A misty breeze blows as Alcor finally leaves your field of view, the conversation certainly was enlightening on more than one way. Either way, with the prototype alloy in hand now you're atop the large cave, which clearly was smashed open by something and is not natural, wherein you've been told the large ragnite tubing part of the Sacred Grove here should be
If you go over the edge you might be able to see the telltale blue glow of the substance deep under the ground
Harriet is gonna make sure to take the metal along, because it checks out and doesn't look like it has any nasty tricks about it.
Serenity: "Man."
Anton scratches his cheek before smiling. "That certainly was something, yeah."
Serenity: "You ever wonder what would happen if a super villian that was all like 'i am right and you are wrong but you could never grasp the intricacies of my cunning plot' just took a few minutes to both trying to explain?"
Amal: "He's an egomaniac, what do you expect?"
Harriet: "As if I couldn't grasp the intricacies," Harriet huffs.
Serenity: "More or less that, but still."
Serenity: "Also damn Amal, that was a hell of a lot of you tlaking like me or Harriet."
Amal blushes and scratches at the back of their neck a little. "Y- you're bad influences on me~!"
Serenity: "I don't think either one of us says fuck enough for that to be true."
Amal: "You're bad influences and I improvised?"
Serenity‘ pats Amal on the head.
Serenity: "Are we just gunna not talk about how that all sounded bizzarely personal to you by the by or?"
Amal frowns. "I’m really, really, really, really, really sure he's making a really, really, really, really, really bad mistake."
Serenity: "Or the uh weird spontanious flower garden or…"
Amal: "Like, the kind of mistake that messes everything up for everyone forever kind of bad. And I really want to stop him, because… I live here too?" They smile, but it's a little thin and a little scared this time. "…the flower garden was a puppy paws thing."
Serenity: "If I was gunna shoot you I woulda done it a couple weeks ago, don't need to be so nervous."
Amal actually smiles and laughs a little at that one. "I'm nervous about what he's doing, heh. On the bright side he as much as admitted we had him confused since we weren't even supposed to make it this far. Unfamiliar territory is -our- home-field advantage."
Amal: "Let's just keep mussing up his dumb plans and helping people!"
Serenity: "Fair enough."
Serenity: "Do uh, you actually know what Puppy Paws is, though?"
Harriet: "Yeah, we'll be okay. Don't worry, Amal, we'll stop him." Harriet smiles to them. "I mean, we're supposed to be, like, people who screw fate, right?"
Amal nods. "I do! It'd… be really hard to explain what she is in a way that'd make any sense but I know for -sure- that she's trying to help stop things from going to heck in a handbasket around here."
Amal gives Harriet a thumbs-up. "Yeah exactly!"
Anton: "I'm not really sure what to think honestly. There's obviously been a driving force that's forcing us to succeed against all odds."
Anton: "We aren't just that lucky, practically speaking."
Serenity: "Amal it's okay the facade is alreayd broke, you can use grown up swears now."
Harriet: "Hey, I'm super lucky!"
Amal goes 'hmph' at Serenity and then siiiiide-eyes Anton.
Amal: "…that, uh."
Amal: "Hm." They scuff their foot adorably. "mightbemewithmyfingeronthescales."
Serenity: "Wait are you an Oracle too?"
Anton smiles. "Well, yes. That was obvious little buddy. You just never actually said it out loud, so…"
Amal actually /blushes/ and shakes their head and opens their mouth to say something but then just sort of murbles at Anton. "I -figured- you could tell. Cheatyface Oracles."
Anton laughs before scratching his head. "Let's finish what we came up here for, shall we?"
Anton: "I think if we encounter another interruption we may forget why we were here in the first place!"
Harriet pats Amal on the shoulder as she heads out. "Well, hey, thanks!"
Serenity: "Just waitin' for Harriet's go sign, really."
Amal: "A- anyways, I couldn't do anything at all without the four of you. I was starting to feel a little lost, so… thanks. I mean it."
Harriet: "Oh, yeah, I'm ready, I've got the gear he was usin' and the alloy doesn't seem to be secretly evil or anything, we're good."
Serenity: "Alright."
JayM: So heading down the cave?
The entrance of the cave looks impressive not because it is overly large or some other reason, but because of the raw destruction embodied in it, it's quite clear that the rock face has been smashed into pieces roughly and brutally
[OOC] Serenity: aye
Although after a while you notice something very different from the initial impression, the walls are smooth with some strange spiralling pattern to them
Harriet: "Huh, they were using a Mine Drill…?"
Serenity: "Can't imagine they wouldn't use power tools for something of this scope."
Harriet: "Means they were mining lava, though. We should be careful digging straight up."
Serenity: "Noted."
[OOC] Harriet: *Melt Drill, even, not mine drill
The patterned walls don't actually go in the same direction as the forced cave, however, it's like they are perpendicular… As you move further the glow of the ragnite tubing gets brighter and brighter… And you finally see the tubing. It's not the exact same kind as you saw in the testing area, rather than a single giant tube it's a large collection of smaller tubes, each one still as thick as your arm, you can see the ragnite moving through
You see metal debris all over the ground as well, ahead of you as if forcing the entrance of another cave are large metal plates, presumably the insulation for this section, many of them have been torn off as if they were made of paper, powerful claw marks in them
Yet, the glow of ragnite does not comes only from the tubing, you see pools in the floor, slowly dribbling towards you, seems like you're on a very slight upwards slope, which can only indicate leakage… Yet that is not all that is present here as you hear a loud rumble and a low growl…
Harriet: "Sure looks like a monster problem." Harriet looks over to Hughbert. "What's the plan?"
In the middle of the tubing is a gigantic beast, colored violet and somewhat comical in it's otherwise brutal appearance, the same beast that was in the allied transport just a while ago, a Leonid sleeping in a nest of tubing
Serenity: "Why are these things trying to eat ragnite anyway. Stupid monsters."
And you see many more beasts, and in fact you see a small dog, a puppy at best despite it's darkened skin full of rashes, oozing out pus, licking at a pool of ragnite that has formed nearby the sleeping Leonid
And it is not the only dog, about a dozen small pups mill about and their respective parents. A pair of dogs, looking just as vicious and sick, watch over them.
The Leonid moves in it's sleep and the tubing creaks… But you see it moving on it's own to get back in place? And you notice… Those things, a few dozen Rope Snakes, all keeping the tubing bound up neatly by coiling around it, like ropes used to secure them in position
Serenity: "So Anton you brought your spiked boots for puppy kicking right?"
Anton: "Are you kidding me? Spiked boots are awful for flying they snag on everything."
Serenity: "Gunna do you a favor and ignore the fact that it sounded that was a response born from experience."
Anton gives her a thumbs up. "Many thanks, dear friend!"
Serenity: "No problem."
JayM: They haven't noticed you yet- But one of the rope snakes suddenly raises it's head, wary
Serenity: "Okay so there's one big ass mutant that puts up a good fight, about a dozen wild dogs, and a couple doze snakes."
Serenity: "Probably… don't wanna actually fight all these things."
Harriet: "I could blow something up while they're still trying to figure out what we're about."
Harriet: "Don't really want to aim into the ragnite, though."
Serenity: "Can you do that in a way which - yeah exactly."
Anton: "That strategy seemed to work last time you collapsed a cave and sent half the soldiers off towards a waterfall."
JayM: Given this tubing is part of a giant force gear that spans a few kilometers and ragnite is volatile one can imagine it can be a bit dangerous
Harriet: "I mean, if I angle around a bit, maybe I can get the dogs…?"
Serenity: "We weren't trying to not break expensive piping last time."
Serenity: "Is the main difference."
Harriet: "Hey, I have an idea."
Harriet: "What if I set up in that other room and someone herds these guys in that way?"
Serenity: "Shoot."
Harriet: "Just give me, like… fifty ticks to set up."
Serenity: "Hmm."
Serenity‘ glances back a few times, counting off on her fingers.
Anton: "Oh. Do I get to fly around in a cave? Harriet how kind of you to cater to my talents!"
Serenity: "Oh hey he volunteered himself before I could. Great."
Anton: "I enjoy this plan much better than collapsing the cave. Quite a few of the worldlines I glanced at resulted in a very big explosion and us getting buried alive."
Amal looks a little bit sad that they’ll be murdering all these cute monster families but, :( you do what you gotta I guess
Serenity: "That is… why i was steering us away from explosives near broken and leaking ragnite pipes… yes, Anton."
JayM: So you're backing a distance out and trying to pull them one by one?
JayM: Iiiinteresting
JayM: How're you going to do this, then?
Anton: "Uh… no guarantees on bringing the entire pack back, though!"
Anton: "If they didn't hear me getting some of their attention they will hear the force boots revving."
Serenity: "I trust Harriet to build a big enough trap and/or for you to keep running."
Harriet: "If worst comes to worst, we can clean up the rest the old-fashioned way."
Serenity‘ gives Anton a thumb up with a serious look on her face. "I believe in you."
Amal: "Anton you’re crazy and/or amazing."
JayM: So a trap, huhn?
Anton places a hand to his chest before grinning. "Oh Serenity~, it would seem our passions have finally been rekindled. Worry not Amal, I'm both!"
Anton: "Let me know when you're setup Harriet. I'll go do my thing."
JayM: I am very sure that Harriet can use [Invention] to prepare a suitable powerful device, but knowing how to make a pressure or proximity-triggered stun device doesn't means you know where to place it, how to use it or how to lure your target into it, so i'm going to ask for some sort of [Survivalism] in the party
Serenity: "Okay if you're going to start using words like that it's going to become very difficult for me to be patronizing with a straight face."
JayM: Otherwise regardless how powerful the trap may be, it might just be too badly installed to b useful
Amal steps forward. "It's okay, Harriet, I can help you set up." [Survivalism]
Amal: "It's amazing what you have the time to pick up running with Rissan mercenaries." They grin innocently and start planning a fiendish trap! [-1 LP]
Serenity: "What uh,"
Serenity: "Is that anyway."
Amal looks up at Serenity, confused. "What's what?"
Serenity: "That thing where sometimes you talk in blue instead of grey."
Amal stares at Serenity. "…qualia -are- weird. D- do you have actual synesthesia or- or is it just-"
Amal: "How does that even-"
A good ways back there's just the perfect place, if anything's going to follow you it's going to get funelled down, regardless of trigger method used and thanks to the particulars of terrain even if the entire set of monsters come staggered they'll get caught up if you space your traps a little
Serenity: "Uh very lightly."
Anton smiles. "It's all in the tone, really."
Amal: "WAIT hang on. Is it like when you ask Important Questions and it… echoes in the back of my teeth, kinda?"
Serenity: "It's usually not super strong, but sometimes you speak in a very specific way and it's kind of overwhelming."
Serenity: "Uhh…"
Serenity: "Oh does me compelling the ragnite to respond do the same thing?"
Serenity: "That's weird."
Amal: "Kinda, I think???"
Harriet: "I just chalked it up to you guys being weird, honestly."
Amal looks at Anton like 'help me out bro'.
Amal: "I mean, yeah, given,"
Amal chuckles a bit.
Harriet: "But thanks, Amal." Harriet grins. "Let's go set this up, yeah?"
Serenity‘ scrunches up her face.
Anton sighs at Amal. "Y’know, you guys are asking me to break character a lot lately."
Serenity: "Wait does that mean you were compelling something to do something for you…?"
Anton: "There's a very particular tone of voice being used when they do that. You know when sometimes you have to use a word to mean something it doesn't actually but it's the closest you've got? It's like that."
Serenity: "Huuuh."
Amal: "No!" Beat. "It- it's got nothing to do with other people, at any rate, I'm pretty sure of that." They scratch the back of their head again. "Tell me next time I do it, though. Provided we're not, like, in the middle of horrible stuff happening?"
The flat devices are laid down on the floor, you have to wonder what Harriet was doing with the materials for those but hey, don't look at the gift horse in the mouth. Takes some mental work to consider how the different beasts move and how they might or not avoid the traps, like how the dogs vault when running and the snakes slither along. The hardest part really was accounting for the snakes, you never heard of snakes triggering pressure traps but with some ingenious placement under a few rocks even they are likely to trip a few
Amal: "I've got an idea of what's happening but I don't have enough information to really form a hypothesis…"
Serenity: "Fair enough."
Harriet has a lot of things she's working on at any one time! And you never know when one of those will come in handy. [-1 LP]
Serenity: "Also almost definitely gunna point it out when Bad Things Are Happening, just sayin'."
JayM: The minefield is ready, the party is ready, now just to drag them in for a fight
Anton: "Worry not my companions, I will be back with a parade accompanying me shortly! They shall be drawn to this trap as surely as the siren's fallen tears are swept from the rivers to the sea." He pats his chest a few times before casually walking off.
Harriet: "Thanks," Harriet grins, pulling down her goggles.
Anton's figure disappears in the distance past a corner…
Serenity‘ purses her lips together, before shaking her head. "Walk away faster I can still feel your embarassment!"
Amal: "Heee. Anton’s adorable."
Harriet: "Yeah, for real."
Serenity‘ gives Amal an incredulous look.
Serenity: "Maybe when he’s not talking."
Amal giggles!
You hear some growling from dogs ahead
Serenity‘ flips on her force gear just in case.
You hear some unnatural sound that is sickening- Like a mix between a croak and a burp but on it’s own it's almost enough to make you sick
Amal: "Eugh…"
JayM: Dogs barking
JayM: A very, very loud roar
JayM: The sound of rock smashing
Serenity: "Anton this plan really wasn't that complicated."
The sound of terrible, terrible thumping of something very large hitting the floor continually
You see Anton fly by, a gigantic purple beast, the Leonid, at his heels. About ten adult dogs coming right behind- There's snakes on top of the Leonid like a coat that's a lot of them, where'd they come from
Amal: "(Wow.)"
Serenity: "Anton!"
Serenity: "I am impressed!"
Anton blows her a kiss as he flies by. He's not stopping.
Serenity: "You somehow managed to fuck up 'get things to chase me'!"
And the Leonid is the first to step on a trap- And an electrical field arcs up like a dome of lightning, the Leonid tumbles forward it's front paw numb yet it continues moving, the dogs yelp and scatter and as the Leonid falls the snakes go flying everywhere like debris
Serenity‘ waves her hand in front of herself, repeling any snakes that wind up flying in her direction.
And more and more of the mines go off brightning the room up as sparks fly all over the place, dogs yelp and most of them fall on the ground, the Leonid keeps momentum and gets back on it’s front feet with some surprising nimbleness, snakes drooping off of it's body like dead hair. It gets past the traps with two dogs riding on it's back somehow. It swings a massive paw at you, but still too far. Yet in a comical manner that sends three unconscious snakes flying at you, they smack clean on Serenity and Anton nt with enough force to do anything other than make Anton land but with enough force to wake them up
JayM: Monsters like scattered the same manner the rocks would be should the cave have caved in, yet you still have a group of them that made past the traps
JayM: And it's time to get a bit more classical with dealing with them
JayM: Also, the monsters are Electrified(U), +20% incoming damage and +5D to their actions
Amal: "(That was kind of adorable…)"
Serenity‘ *knew* they were going to fly in her direction. Hah.
Harriet: "Oh, someone put one of those snakes in a bag, Hughbert wanted a new pet."
Serenity: "’kay."
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:0 Serenity [B]:8 Amal [B]:11 Rope Snake B [F]:11 Harriet [B]:12 Leonid [F]:12 Hughbert [F]:13 Rope Snake A [F]:13 Rope Snake C [F]:13 Pustulous Dog A [F]:13 Pustulous Dog B [F]:16
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Anton!
Anton slowly counts the enemies. "Ah, geeze. That's quite a few still!"
JayM: Given therew ere over two dozen, and remembering a lot of snakes are still back there plus the younger canids
Harriet: "It's fine, I made some great improvements to my ECC, I'll blow that cat up in no time."
Anton scratches his head. "Seeing as Hughberts gone and all did you want to come out and play for a bit?" He smiles before holding his hand out in the air. His force gear is noticeably getting louder as the area around him looks like a heat wave is present. [50D]
Serenity: "Is… it supposed to do that?"
Serenity: "That sounds ominous."
Amal tilts their head curiously then grins.
What seems at first like a cylindric stone pillar rises up from the ground, except it's not made of the same stone as the ground but made of pure marble. Vines coil around it and beautiful leaves sprout from it in such a way it seems like they are large wings, one silver and one gold
Amal -grins ear to ear- staring between Anton and the pillar for a second with their jaw hanging open a little.
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Amal [B]:3 Rope Snake B [F]:3 Harriet [B]:4 Leonid [F]:4 Hughbert [F]:5 Rope Snake A [F]:5 Rope Snake C [F]:5 Pustulous Dog A [F]:5 Pustulous Dog B [F]:8 Silbergeist [F]:32 Anton [B]:42
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity‘ lets out a breath as she slides her rifle into the firing position, then pulls the trigger rapidly as tiny yellow cracks appear in the air. Serenity exhales slowly a moment later. [50D] [Storm Bombing - 40D] [Somebody Loves Me - Storm Bombing - 60D]
The Silbergeist forms in the front row, it starts emitting silvery sparks
Serenity: "The hell?"
Harriet: "Yeah, you wanna explain that?"
Anton: "A proof of concept, really!"
Serenity: "That wasn’t the sound a force gear makes when it's doing normal shit."
Anton chews at his lip. "Wonder if they can talk? Did I screw up somewhere?"
Serenity: "Just, so you know."
Anton: "Well, of course not. The Silver Mirror is no normal force gear. It's the artifact Alcore wanted."
Harriet: "I'd love to take it into a lab at some point…"
Serenity: "I feel like this is one of those things I'm going to want a histroy report on -"
Amal: "Oh shit is that what you did?"
JayM: Amal!
Amal got really distracted for a second there so instead of doing something useful they just start charging a web of light. [CT 10]
HAving been thrown up front the Rope Snake B doesn't wants any of that and goes back to the back row
JayM: Battle order: Harriet [B]:0 Leonid [F]:0 Hughbert [F]:1 Rope Snake A [F]:1 Rope Snake C [F]:1 Pustulous Dog A [F]:1 Pustulous Dog B [F]:4 Amal [B]:9 Silbergeist [F]:28 Rope Snake B [B]:29 Storm Bombing:36 Anton [B]:38 Serenity [B]:46 Storm Bombing 2:56
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Harriet!
Anton: "I'm not sure I can actually explain what I did in words that make sense so I'm going to oversimplify and say that I dangled a world thread and had them use it as a slide to reach the vessel."
Harriet flicks a switch, turns a knob, and turns a crank on her ECC - was there always a crank? - and the chamber begins spinning and whining as electricity builds up. [CT50]
Serenity: "Well I mean it was opening a gate slash path, that wasn't really in question,"
Serenity: "So I imagine you plucked something out of another world but I ment more,"
Serenity: "How the hell is a force gear classified as an artifact? Force gears are newish tech."
Amal: "Or are they! Dun dun dunnnnn."
Harriet: "If they weren't, do you know how huge that would be?"
The Leonid roars a maddened as you see the muscles on it's front claws bulge and you can see the blood pumping through the visible blood vessels, it's quite visibly going berserk as it enters a [Hypermetabolic Boost]. It looks at Anton with saliva dripping out of it's mouth, it's a beast that was [Born to Kill] (it's next turn is going to cause monstrous damage)
Serenity‘ rolls her eyes in Amal’s direction.
The other two Rope Snakes also go back to the back row
Serenity: "Yeah what she said really."
Amal: "Listen you're the ones who got all excited about secrets about the world the church didn't want you to know!"
Serenity: "That seems like an exceedingly bizzare thing to be 'hidden' though and makes absolutely no sense, though."
One of the dogs looks around, a little confused, and jumps at Anton to bite him with it's [Diamonic Bite]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 )
JayM: It's a wild miss, sadly
Amal: "I dunno I'm just filling airtime until Anton comes up with something clever to say and/or stops getting eaten by monsters."
Anton: "I imagine they will be attempting to do that shortly!"
The other dog tries the same [Diamonic Bite]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 )
JayM rolled 1d10+132 and got 9 ( Total: 141 )
Math: (141*0.8) = 112.8
JayM: Dealing [112] Physical Melee damage and inflicting Broken(1), +30% damage taken
Amal takes the hit! [G.A.]
Serenity: "Anyway,"
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Leonid [F]:16 Silbergeist [F]:19 Rope Snake B [B]:20 Rope Snake A [B]:22 Rope Snake C [B]:22 Storm Bombing:27 Anton [B]:29 Serenity [B]:37 Harriet [B]:41 Pustulous Dog A [F]:42 Pustulous Dog B [F]:45 Storm Bombing 2:47
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Amal!
Serenity: "I think I was mostly being sarcastic earlier anyway, and like,"
Serenity: "Yes, obviously, the church has buried some information,"
Serenity: "But I think that's mostly on the nature of the church itself and the Goddess,"
Amal then does something with their hands and refracts the web of light slightly before throwing it over Anton. [Protect D30 - -30% physical damage (5)]
Serenity: "And I can't really figure out how 'ancient force gears before they could have even been conceived, much less built' factors into that."
JayM: He is protected, that's good too
JayM: Because now the Leonid rages and runs full tilt at Anton
Anton: "If you were curious, the ragnite pipeline broke because I conjured up an image of that toad monster we fought earlier. The other monsters barking woke it up and it rammed through it into the wall before turning its attention to me."
The Leonid punches Anton sending him flying to the back wall with enough force he bounces back, and then uppercuts him straight into the ceiling in a most powerful [Upheaval]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 37 ( Total: 37 ) for 100
[OOC] JayM: Just in case of evasion
Serenity‘ shows an extraordinary display of willpower by not immediately turning to Anton and shooting him in the face.
[OOC] Anton: Just in case I wanted to luck dodge more like but
JayM rolled 1d12+487,150 and got 3 ( Total: 735.0 )
JayM: Delivering an incredibly powerful [735] Physical Melee damage. As it strikes the powerful uppercut it’s now balancing itself on it's hind legs, about to topple
[OOC] Anton: 150%? Jesus
JayM: It was going to be 200%, but then back row and protect
[OOC] Amal: is… that… factoring in Anton not being Broken and also protect
JayM: I even forgot to add another +30% from the stance but i'll let it pass since I already rolled
Anton is taken down in one hit then. That is a lot of damage >.>
The Leonid roars
Serenity: "Hrm."
[OOC] Anton: HP: 0/600, MP: 550/550, LP: 5/7, SoS: 150
Serenity: "Neat, his construct didn't collapses in on itself."
The Silbergeist turns this way and that way and a spark of light flies off towards Amal, the spark forms a sphere and the sphere explodes into a shower of sparkles!
JayM rolled 1d8+64 and got 4 ( Total: 68 )
JayM: Healing him for 68 HP
Harriet: "Holy shit." Harriet stares at the Leonid. "Yeah, I'm gonna blow that thing all the way the fuck up."
Now in the back row the Rope Snakes start getting all agitated [Supply Consume]
Amal frowns. :( Even when the Silbergeist sends healing sparkles.
JayM: Battle order: Storm Bombing:0 Anton [B]:2 Amal [B]:3 Serenity [B]:10 Harriet [B]:14 Pustulous Dog A [F]:15 Pustulous Dog B [F]:18 Storm Bombing 2:20 Rope Snake B [B]:23 Rope Snake A [B]:25 Rope Snake C [B]:25 Silbergeist [F]:32 Leonid [F]:49
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Storm Bombardment!
Three of the cracks in the air open up and bolts of lightning blast into the snakes.
Serenity‘ rolled 3d100 and got 72, 58, 42 ( Total: 172 ) for 60CoS
JayM: One sad miss
Serenity` rolled d12+180 and got 2 ( Total: 182 )
[OOC] Harriet: +20% damage!
Math: (182*1.2) = 218.4
[OOC] Amal: Harriet are you about to pop open a can of whoopass
JayM: The powerful lightning tear deep in the snakes!
[OOC] Serenity: orite 218
[OOC] Harriet: i am ABSOLUTELY about to do that
JayM: Amal!
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Serenity [B]:7 Harriet [B]:11 Pustulous Dog A [F]:12 Pustulous Dog B [F]:15 Storm Bombing 2:17 Rope Snake B [B]:20 Rope Snake A [B]:22 Rope Snake C [B]:22 Silbergeist [F]:29 Anton [B]:39 Leonid [F]:46
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [===== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [B]: : [===== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
Anton stands up actually before smiling. "Just kidding!" [-3 LP -30% damage]
JayM: Well then, why the hell didn’t you tell me that earlier
[OOC] Serenity: were you in SoS then Anton
JayM: Now I need to fix the initiative :/
[OOC] Anton: Yes
Amal keeps looking worriedly at Anton but- "Wh- Anton- you!!!"
Harriet: "Wh- Anton! Rude!"
JayM: Battle order: Anton [B]:-1 Amal [B]:0 Serenity [B]:7 Harriet [B]:11 Pustulous Dog A [F]:12 Pustulous Dog B [F]:15 Storm Bombing 2:17 Rope Snake B [B]:20 Rope Snake A [B]:22 Rope Snake C [B]:22 Silbergeist [F]:29 Leonid [F]:46
JayM: There, easiest way to fix it
Amal glares, but in the I'm-glad-you're-alive way, and then starts spinning up a web of light. [CT 10]
JayM: Anton if you would take your turn
Energy crackles as the air around the rifts close up, and a wind of starry-sky light swells up, wraping around Serenity before floying into Anton.. [+90 HP] [Still In A Dream]
Anton waves a hand as three images appear in the front row. One of them glows. [Phantom Rush - 70D | 30D images, Invert]
[OOC] Anton: HP: 216/600, MP: 490/550, LP: 2/7, SoS: 150
JayM: Now, Serenity!
Serenity‘ takes a couple shots at the air, creating more yellow cracks of nothing. [50D] [Storm Bombing - 60D]
JayM: Amal!
Amal hits the Leonid square in the face with that web of light! [Chorus]
Amal rolled d12+99,120% and got 6 ( Total: 126.0 )
Anton: "In all seriousness though I still have a lot of work to do on the concept. I got Amal’s friend on to this plane but I still need to find a way for the vessel to talk."
[OOC] Amal: Next hit deals +20% more damage!
[OOC] Harriet: i love you amal
Serenity: "Wait wait wait."
Serenity: "That's Puppy Paws?"
Amal grins.
Harriet: "She's adorable."
Serenity: "Literally never been so disapointed in my entire life."
Amal: "Aw c'monnnn it's a proof of concept!"
Amal: "Now she's gonna be all sad!"
The Leonid topples on it's back! It takes +30D, next hit deals +100% damage
Harriet: "Well I think she's cool!"
Serenity: "It's a tiny little flower fairy and not a fucking demonic evil skeletal thing, and it just blows tiny little kisses of light to cheer morons up!"
Serenity: "Not even kind of cool."
JayM: Go on HArriet
JayM: You have all the damage modifiers you could hope for
Amal: "This is gonna be good."
Harriet: "Well, you'll think this is cool." Harriet cackles, swinging her Electricity Conduction Cannon towards the Leonid, a manic grin crossing over her face as the chamber spins. "I've finally perfected the damage matrix… take this!" She flicks a switch, grasping the handles as the electricity arcs from the cannon into the monster in a terrible flash of light. [Storm Guillotine, 50D 180MP]
JayM: That is going to hurt
[OOC] Harriet: would i roll that +160% or +260%, i forget how the calculations work here
[OOC] Serenity: 260%
Harriet rolled 1d12+450,260% and got 10 ( Total: 1196.0 )
The Leonid is absolutely slammed by lightning, it roars and seems to pass out
JayM: Battle order: Pustulous Dog A [F]:0 Pustulous Dog B [F]:3 Storm Bombing 2:5 Rope Snake B [B]:8 Rope Snake A [B]:10 Rope Snake C [B]:10 Silbergeist [F]:17 S-Anton A [F]:18 S-Anton B [F]:18 S-Anton C [F]:18 Amal [B]:23 Serenity [B]:45 Harriet [B]:49 Storm Bombing:55 Anton [B]:57 Leonid [F]:64
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [===== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [B]: : [===== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U)
Serenity: "Yeah, see."
Serenity: "That was cool."
Serenity: "That," Serenity points at Puppy Paws, "not so much."
Serenity: "Also Good Goddess how is that fucking thing unphased?"
The dogs look honestly lost, one of them decides to leap at Harriet with with a [Crushing Bite]
Dicebot:// Multiple Dice Error: Unable to parse / in /
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 32 ( Total: 32 ) for 80
Harriet: "Hahaha! My calculations were correct! That was fucking awesome!" //Harriet doesn't seem too phased by the Leonid not being a steaming corpse.
"Don't worry, I'll just shoot it again- augh!"
JayM rolled 1d8+132,80 and got 7 ( Total: 111.2 )
JayM: For [111] Physical Melee!
The other dog tries a [Crushing Bite] on Serenity instead!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 ) for 80
JayM rolled 1d8+132,80 and got 7 ( Total: 111.2 )
JayM: For also [111] Physical Melee!
JayM: Battle order: Storm Bombing 2:0 Rope Snake B [B]:3 Rope Snake A [B]:5 Rope Snake C [B]:5 Silbergeist [F]:12 S-Anton A [F]:13 S-Anton B [F]:13 S-Anton C [F]:13 Amal [B]:18 Serenity [B]:40 Harriet [B]:44 Pustulous Dog A [F]:45 Pustulous Dog B [F]:48 Storm Bombing:50 Anton [B]:52 Leonid [F]:59
JayM: Storm Bombing, the second
Three of the rifts open and send small bolts of lightning into the dogs and leonid.
Serenity‘ rolled 3d100 and got 55, 30, 77 ( Total: 162 ) for 70C
JayM: Missed the large beast on it’s back and flailing
Anton scratches his head. "Ah geeze. Sorry. I'll have to ask for some help. That was my first time trying to do that. I'm sure there's a way to make it look cooler. And talk."
JayM: Good going storm bombing
Serenity‘ rolled d12+180 and got 10 ( Total: 190 ) for FINE I’LL SPEND AN LP
JayM: Oh yay
Serenity: By which I mean
Math: (190*1.2) = 228
[OOC] Serenity: 228 and 418 i guess
Amal pats Anton on the shoulder. "-I- think you did a good job!"
JayM: No the Leonid only takes one extra +100% hit
JayM: The rest is normal, gomen
Serenity: "No, no."
Serenity: "That was my mistake, for thinking something related to Amal was big and scary and dangerous and cool as hell,"
Serenity: "And not a goddamn flower power fairy."
Serenity: "I really should
Serenity: 've seen that coming. "
Rope Snake B vaults at Serenity and goes right into her clothes.
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 )
Serenity: "Although her lack of communication skills while being coporal is a bit concerning, in less sassy comments."
Serenity: "Grah!"
Amal snickers.
It comes out with your pack of travel rations and gobbles it up [Lost Travel Supplies]
Anton: "Serenity this is why I carry the food!"
Rope Snake A then jumps at Anton at the mention of food!
Anton: "No! Bad Snake! Away from our nutmeg!"
Harriet: "I swear to the Goddess if you eat the ham sandwiches I will end you all."
The winds up in his outfit and his bag and comes out with a Snake Oil, gobbling it up and gaining [140] THP
Anton: "I think the lesson here is that we should never listen to Hughbert and ration our food when we actually want to eat."
Then Rope Snake C does the same to Harriet, tangling a Trail Mix out of her outfit
Harriet: "Oi! Oi, get out of there!" Harriet is too busy holding her cannon to swat it off!
Then, the Silbergeist shakes and shakes, the leaf-wings flap once and a spark of light flies off towards Anton, then it explodes into a shower of sparkles
JayM rolled 1d8+64 and got 3 ( Total: 67 )
JayM: Healing for 67 HP
Serenity: "I blame this on Anton being bad at herding monsters."
JayM: Anton's shadows!
Anton waves a hand as his shadows take aim and fire at Rope Snake B and C. "Aim for the food!" The third image turns and points at him and his remaining food. [Attack x3]
Anton rolled 3d100 and got 85, 2, 92 ( Total: 179 )
[OOC] Anton: Wow.
Amal: "What no he kited those things like a boss."
JayM: Look at all those misses
JayM: Doing something about it or is only C getting hit?
Anton spends 2 LP to hit himself and his last LP to hit A.
JayM: Bangety, roll damage
Anton rolled d12+140 and got 6 ( Total: 146.0 ) for to B/C and healing for myself
Math: (146*0.2) = 29.2
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Rope Snake B [B]:10 Rope Snake A [B]:12 Rope Snake C [B]:12 Serenity [B]:22 Harriet [B]:26 Pustulous Dog A [F]:27 Pustulous Dog B [F]:30 Storm Bombing:32 Anton [B]:34 Silbergeist [F]:34 Leonid [F]:41
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [====== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [B]: : [== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Amal!
[OOC] Anton: How did B gain HP?
[OOC] Anton: Oh. Right.
JayM: B ate a Travel Ration
[OOC] Anton: You can't use that in combat!
JayM scratches his chin
JayM: Yanno what
JayM: You're right you can't
JayM: It still ate it just didn't get healed
JayM: Which means it's down
Amal tilts their head to the side and, hm, ugh. Channeling two balls of light in either hand. [CT 20]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Rope Snake A [B]:12 Rope Snake C [B]:12 Serenity [B]:22 Harriet [B]:26 Pustulous Dog A [F]:27 Pustulous Dog B [F]:30 Storm Bombing:32 Anton [B]:34 Silbergeist [F]:34 Leonid [F]:41
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [B]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [-KO-] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [B]: : [== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U)
JayM: There better?
Rope Snake A then suddenly flies forward snapping like a spring and coiling around Amal
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 99 ( Total: 99 )
Amal: "Eep!"
It's attempt to [Grapple Bind] Amal fails
Rope Snake C also vaults forward attempting to [Grapple Bind] Harriet this time!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 )
JayM: Also missing wildly, but they're far ahead in the front row now
Both of the snakes hiss at the party as the spiny ridges on their back glow [Spine Ripper]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Serenity [B]:2 Harriet [B]:6 Pustulous Dog A [F]:7 Pustulous Dog B [F]:10 Storm Bombing:12 Anton [B]:14 Silbergeist [F]:14 Leonid [F]:21 Rope Snake A [F]:37 Rope Snake C [F]:37
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake B [B]: : [-KO-] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [F]: : [== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Amal!
[OOC] Amal: Uhhhh whoneeds healplz
[OOC] Amal: Anton and… ???
[OOC] Serenity: HP: 389/500, [TMP: 20] MP: 600/600, LP: 5/9, SoS: 125
[OOC] Anton: HP: 429/600, MP: 490/550, LP: 0/7, SoS: 150
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 412/600, MP: 520/700, LP: 7/8, SoS: 150 - Poison [77] (1),+60% damage next turn (),L-Ether (0) (1)
Amal sends that healing energy towards Serenity and Harriet, actually. [Double Cure D35]
Amal rolled d10+150 and got 7 ( Total: 157 )
Harriet is invigorated! "Thanks, Amal!"
[OOC] Amal: Anton you're still Protected, right?
JayM: Serenity!
[OOC] Harriet: HP: 569/600, MP: 520/700, LP: 7/8, SoS: 150 - Poison [77] (1),L-Ether (0) (1)
[OOC] Anton: Yes sorry it removed when I died briefly
Serenity: "Anton do you feel like you need a damage cushon?"
[OOC] Anton: HP: 429/600, MP: 490/550, LP: 0/7, SoS: 150 - Protect(-30%) (4)
Anton: "You probably could fire up another storm bomber."
Anton: "If that thing decides it wants me dead again I'm not going to be able to stop it this time regardless."
Serenity: "Could fire a what?"
Serenity‘ scrunches up her face before opening up another couple of yellow rifts. [50D] [Storm Bomber - 60D]
Anton raises a hand to his mouth before smiling. "That thing."
Serenity: "Did…"
Serenity: "Did you give all of our special moves stupid super hero attack names, Anton?"
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet: "Oooh, what’s mine called?"
Anton: "Nope. That was 100% you in the far future after you'd fallen head over heels for me and wanted to follow my shining moral example, Serenity~."
Harriet flicks a switch, twists a dial, cranks a lever, and the ECC starts to spin up again. [CT50]
Serenity‘ stares at Anton for a few seconds, before turning her head to Amal.
Amal stage-whispers "(Adorable!)"
JayM: Charging it up
Serenity: "’Bout seventiy to thirty that if I started flirting back with him he'd have no idea what the fuck to do and would clam up, you figure?"
Harriet: "I have no clue how any of this stuff works, so I'm gonna just guess like… fifty?"
Amal: "Mmmhmm, totally." They grin.
JayM: Battle order: Pustulous Dog A [F]:0 Pustulous Dog B [F]:3 Storm Bombing:5 Anton [B]:7 Silbergeist [F]:7 Leonid [F]:14 Amal [B]:28 Rope Snake A [F]:30 Rope Snake C [F]:30 Serenity [B]:45 Harriet [B]:49 Storm Bombing 2:55
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [F]: : [== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U)
The dogs looks mysteriously directionless, Dog A goes and uses a [Crushing Bite] on Amal!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 80
Anton shakes his head. "I'm not clamming up, Serenity! I'm taking a moment to see what each response would get me in the future before I answer you!"
JayM rolled 1d10+132,80 and got 7 ( Total: 111.2 )
JayM: For [111] physical melee!
Harriet: "Isn't that cheating? I'm pretty sure that's cheating."
Dog B then decides that no dog has bitten Anton yet so another [Crushing Bite]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 ) for 80
JayM rolled 1d10+132,80 and got 4 ( Total: 108.80000000000001 )
Serenity: "I feel like using your powers to annoy me optimally is, perhaps, using your powers for evil and not good, Anton."
JayM: That was not in fact 111! Take [108] Physical Melee!
[OOC] Anton: Protect so 50%
Math: (136/2) = 68
[OOC] JayM: 68]then!
JayM: Battle order: Storm Bombing:0 Anton [B]:2 Silbergeist [F]:2 Leonid [F]:9 Amal [B]:23 Rope Snake A [F]:25 Rope Snake C [F]:25 Serenity [B]:40 Harriet [B]:44 Pustulous Dog A [F]:50 Storm Bombing 2:50 Pustulous Dog B [F]:53
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [==========] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [F]: : [== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Storm, crash down!
[OOC] Anton: HP: 361/600, MP: 490/550, LP: 0/7, SoS: 150 - Protect(-30%) (4)
Three tiny bolts arc down from the rifts, slamming into both snakes and a dog.
Serenity‘ rolled 3d100 and got 45, 94, 53 ( Total: 192 ) for 70C
JayM: And that’s one(1) miss on snake C
Serenity‘ rolled d12+180,120% and got 6 ( Total: 223.2 )
[OOC] Amal: HP: 395/550, MP: 435/550, LP: 8/9, SoS: 137
JayM: Anton!
Anton sets up another three images in the front row. [70D | 30D x3]
[OOC] Anton: HP: 361/600, MP: 430/550, LP: 0/7, SoS: 150 - Protect(-30%) (3)
JayM: So many shadows!
The Silbergeist moves and sends a spark flying towards… Snake C! The spark explodes into sparkles, and the snake just seems mystified for a second. Before collapsing [KO]
Serenity: "That isn’t how healing energy works."
Amal cheers the Silbergeist on!
Serenity: "The hell."
Anton: "I think you offended them saying they weren't a devil whatever."
Amal: "You didn't think it's weird when -I- started hitting things~."
Serenity: "You're not a magical construct of healing energy pulled from another world into the shape of a vague consciousness equal to an artifical god, though."
Serenity: "…I think."
Serenity‘ squints at Amal.
JayM: Battle order: Leonid [F]:0 Amal [B]:14 Rope Snake A [F]:16 S-Anton A [F]:23 S-Anton B [F]:23 S-Anton C [F]:23 Serenity [B]:31 Silbergeist [F]:33 Harriet [B]:35 Pustulous Dog A [F]:41 Storm Bombing 2:41 Pustulous Dog B [F]:44 Anton [B]:63
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Rope Snake C [F]: : [-KO-] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [===== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U)
The Leonid finally stands up and looks at Harriet, it growls! It roars so loud the very caves shake, Harriet has been [Marked For Mauling], she deals +100% damage to the Leonid but it’s next action will deal +200% to her. The roar is powerful to the point the very air around the Leonid shakes, distortions forming! it was a [Chaos Snarl], it gains Chaos Snarl[117](2), counters for 117 Physical damage when damaged
JayM: Amal!
Harriet: "No, Al said there was only one artifical God, Puppy Paws is something else."
Harriet: "And… uh…"
Serenity: "Al didn't even know Puppy Paws existed when he said that."
Harriet: "… can someone get in between me and that thing the next time it tries to hit me? That just made me feel so attacked."
Serenity: "We'll see."
Anton: "I think my lucks ran out, Harriet…"
Amal frowns a little more and starts charging up another web of light in their hands. [CT 10]
JayM: The last remaining Rope Snake jumps at Harriet trying to [Grapple Bind] her!
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 ) for 80
JayM: Wait
JayM: No that move is illegal
JayM: It just tries to [Bite] her
[OOC] Harriet: a judge comes down and sends the snake to snake jail
JayM rolled 1d8+81 and got 4 ( Total: 85 )
Math: (85*0.8) = 68
JayM: Which deals [68] Physical Melee damage without the added bind effect from Grapple Bind, but still as it binds it quickly coils around Harriet and shreds her with it's spines inflicting Crippled(2), actions take +20D and take +30% more damage!
JayM: Battle order: S-Anton A [F]:0 S-Anton B [F]:0 S-Anton C [F]:0 Amal [B]:1 Serenity [B]:8 Silbergeist [F]:10 Harriet [B]:12 Pustulous Dog A [F]:18 Storm Bombing 2:18 Pustulous Dog B [F]:21 Rope Snake A [F]:38 Anton [B]:40 Leonid [F]:42
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [===== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [======== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U) Chaos Snarl[117](1)
JayM: Anton's shadows!
Harriet: "Ow! Stupid snake!"
Anton fires off three bolts at everything but the Leonid. [Attack x3]
Anton rolled 3d100 and got 66, 12, 76 ( Total: 154 )
JayM: Hits hits hits
Anton rolled d12+140 and got 8 ( Total: 148.0 )
Math: (148*1.2) = 177.6
Serenity‘ sighs. "Anton can we go to another world thread? It’s really hard to line up a shot here."
[OOC] Amal: +20%!
JayM: Amal!
JayM: Already accounted here
Serenity‘ snaps her fingers at the bolt in the dog explodes. [Attack Assist If It’s Not Dead]
JayM: It isn't
Serenity‘ rolled d12+180 and got 9 ( Total: 189 )
Anton: "I can’t change the present, Serenity. You had to ask me to go to a better situation about two minutes ago and I would have been able to do something about it."
Anton: "Also it's a world line."
[OOC] Serenity: 226 mods are hard
Amal hucks that blob of light at the Leonid's face. [Chorus D20]
JayM: And it goes down
Amal rolled d12+99,120% and got 3 ( Total: 122.39999999999999 ) for +20% to the next hit on it
JayM: And the Leonid is hit with a Chorus!
Anton: "I suppose you could blame me for not spotting this future though and hearing your request and acting on it two minutes ago. Shame on me for not being able to find a needle in a sea of infinite possibilities." He smiles.
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Silbergeist [F]:2 Harriet [B]:4 Storm Bombing 2:10 Amal [B]:13 Pustulous Dog B [F]:13 Rope Snake A [F]:30 Anton [B]:32 Leonid [F]:34
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [==== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [-KO-] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [====== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [======= ] Electrified(U) Chaos Snarl[117](1) Chorus[+20%](4)
JayM: Serenity!
Serenity: "This is why you've never had a girlfriend before, Anton."
Anton narrows his brow. "Want to say that with red?"
Amal snickers.
Serenity: "Maybe after we're done here."
Serenity‘ glances down the length of her rifle, sighs again then fires a blind shot into the void. [50D] [Inertia Canceller - 60D]
The Silbergeist then fires another spark, this time at the Rope Snake A!
JayM rolled 1d8+64,120 and got 2 ( Total: 79.2 )
JayM: Harriet!
Harriet lets loose a terrible arc of lightning towards the Leonid! The light flashes, crashes - [180MP 70D]
Harriet rolled 1d12+450,240% and got 7 ( Total: 1096.8 )
Serenity` shakes her head, grabs Harriet by the collar and pulls her behind herself.
[OOC] Serenity: Guard
Harriet: "Ack! Thanks."
JayM: Well, Storm Bombing goes off now, Harriet takes [117] Physical damage due to Chaos Snarl
[OOC] Harriet: is that also affected by the +30% damage thing, and also does that affect my poison
JayM: It is affected by the +30% damage thing and it not does not affects your poison
[OOC] Serenity: actually yeah what are the mods when it shifted to me
[OOC] Serenity: 110 or???
JayM: Uhn… The damage right now, Chaos Snarl, is a Spikes status Ice
JayM: I’m not sure you can cover it? But it's otherwise 117
[OOC] Serenity: wait
[OOC] Anton: That was Cuppas attack
[OOC] Serenity: herp derp sorry was on the phone with my mom and misread
JayM: Yes
[OOC] Serenity: yeah I thought that was cuppa geting hit, not doing the hitting NEVER MIND THAT
JayM: I'll ignore Serenity and tell you to let Storm Bombing go off
Serenity‘ rolled 3d100 and got 66, 48, 4 ( Total: 118 ) for 70C, only even three targets up right?
Serenity` rolled d12+180,120% and got 10 ( Total: 228.0 )
JayM: Yep
JayM: All hits
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Pustulous Dog B [F]:0 Anton [B]:19 Leonid [F]:21 Silbergeist [F]:29 Serenity [B]:37 Inertia Canceller:47 Harriet [B]:61
JayM: Status for Rope Snake A [F]: : [-KO-] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog A [F]: : [-KO-] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [=== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [=== ] Electrified(U) Chaos Snarl[117](1)
JayM: And the last snake goes down! Amal!
Serenity` takes a dead breath, exhales slowly as she raises a hand, and then a moment later the lightning bolt collapses in on itself, implodes and forms another rift. [After Shock] [Storm Bomb - 60D]
[OOC] Harriet: OH RIGHT, 30 damage to a dog from L-Ether
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Pustulous Dog B [F]:0 Anton [B]:19 Leonid [F]:21 Silbergeist [F]:29 Serenity [B]:37 Inertia Canceller:47 Storm Bombing EX:47 Harriet [B]:61
JayM: Now with added Storm Bombing, go Amal!
Amal scowls a little and charges a shimmering crystalline lattice of light. [CT 10]
The last remaining dog looks around, tail between it’s legs, it looks at the Leonid and… Bolts down the cave
JayM: It's out of the battle
JayM: Amal!
Amal casts that protective barrier over Harriet, not… that it'll probably help anything honestly. [Protect D30]
JayM: Anton!
Anton summons up another three images. He clenches his hand together and one of them disappears. [70D | 30D x2, Destruction]
Serenity‘ tilts her head to the side.
The Leonid roars, it’s getting hurt, badly hurt. So it decides that punching Harriet right in the face, sending her flying into the back wall and then uppercutting her in the ceiling with it's [Upheaval] will be it's final fuck you to the party. It roars like the mad beast it is because it is [Born To Kill]
JayM rolled 1d100 and got 7 ( Total: 7 )
JayM rolled 1d12+487,330 and got 3 ( Total: 1617.0 )
Math: (490*2.8) = 1372
JayM: Oops mismathed, that's supposed to be 280% for [1372] Physical Melee damage
Serenity: "Yeeeeah not taking that I'll fix you in a second."
JayM: She's slammed into the ceiling, and falls to the floor unconscious
Harriet screams as she's slammed /right/ up into the ceiling, and she goes sailing down heavily a moment later, landing on her ECC. She's far too battered to get up from that. [KO]
Amal: "Harriet!!"
The Leonid is in it's hind legs, unbalanced
The Silbergeist shakes right and left and finally drops a healing spark on Serenity
Serenity: "She's only slightly dead, don't worry about it."
JayM rolled 1d8+64 and got 2 ( Total: 66 )
Serenity‘ is at max HP already, actually.
JayM: Healing her for 66 HP
JayM: Well, then who needs healing
Anton does
JayM: Then it’s for Anton
JayM: Serenity!
JayM: Then Amal, then both of Serenity's spells
Amal: "S- slightly dead!? No- hang on, Harriet!" They start straight-up floating in the air, their entire body glowing with radiant light. [CT 15]
Serenity‘ lowers her rifle, staring through the Leonids. "The hell is your problem? Whatever, shifting the focal point…" [40D] [Scanner Sweep; +30% Incoming Operations (3)]
[OOC] Serenity: Also HP/MP/LP for shits and giggles.
JayM: Inertia Canceller and Storm Bombing!
Serenity: "Uh. Huh. Overestimated how dead it was."
Serenity` rolled 2d100 and got 16, 28 ( Total: 44 ) for 100/70C
JayM: Both hit!
Serenity` rolled 2#d12+180,120%(1) and got 6 ( Total: 223.2 )
Also rolled 2#d12+180,120%(2) and got 7 [Total: 224.4]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 447.6
JayM: One hit topples causing +30D the other hits into +100% damage!
[OOC] Serenity: wait shit
Math: (186*1.5) = 279
Math: (186*2.5) = 465
JayM: I’ll account for modifiers
[OOC] Serenity: 279 and 280 actually
[OOC] Serenity: plus another 187 i guess
[OOC] Serenity: inits real quick without moving past the time markers
JayM: Dealing a combined [279] into [465] damage, yes!
JayM: Ugh
JayM: Sorry I already did
JayM: The exact moment before you asked
JayM: Battle order: S-Anton A [F]:0 S-Anton B [F]:0 Amal [B]:6 Silbergeist [F]:20 Serenity [B]:28 Anton [B]:40 Leonid [F]:47
JayM: Status for Pustulous Dog B [F]: : [=== ] Electrified(U)
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [= ] Electrified(U) Scanner Sweep[+30%](3)
JayM: That said, though, have this at least
[OOC] Serenity: lol well
Anton has S-Anton A fire a bolt into the Leonid.
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 84 ( Total: 84 )
JayM: A sad miss
Anton misses the 200% hit
JayM: They can't both target the same I imagine so Amal!
Serenity‘ exhales slightly, concentrating on the strange grey rift tha hurled the beast around, before it reopens. [-1LP] [Aftershock - Inertia Canceller -60D should be before the thing acts again from when it would of went off]
JayM: Battle order: Amal [B]:0 Silbergeist [F]:14 Serenity [B]:22 Anton [B]:34 Inertia Canceller:40 Leonid [F]:41
JayM: Up-to-dated
JayM: With a rough guesstimate
Amal lets out a breath they’d been holding in, and exhales bright golden light onto Harriet - it's more like it's forcefully propelled out of their body, really- before falling back to the ground, winded. [Life D35]
Amal rolled d12+180 and got 12 ( Total: 192 )
Serenity: "Oh."
Serenity: "That's neat."
Serenity: "I mean I had a needle that would of done that too, but that's handy."
JayM: HArriet's back on her feet!
Anton: "Aww. I'm almost sad I didn't fall over now, Amal~."
The Silbergeist drops a healing spark on HArriet!
JayM rolled 1d8+65 and got 1 ( Total: 66 )
JayM: For 66 healing!
JayM: Battle order: Serenity [B]:0 Harriet [B]:10 Anton [B]:12 Amal [B]:13 Inertia Canceller:18 Leonid [F]:19 Silbergeist [F]:32
JayM: Status for Leonid [F]: : [= ] Electrified(U) Scanner Sweep[+30%](3)
JayM: Serenity!
Amal coughs a few times, the glow fading from everywhere but their eyes, which are still shimmering and rainbowy, and they look a little dazed- "-oh! Uh. Good to know, haha… s- still, it's useful! I don't want any of you to…" Footscuff.
[OOC] Serenity: is it still taking +100%?
JayM: No the stance ended once it acted
[OOC] Serenity: it hasn't acted since my hit that did 100% but OK i have no idea how that works anyway haha
Serenity: "Uhh."
Serenity: "Yeah no good shots, just. Bleh."
JayM: Upheaval is the Big Play move from Scrapper, first hit on it causes +30D, second hit on hit deals +100% damage. And taht's it
Serenity‘ shrugs and shoots the leonid with a normal bullet. [60D]
JayM: It doesn’t gets into a +damage taken stance
Serenity‘ rolled d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 )
JayM: A hit!
Serenity` rolled d12+84,120% and got 3 ( Total: 104.39999999999999 )
JayM: Harriet!
JayM: Up for some revenge?
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for Attack assist
Anton rolled d12+140 and got 1 ( Total: 141.0 )
Serenity: "Don’t do that thing where you hit it and it starts moving fast, please and thanks Harriet."
JayM: An assist from Anton
Harriet pushes herself up after a moment, groaning. "Ugh, that's… holy shit, I never want to go through that again.Ugh I think I'm gonna have bruises from landing on my cannon. Ugh. Ugh." Clearly she's not used to pain! But she flicks a few switches on her ECC anyway. [CT15]
Serenity: "On the bright side,"
JayM: So brave, HArriet
JayM: Anton, then Amal, then the Inertia Canceller
JayM: It's not going to survive
Serenity: "We now know Amal has a spell designed to restart hearts and brain activity."
Serenity: "Which, y'know, is cool."
Anton finishes it off.
Harriet: "Wait, I was dead?!"
Serenity: "Just a little bit."
Amal -still- looks worried!!!
Harriet: "Okay hold the fucking phone I did not sign up to get killed here!"
Serenity: "I had some medicine for it, but." She shrugs a little.
Harriet: "I'm too important to die!"
Serenity: "Well yes,"
Serenity: "Hence the vials. And Amal I guess."
Anton: "Someone did grab a rope snake for Hughbert, right?"
Amal: "Harriet! As long as I'm here I promise you'll make it home safe. I mean it!"
Harriet frowns deeply. "I'm supposed to be making things, not getting savaged. But… okay, Amal, I guess I can trust you with this."
Harriet: "And, uh, thanks for the whole making me not dead thing."
Anton rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 ) for Did I miss
JayM: No you didn't!
JayM: Anton's bolt strikes into it, wether Amal bothers acting or not is meaningless as the beam of light from Inertia canceller finally finishes off the giant Leonid
JayM: Wow that was tough
Serenity: "Speaking of -" Serenity glances at the mutant deer as Anton hits it with a crossbow bolt, and then an explosion of grey energy sends it flying into the ceiling and knocks it out -
Math: (8+3+4) = 15
Serenity: "APPARENTLY no one else knew we had these and that's bad for me so -"
JayM: A grand total of [15 XP] earned, this was a learning experience
Serenity‘ reaches behind her, digging around for a second before pulling out a vial full of a thick looking tealish liquid.
Serenity: "Okay see this thing?"
Serenity: "More importantly, see the GIANT ASS SCARY NEEDLE attached it under a seal?"
Serenity: "If someone looks dead, break off the seal."
Serenity: "And slam the needle in their chest,"
Serenity: "And they will be less dead."
Serenity: "Cool? Cool."
Serenity` returns it to her pack.
Harriet: "Yeah, okay. Ugh, it feels like I got hit by a fucking truck…"
JayM: That would be incorrect, Harriet. You were hit by something that sends trucks flying midair
JayM: As you witnessed in that ambush
Amal: "I think in this metaphor you -were- the truck."
Amal: "A- anyways, I’m glad you're okay now…"
Serenity: "Amal!"
Amal: "You -are- okay, right?"
Serenity: "That was a good joke."
Serenity‘ pats him on the head once.
The Sielbergeist shakes, shakes, and the stone shatters! The vines dissolve into leaves
Amal waves bye to the ’geist.
Serenity‘ then scoops down to grab an unconscious rope snake or three, before making her way to the part of the pipe that now has a crack in it.
Harriet rubs at her head. "I… think I’m okay. Gonna go get a doctor to make sure of that when we get back to civilisation, though."
As you head back ahead you see that not every monster has followed Anton, there's a lot of snakes around still, and the wounded dog that ran before is there growling at you- Standing in front of about a dozen younglings
Amal: "…I wish we had some monster cookies right about now…"
Serenity: "Bitch, get out of the way. I don't even care about you I just need to fix the fucking pipe."
However you notice something in particular now that they're wary but not quite running after you, the Rope Snakes themselves are holding down the pipes, alright… But Serenity and HArriet both can identify that there are a lot of pipes with damaged conectors (that connect them to other pipes) and those pipes likely would have broken off and started leaking a long time ago
Serenity‘ makes a shooing motion further down the tunnel, giving the dog a bit of space while moving to the pipe itself.
JayM: If the snakes weren’t holding the pipes together like fucking duct tape or something
Anton: "Do you even have the materials to fix that right now?"
Serenity: "Uh…"
Harriet: "Huh." Harriet tries to skirt around the dog without pissing it off, it's just worried about it's kids, she's not a monster. "Looks like those snakes were really holding this together."
Serenity: "The answer is yes, but there's an asterisk after it."
JayM: One of the pipes her been crushed into the wall, the pipes the Leonid were sleeping on as well have been severely damaged but… You notice snakes have gatheredo nthem and started constraining on them, shuttin them tight and avoiding further spillage
Amal: "…huh. Rope Snakes are neat."
Serenity‘ connects two of the three snakes back to where they were, before finding the biggest crack.
Serenity: "Okay Amal."
JayM: One of the puppies runs at Serenity when she gets near a Rope Snake, barking and biting ineffectually like puppies do
Serenity: "Want to see something cool that Actual Humans can do -"
JayM: Either way, the crack’s there. A large fracture
Serenity‘ glances down at the dog.
Serenity: "That’ll do."
Serenity‘ crouches down, holds out a finger near its mouth.
Amal watches curiously.
The dog bites! It’s… A puppy, it has sharp teeth but they're not too harmful
Serenity‘ shakes her had a bit after making a ’tch!' noise, then nods to herself when she sees a tiny bit of blood trickle out. With her other hand she pulls a small packet of grey dust out of her pocket, rips it open with her mouth, then applies it and a bit of bloos along the crack.
Amal is pretty sure they can get bit by puppies too, not sure what the - oh. Huuuuuuh. Weeiiiiiird.
Anton droops his shoulders. "Haven't you guys given me enough to write in my report for this outing?" He whines.
JayM: It's not a very fast effect to be sincere, which is somewhat accellerate by blowing a bit of air into it. But, well, it does the job. A translucent blueish veil of crystalline matter, same as the one in the back of rope snakes, same one as the fangs of the dogs, Dia-ragnite
Harriet: "Hey, don't knock it, it's really effective."
Serenity: "What? You've never had to do field repairs on something leaking ragnite before, Anton?"
JayM: It almost looks like a scab scar on a cut in the pipe, honestly
Anton: "I'll have you know I've fixed many broken lights in my time at the church!"
Anton: "… by replacing it with a new unit."
Serenity‘ shakes her head, before flicking the remnists of crystal bits off her finger.
Serenity: "Anyway that was totally normal, learn to juryrig."
Serenity: "Not pretty but it’ll hold until they can send someone out here with proper replacements."
Amal: "Neat. Surprised I never noticed anyone doing that."
Harriet: "I did it a bunch until Matheus yelled at me and got me a toat."
[OOC] Harriet: *toad
Serenity: "Yeah you usually just mix it with the venom, but."
Serenity: "Also not super sure how much people use dia-ragnite outside of our country in the first place."
Amal: "Hm. I'll have to read up on that when I get the time."
Serenity: "There!"
Serenity: "You just did it."
Amal: "!"
A single silvery petal lands by the the fix
The wounded dog isn't growing anymore but still staring at you all warily
Amal: "-huh, okay. I think I understand what causes that, then, but I can't figure out how to explain it in a way that makes sense."
Amal: "A- anyways, let's get out of here before these monsters freak out at us more?"
Serenity‘ wiggles her fingers in Amal’s direction. "~qualia~"
Harriet: "Yeah, sounds like a plan."
Amal: "You know it!"
Harriet: "Man, don't worry, I'm gonna figure out a way to make this shit universal."
Harriet: "If for no other reason than so I stop getting left out of the weird mystical bullshit."
Serenity: "Anton is there any of that pepper powder left or did the snakes get it all?"
Anton: "The snakes didn't bother me much. Should still have some!"
Serenity‘ takes a pack from Anton, then, and sprinkles it around the pools of ragnite and the pipes, then blows a little powder in the directio of the dogs. "That… should kep them away for a little bit, mission accomplished."
Anton gives Serenity a thumbs up
The dogs sniff and back off. As Serenity goes move off the puppy keeps trying to chase after her, until she tries to do something against it then the older dog vaults over, grabs the puppy by the scruff and drags it back
JayM: The wounded dog seems to have understood you’re about to leave them alone
Serenity: "…Okay then."
Harriet: "I guess that dog isn't so dumb after all."
Amal: "Good dog."
JayM: So you're leaving
[OOC] Serenity: yes
JayM: Are you going to report back? Or, lie with the previous job, just going to fuck off elsewhere
[OOC] Serenity: amal pulls huggles out of the plot hole on the way back
Harriet is gonna report back, to tell them about the alloy.
[OOC] Serenity: GOIN' BACK gotta let them know stuff is broken and needs replacing, also, serenity is curious what they wound up naming the thing
[OOC] Serenity: and see if they needed any help since it seems weird to call us out just to monster wrangle a bit »
The return is not, in fact, eventful. At least in comparison to the way in. You even have time to appreciate the the woods on the way. And it's interesting, you're nearby a testing facility yet the plants here seem like they're doing better than just about anywhere else, one could guess that the Sacred Grove project really is working after all.
As you finally reach the entrance of the facility you see something else in the parking spot, it's an actual horse. Just a normal one. Shrug or not at it, you also notice that the exposed giant tubing is behaving differently this time, it seems to be running on lowest possible power setting, maybe a different test?
Serenity: "Holy shit."
Serenity: "Is that a riding horse?"
Serenity: "We really are out in the boonies."
Harriet: "I… I think it is."
Amal: "Woah."
And as you finally make your way back to the meeting room you find someone else with Mike. This one has long hair, deep blue eyes and wearing the same kind of outfit as the Wise Man Judas was wearing, an outfit that uses a lot of earthy tones and despite looking a bit loose and robe-like due to the long sleeves it's cut closer to a suit. The shirtless scientist looks at you as you enter "Ah, amazing timing" he points to the person "This is the Wise Man Eldica, apparently looking for you"
The Wise Man nods, a voice soft and melodious "So you are the ones Judas spoke about, it's good to know you've been hard at work"
Serenity: "Hey."
Mike: "He's come here all the way from the Northern Circle"
Eldica: "Indeed, I have. I was curious about how your recent… Expedition went"
Amal bows. "It's nice to meet you!"
Eldica nods, as he's sitting down
Serenity: "Dead angry mutant deer of evil, scared away some wild dogs, snakes in place…? Your pipes are busted up to hell though and need to be replaced,"
Serenity: "A lot of the shielding was eaten up too."
Mike: "Snakes?"
Serenity: "I think Harriet worked out the kinks on the new shielding alloy though?" Serenity glances at her.
Serenity: "Uh some rope snakes were holding the pipes together. It's kind of a messy temporary measure to keep everything from exploding, probably done by the other researcher that was out there if it wasn't you guys."
Mike: "You were the first ones there, actually"
Serenity‘ opens her mouth, closes her mouth.
Mike: "Hrm… Were the monsters behaving in any particularly strange way?"
Serenity: "I mean, they were eating the damn ragnite and going nuts trying to get to it."
Mike: "Hrm… That is in fact strange, hrm…"
Mike seems to be thinking really hard
Amal: "And the snakes were like… deliberately holding the pipes closed from blowing up."
Eldica: "Monsters don’t really eat ragnite…"
Harriet: "Yeah, those snakes were being weirdly helpful."
Mike: "Wait, deliberately?" he has a truly pensieve face for a moment "Well, Rope Snakes are the only… Technically sucessful monster that Terra Medical ever developed, quite friendly to their owners, perfect for their tasks but… If nobody set them to that task, though…"
Amal: "I'd say 'they didn't want their nest to blow up' but I've never heard of snakes acting like that…"
Mike: "I wonder if they're doing that out of instinct?"
Serenity: "Uh."
Harriet: "And yeah, this new alloy should help a lot. Uh, I wouldn't trust the guy who did it as far as I can throw him, but it doesn't look like it has any nasty surprises and the technology seems sound."
Serenity: "No I'm pretty sure Al set them up when he was out there working on something."
Harriet hands it over! Also the forge that was used to make it if she could bring that back too.
Mike: "Hrm… Now you gave me an idea, I wonder if instead of trying to get monsters away from those areas we can't get our own well trained ones to nest in instead"
Serenity: "Or well I forgot whatever he told you his name was, but he was actually out there working on the shielding issue."
Serenity: "He uh, probably isn't coming back by the by."
Mike: "And kind of have them around as some form of long term semi-automated maitenance"
Harriet: "Yeah, seems like that'd work."
Amal: "Might have some luck with the rope snakes, at least."
Amal: "And maybe those dogs."
Mike picks up the alloy and magnetic crucible "Hrm… Did he now. Well, be sure to thank him next you meet him" he thinks "Or don't, I guess there's some bad blood between you"
Serenity: "It's complicated."
Serenity‘ gives Harriet a ’yes i know it isn't but you know' look.
Mike: "And on that note" he looks at Eldica "That should also give you a long term solution, now that I think about it. The attacks were caused by the spots the Sacred Grove was attracting monsters, but if we implement this plan…"
Eldica: "They'd certainly drive off other more dangerous escapee monsters. Two problems solved in one"
They nod at eachother
Harriet shrugs. She's used to going 'it's complicated' to people who are too stupid to understand the explanation, this isn't that much different!
Mike puts down the metal and crucible "Also this looks really promising, I haven't seen this kind of crucible before, though. He must be a real genious to come up with this"
Harriet: "What? No, that forge was all me!"
Mike: "Oh, it's your design?"
Mike: "Well, no wonder you got some bad relations, I bet he stole the project, eh? Still, this looks really promising, thank you for letting us use your design"
Amal: "Harriet -is- a total genius though, so you were still right."
Eldica looks at the party "By the by, Judas was apparently really taken in by you and your mission here. You really should thank him for making it easier. You can count on me attending the peace summit as well"
Harriet: "Of course it is! And hey, it's fine, we're here to solve problems."
Harriet: "Glad to hear you're coming, too."
Eldica: "Judas did manage to find a way to condense the problems the rest of the Wise Five were having into just two tasks, also helping out the Central Research Intitute and Santeria in the process, which seems like what you were sent to do"
Amal: "That's excellent news!"
Serenity‘ nods. This seems like a place she should be nodding at.
Serenity: "Oh speaking of brotherly love and helping people selflessly,"
Serenity: "We could really use some spar parts to repair our car."
Mike: "Oh, how long have you been travelling, too?"
Mike: "Feel free to stop in our living quarters if you want, and hey, testing grounds, we got a lot of spare material"
Serenity: "Couple weeks? A uh. Angry mutant deer took offense to its existance at one point and threw it halfway across town though."
Harriet: "Spare material?" Harriet’s eyes light up. "Great."
Eldica hands you two envolpes "Seems like the Santeria Sacred Grove has been overtaken by insurgents from the Recovery Movement, taking it back and ousting the Recovery Movement's leadership in a single strike would be one task. The other would involve an illegal monster breeding and smuggling operation that's been going on in the CRI's underground Sacred Grove, which is being led by an organized crime ring that has more or less been holding a few villages hostage asking for absurd payment to allow relief workers to get even near them"
Harriet: "Sheesh. Don't worry, we'll take care of it."
Eldica: "First task's in the Central Circle, second in the Southern Circle. Seems a bit serendipitous all our problems are so focused. I don't doubt the other Wise Men will be more than happy to attend to the summit once they don't need to worry about their respective Circles collpsing into themselves"
Serenity‘ takes the envelopes, pauses, hands them to Anton.
Anton pockets the envelopes before going back to writing in his book.
Serenity: "Yeah that sounds like a thing we can do."
Mike: "On the note of collapsing, please do not actually get any of the material under the collapsible roofs in the storage area outside, by the way, they look like spares but they’re for testing the effects of weathering, but the stuff you want is, otherwise, in that storage area!"
Serenity: "Alright."
Serenity: "What'd you wind up naming her, by the by?" Serenity nods towards the ceiling.
Mike stands up "In fact, why don't you all spend the night here, we're down six staff anyway on leave so we got the beds, and no offense but the food's amazing here
Harriet: "Oh right, food, that's a thing I need to live. Sure, sounds good."
Serenity: "Yes."
Anton perks up at the mention of amazing food.
Mike blinks "Oh!" he grins "There's a legend here that a long time ago a great plague devastated the land, one of the great druids of the time worked tirelessly to help the people, but her efforts were in vain, there was only so much one person could do. The goddess seeing how hard she worked gave her a final gift as she breathed her last from work exhaustion, she spread her soul across the land that she may be able to help everywhere at once" he extends a hand for effect "That druid's name, was Pando"
Mike: "Same name we gave to the Sacred Grove"
Serenity: "Hm. Yeah she probably likes that."
And with that Eldica stands back up "Well, time to get going, then. The ride back north is long and I want to be back before the sun sets"
Harriet: "So uh… why do you ride a horse when cars exist?"
Eldica smiles "I've been with Tiko my entire life, I like riding him instead"
He raises his shirt just a little bit to show that his belt is not in fact a belt, it's an Ars Porto force gear, the teleport one "Plus he's trained to keep pace after a warp jump, so we can keep up with any car"
Harriet scratches at the back of her head. "Oh, okay, I guess that makes sense. Hey, nice force gear."
He nods "Yeah, was hard to come across it" he heads out "Until we meet again, then, friends"
Harriet: "See ya!"
JayM: And with that
Serenity‘ quietly doing some mental math comparing relative upkeep costs. Nods to the wise man as he leaves.
JayM: You’re given a chance to rest
JayM: And a chance to finally fix the friggen car
JayM: Take it while you can

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