Peter|GM: Flower Ark - 02.
Peter|GM: The Village at Isat, 600 CE.
Peter|GM: Four-hundred years in the past, the village at the base of Mt. Isat is thrumming with activity. Knights from all over Mels are in the main quarter, chatting excitedly, trying to place orders at the markets -
Peter|GM: - Apparently, the prices on a lot of staples have gone up, after the last few shipments haven't gotten through.
Peter|GM: A tip from Ser Mackary, a free knight, pointed you in the direction of an apparently wise bookbinder by the name of Gelidy, who lives on the outskirts of town.
Bella: "Such bustle. Glad we're gonna be heading out of it for a little while."
Fausta stretches her arms back, stifling a yawn. "We should - get moving soon, yeah?"
Fausta: "Being around here is sorta creeping me out. We were just at a ceremony to remember most of these folks."
Falgi: "Wouldn't be too open with that there lass, don't know what ears might be listenin' in to yer words"
Bella: "… ya know."
Juniper scurries along, lingering near the back of the group.
Bella: "That's spooky."
Padam takes a look around at the marketplace and the ways in which it's changed -so weird- and starts walking.
Bella‘ trudges on, soaking in the atmosphere. It’s not often you get to take a stroll through time.
Peter|GM: Well, the inn, up near the mountain path, is there just as always - though the facade is different. A lot of the old shops are still just one storey.
Fausta: "The hell would they do?"
Peter|GM: And of course, a lot of the alleys are dirt, instead of cobbled or paved.
Falgi shoulders his spear, and begins to follow after Padam. "Call for a witch hunt, possibly. Don't think we be wantin' to face an angry mob."
Peter|GM: The long grasses out on the outskirts of the town waver in the wind, the high path, fenced off from a slope on one side, overlooking the company encampments below. There's no traffic coming into town on this highway - or leaving it, either.
Fausta dips back and picks up Juniper by the back of her neck, putting her on her own shoulders. "We'll make better time this way. C'mon."
Juniper squeak!
Peter|GM: Gelidy's house comes into view - the roof is thatched, and the foundation slightly crooked, and out on its porch, three cauldrons are bubbling, their tops covered with wooden boards, fires burning beneath.
Peter|GM: The door is slightly ajar.
Peter|GM: It smells like a tannery.
Padam makes his way cautiously past the cauldrons and knocks a few times on the door frame.
Bella: "Feels super crafty over here. Perfect."
Juniper snif, snif. "It's like a witch's house….."
Fausta: "So we fit in nicely, really."
Bella‘ tilts her head back and forth. "Don’t get me started on witches' houses, eesh. Can never tell if they're real or not, or how long they'll actually stick around."
Peter|GM: Gelidy answers the door - though she doesn't look much older than thirty, she limps on a cane. Smiling as she looks over the lot of you. Her hair is dark, tied up in a bun.
Peter|GM: "Pack of unusual guests, I see. Come in."
Peter|GM: "You don't look like you're here to buy books."
Fausta: "Nah. We've got a bit of an unusual predicament, and Ser Mackary pointed us here."
Peter|GM: Her frontroom is her workshop - little display racks full of leather-bound books. Most of them blank and empty - field journals, report-books, diaries, that manner of thing. The prices on the few printed ones (perhaps from that little hand-cranked press in the corner?) are much higher.
Peter|GM: She smiles a begrudging smile, and sets her kettle over her fireplace, gesturing everyone to sit wherever they can find a spot.
Peter|GM: "Mackary did, did he."
Falgi nods. "Sure did ma'am"
Fausta: "Aheh. He made it sound like you're on good terms with him, at least."
Falgi rests his spear by the door frame, and takes one of the profferred seats.
Bella‘ takes a seat. "Well, I’m glad for it. The fewer arguments we have, the better."
Peter|GM: "Oh, I am. Stupid bastard that he is, he isn't poor company." She lowers herself into a seat, gestures with her cane at the hearth. "There'll be a tea in moments."
Peter|GM: "Has he noticed about his squire yet?"
Falgi: "Speaks highly of the lad, if that's what ye mean."
Fausta: "You'll have to be more specific."
Peter|GM: "No," she says, shaking her head. "I don't think I will. So…" She squints, examines the lot of you.
Bella‘ raises an eyebrow. "… right."
Juniper peeks out from behind her perch on Fausta’s back.
Peter|GM: "An elf. A dwarf. A… magical creature, of some sort, that one's beyond my knowing. And others."
Peter|GM: "All armed."
Bella: "Armed but harmless if that's your worry."
Bella: "I wasn't even supposed to be here today."
Juniper: "And cute!"
Falgi: "Ye may place me spear somewhere more comfortin' to ye, if ye wish. I've no need of it in yer presence ma'am"
Peter|GM: "So you are, dear." A little nod.
Peter|GM: "No, no, just… surmising. Examining. There are clues."
Peter|GM: "…But best to get it right out there."
Peter|GM: "What are you doing here?"
Bella: "Good question."
Bella: "Y'see…"
Falgi: "Don't rightly know."
Fausta: "I think you'd have to ask - I dunno, -can- you ask a jewel?"
Bella: "We were on a pilgrimage trip to a shrine."
Bella: "Except like…"
Bella: "Way after the day after tomorrow."
Peter|GM: She frowns. "Ah, so that's why he sent you here. Mackary thinks I'm going to put up with another one of his strange adventures."
Peter|GM: "There's those that can ask jewels, of course. But I'm not one of them." She nods to Fausta.
Bella: "Nah. This is more like the information-gathering stage."
Padam: "Well, technically it's not *his* adventure."
Falgi: "Well, there's also the need for more appropiate clothing"
Padam nods. Falgi has a good point!
Fausta: "Please, my style's -timeless."
Bella: "I get it."
Peter|GM: "No, you do stand out…"
Bella‘ deadpan.
Peter|GM: "…Well, lay the clues out for me, and I’ll do what I can."
Peter|GM: "Visit to a shrine…"
Peter|GM: "…And you're up near Isat, aren't you? That'd be the one on the mountain."
Peter|GM: "Which, thus, explains how you met Mackary, he was gutting Hundred up there."
Fausta: "That's the one."
Falgi nods
Peter|GM: She reaches out a hand from the long sleeves of her shirt and beckons to Bella. Her fingers are stained black.
Peter|GM: "Come here."
Bella‘ steps on over. "Yeah?"
Fausta: "You wanna keep guessing, or do you wat us to just come out with it?"
Fausta flashes a grin. "I’m fine with either, just don't wanna ruin your fun."
Peter|GM: She grabs onto Bella's sleeve, lifts it up, inspects it carefully. Rubs her fingers across the fabric.
Bella‘ peers curiously, but does not interrupt.
Peter|GM: "…Wearing unknown cloth…"
Peter|GM: "Yes. You’ve fallen through time."
Bella: "I mean. Yeah."
Fausta: "And all sorts of herbs and foliage, really. Rosemary, saffron, juniper…"
Peter|GM: She laughs, looking up at Bella. "What's your name, woman?"
Peter|GM: "You're lucky it was Mackary that found you."
Bella: "Bella."
Bella: "Uh…"
Bella: "I get the feeling things're a lot less kind in this era."
Bella: "Am I guessin' right?"
Peter|GM: "Indeed you are."
Peter|GM: "An elf, walking around dressed in odd clothing…"
Peter|GM: "…You'd think any company-man who found you would have gutted you. But, hm, here you are, and not coated in knightly blood…"
Bella: "Oh."
Bella: "Well, bugger."
Peter|GM: "No matter."
Peter|GM: "You mentioned something of a jewel." She smiles.
Peter|GM: "It's sunstone, isn't it?"
Bella: "Search me. I'm not a miner or a jeweler."
Bella‘ turns back to the party at large. "I mean, I guess we could show off th’rock since it's not really a secret here."
Falgi: "I believe that to be so, but like the lass there, not a miner or jeweler."
Fausta: "That is how Mackaray identified it, if I recall."
Fausta: "Though, uh." She jerks a thumb up at Juniper. "If we're searching anyone…"
Falgi: "Ah right, the wee one ate the stone."
Peter|GM: "Did she? Hmm."
Peter|GM: "Sunstone is a stone that drinks in the moonlight and the daylight. It is extracted from the earth inert, and, after some time, begins to shine and glow."
Peter|GM: "In Thon, they call it the seafire - it's the color and texture of a sunset over the shore."
Bella: "Gorgeous."
Peter|GM: "And there is a story, of a woman who, clutching sunstone, fled into the shrine on Mt. Isat, and slept for two-hundred years,"
Peter|GM: "Awakening only when the sorrow and strife that drove her there was forgotten."
Bella: "S'bound to happen after two hundred years, one way or another."
Peter|GM: "Indeed."
Peter|GM: "You lot, it seems, seem to have slept backwards."
Peter|GM: "As surprising to me as anyone."
Peter|GM: The kettle whistles. She gestures to Falgi - "Bring that, yes? I've sat down, so I won't be getting up for some time."
Fausta eyes Gelidy. "If said sorrow was forgotten, how do you know that story?"
Falgi nods and gets up to get the kettle.
Fausta: "Unless - you look pretty youthful for someone that took a two hundred year nap."
Peter|GM: "It hasn't been forgotten because she sold her story to a playwright."
Peter|GM: "It's well known, now. He dedicated it to her." She smiles.
Bella: "How convenient."
Fausta: "Shot in the dark. Hope you don't mind."
Padam: "So… I'm guessing that getting back won't be as easy as letting the jewel soak up some sunlight?"
Peter|GM: "I imagine Mackary liked you."
Peter|GM: "Sadly, no. Sunstone earns its fire over generations. And yours, now, I imagine, is dead and grey, is it…?"
Fausta: "That'd be correct."
Falgi: "Y'know, I don't think I've heard of that story in our time, might be it's been forgotten after all"
Bella: "… you know, I was just thinking about something."
Bella: "But uh."
Bella: "Considering that stone was our key in the first place, thus making the door a one-way affair…"
Bella: "Kinda squelched that."
Peter|GM: "You need another sunstone, don't you?"
Bella‘ looks lost in thought. "Or another door."
Bella: "’cause…"
Padam: "Were would we look for another sunstone? Sorry, but I don't want to end up in the right time, but the wrong place."
Bella: "I'm just guessing here, but probably carrying around a dead sunstone that was live in the first place is gonna give us nothin' but grief regardless of the time we're in."
Fausta: "I dunno. That's … assuming we want to get back. Or have to. Depends on what it'd cost everyone else. I heard there was some band of knights that was - I forget the details, but they were looking for another such jewel, and it'd be bad news if they got it."
Falgi: "Naw lass, the stone's just inert, won't be no harm for us"
Fausta: "In a 'historical ramifications' kinda sense."
Bella: "Maybe not directly."
Bella: "But uh…"
Bella: "It's a pretty big-deal artifact, isn't it?"
Peter|GM: "So it is. They're royal jewels."
Peter|GM: "So you, my friends, will have to bring your case to court."
Bella: "… dang."
Falgi looks at Fausta. "Do any o' y'all remember about a band of knights that aquired such a stone from our history?"
Padam sighs. "And they're going to assume we stole this one, aren't they?"
Peter|GM: "Wouldn't you?"
Fausta: "I'm just going by what I kinda remember Mackary going on about."
Bella: "Maybe we could get Mackary to vouch for us?"
Peter|GM: "The only reason I trust Mackary further than I can throw him, dear, is because I've taken bone-sick."
Fausta: "If we're found guilty, is 400 years enough for a statute of limitations?"
Falgi: "Aye, we've no history of such an event. Not that I can recall at least"
Peter|GM: Gelidy, absentmindedly, takes the kettle and pours out tea - cups for everyone.
Fausta points up at Juniper. "Does her - well, novelty? - help our case, do you think?"
Padam: "Bone-sick?"
Bella: "Creaky."
Peter|GM: "That is, when I was better, I trusted him as far as I can throw him. Now, dear, I can't throw him very far at all."
Peter|GM: She looks over her nose at Juniper.
Juniper startles!
Peter|GM: "And what would she be taken as? A magic beast? An illusion - no suspicion upon you, of course -" she smiles at Bella. "…Or an If-ys, in strange guise."
Juniper: "H-hey!"
Juniper: oh whoops]
Juniper: i misread as]
Juniper: holding up juniper]
Bella: "I mean, the If-ys are said to be pretty much whatever they please, so…"
Juniper: sorry disregard some of the squeaking]
Bella: "Plausible enough."
[OOC] Fausta: … but now i wanna
Juniper: "I'm not an if-anything! I'm just me!"
Peter|GM: "So, then. What do you have to offer for yourself? You're strong, in fighting shape…"
Falgi: "Aye, that ye are wee one, but others from this time don't be knowin' ye…"
Bella: "So you're an if-else."
Juniper: "….well, I'm cute…."
Juniper: "That's a useful skill, right?"
Peter|GM: "At times. I've made my way without it."
Peter|GM: "…Have, perhaps, some premonition of things and matters, if you truly are from days yet to come…"
Peter|GM: "You're carrying a tremendously valuable jewel, its value only held back by the fact that anyone who learns of it could gain quite a bit by clunking you over the head and gifting it to the Crown."
Peter|GM: Gelidy sighs.
Juniper gulps.
Bella: "This is the very definition of a mess."
Peter|GM: "And, like Ser Mackary before you, you've come to me so that an old craftswoman can offer her wisdom and try to fish you out of it."
Peter|GM: "Charity and sufferance are virtues, I suppose. Let's consider the matter."
Juniper mumblemurmur. "….I mean, I could pretend to be a magical beast….."
Fausta: "How are all of you when it comes to history and lore?"
Bella: "Nope."
Bella: "I got my mind firmly in the present."
Falgi: "Wasn't me strong point in me lessons, sadly."
Fausta: "'Gutting the Hundred' sounded like an ancient and outdated pasttime, if that surprises you. One could have just as easily been in our merry band."
Bella: "… sure am glad that wasn't the case. Mackary might not have been so friendly."
Peter|GM: "So peace comes one day for them, too?" Gelidy smiles.
Falgi: "More or less, that's the short o' it, aye."
Peter|GM: "It's almost impossible to imagine. Are they kept leashed, or do they live freely?"
Falgi: "I've not known a Hundred to live on a leash, but it's still a harsh life for them I'd say, since most serve as mercenaries, mostly in helping to keep the peace for all"
Padam: "They live freely."
Fausta: "I think the latter. Dunno the details."
Peter|GM: She laughs, a little. "I see."
Peter|GM: "Well, your largest hurdle is that you've no place in society. You've no one to speak for you, no proper business to tell when you're traveling."
Peter|GM: "Were I writing a story…"
Peter|GM: "…And do not, of course, take this as advice-" she adds, with conspiratorial smile.
Peter|GM: "Head to Mels. Purchase a knighthood, seeking any glory you need - one will do, the rest could be your retinue."
Bella: "Neat!"
Peter|GM: "And then, get close enough, investigate what you need, find a moment when you can seize a sunstone -"
Bella: "I've always wanted a title."
Peter|GM: "Rob them blind and run for the door."
Padam: "You're an elf. I'm not sure if anyone in this time would give you a knighthood."
Juniper: "….i wonder if there's Juniper-sized armor…?"
Padam: "Are all of the other jewels currently in possession of royalty? Do we absolutely have to steal one?"
Peter|GM: Gelidy shrugs, stooping over her tea-cup. "One might have slipped into a private collection, I suppose."
Padam: "So… we'd still have to steal it, then. Great."
Peter|GM: "The Dwarves of Thon have been trying to bargain for royal sunstone as long as anyone can imagine, though in that, I don't think they've had much luck."
Peter|GM: "There is, I suppose, the Sunstone Vein."
Peter|GM: "But I won't send you to your deaths."
Padam: "What's deadly about a sunstone vein?"
Falgi: "I'd think monsters lad."
Bella: "I mean, we've got weapons."
Peter|GM: "The air's thick with magic poison, it's full of monsters, and it's on the warfront."
Padam: "I can fight monsters."
Bella: "Oh."
Bella: "Well, bugger."
Peter|GM: …And, furthermore, there's no such place in modern memory…
Padam: "When you say magic poison…"
Fausta glances between the others. "That … sounds like it'd be notable enough for even the dumbest of us - i.e. me - to have at least heard of it, but uh. I'm drawing a blank."
Padam: "You mean like, 'breathe it and die?'"
Bella: "I mean, it's either that,"
Bella: "Or really bad for wizards."
Peter|GM: "Breathe it and die, dear. But if you're set upon it…"
Peter|GM: "…Well, if you claim the Vein for Mels, they'd grant knighthoods to the lot of you, that's for certain." She coughs, a hacking cough.
Peter|GM: "Head into the city. I'll write you a letter to my old teacher at the Academies."
Peter|GM: "I never learned a lick of magic, but I was his favorite, and he can speak on…"
Peter|GM: "…Horrible poison, and sunstones, and whatever matter you need discuss."
Peter|GM: "…Certainly, he'll enjoy talking your ears off."
Bella: "Neat."
Fausta twitches a fox-ear in pre-emptive irritation.
Peter|GM: "No matter how you get your sunstone, you're not getting it without heading west, first."
Falgi: "… Might be for the best, I'd reckon. Tis certainly a 'damned if we do, damned if we don't' moment we have here."
Bella: "could always try the route that pisses the least number of people off first."
Falgi: "Reckon that's the riskier route to take meself, but I do agree with that choice lass."
Peter|GM: "I'll write the letter."
Fausta: "Swap out our stone for some royal one, leaving them none the wiser?"
Fausta: "If no one finds out, no one's pissed off.
Peter|GM: Gelidy smiles at Fausta.
Falgi looks at Fausta. "I think they'd be noticing thier glowy stone not being glowy anymore would be quite teliin'"
Fausta: "What do they actually USE them for, though?"
[OOC] Falgi: tellin*
Falgi: "Yer guess is as good as me own"
Peter|GM: And she gets up and stumbles over to her workbench, takes a slip of paper, and quickly dashes off a letter of introduction to Imuda of the Academies - in vague terms, she explains that these people seem to be who they say they are, and requests that charity and hospitality be visited to them.
Peter|GM: She signs it "Maddya Gelidy" , and hands it over to Fausta.
Fausta pockets it. "Uh. Thanks. What was his name, you said?"
Peter|GM: "Imuda. One of their best natural philosophers."
Fausta: "Alright. Anything else?"
Peter|GM: "One last gift."
Peter|GM: And - She writes another letter. Penmanship much sloppier on this one: "d. Ser Jove. Passage and supply for these 5 tw. Mels. Fighting shape & etc. - G"
Peter|GM: "Ser Jove's with the Steelies. He has a supply train back towards Mels leaving today."
Peter|GM: "He'll take you on board his wagons." Hands that one over.
Fausta: "Appreciate the kindness in, uh. Believing us and going to this much trouble to point us on our way."
Peter|GM: "It's not without reason."
Peter|GM: "If you don't die in vain out there, come back and I'll tell you the tale of why Mackary became a knight."
Peter|GM: "I'm expectin' a similar return on my investment from you five." A glint of a smile.
Bella: "Can-do."
Falgi: "Don't be expectin' to be dyin' any time soon ma'am, so ye have me word to be back someday, somehow"
Bella: "You hear that, you lot? Any of you die, I'm taking it out of your pay."
Bella‘ snorts.
Falgi laughs heartily
Fausta: "It’s - still a possibility. Always catches the cocky greenhorns first when things go south."
Fausta: "Take it seriously."
Bella: "Oh, fine."
Fausta: "What're you really investing, though?"
Bella: "Goodwill? Trust?"
Bella: "I mean, we just spoke openly about a broken old royal relic and we're not getting turned in."
Peter|GM: "…Speaking of which,"
Peter|GM: "Don't mention it again until you meet with Imuda."
Falgi: "Aye."
Bella: "Yep."
Peter|GM: "And if you think I'm putting up with a lot with you-" She gets up and retrieves a shawl from her sitting room, wraps it around Bella's head, obscuring her ears for now.
Peter|GM: "-I'll have you know that once, while having dinner, seven horses leapt through the window, raced across the entire table and stampeded it to bits, and told Ser Mackary of seven dooms the lay in his future, and seven virtues he'd need to face them."
Peter|GM: "This, dears, is practically tolerable."
Bella: "… oh right I was gonna ask about this, thanks." :
Peter|GM: She grumbles, lightly, about strange adventures.
Fausta: "Hey, Juniper. How … how easy is it for you to just."
Fausta: "Hold still?"
Peter|GM: "Now, I need to go check on the glues I've got cooking."
Fausta pokes at her stomach, seeing if she squirms.
Peter|GM: Gelidy picks up a stirring paddle and excuses herself out the front door.
Juniper flinch!
Juniper: "….I mean, I can try…"
Fausta grunts. No good. "Well. Let's see if we can't find you some proper armor, at least."
Fausta: "… at a toymaker."
Falgi finishes his tea, and sets the cup down. "Aye, no better place to look for the wee one."
Juniper hmph!
Juniper: "I'm not a toy….."
Falgi: "Not sayin ye are, but you've the size to yerself to pass as one"
Fausta: "Not sure an armory or supply train would really have something in your size. Just examining the options you do have."
Padam: "Well… let's catch that supply train before it leaves. Maybe they'll have something that suits her."
Fausta: "Wanna make it a wager?"
Falgi: "Doubt it lad."
Padam shrugs. "I don't know about you guys, but I have people to get back to. I don't have the luxury of sitting around doubting things forever."
Bella: "Right, let's get going then."
Falgi: "We all have people and things to return too. But look at Juniper's size, None would carry armor in such a small size."
Fausta waves Falgi off. "Nah, Scruffy's got a point. Let's go."
Padam: "No reason we can't look, while we're looking for outfits for the larger folk."
Peter|GM: At the encampment outside of town, under the banner of the Steely Lions, Ser Jove - a proud man in crimson-painted armor, his moustache waxed and curled, and no trace of hair found beneath his helmet - takes inventory, making sure the sacks of grain piled onto the wagons - drawn by massive teams of draft horses - are well-counted.
Peter|GM: He takes the letter, looks it over, and snorts, lightly. "Fair overextension of the favor I offered, but charity accounts one well in the next life, I'm told."
Peter|GM: "Ser Jove." He says, smartly. "A pleasure of sorts to have you. We'll be fitting you into the back wagon."
Fausta: "Sounds good, ser."
Bella: "Right, the rearguard."
Falgi nods
Peter|GM: "Passengers, in truth. But if when we're attacked, we would well and appreciate what could be given."
Padam nods. "Pleasure. Need any help loading the wagons?"
Bella: "Th' arms aren't for show, sir."
Peter|GM: He shakes his head at Padam. "Just get ready and loaded yourselves. It's just the last few things to account for, and I don't want that in anyone's hands but my men."
Peter|GM: "Not to besmirch your character. Just don't want any question about where things -are-."
Padam nods and climbs into the indicated wagon, then.
Falgi follows Padam into the wagon, making sure his spear is safely stored away…
Peter|GM: He turns and hollers - "COMPANY! Lions Fifth! All hands, ready for ride and departure!"
Peter|GM: "Flying right, in your saddles! Flying left, in your saddles!" - And the cavalry, riding along, get mounted.
Peter|GM: He checks his sword, directs you to the back wagon, and heads to the front of the wagon train, climbing up.
Peter|GM: the Lions depart soon after - swiftly, at a candle-at-both-ends pace, along the highway, into the hills.
Fausta picks up Juniper, hugging her in front, carrying her this way this time. To the back wagon.
Peter|GM: The wagons ride fairly close together, with a green young company-man driving yours.
Juniper kind of clings.
Peter|GM: The dirt highway's thin enough that they're stuck driving single-file, with the cavalry riding over the grassland to either side.
Bella‘ peers warily from side to side from the back of the wagon.
Falgi snoozes, getting some sleep in while he can…
Peter|GM: Towards the capitol, the highway passes over Nemo River. And you’re approaching it now - the trees get a little bit more dense, the hill-land giving ways to woods, and the riders on either wing spread apart, maneuvering around trees.
Fausta pokes Juniper in the stomach again. "… hey. Do you … digest what you eat?"
Juniper: "…I mean, some things….sort of…I think?"
Juniper: "They're just kind of gone. Like if I eat cakes…."
Juniper: "….but, but I don't digest non-food!"
Fausta: "Was gonna ask if we were going to just get a jewel or a jewel covered in cakes and wrappers."
Juniper: "Would you like a jewel covered in cakes and wrappers?"
Fausta makes a face in disgust. "No, but that's better than no jewel."
Juniper: "Even if they're nice cakes?"
Juniper: "I know how to bake, y'know…."
Peter|GM: The wagons slow a little. Something's amiss.
Fausta: "Can I just have either jewels or cake? They don't mix well!"
Bella: "Shhhh."
Bella: "Quiet. We're slowing down."
Falgi snorts awake as the bumps and rattles slowly cease.
Bella: "Something's up."
Falgi blinks, "What lass?"
Fausta: "Yeah, yeah. - I'm running out of nicknames for you, cowboy, your thoughts?" She means Padam.
Padam: "Well, you could call me by my name, I do have one, you know."
Peter|GM: The driver turns back and speaks to Bella - "There's some sort of collapse on the road ahead. We're stopping to clear it."
Bella: "…you need folk to get out with you? Could be a trap."
Padam mumble mumble as he jumps down from the wagon to go help clear the road.
Peter|GM: The ground's swampy and uneven, and the driver leads you to join the effort -
Peter|GM: The driver shrugs. "Many hands and light work. But there shouldn't be any of the enemy this far away from the border."
Fausta follows behind, carrying Juniper still. (Though she drops her down to help, if she can. "
Falgi pokes his head out from the wagon, one hand straying near to his spear… Just in case.
Bella‘ hops out to take a look at things. She was getting a little restless, anyway.
Peter|GM: A massive tree, still healthy, came uprooted, lifting a tremendous plug of soil as it fell, barring the path.
Juniper scurries along, if she’s set down! Cutesy magic toy-staff at the ready.
Peter|GM: There's a little debate over what to do - to try sawing through it, to try roping it to a team to pull it upright.
Peter|GM: What roots it still has make any moving of it difficult.
Peter|GM: It's the only fallen tree to be seen, but it's truly massive.
Bella: "…ya know, even if you managed to saw through it, wouldn't you have to spend the time to move the pieces out of the way anyway?"
Padam wonders if there's a good way around it?
Padam: (Navigation skill?)
Peter|GM: Yeah, definitely.
Falgi: "Aye, ye would. If'n we had th' time, we could build a pulley system to deal with it, but…"
[OOC] Bella: I have Nav 1! I dunno how throwing our weight in together works.
Peter|GM: I'll call it Acting Under Pressure, since there's a pretty clear task ahead of you - Roll 2+Skill d6, Padam.
Peter|GM: Bella: You can throw in your skill's dice to help out (without the base 2), but you'll have to stick out your own neck - separating yourself from the group in a different direction to explore and scope things out.
Padam rolled 3d6 and got 6, 3, 4 ( Total: 13 )
Bella‘ rolled 1d6 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
Peter|GM: 5s and 6s count as successes, but you can spend LP to push a result up by 1.
Padam: (Okay, I guess I’ll spend one to bump that 4 up to a 5!)
Bella‘ puts some shine to it. Nothing stands in her way! [-1 LP if needed]
Peter|GM: Bella: Yeah, that’ll keep you from being in a bad position.
Peter|GM: Padam, you manage to find an alternate trail forward - it looks like a hunter's road, but it's not too waterlogged, and the wagons should be able to pass it.
Peter|GM: You're speaking with the drivers, pointing it out, when -
Peter|GM: Bella, there's a Hundred ripping through the underbrush, low and snarling, towards the wagon train, clutching a sword in one of its claws.
Peter|GM: And judging from the rustling behind him, there's more coming. Doesn't seem like he's noticed you - he's deadset for the main train.
Peter|GM: What're you gonna do?
Bella‘ figures that if the Hundred hit the caravan, it’s going to be bad regardless of whether they're fought off or not. So she's going to make a nuisance of herself and cut a noisy path a distance away, while shouting for her friends.
Bella: (Reasonable?)
Fausta bounds over to Bella's side, holding her whip taut and snarling fiercely!
Peter|GM: (Yup!)
Falgi grabs his spear and heads for Bella's voice.
Juniper scurries over, waving her toy wand and yelling a bunch!
Bella: "HEY, UGLY!"
Padam runs after the others!
Bella‘ thwacks her axe into the ground a couple times, then tears off quite noisily.
Peter|GM: The Hundred slams to a stop, pulling himself upright - mangy and dishevelled, he glares with predatory, bedraggled eyes. He’s a wolf in stock, or perhaps a mountain-cat - angled ears, spotted fur, long in fang and snout. And twice the size of a human.
Peter|GM: The two that join him are similar - the Claws, they're called.
Bella: "C'mooooonnnn~"
Peter|GM: In the distance, the right wing separate, chasing after other attackers - It seems there's a whole pack of them coming.
Juniper wiggles her plush arms madly.
Juniper: "OR I'LL FIGHT YOU"
Peter|GM: Pulling up the back behind the Claws are - strange Hundred, with wide, gossamer-tinted eyes and long, fuzzy antennae, with fur-ruffled necks. Moths, perhaps, or angora rabbits. The "Veils" . One of them is holding a chain connected to a human captive - he's carrying a pack of supplies, and frantically loading a crossbow.
Padam: (Hmm. Try to leave the human alive?)
Peter|GM: The Claw at the front shouts - "Lay down your arms and hit the dirt, we're after your supplies!"
[OOC] Falgi: If we can, yeah ))Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Captive, Fausta, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 30/30 HP, 0/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 30/30 HP, 0/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Captive: 20/20 Chains HP, 0/8D [B]
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
Bella: "Nah."
Peter|GM: ROWS: In this battle, the Hundred Veils and the captives are in the back row. Combatants in the back row can't be attacked hand-to-hand while the front row provides cover for them, in the same way that you're covering for Padam.
Juniper: "And, and keeping people on leashes is even ruder! WOW."
Bella: "Well, I mean…"
Peter|GM: HUMAN CAPTIVES: With their clumsy claws, Hundred can't handle their own items, or reload crossbows, and depend on captives to do this for them. Break the chains and they'll escape!
Bella: "If y'get consent…"
Bella: "But that's neither here nor there."
Peter|GM: Padam!
Fausta [Quickens 2]! Because that's the privilege of a Driftin.
Fausta: Or, well, 1.
Padam fires a single arrow, and somehow, two arrows arc toward the moth-like Hundred. [Twin Arrow, Veil 1 and 2]
Padam rolled 2d100 and got 89, 33 ( Total: 122 )
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1.
Peter|GM: Spending the luck to hit both?
Dicebot:// Adding pin
Padam: //(Yes! 2 damage each.)

Peter|GM: The arrows strike true!
Padam: (And how do we break the chains?)
Peter|GM: (Just attack them like any other target - they have 20 HP!)
Padam: (Cool.)
Peter|GM: One of the Veils ducks for cover behind a tree after taking the shot, and fumbles for a staff. "Urrrgh, why are they always armed?"
Peter|GM: Fausta!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 28/30 HP, 0/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 28/30 HP, 0/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Captive: 20/20 Chains HP, 0/8D [B]
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
Fausta whirls her whip to strike Claw 1 twice! [One, Two]
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 ) for 80, C35
Fausta: 7 damage! [3 + 3 + 1 from Sharp] Grants Short Power to Juniper!
Peter|GM: It's the critical strike! The Claw hisses in pain, stumbling back. "A real fight it is…!"
Peter|GM: He turns back to shout at the captive - "Hey! You! Toss me a shield!" - and the captive fumbles in his packs and tosses Claw 1 a shield. Bubble 5!
Peter|GM: BUBBLE EFFECTS: "Bubble" reduces damage from the next hit, then pops. In this case, it represents the fact that Claw 1 is holding a cheap shield.
Padam: (Yeah definitely gonna work on breaking those chains.)
Bella: "Welp."
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 43/50 HP, 0/10D [F] Bubble 5
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 50/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 28/30 HP, 0/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 28/30 HP, 0/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Captive: 20/20 Chains HP, 0/8D [B]
Peter|GM: Juniper!
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Juniper: //aaaaa okay sec]

Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 )
Juniper uses [Spread Wave]!
Peter|GM: Striking which target in the front row?
Juniper scurries up to Claw 2, whacking at its shins with her toy staff, and gives Claw 1 a swift kick for good measure.
Juniper: (Claw 2.)
Juniper: the row damage will pop the bubble, right?))
Juniper: on Claw 1?))
Peter|GM: Yup! :>)
Juniper then scurries back to her place.
Bella: "You tell 'em."
Peter|GM: Claw 1 drops his shield as he's kicked, and Claw 2 stumbles back, accidentally thwacking Claw 3 as he staggers about.
[OOC] Peter|GM: 0] [4] [3]!
Peter|GM: Claw 3 stabs his sword into the ground for a moment, draws a crossbow from his back, and fires it at Padam!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 ) for 80
Peter|GM: Shooting him for 8 ranged physical damage!
Peter|GM: Falgi!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 43/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 46/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 47/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 28/30 HP, 0/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 28/30 HP, 0/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Captive: 20/20 Chains HP, 2/8D [B]
Falgi doesn't like the two in the back, and throws out an ethereal line to Veil 1, and with a tug, tries to pull it into the melee… [Grappling Hook]
Falgi rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 ) for CoS80
[OOC] Falgi: I'll spend 2 LP to make that hit
Padam grunts and stumbles back a few paces, stoic as ever. [HP 38/45]
Peter|GM: The hook latches on, pulling Veil 1 from behind a tree, dropping her into the front ranks!
Peter|GM: That's Long Challenge too, right?
[OOC] Falgi: Yep
[OOC] Falgi: Err, Long Taunt
[OOC] Peter|GM: TY~
[OOC] Falgi: Also Short K- Shatter
Dicebot:// Adding pin
Momentum List: pin, rush, pin,
Peter|GM: //Taunted and briefly more vulnerable!

Peter|GM: Veil 2 spins a staff and calls down [Flame] on Bella!
Peter|GM: Burning her for 7 fire damage! [M-Fire]!
Peter|GM: YUP: Monsters can combo too.
Peter|GM: Veil 1 calls down a plume of [Flame] onto Falgi for 7 fire damage!
[OOC] Falgi: HP: 59/70
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 25/45 | MP: 28/40 | Limit: 10/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 7/10 (0)
Peter|GM: Claw 3 twirls his sword, and Veil 1 sends a sheet of flame at it, bathing it in flame as he slashes at Fausta! [C-Fire]
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 81 ( Total: 81 ) for C80
Peter|GM: …But she evades!
Peter|GM: Bella!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 43/50 HP, 0/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 46/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 47/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 28/30 HP, 2/6D [F] Arrow Taunt S-KShatter
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 28/30 HP, 2/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Captive: 20/20 Chains HP, 2/8D [B]
Bella‘ pulls out her rifle, taking careful aim before sending out a shot at the captive’s chains, with a report that echoes strangely around herself and Falgi. [Hero Saber - C-Rush]
Bella‘ rolled 1d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 ) for 80
[OOC] Bella: Just enough?
Peter|GM: Yup!
Peter|GM: Strikes true!
[OOC] Bella: 5 damage, +7 HP to me and Falgi
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 32/45 | MP: 24/40 | Limit: 12/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 7/10 (U), Ammo: 1/2 (U)
Peter|GM: Claw 1 receives a flame from Veil 2, and slashes at Falgi!
[OOC] Falgi: HP: 66/70
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Striking for 5 physical damage - he bursts into Burning flame!
Bella: "Uh."
Bella: "What?"
Peter|GM: BURNING: When you’re Burning, you take 3 damage after each action. When you Defend, you cure it.
Bella: (The… the captive?)
Peter|GM: (W…what about the captive?)
[OOC] Bella: Oh, misread
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 43/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 46/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 47/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 28/30 HP, 2/6D [F] Arrow Taunt S-KShatter
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 28/30 HP, 2/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Captive: 15/20 Chains HP, 2/8D [B]
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
Peter|GM: Padam!
[OOC] Falgi: HP: 61/70 Burning
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Peter|GM: //Oh, and nix that Shatter from the list above.

Padam whistles, a single low, sweet note that echoes on long after it should have faded. In response, a massive wild boar explodes from the undergrowth and rushes the Hundred, leaving chaos in its wake. [Tan-y-Vul! 6 damage to all enemies.]
Dicebot:// Adding earth
Bella: "WHOA."
Falgi: "Whoa indeed lass… Where'd th' boar come from?"
Peter|GM: //Numinous leaves swirl in its wake, and the scar it leaves in the earth briefly glows for vanishing -

Peter|GM: Tan-Y-Vull rips through the field for [6] [6] [6] [8] [8] [8] damage! Chains and Veils are weak to Earth!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 37/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 40/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 41/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 20/30 HP, 2/6D [F] Arrow Taunt
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 20/30 HP, 2/6D [B] Arrow
Peter|GM: Captive: 7/20 Chains HP, 2/8D [B]
Peter|GM: The Hundred struggle to right themselves in the chaos. Padam, your action!
[OOC] Fausta: You still get a regular action too, right?
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yup!
Padam then releases an arrow with a clap of thunder and a flash of light, striking the captive's chains and exploding the arrows left in the Veils with bursts of electricity. [Lightning! 6 damage.]
Bella: "Oh sheesh…"
[OOC] Peter|GM: 4] [4] [6]! Veils are resistant to Air!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 37/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 40/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 41/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 16/30 HP, 2/6D [F] Taunt
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 16/30 HP, 2/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Captive: 1/20 Chains HP, 2/8D [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta!
Dicebot:// Adding air
[OOC] Falgi: Hey Cel, do you still have a M-Earth ability you can still use, or is that just from your OD?
[OOC] Fausta: Are combos limited per battle by … combo? or ability? like can I combo Pin with an ability one turn, then combo Air a later turn with the same ability?
Padam: //(Yeah, I can add more earth momentum.)

[OOC] Peter|GM: By ability! As we're playing it right now.
[OOC] Fausta: okay!
[OOC] Falgi: Cool, since I'm thinking I'm gonna use Jump, and if I combo that with Earth, I can hit the row for 3 fire
Fausta whirls her attention onto Veil 1, now that it's exposed in the front row. [One, Two]
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 ) for 80, C35
Padam: (Sounds good~)
Fausta spends SIX LP to make that a crit! And … Slows herself 6, because that's what Driftin do.
Peter|GM: Yeah, of course!
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Peter|GM: This right? Turn Order: Padam, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Falgi, Veil 2, Veil 1, Fausta, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Fausta: 7 Damage! Short Power to Juniper again!
[OOC] Fausta: Yep!
Peter|GM: Claw 2 tosses his crossbow back to the captive - "Hey, get this reloaded for me!" - and the captive quickly reloads the crossbow, then tosses it back.
Peter|GM: Juniper!
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 )
Peter|GM: //It's a hit…! Whatever it is you're doing!

Juniper will use [Power Strike] against the Veil in the front row.
Juniper: sorry. x: ))
Juniper: 6 damage.))
Peter|GM: Wham! Strikes true for 6 damage, and the Veil stumbles back. "Wh… where'd you come from!?"
Peter|GM: Claw 2 fires another crossbow shot at Padam!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 )
Peter|GM: Striking for 8 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Falgi!
Peter|GM: (You're on fire.)
[OOC] Padam: HP: 31/45
Falgi takes a few steps back, and then dashes forward before using his spear to vault up into the tree branches [Jump takeoff, nabbing the M-Earth to combo!]
[OOC] Falgi: HP: 58/70 Burning
[OOC] Falgi: Also Slows me by 1!
Padam tilts his head back to watch the ascent, more than a little impressed.
[OOC] Bella: does that add Launch? :D
[OOC] Peter|GM: I think Power Strike is M-Launch, actually!
[OOC] Falgi: No, Rush, and Pin
[OOC] Falgi: But, do I add momentum now, or when I land?
[OOC] Falgi: Or, with both takeoff and landing?
[OOC] Peter|GM: I'd have to read the ability, but I think it's with both takeoff and landing
Dicebot:// Adding rush
[OOC] Falgi: Ice answered in Dockingbay
Peter|GM: //The Veils call down plumes of [Flame] on Fausta and Juniper, burning each for 6 fire damage!

Peter|GM: Claw 3 slashes at Bella with burning sword!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Striking for 5 physical damage - the magic flame catches, and she's Burning!
Peter|GM: Bella!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Captive, Juniper, Claw 2, Veil 2, Falgi, Veil 1, Fausta, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 37/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 40/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 41/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 3/30 HP, 2/6D [F] Taunt
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 16/30 HP, 2/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Captive: 1/20 Chains HP, 4/8D [B]
Bella‘ fires another shot at the captive’s chains, the projectile whistling eerily through the air as it impacts the chains, sending the shrapnel into the remaining rearguard Veil! [Spread Wave, C-Launch]
Bella‘ rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 80
[OOC] Bella: 5] [2
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 34/45 | MP: 20/40 | Limit: 16/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 7/10 (U), Ammo: 0/2 (U)
[OOC] Bella: actually, lemme reword that a little if I can take a little mulligan - I should have hit the veil and have the extra hit the chains.
[OOC] Peter|GM: Yup!
Peter|GM: The chains tremble and snap, and the captive pulls away, dashing for safety!
Peter|GM: Claw 1 fires a crossbow shot at Padam!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 )
Peter|GM: Striking for 8 physica damage!
Bella: "Fair winds, mate!"
Peter|GM: And then, he looks around and, seeing the captive gone, discards his crossbow, tossing it aside. "Dammit!"
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Veil 2, Falgi, Veil 1, Fausta, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 37/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 40/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 41/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 3/30 HP, 2/6D [F] Taunt
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 11/30 HP, 2/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
Peter|GM: Padam!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Fausta cranes her head left, then right, sizing up the remaining crowd.
Padam puts a hand to the newest crossbow bolt, pulling it away red with blood, and frowns. [HP: 24/45]
Fausta: "Alright, now with the potential for unwanted collateral damage out of the way…"
Padam: //(Hmm, lemme think.)

Peter|GM: Sorry, drive values are off-
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Veil 2, Falgi, Veil 1, Fausta, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 37/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 40/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 41/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 3/30 HP, 4/6D [F] Taunt
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 11/30 HP, 4/6D [B]
Peter|GM: …Which means the Veils are about to [OD - Sonic Screech].
Padam: (You’re gonna take out Veil 1, Callyn?)
[OOC] Falgi: Yeah, it's in the row I'm targeting
Padam: (3 damage to both?)
[OOC] Falgi: Weapon x2 to primary target, 3 fire to all the rest in the same row
Padam: (Okay.)
Padam fires an arrow at Veil 2 that takes root and begins to grow riotous with wicked [Thorns]. (6 damage!)
Bella: "… I shoulda studied more of this mystical stuff."
Peter|GM: Hits the weakness, ripping in for 8 damage!
Peter|GM: Juniper!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Veil 2, Falgi, Veil 1, Fausta, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 37/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 40/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 41/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 1: 3/30 HP, 4/6D [F] Taunt
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 3/30 HP, 4/6D [B]
Bella: llawl
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
Padam: (Can we get Veil 2 before it overdrives?)
[OOC] Falgi: Should be able to
Juniper: oh wait is Veil 1 dead and]
Juniper: just not showing in tracker or stino wait i'm an idiot]
Juniper will use [Put Down] on the Veil in the front row.
[OOC] Falgi: I have Veil 1 on my turn
Juniper: oh, sorry x: should i do something else)
[OOC] Fausta: it's still alive but callyn's' got an attack lined up - yeah
[OOC] Fausta: if we can get #2 somehow, but I don't … think we actually have a ranged option at this point
Juniper: then i'll use [Power Strike] on Claw 1 instead if that's okay))
Dicebot:// Adding earth
[OOC] Fausta: yeah
Peter|GM: //It's a hit! For 5 damage, yeah?

Peter|GM: Claw 2 slashes at Fausta!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Striking her for 5 damage!
Fausta raises her buckler! [Spending 2 block points]
Peter|GM: Thwack! The claw staggers back as he pulls his sword free of the shield.
Peter|GM: Veil 2 spreads its wings and leaps briefly up into the air, hovering. It cries sharply, and a wave of magic dust flows over the party - [OD - Sonic Screech]
Peter|GM rolled 4d100 and got 37, 69, 31, 49 ( Total: 186 ) for Fausta Juniper Bella Padam C70 each
Peter|GM: Cursing everyone!
Peter|GM: Except Falgi, who is safely in the air.
Peter|GM: CURSE: When you're Cursed, you take 3 damage whenever you spend an LP.
Peter|GM: Veil 2 calls down a plume of flame onto Padam, for 6 fire damage!
Peter|GM: Falgi!
Bella‘ shakes her head, trying to get her ears to stop ringing. And the dust. Ugh!
Falgi leaps down from right above Claw 3, spear aimed straight down at it, looking a bit like a falling comet as the flames consuming him follow after…
Falgi rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for 80
Peter|GM: Wham! Strikes true!
Padam flinches and pats down the flames, though his robes go up quickly, like a forest on fire. [HP: 16/45]
Falgi: BOOM, flames burst over all the Hundred
Peter|GM: What’s the damage on that?
Falgi: (5*2+1=11 to Claw 3, 3 fire to the rest in the front!)
[OOC] Peter|GM: 1] [1] [11] [3]! Claws resist fire! Veil 1 collapses!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Veil 2, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 3, Bella, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 31/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 39/50 HP, 6/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 30/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 3/30 HP, 0/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta!
Bella: "Oh dear."
Bella: "This puts a bit of a damper on things."
Dicebot:// Momentum List: earth,
Adding rush
Padam: //(Calvin and Juniper forgot to add theirs.)

[OOC] Falgi: Who's Calvin?
Fausta whirls her whip at Claw 3, giving Bella an opening to move in and gain the upper hand! [Quick Hit]
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 ) for 80, C35
Fausta: 7 damage, and [Quicken 4] to Bella!
Padam: (Sorry. My phone thinks it knows everyone's names, but it doesn't. ^^;)
Bella: "Whoawhoawhoawhat."
Peter|GM: So like this, yeah? Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Bella, Veil 2, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 3, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Bella, now!
[OOC] Fausta: Also consuming a Rush
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Bella, Veil 2, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 3, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 31/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 39/50 HP, 6/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 23/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 3/30 HP, 0/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
[OOC] Falgi: Oh, sorry, forgot Padam has Team Spirit, my Jump was short 1 damage
[OOC] Fausta: Well, not quite yet, since that doesn't take until after the turn end, but.
[OOC] Peter|GM: Oh, no, turn order actually does change on the fly. It's just that the rule is "the top marker that hasn't acted yet goes next"
Peter|GM: Falgi: Got it!
Dicebot:// Momentum List: earth, rush,
Bella‘ darts forward at Claw 2, giving them a sound thrashing with her axe flats. [Put Down]
Bella` rolled 80/25 and got 1, 4 ( Total: 5 )
Bella` rolled 1d100 and got 18 ( Total: 18 ) for 80/25
Bella` roars like a madwoman, powering through for a bit more bark with the bite! [using rush for +1 power]
Peter|GM: //It’s a critical strike!

[OOC] Bella: 5+3+1+1 - 10
[OOC] Bella: -2 Drive
Dicebot:// Using rush
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 34/45 | MP: 18/40 | Limit: 18/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 7/10 (U), Ammo: 0/2 (U)
Peter|GM: //Remember Burning damage, of course!

Peter|GM: Claw 3 slashes at Fausta with burning sword!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Inflicting 5 physical damage and setting her on fire.
Peter|GM: Claw 1 slashes at Falgi!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 )
Peter|GM: …But he parries!
Fausta blocks again! … Though that's probably all the action the shield will see for a while.
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Bella, Veil 2, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 3, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 30/50 HP, 6/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 28/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 22/50 HP, 6/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Veil 2: 3/30 HP, 0/6D [B]
Peter|GM: Padam!
Peter|GM: Oh, and by "setting her on fire" , I mean Burning, of course!
Bella‘ doesn’t seem to mind that her armor's ablaze quite yet.
Padam fires a simple arrow at the remaining Veil. No pyrotechnics or giant wild boars this time.
Padam rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 )
Padam: (3 damage!)
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Adding pin
Padam: //(I think?)

Peter|GM: The shot is true, and the Veil drops. [3]
Peter|GM: Juniper!
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 )
Juniper will use [Put Down] on Claw 1.
Peter|GM: Thwack! For 3 damage! He stumbles this way and that, swiping for a counter-attack, which Juniper dodges.
Peter|GM: Claw 2 slashes at Bella!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Striking for 5 physical! Bella!
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Bella, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 3, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 27/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 28/50 HP, 6/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 22/50 HP, 6/10D [F]
Bella‘ has a growl that started to build in the back of her throat, that steadily grows louder and louder, she lets out a loud bark, to rival any mere Hundred. Her aura flares out as she declares her challenge - (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaZrpf1dBX0 ))
Bella: "True to name! True to form! I am Bella the Bellower, and my spirit burns brighter and hotter than any flame! My axe cleaves every wall, every obstacle! Those I do not destroy… I will strike dumb with fear!"
Bella` takes a few swings with her axe, letting the momentum build more and more, before sending a crushing blow down into Claw 3! A wave of energy bursts forth from the impact, and before the Claws have time to recover, she’s swinging at them again, with a followup smashing strike! [Overdrive: Admirality Sword + Pin -> Spread Wave]
Padam: (+ team spirit!)
Bella‘ rolled 3d100 and got 10, 30, 88 ( Total: 128 ) for 80/25 - Admirality Sword, 5+3+1 dmg/-5 Drive to Claw C, 5+1 dmg/-2 Drive to others
[OOC] Bella: Gonna eat a luck and 3 damage to get that 88 to a hit -
Bella` rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 80/25 Spread Wave
[OOC] Falgi: DAMN! you go lucky girl you!
[OOC] Peter|GM: 9] [6] [9]! / [8
Peter|GM: Er, whoops -
Peter|GM: Havoc crashes over the battlefield! [9] [6] [9] from Admiralty Sword!
Bella` is a flustered, still-burning, roughed up mess when she’s through… but her enemies are in far worse shape.
Peter|GM: And then, Spread Wave smashes into Claw 3, energy rolling out for - [3] [3] [8]!
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 17/45 | MP: 14/40 | Limit: 0/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 6/10 (U), Ammo: 0/2 (U)
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Bella, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 3, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 15/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 19/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 5/50 HP, 1/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi!
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Adding rush
Bella‘ takes a moment to regain her balance.// "Rough business, this!" She sounds a little tipsy from battle heat.
Padam watches, face lit by the bright wave of energy, as Bella basically annihilates the battlefield. He gives a slow nod of approval.
Falgi stabs his spear into Claw 2, and lifts it into the air, like he did to the one monkey back in his own time, hanging it from a tree branch [Iron Driver]
Falgi rolled 1d100 and got 49 ( Total: 49 ) for 80
Peter|GM: It’s a hit!
[OOC] Falgi: 5+1 damage
Peter|GM: And a shield, yeah?
[OOC] Falgi: HP: 55/70 Burning Bubble(5)
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Claw 2, Bella, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 3, Claw 1
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 15/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 2: 13/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Claw 3: 5/50 HP, 1/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Fausta!
Dicebot:// Adding launch
[OOC] Falgi: Thanks Doman!
Momentum List: pin, rush, rush, launch,
[OOC] Falgi: Also, Claw 1 is at 9 HP, tight Peter?
[OOC] Falgi: right*
Peter|GM: //Right!

Peter|GM: Claw 1: 9/50 HP, 2/10D [F]
Fausta gets a glint in her eye and in a blinding flurry of strikes, turns her attention to Claw 2. They need to be cut down to size. Her comrades left openings, and none of them have been taken advantage of yet - they will now! Strike with the whip, jab with a stray arrow, tackle them while off-balance, juggle them in the air - [The World Cries Out]
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 ) for 80 C35
Fausta: 7 damage! Quickens Fausta 4! And still going:
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 8 ( Total: 8 ) for 70 C35 C-Pin
Fausta: 7 physical!
Fausta rolled 2#d100(1) and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for 70 C35 - C-Rush, C-Launch
Also rolled 2#d100(2) and got 74 [Total: 74 (High), Avg: 74.00]
Total: 98, Avg: 49.00
Fausta: 7 physical again! (( Though launch misses. ))
Peter|GM: Claw 2's taken out!
Peter|GM: The moment's still ours!
Peter|GM: yours!
Bella: "Whoo…."
Padam is outright grinning now as he watches Fausta become a one-person army.
Falgi: "Impressice lass!"
[OOC] Falgi: Impressive* still getting used to this new keyboard!
Fausta strikes with her whip to tie Claw 3 up and yank him towards the ground. [Shredder, C-Rush]
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 ) for 80 C35
Fausta: 6 damage!
Peter|GM: He's taken out!
Peter|GM: Claw 1 slashes at Bella!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 ) for C80
Peter|GM: For 5 damage!
Peter|GM: Padam!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Peter|GM: //Turn Order: Padam, Juniper, Bella, Falgi, Fausta, Claw 1

Peter|GM: Claw 1: 9/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 13/45 | MP: 14/40 | Limit: 0/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 6/10 (U), Ammo: 0/2 (U)
[OOC] Falgi: Fausta was Quicken 4'd
[OOC] Peter|GM: Oh yes~
Bella: "Rgh… just give up already!"
Peter|GM: So…
Peter|GM: Fausta again, actually!
Fausta just [Defends.] They'll finish it off, and who knows how much longer until they rest? (To cure burning.)
Peter|GM: Padam!
Padam lifts arrow to bowstring, and looses. [Attack]
Padam rolled 1d100 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
Padam: (3 damage!)
[OOC] Peter|GM: 3]! Juniper, Bella, Falgi!
Peter|GM: Claw 1: 6/50 HP, 4/10D [F]
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 )
Juniper attacks and misses.
Bella‘ hunkers down and starts smothering out smouldering bits of armor. [Defend]
Peter|GM: //Falgi!

Falgi also deals with his burning armor [Defend with VIGOR]
[OOC] Falgi: HP: 65/70 Bubble(5)
Peter|GM: The Claw, with its last breath, strikes at Bella!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Slashing for 5 damage!
Peter|GM: Fausta!
Fausta attacks!
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 ) for 80 C35
Fausta: 7 damage.
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: ! 10/45 ! | MP: 14/40 | Limit: 2/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 6/10 (U), Ammo: 0/2 (U)
Bella: "Rgh… heh… better luck next time…"
[OOC] Fausta: Is that before after defending, Moku? )
[OOC] Bella: I’m… actually at 11 after hit
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: ! 11/45 ! | MP: 14/40 | Limit: 2/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck: 6/10 (U), Ammo: 0/2 (U)
[OOC] Falgi: Also, defend auto reloads guns?
[OOC] Bella: RIGHT thank you
[OOC] Peter|GM: 7]. Taken out.
Peter|GM: The chaos of the battle clears, and all the little melees of the ambush come to an end.
Peter|GM: Clutching what supplies they can grab, and leaving the wounded behind - the ones you battled among those abandoned - the Hundred raiders vanish back into the forest, routed.
Bella‘ plops right down on the ground, letting out a long whoosh of breath.
Bella: "OKAY."
Bella: "It’s been waaaaaaaay too long since I've had to do that, and it kinda shows."
Falgi: "You and the Driftin really pulled though though lass, good show!"
[OOC] Falgi: -2nd though <_<
Fausta: "Please, I'm nothing without a good team. I'm just a closer."
[OOC] Falgi: also ye* >_>
Bella: "Okay that's all well and good but I need a medic and some serious sleep."
Fausta nudges Juniper with a foot. "How're you holding up?"
Padam crouches down next to one of the wounded Claws, checking its condition.
Falgi: "…Fair enough lass, fair enough."
Juniper gives a little thumbs-up, trots over to have a look at those left behind.
Falgi walks over to Bella, and holding out the butt of his spear for her to grab, helps her up and supports her back to the wagons…
Bella‘ takes hold and sorta lurchwalks her way back with Falgi’s assistance.
Padam: (Is it still alive? In any condition to talk?)
Bella: "… rgh. Wait. What about the captive?"
Fausta looks around for where any such captives might have gone. "Good question."
Falgi: "Let the other get that lass, us two bein' gone won't change things that much."
Peter|GM: Beaten, but healthy. These beasts have unearthly vigor.
Peter|GM: The captive: Seems like he's run off to the main train, behind you. He's speaking to Ser Jove now, back there.
Peter|GM: The claw laughs, wetly, from the throat. "I know the bounty. Be quick about it."
Padam: "Actually, I wasn't planning on collecting."
Fausta: "Yeah."
Padam: "Answer some questions, and I'll tell the supply train you're dead. Though I can't promise what will happen if you attack this same route again."
Peter|GM: The claw cracks a smile.
Peter|GM: "Ha, yeah? That's not a bad deal."
Padam: "To start with, why have you been stopping the supplies on this route? For Gudu, or for yourselves?"
Fausta steps over to one of the Veils and kneels down.
Juniper , in the meantime, pokes at one of the moth-bunny-things out of tentative curiosity.
Peter|GM: The Veil sniffs a little at Juniper, squinting at Fausta.
Fausta just glances at Juniper, letting her field this one.
Juniper murmurs out a little "Hi."
Juniper: "Um."
Juniper: "….what's your name?"
Peter|GM: The Claw inspects his nails, looking away from Padam. "Our Mystic fell in battle. And, well, the order is… when the commander falls, fight until you die. And well, we follow One-Eye now, and he's pretty good at fightin, not so much at dying. Don't think anyone expected us to hold on this long, this far from home. Hah."
Peter|GM: The Veil nods to Juniper, answering solemnly, antennae dipping. "Veil Forty-Four."
Fausta: "No interest in killin' you. Just wanted you to leave the route alone."
Juniper nods in agreement with Fausta. "Yeah! And-"
Fausta: "You actually need anythin'?"
Juniper: "And you shouldn't yank people around on leashes, 'cos it's really mean! U-unless they like that kind of thing!"
Padam: "What's keeping you from ignoring that order?"
Peter|GM: The Veil frowns at Juniper. "Unleashed, they'd run away. And then, who would make camp? Who would keep our weapons?" The Veil recites, from memory, eyes shut:
Peter|GM: "Fight to live. Steal to eat. Capture to keep camp. That's One-Eye's way."
Peter|GM: The Claw shrugs at Padam. "Well, the Mystics would kill us on one side. The knights will slaughter us on the other."
Peter|GM: "This, all this? We're doing better than anyone ever -dreamed- of."
Fausta: "Screw One-Eye's way. Or at least, I know for a fact it's not how things work in the long-run."
Juniper: "Well, you could make them want to stay and make camp…."
Falgi returns to when the group fought with the Hundred after seeing that Bella is taken care of, and just stands back and let's the other do the talking
Peter|GM: The Veil smiles. "Illusion magic, like the Mystics? No, none of us know that."
Juniper: "Y'know, with….by being nice or telling them really interesting bedtime stories if they come back or sharing food with them or, um, friendly Veil stuff…."
Juniper flusters and hides her face against Fausta's leg. "I DIDN'T MEAN IT THAT WAY"
Fausta decides to not even question what way. "Nah, just. Integrating."
Peter|GM: The Veil sniffs, a little. "It's not like I don't know what you're getting at. But we don't have kindness, or culture. Or, mm, even food to share."
Padam nods. "One more thing, then. Have you ever heard anything about sunstones from your Mystic, or any time you spent in Gudu?"
Peter|GM: "But we fight. We're strong."
Fausta: "It'll happen. I don't know how or when exactly, but I know it'll happen."
Juniper: "Y-you could make it up as you go along!"
Peter|GM: The Claw shakes his head at Padam. "All I remember of Gudu was the warrens, the legion, and charge after charge after charge until we were broken."
Peter|GM: "Hah! Nasty as it is, I much like this life better."
Fausta stretches and stands back up. "Not expecting to convince you of that immediately."
Padam: "I can see that. Go then, and maybe don't attack this route again, right?"
Peter|GM: The Claw laughs. "We'll limp off apart, lose any tails, and meet back up with the camp."
Peter|GM: "But One-Eye's moving the camp, anyway. Too many goats kills the field, he says."
Peter|GM: "So, we won't trouble this route again."
Juniper: "Yeah! And….." A bit of wiggling and squirming and childish grunting later, that cake from before pops out from her cavernous doll-mouth, still in its wrapper. Mostly.
Peter|GM: The Veil smiles a strange smile and takes it. "Thank you."
Falgi: "This One-Eye sounds to also be quite wise…"
Fausta just boggles at Juniper.
Padam shrugs. "Well, now we can say we drove you off, and who's to say otherwise?"
Juniper: "wh-what?! Sharing is good and I share with my friends and /these are my new friends/"
Peter|GM: The Veil nibbles at it, tiny-mouthed. A smile.
Peter|GM: The first of the Claws gets up. "Alright. Back into the brush, unit. We've been given a gift, today!"
Peter|GM: "Remember these faces, and don't kill them if you don't have to!"
Peter|GM: (A general "hear hear" from the other claws.)
Falgi: "Let 'em go lad, tis best we be gettin' ourselves back too, lest the Lions start to suspect somethin'"
Peter|GM: With a quiet, second, superfluous "Thank you." the Veil nods to Juniper and Fausta, and leaves.
Peter|GM: (The other one turns back from looking off into the distance, less impressed.)
Fausta shrugs at it. Not enough time or cake.
Padam watches them go, then turns and heads back for the supply train.
Juniper climbs back onto Fausta's shoulders.
Falgi gives the retreating Hundred a quick salute, before turning and heading back to the train himself.
Peter|GM: Ser Jove is discussing matters with the captive - a porter, it seems, by the name of Mattis.
Peter|GM: "They've got a dozen men in their camp - making weapons and doing work around the camp, hard labor on little rations. They follow a Hundred they call 'One-Eye'."
Peter|GM: "A fine and heroic mission." Ser Jove says. "But these supplies are badly needed at the front, and I won't go consigning my own fellows to death for personal glory. I'll pass news to another company, let them take the prize."
Fausta: "Agreed."
Fausta: "Not that I have any say."
Peter|GM: Ser Jove nods to Fausta and claps his hand onto Mattis' shoulder. "You're saved. We'll look after you until we reach Mels, but we shan't redirect. Get in the wagon."
Fausta salutes - a mercenary habit - and returns to the wagon. "Much obliged."
Peter|GM: Addressing the party: "Fine battle out there. We lost some supplies, but no men - either to the grave or the irons. Better than most meets of Hundred that occur."
Peter|GM: "We'll get moving. And hope they learned our steel well enough not to risk another ambush."
Bella: "That's what I was hoping. Engaging anyone while sticking with the caravan is risky business."
Peter|GM: Mattis protests - They'll move the camp! They'll ambush others! But Jove silences him, and the caravan rides out, down the route Padam pointed -
Peter|GM: It fords the river further down, and meets back up with the highway.
Falgi is sure to stay in the wagon as the trains crosses the ford, staying well away from anyplace the water could splash him…
Juniper: Peter's going to be a sec. ))
[OOC] Falgi: Kinda surprised he's still up actually, it's super late that far east now
Juniper: statutory holiday.))
Juniper: but yeah, he's))
Juniper: i imagine he'll be crashing soon after this v: ))
[OOC] Falgi: Oh yeah, Stat holiday here too, I think a different one, but still
Juniper: welcome back. c:))
[OOC] Peter|GM: Back!
[OOC] Peter|GM: Hard crash.
Peter|GM: The road meets up with others. Dirt gives way to paving-stone.
Peter|GM: In the distance, the Mels castle town.
Peter|GM: The caravan reaches it as night falls.
[OOC] Peter|GM:
Peter: thank you very much for play~
Fausta: thanks for running!
Bella: Thank you!
Bella: Was awesome!
Falgi: Thank you for running ser!
Padam: Thanks for running! That was a fun battle.

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