The wind howls like a wild monster outside. The one greatest downside of resting in this testing facility is that, by a simple twist of fate, the hallways of the testing facility turn any wind into the howling wind of horror stories. If you were to walk the halls in the morning you could easily get to spook a technician or another.
Serenity‘ is perfectly well rested and seems to have been completely unphased by it in the morning, however.
Amal likes the howling wind, actually. They’ve been listening to it!
Wind aside, the night was restful, lunch was surprisingly good comprised mostly of rice and a kind of dried meat and pumpkin broth coupled with a variety of different juice avaiable, and breakfast is a little bit on heavy on the pastry side but the cook here appears to work hard to make people happy with their food, after all they're the only source of food in a long distance
[OOC] Hughbert: and then the dinner had a disagreement with the microwave and jumped out of the bowl + knocked off the cover just to fite it irl)) ((but it's ok I cleaned it up life is great and this is okay
Anton: "Thank goodness. I've been famished all day because those snakes stole our rations."
JayM: Seriously Grav stop stepping in on my terrain
Serenity: "What did they even need with that much packaged food."
Harriet, sadly, has not slept with you. She has had an affair with the car, car that now has been fully fixed. She managed to not just repair the engine and transmission but also sufficiently increase the engine output that the gun doesn't needs a separate power source anymore. Someone in the staff convinced her to change the gun's setup a little bit, now it folds down into the trunk, and you can close it there. So it can stay hidden. The tires are now brand new as well
Anton: "Maybe the ragnite increased their appetite? I don't know how these things work, truly."
Amal: "Snakes get hungry???"
Anton: "If anything is clear however from the endeavor, we should eat while we're hungry. Saving those rations just made us lose them in the end." He nods sagely.
JayM: From here on out, well, you got two envelopes
Serenity: "They don't even have hands, they can't open up plastic bags."
Hughbert shows up a bit late. He arrived late last night from attending to an emergency call. "Anton is expressing a lack of foresight. I have a habit of missing memorable moments, it seems."
Serenity: "He's kind of a ditz for someone that can see the future, yeah."
Anton shakes his head. "How very cruel. Would you prefer for me to be more like Alcor, then?"
Amal: "Anton just wants to eat lunch more often~"
Serenity: "There's a sliding scale between ditz and lethal moron. Hell, there's an entirely different axis."
Hughbert: "Were you to do so, you would be handing me a list of effective tactics I have, or might have, used against you. By all means, monologue away."
Anton: "My mouth can barely contain itself, I do admit!" He grins at Amal. "That said there is no need to have a change of heart now. The amount of work to get you all to fall in love with me was truly staggering."
Serenity: "Anton…"
Serenity: "No one loves you."
Amal: "Serenity!" They tsk.
Serenity: "Oh, you're right."
Anton: "Now, now my auburn topped highness. Let's not worry about all the little details, shall we? You have melted that icy exterior, you will melt that icy exterior. It's all the same to an Oracle!"
Serenity: "His mother - oh wait he's an orphan, Amal."
JayM: Low blows Serenity
Amal: "Wow."
Serenity: "Bam." Serenity points her spoon at Amal, before resuming eating.
Amal: "So rude."
Anton: "No worries. I can take it in stride because I cheat."
Serenity: "He saw it comin'." Nod, chew.
Anton claps his hands. "Now then. The spotlight turns to our man in the suit. Where do our travels take us next? Two envelopes. One path leads to fortune, the other destiny!"
Anton: "Fate is in your hands."
Amal: "Both of you, wow."
Serenity‘ makes a ’what' sort of look in Amal's direction.
Amal is just laughing and shaking their head.
Hughbert pulls out the envelopes and looks over them again. As he looks over them… "Before we go, let me fill you in on what I took care of while I was responding to that emergency."
Serenity: "Fire away."
Anton plops a lollipop into his mouth and turns to Hughbert.
Hughbert: "Celestine, our friend from earlier, was tending to an unusual sickness. She believes it was caused by contact with a plant species that underwent mutations due to ragnite in the soil. With some help, I tracked down the strain in question and got her samples to treat the condition. What you might find more interesting, though…"
Hughbert: "The two cloaked men we detained will be serving an alternate community service sentence, rather than being tried as war criminals. They will be working with Arklight to tame the outbreak of monsters, under close supervision and with the cooperation of one of my researchers. Arklight expressed motivation on starting the project, and I happened to motivate them to try things my way instead."
Serenity: "Huh."
Hughbert: "After completing their task at Arklight, they will be on an instruction tour around the farms that will be rebuilt. Those farms, like Arklight, are expected to need help defending themselves. Those two saw the wisdom in a Terchuani solution, brought about by the Terchuani themselves, after all."
Serenity: "That's… good I guess?"
Serenity: "What's the plan for us tho?" Gestures at Anton and the enevelops with her spoon.
Anton wags his finger. "Serenity, are you asking me of all people to search through our infinite futures to determine which country we should visit next?"
Serenity: "That's literally your job, dude."
Serenity: "On the other hand,"
Serenity: "They're both IN THIS SAME COUNTRY I'm reasonably confident,"
Serenity: "So you're fired."
Anton smiles before biting down on his lollipop.
Serenity: "Give." She holds her hand out.
Hughbert redirects his attention to the letters following the short briefing. "Of course. Hmm… I consider the Red Flags to be more of an immediate threat. The Recovery Movement, if left alone, might simply develop a stronger weapon, or something. The Red Flags, however, will continue to destabilize the area."
Serenity: "I think we're closer to the red flags anyway."
Serenity: "So that works for me."
Anton stretches before glancing at the time. "… yeah. We should probably get going soon, then."
JayM: So then, time yet flows no matter who bats away at it
JayM: And moving might be now the time for
JayM: To the Southern Circle, then? The travel will be long, for certain, a little over three days
Serenity‘ has a car specifically for that very reason.
JayM: Don’t you?
JayM: Anything else before departing, or are we off?
Amal is good to go if the others are!
Serenity‘ has nothing else she feels needs doing there.
Anton: "No worries everyone. I packed more snacks this time so we should be okay!" He reaches into his bag and pulls out another lollipop. Based on a glance it seems the ’extra snacks' he's talking about was filling the second half of the bag to the brim with them.
The travel… Is long, and it doesn't helps that Harriet has suffered quite the powerful crash from overworking, and is likely to remain asleep the entire trip
You take the car towards the nearest city, and from there you take a wide main road that indicates you should be heading towards the Southern Circle. It's interesting, now that you're spending a lot of time in the road you notice, that the main roads here are not, in fact, paved at all yet the ground is still perfectly fit for tires.
The first day of travel isn't hard, and you stop to camp at the side of the road. The plants here aren't dead, but you notice a few showing weaker foliage already. The breeze is cool and the light of the moon is bright enough you can see clearly
On the second day of travel you have to halt partway through because of a hiccup in the road. Two large construction vehicles have blocked the road "Sorry, just doing maitenance" one of the staff mentions, and they are indeed doing maitenance on the dirt road. They soften the earth, break apart rocks, take samples and check roots of trees underneath, then they put the earth back in place and compact it. The second day of travel is slow as the two machines moving in synch take a while before they finally open enough space between them to let the car through. You can later in the second day to make up for this bizarre bit of traffic
On the third day you're probably feeling like you no longer have butts so long you've spent sitting, but you start seeing those strange kind of makeshift guard posts every few kilometers in the road, there's a couple very large trucks you see heading through it now and then. Now that you think about it didn't you see a sign mentioning the Deep Step Insterstate Highway pass by just now?
The road stretches ahead of you a long distance, there's an exit in the next right that leads to what looks like a repair shop
Serenity: "Still think it's weird as hell how big and open and… empty this place is."
Anton: "Oh? I figured this was normal outside of a big city. I don't travel much, mind you."
Amal has been telling weird Rissan campfire stories but they're starting to run out by the third day.
JayM: Many kilometers of nothing but wilderness between the cities, the air smells fresh yet not quite as refreshing as the cold altitude winds of your home
Serenity: "As I've said, never left the valley before."
Anton eventually gets bored at one point and just hovers behind the car holding on to it with his boots. Three days of driving :(
[OOC] Anton: Err while using his boots to stay afloat
A light comes up in the dash along with a very low whine, sign of low fuel
Amal: "Uhoh. Is… is that light important~?"
Serenity: "Uh."
Serenity: "Yeah."
Serenity: "Means we're almost out of juice."
Amal: "…ohright. Yikes. There's that repair place right over there…?"
Serenity: "Not really a thing warrenting repairs but I guessssss that's as decent a place to stop and replace it as any."
Serenity‘ turns into it reluctantly.
The repair shop appears to be more of a general stop for trucks, there’s a small restaurant, the main repair shop and what seems like a small shop. The shop itself smells like cigarretes and there's some form of dark shade to everything, somehow
Hughbert: "I would ask Harriet, but… Well, you know what we need to do, Serenity."
Serenity: "Yeah it's not exactly complicated."
As ragnite engines run on batteries, however, the store seems the best place to get a replacement. Your current battery is about as dry as it gets, it's square form lost it's natural shine and turned flaky and crumbly. The shopkeep sees you come in with it "Fuel?" one word
JayM: It isn't complex at all, really, remove square object, obtain new one, insert square object. Normally shops take old batteries as part of the trade, depleted ragnite sells for a bit if you know where to
Serenity: "Uh, yeah."
He looks at the battery, looks at Serenity. The price he mentions is easily thrice the price it has any right to be
Serenity‘ glances back at Hughbert, then the clerk.
Serenity: "…People actually pay that much?"
Amal: "I didn’t hear about a shortage…"
Clerk: "Listen, that's how it works here"
Clerk: "You want it, pay it"
Clerk: "Ain't the one that makes up price"
Anton hangs in the back and seems to be looking at other things in the shop.
Serenity: "Eh I got spares, don't need it that much." Serenity waves him off, then goes to pull one out of the back.
Hughbert pulls out a notebook, glances it over, and frowns. "Hm. I suppose we should have stopped at the next place. I didn't realize this shop had a different rate for locals."
As Serenity walks out a small kid grabs hold of her "Miss, over here"
Anton: "Supply and demand, I suppose. You don't get much traffic out here so you make up for it by increasing revenue per customer."
Serenity: "What?"
The kid moves away and points out a small truck that's stopped, the driver looks in your direction and waves you over "Hey there. Looking for batteries?"
Serenity: "…Scalping?"
The kid walks over to the back of the truck, opening it up, there's a lot of… Different goods. Batteries for vehicles and objects both, travel food, tools, houseware, camping supplies
The driver steps out "Look those guys are extorting everyone in range, how about you just hand over the old one and I give you a full?"
Serenity: "Didn't say that was bad."
Hughbert peeks out the door, getting a glance at the "vendor" and his goods…
The driver's quite a tall and wide woman, short hair color of flame, the kid's far too similar not to be her child
Serenity: "Eh sure what the hell I'll give you the benefit of the doubt,"
Anton steps outside and gives the driver an appraising look.
Serenity: "Well not really. I'm going to shoot you if the battery is shit quality."
Serenity‘ goes to retrieve the old one and brings it over.
The driver nods, walks over to the back and pulls out a full battery "Here-" and about now is when you hear someone shout "You!" behind you it’s the clerk
Clerk: "I thought I told you to get fucking lost"
Serenity‘ swaps batteries, leaves a bit of a tip, then goes to replace the battery.
Clerk: "I was nice to yuo ’cause you got a kid before, but if you're going to keep coming up on my turf i'm going to have to teach you a lesson"
He points at Serenity "And girly, that ain't approved goods, don't use it"
Serenity: "In her defense,"
Serenity: "I wasn't letting you extort me anyway."
Serenity: "And I'll be able to tell if it's good or not in like one minute."
Amal ambles out of the little shop and, oh Paws this is gonna be good.
Serenity‘ hooks the battery up, then starts the engine, head tilts towards it.
The driver looks at the clerk "Oh, shit. Kit, jump in!" the kid jumps in the back
Clerk: "Guys, after her!"
Hughbert: "If you’d be so kind as to give us a proper deal, we would have done business with you in the first place… Wait. Serenity, disable the vehicle."
Serenity: "Naw, the goods are good."
Amal gives the clerk a blank look.
From inside the garage two cars and a guy riding on the back of a Shinespark come out- The driver jumps in the seat and starts up the truck
Anton: "Oh. They weren't talking to us."
Anton: "I was confused for a moment there!"
Serenity: "The scalper yeah."
JayM: They're armed and they're definitely going to chase down the woman with the truck
She speeds down the highway, bullets and beams whizzing by. She can dodge well with such a large vehicle
Serenity: "…Shooting at her's kind of overkill though, isn't it?"
Amal pinches the bridge of their nose.
The clerk looks at Serenity "Now miss, that thing wasn't supposed to be here. So, how 'bout you pay up the difference and i'll forget you got illegal stuff?"
Clerk: "Listen I don't make the rules"
Serenity: "Uh how 'bout you go fuck yourself?"
Anton: "… is this not your shop? I'm pretty sure you do make the rules."
Serenity: "You part of Red Flag?"
He makes a tsk-like noise "Got a boss too, y'know" he stares at Serenity, raising an eyebrow "We take care of the people here"
Serenity‘ grabs the man by the throat, and her fingers start tingling at grey enegy flingers around them.
Serenity: "Funny story, we were hired to take you down."
Amal: "Gosh, it sure seems like we stumbled into the right shitty little repair shop~!"
Amal is watching Serenity’s six with their back to a wall, obviously.
Hughbert sighs at the rapid escalation. "
Hughbert: "I'd like to make a counteroffer."
JayM: I am 100% certain that you were expecting the knife, still makes a long but superficial cut on your side but you got that under control too
Anton: "Truth be told, I'm a pretty good listener. So if you want to confess your crimes now I'll only charge you the difference on that battery." He smiles.
Held by the throat and with energy threatening him he's just kind of squirming
Serenity‘ winces, then lets the magic building up around her hand fire off. The man is having a lot of difficulty breathing now, what with his wind pipe slowly being compressed.
Serenity: "Fuck, that hurt."
JayM: He might be somewhat stronger than you, but you’ve got the skill to keep him under control
JayM: It's not like he could deny you at this point, Hugh
JayM: So say it
Anton: "Serenity. As much of a sinner as this guy is, I personally am more concerned with catching up to that vehicle the others drove off to go murder."
Serenity: "…Fair enough, he was within arm's reach though."
Hughbert walks up to the subdued clerk, wrenches his hands behind his back, links some cuffs on him, and nods to Serenity to release him. "I'm taking you into custody for assaulting an international diplomat. Cooperate now, and I might be willing to misreport your extortion scheme."
Clerk: "Wh-" he's lacking air for a while "W-what do you want…" "
Serenity‘ lets go, then frowns as she traces the cut with her finger.
Anton: "Shove him in the trunk or cuff him to something. They’re gaining distance quickly."
Amal raises an eyebrow at Anton. "Oh are they more interesting than we thought they were after all?"
Serenity: "Okay okay, I hear you." Getting back in the car. Engine's even still on! Harriet's presumably getting her big scary ass gun out of hiding.
Hughbert pats Serenity on the back to calm her down, not as much as a regular calming Pulse, but enough to soothe the injury. "We will have words afterwards. Anton is right." Hughbert drags the clerk to the back and ties his wrists down to a chair and buckles him in. "Amal, Anton, one of you keep an eye on him. Serenity, get us close to that stolen government vehicle."
Harriet's in some form of daze, but she can get the gun out and probably aim and fire at what you tell her to, but she is unlikely to process completely what's going on anytime soon
Amal can go from watching Serenity to watching this idiot, yeah.
Serenity‘ doesn’t really need her to do much other than shoot the assault truck anyway. Once everyone's back in, she peels out after them.
Hughbert makes sure, when seating the clerk, he gets all the air he can handle. Hopefully Serenity doesn't have to cut it too close to any signs, or the side mirrors won't be the only thing that gets damaged.
JayM: With a little bit of intelligent use of the car's current state (which means temporarily rerouting the energy used for the gun to the engine itself) you manage to gain on the fleeing cars
Anton glances back at Amal. "In the sense that they had the capability to change the worldline? Not in the slightest. But that doesn't mean we should go do something else and let them get gunned down."
Ahead of you is the two cars and the Shinespark and ahead of them is the truck. They're firing at it, but the truck weaves and bobs making most shots miss
JayM: You can easily divert power back to the gun and keep pace with them now, how're you approaching this? The cars have people armed with rifles popping out of the windows, the man riding the shinespark has a shotgun mostly is keeping the monster under control
JayM: You know that thing could topple a car if it had an opening
Serenity: "Not sure if that lady is actually really good at driving of those guys are complete shit with guns. Either way, blast away Harriet."
Harriet rubs her eyes and looks ahead, the opens fire with the chaingun at the car in the left shredding it's back and causing it to stop
[OOC] Serenity: Blast the car, obviously. Has more people on it, and the car flipping over is likely to spook the beast anyway »
At the sound of the chaingun the truck suddenly reduces speed and sways to the side, moving in such a manner it merely pokes the head of the other car causing it to spin sideways
Combined firepower and ramming truck cause the two cars to both collapse in the center- The rider urges the monster forward just barely dodging the impacting cars- But Harriet has the presence of mind and vengeance in her soul to tear the monster apart with the chaingun
Suddenly the truck just turns sideways and stops with such an abruptness that wether you want to stop by it or not you pass it. It's a miracle the truck didn't go flying with that maneuver
Serenity‘ slows to a stop a lot more carefully.
JayM: Admittedly the scene is somewhat bloody, the car Harriet fired at just spun and stopped, yet it managed to send it’s contents flying (four armed men), the car the truck hit managed to have it's battery damaged since it was hit from the front, you have time to see just the one guy cramble away from it before the battery goes off-
JayM: Thankfully it's a mostly thermal explosion so not shrapnel but a lot of molten metal
JayM: Let's not consider the state of the monster, the rider that flew forward when the monster toppled is probably in a lot of pain but alive still
Serenity: "…Huh. Uh. Good job on the upgrade…?" Serenity gives Harriet a thumbs up, breifly, before shaking her head clear and pulling out her force gear.
Amal gives Anton a sort of 'oh right I guess innocent lives -are- important yeah' look.
JayM: There's only one person conscious of the Red Flags, and he's absolutely freaking the everloving hell out after that experience just kind of staring off in the distance and mumbling
The driver is now outside her truck, looking at the damage, looking distraught but at least under control of her self, she looks back at you with the most intense stare "Uhn… Thanks?"
Serenity: "Yup, no problem."
Serenity: "Uh they're like bandits or a gang or something? One of the Wise Men hired us to stop their opperation, so…" Serenity shrugs.
She scrambles to the back of the truck and opens the door "Hey there, kitten, you're okay?" out jumps the child "Again, again!" it exclaims happily
The driver looks at Serenity "Oh? Then send someone now? Three months after we've been here trying to get those goods somewhere?"
Driver: "Well, better than nothing I guess"
Hughbert walks up to the rider and cuffs him, then applies a Solid Pulse to stabilize him, followed by cuffing the other conscious Flag. "Harriet, lower the gun, task completed. Serenity, stow these two somewhere. Amal, make sure anyone alive is stabilized. And Anton…" After a brief pause, "…Prepare some sandwiches…?"
Serenity: "Wait, what? Anton's better at lifting than me."
Anton salutes Hughbert. "You got it!" He reaches into his bag and starts to prepare food.
Hughbert introduces himself, name and rank, to the driver. "We would appreciate any cooperation you can offer."
Serenity: "Uuugh." Lots of grumbling as she slowly drags people over to the car then shoves them into the storage space.
She nods "Sure. Uhn… Estellise" she offers a hand "So, uhn… What do we do now?"
Amal has already been going around looking for people still alive, yeah. They're small and lucky, they're the best one for the job!
JayM: You'll run out of space in the car if you keep hoarding corpses (even if they're live ones)
Serenity: "My sandwich better be REAL GOOD Anton!"
Serenity‘ will probably wind up having Harriet help her flip one of their cars back upright and attache a towing cable to it, after realizing all these people are going to fit into their jeep. Then shoves them in there.
JayM: Amal, of the nine only three are dead, actually. Thermal explosion might not be as bombastic as a kinectic one but just as deadly. One guy’s really shellshocked and it might take a good while before he regains enough composure to respond correctly. Four of them were sent flying as the car spun, concussion and broken bones… Plus of course the rider… He's… Going to survive but is going to need a Real Hospital, though
JayM: It's safe enough to stash them away in the towed car, though
Hughbert shakes. "Do you know who is in charge of the operation in this area that is causing the supply disruption?"
Amal applies enough healing sparkles so that they all survive, at least. Yay, prisoners!
Estellise: "No, sadly. There's a name, Black Hat? Sometimes those thugs say stuff about him being the one demanding things"
Estellise: "Can't really think up too much right now, after that mess, goddess help me. But, uhn, if you can ask me something a little more specific maybe"
Hughbert: "Have you seen any place they often come from, or go to, or both? Even a general direction of a central base might help."
Serenity‘ leans over the towcar, poking one of the people still conscious. "One of you in charge?"
Estellise: "Hrm… There’s… Istaca, about fifteen kilometers down the highway. Can't tell what is there but it's the hardest place to reach as it is"
There's two conscious, only one in capacity to answer, the clerk form earlier "You people are crazy…"
Clerk: "I, uhn… I guess it's me…"
Anton makes his way over to Serenity before holding out a sandwich. "I went through eleven different world lines before deciding on this sandwich with what little we had. I hope you like it!" ((
Serenity‘ folds her arms over the door frame and rests her head on it and looking bored at the man. "S’not crazy if the force gears respond, y'know." Then pulls away to grab the sandwich and takes a bite.
Serenity: "Turkey BLT…? Yeah that'll do."
Hughbert nods. "Have you been anywhere near the Central Research Institute recently?"
Clerk: "Fucking witch…"
Serenity‘ turns back to the clerk between taking bites. "I thought being a witch was cool here?"
Anton: "I know I’d trade." He mumbles mouth full of sandwich.
Hughbert headturns to Anton. "Make sure you cut my sandwich in two, Anton." He then turns to Estellise's child to ask a very important mission-critical question, complete with hand gestures (in case he's using too big words!). "Hey. Should sandwiches be cut horizontal, or diagonal?"
Estellise: "Haven't gone down that ways yet…" the kid interjects "Mom!" "What is it kitten" "Pippi said he was going to try going there didn't he?" "Oh, that's right" Estellise looks at Hughbert "Penelope went down that ways and haven't come back yet, she went armed… Where did she get that gun even?"
The kid puts a hand on their chin "Diagonal!"
Clerk: "Ugh… What do you want"
Clerk: "Let me fucking go!"
Hughbert relays this to the chef, then returns focus to Estellise. "Is Penelope a friend of yours, perhaps family?"
Serenity: "To place the heel of my witchy boot upon the throat of the leader of your orginization before burning it all to ash,"
Serenity: "Obviously."
Estellise: "She works for the company too, we and five others were supposed to set up relief shops here"
Estellise: "Only the two of us stuck around after those… Thugs" it's clear she's trying to avoid cursing "Started waving their guns at us"
Clerk: "Then you can go rot in a ditch!"
Serenity‘ finishes off her sandwich, then resumes leadning on the doorframe.
Serenity: "Unwavering loyality to your brothers in arms…?"
Clerk: "You can’t threaten me!"
Hughbert: "What was she trying to accomplish by visiting there?"
Serenity: "How do witches usually respond to that kind of reception, again…?"
Estellise: "Well, she figured someone there could help out somehow? They're a big research institute maybe we could set up a small base there and try to do something against those Red Flags"
Serenity: "Man."
Serenity: "It's not any fun if you give me the silent treatment."
Serenity: "Whatever."
The Clerk looks real angry
Clerk: "I ain't a snitch, bitch"
Serenity‘ leans forward, placing a finger on the clerk’s forehead. "Not that it matters."
Hughbert: "Do you have somewhere safe that you can lie low at? We can ensure that they," he gestures to the captives, "won't bother you, at the least, but I cannot promise the same of any of their friends who check that shop and see it empty."
Estellise: "Yeah I have a couple of hiding spots, don't worry"
Serenity: "Where is the base your leader resides and commands from?"
Clerk: "I said I wouldn't say!"
Serenity: "Base of the great tree… to the east of the institute. Wonderful!"
Serenity‘ gives the clerk a smile.
Clerk: "What?"
Serenity: "Didn’t you know? Witches can read minds."
Serenity‘ pulls her finger back.
He backs up against the chair "What do you mean, you can really do that?!"
Serenity: "I got the answer, didn’t I…?"
Anton: "Not that I'm one to tell someone to stop playing around but I nearly felt his heart stop there. We have what we came for, yeah?" He grins.
Serenity: "I guess so."
Serenity‘ drops down from the car door, glancing back over at Hughbert.
Hughbert takes his sandwich from Anton and gives it to Estellise and her child. "Thank you for your cooperation. Things will get better soon. You have my word." He salutes, then heads back to the car.
Amal is very obviously holding their applause.
Estellise takes it and the child chomps down on it "If that’ll be all then" she looks around "Actually there was one more, a Land Warden came with us called John, he's a… Friend. He said he was goint to do something and i'm afraid it might have been something stupid, that was about a month ago"
Estellise: "If you run into him, tell him he's and idiot, okay? And help him out"
Anton frowns. "A month? I have my doubts, but I'll do what I can."
Anton: "These guys were willing to shoot you just for trying to undercut them, so…"
Serenity: "We'll see what we can do yeah."
Estellise: "That's all I can ask"
She puts down her kid "C'mon Ren-ren, get on your seat, we're going to the place"
The kid heads into the back again while the mother goes to the driver's seat "Until we meet again I guess" she says before departing
Amal: "You two drive safe!"
Serenity‘ purses her lips as she glances up at Hughbert while the civilian’s drive off,
Serenity: "For the record, that was the most trouble replacing a battery has ever given me, it really is usually super easy."
Anton can't help but chuckle. "I was just going to comment on that, too."
Amal: "I don't believe it. I bet there's always a ridiculous car chase. It's amazing the technology's ever taken off at all."
Anton: "Air racing should definitely be the future, I agree little buddy. Just help me get enough signatures to have Macharas fund the R&D costs."
Serenity: "Just, pull, switch, plop." Some light pantomiming.
Serenity: "Anyway uh what… are we doing with these suckers?" She gestures towards the other car.
Amal looks at Hughbert. Mulching them's probably not the right thing to do after all the effort it took to make sure they didn't die :(
Hughbert waves off the civilian. "Got any good information out of them?"
Anton: "Practically speaking taking them with us is going to be problematic. Turning around would ruin our element of surprise. I suppose we couldn't just send them back with a stern slap on the wrist? When their leader is taken down I doubt they'd pull that crap again. Right?" He glances at the group.
Serenity: "Found out where their base is."
Hughbert: "If we have no further use for them, we could make the drive back to their shop, thoroughly bind them, and leave them for the next patrol. Should be no more than a small detour."
Serenity: "Works for me."
Anton nods to Hughbert.
JayM: Sounds like a plan
It takes some trouble to get everyone in the broken car and to drag it all the way back, especially with the debris you've generated in the road, but you do get back to the shop which looks a little empty without all those guys there. There's a lone cook in the small restaurant, looking out the window, but otherwise keeping to their business.
Hughbert: "Anyone want to leave a message with them?"
Serenity‘ finds a pen and some paper to write on, scrwls out "WE’RE WITH RED FLAG AND WERE CAUGHT BEING BAD, PLEASE ARREST" , tapes it to the counter top.
Serenity: "…actually do you think the cook is with them too or just some poor sucker that was here first and had to deal with them muscling it?"
Anton scratches his head. "Even if he isn't, if they threaten him there's no guarantee in his mind that we'll come back alive right?"
Anton: "For what it's worth though, I definitely get the impression that being scared is something he's very used to lately."
[OOC] Anton: *they're
Serenity: "This sounds like a job for not me."
[OOC] Anton: Err nvm
Serenity‘ makes a shrugging motion in Hughbert and Anton’s direction, before glancing through the store for snakes to take.
JayM: No monsters here
Hughbert: "I'll talk to him." He heads off to do so, more or less just to say 'keep your head down and it's all good'
JayM: There's chain, however
JayM: To work with vehicles y'know
[OOC] Serenity: er, I ment SNACKS, but lmao regardless
Serenity: "What the hell are these potatoe slices fried in oil…?" Serenity makes a face looking at the package, but shrugs and grabs one, then laughs.
Serenity: "Oh man.
The cook is, quite evidently, not with the Red Flags, in fact he's the original owner of this place… At this point he's just… Tired of this mess. He doesn't trusts the RF won't show up again later but, same as always
Serenity: "Hughbert, Hughbert! They were hiding their LITERAL BLACK BOOK in the snack rack!!" Serenity picks it up and waves it frantically in his direction, despiting having just asked him to deal with the cook.
Amal: "Their leader is literally called Black Hat and they have a literal black book? This is amazing."
Serenity: "Yes."
Hughbert: "What… Sort of book is that."
Serenity: "The Black Hat that sells Evil Monsters on the Black Market, faithfully recorded in his Illegal Profiteering Black Book."
Serenity: "It's a ledger!"
JayM: Listen it is a professional ledger it has like the right size and proper lines for it
JayM: And those only come in black
Anton scratches his head. "The things you find laying around…"
JayM: Because that's professional
Serenity: "Actually a really bizzarely accurate and detailed ledger."
Serenity: "Guess they were super in it for the money."
Serenity‘ skimming through it.
Hughbert: "Huh. That would be completion for our secondary objective." Hughbert advises the chef, as well, to find a safe place to immediately lie low for several days. Things will be more normal when he comes back.
Amal: "I mean, if you’re running a black market it doesn't pay to go in for half-measures."
Serenity: "I guess. I just usally get the impression that criminals are lazy uneducated morons, but I guess even they work hard at it."
Amal: "Heh. If it were easy, everyone'd do it."
Serenity: "Hmm…"
Serenity: "I think someone's going around and buying monsters for people to help bolster resistance slash restoration movements, by the bire."
[OOC] Serenity: by the by^
JayM: I wouldn't callt hat a completion yet, Hughbert, this is just one sale spot and you probably need more information, but still a good start
Amal: "Can we track down the supplier?"
[OOC] Hughbert: so there's istaca, the institute, wherever serenity found out, and uh, wherever hughbert decides is a Priority Target based off ledger data
[OOC] Hughbert: how many of those locations are actually the same…?
Serenity: "Uhh… Logistics are a bit out of my field." Serenity tosses the ledger to Hughbert when his attention is fully back with the group.
Serenity‘ then goes to find a map so they can put little dots on it for Locations of Interest In The Investigation.
Hughbert flips through the book to connect some dots.
JayM: You have a local map, Serenity
JayM: Turns out that, looking around, Istaca is nearby halfway between here and the Institute, where you found out is a giant tree marked just east of the Institute it might as well be the same location.
Hughbert traces some lines on the map with a finger. "These seem to be the common routes they are using for transport to and from this location. And… Here," he points to the Institute. "…Hm. If I’m reading correctly, this is… Where the center of the operation is…" He lifts his finger to double check. "And we're heading there anyway."
JayM: The center of the operation
JayM: Is right under that tree
JayM: Sounds like you know your target
JayM: I wonder what lies in there?
JayM: For a slow day, with a bit of action
[OOC] JayM: 5 XP

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