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher B [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity: "Anyway."
Serenity‘ exhales as she lowers her gun slightly, and levels a stare on Redica as she tenses up. "Which Oracle are you working with?" "[40D - Scanner Sweep (Take +30% from incoming Operations Spells (3)]
Redica: "Oracle?"
Serenity: "More likely, your " strategist ", possibly your backer."
Anton: "I did say that they set her up to get to this point well in advance in the past. It’s likely they've never met."
Serenity: "Wait, Mai again? Fuck that bitch."
Anton: "It'd explain why she was nearby checking in on how her gambit played off, though."
Serenity‘ glances over at Anton, "No offense but she seems way better at this than you are."
Anton: "To be fair, it’s way easier to screw over an entire country and set up all these problems for us than it is to fix things."
Anton: "Fixing the timeline is delicate work anyone can throw a wrench in it."
Serenity: "Also,"
Serenity: "Yeah you called it, this dumb ass doesn't even know she's being manipulated by Mai at all, ahaha."
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:5 Sniper Beam:7 Amal [B]:11 Storm Bombing EX:19 Grand Fang Slasher A [F]:23 Grand Fang Slasher B [F]:23 Grand Fang Slasher C [F]:23 Anton [B]:29 Serenity [B]:37 Redica, The False Rune [F]:53
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [====== ] Drive Up [+20%](1) Fang Charge [6](U) Chorus [+20%](4) Scanned[+30%](3)
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher A [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher B [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Harriet!
Amal: "WHAT. No way, Anton is the best Oracle who's ever lived. Also, what Anton said."
Redica: "Mai?"
Serenity: "Okay so, you know how you guys have a mysterous benifactor know one actually has any information on? Actually maybe you don't. Well anyway."
Harriet swings her ECC around and pulls a lever, a terrible burst of electricity jumping out towards Redica. [Storm Guillotine, 50D]
[OOC] Harriet: she's Chorus'd right
Serenity: "Long story short, she's basically tricking people with vague criminal intent all over the country into taking over the Sacred Grooves, and then using them for, uh, inhuman experiments."
Anton: "A scientist AND an Oracle? What a deadly combination!"
Serenity: "You know the Red Hand's boss? She hooked him up to one. With pipes and tubes grafted into his arm, and removing him from the system damn near killed him."
Harriet rolled 1d12+450*1.5 and got 5 ( Total: 680.0 )
Redica shakes her head "To base in the Sacred Grove was an idea of my own devising, a place symbol to our nation. What better place to-"
JayM: Of course
JayM: Lightning interrupts her
Anton scratches at his cheek. "I wonder if I should change my secondary profession from 'Man of the Cloth'…"
JayM: Hughbert!
Serenity: "You're being manipulated by someone that can literally see the future, of course you think it'd your idea."
Anton: "Anton, the extraordinary Oracle Air Racer. Master of Dancing Circus!" He does a pose before pausing. "Hrm… nope. Feels off."
Redica winces "It was! And you come here inventing lies…"
Redica: "(Always has to be the Silken Priests…)"
Serenity‘ glances over at Anton for just long enough to shake her head.
Harriet: "Are you still on about the lies?! Come on, we have the law books! We know what the truth is."
Hughbert maintains the barrier…!! [30D]
JayM: Off it goes, sniper Beam!
Serenity` rolled d12+180,130% and got 6 ( Total: 241.8 )
Serenity: "Okay so."
JayM: Amal!
Serenity: "Redica. Wanna see a neat trick?"
Serenity: "Not an attack, promise."
Redica: "Tricks are all you’ve got"
[OOC] Amal: has she even been attacked since I chorus'd lol
[OOC] Amal: oh yeah I guess
Serenity: "I mean I also got laser beams, but this one is mostly just trying to prove I'm not lyin'."
[OOC] Amal: did you apply the +20? :D
[OOC] Serenity: cuppa did!
Amal thinks for a moment and then charges up another Chorus. [CT 10]
JayM: Storm
Serenity: "I just need you to play along for it to work because I don't actually know you well enough to pick a question."
JayM: EX~
Redica shakes her head "Try me, then"
Anton snaps his fingers as a barrage worthy of an artillery strike falls down on Redica and two Fangs. [Storm Bombing EX]
Anton rolled 3d100 and got 47, 33, 15 ( Total: 95 ) for 70
JayM: That's all hits
Serenity: "Okay so you're the kind of person that doesn't ever go too far from their Gear, right?"
Anton rolled d12*4.3+180*4.3 and got 6 ( Total: 799.8 ) for Redica, Fangs
d12*4+180*4: 3 [Total: 732.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 1531.8, Avg: 4.50
Redica: "I'll use everything at my disposal, though powerful weapons are for using"
JayM: Holy shit Anton, what did you do
[OOC] Anton: Remember when I broke limiter like 200D ago
[OOC] Anton: It finally went off
Serenity: "Give me a question to ask you, that only you know the answer to as far as you know. So long as it's something that could be known, so like, probably not something about emotional states. Like for example maybe a prank you pulled on someone, or an embarrassing mistake while practising with your weapon, or whatever."
The massive artillery barrage strikes her with the force of the goddess, sending her flying back as well as two of the Grand Fang Slashers go flying. She stands back up and with a motion the those two fly back- Btu stay behind her this time
[OOC] Anton: Thus fulfilling the prophecy.
JayM: Amal!
Amal throws the web of light at Redica! "Gosh, you're persistent!" [D25]
Amal rolled d12+99 and got 10 ( Total: 109 ) for +20% damage to next hit
Redica: "Is this how it is? Down to simple magic tricks" she says while still smoking from the storm bombing "Hah… Then tell me, what were the spoils of my first hunt"
JayM: So much damage
The remaining Grand Fang Slasher charges more
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:6 Serenity [B]:8 Amal [B]:17 Harriet [B]:21 Redica, The False Rune [F]:24 Grand Fang Slasher C [F]:24
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==== ] Drive Up [+20%](1) Fang Charge [7](U) Chorus [+20%](4) Scanned[+30%](3)
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher A [F]: : [-KO-]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher B [F]: : [-KO-]
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Anton!
Harriet: "(Yeah, that was pretty cool.)"
Serenity‘ mumbles something under her breath.
Anton brushes his bangs to the side before winking at Amal. "Time for my next trick!" [Prophecy - 30D]
Anton rolled 2d6 and got 2, 2 ( Total: 4 )
Serenity` blinks in confusion for a moment, then shakes her head.
Serenity: "You told everyone it was a deer, but it was actually a capybara."
JayM: Your prophecies are terrifying, Anton
JayM: Hughbert
[OOC] Anton: Also I attack assisted off of Amal’s Chorus
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) for 80
Anton rolled d12+140 and got 1 ( Total: 141.0 )
Redica's surprised for an instant "Wha-"
[OOC] Serenity: 120%, you'd immediately eat the bonus
[OOC] Anton: Err yes
[OOC] Anton: 169. I'm eating it because if I don't I waste the refreh
Redica: "Hrm… So it is"
Serenity: "Basically I'm a witch that can communicate with the souls of ragnite machines, and the doofus with a crossbow is a prophet, and the shortstack with the staff is some kind of… actually lets not talk about Amal."
Amal grins extremely creepily.
Serenity: "Point is, we're a pack of weirdos hunting down ANOTHER prophet that's trying to destroy your nation."
Serenity: "And you've unwittingly been helping her."
Hughbert maintains the barrier…!!! [30D]
Redica points at you accusatorily "See, then? You admit of what you're doing! Outsiders come to destroy our land, you him a prophet, and say he's not working with this other?!"
JayM: Poor Hughbert
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Amal [B]:9 Harriet [B]:13 Redica, The False Rune [F]:16 Grand Fang Slasher C [F]:16 Anton [B]:22 Hughbert [F]:58
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==== ] Drive Up [+20%](1) Fang Charge [7](U) Chorus [+20%](4) Scanned[+30%](3)
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity‘ gives a flat, level stare at Redica.
JayM: Maybe your words didn’t reach her, Serenity
Serenity: "You cannot possible be THAT dumb."
Amal stares at Redica. "Are you… do you have a problem, like… listening to words that people say and, uh, understanding what they mean?"
JayM: But they have perhaps certainly reached the others around you
Amal: "B- because that's okay, if you do! But maybe you shouldn't be in charge…?"
Anton: "As your resident empath on top of being a prophet I can say with utmost certainty that she is one hundred percent serious right now."
Harriet: "Uh… wow."
Serenity: "She's CLEARLY not our friend if we're hunting her down. And fuck, half the reason I even GIVE a shit is because HARRIET -" Serenity gestures towards the woman with the gigantic rangite weapon "- Is from here and wants your people to not fucking die of poison and malnutrition."
Amal does the innocent voice perfectly. It's important to perform for the audience that's still sympathetic to Redica and her shows of strength!
Harriet: "Yeah, I'm kinda invested in Terchuan not going up in a plume of smoke."
Serenity: "Goddess above, this is why I just shoot people." Serenity throws her hands in the air after firing another mote behind Redica. [50D - Sniper Beam @60D]
JayM: Shooting is what you'll do yes
JayM: Amal!
Amal keeps it up with another Chorus charge! [CT 10]
Harriet: "You're welcome, by the way."
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet flicks a few switches, turns a crank, and the ECC starts spinning up again. [50CT]
Redica spreads her arms wide "Keep saying what you want, you won't convince my people!" the three Grand Fang Slashers fly away "Tear them down!" she brings her hands together, and the Fang Slashers come back towards the party sweeping at them like flying circular saws once, twice, again and again seven times!
Anton: "Man, I totally knocked down two of those!"
JayM rolled 7d10+462,120 and got 5, 8, 9, 6, 10, 6, 8 ( Total: 616.8 ) for Technically seven hits of 1d10+66, but that's far too many lines to use
JayM: A grand total of [616] Magical damage to the entire party
Harriet: "Shield, set up!" [-20%, also back row remember you have -10% from my charge]
Serenity‘ sighs at the blades come flying in, then throws her arms up defensively as little sparks and motes divert some of the damage. [-3LP for damage reduction]
Anton burns his remaining 3 LP on that as well. [-60% to Anton]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Redica, The False Rune [F]:2 Anton [B]:3 Hughbert [F]:9 Serenity [B]:31 Sniper Beam:41 Harriet [B]:44
JayM: Status for Redica, The False Rune [F]: : [==== ] Drive Up [+30%](1) Chorus [+20%](3) Scanned[+30%](2)
JayM: Status for Grand Fang Slasher C [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Amal if still alive
Amal: "Augh…"
Amal starts… charging a Double Cure, ugh ugh ugh. [CT 15]
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 107=/600, MP: 260/700, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150 - L-Ether - 2 (-),Protect (-30% damage) (1),Pulse (+40HP) (0),STracker - +30% damage (-)
JayM: Hughbert appears to be the very definition of tank
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 600/600, MP: 260/700, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150 - L-Ether - 3 (-),Protect (-30% damage) (1),Pulse (+40HP) (0),STracker - +30% damage (-)
As Hughbert’s barrier redirects all of the slashers at him Redica looks incredulous "What? It wasn't supposed to work like that"
Anton is going to eat that attack anyways with a [Guard Assist] for his portion.
Amal: "He kinda cheats."
Serenity: "Hughbert is the least weird of all of us,"
Serenity: "Just sayin'."
Harriet: "Yeah, Hughbert is basically our rock."
Redica just tares at Hughbert, then at Harriet "You… If you hadn't shown up… Fine!" she raises her blade above her head, suddenly the very ground around her crushes like some form is applied over it [Limiter Release] she then pulls out smaller versions of the Fang Slashers, small enough to hold in one hand, and tosses them away, twelve of them "Let's try this thing in maximum output!"
JayM: Anton!
Anton takes a deep breath. [Foresight - Regain 1d10 LP | 40D]
Anton rolled 1d10 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
JayM: Hughbert!
The smaller Fang Slashers fly through the air, but they make a beautiful symmetrical arc and fly towards Harriet- "Fang Slashers, Saturn Formation!" but they don't fly directly at her- They fly past- No, they start somehow orbitting around her like a ring
Harriet: "Okay, and, like, here's the thing. You just downed the one guy holding us together and keeping a vague limit on my bullshit."
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Amal [B]:6 Redica, The False Rune [F]:13 Serenity [B]:22 Sniper Beam:32 Anton [B]:34 Harriet [B]:35
JayM: Also this because CT
JayM: Oh he's KO'd, that's a… 30D? A 30D
JayM: Amal!
Harriet: "Since you seem to be fucking stupid, I'm going to put this in very small words: That is bad for you."
Harriet: "You have made poor life choices."
Hughbert stops the Grand Fang Slashers in midair as they impact the barrier of shimmering air- the obstruction causes flashing lights and loud warning sounds to come from his force gear, followed by Hughbert being flung away! He slams into a building, leaving a huge dent in it. He's making some pained sounds, doesn't look like he's getting back up just yet. [KO'd]
Anton scratches his head. "Geeze. Guess me taking a hit wasn't enough?"
Serenity: "It was a lot of energy."
Amal was actually hovering in the air, shining with golden light, as it turns out, and they exhale a stream of shining sunlight that winds its way around Hughbert's fallen form, tugs him up back onto his feet. "Not so fast…" [Life D35]
Amal rolled d12+180 and got 2 ( Total: 182 )
Redica raises her blade above her head "I'll show you what bad means! I'm up to here with you Silken Priests getting in the way of my family!" she presses a button on the hilt of the sword, it extends long enough it looks more like a spear now. The blade split open revealing the gravity assembly "I'm going to destroy all of you!" Harriet can feel a strange force in her chest- Something
JayM: is dragging her up, like a small point within it- A sphere of crackling energy appears around her as the Fang Slashers float up- Dragging her up as well!
Serenity: "As an aside,"
Serenity: "What the FUCK is a Silken Priest?"
Harriet frowns, looking over her shoulder. "Is he-" - up she goes, with a yelp. "Oh, that's it, I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!"
Serenity: "Is that what they call Oracles…?"
Redica lowers the weapon to her side, holding like you would an ancient cannon "I will destroy all of you! Black Hole Cannon, fire!"
Anton: "A prophet, A witch and an Amal, apparently!"
[OOC] JayM:
Hughbert picks himself up from the few odd bricks and panels knocked loose from his impact… "Serenity… I thought I heard my force gear swearing for a minute. Was my force gear swearing? I retroactively grant it permission to do so if that's the case."
A single, tiny, black sphere fires upwards and strikes at Harriet, she can feel the compression force, it's powerful, so powerful, way too powerful
Serenity: "It - HOLY SHIT!"
Harriet: "No, you need to - ahhhh!"
Anton: "Did… did she just fire a lack hole out of her GUN!?"
Harriet screams, the sound tearing itself from her throat and abruptly stopping as the pressure forces the air from her lungs. Her gun pushes into her as she's compressed, with no regards for how little space there is for her bones.
The electrical field around Harriet crackles stronger and stronger as the Fang Slashers spin faster and faster around her, the compressive force of the black hole growing stronger and stronger
Amal: "Fucking hell…"
The most terrifying sound is the noise of bones breaking, the buildings around yo ustart collapsing
Amal: "I need more time…"
Amal: "You have no idea what you're-"
Amal: "NO!"
JayM: Agh
Amal plants their feet in the ground and holds their arms out!
JayM: Fuck, shit
JayM: God fucking dammit, I don't wanna deal with this, I don't like this way this session want at all
JayM: You know what, fuck all of this
Amal: "Get out of here."
AURUM: That's better.
Anton chews at his lip before opening his mouth and then closing it again.
AURUM: A few moments back in the fight…
AURUM: Right after Amal resurrected Hughbert, and Redica went to go charge her gun…
JayM: For real though
AURUM: It backfired. It's scrap metal now.
Actually, the gun didn't actually fire the black hole at all. When she fired it it didn't seem to do anything at all
Amal breathes, heavily. Which is weird, since just a second ago they just got done resurrecting Hughbert, and now they look like they've been through hell?
Serenity‘ squints at the force gear, then at Redica.
Until a moment later when the engine of the entire force gear assembly cracks, it lies right above her chest, it cracks more- And suffers a catastrophic breakdown as all the ragnite in it ignites, the explosion sending her flying backwards
Serenity: "…Yeah I know it LOOKS like it should do that, but it doesn’t actually…?"
Hughbert: "…Amal, if it was that troublesome, you could have gotten me after the resolution. You look worse than I imagine I did a moment ago."
Harriet laughs, flashing a toothy grin.
Amal: "YOU."
Amal: "FUCKING."
Amal: "IDIOT."
JayM: Nothing strange happened here
Amal is addressing Redica, obviously.
Harriet: "That's what happens when you fuck up your force gear!"
JayM: The weapon just failed to fire
Serenity‘ pauses, turning to Amal.
Redica has flown back and hit against a pillar, she’s beyond hearing you now, but she yet breathes
Harriet: "Now you're fucked, and it's all your fault." She's totally fine. Her skin isn't pierced where her ribs snapped out to lace out through her petticoats. There's no smear of jelly and fluid where her eyes should be. Her hands are just as delicate and deft as ever, not crushed into the gun she's holding as if they were one and the same.
Anton lets out a sigh of relief. "Oh, man. Thank goodness that fell apart. That black hole weapon would have killed us for sure in most of the futures I was looking at. Thanks Amal!"
Amal: "I cannot possibly summon up the eloquence to describe in words how fucking stupid the thing she was about to do just now was. Holy shit. Anton did you- nevermind, I don't even want to know. Holy -fuck-. I've done some really dumb shit before but -fuck-."
Amal blinks.
Amal pauses, takes a deep breath.
Harriet frowns, looking over to Amal. "Hey, are you okay?"
Amal: "Yeah, I'm fine!" Cheerful voice back.
Serenity: "What did Amal do? I was the one telling it to figure out a way to sabetogue itself for this entire fight." Serenity looks a little indignit.
Anton: "If I had to take a guess, I'd say the entire city turning into a crater was around a 73% chance?"
Anton: "I was getting a bit worried but it seems we pulled through!"
Harriet: "Oh man, and she would've fired that right at me, too."
Harriet: "But I'm fantastic, so obviously that didn't happen!"
Amal: "Yeah, no, thank you for that. Paws says thanks, too."
Anton glances at Amal. "And yeah, uh… I was kind of dreading that happening for half the fight."
Hughbert shoots a concerned look between Anton and Amal… Then looks over to Redica… "Pardon me. I'll be resting a moment." He walks over to the fountain, sits on the side, takes his glasses off, and splashes some water on his face.
Serenity: "Y'know between Amal swearing and Anton being weirder than normal I feel like I missed something."
Harriet: "Wait, we missed something?"
Harriet: "I thought everyone was upset because Hughbert got hurt."
Amal then sways and collapses on the ground in a pile.
[OOC] Amal: HP: 550/550, MP: 260/550, LP: -9999/9, SoS: 137
Harriet: "- hey!!"
Anton: "There was a catastrophic result that could have happened. It didn't! I thank Amal. We do this every month!"
Everyone around you is silent, seeing as you are all definitely in need of rest and winding down Ceres walks up front, calling out to the people watching, mentioning she's the eldest here, and to look at how far Redica went. It's quite a warm rally she's doing, trying to get people to settle down
Harriet hurries over and crouches next to Amal. "Hey, come on, that's a terrible place for a nap."
Serenity: "Well, whatever."
Amal: "buh…"
Serenity‘ glances at the rest of the party flooping around like fish out of water… sighs, moves over to check on Redica.
Anton: "Ah, geeze. I wish I could renew the strings for OTHER people though." He makes his way over to Amal and picks him up.
Harriet: "Here,"
Harriet hands Amal a bottle of water, which she had on her toolbelt because of course she did.
Anton: "Can one of you arrest her or something? Hughs not really in the right condition."
Redica is… Not as wounded as one would be after taking all the hits she took, the armor did a very good job of protecting her. But the final critical failure struck with enough force she’s suffered a concussion, her chest's been heavily damaged but only superficially, it isn't deadly… Or… No, I guess it will wind up being after all, various fragments of metal of the engine containment
JayM: system drove deep into her body when it breached
Hughbert collects himself, shakes his head, puts his glasses back on, then steps aside to the others. "Anton, Serenity, one of you take Amal somewhere quiet and safe. The other…" Hughbert holds out some cuffs. "Redica. I believe I shouldn't do much lifting right now."
Harriet: "Oh, right, I should probably go and take care of that since I've, like, got the sword and stuff." Listen, Harriet has priorities. People she likes are getting hurt! So she picks herself up and goes to find Redica.
Anton gestures to the Amal currently in his arms. "Already on it~."
The force gear is, aside from the engine, intact. Except it's leaking all over of course. The engine is in pieces.
Serenity: "Yeah yeah O
Hughbert: "I'll help Ceres out. Harriet, you might want to join with, yes."
Amal clambers to their feet and drinks some water, leaning on Anton. "I- bluhhhh- I'll be okay, I just need some time… ugh…"
Serenity: "I'm good here." Serenity stares down at Redica.
Serenity: "So."
Amal: "D… destroy that stupid… force gear for the love of little apples…"
Serenity: "How much do you want to not bleed out like a Goddess forsaken gutter rat on the streets?"
Harriet goes up next to Redica, crouches, starts taking care of the force gear. What does she need to do to neutralise it?
Anton glances down at Amal. "(So who got blasted, anyways? Those were some pretty awful futures to comb through.)"
JayM: Serenity please, she's out like a light. A concussion like this is likely to leave her unconscious or with damaged consciousness for a while
Serenity: "Ugh, fine, take the easy way out."
Serenity: "Anyway,"
Hughbert sidles on up to Ceres and just sort of lets her do the talking. Someone's gotta look tough to make sure nobody tries something stupid.
Harriet: "Did you see what she did to Hughbert? We should just let her bleed out." Still workin' on the force gear.
Serenity‘ crouches down, searches through the rubble for Redica’s rapier.
Hughbert: "Harriet, the penalty for her crimes isn't death. She needs to be in decent enough shape to walk out of the city on her own two feet- and never return."
Amal: "(…everyone. all of us. every-thing- within- i'm not even sure what kind of a blast radius. maybe everything everywhere, i'm not even sure. shouldn't even be possible.)"
Anton: "(Oh, nah. I knew that. I meant who was the target. I saw them all play out.)"
Harriet: "Ugh, fine, whatever. Just let me focus on this first." This being the force gear.
Amal: "(…oh. uh. harriet.)" They -shudder- and close their eyes and lean against Anton a little more.
Harriet grabs a screwdriver from her belt, and starts working at removing some specific components so she can remove the engine. She's trying to work quickly, at least!
Redica's rapier is still with her… Or what remains of it, it's been bent and shattered both
Serenity: "Ehh…"
The engine is removed, it is fully safe now
Serenity: "I got it, Harriet. Go stand on something high with the sword and declare your holy righteousness or whatever," Serenity says after picking the sword out of the rubble.
Anton: "(Man, though. I wish you could see what I see right now. Everyones threads are really messed up. I'm talking zig zagging around and looking like they could snap at every bend. Not just yours, everyone that was in the blast radius.)"
Ceres turns back and looks at Serenity and Harriet "Don't worry, I got this"
Serenity: "Also fine."
Ceres: "I'll make those guys settle down, see how we can salvage the situation"
Harriet stands up, holding the engine assembly in her hands. "Okay, the gear should be neutralised. Uh… if someone wants to take care of this bitch, maybe want to do that before she bleeds out."
Anton: "She created a zero fate for that attack to hit."
Anton: "I dunno if she stuck around after that."
Serenity: "Is… is there a reason we're not chasi - ah."
Harriet: "So no one cares if I confiscate this? I'm confiscating this."
Anton: "And honestly knowing what was coming later in the fight I think she would have left after that."
Amal: "(….yeah, that doesn't surprise me. i guess you could think of what just happened as, like…)"
Anton: "Sticking around? Kind of a bad idea."
Amal: "(…a zero fate, by zero fate standards.)"
Serenity‘ grumbles as she continues to dig Redica out, pulls out one of Redica’s own potions to dumped over the wounds before sealing them,
Amal: "(ugh.)"
Anton pokes Amal on the head before grinning. "(Only not really. The usual signs of a Zero-fate tampering aren't there. My only clues were knowing what disasters awaited us in the future and the fact that immediately after you ressurected Hughbert everyones threads went wonky.)"
Redica will… Need Actual Medical Attention, but you can at least have time to take her somewhere
JayM: You can also totally confiscate that
Amal grins back a little and boops Anton's snoot good-naturedly. "('a system cannot understand itself. the transformation requires a view from outside.')"
Serenity: "So hey which way to your, uh, doctor…?" Serenity stands up, glancing back at the crowd, softly kicking at Redica's side.
Someone in the crowd answers "There's a place just down that way, we can take her there"
Serenity: "Awesome."
Serenity‘ gets out of the way.
Anton: "(If it makes you feel better the threads are all going back to normal slowly. Things should normalize in a few minutes.)"
They point you down the street off to the side- It’s an actual hospital, of course in a style that you haven't seen on Terchuan before. Either way most of the people inside are… Quite young too. Wouldn't put any of them as doctors or even anything better than first-aid capable
Harriet: "So, like, is there anything special we have to do here, or…?" Harriet asks Ceres. "My mother wasn't exactly forthcoming on the details about all this shit."
Amal: "(mmhmm, yeah. man, i wanna see the look on that dumbass oracle's face when she realises this place /isn't/ a huge smoking crater, though, hahaha.)"
Thankfully, Ceres saw what you were doing and followed after reassuring the crowd "That's the problem when there's only kids around, nobody knows how to do things"
Ceres: "Don't worry, most of us that left didn't want anything to do with this… Sillyness"
Ceres: "I'll handle things, it's my responsiblity"
Harriet: "Okay, cool. Because I mean, I can show up for ceremonies and shit, I just, uh, have no clue what the hell to do there."
Harriet: "But I'd rather just get to work on your tech, honestly."
Harriet: "Having a destiny just isn't my style."
Hughbert: "We have books still. Lots of books. I can read the books and prepare a cheat sheet."
Ceres: "Nah… I'd rather this… 'destiny' disappear"
Ceres: "We've been repeating the mistakes of our ancestors again and again… It's long past the time we learned from them"
Serenity: "I was totally gunna trash the sword before finding it already trashed, and also, realizing me doing it wouldn't mean anything " symbolically "."
Harriet: "Yeah, sometimes a rich history just makes people dumb. I mean, have you ever sat and listened to a historian? They don't even know math!"
Ceres: "I would have done that myself" Ceres laughs at Harriet "That's true, that's true"
Ceres moves on to the second floor in the surgery room to patch up Redica, leaving you to wait, or go if you so wish
Serenity: "Well."
Serenity‘ glances over at Amal and Hughbert. "That was fun."
Harriet: "So, like," Harriet frowns at them. "Are you guys okay…?"
Amal gives Serenity a look that screams ’those are not the words I would use to describe that experience' and smiles with the rest of their face.
Hughbert: "You have an odd definition of fun." He turns from Serenity to Harriet, "I'll be sore for a day or two, but I will be able to cope. My regeneration arts take a while to work, but they are quite effective."
Serenity: "I mean, *I* didn't get hurt."
Serenity‘ gives Hughbert a thumbs up.
Amal also darts over to Harriet and looks like they’re about to hug her but does the 'is it okay if I hug you' awkward-pause at the last possible second.
Harriet tilts her head at Amal, gets it a few moments later, and opens her arms up. Then she realises her cannon is right there and shifts it on its strap so it's not as in the way.
Amal hugs the h*ck out of Harriet! "(…..i'm glad you're okay.)"
Harriet squeezes Amal back, trying not to jab them with anything on her belt or hanging from her shoulders. "(Geez, what's with that reaction…?)"
Hughbert: "Serenity, I would like you to know that- " he opens up the Codex of Land Knight Law and flips to a random page "- according to article 17, section whatever, clause 'I'm hungry' -" he slams the book shut "- it would be criminal for me to pay for dinner after today. I would be glad to give you the chance to show your gratitude." Nice big grin.
Harriet stops for a beat. Stiffens up. "(… oh, shit. Right. Okay.)"
Harriet: "(Yeah, no I'm fine, don't worry.)"
Amal giggles a little.
Serenity‘ stands up on her tip toes, places a hand on Hughbert’s shoulder.
Serenity: "It's for that precise reason we keep Anton around."
Serenity: "Anton, show Hughbert our gratitude with good food!"
Harriet: "Yeah, Anton!" Harriet grins from over Amal's shoulder. "You show 'im!"
JayM: Sounds like it's time to eat
Anton salutes Serenity. "No problem. Oracle extraordinaire at your service! Abusing my powers to repeatedly try dishes across the timeline to stumble on everyones favorites!"
Serenity: "I'll allow it."
Amal stops hugging Harriet like a second or two after it gets awkward again. Food is… right, the thing, where you take edible things, and put them in the hole in your face. That sounds like probably a good tactical move, yeah.
JayM: There's some good place around, I promise. This one with venison and this amazing 'wild flower salad' that you never had before
JayM: Going there sounds like a good idea
JayM: Today was a day for some weird experiences
JayM: Facing for the first time a puppet of fate [+20 XP]
Anton slides up to Amal before placing a hand on his shoulder. He gives him a winning smile. "(I'm glad you can still get choked up about this though, Amal. I've seen us die so many times now that if it isn't happening on our timeline I just have to write it off or I'd go crazy.)"
Harriet is just glad she didn't get shot with a black hole. Can you imagine the sort of embarrassing things she'd think if she was dying?
JayM: Dealing with a superweapon backfiring [+10 XP]
JayM: You'll be fine, I hope

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