A closed truck, no windows to the outside and made of strong metal. Either the road is incredibly bumpy or the suspension is shot as the truck jerks around as it's driven
Surprisngly good lighting inside, however, as the monster-carrier vehicle takes you along to your destination. It isn't too comfortable but it's neither tortuous
Serenity‘ is pretty sure it’s a combination of both, really.
Anton doesn't seem terribly talkative this trip. Seeing as he isn't writing in his book he's probably up to something.
Amal is peering at Anton with open curiosity but not really bothering him about it. Mostly they're just curious. It's fun when Anton's Planning Something.
The trip is rather long, upwards of three hours. At some point someone finds some water avaiable to drink, it looks safe enough. Everything inside smells heavily of apricots
Hughbert keeps a seat on the floor, keeping an eye on the prisoner…
Jeanne's been restrained for the trip, the form of tub with a glass top in the far end looked like a good enough place to put her, or maybe the chair with straps for the arms and legs. Either way she is, for now, unconscious
Anton lets out a quiet sigh before smiling at Amal.
Amal raises an eyebrow and grins.
Hughbert looks over to Serenity. "I believe she should have had enough nap time. Would you mind giving me a hand with getting some information out of our captive?" He then gets up and lets himself into the cage.
Serenity: "I guess so. Kinda busy driving but I can probably do whatever from here."
Jeanne is in fact in the cage, she looks less unconscious and more asleep now, she should come out of it in a while, or sooner if you give it a try
Serenity: "Or put that other guy back behind the wheel." Serenity gives a shrug and looks over at the other person they brought, who's currently sitting in the passanger's seat.
The man's pretty terrified at this point, but he can take the wheel should you need to go back
Anton visibly pouts but doesn't say anything.
Amal does a 'whaaaat?' face.
Hughbert gives her a rough shove. "Time to wake up."
She's shaken, and looks at you groggily for a moment. She looks around and notices her restraints… There's a second of tenseness- She tries to jump at you- But you quite obviously are prepared
Anton: "Y'know, just for the record but you had a pretty good shot beating us if you had just trusted your driver to take us down with the toad. Saving your own hide for a minute tops wasn't really a sound decision."
Serenity‘ squints at the driver, giving him a dubious inspecting look briefly before returning her eyes to the road.
The driver kind of shrinks under Serenity’s stare
Hughbert: "Yes, tactically, stopping a grazing arrow by detonating a massive warhead was not particularly wise. I trust you understand the position you're in and understand that you need to cooperate."
Jeanne growls after she can't move further due to the restraints "What do you want?"
Serenity: "A good entry point into your actual base of operations. Probably other stuff."
Hughbert: "Your commander is the first thing. Who are they, and where do we find them?"
She growls more "The boss?! Ahahaha, you sure you want him?"
Hughbert: "I have the utmost faith that I spoke clearly the first time. Who, and where?"
Jeanne: "But if you really do… Sonas is at that place the institute was building"
Jeanne: "Built our base down there, only one way in, only one way out"
Serenity: "Under the tree, yeah."
Hughbert: "I'm guessing this entrance is accessible by truck. Some sort of lift, I assume?"
Jeanne: "No… Entering through the west side, in the cliff face, there's a large natural cave that leads underground"
Amal: "Why would you put your base in a basement." They shake their head.
Jeanne chuckles "Because you're not supposed to run"
Jeanne: "Not like it's going to help you if you manage to get inside"
Amal: "You have some weird priorities."
Jeanne chuckles "So you say"
Hughbert: "Tell us about the emergency shutdown for the breeding facility. I don't care if you don't have one, we can make one." (harriet probably expresses excitement at the thought of blowing things up)
Jeanne: "Emergency shutdown? I think that thing's built to never shut down"
Amal: "Ooh, then we'll get to improvise."
Anton jots something down on a piece of paper before passing it to Amal. He lets him read it before giving him a wink and a dorky grin.
Jeanne: "I'd say it never hurts to try, but it's going to, I promise"
Serenity: "It's actually really easy to stop machines."
Amal actually blushes.
Hughbert: "Give us a rundown of the layout. We need to know where the main breeding facilities are and where you keep your records."
Jeanne shakes her head "Alright"
Jeanne: "Place's made of concentric rings, all part of the facility that the Institute was building"
Amal then gives Anton the quietest, shyest thumbs-up.
Jeanne: "First one out side, where our people mill about, you know, food and everything"
Anton gives him a thumbs up back.
Jeanne: "Second one is where the weapons and shit is, plus the supplies to keep those damn monsters in line"
Jeanne: "Then there's center where we keep the monster pens, also where the boss put his office in 'cause he's weird. Right under the roots of the tree"
Jeanne: "You want any records of stuff you gotta look for it in the boss' place. All that rings stuff and shit? Natural rock wall. And tree root"
Serenity: "Makes sense."
Hughbert: "Right. And I suppose there's a good route to your boss's office from the entrance, isn't there?"
Jeanne: "No, it's a pain to get to the ranch, need to go around a goddess-damned maze that the fucking place is"
Jeanne: "Because why would a bunch of eggheads make a place with sensical placement of doorways"
She looks genuinely annoyed
Jeanne: "Gotta be on foot too, of course."
Hughbert: "Any locks, identification requirements, checkpoints?"
Jeanne chuckles "A lot of people. They'll know you're not part of the group"
Serenity: "Well hey, at least SOMEONE doesn't think I look like a thug…"
Amal snickers.
Hughbert: "And how do we pass as part of it?"
Jeanne looks at you, raises an eyebrow… "Are you really just asking me that?"
Serenity: "I uh."
Serenity: "Suspect between Amal, myself, and then Anton just generally being a cinnamon roll that's gunna be a hard sell."
Amal says, with the saddest voice, "We're too cute for stealth missions."
Hughbert: "Are you really in a position to be asking questions? I'm asking if there's a uniform, or a badge of any sort." He looks at Serenity, "It's certainly a challenge, but by no means impossible."
Anton: "Stealth missions certainly lack that specific flair…"
Jeanne sighs "Fine, fine" she points to the jacket she is wearing under the force gear you removed from her "See this" it's a symbol, it looks roughly like roots eating through a rock "This"
Anton scratches his head before smiling. "No worries, though. I'm totally a master at subterferge. I even have a code name. Self appointed!"
Serenity: "…Wait hold up."
Serenity: "Your symbol is a tree slowly destroying a rock? What the fuck does that have to do with the name of your group??"
Jeanne: "Don't ask me"
Hughbert looks over at the group. "Well, we've got one disguise. Two if we can get the driver to part with theirs. We'll have to get a few more before we can try… Passing as hardened criminals…" You can tell he doesn't have a whole lot of faith, but is betting on that hand anyway.
Hughbert: "Are you entirely certain the emblem of the Red Flags isn't a flag that happens to be colored red."
Serenity: "I feel like just blasting everyone in the way would probably be easier."
Serenity: "And more likely to need to happen anyway…"
Jeanne: "Perfectly certain, do I look like i'm lying?"
Anton: "If you want me to be honest with you, sneaking in and blasting our way in still result in us reaching the same point where the worldlines are converging. We miiiiiight want to be in good shape for that part, though?"
Hughbert: "Or… Hmm. Serenity, when you were shaking down that idiot from earlier, did you notice anything? Maybe on his arm, left in particular? I'm going to check something." He rolls up Jeanne's sleeve on her left arm, checking for markings…
Serenity: "Not… really?"
Amal: "All roads lead to… whatever we're looking for in there, I guess."
She suddenly complains a lot abot that, but not like she can prevent it. In the arm near the wrist are scars, but they're not combat or damage scars they're quite obviously artistic. Shaped roughly like a rectangle with two lines inside- Resemblant of a flag with three stripes
Serenity: "But I mean we do got a second over here." Serenity points a finger gun at the former driver's left arm.
Anton: "Nice call, Hughbert. You definitely found it with the way she's panicking."
Should Serenity check, the driver also has the same scar… His looks a lot more recent and slightly sloppier
Serenity: "Haha."
Serenity: "Yeah I'm not doin' that."
Anton: "Isn't it a bit condescending to think you had pegged us all for chumps up until now, though?" He glances at Jeanne.
Jeanne: "Not only do you look like you never done this shit before you certainly sound like you didn't"
Serenity: "To be fair,"
Serenity: "That's true on both counts."
Amal: "That's how we throw you off, yeah!"
Serenity: "I think Amal is some kind of high ranking mercenacy assassin or some shit though."
Amal: "Might be true~."
Anton scratches his head. "If you have anything else to confess I'd really prefer you do it sooner rather than later. Won't even charge you as I'd rather be reading the future than you, so to speak."
Jeanne: "Pft, fine. I'm done talking"
Jeanne: "Do as you want"
Serenity‘ aims her finger gun behind the truck, pulls the invisible trigger, and then a grey mote appears near Jeanne’s head before collapsing in on iself and sucking some of her hair into the nothingness as it fades away.
Jeanne winces, and says nothing
Something in the air, by now, has changed. There's some form of different smell maybe
Amal raises an eyebrow.
JayM: Question, Serenity, are you in the cabin or did you come over to the back?
JayM: It wasn't relevant to think about that until now
Serenity‘ is sitll driving.
Hughbert contemplates making some threatening dialogue, but instead shrugs, lifts his book up, and smacks it right on Jeanne’s head to send her back to sleep.
JayM: Bonk she goes
Serenity: "So uh."
Serenity: "Hughbert. Attempt stealth or fuck it, need an answer quick. Three distracted arm guards at a check point in front of the entrance."
Serenity: "Feel like Harriet's gatling gun is the solution here, but. Your the guy that actually has experience with this stuff."
Hughbert: "Don't suppose anyone has anything on them to fake a scar? I suppose that'll be the deciding factor."
Anton: "Not unless you wanted to actually scar yourself with a crossbow bolt."
Amal: "I've got a knife! And healing magic for later!" God, that was way too cheerful.
Serenity: "Still feelin' a 'no' on that personally."
Serenity: "…Dude here is gunna give us away anyway he can't stay calm."
Amal: "I mean, it's an option." They grin brightly. "So is using Harriet's gun though. Probably more foolproof?"
Anton shakes his head before brushing his bangs to the side. "Oh, come now. What, truly is there for us to be concerned over? We have built this dream together, to stand strong forever! Nothing is going to stop us from reaching inside. I saw the future~."
The driver is in fact very nervous
Hughbert contemplates for a moment. "…I don't believe we have time for that. The straightforward approach is more likely to succeed."
JayM: Hwo're you doing this, Serenity?
Serenity‘ is gunna have the other guy jump in the back, scoot as far over to the side as she can, and then have Harriet blast the hell out of them through the front of the vehicle which will not have a windshield anylong in a moment.
Serenity: And continue driving past them.
JayM: Driving right past the checkpoint!
Anton: "As a random aside Serenity, am I understanding that you are capable of speaking to the Sacred Grove system itself, or…?"
JayM: The front seat gets incredibly crowded with everything going on over there but Harriet shoves the gatling gun right through the windshield, the crashing noise startles the guards. The gatling fire delivered makes them scatter and tears one down- And the truck makes it right through!
Serenity: "Yes."
Serenity: "…Were you asleep when I was talking to the head researcher in the other place?"
Down the cave there’s lights, there's an indication of a path to follow- And no other choice as after the large entrance there's a way to a loading dock but everything else is too small for the truck
Serenity‘ is pretty sure they want to go in that direction anyway!
As Serenity drives as far as she can something feels weird about the air here, and you realize there’s some kind of… Dust in the air. You finally reach the loading dock, there's around ten people loading a truck with boxes, in which you can see more of those dogs.
JayM: They're all armed
Anton: "It was more for formalities sake. I want a transcript of what happened after we're done destroying the 'Super' threat level on the future and this mission is wrapped up."
Anton: "It won't be for a bit still."
Serenity: "Anton,"
Anton smiles.
Serenity: "Pretend I'm gentley placing a hand on your shoulder now,"
Serenity: "You're gunna need to work on your short term past vision powers if you want that."
Amal: "Y'all are adorable."
The loading dock is built like a large square, there's pallets and not much else, it's really terribly designed. As Serenity goes to park, or stop in whatever manner, however…
Serenity‘ lets Harriet fire off a couple of rounds into the people on the ground before making the truck skid sideways and then come to a stop to use it as cover.
Anton crosses his arms. "Well, I mean I’d rather be fighting than spying but if that's what you really want?"
The gatling fire makes the people scatter, the truck drives to a stop as the party readies to jump out-
As the party is finally out… The people who were here are gone- Likely to sound the alarm
Serenity: "That's my way of saying I definitely don't remember everything said from a week ago, man."
Serenity‘ grabs her rifle and hops out. "Anyway, continue leading the way O Great Oracle."
Anton: "Oh, no. I’m talking about when something using the Sacred Grove's system that has a huge impact on shaping the future attempts to murder us later today."
Hughbert: "Cover as much ground as we can before they catch up to us." Hughbert jumps out of the truck and starts looking for any sort of "this way to the center of the facility" signs.
Serenity: "This one isn't really uh,"
Serenity: "Super developed for what it's worth."
Serenity: "She sounds more like a normal force gear."
There's two doorways leading out, but both ways eventually both lead the same way, a wide corridor that goes around in a circular shape. Once you've stepped outside however the vision around you is really strange
Anton: "I figured as much but I wanted to double check. If it was that simple you would have stopped the fight in that fashion."
There's… A form of glowing dust in the air, lighting everything in a green glow, the walls are littered with all forms of mushrooms, and there's roots in the ceiling and walls. There are vines in the roots, growing out of them despite there being no sunlight
The dust isn't simply floating, but it forms strands and lines in the air
JayM: Have you been hurting lately?
JayM: Because you're now feeling better, slowly
Serenity: "Huh…"
JayM: In fact, while in here you're under Yggdrasil's Protection(U), recover 100 HP and 60 MP after every action
Amal: "…that's interesting."
Serenity: "Yup she's doin' her best."
The corridor stretches forward as far as you can see, until it curves out of sight. There's no indication of wether forward or backward is the right direction to go to
Serenity: "…So you're implying there's something big and scary we need to fight in here, Anton… even in the middle of this?"
Amal: "I bet whoever's gonna try and kill us is gonna like. Invert that field mechanism somehow."
Anton: "Mmm-hm. It could be somewhere else technically."
Amal: "That's what -I- would do, if I were evil and trying to trap and kill people."
Serenity: "You'd… drown them in airborn healing sparkles…?"
Anton: "Definitely going to happen though~. Don't worry we'll get through fine! You have my word as the upcoming Divine Oracle!" He winks at Amal.
Hughbert: "Whatever it is, I'm certain we can devise a plan to take it down."
There's a quite sensible surge of force, all of your force gear is compelled to move by some unseen force. The patterns the particles form change, many of them go parallel to the walls. Most of them form a line, a path
Serenity: "…Not quite what I expected but thanks!"
Serenity‘ lets herself get lead along.
The pathway of dust leads you in a long maze-like pathway, you head further ahead, take a door, go back, a door, ahead, forward and back. Jeanne mentioned three rings, but there’s many corridors here. You go through a lot of doorways, there's a lot of different rooms around containing everything from supplies to weapons to monsters
JayM: But the only thing you don't find is people
JayM: Did they all run away or something?
Anton: "Yeaaaaah. Looking more likely on that invert thing, Amal. Not a soul in sight."
Serenity: "Huh?"
Eventually you're led to a giant central room, right under the roots of the great tree above. Under it is… You could maybe call it a large ranch, if you raised your animals inside of cages just large enough to fit them
There's rows and rows of cages of monsters of all the types you've seen, many of them are tiny, pups barely.
Serenity‘ frowns slightly.
The lines lead you towards what looks like the only open-area of the ranch, there’s a small office there overseeing a bloodied field. Two people are talking smack in the center of it, a tall man that looks the very picture of a thug and a stout-looking woman with what looks like from here like a cigarrete on her mouth
Hughbert: "Hmm… We could take the system offline now, then. Could have Harriet pinpoint a replacable weak point and damage that… I believe that's for the best, considering that disabling power for the area might shut down any device capable of inverting the air's… properties."
JayM: They seem to be having a serious discussion that greatly displeases him
Serenity‘ scratches behind her head.
Serenity: "I think they’re fighting about someone running off and taking something…? Like I said she'd not super great at talking, even if she's friendly and helpful."
Serenity: "…Also something's about to happen."
Serenity‘ flips on her force gear, looking around.
Once in an active state, the dust forms circles around Serenity’s force gear. You're in a corridor with monster cages on both sides, they can't see you from here or don't care. The cages are arranged in rows around the central area, there's systems to feed the monsters in place, all automated- And also signs that they've been doing this by hand rather than using the automated system
Anton chews at his lip. "A large number of people are almost out of my detection range. They've more or less fleed the building at this point. The remaining two however have a LOT of threads. Or to put it simpler, they're very capable of shifting events on a world scale tonight and only tonight."
Serenity‘ smiles briefly at the halos.
Serenity: "Suggested course of action?"
Anton: "I’d suggest acting quickly. The woman is definitely egging the man into doing something dumb. She's likely using him to do this tonight."
Hughbert quickly scans the area to look for anything that could be used to get an advantage, outside of simply striking first from a safe range…
Amal: "Wanna just… crash their party?"
Serenity: "So shoot the lady. Gotcha."
Anton: "We may as well get some discussion in first. The bad thing happens no matter what we do."
Amal: "Oh, that's cheerful."
Serenity: "Okay. So."
Serenity: "We go in and talk, Harriet works on making the system less likely to kill everyone while we distract them / fight/"
Anton: "Or rather we have to fight something regardless of whether we shoot them now or not. Just do what your heart tells you to~."
[OOC] Serenity: ?^
Serenity: "Anton why are Oracles so fucking bad at making decisions?" Serenity quickly tells Harriet the best place the access the Grove's systems, then rolls her eyes before stepping around the corner with her rifle raise. "Hello!"
Hughbert sighs. "Serenity, go ahead and fire away once you get bored. I'll go on ahead and see if I can get them to offer us some tea or something first. From the apperance of the area, it's highly likely they were expecting guests."
You see the woman smirk "Oh, so you're here already"
Anton follows after Serenity before stage whispering. "(Man, you say that so easily but do you have any idea how easily I can cause zero fates all over the timeline? Acting with knowledge is dangerous!)"
She pulls out something out of the pocket of her suit, yes she's wearing a suit. It's a set of cards, cards with notes. She looks them over, picks one up, crumples it and tosses it out. Then she puts them back on her pocket. "Didn't think that goody two shoes was partial to sending kids to do her dirty work"
The man turns around "So you are the ones that are causing this problem to me?!"
Serenity‘ rolls her eyes at Anton.
Anton waves to the group. "Yup! I’m Anton and I'm going to be the Divine Oracle. Nice to meetcha!"
Serenity: "Shh, shh, the big kids are talking." Serenity makes a closing motion with her hand at the man.
Serenity: "You some kind of wannabe Oracle?" At the woman.
Hughbert just walks on up and bows. "…Let me just ask something first. What are your feelings on… lollipops?"
The woman chuckles "Anyway" she pulls out what at first seemed like a cigarrete out of her mouth, turns out it's a lollipop "Actual Oracle"
Amal: "Nicely done."
Mai: "Mai Tierra, a pleasure to meet you. I hope you wouldn't be adverse to disposing of this incompetent for me, would you?"
Serenity: "You workin' with Alcor?"
Serenity: "Or just some other random shit head."
Mai: "Oh… I do know the old Divine Oracle, and certainly he has used my products, but hardly anything more than that"
Serenity: "Okay that begs the question, then,"
Serenity: "Of why the fuck you're trying to have your country self destruct."
Hughbert turns his upper half 180 degrees and gives Serenity a "what" or perhaps a "why" expression.
Mai: "This is a very interesting system, with a very large and complex execution. There are some very important new things being discovered here"
Anton scratches his head before giving her a dopey looking expression. "Aw, shucks. I didn't know we were giving secret Oracle code names. I already said I was Anton! Can you tell me your actual name as there is no one called Mai that's an Oracle."
Mai: "But nobody, of course, is willing to put all the work necessary because they're afraid they might hurt someone"
Mai: "I'm just giving the research a little boost here. Have you seen what this system does to the monsters?"
Hughbert turns back around. "…Wait. Aren't you…"
Serenity: "…Wanna break the clock to see the gears. Alright, I can understand that."
Mai: "It not only accelerates their growth but due to their composition the very energy in the air can keep them fed"
Amal: "Explains why they weren't using the automated system."
Serenity‘ lets out a breath, blowing her bangs to the side.
Mai: "Tell me, though, Serenity. Do you feel anything in particular while here?"
Mai: "Anything different?"
Serenity: "If you’re asking me if she's gained true self awareness, she hasn't."
Serenity: "And I imagine whatever you've done to her had hobbled her in that regard. The other one was really well developed."
Mai puts a hand on her chin "Oh, I meant more about an effect directly on you, seems like not"
Serenity‘ narrows her eyes.
Mai: "So even a force gear of this magnitude cannot exert influence on your type b r-field after all"
Mai: "It’s not a matter of strength in the end"
Anton reaches into his bag before pulling out a camera. "Sorry, I borrowed this from Harriet. Could you pose for a picture, Mai? I need to get a visual to send back to Cor."
Amal: "Oooh I am an Oracle and I can use fancy words."
Mai chuckles "Oh but she knows me, Anton"
Mai: "Ask her about Project Summer School"
Serenity: "I mean, I know she likes me more than she likes you at least." Serenity kind of hefts her rifle a bit, drawing attention to the halos.
The man is just looking incredulously at you all
Serenity: "You tryin' to figure out how to turn Medium's off?"
Mai: "No, the other way around"
Anton chews at his lip before glancing at his party. "… why do Oracles we meet have such dumb code names for things? I'm not like that, right?" He grins.
Serenity: "Then asking me if anything's different was kind of a stupid question to ask, as I can already hear her."
Mai: "Perhaps, perhaps not. It's not like you could understand what i'm looking for"
Amal: "Anton I'm confident if you came up with a code name for something it'd be awesome and not cheesy at all."
Hughbert shakes his head at the man. "There's a very high chance this lady was using you and means to betray you. I don't think you should allow her to do that."
Serenity: "Also that's not a code name it's a science term you fucking retards."
Mai: "Given what they've done to me for pursuing this research"
Serenity: "I'll Educate you later."
Anton: "Project Summer School!"
Serenity: "Oh wait that one. Uh. Fair enough."
Sonas: "Well of course she does, she just fucking told me!"
Mai: "Indeed, honestly being involved with the Red Flags has become more of a problem than a boon at this point, the army gives me enough income and i'd rather spend my research efforts in Orsis at the moment"
Mai: "On the other hand, he doesn't have a choice because you're here to put a stop to his plans, whereas I am just going to withdraw my support without causing him direct harm"
Mai: "That and he made the mistake of wearing that force gear in first place"
Anton: "Hold up. I've been meaning to ask Alcore this, but you should be able to do it. How heavy is my aura with threads right now? If you really are an Oracle."
Hughbert: "And yet, you don't seem to be doing anything about it. Would your men be proud of their boss letting a woman stab him in the back and walk away?"
Mai sighs "I'm not as adept at this as I wish I were, my friend. I can scarce see them, but you do look pretty influent"
Anton makes a tsk sound. "Sounds like you haven't been eating enough lollipops."
Sonas: "She isn't wrong about the force gear thing… This… Administrator Suit as she called has fucking bound me here"
Serenity‘ furrows her eyebrows.
Sonas: "I can’t leave the fucking cave"
Sonas: "But I can control everything inside"
Sonas: "And I suppose it'd be a good start to take care of the people with guns before taking care of the fucking bitch too"
Serenity‘ raises a hand, palm open and pointed at Sonas as she takes a deep breath.
Amal: "You don’t have to do anything rash…"
Sonas suddenly shudders, grasping at his chest "Argh- Fcking witch… Stop that!"
Hughbert: "I can promise you'll get a more lenient sentence when we put you on trial if you would only cooperate."
Sonas falls on a knee "What are you… Gah… That's it"
Serenity‘ closes one eye in concentration, with the other locked on Sonas. "Promise you won’t fight us."
Sonas: "That's fucking it… IF you're going to do this!"
Serenity: "Just fucking say you'll stand out!"
[OOC] Serenity: er, stand down
He suddenly jumps up- And there dust around swirls like a storm around you! It gathers around you all and concentrates, turning into a wall of pure solid ragnite
Sonas: "I don't fucking care anymore! I'll kill you! And kill her!"
Serenity: "Tch."
Amal: "You -do- have a choice. Don't let anyone talk to you about fate…"
Serenity‘ closes her hand into a fist for a moment, then snaps her fingers.
Anton: "What are you doing after this anyways, Mai?"
Mai takes a few steps back, covering her face with a hand "Continuing my work, of course"
Anton nods. "Can’t spare a night for some tea, I suppose?"
Mai: "A busy woman like myself cannot spare much time, sadly"
And out of nowhere the storm seems to stop- Sonas is standing with difficulty to breath. The dust has formed a coating around his body. He looks at Serenity "Grr… What do you think you're doing?!"
Serenity‘ opens both eyes, breathing a little heavy. "You’re in time out."
Anton: "Ah, geeze. Did I cause a zero-fate again? We totally were supposed to be fighting by now."
Mai looks at what has transpired "A six thousand to one relation and the type b is still dominant?"
Serenity: "I'm pretty sure it won't kill you, but I wouldn't push it. And you're not going to be drawing powre from the grove like this."
Mai puts a hand on her chin "Yes that'll kill him"
Serenity‘ coughs a few times, before standing up straight.
Serenity: "Like I said."
She turns around, climbing over the ragnite wall "His body can’t function without the force gear anymore"
Amal: "Some day you idiots are going to learn not to heck around with Serenity, I swear. She's -scary-."
Serenity: "She like me more than you."
Once at the top of the wall, before climbing to the other side to go away she turns to Serenity "That's right. But give me some time and I won't need her to like me" she hops out the other side
Hughbert: "…He can't move like that, right Serenity?"
Anton: "Bummer. Cor takes forever to respond. It would have been so much easier to just ask her a few questions."
Serenity: "Greh!" Serenity raises her rifle, then rifles at the space ahead of Mai. The mote begins sucking in air around it rapidly.
Serenity: "…He can't do anything he's barely alive as is."
JayM: Well, she does tries to get away either way, she's not afraid of running into your attack
Serenity: "Anton why are you not chasing her??"
JayM: In particular because she seems to be wearing some form of defensive gear good enough to take a hit
Hughbert looks over to Anton. "Hold her up." He then starts looking for a way to chase her. Up the walll, around it?
JayM: It's kinda craggy but you can totally climb it, yes
JayM: I don't suggest trying to break it, ragnite is volatile
Anton glances over his shoulder before grinning. "She doesn't have force boots so I figured I'd be a gentleman and give her a head start. Times up though~."
Anton revs up his boots and leaps over the wall.
Hughbert grabs a spike and starts climbing.
Serenity‘ sighs, quickly moving over to Sonas and doing *something* to his gear, before slinging her rifle over her shoulder and trying to follow after Mai over the wall. "Sit still or I will close up the tiny ass hole I just made so you don’t die."
Serenity: "We'll work on safely removing you from the suit when we get back!"
Amal waves goodbye, just with their fingertips. It doesn't really look like they /mean/ it.
Hughbert climbs to the top of the wall just in time to see, and hear, a massive, massive explosion. Or chain of explosions, a at least a hundred one after the other. There's a corridor ahead- And he sees Anton flying off coated in smoke
JayM: It sounds like some large amount of exposives went off just on top of him
JayM: The corridor has collapsed
Serenity: "The fuck?!"
Hughbert: "Amal! Anton's falling! What did you do?!" Hughbert gets on top of the wall and stares down Mai.
Amal: "I don't-" They're running forward, trying to get a handle on the situation-
Serenity: "I assumed the explosion was something Mai set up in advance -"
JayM: Anton's fine, barely bruised, somehow.
Anton: "Ah, geeze. Using the creatures here as explosives was mean."
Anton: "That lady said one way out, right? Kinda blocked now."
Serenity: "Wait she fucking -" Serenity blinks, looking back towards the cages after getting higher on the wall.
Amal: "Tryin' to trap us here."
Serenity: "…I guess putting a fail-safe self descrution thing inside your killer mutant monsters kind makes sense but wow."
Hughbert: "She sealed a passage, but made a wall of a volatile, explosive material. I think it's most likely it's meant to be a minor nuisance."
JayM: I mean
JayM: If the way you've been going around to get here is any indication
JayM: The passage she just took probably moves around all over and eventually heads outside
JayM: And connects with the passage you came into the central chamber from, which is a different one
Serenity‘ sighs.
Amal: "Grr…"
Anton: "For what it’s worth, she wasn't trying to hurt me. That explosion had a firm level of precision to only take out the wall and knock me back. No Amals involved."
Serenity: "Why in the world would she do that?"
Hughbert scales down the wall. "So… If we go back through the passage we came in from, what's the chance of being able to intercept her?"
Serenity: "Also there's another way out that was just the obvious one. But I doubt we're catching up to her."
Serenity‘ hops back down.
Amal: "Sounds like she just wanted to make sure she got out…"
Anton scratches at his chin. "If I had to take a guess, my charming demeanor clearly won her over despite declining my invitation to tea."
Anton: "Or she didn’t want to hurt Cor's number one student~."
Serenity: "Neither of those strike me and particularly likely,"
Serenity: "Given her first reaction was name calling in Cor's direction upon seeing us."
Anton clutches at his chest. "Your words cut deep, my friend."
Serenity‘ glances around a bit, then starts moving behind the wall towards some engines. "Yeah door over here."
JayM: You’re not going to catch her, by the way, I can tell you that
Serenity‘ then doubles back over to Sonas, and does a lot of squinting while looking him and the force gear over.
Hughbert: "Serenity, do whatever you need to do in order to get that man out of that force gear so we can apprehend him. If we can’t catch her, I'm at least going to [Investigate] her trail and find out where she's gone off to. Anton, want to come with?"
Serenity: "Well I mean you're cute - no arguement there - but she didn't strike me as the kind of person to let something like that matter against an enemy. Which you definitely are."
Serenity: "Yeah that was the plan."
Serenity: "Okay buddy."
Anton nods to Hughbert. "If it makes you feel better she was clearly a recurring character like Alcor. This guy had the whole 'threads are almost falling off him but he's super important right now' thing going on but hers were firmly in place."
Serenity: "Like I said, we don't want to kill you. I think your Wise Men or whatever would rather you be brought to justice, which generally means bringing you in alive."
Serenity: "I'm a weirdo who can speak with ragnite devices. And I spent a lot of years working on them. And the Grove her is a nice girl. So. This'll probably take a while, but I'm gunna figure out how to safely disconnect you. It'd help if you could sit still, and remain calm. And not do anything stupid."
Serenity: "…It's probably gunna hurt like a bitch too." She frowns after removing a few plates and looking at the red liquid inside the tubes.
The man just looks down "Get… Off me…" his voice is certainly weak at this point. He's not giving a lot of resistance but he seems to be angry either way
Serenity: "Do you want to stay like this?"
Hughbert: "I've been meaning to ask about… them. As long as they're within their element - able to read fate - I'm going to have a difficult time creating a plan. Is there any way to neutralize that advantage?"
Serenity: "Stuck in a facility you can never lead, bound to a machine that only wants to do one thing with its existance: purify the land?"
Solas: "Grr!"
JayM: He sounds almost like a wild animal at this point
Serenity: "Because if so then I will leave you alone. Probably won't undo the seal I put over you though, because I don't want you trying to use her to uhrt people."
Serenity: "I think the best thing for everyone is to get you out of the suit, though."
Anton glances at Hughbert before responding with a dead serious expression. "Eliminate the worlds lollipop supply."
Solas: "I… Will… Kill you!"
Serenity: "Anton."
Serenity: "Are you seeing *any* world lines where this guy doesn't end up dead?"
Anton: "I was more focusing on the fact that he's still incredibly significant at the moment. He didn't lose nearly as many threads as he should have when you did your thing."
Serenity: "Look now, please."
Hughbert: "Devices exist that amplify oracle abilities, like that mirror. Is there a way to make the inverse of the mirror, something that obscures fate instead of revealing it?"
Serenity‘ rubs at her face.
Hughbert: "Well, after…" Hughbert gestures to angry man
Amal walks closer to Sonas, peering at him curiously.
Anton: "Your odds aren’t all that great but you are capable of extending the seal to prevent the seal from interacting with the Sacred Grove."
Anton: "You'll have to put your Skills to the Check."
Anton winks.
A single flower petal apears out of nowhere, settling on his forehead
Serenity: "…to the test." She sighs again, talking a little quieter then normal. Then blinks.
Serenity: "…Oh right…"
Serenity: "Anton said you could like… manipulate the lines to a certain degree, Amal?"
Amal: "Sometimes."
Amal: "…can people get drunk on ragnite?"
Serenity: "Can you help me with this? I don't really like the idea of leaving him attached to the grove, even if I can set up a filter between the two."
Anton: "As for counter oracle play, if anyone did make something like that the Oracles certainly don't know about it. We fight prophecy versus prophecy and see who can overwrite the future harder than the other. No point in neutralizing both players abilities!"
Serenity: "Uh… ish? You're not… really supposed to consume it."
Anton: "When we fight it's totally an ego dick waving contest~."
JayM: Serenity, with the usage of [Mystic] it's a skill contest!
JayM: The chance base if 40, your skill applies, +20 CoS!
JayM: This was a trap set by Mai, this Ace has a Pressure of 30, to -30 CoS to go with it
Amal: "It sorta feels like that's what happened… if that's even a thing that makes sense."
JayM: Final chance: 30 CoS
Serenity: "Yeah, his gear is actually doing all the thinking for them at the moment."
Serenity: "Anyway. Will you help?"
Amal: "We're both doing what we can…"
Serenity: "I'm not super confident in my skills here, this is uh… deeply theoretical, untested territory here."
Serenity: "Alright."
Serenity: "Okay."
Hughbert: "I'm going to request your assistance in developing a fate obscuring device at some point. We can try doing things your way- the oracle way. If it doesn't work, I won't let your ego or pride be the end of us. I'll keep a dirty trick in reserve to hit them where they can't expect it. Can you cooperate with that?"
Serenity‘ takes a deep breath, slowly exhales. Spends a couple of minutes messing with the seal a bit to work more as a filter. Then attempts to disassembling the force gear in the precise, exactly needed way *while* redirecting the ragnite to not just straight up kill the guy in the process.
Serenity` rolled d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 ) for how many LP will we blow though!
[OOC] Serenity: that’s a lot of LP :(
Anton: "Gonna need Cors approval to do something like that, I think."
Anton: "If she's on board I'm on board, though."
Amal grits their teeth.
Serenity‘ is sweating QUITE A BIT and looking a lot less confident and paniced than she ever has, and the look in her eye becomes a bit more manic and focused at once. She seems to stop paying attention to anything else around her as se conitnues working on the device. She’s mumbling a lot, too, but it's too hard o make out. [-7LP]
Anton: "Just take to mind if you do manage to pull it off I'm not going to be much help in a fight."
Amal seems like they're focusing -all- their attention on Serenity…
After a while the dust, that still hangs around, seems to change color to a golden color
Amal: "…don't give up!"
Serenity: "…H-huh?"
Serenity: "Wait you actually *are* a person?!"
Serenity: "Holy shit."
Serenity: "Glad you're, uh, feeling better."
Serenity‘ coughs a few times and rubs at her face with both hands, before checking Sonas for a pulse.
Anton scratches his head. "I can pick up the context clues, but mind giving an overview so I don’t have to waste time searching for one?"
Serenity: "Uh - she can think clearly now."
Hughbert: "Don't worry. Something like that is too valuable to use at all times, anyway. It's all part of a greater plan."
Suddenly the dust starts circling around them as Serenity works. It's difficult work but she manages to disassemble most of the gear, and once disassembled the dust that has been circling gathers on the tubing. It seems to… Eat away at the tubing for a moment, making it's way inside. After a moment, he stops shaking
And Serenity can finally rest after she disassembles a particular part of the force gear, it's quite obvious it's the part that draws power from the Sacred Grove. Sonas starts getting drowzy, though
Serenity: "Fucking hell my head hurts."
Anton nods. "Yeah, I could tell. You did good, though."
Amal raises both eyebrows and takes a deep breath, taking a step or two back and then running over to Serenity and trying to healing sparkles her, but the problem isn't really something they can help with. :( "That was amazing!"
Serenity: "Not sure *why* I did…" She laziily rolls off him, before laying on her back and staring up at the ceiling.
Anton makes his way over to Serenity before offering her a hand to get up. "It looked pretty neat, but I'm not sure I can put it into words easily."
Hughbert looks at the disheveled Serenity and Sonas resting. "…Oh, the desk." He rummages through the desk, grabbing the paperwork and ledgers that were requested.
Anton: "It's only a matter of time though until all the enemies we drove past and the evacuees realize that this place isn't going to go up in smoke after all. We should get going."
JayM: The office over there is… Wow it's a mess Hughbert :< The manager in you squirms in pain, but otherwise, yes the paperwork you want is here
Serenity‘ shakes her head at Anton. "Definitely gunna need a few. I’ll get up by the time Hughbert's done tossing the place and Harriet's finished wiht the repairs she was doing."
Serenity: "It's a nice name. Hopefully you can live up to it and no one else takes advantage of you like that again."
Anton nods before grinning. "Well, okay. But if people start coming back I'm gonna just pick you up and start flying."
Serenity: "I can't imagine I'm that heavy."
Hughbert stands in the way of the desk to prevent everyone else's poor, innocent eyes from being subjected to the disaster. He walks back to the group with all the paperwork in hand- and everything on that desk is stacked neatly and sorted by date.
Anton: "More a warning than anything else!"
Sonas has now passed out entirely, his face is white as a sheet but considering the terrifying force gear he is wearing it might make sense. With it mostly disassembled you see the tubing of the force gear has the ragnite run with a red tint, which is obvious what it is once you see the tubing is small because it connects to syringes that go into his veins. You can see growths of dia-ragnite that connect perfectly from his skin into portion of the gear. Most of those have been disassembled by Serenity but the tubing couldn't be removed
Serenity: "Alright, I think Yggdrasil is all better now, and it sounded like Harriet was more or less done."
Hughbert: "What about you? Are you in good shape?"
Serenity: "Uhh I can deal." Serenity slowly pushes herself up off the ground.
Serenity: "I'd rather Anton flew me out but he should probably get Sonas instead."
Anton snaps his fingers before making a 'aww shucks' expression. "Logic. My arch nemesis!" He goes over to pick up Sonas.
JayM: He's a bit heavy, given the gear he still needs to keep on
JayM: But he's carryable
Anton: "The good news is nobody has entered the complex yet."
Anton: "Dunno how many are waiting outside though."
Serenity: "I mean,"
Serenity: "They probably heard the explosions Mai set off and saw her running."
JayM: Are you ready to get going? It's going to be pretty safe
Amal: "Think we'll get a standing ovation? I doubt they'll have the proper appreciation for a zero-fate, though."
Serenity: "If I had to guess they won't fight us if we're carrying Sonas out."
Serenity: "Speaking of -"
Serenity: "How in the fuck, between two different Oracles,"
Anton: "I dunno, Amal. They all still expected something else to happen. To them it could just be a miracle~."
Serenity: "Did neither one of you see that coming? Granted I don't think I've ever actually done that before, but."
Anton: "See what coming?"
Amal: "What's the difference, /really/?"
Serenity: "The seal."
Amal: "Hehe. Surprising Oracles is really fun, isn't it~?"
Serenity: "Both you and her seemed certain we were gunna fight him," Serenity nods towards Sonas.
Amal stage-whispers. "(That's why they call us… the fatebreakers!)"
Serenity‘ purses her lips together.
Anton: "Oh, no. I told you about it because doing so was required to create a zero fate so we wouldn’t fight him. A Zero fate is when someone has information from an Oracle to reach a future that wasn't reachable otherwise, remember?"
Anton: "I didn't know if it would work but it was worth a shot."
Serenity: "…So you mean I would have only tried to do something like that because you told me what was supposed to happen and I thought that was stupid?"
Anton: "Or you took a bit too long to put the first pieces together on your own. I dunno."
Serenity: "Huh."
Anton: "Future was pretty clearly us fighting it though."
Serenity: "Is he still all…" Serenity gestures vaguely, "string-y?"
Serenity: "…Oh man. Do the GROVE'S have threads?"
Anton: "His importance hasn't changed, nor did it change in a future where he died. The importance of him lies with the force gear, not himself at this point."
Serenity: "Fuck Mai, okay."
Anton claps his hands together before glancing at the party. "That said, good job everyone! So ends another page in our story. I'll cook dinner!"
Serenity: "Groves though?"
Anton: "Amal can answer that one. It was in the note I sent him earlier~. I told him that since he couldn't tug on the Groves strings as they don't exist he'd just have to tag extra hard at mine!" He gives him another wink.
Serenity: "Huh."
Serenity: "I wonder how sentient one needs to be in order to get them."
Hughbert: "Are the strings attached to something else on the far end?"
Amal can't help giggling a little. "I've been wondering all of that myself, yeah."
Anton: "Strings are wrapped around a person. Their volume tells me how impactful they are to shaping the future and how tight they are gives me an idea of how significant they are in the long run. Like that guy right there? When we came him he had a loooot more threads but they were mostly floating around him all wavy-like. That told me that he had the capabilities to impact the worldline in the near future. Mei's were tight. So her importanc
Anton: tight. So her importance is relevent for the long haul. "
Anton: "In most cases they don't go anywhere. Amal, excluded. Seeing one side of that and not seeing Paws is really weird by the way. Often looks like they're just floating out somewhere but it's easy to see where they are when that happens."
Serenity: "Yeah on that note I am…"
Serenity: "A bit worried about potential applications of what she was doing, here."
Amal: "What was goin' on, anyways?"
Serenity: "The suit gear thing basically… is grafted onto the human. They become one. And a lot of drugs are involved in this. Drugs hthat erode the human's mind, made them more primal. Hence all the shouting and growling and being generally hostile."
Serenity: "It also gave him complete control over the entire facility. Even with Yggy actively doing her - his - best to fight against it."
Serenity: "So like… imagine something like that, but hooked up to a giant warehouse sized tank or something."
Anton: "Ah, good. That's what I already started to write in the report. Seems like I don't have to tear it up after all."
Serenity: "Or even just flipping a grove from purification to defilement."
Amal: "Woah."
Amal: "That's, uh."
Amal: "Holy crap???"
Serenity: "Yeah. From what Yggy remembers Mai and Sonas showed up with the suit so… probably her personal project, from the way she was talking."
Serenity: "I guess that's why she was so surprised I could properly form the seal, dude has a LOT of power behind him. Didn't realize at the time what I was up against, haha."
Amal: "Well, I mean. It's a good thing you're really awesome???"
Serenity: "No arguement there."
Anton: "You win some, you lose some. I may have had the Foresight to set up a Zero-Fate but she totally outplayed me with the explosion."
Serenity: "Hmm. Maybe that's why she didn't pick a fight, so that she could concentrate fully on escaping."
Amal: "Yeah, no doubt."
Anton adjusts the guy on his shoulder before he starts to head out of the complex. "Still, I hope we get finished soon. I'm getting a bit homesick."
As you head out, you're greeted by the radiant light of the sun and a fresh breeze
Serenity‘ pats Anton on the shoulder.
JayM: You’re close to your objective now
JayM: One more task to go
JayM: For managing to outsmart fate
JayM: And for keeping me on my toes
[OOC] JayM: +15 XP
JayM: Because a boss is a boss however way you defeat it
JayM: I hope you had fun

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