Light pours through the treetops, the shades dancing on the packed dirt floor of the highway. Only the echoes of wildlife make noise as the five gather on the car, around them a considerable degree of carnage and car wreckage. Tied to their car is another, shot apart in half by the chaingun that now lies hidden in the car's trunk, ready tobe towed somewhere carrying three unconscious thugs, one shell-shocked thug and one really angry slightly-higher-ranking thug
The party had gathered a lot of good intel of where the Red Flags base may be, though there were mentions of a nearby town the great majority of information pointed somewhere just east of the Santeria Institute, the easiest landmark being a gigantic tree pointed out in the local map. At the very least, it's from that general direction that the illegal monsters being sold seemed to be coming from most of the time
In the distance the noise of a truck- The one that Estellise (whom you helped by tearing down her chasers) drives away to a hiding spot.
Anton chews on his lollipop as he glances at the others. "S'what's the plan anyways? Scout it out? Roll in?"
Harriet has finally woken up properly! Grumble, grumble. "This isn't my wheelhouse… I'll follow you guys."
[OOC] Serenity: I'm pretty sure we actually left the extra car with the banditos, but »
JayM: Wait no
JayM: Yes you went back to the gas station and left the car with the bandits, yes
JayM: Good rmeinder
JayM: And that's where you are right now
Serenity: "I think they're literally under a tree so I duno how much scouting you could really do."
Serenity: "Or well, I duno, flex your future vision muscles and see what happens if we just crash through the front door."
Amal: "I mean, you scout around the tree for the entrance to their evil monster-black-marketeer lair, obviously."
Anton glances at Serenity. "Now where's the fun in that? Don't you have a sense of adventure!"
Serenity: "Is that you're way of saying you're useless and can't do it?"
Hughbert: "Charging in the front door of the black market while wearing a military uniform doesn't sound terribly appealing to me. I believe going to the nearby town first to collect information and determine how to avoid notice properly is a stronger plan."
Harriet: "I like the plan that doesn't involve me getting shot at."
Amal: "I knew if we talked about kicking down the front door loudly enough Hughbert would come up with an actual plan!"
Anton smiles at Serenity. "Got it in one~. Or so I'd like to say. It's definitely not a good idea at a glance, though."
Serenity: "Okay."
JayM: So the plan is to go to the nearest town for further intel?
[OOC] Serenity: y
Just heading further down the highway you will soon see a sign for a road branching off of it, the road seems well travelled and the sign reads "Alcatea" , sounds as good a name for a city as any
The trip may be uneventful, and the town appears to be… It has the makings of being some form of farming small town, except you see no plantations nor pastures, and the buildings that seem like ranches appear to instead open off into the dense forestry that the city is set again
Serenity‘ is still kind of weirded out by the general lack of traffic and needing to give a fuck about signaling as she pulls off the highway and into the town.
As you bring the car through the town you see that there’s certainly what appears to be a large amount of butcheries around, most of them marketing themselves as 'industrial' though, and don't seem to be your usual commerce spot. There's two large warehouses easily visible over the smaller buildings.
Of note is a large lack of people milling around, the town isn't deserted but you get the feeling people aren't too willing to be out and about. As you seek a parking spot in a town not designed with them you pass by one of the warehouses, it's got heavy security
Hughbert flips through a notebook as the car pushes along into town. He's mumbling to himself, looking at addresses. "Hmm… I wonder if they are still stationed here…"
Harriet: "So, like… this time it can't be the gun because I definitely hid the gun."
Harriet: "So what's up with them?"
Serenity: "Uh…"
Serenity: "Well, considering the general lack of foresting or crop growing that seems to be going on here, combined with the large number of butchers plus the fact that all these warehouses are actually freezers… Gunna guess this is where they do most of their meat processing,"
Serenity: "And considering how shitty their food situation is, calls for high security?"
Harriet: "Yeah, that tracks."
JayM: How to proceed here though?
Serenity: "Which means…"
Harriet looks at Hughbert, he's the people person.
Serenity: "Me and Harriet are definitely banned from starting the conversations."
Serenity‘ nods to herself.
Harriet: "Ahaha yeah I’m not gonna pretend like I'm good at this." Still staring, like, straight at Hughbert.
Anton: "The townspeople are on edge, for the record. Incredibly wary and locked up in their homes but it isn't directed at us."
Amal chuckles.
Serenity: "That also stands to reason if Red Flag is shacked up nearby."
Amal: "Probably has to do with the evil black market hanging out underfoot yeah."
Amal: "For all we know they're using this town for logistics. Who's in charge here?"
JayM: You got no idea, but there's probably a town hall somewhere you can find that out
Hughbert: "Hold that thought, Amal, we'll find out soon enough. Serenity…" Hughbert leans over the dash and points to a butchery - The Golden Steak. "I believe starting our [Investigation] there has a good chance of turning up information."
Serenity‘ squints at Hughbert. "That was a suggestion to go inside and listen to the ambient noise, right? Okay." And she does, a moment later while peering around the store.
A simple entrance to a building without any front windows like stores do, one of those industrial butcheries. The building however has some signs of damage, some glass still in the walkway from widows that have now been repaired in the second floor, the sign has seen better days.
Inside it… It looks like an office in this first room, it actually enters into a small corridor that ends up in a door with a (broken) glass pane at the top and past it you can see the office. The office itself seems like it was ransacked at some point, and then the damaged and trashed things were all just piled on a corner while the few remaining tables and cabinets were rearranged in the free space
Hughbert hops out of the car and goes inside, calling out to the owner. "Excuse me, sir?"
A young person is by the pile of trashed things, little more than a meter and a half of height, hair as far down as the waist, a cast still in the right arm.
Harriet heads on in behind Hughbert, frowning at the carnage.
The person turns around "Oh? I’m sorry for the mess" his voice is far too deep for someone so small "You know how it is. I'm sad to inform that currently all of our hunters are down so we only have some remnants of last month's stock, unfortunately, so unless you're insterested in the cured game I really regret to inform I will not able to supply"
Harriet opens her mouth to say something, remembers their resolution, closes her mouth.
Hughbert: "Not to worry. I just have some questions." He introduces his name and rank, quietly adding, "I'm investigating some… Local disturbances."
The small man looks at Hughbert "Outsiders, huhn?"
Man: "And what do you to ask? I've been answering a loooooot of questions lately"
Man: "It haven't ended well for me as you see"
Harriet: "We're not here to beat you up!" Since she's still got all her gear slung over herself, this is probably an unconvincing claim.
Man: "You will understand my skepticism, but please, do ask"
Hughbert: After looking back and forth, making sure he doesn't see anyone around who shouldn't be listening… "We're planning to do some damage to the Red Flags. We know where their headquarters in the area is, and would like to know about the Central Research Institute and how to get in quietly."
The man raises an eyebrow "Really?" he stops to ponder for a moment, then goes and unlocks the door and opens it, inviting you in. "I'm going to say" he looks over the party "You do look quite geared enough for that"
Man: "Finally someone with the guts and stuff to do something shows up, and it had to be outsiders, eh?" he chuckles to himself "Well, i'll tell you what I know"
Man: "Know those big warehouses? They used to rent out freezer space for the game processing works here, until those red pancakes showed up and took them over. They still rent out some space, at some unreal prices, but they mostly use them to load and unload… Something off some trucks"
Man: "I'm fairly certain those are very important trucks of theirs, given they're quite obviously stolen military gear"
Man: "I don't know what they're moving, but even a businessman like myself can tell they're sloppy, so maybe you can use that?"
Hughbert: "Frequent shipments, I take it? Weekly, if not daily, I would imagine." He nods.
Man: "Every two or three days"
Serenity: "That's a lot of monsters."
Amal whistles.
Hughbert: "…Right. Not to alarm you, but… Those warehouses are home to monsters of all sorts. You should probably know who your neighbors are, after all."
The man crosses his arms "Monsters, huhn? Wouldn't surprise me"
Man: "At least they aren't moving worst bullshit"
Serenity: "…What would be worst than combat trained mutant monsters?"
Amal: "I'm sure there's -something-."
Man: "As she said, there's certainly something out there and, eh…"
Man: "I'm used to monsters I guess"
Man: "Seeing far too many of them these days"
Harriet: "I guess people can get used to anything if they see enough of 'em."
Serenity: "Well, anyway.
Hughbert: "We- or at least, I- should wear something that grabs less attention than a Masharasian officers' uniform, I think, at least on the way in. Do you have advice on where to get a disguise, or otherwise something to blend in?"
He looks at Hughbert "You'll find it really hard to fit into anything I could lend, but there's a clothing store a two blocks down the street"
Serenity: "Oh right. There's supposed to be some kind of tree-building thing around here, part of project to repurify the land…?"
Hughbert: "Do you know anyone who has been inside the Institute recently, that would be willing to assist?"
Man: "Oh, the giant tree? It's right by the Institute a fair ways up north. I dunno what they're doing there but the tree's always been there, kind of a local landmark. Unfortunately I don't, some seasonal workers from the Institute used to pass by here on the way to and from, not anymore though"
Hughbert: "Let's assume we're willing to persuade a Flag to provide assistance, even if they don't volunteer it. Who would you consider close-by and knowledgable?"
Man: "Playing tough aren't you? If you wanna get someone who's 'in' I suggest one of the warehouse managers"
Man: "They're like… The bosses of the town now"
Amal: "I wouldn't say we're 'playing' tough." They smile.
Hughbert nods. "Unfortunately, we don't have time to take them all down for you, and it would certainly lower our chance of success if we were to raise a high alarm before infiltrating one of those transports. If possible, I'd like to plan a moment of 'quality time' to get some information out of one of them, though."
The man looks at Hughbert in the eyes "Jeanne, from the closest ware house"
Man: "Go get her"
Hughbert nods again, then gets up to shake the man's hand. "You've been a great help, sir… ?"
[OOC] Hughbert: his good hand, obvs
He shakes Hughbert's hand "Varis"
Hughbert faces the rest of the group. "I believe we have enough to go on from here. I have a plan ready. Would any of you like to ask any other questions?"
Amal: "Naw, I'm good. Sounds solid."
Harriet: "If you have a plan, that's good enough for me."
Hughbert: "Thank you for your time, Varis." After thanking him, Hughbert starts to lead the party back to the car.
Once outside your car awaits, nothing has changed yet, and the warehouse you want is just that one
Hughbert stops by the clothing shop to pick up a local style of jacket along the way. Would these thugs even recognize his uniform as Maharasian if they saw it…? "So, a brief rundown of the plan…"
The warehouse looks rather nondescript, it has three loading bays up front and an entrance, it has an attached office. The walls are thick as are the glasses, good insulation. Conspicuously armed people patrol around the front and back both, there's three floors in this area.
JayM: Very unlikely, Hughbert, and the clothes come pretty cheap. Admittedly a cheap shirt with long sleeves and loose leather pants make for a sufficient disguise
Hughbert: "First, we need to know when one of those trucks going between the facility and the warehouse is going to depart. Our soon-to-be friend Jeanne will be able to tell us that. Serenity, I leave 'befriending' her to you. Remember, we don't want to raise an alarm that would delay the truck, so keep it below the neck, and inspire some fear. Now, as for how we're going to get to her…" He sizes up the building as the car comes
Hughbert: close to it.
The building is exactly as tall as three floors require, it is also quite large. As stated it's a rather resilient building due to the insulation work, but it appears that despite there being security on the ground you can't see anyone on the windows in the upper floors
Hughbert: "Seems the top floor isn't being patrolled. There's also a fine tree with sturdy branches right next to that window, on the left side. Let's park somewhere and use that as our entry point."
Anton: "You got it, boss."
Harriet: "Ugh, do we have to climb a tree?"
Amal: "You could… design a machine to climb a tree for us and so then none of us would have to? :D"
Harriet: "I could." Harriet taps a finger to her chin. "I definitely could. It wouldn't be that complicated, really, just introduce a pulley system and…"
Amal: "M- maybe we should just climb the tree, instead, haha…"
Hughbert: "I'll give you a boost. It's easier than it looks."
Harriet: "Okay, fine, but you'd better not make fun of me."
You park the car a little bit away, then start climbing the tree. Except for Anton, he cheats. The tree isn't hard to climb, thanks to the large amount of branches, and some of the most couch potato-y of you will be surprised at how well you're faring in this climbing job.
Anton: "Good work everyone! Looking great~." He smiles from the window.
Amal smiles sweetly at Anton.
JayM: To one's luck this window wasn't difficult to dislodge open, it was never designed to be locked
Harriet somehow manages to scramble up, even with all her extra weight. It's not the most graceful ascent.
The party actually winds up in a freezer room. Inside is incredibly cold, it's a freezer room! But it is also empty even if admittedly nobody cleaned it after the last remains of the meat that was here.
The door here also cannot be locked, safety measure against accidents, so at the very least you know you can get out
Harriet rubs at her arms. "Well, at least we know their freezer tech is decent…"
Hughbert follows up once the others are safely up the tree. "…Harriet, wouldn't windows only serve to make cold storage more inefficient? This strikes me as poor engineering."
Anton: "No matter how you look at it, it is odd yeah."
Harriet: "Oh, yeah, it's inefficient as shit. I'm thinking this wasn't always a freezer."
JayM: It is incredibly inefficient
JayM: Why the hell would there be windows here?
JayM: In fact if this wasn't a freezer before why did they make special windows to fit here instead of closing the hole?
JayM: You will never know
JayM: The architect of this building probably no longer has a job
Harriet: "If I ever find who designed this place, I'm probably just gonna kick 'em."
Hughbert: "Hm. Well, onward. Let's find our manager. We have more pressing questions." He shivers on over to the freezer door and tries to push it open quietly.
Outside you see a large catwalk spanning the entire second floor, the central area is open and you can see down there what seems to be two large and slightly beaten up trucks. There's freezers all over the second and third floors
You hear at errible, terrible sound that is something like a terrible burping sound, but also be a croaking sound. There's only three people down there and all three cringe and cover their ears at the noise
Amal silently goes 'ugh'…
Harriet grimaces.
Anton quietly chuckles to himself.
JayM: One of them shouts "GET THE FUCKING FROG TO SHUT UP!" "It's a Froglem boss, I can't do that" "There has to be some shit in that damn truck to help" "But boss-" "I TOLD YOU TO DO IT"
Anton: "(We've been seeing a lot of frogs lately. Is it a regional thing?)"
Hughbert frowns very hard and peeks over the rail. "Think I know who the boss is."
JayM: The shouting one is a woman whose voice is as grating as the croaking, she's wearing some form of padded leather outfit, the one that was answering her is this person with a large scar across their face who has now made their way into the back of the truck
The third being someone carrying a rifle "Uhn… I-I gotta go back to patrol boss" "Fucking wimp, get the hell out of here" and they scamper outside, nobody wants to hear that noise
Anton: "(We just hoppin' down or?)"
Hughbert turns around to look at the party. "She's isolated, and that awful sound ought to keep patrols away. We should move now."
Amal nods!
Harriet nods to Hughbert. She'll follow his lead!
JayM: You've got the driver in the truck, Jeanne down there, and quite certainly a frog monster inside the truck
JayM: Do you have a specific plan of approach or death from above?
[OOC] Hughbert: hughbert could hop down and be a Front Line Distraction while everyone else stays up top and has Height Difference Advantage (if that's even a thing)?
JayM: You are the only melee so certainly, if you do it this way the Back Row will be unreachable by melee attacks of two of the enemies in this encounter
JayM: And Hughbert would get +50% potency for his first action
[OOC] Hughbert: Let's Do That then, definitely taking the -20% damage taken thing btw
JayM: Alright, get ready for battle!
[OOC] Anton: Activating Pre-emptive strike since this is appropiate. Everyone starts 10D faster. Anton is 20D
[OOC] Harriet: mind if i grab the +20% damage option
Hughbert grabs the rail in one hand, turns just to say "Follow my lead and keep your distance, I'll keep their attention," then leaps over the ledge, rolling on the landing, book in hand.
[OOC] Anton: Go for it.
Hughbert gives the signal and jumps down, he has both the initative AND the advantage! As he drops down the whatever is in the truck becomes agitated and a gigantic frog oozing some kind of vile green ooze all over erupts, burping/croaking loudly with a sickening sound, spikes of dia-ragnite in their back. The driver scrambles to the cabin of the truck
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Anton [B]:17 Amal [B]:25 Serenity [B]:25 Harriet [B]:27 Froglem [F]:33 Jeanne [F]:39 Devil Transport Unit [B]:40
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [==========]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [==========]
JayM: Hughbert!
Harriet just kind of stares at Hughbert as he sails down. "… wow, he's actually pretty charismatic when he wants to be."
[OOC] Hughbert: we had a resupply, thus, we're all topped off, right?
[OOC] Anton: Correct.
JayM: Back Row's out of reach of Jeanne and the Froglem! The truck, the Devil Transport Unit, has a pistol, it'll still hit the back row despite suffering row penalties
One of the freezer doors silently creaks open, just a little bit… [CT15]
[OOC] Hughbert: oh I still go first
JayM: Still Hughbert! :d
Amal pauses for a moment and then starts giggling helplessly.
Hughbert gestures from the freezer through Jeanne. A bitter stream of icy cold pressurized water crashes into her head-on. [Pressure Stream, 35D]
Harriet thinks of something, and pulls out a photo. "Oh, right! That frog will deal damage when it inflicts its toxins, and the toxin itself is explosive. Also, it can hit two people at once with its spells!"
Hughbert rolled 1d10+150,150 and got 10 ( Total: 240.0 ) for did I do that right
Amal: "Also: cause problems."
Harriet: "Well, yeah, I guess it would cause some problems… like, two, maybe three problems."
JayM: Yes you did
Amal: "Definitely three."
JayM: Anton!
Anton summons 3 clones of himself down below with Hughbert. [Phantom Rush | 70D | 30D x3]
Amal giggles.
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Serenity [B]:0 Harriet [B]:2 Froglem [F]:8 Jeanne [F]:14 Devil Transport Unit [B]:15 S-Anton A [F]:22 S-Anton B [F]:22 S-Anton C [F]:22 Hughbert [F]:25 Anton [B]:62
JayM: Hughbert has allies!
Amal starts charging a cocoon of light! [CT 10]
Serenity fires a [Storm Bombing] into the air. [50D | Timer is 60D]
JayM: Charges and timers!
[OOC] Anton: HP: 500/500, MP: 620/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Froglem [F]:6 Amal [B]:8 Jeanne [F]:12 Devil Transport Unit [B]:13 S-Anton A [F]:20 S-Anton B [F]:20 S-Anton C [F]:20 Hughbert [F]:23 Serenity [B]:48 Storm Bombing:58 Anton [B]:60
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet flicks a few switches, and the cannon chamber starts spinning to life. [50CT]
The frog fills up it's throat sac and croaks in such a manner the very air shakes and it makes you all completely dizzy.
JayM rolled 1d8+125 and got 4 ( Total: 129 )
Harriet is emitting a subtle [Magnetic Field - Allies in your row suffer -10% damage during your lightning CTs].
The very shockwave of the croak deals [129] physical damage to everyone, you are so deeply shaken that all CTs and stances are cancelled, the shockwave is so terrible that all conditions and enhancements are dispelled
JayM: Fear the mighty [Death Croak]
The frog fills up it's throat sac like it's going to croak really loudly… And then the thing just ruptures spilling ooze everywhere [Quick - Sac Burst] (+50% damage taken until next action, double numeric condition effects)
Harriet: "Okay… fuck that frog."
[OOC] Anton: HP: 384/500, MP: 620/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125
[OOC] Anton: HP: 474/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 6/6, SoS: 137
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 471/600, MP: 700/700, LP: 8/8, SoS: 150
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Harriet [B]:0 Jeanne [F]:6 Devil Transport Unit [B]:7 S-Anton A [F]:14 S-Anton B [F]:14 S-Anton C [F]:14 Hughbert [F]:17 Froglem [F]:40 Serenity [B]:42 Storm Bombing:52 Anton [B]:54
JayM: As your CTs are cancelled you get to act. Amal and Harriet!
[OOC] Anton: HP: 384/500, MP: 620/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125 - This is Serenity (U)
Amal: "Ugh! Gross!"
JayM: Since it damages all the Shadows, they're also gone, oops
JayM: On the plus side, Jeanne and the driver seem just as shaken
Anton hops in front of one of the shadows at least. [Guard Assist]
Amal goes back to charging that cocoon of light again :/ [CT 10]
JayM: So you do, Shadow A is safe and you're hit twice
Harriet flicks a few switches on her ECC, turns a crank, and the chamber starts spinning up faster. [-2 Luck, CT40]
Jeanne pulls out a pressure pistol from a pocket and loads two darts into it. She first fires a glowing silvery one [Quick - Surge Pack] (gain Surge(2), +30% potency) and then fires a deep red one [Adrenal Burst]
The Frogem gains Adrenal Burst(3) (+30% damage dealt) and is quickened
Anton: "Hrm. Do we deal with the foe that is harassing us or the person letting the toad harass us more? Questions. Questions."
The truck drive is fiddling with something in there [Bloodeater Dart]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 S-Anton A [F]:4 Devil Transport Unit [B]:4 Froglem [F]:5 Hughbert [F]:7 Harriet [B]:30 Serenity [B]:32 Jeanne [F]:36 Storm Bombing:42 Anton [B]:44
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [========= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [==========] Adrenal Burst [+30%](3) Surge [+20%](2)
JayM: Amal!
Amal casts [Protect D30] on Hughbert! [-30% physical damage (5)!]
JayM: Anton's sole shadow!
S-Anton A fires a bolt at Jeanne!
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
Anton rolled d12+140 and got 6 ( Total: 146.0 )
[OOC] Hughbert: it might be a good idea for me to tank through it, I have storm rod now
JayM: A direct hit!
[OOC] Hughbert: it'd be about 350 damage if I ate 5 hits
[OOC] Amal: it's physical too, right?
JayM: What the croak? Yes
Jeanne: "Dammit, driver! Get a fucking dog out here!"
Driver: "Boss, we don't have any we're waiting for the shipment"
Jeane: "Argh, fucking hell"
The driver finishes doing whatever they were doing and fires a [Bloodeater Dart] at Hughbert
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 66 ( Total: 66 )
JayM rolled 1d10+60,50 and got 9 ( Total: 34.5 )
JayM: It deals a piddly [34] damage as it impacts against his body armor but a strange smell that itches the nose covers him
The Froglem then starts gurgling like something else entirely making awful, awful noises [Ragnite Deterioraton]
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Froglem [F]:8 Amal [B]:23 Harriet [B]:23 Serenity [B]:25 Jeanne [F]:29 Storm Bombing:35 Anton [B]:37 Devil Transport Unit [B]:47
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [========= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [==========] Adrenal Burst [+30%](3) Surge [+20%](2)
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert flips to a new page in his book, gesturing to the rails above him… No sooner than he closes the rectangular motion, a thin but dense curtain of air shimmers around the room. The dense air forms a force-absorbing barrier that diverts any impacts directly to his damage absorption reservoir. [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
JayM: A powerful shield
The froglem seems like it's going to croak, but then spits a ball of vile blue ooze that inflicts [Ragnite Deterioration], it arcs in the air and hits both Hughbert and Harriet, inflicting Ragna-Jamming(4) (+20 CT to spells) and Ragna-Feedbac(4) (take 220 magical when spending MP) as well as being so toxic it inflicts [66] magical damage to both
[OOC] Anton: HP: 367/500, MP: 620/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125 - This is Serenity (U)
[OOC] Anton: HP: 451/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 6/6, SoS: 137
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Harriet [B]:0 Serenity [B]:2 Jeanne [F]:6 Hughbert [F]:7 Storm Bombing:12 Anton [B]:14 Froglem [F]:15 Devil Transport Unit [B]:24
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [========= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [==========] Adrenal Burst [+30%](2) Surge [+20%](1)
JayM: Amal!
[OOC] Amal: Hughbert what's your HP
Amal: "Ugh, that damn frog…" They frown deeply and start weaving a shroud of light. [CT 15]
The curtain shimmers, and the ooze vanishes on contact! But Hughbert's force gear beeps under the strain… [Redirected off of Harriet]
Harriet takes a step back, but the ooze is all taken care of. "Oh, geez… thanks, Hughbert!"
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet swings the ECC around to aim at the Froglem, pulls a lever, and a terrifying charge of electricity leaps out from the spinning chamber to lance through it. There's a great flash of light as it happens.
Harriet rolled 1d12+450 and got 5 ( Total: 455.0 ) for i'm pretty sure all my damage-enhancers were stripped off
[OOC] Harriet: 50D!
Serenity fires a [Sniper Beam] into the air. [50D | Beam is 20D]
[OOC] Anton: HP: 367/500, MP: 560/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125 - This is Serenity (U)
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 603/650, Stored: 19, T.HP: 0 MP: 590/650, LP: 6/6, SoS: 162. Ragna-Jamming (4), Ragna-Feedback (4)
Anton also attack assists off of Harriets attack.
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 ) for 80
Anton rolled d12+140 and got 4 ( Total: 144.0 )
JayM: Battle order: Jeanne [F]:0 Hughbert [F]:1 Storm Bombing:6 Anton [B]:8 Amal [B]:9 Froglem [F]:9 Sniper Beam:14 Devil Transport Unit [B]:18 Harriet [B]:44 Serenity [B]:46
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [====== ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [========= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [==========] Adrenal Burst [+30%](2) Surge [+20%](1)
Jeanne loads another dart in her pressure pistol [Recovery Suppressor]
JayM: Hughbert!
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Storm Bombing:5 Anton [B]:7 Amal [B]:8 Froglem [F]:8 Sniper Beam:13 Jeanne [F]:14 Devil Transport Unit [B]:17 Harriet [B]:43 Serenity [B]:45
JayM: Right updated inits
[OOC] Amal: Did cuppa not damage the froglem
[OOC] Amal: at all
JayM: That includes the damage
JayM: Yes
JayM: The frog is kind of big
Hughbert motions once again, renewing the barrier. [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
JayM: Very big
JayM: Storm Bombing, come down crashing!
Anton rolled 3d100 and got 3, 46, 26 ( Total: 75 ) for 70 CoS
JayM: Beautiful hits, also I think at least one of them echoes
Anton rolled d12+180 and got 6 ( Total: 186.0 ) for Another storm bombing is summoned at 60D for free from the crit!
JayM: Anton!
Anton closes his eyes breathly as he takes a deep breath.
Anton rolled 1d4 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
Anton then summons a copy of Hughbert and he begins to charge a [Pressure Stream - CT 15]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:1 Froglem [F]:1 Sniper Beam:6 Jeanne [F]:7 Devil Transport Unit [B]:10 Anton [B]:15 Hughbert [F]:23 Harriet [B]:36 Serenity [B]:38 Storm Bombing:58
JayM: Amal!
Amal tries something interesting and casts a [Corona] of light around the Froglem. [Condition (6) - Any time Froglem deals damage to someone other than Amal, reduce it by 40]
[OOC] Amal: D35
JayM: Migation's the name of the game
JayM: Battle order: Froglem [F]:0 Sniper Beam:5 Jeanne [F]:6 Devil Transport Unit [B]:9 Anton [B]:14 Hughbert [F]:22 Amal [B]:35 Harriet [B]:35 Serenity [B]:37 Storm Bombing:57
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [===== ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [========= ] Adrenal Burst [+30%](2) Surge [+20%](1) Corona [40](6)
The Froglem starts spasming, spasming wildly like it's going to suddenly explode in a terrifying [Quick - Spasmic Act] as it gains Speed Surge(2) [-30D on actions]. Then spazzing wildly and moving erratically it lobs a gob of [Rancid Ooze] at Hughbert!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 ) for 80
JayM rolled 1d12+210,120 and got 9 ( Total: 262.8 )
JayM: Dealing [202] Physical Melee damage and covering him with Reactive Slime(3)
Hughbert steps out of the way, getting his disguise a bit dirty but otherwise avoiding the glop! [-1 LP]
Amal nods.
JayM: If it ticks down to zero it turns to Caustic Slime(3) [+100% damage taken], if you deal at least 200 damage before it turns into Charged Slime(3) [+50% damage dealt, I: Slime]
JayM: But you dodge it anyway
Hughbert: "…Huh, so that's what they do."
JayM: Battle order: Sniper Beam:0 Jeanne [F]:1 Devil Transport Unit [B]:4 Anton [B]:9 Hughbert [F]:17 Froglem [F]:25 Amal [B]:30 Harriet [B]:30 Serenity [B]:32 Storm Bombing:52
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [===== ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [========= ] Adrenal Burst [+30%](1) Corona [40](5) Speed Surge [-30](1)
JayM: Sniiiiiiiper- Beeeam~
Serenity's Sniper Beam comes down on Jeanne!
Anton rolled d12+216 and got 4 ( Total: 220.0 )
Also rolled 1d100 and got 93 [Total: 93 (High), Avg: 93.00]
Total: 313.0, Avg: 48.50
JayM: A powerful strike, how beautiful
Jeanne finishes charging pressure on her pistol and fires a [Recovery Suppressor] at Hughbert!
JayM rolled 1d12+198 and got 3 ( Total: 201 )
JayM: Dealing [201] magical damage and inflicting Antipathos(3) [Incoming healing reduced to 1]
The driver just fires a [Metal Dart] at Amal!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 ) for 80
JayM rolled 1d10+60,60 and got 4 ( Total: 38.4 )
JayM: Dealing a piddly [38] Physical damage!
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Hughbert [F]:8 Froglem [F]:16 Amal [B]:21 Harriet [B]:21 Serenity [B]:23 Jeanne [F]:27 Storm Bombing:43 Devil Transport Unit [B]:45
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [==== ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [========= ] Adrenal Burst [+30%](1) Corona [40](5) Speed Surge [-30](1)
JayM: Anton!
Harriet fires on the Recovery Suppressor! Mysteriously, that means it hits her instead. [GA]
Anton snaps his fingers and the image of Hughbert fires a [Pressure Stream] at Jeanne. [35D]
Anton rolled d10+150 and got 10 ( Total: 160.0 )
It then fades away.
Harriet actually leaps down at just the right moment to intercept that hit. "Ugh! You're welcome."
JayM: Hughbert!
Jeanne shouts back "Dammit, you idiot, i'm getting beaten up here!"
Jeanne: "Where the hell are the others?!"
Anton sighs. "It's just not the same when he isn't in the suit."
Hughbert opens a gap in the barrier for Harriet, but just when it seems like it'll fall apart, it comes back as strong as ever! [Compressed Curtain, 30D]
Harriet scrambles back up before the curtain can close up again. "Don't get killed down there!"
[OOC] Hughbert: didn't get hit, get to continue having perfect HP
JayM: Battle order: Froglem [F]:0 Amal [B]:5 Harriet [B]:5 Serenity [B]:7 Jeanne [F]:11 Anton [B]:19 Hughbert [F]:22 Storm Bombing:27 Devil Transport Unit [B]:29
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [== ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [========= ] Adrenal Burst [+30%](1) Corona [40](5) Speed Surge [-30](1)
The Froglem starts seeming like it's going to choke in it's own bodily fluids [Nerve-eating Gurgle]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Harriet [B]:0 Serenity [B]:2 Froglem [F]:5 Jeanne [F]:6 Anton [B]:14 Hughbert [F]:17 Storm Bombing:22 Devil Transport Unit [B]:24
JayM: Amal!
[OOC] Amal: HP call
[OOC] Anton: HP: 451/550, MP: 490/550, LP: 6/6, SoS: 137
[OOC] Anton: HP: 367/500, MP: 560/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125 - This is Serenity (U)
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 270/600, MP: 700/700, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150 - L-Ether - 1 (-),Antipathos (3)
[OOC] Amal: Oh jeeze
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 600/650, Stored: 0, T.HP: 0 MP: 590/650, LP: 5/6, SoS: 162. Ragna-Jamming (3), Ragna-Feedback (3), Protect (3)
[OOC] Anton: Take to mind Harriet is always healed for 1
[OOC] Amal: Oh double jeez
[OOC] Harriet: it's okay hughbert is there to tank
Jeanne: "Really no dog?!"
Driver: "I can't just fucking give birth to a dog right here or some shit like that, boss"
Jeanne: "Fuck it, frog's gonna have to do it"
Amal growls a little and charges a web of light. [CT 10]
Anton: "I'm curious how good this dog is if the giant frog isn't their trump card."
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet: (what's the battle order look like))
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Serenity [B]:2 Froglem [F]:5 Jeanne [F]:6 Amal [B]:10 Anton [B]:14 Hughbert [F]:17 Storm Bombing:22 Devil Transport Unit [B]:24
Harriet flicks a knob to 11 and the cannon starts spinning up violently. [CT5]
Serenity fires off another [Sniper Beam - 50D | 20D]
[OOC] Anton: HP: 367/500, MP: 500/600, LP: 9/9, SoS: 125 - This is Serenity (U)
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Froglem [F]:0 Jeanne [F]:1 Amal [B]:5 Anton [B]:9 Hughbert [F]:12 Sniper Beam:17 Storm Bombing:17 Devil Transport Unit [B]:19 Serenity [B]:47
JayM: Once Again Harriet!
Harriet swings the ECC around towards Jeanne, and pulls the lever, sending electricity arcing out towards her. [Jolt - 25D]
Harriet rolled 1d12+180 and got 8 ( Total: 188.0 ) for her delay becomes 0
Hughbert weaponizes the part of his barrier that Harriet's attack passes through. A bullet of air flies straight at Jeanne! [High-Pressure Chaser, AA]
JayM: A hit and an assist!
Hughbert rolled 1d12+100 and got 8 ( Total: 108 )
[OOC] Hughbert: not spending MP, obvs
[OOC] Hughbert: but, does that incur a 20 CT?!
JayM: No
As Harriet's bolt strikes through Jeanne notices what Hughbert is doing "Fuck it…" she throws something at the frog, what seems like a knife connected to her force gear by a wire, it digs into the frog's skin. As the whine of her force gear heightens the frog spasms wildly and falls over, the dia-ragnite of it's spines turning brittle, losing shine and eventually turning to dust. Jeanne raises her other arm up as a radiant crimson shield appears around her that completely blocks Hughbert's attack [Blood Shield]
JayM: The frog appears to be dead now
Jeanne curses some more before pulling out a second pistol, this time a normal one, and firing at Hughbert [Offhand Shot]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 ) for 80
Amal: "Wh…"
JayM: Missing wildly
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Anton [B]:4 Hughbert [F]:7 Sniper Beam:12 Storm Bombing:12 Devil Transport Unit [B]:14 Harriet [B]:20 Jeanne [F]:35 Serenity [B]:42
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [= ]
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [-KO-] Adrenal Burst [+30%](1) Corona [40](5) Speed Surge [-30](1)
JayM: Amal!
Amal tosses the web of light on to Jeanne! [Chorus D25]
Amal rolled d12+99 and got 11 ( Total: 110 ) for +20% to next attack
JayM: Some damage, and Chorus!
JayM: Anton!
[OOC] Harriet: … can i attack assist off that
JayM: Yes you can
Hughbert shoots a glance off to the side, where the bullet went. "Getting desperate, I see. If you think your chances are unfavorable, then bargain with me. I'm no assassin, you see."
Jeanne: "The fuck do you want…"
Harriet swings around her ECC, fires off a [Quick Blast] -
Harriet rolled 1d12*1.2+180*1.2 and got 3 ( Total: 219.6 )
Jeanne is struck by lightning, this time she has ran completely out of resources to save herself, she falls back and lies against the car, shaking [KO]
Anton: "Let's wrap this up before their reinforcements arrive, yeah?"
Anton calls forth an image of the Froglem spasming wildly. It's drawn towards him before vanishing. [Imitate Quick - Spasmic Act | Speed Surge(2) [-30D on actions] He then takes a deep breath and begins to think. [Prophecy - 0D (-30D Quick, -10D from 2 LP)]
Anton rolled 2d6 and got 6, 5 ( Total: 11 )
Harriet: "Oops. Well, now we can wake her up on our terms!"
[OOC] Anton: Next Action is 0D, Anton takes -100% dmg from the next hit
JayM: Oh man, aren't you ready? You have in your sight the most perfect future
Anton then summons 3 clones. [0D | 30D]
Anton then takes a deep breath. [Copycat]
Anton rolled 1d4 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
And starts to charge a [Pressure Stream CT 15]
Drive: "Holy shit, what is that guy doing"
JayM: Battle order: Hughbert [F]:0 Sniper Beam:5 Storm Bombing:5 Devil Transport Unit [B]:7 Anton [B]:12 Harriet [B]:13 Amal [B]:18 S-Anton A [F]:27 S-Anton B [F]:27 S-Anton C [F]:27 Jeanne [F]:28 Serenity [B]:35
JayM: Status for Jeanne [F]: : [-KO-] Chorus [+20%](4)
JayM: Status for Devil Transport Unit [B]: : [======= ]
JayM: Status for Froglem [F]: : [-KO-] Adrenal Burst [+30%](1) Corona [40](5) Speed Surge [-30](1)
JayM: Hughbert!
Hughbert walks up to Jeanne and slings her over his shoulder. He taps his knuckle on the windshield of the car. "I'm coming in. You're driving us to your base, and we are not going to harm you further. Do you understand?" He glares daggers at the driver.
Hughbert: "Otherwise…" He gestures to himself. Behind him. It's weird.
The driver is pointing a dart gun at Hughbert but he's shaking so bad he couldn't hit even this close "O-o-o-okay…"
Driver: "Okay i'll do it just don't hurt me, please"
Driver: "Look I didn't even want to do this job I didn't had a choice"
Hughbert nods to Anton. "At ease," then motions for the party to come down.
Anton scratches his head. "Well, I mean… Sniper Beam, Storm Bombing, three clones and a ball of water are incoming."
Anton: "So yeah, surrendering is a good idea!"
Harriet: "It's all safe? Okay, good." Harriet scrambles down.
Amal: "Surrendering is always a good idea! It's just not always obvious at first~!"
The varying time cards, because that is an immense amount of incoming time cards, all scatter further back against the wall
The driver's still shaking "S-so, uhn… You wanted to go to the base, right?"
Driver: "Uhn… I'll take you there! Don't worry, I will!"
Driver: "Uhn… Just go in the back…"
Harriet: "(Oh wow, he really thinks we're going to murder him,)" Harriet asides to Amal, sounding vaguely weirded out by the revelation.
Amal: "(I mean, we are kind of terrifying and that sort of thing is sadly common.)"
Anton: "You heard the man, everyone in!"
Anton floats down below before stretching. "Man though, we've been driving a LOT lately!"
Anton: "Getting kind of homesick…"
Harriet: "Yeah, this is a positive road trip." Harriet piles on in. "I've never been away from my lab for this long before."
The back of the truck is… Kind of terrifying. There are a couple of incredibly oversized chairs with straps to hold… Something… In them, hands, legs and head. There's tiny pens for what you imagine the dogs would be, an empty tub with a glass cover.
Hughbert hands Serenity the unconscious Jeanne and some cuffs. "Right. Keep her restrained, I'll question her." He nods to the driver, though before he goes, he adds, "Apologies for the forcefulness. Take whatever time you need to collect yourself."
That aside the floor is hard and there is only one seat for an actual person, there are also cabinets with the strangest medicine and oils. The scent of apricots is heavy here
JayM: So it's sitting on the floor for y'all
Anton has no problem sitting on the floor! He opens his pack and brings out some rations. "So! Who's hungry?" [Travel Supplies - +250 HP/MP]
Harriet investigates those oils in the name of scientific curiosity! She will also definitely eat a snack.
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 520/600, MP: 650/700, LP: 6/8, SoS: 150 - L-Ether - 1 (-)
[OOC] Amal: HP: 550/550, MP: 550/550, LP: 9/9, SoS: 137
[OOC] Hughbert: HP: 650/650, Stored: 0, T.HP: 80 MP: 650/650, LP: 5/6, SoS: 162.
JayM: This was dangerous, wasn't it?
JayM: And it'll only get more dangerous
JayM: As you ready up to depart, Hughbert readies up for some interrogation…
JayM: You realize this was quite a learning experience, foes you've never fought before, and the problems of frogs
JayM: So have [+25 XP]
JayM: Because in a twist of fate you had an L2 boss and an L5 boss both at the same time and the weaker boss insta-gibbed the stronger one

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