Gmm11 1

Intelligence Report

Location: Central Circle, Shindara City
Issue: Recovery Movement

As this report is aimed at a party unfamiliar with Terchuan politics it will begin with a small explanation about the Recovery Movement. The city of Shindara has long since been the foremost center of technical advancement in the country, it houses the Santeria Institute, once is the greatest scholar center of the country before the creation of the Central Research Institute. However, due to the highly traditionalist nature of the country the city has often suffered from mismanagement especially due to it's bloody past.
The Recovery Movement is an incredibly well stocked rebel group, mostly youth, which claims to be working towards reacquiring what the government has stolen from their families, which would be the land of Shindara as well as it's independence as a city-state. This heavily militant group often engages in armed combat and is fiercely territorial, employing armaments and force gear of considerably superior make. Their lead is a young woman named Redica Santos, a charismatic leader and adept tactician, suitable adept at self-defense but no match for any trained combatant.
They have recently acquired extremely dangerous technology stolen from Masharas, supplied by a high-ranking member called Matheus, remain cautious around him at all times. He is easily identifiable by the large sword-like force gear he wields combined with an armor force gear, it utilizes magnetic force to control the target so that they enter killing range rather than attempting to approach.

The Recovery Movement, despite being based on Shindara, does not have it's headquarters in the city itself but they have taken refuge in the Sacred Grove system developed by the Santeria, their Sacred Grove currently is designed to test the system's endurance and use time so it has been working at full capacity for many months, it is lieable to be unstable and vulnerable to damage should it not be performing to the design standards, which is the most likely case, so caution with the environment is advised.

Main Mission: The Masharas unit is tasked with neutralization of Redica, should that fail then remove their combat capacity by damaging their equipment supply and neutralizing Matheus who also serves as their primary arsenal developer.
Secondary Mission: Reacquire the Sacred Grove undamaged.

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