Flower Ark

Flower Ark

The Flowers of Babylon Will Bloom Again Someday

On this night, the villagers - and tourists - stroll up to the shrine at Mt. Isat, carrying candles in the night. Though there's always a big group that go up together, protecting the children, you'll be heading up as a smaller group, prepared to protect yourself. Maybe you're locals - or well, maybe you used to be, before you left to study magic in the city. Maybe you're soldiers, on the way to the front - it'll be while before you'll get another chance.

On this night, Mt. Isat's fires are shining, and the beasts are on edge.

On this night…


Current Rules: paper seed
Current PC Creation: Doll Generation

Characters! Bring a starting Seed 3 playtest character. Anyone in the world who has a reason to go up the mountain.
Since beasts are all over the world, most people get a little bit of training in combat, so you don't need to be too heroic.
The basic character concepts I'm imagining are "local", "someone returning home", or "someone from a mercenary company, stopping by". Talk to me about it!
If any of you are aliens, time travelers, or ESPers, please come see me!

I'm planning to run this game WITH A FEW PARTIES, so make lots of characters and I'll stitch things together.
I wonder if I can get Ice to run one…?

Ice Group: Friday at like 7~8 ESTish
FA-Chrysanthemum-Thirteen - Teakwood
FA-Alder - Hachi
FA-Lyra - Julian
FA-Soahc - Lolcrazy
FA-Rudri -ilru

Peter Group: Sunday at 6 EST, can go up or down an hour on player preference
FA-Padam - Celes
FA-Fausta - Doman
FA-Bella - Mokura
??? - Mouse
FA-Falgi - Callyn

FA-Felicia - Mokura
FA-Lili - Celes

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