Peter|GM: The village at Mt. Isat, in the common room at the inn - fires burn in two separate hearths, and low benches arranged in little circles around them are home to a teeming festival-crowd, both visitors and locals, gathering under one roof before making their trip up the mountain. On one side of the room, the main procession is being managed with a hard-learned precision by Mrs. Gells, one of
Peter|GM: the owners of the inn. Making sure all the little kids proudly show off their lanterns, checking that they all work, making sure everyone will be carrying enough water. At her periphery, the older men and women catch up on things - new marriages in the village, the births of new cattle, other little tidbits of news.
Peter|GM: But off to the other side of the room, there's a smaller group meeting. You might have met a bit before, but for the most part, you ended up in this group like this:
Peter|GM: A tuft-moustached old man taps Bella on the shoulder - "Awfully well-armed, is it? Here alone? Come with me, come with me now-" and gently leads her by the wrist, sitting her down on a low bench by Fausta and Falgi and Juniper. "There y'go, there y'go, more people with your look."
Peter|GM: "-Certain you can handle yourself up there, of course, safe as it is, but there's young men in the main procession goin' with guns, so don't want anyone out there gettin' lost on their own. Guns! Well."
Peter|GM: He pauses. "S'one of the reasons the mountain's as safe as it is, given."
Bella‘ smirks at the fellow, leaving him with a small amount of coin before she takes her place among adventurers. "Thank you kindly, friend. These are strange lands and I would dearly appreciate someone who knows them better than I."
Fausta streeetches on the bench, then leans back and folds her arms. "I’m sure I'll be fine. Just watching over the rest here."
Bella‘ turns to face the others. "Well! Looks like I’ll be grouping with you lot. Name's Bella."
Juniper settles against the bench, doofy floppy pooka-ears flopping around a bit, and listens.
Peter|GM: "Mm-mm. Course you'll be fine." The tuft-moustached old man turns and, spotting Padam across the common room, points directly at him.
Falgi stretches out his legs without standing, "Bella eh? Me name be Falgi. Like ye, I not be from around these parts."
Padam raises his eyebrows, then looks over his shoulder to see who is being pointed at.
Bella: "Hah! It's good to know I wonlt be feeling so strange all on me lonesome."
Peter|GM: "No, no, no, you." The man walks over, grabs Padam by his collar, and brings him over. "Saw y'around town, should've said hello well before now."
Peter|GM: "You're Mt. Isat stock as much as I am, have you know. Tell your mother to write, y'should."
Bella‘ turns her gaze to Juniper and regards them with honest interest. "Well I’ll be. One of those magicians' folk."
Peter|GM: "I mean, not me, personally, f'course. But someone here."
Padam: "-erk!" He stumbles along after the man as politely as possible.
Bella: "This is gonna be some kinda memorable thing, I can already tell."
Peter|GM: He drags Padam over - gently - and gently introduces him, with a gentle shove, to the rest of the group.
Peter|GM: "There you go. That's five, that's about right."
Bella: "Oh hi."
Falgi nods in affirmation as he pats the weird thing slung from his neck.
Fausta wordlessly peers down between Bella and Juniper, assessing them.
Peter|GM: "Was hoping I wouldn't have to send you up there without accompaniment from a proper boy of the Isat forests, which Padam here is a reasonable facsimile of." (Who is this guy.)
Padam hunches his shoulders a little, scratching the back of his neck in an embarrassed sort of way. "Hi."
Bella: "Hail."
Bella: "You blusterin' along with us, then?"
Falgi: "Well met lad"
Juniper nervoussmile, looks around at the others a bit.
Padam: "I… apparently."
Peter|GM: "There you go!" He bellows, patting Padam on the back. "Get on famously. Or notably. Or what-have-ya." And then he proudly marches off, satisfied that he has done whatever he has just done, and starts speaking to other people in approximately the same tone.
Bella: "… what a strange fellow."
Bella: "Are these accompaniment parties always so… press-ganged?"
Padam looks a little bewildered, watching the man go, then turns to eye the others.
Falgi chuckles. "I like 'em. Gets things done, that one."
Fausta stands and leans into Padam's face, inspecting him from a multitude of angles, tail twitching in interest. "You look like you've seen your share of scrapes, at least."
Bella: "Means they know their way around a beastie, aye?"
Padam leans back a little, to compensate. "I suppose so." His voice is quiet and cultured, despite the scars.
Falgi: "That'd be me guess, aye"
Fausta: "Yeah, yeah, that's the -implication.-" In contrast to Padam's culture, she's anything but.
Padam also eyes the assortment of weapons present. "Guessing I'm not the only one?"
Bella‘ gestures back to her axe and rifle. "I’m no fool. Wherever I go, danger is found."
Fausta turns her head back. "Huh. Fair point."
Falgi: "May have had peace for many years lad, but danger still abounds out there. Ye got to be prepared for it"
Bella: "Besides. It's entertaining keeping one's skills sharp."
Fausta: "I suppose we should introduce ourselves?"
Bella‘ snorts. "I guess I gotta do it again, don’t I? Bella."
Falgi: "Bella and I have made ou- Ours, but seeing as the lass made hers again, I guess it be me turn. Falgi"
Fausta points at the Familiar that's kept quiet. "You."
Bella: "Th' familiar?"
Fausta: "Yes. Her next."
Juniper stands up on the bench; she's a little patchwork bunny-adjacent thing with a little patchwork bag (it'd look like part of the doll if it weren't obviously weighed down with something) and a toy-looking staff.
Juniper: "I'm Juniper!"
Bella: "Sprightly."
Fausta nods in affirmation. "Bella, Falgi, Juniper. What about you, scarface?"
Juniper: "….I'll do my best!" And she sits back down on the bench.
Bella: "Feelin' better about this trip the more I get m'self involved. Reliable folk, these."
Padam smiles, the scars pulling slightly at one corner of his mouth, nodding to the others as they're introduced. The same nod, then, to Fausta, with no sign of any offense taken. "Padam, please, and not Scarface."
Fausta: "Yeah, yeah, the nickname's just to make you pipe up with your actual name, Chumpy."
Falgi looks at the Driftin. "And yerself be?"
Padam laughs. "Apparently I get a silly nickname either way."
Fausta: "Anyway. Name's Fausta, and I'll be keepin' a watchful eye on the lot of ya."
Bella: "Nice."
Fausta: "And with the formalities out of the way - " she holds her whip taut. " - are we gonna get a move on?"
Bella: "Please do."
Falgi begins to gather up his bags, slinging them on the butt of his spear and resting that over his shoulder. "Aye, ready when ye all are"
Fausta: "Alright. Isat boy, how about you take point? I'll be right behind."
Bella‘ stands, taking a moment to stretch. "Rrrrrrh. Okay."
Bella: "I’ll go 'longside the frontliners."
Padam: "Well, I mean, I think we can just follow the others?"
Padam: "…but okay."
Peter|GM: The inn abuts the start of the trail. There's a brilliant view of the village below - the cattle sleeping in pasture, the lamps shining in windows.
Bella: "… beautiful."
Padam heads to the front of the group, looking distinctly uncomfortable with this arrangement.
Peter|GM: The ground is sopping wet - it rained, storming hard, until just after noon today, and the dirt squishes underneath your step.
Bella: "Oh, hey, mind your feet."
Bella: "Hope you're not wearing anything too fancy."
Peter|GM: A small shrine rests just outside the woods, on the trail heading up into the mountain - someone in the red robes of a shrinekeeper, a young girl, sits boredly on a stool by it. Candles are set up in rows, free to be taken.
Bella‘ is only dimly aware of the custom, but takes up a candle anyway. Useful things to have, anyway.
Padam takes a candle, holding it one calloused, ink-stained hand and carefully shielding its flame with the other. Backwards letters can be seen in purple ink along the pad of his thumb.
Peter|GM: Simple white wax, burning faithfully.
Peter|GM: "Ancestors watch over you," the girl says, as the two take candles. Her heart’s not really in it.
Fausta: "Alright, maybe not 'front' front. But, y'know."
Padam: "And you." His is.
Falgi nods politely to the girl, but refrains from taking a candle, in case he needs to actually use his spear…
Padam smiles in a wry sort of way, pointing at the rest of the procession. "I believe we go that way." He falls gratefully back toward the rear of the group instead.
Peter|GM: "Oh yeah," she opens a little wooden box and hands out a traditional snack, in little brown paper packets. One for Bella, though Padam's turned away.
Fausta takes a candle, suddenly growing somber. "Hey, kid."
Fausta: "Try and take this serious, yeah?"
Bella: "Hey, thanks."
Bella: "Aw, could you cool it for just a moment, here?"
Bella: "I've seen that look before."
Peter|GM: She hands one to Fausta, too. "Well, my sister already skipped out on it, so…"
Peter|GM: "…It really sucks!"
Bella: "That's a 'where in the HELL is the relief shift' look."
Bella: "See?"
Juniper very very carefully takes a candle. She doesn't want to burn herself!
Bella: "That's the worst kind of bollocks."
Fausta: "Trust me here."
Peter|GM: The girl stoops down on her stool, holding a snack - they're sort of barely-sweetned barley cakes? - in Juniper's direction.
Peter|GM: "Does she eat?"
Fausta: "She talks, so you can ask her."
Peter|GM: "…Do you eat?"
Fausta bends over, peering down at Juniper, curious for herself.
Juniper sniffs at the cake. Sniff, sniff.
Juniper: "….sometimes!"
Peter|GM: It smells about as bland as you'd expect a 400-year old cake recipe to smell.
Bella: "… the divine really could use some culinary enlightenment."
Juniper: "I-I mean, you know, I like that…..that cool food-eating lifestyle humans are into….."
Peter|GM: "I think they're gross." The girl announces, proudly.
Padam: "They're okay. They won't kill you, or anything, if you want to try one."
Peter|GM: "I heard that they have apple-cakes in the capitol. Apple-cakes! I told my mom that we should make those for the festival, but…"
Bella: "Sticklers?"
Juniper sets her staff down for a moment and reaches out with a fuzzy plush extremity (paw? hand?) for one of the cakes.
Fausta huffs, taking one. "No respect for tradition, or for the dead, or ma mrrf mngh ma." She may have been better at getting her point across if she didn't start eating one midsentence.
Peter|GM: The girl hands one over to Juniper, in its packet.
Peter|GM: They taste… okay? Very chewy. A little bit sweet.
Bella‘ mutters to herself. "(… but they’re -dead-.)"
Juniper eats it, packet and all.
Peter|GM: A little bit sweet, a little bit papery.
Fausta points an accusing finger at the girl - then at Bella! - then with her cheeks still stuffed with cake, she turns back to the trail.
Padam watches this with barely suppressed amusement. "Well, how is it?"
Juniper: "….it's tasty! ….mostly…." She scurries over and gives the girl a little…..maybe, *maybe* waist-high at best hug with her free arm? (she's short, okay) and then trots back over to pick up her staff.
Fausta swallows. "It's good. Nostalgic."
Bella: "We sufficiently gastronomically blessed now?"
Peter|GM: Struck by a sudden burst of shyness, she calls out - "E…enjoy the festival!" As you leave.
Falgi chuckles again. "Aye lass, I believe we are."
Bella: "… okay bye."
Peter|GM: The trail.
Peter|GM: It winds lazily up the mountain. The trail is muddy, caked with the impression of the sandals of someone who came up before you did.
Fausta lights her candle and continues on, though she nudges Juniper with a foot. "Hey."
Fausta: "Wanna hitch a ride on a shoulder?"
Peter|GM: White moss hangs from low branches.
Bella: "No arse prints yet. Means the trail's not too bad."
Peter|GM: The rustling of the wind. The cry of the night-bird.
Padam laughs.
Juniper: "…"
Juniper murmurs a little yuh-huh at Fausta.
Falgi slips just after Bella speaks. "Bloody… Spoke too soon lass"
Fausta jerks a thumb at her shoulder and bends down. "Hop on up, then."
Bella: "Tch."
Bella: "Someone's gotta be first, I guess."
Padam offers Falgi a hand up, still smiling.
Falgi grudingly nods as he hefts himself back to his feet, taking Padam's hand in the process.
Juniper carefully clambers up, settling on Fausta's left shoulder.
Fausta hefts upright and carries on. "You lot alright there?"
Peter|GM: Around the curve, the ground is unsteady, overswept with fallen rocks, exposed roots sticking out from a short ridge behind it. Seems a retaining wall collapsed in the storm this morning.
Peter|GM: In the shadow of a tree beyond it, there's someone in shrinekeeper roads, sitting down in the mud, back to the trunk -
Bella: "Man, did I -ever- speak too soon."
Peter|GM: Facing off against a trio of eerie, ghost-white monkeys.
Peter|GM: One of them turns to stare at Padam as he rounds the bend.
Peter|GM: Its mouth is horrible - its teeth are all mismatched, its gums recessed and blood-red.
Bella‘ trudges on over to the person to see if aid is required, though she picks up the pace once she spots the strange creatures.
Peter|GM: Her leg’s bleeding bad. One of the monkeys steps forward and puffs its chest, gnashing its fangs at Bella as she draws near, but does not attack just yet.
Bella: "Hey! Hey buddy!"
Peter|GM: …They look sort of like the golden-furred monkeys you saw from the road on the way in, Falgi. But. Different.
Peter|GM: "Heavens, thank you." She's clutching a satchel under her arm, keeping her knife pointed at the beasts.
Bella‘ puts herself between the shrinekeeper and the monkeys, drawing her axe and brandishing it threateningly.
Peter|GM: "There’s… I hear a lot of you. You can…" She nods, seriously.
Padam calmly draws his bow and knocks an arrow.
Bella: "Someone in the back ranks take a look! I'm gonna scatter 'em!"
Peter|GM: "These things. When someone kills a mountain monkey, they come back, like this. Not even the tigers hunt them. So they aren't supposed to…"
Falgi stops, and slips his bags off his spear. "That explains why they be looking like the ones I saw a few days ago."
Fausta huffs and cracks her whip in the direction of the one puffing its chest out - trying to draw its attention, if not striking it. "Hey! Hey hey hey!"
Peter|GM: You've got its attention, that's for sure.
Peter|GM: Monkey B, Padam, Monkey C, Monkey A, Fausta, Juniper, Bella, Falgi
Peter|GM: INITIATIVE: If you react quickly to battles, you can sometimes adjust your turn order at battle start.
Peter|GM: Since these are forest beasts, Padam can move two initiative spaces. As a Driftin, Fausta can move one space in either direction.
Peter|GM: …You can choose to trade initiative spots with someone above or below you, that is!
Padam: (Can I trade with monkey B?)
Peter|GM: Yup!
[OOC] Fausta: Faster here, too!
Padam: (Then I guess that's what I'm doing.)
[OOC] Fausta: Shove me before C.
Peter|GM: You got it!
[OOC] Fausta: Quicken 2, I guess, would be a more succint way of saying it?
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Monkey B, Fausta, Monkey C, Monkey A Juniper, Bella, Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 40HP - 0/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey B: 40HP - 0/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 40HP - 0/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
Peter|GM: Padam, the initiative's yours.
Padam lets an arrow fly, and as it arcs toward its target it splits, one ghostly arrow striking another monkey, as well. [Twin Arrow!]
Padam rolled 1d100 and got 66 ( Total: 66 )
Peter|GM: Two targets, so another roll for the second!
Padam rolled 1d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 )
Peter|GM: Strikes both!
Padam: (2 damage, I think.)
Dicebot:// Adding pin
Peter|GM: //The arrow embed into the monkeys for [2] damage each, with arrows left stuck inside.

Peter|GM: Ordinarily, a monkey would run away, or yowl in pain. These just stare.
Bella: "Freaky."
Peter|GM: Monkey B rushes at Bella and slashes at her with its claws!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 ) for 80
Peter|GM: Slashing for 6 physical damage!
Bella‘ grunts in pain, thankful for her armor softening the blow a little. [5]
Peter|GM: Fausta!
Padam: (Targeted monkeys b and c, btw. Shoulda said that before, sorry.)
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Monkey B, Fausta, Monkey C, Monkey A Juniper, Bella, Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 40HP - 0/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey B: 38HP - 2/8 [F] Arrow
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 38HP - 0/8 [F] Arrow
Peter|GM: OVERDRIVE: Every time you take an action, you increase your Drive by +2. Monsters do the same thing! When a monster’s Drive gauge is full, it'll use a powerful Overdrive ability, just like yours.
Fausta leaps into B, kicking it away and following up with a whip strike. [Shredder]
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 ) for 80, C35
Fausta: 5 damage!
Peter|GM: Do you mean C or A? Because B's the only one that's acted already!
Dicebot:// Adding pin
[OOC] Fausta: WHOOPS C.
Peter|GM: //It clutches its face at the kick, and the whip strike hits true. [5]!

Peter|GM: Scolded, it rushes towards Fausta, clawing at her!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 )
Fausta lightly kicks it away, shoulders shaking with silent laughter.
Peter|GM: It skids back in the mud, eyes burning coldly.
Peter|GM: Monkey C briefly disappears, clambering up a tree. When it leaps down, it has rotting, sickly fruit in each hand, and it throws one at Bella and one at Falgi!
Peter|GM rolled 2d100 and got 58, 85 ( Total: 143 ) for 80 each, [Throw Fruit]
Bella‘ is pelted with disgusting fruit. The indignity is painful.
Peter|GM: Falgi blocks one - skewering it out of the air, perhaps? - But the other explodes across Bella’s face, inflicting 1 earth damage and Short Shock II.
Peter|GM: SHORT STATUSES: "Shock II" reduces all your CoSes by 30. Aggravating! But it goes away at the end of the turn. That means if you act before any monkeys, then…
Peter|GM: Juniper!
Juniper has been clinging to Fausta's shoulder this entire time, and looks as frazzled as a stuffed animal can look. But, she hops down now, and shoots a serious look at one of the monkeys!
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 37/45 | MP: 40/40 | Limit: 0/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck 10/10 (U)
Juniper will use Spread Wave on Monkey B.
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
Juniper: o-oh))
[OOC] Fausta: This is what Luck is for, I think!
Juniper: can i use luck to make that scrap-yeah))
Peter|GM: Yeah!
Juniper will use 1 LP to make it work, so Monkey B takes 3 damage and A/C take 2.
Juniper: …..if i'm doing this right :ohdear: ))
Peter|GM: Yup!
Peter|GM: Energy crashes out from the staff-strike, inflicting [2] [3] [2]!
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Peter|GM: //Bella!

Bella: "Oh, now that feels familiar."
Dicebot:// Momentum List: pin, pin, rush,
Bella‘ tries to shake the fruit mess out of her face, leaping forward with a shout to slam her axe into Monkey B. [Power Strike]
Bella` rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 ) for 50/25
Bella` keeps right on bellowing, powering through to deliver a savage hit! [-2 LP to crit]
Peter|GM: //It’s a critical blow!

Peter|GM: Striking for a massive 10 damage and hurling the monkey through the air!
Peter|GM: …Sorry, 12!
Dicebot:// Adding launch
Peter|GM: //Falgi!

Peter|GM: Monkey A: 38HP - 2/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey B: 18HP - 2/8 [F] Arrow
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 36HP - 2/8 [F] Arrow
Peter|GM: In fact, by some strange force, the blow manages to pull Monkey B all the way into the back row. [Spatial Warp]
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 37/45 | MP: 36/40 | Limit: 2/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck 9/10 (U)
Peter|GM: Oh wait no it's choice of row-swap.
Peter|GM: So not unless Bella says so. Right. <3
Bella‘ is keeping the fellow right there where most of the party can deal with it.
Peter|GM: Seems wise!
Falgi throws out a hand towards the now aerial monkey, as an ethereal chain wraps around it and pulling it back to ground, while tethering it to Falgi. [Grappling Hook, Monkey B, -2MP]
Dicebot:// Using launch
Falgi rolled 1d100 and got 52 ( Total: 52 ) for CoS 100 since this is a [S]? Also, 3 damage for the Combo!
[OOC] Falgi: Oh, nope, it’s CoS 80)
Peter|GM: //Monkey B's slammed back down into the ground, taking [3] damage - it's taunted!

Peter|GM: TAUNT: Whenever Monkey B fails to attack Falgi, it'll take 3 damage.
Bella: "Sheesh, if the whole party's super tough like this, it's gonna be a while before I can really flex my muscles."
[OOC] Falgi: And Short K-Shattered!
Peter|GM: Round 2! Bella cleans her face off, and other short statuses end.
Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Monkey B, Fausta, Monkey C, Monkey A Juniper, Bella, Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 38HP - 2/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey B: 15HP - 2/8 [F] Arrow Taunt:Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 36HP - 2/8 [F] Arrow
Peter|GM: Padam [B]
Peter|GM: Fausta [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper [F]
Peter|GM: Bella [F]
Peter|GM: Falgi [F]
Peter|GM: Padam!
Padam fires again at Monkey B, and as the new arrow hits, the first one works its way further in, turning a sickly, glowing green. [Thorns! Expending an embedded arrow]
Dicebot:// Using pin
Peter|GM: //Ah, sorry, but -

Peter|GM: THE END OF ROUND: Momentum dissipates at the end of the round.
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Padam: //(Ohhhh)

Padam: (Skip the momentum then. Still using thorns and expending an arrow.)
Dicebot:// Adding earth
Peter|GM: //The arrow glows, and from it, bursts brambles and vines -

Bella: "Ooooh."
Padam: (That, yes. <3)
Peter|GM: Crushing the Monkey for 7 Earth damage! Looks like it's resistant.
Peter|GM: Monkey B claws at Falgi, chasing after the dwarf that taunted it!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 ) for C80 attack
Peter|GM: Striking for 6 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Fausta!
The monkey claws scratch across Falgi's thick armor [67/70HP]
Fausta continues haranguing C, restraining it with her whip and yanking it closer to her! [Short Fuse]
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 ) for 80, C35 - Short Taunt
Peter|GM: It's a critical hit!
Peter|GM: Kept on a short leash, it has no choice but to try to claw at Fausta -
Fausta: 6 damage!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for C80
Dicebot:// Adding launch
Peter|GM: //Striking her for 6 physical damage!

Peter|GM: Monkey A claws at Bella!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 66 ( Total: 66 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Striking for 6 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Juniper!
[OOC] Fausta: 40/45
Bella: "Bleh!"
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 32/45 | MP: 36/40 | Limit: 2/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck 9/10 (U)
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 38HP - 4/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey B: 8HP - 4/8 [F] Taunt:Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 30HP - 4/8 [F] STaunt: Fausta Arrow
Juniper: sorry i had to run afk real quick ))
[OOC] Peter|GM: np
Juniper: a-also is Put Down like actually making the enemy feel bad))
Juniper: to reduce their drive))
Juniper: or))
[OOC] Fausta: It Can Be I Suppose
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 )
Juniper scurries over to Monkey A, hits it with her little magical-girl-prop-adjacent staff, and yells, "You're an oranguterrible person!!!!! And you shouldn't give anybody trouble!"
Peter|GM: Sometimes, even ghost monkeys reconsider their life decisions.
Bella: "Incredible."
Juniper: 3 damage and short taunt, i guess?))
Peter|GM: 3 damage and its Drive is reduced!
Fausta: Or afterlife decisions, as it were.
Peter|GM: Bella!
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 35HP - 2/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey B: 8HP - 4/8 [F] Taunt:Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 30HP - 4/8 [F] Arrow
Bella‘ uses a bit of that aerial moment to limber up, before slamming her axe down into the ground near Monkey B, sending a wave of force into the other two- [Spread Wave + Launch]
Bella` rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for 80/25
[OOC] Bella: 5] [2 to others
Bella: (Or do I need to roll for the bonus damage, too?)
Peter|GM: (Nah)
[OOC] Peter|GM: 2] [5] [2]!
Peter|GM: Falgi!
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 32HP - 2/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey B: 3HP - 4/8 [F] Taunt:Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 28HP - 4/8 [F] Arrow
Dicebot:// Using launch
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 32/45 | MP: 32/40 | Limit: 6/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck 9/10 (U)
Momentum List: earth,
Padam: //(Team Spirit, if you want to use that earth momentum somehow.)

Dicebot:// Adding pin
[OOC] Fausta: From Put Down
Falgi rushes forward, thrusting his spear into Monkey B and lifting it into the branches of a nearby tree… [Iron Driver, -2MP]
Falgi rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for 80
Falgi: //(5+1 damage since it acts before me)

Dicebot:// Adding launch
Peter|GM: //It hangs from the branches, giving up the fight. Slowly, its fur begins to regain color. [Defeated]

Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Peter|GM: //Padam!

Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Monkey C, Monkey A Juniper, Bella, Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 32HP - 2/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 28HP - 4/8 [F] Arrow
Bella: "… okay."
Bella: "Did we kill it, or beat the evil out of it?"
Bella: "Inquiring minds want to know."
Falgi: "The lass by the tree said they go like this when killed. So, beat the evil out is me guess"
Padam fires again, the arrow striking Monkey A with a clap of thunder and a burst of electricity that spreads to Monkey C. [Lightning! Expending the last arrow.]
Padam: (6 damage to both!)
Bella: "… man, really starting to wish I had invested some time and coin into -magic- magic."
Dicebot:// Adding air
Peter|GM: //Fausta!

Fausta lashes her whip against C, then tackles it away from her - keeping it tied, but prone. [Short Fuse]
Fausta: Usage is ’!momentum command Momentum where command is either clear, add, use, list. Fausta, I don't understand what you are trying to do.
Dicebot:// Using air
Padam: //(Don't forget +1 potency.)

Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 80, C55 - C-Air = Short Lucky
Fausta: 7 damage, Short Taunt!
Peter|GM: As the lightning sparks in the whip, Monkey C tries to claw at Fausta -
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 ) for C80
Fausta yanks on her whip just before, throwing off its balance. [-1 LP]
Peter|GM: It skids down into the mud.
Peter|GM: Monkey C slashes at Bella!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
Peter|GM: Striking for 6 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Juniper!
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 26HP - 4/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 15HP - 6/8 [F]
Peter|GM: OVERDRIVE WARNING: When an enemy is 2 Drive short of full, it'll use its Overdrive with its next action - watch out!
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 )
Juniper will use Put Down on Monkey C!
Peter|GM: Hits for 3 damage! Drive is suppressed!
Peter|GM: Bella!
Dicebot:// The Momentum list is empty
Juniper scurries over to it and bops it on the head and scolds the *heck* out of it because i mean it could be doing all sorts of other more constructive things like eating little cakes or writing poetry or or or
Bella‘ saunters on over to Monkey A and gives it a good slap with the flat of the axe.// "No nonsense from YOU, either." [Put Down+Launch]
Bella` rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 80/25
Bella` does a little spin and smacks again, just to make sure it lands. [-1 LP]
[OOC] Bella: 5+2
Peter|GM: 7! Falgi!
[OOC] Bella: [F] HP: 32/45 | MP: 28/40 | Limit: 8/19 | SoS: 11 | Luck 8/10 (U)
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 19HP - 2/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 12HP - 4/8 [F]
Falgi shoulder tackles into Monkey C… [Impact Charge, -3MP]
Falgi rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for 80
Falgi: (5+1 damage, and Short Challenge 2)
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Peter|GM: //Wham! 6 damage!

Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Peter|GM: //Even badly wounded, the beast remain fierce.

Peter|GM: Turn Order: Padam, Fausta, Monkey C, Monkey A Juniper, Bella, Falgi
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 19HP - 2/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Monkey C: 6HP - 4/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Beasts. Ahem. Sorry.
Peter|GM: Padam!
Padam sends another sparking arrow at Monkey C! [Lightning! 6 damage!]
Dicebot:// Adding air
Peter|GM: //It stumbles over, gasping, the look of cold ferocity vanishing from its face before it falls over.

Peter|GM: Slowly, its fur starts to turn gold again.
Peter|GM: Fausta!
Fausta: Maybe celebrating a bit early, Fausta remarsk, "You’re all not half bad. Special mention goes to the fluffball that kept the beasts from getting too rowdy."
Fausta: Leaving it to the clean-up crew, she just [Attacks].
Fausta rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for 80, C35
Fausta: 6 damage!
Peter|GM: Monkey A claws at Falgi!
Peter|GM rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 ) for C80
Peter|GM: Inflicting 6 physical damage!
Peter|GM: Monkey A: 13HP - 4/8 [F]
Peter|GM: Juniper, Bella, and Falgi!
Bella‘ winds up and takes a swing at Monkey C! [Attack]
Bella` rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 ) for 80/25
Juniper rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 )
Bella: (………………………………. nah)
Bella: (wait)
Dicebot:// Momentum List: air,
Bella: //(anyone need that?)

Juniper uses Power Strike on Monkey A! 5 damage.
[OOC] Falgi: Go ahead and use it Moku
Bella` powers through a little more to finish the job! [Power - using Air]
Dicebot:// Using air
Peter|GM: //5! 7! Falgi!

Falgi pins it to the ground with his spear [Attack]
Falgi rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
Peter|GM: Oh wait +1 Combo Queen, right?
Padam: (And team spirit.)
Peter|GM: (RIGHT)
Peter|GM: Bella actually did 8 or 9 which, yes, defeats the monkey.
Falgi DOESN’T pin it then :D
Peter|GM: The shrinekeeper breathes in relief.
Peter|GM: Forest monkeys - golden furred - dash out of the night, grabbing their fallen kin, carrying them away.
Bella: "… right, anyone a field medic?"
Peter|GM: "…They bury them," the shrinekeeper says.
Peter|GM: "Maybe that form is their way of making sure everyone else respects their dead, too…?" She coughs.
Bella: "I'm talking about for you, you ninny."
Fausta: "Told you it's important." Actually, she told the girl from before, but still…
Peter|GM: She laughs, weakly. "I can probably limp back down the mountain. It's just…"
Peter|GM: She lifts up her satchel, presses it into Bella's arms.
Peter|GM: "Can you take this up the mountain?"
Peter|GM: "For me."
Bella: "'course."
Bella: "Intended recipient, if any?"
Fausta checks up on people. Juniper, Falgi, Padam … though she probably calls Padam something different again.
Padam shoulders his bow again and carefully picks up his candle, smiling a little at whatever nickname it is this time.
Peter|GM: "It needs to go to the shrine for tonight," she says.
Peter|GM: "And I shouldn't have gone up alone, but…" She trails off, without explaining herself.
Fausta holds her candle up to Padam, its wick extinguished. "Uh. Mine went out. Can you …"
Falgi gathers up his bags, muttering to himself that it's good the bags were treated as he swipes the wet muck off them and slinging them back onto the spear…
Bella: "Can do."
Padam touches his candle to Fausta's.
Bella: "You sure you're okay back down?"
Peter|GM: "The other group shouldn't be long…"
Falgi: "You're the other lasses sister, ain't ye? The one that skipped out?"
Bella: "… Ah!"
Peter|GM: She frowns. "I mean."
Peter|GM: "Just… make sure it gets there, okay?"
Bella: "I mean, that was never in doubt."
Fausta lightly nudges Juniper with her foot again. "Hey. Back on top, yeah? You did good."
Bella: "I just wanna make sure you get back in one piece!"
Falgi nods "Ye just make sure ye get back to yer sister, hear? We'll take care o' ta rest for ye."
Peter|GM: She searches about her for a long branch and rises to her feet, snapping off a fork from it until it's a workable staff.
Peter|GM: "That's what I'll do."
Bella: "Fair winds be with you!"
Juniper breaks out into this goofy smile and does a little *hop* before climbing back onto Fausta.
Peter|GM: At the end of the trail, the woods thin, and the shrine comes into view.
Fausta ambles on forward.
Peter|GM: Metal statues depicting guardian beasts stand, mingling with stone gravestones, covering the mountain-top.
Peter|GM: The place is covered with offerings from the morning rituals - mountain-flowers, little dishes of milk, red cloth bags of barley.
Fausta reaches into her vest and pulls out a small pouch, leaving it alongside the other offerings.
Peter|GM: The metal doors to the shrine itself are sealed with a paper seal.
Peter|GM: As the party approaches,
Bella‘ leaves behind a small amount of coin.
Peter|GM: The seal snaps.
Peter|GM: The doors open.
Falgi pauses as the doors start to open… "Anyone do that?"
Fausta rolls her eyes in anger with enough force that she tilts her head back. "See, this is what happens when people don’t show enough respect for the dead."
Fausta: "This is what you get!"
[OOC] Katedona: 20:46] <Bella> "Nope."
[OOC] Katedona: 20:46] <Bella> "Maybe there's a welcoming party."
Katedona: "Also, don't break anything there."
Padam was considering the offerings, but turns as Fausta begins shouting, and eyes the opening doors.
Fausta: "Hey, fuzzface."
Fausta: "You're not actually some kind of ghost possessing a stuffed animal, right?"
Fausta: "You're just - you?"
Katedona: "It's a Familiar…?"
Katedona: "You know. Wizards keep them."
Fausta: "Do you see a wizard keeping this one?"
Bella: "Maybe the familiar… IS the wizard"
Bella‘ makes a dramatic reaction face.
Bella: "Thus, making one… one’s own keeper!"
Fausta huffs. "There's enough room for reasonable doubt!"
Juniper squeak!
Juniper: "….I'm not a ghost!"
Bella: "Of course not!"
Juniper: "'cos-'cos if I was a ghost, I wouldn't be able to sit on your shoulder!"
Bella: "You're a stuffed wizard."
Juniper: "….can ghosts possess things…?"
Bella: "I mean."
Bella: "That's more of a poltergeist."
Falgi just shakes his head.
Bella: "Ever see a table setting do a ballroom dance?"
Juniper: "….I'm not a wizard, either!"
Juniper looks at her staff sadly. "I got this from a toy shop…."
Bella: "I mean, it really works though, doesn't it?"
Bella: "The wizards always said it's that someone's magic that matters moreso than the tools."
Bella: "… right?"
Juniper: "…..I, um, well, it, um…." She kinda clings to Fausta, hiding herself against fox-face.
Falgi looks back towards the doors. Anything come out?
Bella‘ scratches at her chin, staring at the sky, contemplating.
Juniper: There’s a muffled little "i can hit things with it….."
Bella: "Right. And it's remained mostly intact, so in that way it's pretty darn useful."
Bella: "Well-made, like yourself."
Bella‘ sagenod.
Peter|GM: Nothing comes out.
Peter|GM: Just open, expectant.
Juniper makes this little *noise* like she’s about to combust from bashfulness.
Padam wanders up to the doors and peers inside.
Falgi shrugs "Alright all ye, we should head on in, I guess…"
Bella‘ swaggers on through. Yup.
Peter|GM: The Shrine.
Fausta absentmindedly pets the back of Juniper’s head as she heads in.
Peter|GM: On the far wall, a gleaming mural, bisected by a line down its middle.
Fausta: "(If you're not a ghost, I guess you're aright.)"
Peter|GM: A pedestal sits before it.
Peter|GM: Bella steps on something that crunches - at her feet, only barely swept aside, is an ancient skeleton. (Has the shrine really never been opened in so long…?)
Peter|GM: From the size of it, it must have been one of the Hundred.
Bella: "Uh."
Peter|GM: The satchel starts rattling.
Bella‘ hastily kicks bones away as she looks into the satchel.
Padam is staying right here. Yep. Right outside. The flame of his candle wavers uncertainly.
Peter|GM: A massive jewel-cut sunstone, set into gold, in turn set on two chains of pearls.
Peter|GM: …It’s the Jewel of Ancestry.
Bella: "WOW."
Bella: "Uh."
Peter|GM: The gold is warm to the touch.
Peter|GM: Padam's flame is snuffed out by the wind - and then, it springs back, burning white.
Bella: "Uhhhhhhh."
Bella‘ looks around, wildly. Is this a joke?
Padam: "I think maybe that goes on the pedestal? But uh." He looks down at his candle. "-hm."
Peter|GM: Something in the shrine is whistling like a tea-kettle. A slowly rising, quiet whine.
Peter|GM: The jewel twinkles.
Peter|GM: It twinkles again.
Falgi: "I think ye should put the jewel on the altar lass…"
Bella: "Oh, well, okay."
Bella: "That’s how this mystical stuff goes, right?"
Padam: "After all there's what, a fifty percent chance that something bad won't happen?"
Bella‘ takes the jewel, and gingerly steps over to the shrine, looking for the right place to put it. She has an expression like a rabbit that’s about to bolt at any moment.
Peter|GM: With each step, the quiet whine gets a little higher-pitched,
Peter|GM: A little louder.
Falgi lets his bags slip off from his spear again, eyes darting about…
Peter|GM: Bella's only a step away from the pedestal when it happens -
Peter|GM: The two halves of the mural slam open, revealing an unearthly white light,
Peter|GM: And letting forth an impossibly cold, howling wind.
Peter|GM: A light that burns away all thought and perception, all feeling,
Peter|GM: All feeling
Peter|GM: But falling.
Peter|GM: Until -
Peter|GM: Thump.
Bella: "Owwwww…"
Peter|GM: You pick yourselves up off the cold shrine floor. The mural slams shut behind you.
Juniper: "Eep!"
Bella: "What the hell did I just do?"
Fausta: "Ow! Son of a - "
Bella: "Whatever it is… I'm splitting the blame between Falgi and Padam!"
Peter|GM: As your eyes adjust, looking out towards the sun pouring in through the doorway, you see two people standing there, both in armor -
Bella‘ nod.
Falgi: "Ooooof"
Bella` gives a cheeky little wave. "Hey guys. Just thought we’d drop by."
Peter|GM: "I heard a noise, I did!" "You keep loading that crossbow-"
Peter|GM: The one on the right - fat, heavily-armored - spins to look at you, and from behind him, a terrible beast lunges at him -
Peter|GM: At which point his squire cuts it down with a sword.
Peter|GM: "Could do that, ser. Slice it open like that, ser."
Peter|GM: "Hells, but you can." The knight laughs. "Come take a look at this lot, though."
Bella: "We're not beasts!"
Padam quietly picks himself up and considers the two newcomers with narrowed eyes. Were they at the inn before?
Peter|GM: No, definitely not.
Juniper: "We're too cute to be beasts!"
Fausta wavers a hand.
Peter|GM: "Can tell that!" He's dressed in plate armor, like a knight of old, lifting his visor to inspect you.
Falgi hauls himself off the floor. "Well, ye are at least"
Peter|GM: A belly-laugh. "On both accounts. Don't like the look of your ears there, missy, but the rest of you seem a proper sort."
Padam: "What's wrong with her ears?"
Bella: "Excuse?"
Bella‘ headtilts.
Fausta: "What, got something against Yue?"
Peter|GM: "Not you," the Knight says. He gestures to Bella - "She’s an elf. Not that I intend to hold it against her, sayin. But there's reason, times, to be suspicious of her kin."
Peter|GM: "That's putting it weakly, ser!" The squire calls out. "Shouldn't we at least be…"
Peter|GM: "No, no, no. She's fallen strangely in a shrine, she's surrounded by comrades of other stripes - some strange spirit is with her, too. No, no, that's a Strange Adventure if I've ever seen one."
Peter|GM: "A, ah, what, ser?"
Bella: "Yeah, I mean."
Peter|GM: "Best to get out of the way of em."
Bella: "Bella Rule Number One."
Bella: "No problems unless you start one."
Padam glances out the doors at the sunlight pouring in, then abruptly makes his way past the two men and out of the shrine.
Bella: "And you guys seem alright."
Peter|GM: "Course." He extends a gauntleted hand. "Careful out there. Think that was the last of them, but, ah, you never know, missy."
Bella: "It's okay, we're well skilled and well armed."
Peter|GM: "Ser Mackary, and my squire, the faithful Fetch."
Peter|GM: The squire nods, wiping the blood from his sword.
Falgi: "Ye can be assured that we can hold our own, ser."
Bella: "Right, so."
Bella: "Where are we?"
Bella: "I'm assumin' you're locals."
Peter|GM: "Some shrine," Ser Mackary says, as he leaves. "And no, hardly."
Bella: "… did you guys fall, too?"
Bella: "Heywaitaminute."
Padam: "I… don't think it's 'where.'"
Bella‘ checks the satchel.
Peter|GM: Satchel, satchel, satchel - Ah, it ended up on the ground, there.
Peter|GM: Inside, the Jewel of Ancestry. The center stone is bleached a dull grey.
Bella: "Uh."
Bella: "I think I fucked up."
Peter|GM: Out on the mountain-top, the rest of the shrine is… gone. Long grasses grow. A blossoming tree sits, stunted by the height. The trail is gone, too.
Bella` giggles nervously. "H-hey, uh, Fausta. You’re the one that's all good about respectin' the dead, right? Hereyoucantakethisdeadthing."
Bella‘ shoves the satchel into Fausta’s arms.
Fausta takes it, eyes unflinching from the pair in front of her.
Peter|GM: "A batch of the hundred got out here. They were running wild out in the province for nigh a fortnight."
Bella: "Oh fun."
Peter|GM: "When their Mystic dies - oh, I wish I could have seen it - they just keep going, fighting like cornered animals is what, till someone stops them."
Padam walks a little ways until he can get a clear view of what should be the town down below.
Fausta: "A 'batch'?" She tilts her head. "I thought they'd been running wild for years."
Peter|GM: "But the bounty's fine. Perhaps we'll get Fetch his knighthood from this one."
Fausta: "What year do you think this is?"
Falgi: "Me guess is one before our own, from what our new friends seem to be sayin'"
Peter|GM: The town below:
Peter|GM: The shape of the town, the buildings in it, the carts and carriages instead of trucks. Even the banners flying in the encampment just outside the village are right from a history book.
Peter|GM: Mt Isat - 600 CE.
Bella: "… . ."
Peter|GM: Mackary crosses his arms, overlooking the remnants of his battle on the hilltop. "Anyroad. Don't know the nature of this shrine. Doesn't look like the folk here been caring for it, either."
Bella: "So what you're saying is."
Padam goes right back to the shrine, grabs the jewel out of Fausta's hands and shoves it back onto the pedestal.
Bella: "We fell through a hole in time."
Bella: "What unrepentant b-"
Juniper gulps.
Peter|GM: "But if you ain't got a fortified doorway to fight in, the Hundred'll rip you to shreds."
Bella‘ cuts herself off as she watches Padam.
Peter|GM: The jewel sits on the pedestal.
Peter|GM: It does nothing.
Peter|GM: The squire nudges Ser Mackary.
Peter|GM: "They’re sayin' they fell through a hole in time!"
Padam just… stares at it.
Peter|GM: "Sure, explains it much as anything. Strange Adventure. Don't get involved."
Padam picks it back up off the pedestal, then tries again.
Peter|GM: Clunk.
Peter|GM: The dull grey stone is foggy and lifeless.
Bella: "Welp."
Bella: "I'm no wizard, but I'd hazard a guess that it's outta magic."
Padam slowly releases the jewel, unpleasant comprehension dawning on his face.
Peter|GM: The squire turns back and walks to the shrine.
Juniper: "….can we fill it back up…?"
Peter|GM: "You… you lot. That stone you have there. What's it?"
Fausta: "Were we put here for a purpose?"
Bella: "Well, it's like a magic key."
Bella: "We opened a door."
Bella: "Under our feet."
Padam: "It *was* a magic key."
Bella: "And we fell here."
Padam: "Now it's a hunk of rock."
Bella: "Shhhhhhhhhhhh it can totally be a magic key if we magic it back up again."
Bella: "Don't shatter my dreams."
Peter|GM: "Looks like the Mels royal stone, but… it's the wrong color, isn't it?"
Padam gives Bella a Look.
Fausta: "Expended, no doubt."
Falgi: "There's another stone?"
Bella: "Sounds like we have someone we can talk to to get it appraised!"
Peter|GM: "…Might have to be careful with that. Rocks like those belong to the royals."
Bella: "Uh…"
Bella: "Well."
Peter|GM: Mackary turns back to his squire - "Fetch, are you helping them with their Strange Adventure?" "I am, ser!" "You'll get turned into a deer or summat!" "Prepared to take the risk, ser!"
Bella: "Is there a gentle way we could request audience?"
Peter|GM: "Well, Mackary's a titled knight. He's granted court audience."
Juniper: "What's wrong with deer?!" Tiny plush paws on tiny plush hips. "Deerfolk are nice."
Fausta: "Yeah! A respectable, high-class lot!"
Falgi: "Nothin' wrong with 'em, little one"
Bella: "Cool."
Peter|GM: Ser Mackary stalks back to the shrine and waves a scolding finger. "Court audience holding that's a good way to get locked up."
Peter|GM: "Rumor is that their stone's gone missing. So they'll take that, go, oh, these thieves stole it, that's settled. Blaming you for nothing, letting the real culprits get away."
Bella: "… … ."
Bella: "Crap."
Peter|GM: "Ser, you don't… you don't think that they stole it, did they?"
Peter|GM: "Not a chance, Fetch."
Fausta: "So which one of us is the best at sleight of hand?"
Padam: "What's the best bet on who would've taken it?"
Padam: "I mean… I'm not exactly a scholar of history… one of the Mystics, maybe?"
Peter|GM: "Wouldn't they be the sort?" Mackary laughs. "I know the King of Thon asked for it seven times in exchange for joining the war effort, and was refused on each occasion."
Peter|GM: "They sent the Fighting Blue - good company, that - up north to knock them about now, just in case they got it."
Juniper tugs at Fausta. Tug, tug. "I'm good at sleight of hand!"
Juniper: "….sleight of hand is where you eat something really sneaky-like, right?"
Fausta snatches the satchel off the pedestal and holds it in front of Juniper.
Juniper: "A-and hide it in"
Fausta: "Sneaky-like. Yeah."
Juniper sniffs at it like a stray sizing up an offered meal.
Peter|GM: Smells like discharged sunstone.
Fausta shakes it lightly, dangling it. "Well?"
Fausta hasn't quite cottoned onto the familiar's plan yet.
Juniper: Good enough for her! Juniper reaches out, snatching it and stuffing it into her mouth like an almost-too-big cake.
Bella: "Oh hey."
Bella: "Now you ARE a wizard."
Bella: "A magic key wizard. Yes."
Falgi starts laughing
Fausta freezes. The irreverence, the sacrilege! " - hey! HEY!"
Juniper: "Problem solved!"
Juniper: "…I hope?"
Fausta bristles at the brazen disrespect at play, but soon her pragmatic side comes to. "… I suppose that works."
Juniper frowns. "Should I not do that next time?"
Padam blink "Well… there's that problem solved, then."
Fausta: "No, I - just - "
Bella: "Shhhhhh."
Fausta: "Be careful with that thing, alright?"
Falgi: "It's ok little one, nothin' to worry yer wee head over"
Fausta: "But that was good."
Peter|GM: Ser Mackary nods to Fetch - "Well, I'll leave you to get proof of bounty. I'll take this party down to the village and, at which point, I'm sure we can amicably wash our hands of them."
Fausta: "I just have a lot of conflicted feelings over a dumb stone, wow."
Falgi: "Now now, no stone is dumb!"
Peter|GM: He turns to the lot of you - "Now then, brave men, brave women."
Peter|GM: "Come with me, and meet the strange new world you've been flung into." He laughs, again from the belly.
Padam: "Strange old world, you mean," Parma grumbles.
Padam: (Padam. Phone.)
Peter|GM: "Ha ha! Exactly…!"
Peter|GM: Mackary leads you down from the mountain-top, past the remnants of a pitched battle - (which Fetch is just setting himself to cleaning up, in a sense-)
Peter|GM: Down to the village.
Peter|GM: A crier accosts villagers as they come pass, waving bills of contract in their faces in the town square - "Come, come! Sign up with the Steely Lions! Put the boot in the Mystics! Protect your Homeland, with pay and glory for the taking! Knighthoods in three years!"
Padam follows, quiet again, but now also grim-faced.
Peter|GM: "Lions are gathering cannon-fodder, I see," Mackary says, nudging Padam in the shoulder.
Peter|GM: The knight pauses.
Juniper scurries along, half-hiding behind Fausta.
Fausta strides along confidently.
Padam is nudged, and so intent on whatever he's thinking that he almost falls over. He glances at the crier, and shrugs. "Do they really grant knighthoods in three years?"
Padam: "I mean, do people generally survive that long?"
Fausta: "If most don't, then the ones that do deserve knighthood, wouldn't you say?"
Peter|GM: "They don't, which is why they can promise it. The Steely Lions are proud old men on cavalry boasting about their ability to ride in after all their footmen have died."
Bella: "Gross."
Peter|GM: Mackary thumps his chest with a clang. "S'why I'm a free knight. Fight for my own bread and Fetch's, paying out only for charity."
Peter|GM: "Which, given the Hundred hides up on that mountain-top, I can spare."
Peter|GM: He counts out eight golden coins, and passes them to Fausta. [8G]
Peter|GM: "Supplies and travel. There's a bookbinder working on the edge of town, friend of mine, ask her for information. And, imagine, for new clothes. That the fashion when you come from, now, is it?"
Falgi: "They call themselves lions, and yet are no more then craven fools, is more the likes of it…"
Peter|GM: Mackary laughs, smiling at Falgi. "It's a proud front on a rotten house, that's for certain."
Fausta takes the coins and puts it in a small sack, again hiding it away in her vest. "What's her name?"
Peter|GM: "Gelidy. Great old dame. If she had any intention of marrying, I'd be a married man."
Peter|GM: "Now, I'll be strolling back up the mountain. Fetch is going to need some help carrying hides, I'll imagine."
Falgi: "Heh, sounds like a lass from me younger days"
Peter|GM: "Till our paths cross again, though, fair hoping they don't."
Padam offers the most courtly bow he's been taught. "Thank you, sir, for your help. We'll tell her you said hello?"
Fausta: "Yeah. Good looking out, and it's appreciated."
Peter|GM: Ser Mackary bows in return.
Falgi: "Best wishes to you and your squire, and good day ser"
Peter|GM: "Good day!" And he heads back up the trail, whistling a tune.
Juniper gives a hearty wave.
Peter|GM: He waves back to Juniper, of course.
Peter|GM: A bright, cheery wind blows. The village is lively.
Padam looks around at the others. "So… to Gelidy, then?"
Fausta: "That's about the size of it, yes."
Bella: "That's the plan!"
Peter|GM: And the villagers stare at you as you walk past, though…
Peter|GM: None raise a quibble.
Peter|GM: It's not every day that you see someone from a different world, you know.
[OOC] Peter|GM:

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