Glory Of The Goddess

maybe if I start actually writing down ideas I'll eventually make it past the first couple of stepping stones and actually work on fleshing all the ideas out

although I can't do too much since I sorta need to know what the system I'll be running it looks like so that the things I want to do with the world can be supported by the mechanics.

CAST: The Goddess, The Guardian, The Ordinary Country Doctor, The Clearly Suspicious One, The Tag-along.
So at its core, GG is sort of a game of secrets. You know how generally there's always that one person in a campaign with some weird background or strange connection to the plot that isn't actually written down? That's everyone in GG, although some people are a bit more, uh, out in the open than others. It's probably going to be normal for most of the cast to be kind of suspicious of one another, even if it's usually in their… collective interests to stick together. I'm probably going to want to talk to the individual players about fleshing their character out a bit, but I have some general ideas on who they all are.
That said, they may be working at odds with one another's goals, too. Something to be aware of when considering expressing interest.
On the goddess specifically: this could honestly either be a PC or an NPC that's always with the group. Either way could probably work. If the Goddess isn't a PC there might be one other person in the group.

PITCH: Once every hundred years, the Goddess in born into the care of a small tribe, and within X number of months, must decide if the continued existence of life on the world is worth it or not.
One hundred years ago, she nearly said "no", only changing her mind at the last possible moment. Scars still cover the land, and strange monsters have existed since then. At the time, no one knew of the tribe or the Goddess. Most people still do not. But the leaders of the world most certainly did not remain seated on their thumbs after catastrophe rained down upon the world and nearly ended it without warning one night.
Tomorrow, another Goddess will be born.

HIDDEN VILLAGE: Pretty detached from the world. People don't even know it exist. may be a small floating island in the sky, out at sea. Well detached is a strong word, they obviously have to keep tabs on it, but they do their best so that outsides don't learn of the village. There's a shrine to the goddess her. And she's born in that shrine, like clock work, once every 100 years. She doesn't retain memories of her past incarnations. Or with much knowledge in general. She can speak every language, and more or less understands how things work, but doesn't really know anything about the world at large, or the people in it. She's born as a young adult!
When the Goddess' reincarnation is nearing, a child is designated as her guardian (usually a woman), and she spends her life being taught to fill that role.

  • Large island, mostly desert and craters. Large capital city in there, somewhere. Weird pockets of void scattered around it. Wireless technology and Magic are both kind of fucked up near them. island wasn't as deserty and definitely didn't have void shit 100 years ago
  • 12 smaller islands surrounding it. These are in effect, uh, I think peter said the word is Daimyo, but they're kinda like states of a kingdom, where the king kind of acknowledges whoever can seize power in it. They're probably all wildly different and themes. also technically are ruled over by an emperor from Fucked Up Island but it's not generally super relevant.

1 - run by merchant's guild, membership needs to be bought into at some insane price (money actually gets funnelled into various projects for the island, so it gets spent and doesn't just change hands briefly and go back into their pockets, making it kind of a feat to stay in power for long)
2 - determined via vote, primarily rural areas
3 - traditional feudal lord type situation where power's been had by a single family for generations and they have the only army
4 - constant gang wars, currently three major ones in play
5 - Literally Decided Via Jeopardy Tournaments
6 - weird ass magic cult land
7 - something that looks kinda military controlled dystopia-ish but honestly isn't that bad
8 -
9 -
10 -
11 -
12 -

  • also they're all connected by a giant ass monorail that loops around the island chain, but for whatever reason doesn't go into the center island. still gotta take a boat to get there.
  • Magic exists and more or less has existed f o r e v e r, which means I get to consider how that influenced growth
  • Basically modern technology for the most part by popular demand

DRAGONS: There's a lot of dead dragon skeletons all over the place. There aren't any alive dragons. This probably isn't actually important.

EXPLORING: So as far as the guardian and the goddess know at least, they're mostly just traveling the world over so the goddess can experience everything and make a decision.
Given the 12 city-state-ish kinda set up and having literal rail tracks to follow, I imagine we'll likely just be circling around the island chain. There's probably a point of contact from Floating Island Clan in city one, who'll function as my Helpful NPC in each area, b/c I thrive on those, and it'll be good for giving some direction rather than everything being super aimless. I probably need to structor this like FC, or rolling girls, in order for it to actually work. Both are good references for me to keep in mind if I ever forget!

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