Gmm11 2

Intelligence Report

Location: Southern Circle, Deep Step Insterstate Highway
Issue: Illegal monster breeders, monster trafficking, logistics aid

This report contains additional information about the current criminal state of the country for the benefit of the Masharas unit.
The group known as the Red Flags has been a long standing criminal group in Terchuan being one of the most difficult organized crime factions to be ousted, over time they have partaken in all forms of trade from human trafficking to drugs, weapon and, most recently, monsters. They have also engaged in nearly city-wide extortion rackets in the past and have harried disasters survivors recently holding their aid hostage for payment.
The situation is two-fold, they have estabilished themselves in the CRI's underground Sacred Grove and are utilizing it as a monster breeding area, from there the illegal monsters have been shipped to a number of black market distributors, they are also preventing all the seven cities along their primary monster distribution route, the Deep Step Insterstate, from receiving humanitarian aid and are requesting of them payment and labor in exchange for the same.
The Eastern Circle has mobilized a large network of traders with the intent of providing civilian-based aid in addition to the government aid, those civilian traders however have been unable to set up in their designed places in the afflicted cities due to Red Flag intervention.

Main Mission: Remove the current chain of command of the Red Flags present along the Interstate and eliminate the breeding facility within the Sacred Grove, do not expect to meet the high command of the Red Flags only a regional branch.
Secondary Mission: Acquire the Red Flags' logistical planning and ledgers intact, their logistics will be utilized to aid in preparing the relief traders for similar routes.
Tertiary Mission: Recover the breeding facility intact as well as record any effects your ragnite-based equipment may have when utilized within the Sacred Grove.

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