right so since I'm actually firing up the free company airship engine again I'm gonna mostly make notes here about it. y'all can also put notes like "who is doing specialist crafting" or whatever.

Who Is Doing Specialty Crafting

Doman / Mika'a Dokra: BSM / ARM / LTW
Teak / Vai Greystone: WVR / GSM / CUL
Julian / Y'ahte Tia: ALC / ??? / ??? (make one of 'em CRP probably?)
N_X / Kalpana Starr: CRP / WVR / ALC


Ship #1 - The All-Rounder, Ashu Talif

Hull: Enterprise [OK!]
Rigging: Enterprise [OK!]
Forecastle: Invincible-II [OK!]
Aftcastle: Odyssey [OK!]
Purpose: hit sectors 13 and 17 repeatedly and quickly* for crafting III/IV materia. also sort of has all-purpose stats?
Flight time: 2d 8h.

Ship #2 - The Swelled Galleon, Blue Narciss

Hull: Enterprise
Rigging: Bronco (under construction for super dumb reasons)
Forecastle: Odyssey [OK!]
Aftcastle: Tatanora [OK!]
Purpose: Lumber about and hit all four major gathering/crafting materia stops along the east side. 7 -> 10 -> 16 -> 17. Intentionally slow as fuck to save on company credits.
Flight time: 4d 9h 6m.

Ship #3 - The Monster Hunter, Red Wing V

purpose: sector 24 farming for Iron Voyage Spoils, which can be traded in for a Zu mount. maybe iron giant core/scrap farming for the minion if anyone cares (they probably don't)

Ship #4 - ???

more materia?????????

valuable links
the guide - http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/245872-Airship-Guide
flight calculator - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZpNk_U_YStsAE59JbEh9fzs6GyyHAjqlIn74YYho5qE/edit#gid=0

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