[CE2300] [The Dome 52] The energtron is now free of mutant plant! Some other suckers have been tasked with cleaning it out, and in the meantime you've got a list of other tasks you may or may not feel like completely.
PseudoGM: What's next?
Alder: "The shrine next, right?" he asks, casually cocking his head.
Alder: "I mean, it can go anywhere on this to-do list." He racks his rifle across his shoulders, gently tipping this way and that.
Lyra: "Shrine's next"
Lyra: "We can't use the energtron until they're done cleaning it, so we should better head there as soon as possible"
Alder: "I'm sure it's got multitudes of years of no upkeep. The jewelkeeper should be fired!" He winks at Soahc.
PseudoGM: Heading north, then! The cities' a little less busted up the further you get from the dome's entrance, but it's still really what you'd call nice or anything. Less buildings falling apart though, at least. People outside look a tiny bit less grimy.
Lyra: "Even in the center of the city things still look really bad… I wonder what happened…"
PseudoGM: The notes on the request are adequet enough to get to you to the shrine before too long. There's been a cheap looking chain link fence set up around it, with a bunch of random boxes and crates pushes up against it, along with old, probably non-functioning vehicles seemingly abonded there as well. And a couple of motorcycles thta look like they're still in working order.
PseudoGM: From inside you can hear loud, aggressive music playing and the ocassional shouts and jeers from metallic sounding voices.
Alder: "Sounds like a lively party!" He walks up to the shrine, and if there's some swinging double doors, he's gonna enter them.
[OOC] Alder: or just go through regular doors
PseudoGM: More like a hole cut into the fence and pushes to one side.
Lyra: "Hrm…" she follows closely after Alder "I'm curious what an actually good variant of this kind of music would be like"
Rudri perches up in their proper place on Chrys' shoulder for this one.
Alder slinks through the link fence and heads towards the shrine.
PseudoGM: Inside there's a few, well, robots lounged around on beat up furniture that's been dragged inside at various times, drinking from darkly colored bottles. One of them, slightly larger than the others and with a red bandana around its head, looks your way. "The hell you want?"
Alder: "Large Marge sent me."
Rudri: "Cleaning crew."
Lyra steps carefully through the fence, she looks at the robot, then just looks at Alder, then back at the robot and shrugs
PseudoGM: "Again? Piss off, this is our spot now."
Lyra: "Sorry, but this is a public place, you really shouldn't prevent access"
Lyra: "Seeing as you are doing so, I suggest you move off before you are forced to"
Alder: "What, we can't share the space? We already share the time…"
Chrysanthemum: "I mean…"
Alder: "Add the two of those together…" He winks. "And you can do anything."
PseudoGM: "You think *you* gunna force us out, puppet?"
Lyra: "Yes? I mean, I thought you could understand this language"
Chrysanthemum: "Sure, it is… until we beat your ass and take it back from ya." He grins dangerously and punches his fist into his hand.
Lyra: "I may have overestimated your linguistic capacity"
Chrysanthemum: "Then it's ours again. That's the way the world works!"
Alder stage whispers to the robots. "(That means she thinks you're dumb!)"
PseudoGM: "Bahaha! Y'here that boys?! The puppet's gunna throw us out!" It makes a spitting noise to one side, then hefts up a gatling gun that was laying by its feet. "Lets learn 'em some manners!"
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Boss Bot, Biker A, Biker B, Biker C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Boombox
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Boombox, Lyra, Soahc, Boss Bot, Biker A, Biker B, Rudri, Chrys, Biker C, Alder
PseudoGM: Init shifting, Rudri?
Rudri: Yup, quicken.
[OOC] Rudri: Boss B(or)ot
[OOC] Lyra: This junker might as well be
PseudoGM: The Boombox resting on top of a thin stacks of boxes begins playing loudly once again. [Thrash}
[OOC] PseudoGM: +Short K-Power II to the group
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Chrysanthemum: "Nice tunes!" He draws his weapon, whirling threateningly (then staying still so Rudri can aim.)
Lyra stretches out her wings, looks at the array of foes before and at the robot with the gatling gun, then sighs. She sets down on all four feet and opens her mouth- A magical circle appears in front of her [Kinectic Gamblit - M-Pin] before she fires a rapid fire barrage at the Boss Bot [Twin Arrow, C-Pin]
Lyra rolled 3d100 and got 56, 95, 23 ( Total: 174 ) for 80
Lyra is 100% going to hit all three [2 LP]
PseudoGM: 3 hits!
Lyra strikes it for [3]x3 damage
[OOC] PseudoGM: 9]!
PseudoGM: Soahc?
Soahc fires up!! [OD - Double Up] and sends a bolt of AUM into the Boss Bot! [AUM] [air W/R?]
PseudoGM: Nope.
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 ) for 70/35
[-1 lP] [6 air] [long shock]
[OOC] PseudoGM: 6]!
Soahc then lobs a fireball onto the Boombox! [LOD]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 ) for 70/35
[-1 lp christ magus sucks] [6 fire] [long burning]
[OOC] PseudoGM: 6]!
Dicebot:// Adding air
Adding fire
Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: "Feh!" //The Boss Bot embeds the gatling gun into the ground, then charges forward and makes a slashing motion in Chrys' direction, a beam of energy appearing as it does so. [Attack - Air Combo]

PseudoGM rolled d100+20 and got 1 ( Total: 21 ) for 90
PseudoGM: Hitting for 6 supreme damage as the energy slices through Chrys' armor!
PseudoGM: Rudri?
Chrysanthemum: "Gahah! Nice trick!"
Dicebot:// Momentum List: air, fire, pin+1,
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: plz can has Air for longtaunt
Alder: "That damage… it seems like it rips through all defenses!!"
PseudoGM: "Hah!"
Chrysanthemum: "Don't worry about me, I'm not goin' anywhere!"
Rudri takes aim and looses shots against Boss and Biker A! [Twin Arrow]
Rudri rolled 2d100 and got 90, 19 ( Total: 109 )
Alder smiles.// "You're tough, and I believe in you!"
[OOC] Rudri: -1 LP] [2] to both
[OOC] PseudoGM: 2] [2]!
PseudoGM: Biker A picks a chain, before hurling it toward Lyra. [Tire Chain]
PseudoGM rolled d10 and got 6 ( Total: 6 ) for 80
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: //Dealing 4 physical damage to her and pulling her into the front row!

[OOC] Lyra: … That was a d10, btw
[OOC] Lyra: But okay
Lyra gets chained into the front row "Really, now?"
PseudoGM: I know, I multipled by 10 and 60 was still a hit.
[OOC] Alder: lmao
PseudoGM: Biker B then dashes forward and kicks Lyra before she can get her barings. [Attack - Pin Combo!]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting for 7 physical damage!
PseudoGM: Chrys? You're not last.
Lyra then gets kicked! She doesn't offers too much resistance… She's soft, you see
Chrysanthemum charges the boss, gettin' all up in his business! [Charge] [C-Air]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 ) for 25/80
Lyra: "Ow… I guess you can at least hit"
Dealing [5] physical and Long Taunt!
Dicebot:// Using air
Adding rush
[OOC] PseudoGM: 5]!
Chrysanthemum: "Let's you and me fight!"
Momentum List: fire, pin+1, pin+1, rush,
PseudoGM: //Biker C considers Chrys and all his armor, then kicks Lyra in the stuffing instead. [Attack]

PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 )
PseudoGM: But misses!
PseudoGM: Alder?
PseudoGM: Oh.
PseudoGM: gdi
Lyra dives to the side as the kick comes in "At least in a fight you're not that dumb"
PseudoGM: Chrys, Lyra, both take 2 more damage I nearly forgot my status.
Alder leaps to the center of the battlefield, arms stretched out to both sides, his fingers twisted into claws! "You may have forgotten the purpose of this place, but us- we're the living embodiment of it!" [OD - Separation of Night and Day] [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mdkmTXDG2I]
A wave of HOT HOT HEAT washes over Lyra and Rudri, and a chilling wave of water crashes into Boss Bot and Boombox!
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 ) for 35 bust
[C-Fire and Pin+1]
[+9 HP to Lyra and Rudri] [Long Energize]
PseudoGM: The Boss Bot is W: Water!
[9 water damage to Boombox] [12 to Boss Bot!] [Long Chill Both]
Dicebot:// Using pin+1
[OOC] Alder: oops I mean, another +1 to that healing and damage
[OOC] Alder: due to pin+1
Using fire
[OOC] PseudoGM: 12] [10]!
Lyra: "Always with good timing, Alder"
PseudoGM: //Both the Boombox and the Boss Bot are Bloodied!

Alder: "Now then- a hit!" He takes aim and fires at the Boombox with his rifle. [Demonstrate]
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round one.
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 )
Alder spends two luck!
[5 damage] [Long H-Power]
PseudoGM: Okay you can LP into a hit if you must first.
[OOC] Alder: OK I'm done now :>
[OOC] PseudoGM: 5]!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //The Boombox is Bloodied, Long Burning and Long Chilled! The Boss Bot is Blooded, Long Shocked, Long Taunted onto Chrys and Long Chilled!

PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Boss Bot, Biker A, Biker B, Biker C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Boombox
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Boombox, Lyra, Soahc, Boss Bot, Rudri, Biker A, Biker B, Chrys, Biker C, Alder
PseudoGM: The Boombox makes a few mechanical noises as the track changes, and bright, more bubbly music starts to pump through its speakers. [Pop]
[OOC] PseudoGM: All Enemies gain a Bubble (4)] The Boombox falls into SOS as it burns!
[OOC] Soahc: anyone low on HP?
Alder: "-Pop- music!"
PseudoGM: "…Who put that in there?!" The Bikers sort of glance at one another, before one shrugs. "What? It's catchy."
Alder: "Get it?"
Alder: "Lyra, hey-"
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Alder: "Lyra!"
Alder: "Do you get it?"
Lyra looks at Alder
Lyra: "Don't give me a reason to include you into my multi-strike targetting"
Chrysanthemum giggles. It's a bit discongruous.
Lyra shakes her head, retreating into the back row [Reposition]
Alder: "Ahahahhaa, oh man." He looks back at the robots. "Maybe after this we can still be friends."
PseudoGM: Soahc!
[OOC] Soahc: weaknesses besides the boss?
[OOC] Alder: don't know yet
[OOC] Alder: boss is neutral to air
PseudoGM: "Pssh."
Soahc tries to get rid of the boombox's bub- waiiiit a second. UX on the Boombox!
PseudoGM: Bubble isn't a status.
[OOC] Soahc: derp
PseudoGM: (Neither is Barrier)
Soahc :(. GED then!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 ) for 70
[OOC] Soahc: earth weakness?
PseudoGM: The boomboc resists earth!
[OOC] Soahc: :( :(
[OOC] Soahc: Long K-shatter anyway!
Dicebot:// Adding earth
[OOC] Soahc: 6 earth before resist
[OOC] PseudoGM: 4] and k-shattered!
PseudoGM: //Which is reduced to [1] as the bubble around it pops!

PseudoGM: The Boss Bot hefts the gatling gun back up off the ground, before swinging it around and opening fire on the group. [Gatling Gun - Water Combo]
PseudoGM rolled 5d100 and got 71, 4, 4, 9, 56 ( Total: 144 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 5 physical damage and Slow 1ing everyone!
Chrysanthemum: "…I suppose that counts."
PseudoGM: Biker A rushes forward and pops Chrys on the jaw. [Attack - Pin Combo!]
PseudoGM rolled 1d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 ) for 80
Lyra gets fired at, what a pain
PseudoGM: Dealing 7 physical damage!
PseudoGM: Rudri?
Rudri ends up with a lot of beads of water on their fur. Shakes like a rained-on dog.
Rudri then snaps their fingers, and returns the favor! Frigid water condenses in the air around the Boombox, and then both arrows in Boss and Biker A burst into even more chilling mist! [Freeze]
Rudri rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 ) for 35 burst
Chrysanthemum reaches up, pets Rudri between the ears.
[OOC] Rudri: 6] water damage to all affected targets!
PseudoGM: Boss bot is weak! Biker resists!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 6] [8] [4]!
PseudoGM: The boombox is destroyed!
Alder: "Good going!"
Rudri: "I guess this makes me video?"
Lyra: "And that solves one problem"
PseudoGM: Boss actually took [4] from the bubble, biker actually took [1]!
Alder snickers!
PseudoGM: Boss Bot is in SOS!
Alder: "I spoke too soon- great going!"
Lyra: "This has really been going downhill"
PseudoGM: Biker B swings a chain around, before throwing it towards Soahc! [Tire Chain]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 37 ( Total: 37 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Pulling him into the front row and dealing 4 physical damage after it snags onto him and gets yanked!
Soahc: "OW goddammit-"
PseudoGM: Biker C then dashes forward and kicks Soahc before he can get up! [Attack - Pin Combo]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 80
PseudoGM: But misses!
PseudoGM: That guy misses a lot.
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Dicebot:// Momentum List: earth, water+1,
Chrysanthemum: "Gwahahah!"
Chrysanthemum jumps up into the air and comes down on the boss bot, axe shimmering with frost! [Power Strike] [C-Water+1]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 ) for 25/80
Dealing [7+3] hitting the weakness, I think?
[OOC] Lyra: Noo, I wanted that Water :<
[OOC] Lyra: Oh well
Using water+1
PseudoGM: //Hits the weakness!

Dicebot:// Adding water+2
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: B)
[OOC] Lyra: Or what, wow
[OOC] Lyra: I forgot power strike does that
[OOC] Alder: as it turns outk,
Chrysanthemum winks at Lyra.
[OOC] Alder: fighter, now Ace, is really good!
Lyra blinks, and chuckles at Chrysanthemum// "Now that, I didn't realize you could do"
PseudoGM: Weakness is only +2 though, so [9]!
Chrysanthemum: "Gahahah! Usually I'm too much of a slowpoke f'rit to ever matter…"
PseudoGM: Alder?
Alder hefts his crossbow and takes aim at Boss Bot! There's a hiss of aether before the bolt fires! [Conjuration]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 ) for 80
[A bright red bolt follows!] [Expended Charge]
PseudoGM: Hits!
[4 damage to Boss Bot] [3 row fire damage]
Dicebot:// Adding rush
[OOC] PseudoGM: 4][3]! to the Boss bot, scrapping it as its head flys off! [3] [1] [1] to the bikers as the remaining bubble pop.
PseudoGM: "He knocked 'is block off!" "What!"
PseudoGM: //Lyra?

Rudri: "… I think I had a toy like that once."
Lyra grins, and points a claw at the Boss Bot "Then let's see how well this works out… Tear him to the shreds, land below his feet- Thorns!" she says, as thorny vines rise up from the earth and grasp at him, strangling him [Thorns] "Now bloom, black roses!" as she calls out, black roses sprout and bloom on the thorny vines, she forms a fist with her extended claw and the roses's petals
Lyra scatter, scratching all of the remaining enemies [C-Water+2]
Alder: "Sorry they couldn't stay to finish off the song, but I've seen their dance before." He brushes his hair back.
Lyra deals [14] Earth damage to the Boss Bot and marks the other enemies
PseudoGM: Lets Do The Time Warp
Lyra: YEs let's
Dicebot:// Momentum List: earth, water+2, rush,
Lyra does basically the exact same thing but on Biker A, just deals [8] damage
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8]!
PseudoGM: //And that's the end of round two!

Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //All the statuses and bubbles are gone!

PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Biker A, Biker B, Biker C
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Biker A, Rudri, Biker B, Biker C, Chrys, Alder, Lyra
PseudoGM: Soahc?
Chrysanthemum: "…Lyra that was cool."
[OOC] Soahc: Biker A bloodied yet?
PseudoGM: Nope, not yet.
Lyra: "Thank you, takes a bit to set that up"
[OOC] Soahc: do any of you need a elemental momentum?
[OOC] Soahc: haven't used elemental gambit yet.
[OOC] Alder: I've got my own, lolf
[OOC] Lyra: Sadly doesn't helps me right now
Soahc calls down lightning on Biker A! AUM!
[OOC] Lyra: All my elemental combos give Short statuses
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 ) for 75%
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness!
[OOC] Soahc: 8 air damage
[OOC] Soahc: oh wait!
PseudoGM: Biker A grunts, then - ?
[OOC] Soahc: passive: exploit weakness! so 10!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 10]!
PseudoGM: Then pulls out a grenade and chucks it into the back row after pulling the pin. [Grenade]
[OOC] Soahc: and long shock of course~)
PseudoGM rolled 3#d100+20(1) and got 25 ( Total: 45 ) for 80
[OOC] Soahc: c'mon make him miss make him misssssssss
Also rolled 3#d100+20(2) and got 74 [Total: 94]
Also rolled 3#d100+20(3) and got 6 [Total: 26]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 165
PseudoGM: Hitting Lyra and Alder for 5 physical damage!
PseudoGM: Rudri?
Lyra gets knocked around a little bit more
Lyra: "It certainly took al ong time"
Rudri draws and fires at Biker A and Biker B! [Twin Arrow]
Rudri rolled 2d100 and got 14, 1 ( Total: 15 )
[OOC] Rudri: -1 LP] Crit to B, quicken 1!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 2] [5]!
PseudoGM: Biker A is bloodied!
PseudoGM: Biker B throws the chain towards Lyra once again. [Tire Chain - Launch Combo]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Pulling her back into the front again and dealing 7 physical damage.
PseudoGM: Biker C then rushes up and attempts to kick her while she's down. [Attack - Pin Combo]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for 80
Alder: "So rude!"
Lyra gets bounced around even more "Heaven and earth… If you need need a hug asking tends to work better, you know"
PseudoGM: Hitting, finally, for 7 physical damage.
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Dicebot:// The Momentum list is empty
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: *sobs weakly*
[OOC] Alder: should be air and pin+1
Adding air
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Perfect
Adding pin+1
Chrysanthemum strikes a heroic pose! [OVERDRIVE- Admiralty Sword] He then goes on a whirling rampage through the front row before plunging his sword into the robit heart of Biker A! [C-Pin+1]
Chrysanthemum rolled 3d100 and got 84, 76, 14 ( Total: 174 ) for 25/80 A B C
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: -1 LP
PseudoGM: //good thing i didn't want to overdrive this fight i guess…

Dealing [8] physical to A and removing [-5] Drive, [5] to B and [-2] Drive, and crit [5+4] to C and [-2] drive!
Dicebot:// Using pin+1
Adding rush
PseudoGM: //Biker A is bloodied!

Chrysanthemum follows up! [Hero Saber] to Biker A!
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 ) for 25/80, C-Rush
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: -2 LP egh!
PseudoGM: Hits!
PseudoGM: "Yarg!"
Dealing [5] damage and recovering [7] HP, and a mote of light sparks and flies off his blade and lands on Lyra's nose, recovering [7] HP!
Dicebot:// Using rush
Adding recovery
Alder: "Going faster than us hasn't slowed him down one bit."
PseudoGM: //That was a lot of damage at once.

PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder fires a shot at Biker A! [Attack - Rifle]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) for 80
[5 damage]
[OOC] PseudoGM: 5]! Biker A's in SOS!
PseudoGM: Lyra?
[OOC] Lyra: A sec
[OOC] Lyra: logistics issue
Dicebot:// Adding pin
Momentum List: air, recovery, pin,
Lyra grins, and raises up her right claw// "And now… Come to me, my friend, Raz-Y-Dran!" and a shadowy form coalesces behind her, looking humanoid. It picks Lyra up in their arms and looks at the enemies as a massive cloud of dust takes over the battlefield. With a roar a great dragon of earthen-brown scales comes forth from the cloud. Lyra is atop their head with her right claw raised
Lyra high, the dragon stands onit's hind legs… And as Lyra bringsd her claw down the dragon brings it's front claws to the ground with a slam, shaking the earth [OD: Raz-y-Dran]
Lyra deals [8] Earth damage to all the enemies [C-Pin], and as the dragon crash lands it opens up it's mouth wide and breathes a powerful cone of shattered ice and cold air at all the foes [Freeze] dealing [6] Water damage, and as the snowstorm takes over sight the dragon vanishes in the mist.
Dicebot:// Using pin
Adding earth+1
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8][8][8]! [6][6][6]!
PseudoGM: //Biker A is destoyed! Biker B is in SOS! Biker C is blooded!

PseudoGM: And that's the end of round three! You guys are chewing through these robots with the realness.
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //FRONT ROW: Biker B, Biker C

PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Rudri, Biker A, Biker B, Biker C, Chrys, Alder, Lyra
Alder: "That's some -nice- widespread havoc!"
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Alder: "Most Mystics would be jealous to be able to do that~."
Soahc just shocks the crap outta Biker B. No sense in wasting his chronicle entries… AUM.
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 ) for 75%
Soahc: (…2 luck)
Lyra chuckles "Things just happened to align as it is"
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness!
Soahc: (so, 10 air damage and long shock!)
Alder: "Luck is also part of being a great warrior."
PseudoGM: Which means it does enough damage to scrap it!
PseudoGM: Rudri?
PseudoGM: Biker B's down! Rudri?
Soahc 's lightning bolt begins to fork into the ground- with visible effort, Soahc reaches out and bends the arc back to Biker B. "For… the love… of beer… DIE."
Rudri finds only one target left. None of which have their arrows in them. So… zap. [Lightning]
Rudri rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 ) for 35 burst
[OOC] Rudri: 8] air damage!
PseudoGM: It's in SOS!
PseudoGM: And hurls a [Grenade] into the front row before it can be taken out!!
PseudoGM rolled 3d100 and got 98, 26, 67 ( Total: 191 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting Lyra and Soahc for 5 physical damage!
PseudoGM: Chrys?
Alder: "Mind a sec?"
Alder: "I wouldn't want to wast all this aether."
Alder: "I dissipate it as part of my victory animation."
Chrysanthemum: "Got something in mind?" He grins. [Reposition]
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder claps his hands, and sparks of green aether flitter about! He waves his hands through them, white energy trailing from his fingertips. He then flicks bits of healing towards Lyra and Chrysanthemum, bolstering them both! [Acclaim] [C-Vigor]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 ) for 35 burst
[+19 HP!] [Short K-Power]
PseudoGM: disgusting
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Lyra then proceeds to simply [Attack] Biker A (A's alive right?)
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 ) for 80
PseudoGM: C's the one still up but close enough.
Lyra strikes for [4] damage
[OOC] PseudoGM: 5] you're K-Pow'd.
[OOC] Lyra: Oh right
PseudoGM: It's still hanging on though!
PseudoGM: Chrys?
PseudoGM: (You're back row)
PseudoGM: (and also with Short K-Power)
[OOC] Alder: back row/???
Chrysanthemum [Charges] right back into the front row yelling at the top of his lungs.
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 51 ( Total: 51 ) for 25/80
Dealing [5] damage!
Dicebot:// Adding rush
PseudoGM: //…I guess you can do that yeah!

[OOC] Chrysanthemum: 6 damage
PseudoGM: The robot flys through the air, before slamming into the fence and sparking lightly.
[OOC] PseudoGM: Victory!
[OOC] PseudoGM: +10 XP] [+7 Gon
Chrysanthemum: "Yeah!"
Soahc: "Huzzah!"
Alder twirls his rifle around, dissipating the surrounding aether as he walks through it. "We're good at this!"
Soahc then casts a heal on himself to close up some wounds… ow. (7 HP)
Lyra takes a deep breath, then sits down "And that's a bunch of idiots dealt with"
Lyra: "Haven't had my stuffing beat like that in a while"
Lyra looks at her own self "(Damned wings)" she says, fiddling with her wings "Well, anyway" she sighs and shrugs "Shall we check the integrity of the shrine?"
Soahc is already doing just that. Oh look, he's taking a job seriously! Someone get a camera!
PseudoGM: Well… it looks like the shrine itself is more or less still in tact, considering the building itself was designed to be pretty open. It takes a couple minutes of looking around and shifting through junk and grabage, but you eventually find the pedestal that the Ancestral Jewel is supposed to rest on. It's a bit scratched up, but more or less fine.
Lyra sighs "No respect at all…"
Soahc: "These assholes have no respect for… ugh."
Alder claps his hands together and prays. "Rest in peace, rad tunes."
Lyra looks at the pedestal "Still no Ancestral Jewel, however" she looks around "Is it lost in this trash pile or- I guess someone already took it away long ago."
PseudoGM: Yeah, and his name was SOAHC.
Soahc: "Uh."
Lyra: "… Right, future, not past"
Alder: "We have our own, right?"
Lyra: "Yes. And that's why there isn't one here"
Lyra: "Sorry, I got a little used to the past… That's a weird thing to say"
Lyra: "Either way, we should check to see if we can still trigger the time control effect"
Alder stands back!
PseudoGM: The Jewel lights up as soon as Soahc brings it near the pedastal, and from the way the energy is flowing… You're pretty sure you could activate it again and return, now.
Soahc: "…everyone ready?"
Alder: "What? No way."
Alder: "We're not quite done here yet!"
Alder snaps his heels together and points with a demonstrating finger!
Alder: "Consider!"
Alder: "We're in the future, but we don't know how far."
Soahc: "…oh boy."
Alder: "Something, someone, somehow, turned our world into this grimy, dirty, hungry mess."
Chrysanthemum: "We dunno what got fucked up in the past t'make the future so grim 'n dusty. Gotta do some good ol' nose-t'-th'-ground."
Lyra: "And it probably involves who sent us here in the first place"
Lyra: "Pretty much"
Alder: "I figure if we can search about, we're bound to find out more points where Things Went So Horribly Wrong!"
Lyra: "I just wanted to make sure everything was still working before commiting any more effort"
Alder: "Plus, I mean…" He shrugs.
Alder: "Best to leave any place better than we left it."
Alder: "Given the nature of alternate timelines, it's the least we could do for these denziens."
Rudri: "Now then… what else was on that list…"
Alder nods. "Anna's list is a good place to start, middle, and end."
Chrysanthemum: "Gwahahaha. You're a softie. Carin' about people that won't actually exist once we're done fixin' up the past-present-future. I like your style."
Alder turns to Chrys and does the anime-hand-behind-head-wibbly-face stance. "Ahahahaha, well… that's best-case scenario, isn't it?"
Lyra: "Hrm… Do you still have that clipboard?" she figures out who has it and looks at it "Hrm… I'm getting drained, I wouldn't think it wise to after the death corps at this moment"
Alder: "I don't know how everyone is doing, but I think we might want the baths to be operating again before we charge at the 'death corps,' a gloomy and ferocious name in deed."
Lyra: "Yep"
Alder: "Gathering food might not be the worst idea, to wake up rejuvenated and -not- hungry."
Lyra: "Good suggestion"
Soahc: "I'm all for gathering gut-stuffers."
Rudri: "… remind me what these Death Corps things were again? Like… were they actively attacking?"
Lyra looks at the other papers in the clipboard "There's something here…"
PseudoGM: From the notes, it sounds like they're a band of Maxwellian raiders. They tend to hit any merchants of supply caravans that are outside of the city, loot everything, and kill anything in their way.
Lyra: "Hrm… Have anyone else ever met one of those… Maxwellians before?"
PseudoGM: All right! As you may remember, the terrain surrounding *most* of Dome #52 is sort of a sandy wasteland. That, combined with the general lack of trading that seems to be going on means it can be hard to actually get enough food for the city, so they've always got an open request in for doing this job.
Rudri: "… So… yeah. Food first. These guys are stopping anyone else from bringing it in." They flick an ear. "Maxwellians? Those are the war machina, right?"
Lyra: "Yeah"
Lyra poitns with her snout at the robots scattered everywhere right now
Alder: "That's putting it rather -brusquely-…"
PseudoGM: It'll take a bit of time, but it's not really a hard job. The easy way to go about it would be with a SURVIVAL check, just get out there and track down some animals and eidable flora. In a pitch though, you could probably opt to use LORE to determine some safer, more efficent ways of eating the things nearby or under the dome itself.
Chrysanthemum: "Hmph. Huntin's huntin'. I've scrapped up a camp in worse neighborhoods. …okay, might be exaggeratin' a little."
Alder exhales through his nose, concentrating.
Lyra probably knows which of the nearby fauna and flora could be eaten that generally aren't, and a few things about not-so-bad low intake diets (due to her masters) "I'm no hunter, though. I'll entrust it to you, then, Chrys"
Alder: "I bet with some light knowledge and EXPERIMENTATION, we could figure out a way to -process- some of the fauna, too…"
PseudoGM: You heard the list! SURVIVAL or LORE!
PseudoGM: You don't really have the time needed for the sorts of science that would require, wrt to experimentation.
Soahc: "Yeah, I'm useless. I'll cook the meat if we get any."
Rudri: !3d6
Rudri rolled 3d6 and got 3, 5, 2 ( Total: 10 )
PseudoGM: Alright Rudri, you got 1 Success! You can stop there and find enough food but something bad happens along the way… or you could burn some LP to get to a clean 2 successes.
[OOC] Rudri: -2 LP
PseudoGM: Cool! Things are going alright - there's more plants out here you can eat than you remember seeing on the way towards the dome. It seems like it's just barely going to be enough to feed you guys for a few days though, until Rudri lucks out and notices a small pack of rabbits making their way past the party. Shortly after that, you've got enough spare food to fill the request!
PseudoGM: There was a specific building marked on the clip board for where to go turn it in.
Alder strings the hares up by the hair, helping haul them to the Foodery.
Alder hustles inside with pep and vigor! "Small game for big appetites!"
PseudoGM: Presumably you do so. The driftin managed the desk where you turn everything in seems surprised by how much stuff you brought back (and the variety), and offers you guys a few packages that have alreayd prepared food inside of them.
Chrysanthemum: "Good job. Won't need to go for the emergency rations." He grins at Rudri. (He says this out of earshot of the driftin managing the desk. Obviously.)
PseudoGM: And then after a moment of sizing the party up, vanishes into the back for a moment, before returning with an enormous chain saw and setting it down on the counter. "Alright so this thing is… basically taking up a lot of space in the back, we don't really have much use for it with the amount of fuel this thing guzzles… but maybe you might?"
Alder grows a grin and it gets wider and wider.
Alder: "That's for the really big game."
PseudoGM: Got x1 [Chain Saw] [Melee weapon, 6 physical damage, +40 Crit. 3WGT. Consumes Ammo: 2/2]
Lyra blinks, and looks at the object that was just delivered "Wh- Were you using this to cut meat?" she says, stunned
PseudoGM: "Sometimes the deer have metal joints." The driftin shrugs.
Lyra remains stunned
Alder turns to the party. "(We totally have to help more people out if we get great stuff like this!)"
Chrysanthemum grins. >:D
PseudoGM: There's decent odds that may be the case!
Lyra: "Well, either way"
Lyra: "I hope that's enough for a while"
Lyra: "Hrm… I wonder how much longer until the energtron's cleaned up"
Alder: "Let's keep going down the list!"
PseudoGM: "That'll continue holdin' us over for a while yeah. Take care."
[OOC] Alder: air systems!!
Lyra: "I'll defer the choice to you, Alder"
Rudri nods. "I still think we should be at full strength before we go fighting Maxwells, so… tunnels?"
Alder: "Okay, well-! Yes!"
Alder: "Either tunnels or air systems!"
Chrysanthemum: "Works for me!"
Chrysanthemum pulls out a gon and flips it and it comes up….
Chrysanthemum rolled d2 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
Chrysanthemum: "Tunnels it is."
Alder: "Tunnels." He nods, sagely.
PseudoGM: Okay.
PseudoGM: So near the entrance to the dome, there's an access hatch.
PseudoGM: And this leads down to some tunnels that run undernearth the dome itself.
PseudoGM: They've been explored to some degree so that's not really the biggest issue here -
PseudoGM: The big issue is coming from this MASSIVE steel door at the end of one of them. And more specificly, this godawful smell coming from inside of it, that makes you all start gagging a bit just approaching it.
Soahc gags.
PseudoGM: It looks like at some point someone trying blasting it open, but it didn't work too well. There's just a tiny little tear where the doors meet and seal, which is the primary reason the smell is escaping now.
Alder covers his nose and mouth with an embroidered handkerchief, but it doesn't do much. "Hurk-"
Chrysanthemum: "Ugggghhhhh."
Chrysanthemum: "What's- what-all is behind here again?"
Alder: "Wuggl- eugh! Who knows!"
Rudri: "… why did we need to explore this again…?"
Lyra scrumches up her face "To figure out what this smell is and what is behind this door"
Chrysanthemum: "Ugh I was afraid that was gonna be the answer."
Lyra looks around, thinking. This smell is familiar for some reason? Could be chemical
PseudoGM: After a quick examination of the area it looks like there's actually a control panel for the door that's been knocked open and has some loose wiring hanging from it, but someone with a decent head on their shoulders might be able to use MECHANISMS to get it open. If not… well… you could try your own hand at the brute force approach with STRENGTH or SORCERY, if you like. Maybe it'll
PseudoGM: go better for you?
PseudoGM: If someone was REALLY brave though…
[OOC] Soahc: …3 dots in sorcery
PseudoGM: They could probably force themself through that small crack in the door and try and wade through the back, to find out whatever the hell's back there with DETERMINATION.
PseudoGM: It's familiar yeah Lyra, but you can't really put your finger on it.
Lyra: "Ugh, though… Soahc, you've an Ice-type spell don't you? Could you use it to force the doors apart?"
Lyra: "I can help out if you need"
Soahc: "I've got earth."
Soahc: "Probably… better for prying?"
Lyra: "Exactly as good"
Chrysanthemum: "Uuuuuugggghhhhh."
Lyra: "Ice, stone, all hard objects used to force the door open"
Soahc: "All right, let's get this shit over with…"
[OOC] Soahc: Okay, what do I roll? 3 dots in SORCERY
PseudoGM: Three ranks of sorcery would let you roll 5d6!
[OOC] Lyra: 2d6 base, +1d6 per dot. So 5d6
Soahc rolled 5d6 and got 1, 6, 4, 5, 5 ( Total: 21 )
[OOC] Soahc: is… higher better or worse?
[OOC] Alder: you want 5s and 6s
PseudoGM: A few well placed earth spells open, and Soahc's managed to rip the doors wide open! Which results in a wave of the smell pouring out all at once! It's very gross, but it passes after a few moments. Smells not as bad anymore - probably safe to head inside without barfing all over the place now.
PseudoGM: Higher's better! 5 and 6 count as successes, and you only need 2 to pass the check with no downsides. So you're in the clear.
Soahc: "Almost… got… it… there, finally OH DEAR GOD IT SMELLS LIKE SATAN'S ASSHOLE."
Chrysanthemum tromps in, tying a lavender-scented cloth over his face. Where did he even get that from?
Lyra wouldn't have done that anyway, then again she might have passed out "Gah… Even I would have felt that"
Lyra starts heading inside after Chrysanthemum
Alder follows behind Chrysanthemum, letting him part the air in front of them while still closely holding his handkerchief to his face.
PseudoGM: …Lot of shelves with boxes full of what was… probably food at some point, but looks like just a lot of rotting mold at this point. Near the back there's two corpses, one with a hand reaching inside of a box with a sword through it, and another slumped over it.
PseudoGM: …In the other corner of the room there's a small box with a glowing light over the lock.
Lyra: "Really?"
Lyra looks at the piles mold around, she immediately runs over and clambers into Alder's clothes "Uuugh, no"
Chrysanthemum: "…yeesh."
Alder: "Hunger's the worst to have…" He pats the Lyra lump in his suit.
Alder: "…just so you know, I'm heading over there."
Alder shuffles up to the corpses, the box, and the sword.
Lyra: "Ack, I just don't want to get any of that mold"
Alder says a quick Mystic prayer before ruffling through the lot.
Lyra: "Do you know how bad it gets when it get moldy?!"
Chrysanthemum picks Lyra up and perches her on his head.
PseudoGM: There's not much to write home about the swords at least - it's pretty rusted over and in general bad shape. The box seems alright though.
PseudoGM: And when you press on the lock where it's glowing, the lip pops off, revealing a fairly elaborate and expensive looking magic wand.
PseudoGM: x1 [Magic Wand +1] [Spells cast with this deal +2 damage, rather than +1]
Alder: "Oh my, this wand is still very potent…!"
Alder: "What a lucky find, in all!"
Alder brushes off some of the newly-gained grime from his suit.
Alder: "…well, if the crew working on the baths is finished, they've got another job ready for them."
Lyra: "Ugh… I don't envy them" she says, clinging to Chrysanthemum's head
PseudoGM: …Doesn't look like there's much left in here. Well. Mystery solved, in any case.
Chrysanthemum: "Least they'll be able t'clean this place out, now." He carefully steps out. It would be TERRIBLE if he stumbled and fell and Lyra went flying into a pile of mold so it's a good thing that doesn't happen!
Lyra quickly jumps off and flutters away once she's in range. Mold is the worst thing
PseudoGM: Alright! That's two quickish jobs down, one more to go!
Alder: "Let's investigate the air systems next. I could use a fresh breath of clean air… assuming that's what they do."
PseudoGM: Okay! The air system. So along the dome, there's an air purification system set up. With the top of the dome having been ripped off to a degree, it's never worked as well as it should. But the air outside is still mostly breathable so it's not a huge deal. The thing it's still pretty good at, however, is keeping the sand out of the dome.
PseudoGM: Or it does when it's working properly anyways.
PseudoGM: Currently… it's not working so well. There's this strange rattling noise coming from inside of it, and no one's really sure why. So they handed the job off to you, having showing you how to get into the bulk of the filtration system to mess around with.
Lyra looks at the entrance to the system from where she is "Did something come off in there?"
Chrysanthemum: "Or somethin' got in there what oughtn't be."
Alder pulls back a fist like he's gonna bang on the system, and then holds himself.
Alder: "Hmm, well… percussive maintenance if all else fails…"
PseudoGM: There's very obviously some sort of mechanical solution to this, it's just a matter of figuring out what's wrong with OPERATIONS. If no one's really confident in their ability to pin point the problem and/or crawl around in the air vents though, you could probably figure out a way to install some heavier duty filters to get the same effect as fixing it with some EXPERIMENTATION.
Alder: "But maybe there's a better way to use what we have."
Lyra: "This is as far from my area of expertise as it can get, sadly"
Alder: "I think we can move things around a bit here… and here…" He's fiddling with the air filters. [EXPERIMENTATION]
Alder rolled 3d6 and got 2, 3, 3 ( Total: 8 )
Alder: "Well, I-" [-2 LP to get one success, but…]
PseudoGM: Okay.
PseudoGM: That's one out of two successes with a lot of luck on Alder's part.
PseudoGM: Soahc, you can ASSIST him if you want though! You've got three ranks in experimentation yourself, so that'll let you roll 3d6.
PseudoGM: This will add another 'bad things happen' to the list for you to overcome with a success though… so you'll need two success to get both you and Alder out of this scot free!
PseudoGM: If you just get one success you cna either take on the bad yourself by counting it towards the skill check success itself… or you can use it to save yourself and let Alder suffer the consequences!
PseudoGM: (Or you could hang him out to dry completely by not even trying to assist, if you're not feeling lucky! THE CHOICE IS YOURS)
Soahc rolled 3d6 and got 6, 4, 2 ( Total: 12 )
[OOC] Soahc: feck. can I spend an lp?
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: yase
PseudoGM: Yup! 1LP will increase a single die by +1
[OOC] Alder: you can spend multiple lp
PseudoGM: so you can get your two successes with 1LP.
[OOC] Soahc: changing the four to 5 then
Soahc: "Uh, wait, try pulling this here, and that… there… so that we…"
PseudoGM: Alright! Alder and Soahc are doing some work on enforcing and replacing filters as needed, and things are going mostly okay… until Soahc notices Alder unscrew the wrong thing just a little bit early at the last second, and manages to pull him out of the way before a chunk of air duct falls on him.
PseudoGM: Other than that one little scare though, the process goes pretty smoothly. (well okay getting that peice of duct back up is a pain in the ass, but you manage), and when it's all said and done there's a heck of a lot less sand entering the dome. Mission accomplished!
Alder: "-whew! The devil's own luck!" He gives Soahc a heary pat on the shoulder!
Alder: "Thanks!"
Soahc: "Okay, so… that's done… what else?"
Alder: "Go report it in, and see if the baths are ready."
Lyra: "Nothing else i'd like to do before cleaning up"
Lyra: "Alder's got the right idea"
PseudoGM: That's about the size of it. When you head on over to let the person in charge know how much progress you've been making on their list, then pulling out a gun and set it on the counter, and compensation for all the work you've been doing, and getting the air filters back up and running.
PseudoGM: x1 [Uzi] [Firearm, 4 damage, 4 WGT. Consumes Ammo: 6/6. Has a semi auto mode, which can be turned on/off with a quick you always have access too. In semi-auto mode, each shot consumes 2 bullets, but you gain +20 Crit. Also roll twice to hit and take the better roll, unless one roll is 90+. Any 90+ means an automatic miss.]
PseudoGM: They then inform you that the engertron has, in fact, been cleared out and you can be the first to use it if you can cover the cost of the nutriant block.
Soahc: "…does that mean I can heal up my bumps, bruises, and mana drain?"
Alder: "What amazing tech!"
PseudoGM: "That it does!"
Rudri: "How much was the nutrient block?"
PseudoGM: "Ten gon should do it."
Soahc: "Sounds great. How- what Rudri said."
Soahc: "Sounds great."
Alder hands over 10 Gon.
PseudoGM: With a nod, they hand over a small little greenish grey block. "Enjoy!"
Lyra: "Oh, i'll sure enjoy it"
Alder: "Communal~ bathing~." Heading for the engertron!
Rudri will… ride the Chrys train there.
Chrysanthemum: Choo Choo.
Lyra heads on with the party to the baths "Don't mind if I don't… Really get in"
PseudoGM: It's getting a bitch dark as you head on over to the energtron, but they've got mood lighting inside. It makes it a bit easier to see the stares through the sun roof, too. It's a bit strange, looking up at the sky and not seeing constellations in the places you remember them being. The saunce itself is nice and relaxing though, and within a half hour you feel right as rain once again.
[OOC] PseudoGM: Fully recover HP, MP and LP!
PseudoGM: bit dark^
Chrysanthemum: "Ahhhhh, that was nice~."
Soahc: "I feel like my ability to whine at reality until it does what I want has come back…"
PseudoGM: …You're still hungry though, but I supposed that's what the packages meals from earlier were for, huh?
Alder has a little floating table that passes by with some of that food! He takes a bite of a pork bun as the table drifts by.
Lyra sits near the edge of the pool, busying herself with fixing the wiring on her wings
PseudoGM: All in all, that was a pretty good day of work. Managed to get through five out of six things on the list Anna gave you! Probably save the last one for tomorrow though, and get some rest for now. It'll likely be the toughest one.

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