Garrett Woodson

General Information

Name : Garrett Woodson Gender : M Max HP : 114
Race : Human Bloodied Value : 57
Level : 19 Surge Value : 28
Align : Good Surges/day : 7
Deity : N/A EXP : GM
Size : M Next Level : Fiat

Class Information

Class : Rogue
Paragon Path : Urban Empath
Epic Destiny : ???

Ability Scores

Ability Score Ability Mod Lvl+ Mod Race Mod Misc Mod
STR : 9 : -1 : : :
CON : 12 : +1 : : :
DEX : 23 : +6 : : :
INT : 12 : +1 : : :
WIS : 13 : +1 : : :
CHA : 21 : +5 : : :


Total Base Armor Item Misc
Speed : 6 = - + +

Action Points: 1
Additional effects of action points: N/A


Total Dex ½ level Misc
Initiative : 14 = 7 + 8 +


Total Level Abil Class Feat Enh Arm Misc
AC : 35 (36) = 9 + 6 + + + 4 + 2 + 3
Fort : 27 = 9 + 1 + + 2 + 4 + + 1
Ref : 35 = 9 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 4 + + 2
Will : 32 = 9 + 4 + + 3 + 4 + + 1




Name of attack Attack Defense Damage Notes Other Notes
(At Will)
MBA (+3 Frost Dagger) +25 vs AC 1d4+15 Stabbers
RBA (also +3 Frost Dagger) +25 vs AC 1d4+9 Flying stabbers
RBA (+2 carbine) +16 vs AC 1d8+8 Ammo 5
Sly Flourish +25 vs AC 1d4+20 1[W]+DEX+CHA
Sly Flourish (carbine) +17 vs AC 1d8+12
Clever Strike +25 vs AC 1d4+15 If ally is adjacent and able to attack the target, gain CA for this attack
Piercing Strike +25 vs Ref 1d4+15 1[W]+DEX
Tumbling Strike +25 vs AC 3d4+15 Minor action.
Effect: You shift your speed and make the following attack at any point during the shift. During this shift, you can shift through squares occupied by enemies and you ignore difficult terrain.
Low Slash +25 vs Ref 1d4+15 Minor action.
Hit: Slide the target 1, target is Slowed UEoNT. If flanking, deal +4 damage.
Circling Predator +25 vs AC 1d4+15 Effect: You can shift 1 square and must end next to your target. Make a secondary attack against the same target.
Secondary Attack: +25 vs AC, 1d4+15, and you gain CA against the target UEoNT.
The City Comes Alive +25 vs Reflex 2d6+12 Burst 2 within 20. IFF. You may choose to either slide the target 3 squares or restrain it (save ends).
In a nonurban environment, the damage is 1d6+10, Burst 1 within 20, IFF, and has no secondary effect.
Swift Parry vs Immediate Interrupt, Trigger: You are hit by a melee attack.
Effect: Gain a bonus to defenses against the triggering attack equal to CHA mod (+5), gain CA against the attacker UEoNT.
Acrobat's Escape vs Immediate Reaction, Trigger: An enemy enters a square adjacent to you.
Effect: The target is immobilized until the start of its next turn. You then shift a number of squares up to DEX mod (6) to a square that is not adjacent to the target.
Press the Advantage +25 vs AC 2d4+15 Free Action. Trigger: You bloody an enemy with a melee attack. Miss: Half damage.
Feinting Flurry +25 vs Will 5d4+15 The target takes a penalty to all defenses from your attacks equal to CHA mod (+5) UEoNT. Sustain Minor: Persists until your next turn
Knockout +25 vs Fort 2d4+15 Target falls unconscious (save ends). If the unconscious target takes any damage, the unconsciousness ends.
Miss: Half damage, and the target is dazed UEoNT
Majestic Word vs Close burst 5. Target: You or one ally in the burst
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain additional hit points equal to CHA mod (+5). You can slide the target 1 square.

Gained Abilities

Racial Abilities

Bonus Feat
Bonus Skill
Human Defenses: +1 Fort/Ref/Will
Bonus At-Will

Class/Path/Destiny Features

First Strike: Have CA against any enemies that have not acted yet in an encounter
Artful Dodger: Gain CHA to AC against Opportunity Attacks.
Scoundrel Weapon Talent - When you wield a shuriken, your weapon damage die increases by one size. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to weapon attack rolls with daggers.
SNEAK ATTACK - 3d8 (formerly d6) to enemies you hit that are giving you CA!!!!
Every Building A Welcoming Home - When you spend an action point, until the end of your next turn you can move through manmade structures as if you had phasing.
Urban Bond - While in an urban environment (defined generally as a bounded area with a population density of at least 1,000 people per square mile), you need neither food nor drink, and you gain a +5 bonus to Acrobatics, Athletics, and Perception checks. These effects generally extend as long as you’re within 3 miles of the border of an urban area.
Additionally, three times per day you can communicate with buildings, roads, or other structures in an urban environment, asking them up to three questions about what they have witnessed or been involved with. This communion functions similar to the Object Reading ritual, but only takes 5 minutes to perform.


[Houseruled Expertise]: Light Blade Expertise (+1/2/3 feat bonus to attack rolls with light blades, +1/2/3 damage bonus when I have CA)
[Houseruled Defense]: Improved Defenses (+1/2/3 to Fort/Ref/Will)
[Houseruled Background]: +2 Perception
[Human Bonus] - Bardic Dilettante: Gain 1 skill proficiency from the bard list (Diplomacy). Can use Majestic Word 1/day. Can wield bard implements.
[Level 1] Wall Crawlers [Guild]: +2 Athletics. Fellow Wall Crawlers can aid in Athletics just by Athletic-ing with you, and grants +4 instead of +2 for aiding.
[Level 2] Slaying Action: If you spend an action point to take an extra action and have already dealt Sneak Attack damage during this round, you can deal the extra damage a second time during this turn.
[Level 4] Melee Training: Dexterity. When you make a melee basic attack using a weapon with which you have proficiency, you can use the chosen ability instead of Strength for the attack roll. In addition, you can use half of that ability’s modifier, instead of your Strength modifier, for the damage roll.
[Level 6] Two-Weapon Fighting. When wielding a melee weapon in each hand, you gain +1 to the damage rolls of weapon attacks you make with a melee weapon.
[Level 8] Backstabber: Sneak Attack damage dice increase from d6 to d8.
[Level 10] Wintertouched: When you attack a creature that is vulnerable to cold, you gain CA with powers that have the cold keyword.
[Level 11] Lasting Frost: Once per turn, the first target that you hit with a power that has the cold keyword gains vulnerable 5 cold after the attack. The vulnerability lasts until the end of your next turn.
[Level 12] Icy Heart: You gain a +3 feat bonus to cold damage rolls (+4 at 21st level). Whenever you take cold damage from an attack, each enemy within 2 squares of you is Slowed until the end of your next turn.
[Level 14] Danger Sense: Roll initiative twice, take the highest.
[Level 16] Cunning Stalker: You gain combat advantage against enemies that have no creatures adjacent to them other than you.
[Level 18] Superior Will: You gain a +2/3/4 feat bonus to Will defenses. In addition, if you are dazed or stunned, you can make a saving throw at the start of your turn to end that effect, even if the effect doesn’t normally end on a save.


Related Mod = Lvl Abl Msc | Skill Ability Trained?
21 (27) = 9 6 1 | Acrobatics (DEX) 5
10 = 9 1 | Arcana (INT)
19 (24) = 9 -1 6 | Athletics (STR) 5
19 = 9 5 | Bluff (CHA) 5
19 = 9 5 | Diplomacy (CHA) 5
10 = 9 1 | Dungeoneering (WIS)
10 = 9 1 | Endurance (CON)
10 = 9 1 | Heal (WIS)
10 = 9 1 | History (INT)
10 = 9 1 | Insight (WIS)
14 = 9 5 | Intimidate (CHA)
10 = 9 1 | Nature (WIS)
18 (24) = 9 1 2 | Perception (WIS) 5
10 = 9 1 | Religion (INT)
24 = 9 6 4 | Stealth (DEX) 5
19 = 9 5 | Streetwise (CHA) 5
20 = 9 6 | Thievery (DEX) 5


Primordial, Common, Elven


At-Will Exploits:

At-Will Exploits:
Sly Flourish -
Piercing Strike -
Clever Strike -

Encounter Exploits:
Vaulting Charge -
Low Slash -
Cloud of Steel -

Daily Exploits:
[Multiclass Feat] Majestic Word -
Press The Advantage -
Bloodbath -
Knockout -

Name [Class] Attack 1
At-Will Keywords
??? Action Range

Name [Class] Attack 1
At-Will Keywords
??? Action Range

Encounter Exploits:

Name [Class] Attack 1
Encounter Keywords
??? Action Range

Daily Exploits:

Name [Class] Attack 1
Daily Keywords
??? Action Range

Utility Exploits:

Name [Class] Attack 1
Usage Keywords
??? Action Range
Secrets of the City Streetwise Utility 2
You learn all the city's secrets by keeping your ear to the streets.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You would make an Arcana, History, Intelligence, or Religion check in a settlement in which you've already succeeded on a Streetwise check.
Effect: You make a Streetwise check in place of the Arcana, History, Intelligence, or Religion check.
The City Whspers Urban Empath Utility 12
You cock your head and listen. For a moment, you know everything that the city sees and hears.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: If you’re in an urban setting, you learn the general state of every publicly accessible location within 3 miles, and can also sense disturbances in private locations if they could be seen or heard from a public area.
You can choose a creature or small group that you can identify through some physical means and you learn whether it is in the area and where, unless it entered a private area in which case you learn when it entered.
Finally, you gain a perfect and intuitive understanding of all publicly traversable terrain in the area, allowing you to navigate perfectly.
In a non-urban setting, this awareness extends 150 feet.
Swift Parry Rogue Utility 6
You parry, swiftly.
Encounter Martial, Weapon
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Requirement: You must be wielding a light blade. Trigger: You are hit by a melee attack.
Effect: You gain a bonus to defense sagainst the triggering attack equal to your Charisma modifier, and you gain combat advantage against the attacker UEoNT.
Acrobat's Escape Rogue Utility 10
Some ninja flips 'n shit.
Encounter ???
Immediate Reaction Personal
Requirement: Trained in Acrobatics. Trigger: An enemy enters a square adjacent to you.
Effect: The triggering enemy is immobilized until the start of its next turn. You then shift a number of squares up to your Dexterity modifier to a square that is not adjacent to the target.
Slip From The Grasp Rogue Utility 10
Some ninja flips 'n shit.
Encounter No Action
Trigger: Your turn starts.
Effect: If you are grabbed, the grab ends. If you are subject to an effect that is slowing or immobilizing you, the effect ends. You can also make a saving throw against an effect you are subject to that a save can end.

Item Powers:

- Power Jewel - Special: You must have reached at least one milestone today to activate this item.
Power: Daily (Minor Action) - This power allows you to regain the use of an encounter power of 1st or 3rd level.
- Amulet of Attenuation +4 - Daily Power, Immediate Interrupt - Use this power when you are hit by an attack that deals damage. Reduce the damage by 15. Level 24 or 29: Reduce the damage by 20.
- Acrobat Boots - At-Will Power, Minor Action - Stand up from prone.
- Shielding Girdle - **Daily Power - Immediate Interrupt* - Use this power when you would be hit by an attack. Gain a +4 power bonus to AC UEoNT.



Equipment and Gear

Weapons Prof. Bonus ENH DMG RNG Properties
Frost Dagger +4 +3 +4 1d4 5/10 +4d6 cold damage on Critical
Free Action - all damage dealt by this weapon is cold damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
Free Action, Daily - Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes 2d8 cold damage and is Slowed UEoNT.
Rhythm Blade Dagger +2 +2 +2 1d4 5/10 When offhanded, increase shield bonus to AC and Reflex by 1.
Scoped Ammo-loaded Carbine of Long Range +2 +2 +2 1d8 10/40 (40/160) Load standard, brutal 2, high crit, ammo 5
Dagger x2 +3 1d4 5/10
Shuriken x10 +3 1d4 6/12 1d6 damage due to Scoundrel Weapon Talent

Armour AC Bonus ENH Check Penalty Speed Properties
Sylvan Leather Armor +4 2 +4 0 0 +ENH to Athletics/Stealth

GP: 47,195 / 408,595

Equipment/Magic Items
Equipment/Magic Items
Thieves' Tools (20 GP) - +2 thievery to pick lock/disable trap.
Sunrod x4 (8 gp)

[Weapon] Frost Dagger +4 (85,000 GP)
[Weapon] Rhythm Blade Dagger +2 (3,400 GP): When you wield this weapon in your off hand, your shield bonus to AC and Reflex increases by 1.
[Weapon] Scoped Ammo-loaded Carbine of Long Range +2 (2,900 GP)
[Armor] Sylvan Leather Armor +4 (85,000 GP): Gain an item bonus to Stealth and Athletics checks equal to the enhancement bonus of this armor.
[Head] Goggles of Night (21,000 GP): You gain darkvision.
[Neck] Amulet of Attenuation +4 (105,000 GP): +4 to Fort/Ref/Will. Daily Power, Immediate Interrupt - Use this power when you are hit by an attack that deals damage. Reduce the damage by 15. Level 24 or 29: Reduce the damage by 20.
[Arms] Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier) (45,000 GP): +4 item bonus to melee damage rolls
[Hands] Gloves of Ice (paragon tier, 9,000 GP): Choose one - your cold attacks gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls OR your cold attacks ignore 5 of the target's resistance to cold. You can switch between these properties as a minor action.
[Waist] Shielding Girdle (5,000 GP): Immediate Interrupt Daily - Use this power when you would be hit by an attack. Gain a +4 power bonus to AC UEoNT.
[Feet] Acrobat Boots (520 GP): +1 item bonus to Acrobat checks. At-Will Power, Minor Action - Stand up from prone.
[Wonderous] Power Jewel (1,000 GP) - Special: You have to have reached at least one milestone today to use this power. Daily Power, Minor Action- This power allows you to regain the use of an encounter power of 1st or 3rd level.
[Wonderous] Elven Chain Shirt (paragon, 100,500 GP) - +2 item bonus to AC while wearing no or light armor.

Total weight: 24

Total weight:

Normal Load Heavy Load Max Drag


Chill to the gills, and has a well-practiced long-suffering sigh. Doesn't usually come quick to anger.




So it began in the streets of Bole, where, being a young man with balls slightly bigger than his brains, I got the right fine idea to start carousing around with one of the local gangs. Weren't nothing on the scale of Kell's thugs or The Family, no, just a group of young boys looking for trouble when we weren't hacking away at one of the lumber yards. You get enough idiots like this in one place and they're bound to scrap. Back then I didn't know about dodging- I was a slow learner- and I got my bell rung early on one evening rumble. About the time I start coming around and I notice somebody, well, 'some body' at that point, flopped on the ground in front of me, and everyone's scattering like driders in the daylight. Even then I knew that necks at that angle and that much blood from an ear added up to more than a headache in the morning, which startled me. Not nearly as much as what happened next, as I swear to the day the titans eat the core of the world, which was that the body started talking to me. The poor, dead kid going "HOW DID HE KNOW I FUCKED HIS SISTER"— if you don't want the uncensored version don't use your mind probe— while I'm trying to scramble up the walls to get away from him.

So there's questioning, there's some investigating, nobody's saying a whole lot about the whole ordeal and I don't know a thing other than the body trying to talk to me, which… stuck with me. Tried to forget as hard as I could alone, then with companionship, then with companionship and booze… it doesn't really help when you keep getting glimpses of the newly dead just out of the corner of your eye. Then the drugs made it worse. Then I got into the really weird shit. I'm talking Feytouched edibles, yeah. Even under this interrogation spell, that run of about eight years is a lost, confusing blur- can't tell you what I can't remember. It's by dumb luck that I ended up with an 'okay' group of bohemians and mages -and- the odd fey that helped bring me back down to Risur. Turns out that people being able to talk to the dead, while not common, is something that can be learned if you've got the knack of it. Would have liked if it wasn't preceded by the whallop to the head, though.

Oh, so- I found the ground under my feet again, and I start missin' the comforts of the city once I got my wits back about me. Weren't no hard feelings with the crew, "all paths lead back to the aether," or whatever- I could probably still find 'em if you asked. I took into the streets of Flint- somewhere hustling, bustling, growing… I had it pegged as to where I could make some coin with this whole new powers thing I got. I used to have a stage name for my seances, 'Garrett The Grave Whisperer.' If you're like me and you look like any ol' schmuck done washed up off the docks, people are more likely to think you've gone nutter rather than you can talk to the dead, so I had to put some theatrics into it- wear a bathrobe, burn incense, finger cymbals, say a few phrases that are kind of fey-lite but not too fey because you scare people away like that, a real 'magic for beginners' lot. Can't argue with results though- one good weekend in The Ayres can get me through a month very comfortably. But as Flint's firing up its production in all districts, I see the same kind of young idiots that I used to be, and hell, I can't say I'm too far above them, but I try to help them out. Tough love. Make sure they aren't trying to poke the tiger. Be that salty example. Then it kind of becomes 'look after their families from the shadows.' Look at how the city's growing and flowing. Think about how far we could get if we're stable for however many years. All some idealistic nonsense that'll be upended by another outright war or whatever, but that's just how the fey pipe hits you in the feelings sometimes.


  • Spends evenings socializing in pubs and the odd back-alley game.
  • Doesn't kill, even though that could potentially get him more off-the-clock business. "I hit people very hard in very safe places."
  • Likes to travel light. May or may not be related to the fact that he's scrawny under the leather.
  • May or may not still do recreational drugs.
  • Hardcore parkour.
  • Probably fucked a fey at one point
  • Has a wicked scar across his left shin that goes all the way around.


  • Esthra "Essy" Bloom (The Nettles) - A halfling botanist/florist/wedding-and-funeral-planner that flourishes in the Nettles. She pins up her brown hair with hairclips that resemble twigs and berries (the kind that you eat (and digest)), and wears corsages/arrangements that she makes and swaps out on a daily basis. Runs a side business selling feyweed and other ingestibles. Keeps tabs on the growing slums.
  • Oxnard Montalvo (Pine Island) - A strapping, black-haired, ne'er do-well human who does a lot of everything just to keep money flowing in and out of his pocket. Has a great, booming stage voice, and is in love with being a big fish in a small pond. A local hero of sorts to those looking to avoid not just the law, but anyone in general, he is unusually aware of what flows through the lowlands and rivers, and how far.
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