[CE 1000] [Mels] [Outskirts of Meticen] With the business of the lost Princess sorted out and figuring out how the Jewel works,, the party has returned to the present! Things probably should have been better, knowing what you do of her role in histroy, and yet, by all apperances things are worse. Tanks line it city, and from a distance the soldiers all look ready for war.
Lyra hops up on Chrysanthemum's head to take a look in the distance at the tanks "Of course… Things could not so easily turn well"
Lyra: "Let's approach with caution, shall we?"
Alder: "It's a lot more metal than we left it."
Alder takes caution by calmly walking forward.
PseudoGM: The Soldiers all seem on pretty high alert, and the group gets a lot of nervous looks as they reach the town. Near the entrance, the town's Elder is there, having a conversation with a few guards. There's a few gestures in your direction, followed by the Elder making some reassuring ones before he waves at the group.
Chrysanthemum frowns and follows behind Alder. "…well, shit, I bet if we'd stepped on the wrong branch back then, it woulda changed things."
Alder waves at the man in return and ambles on up. "Oi! We're back… after a small side trip."
Lyra nods to the Elder, she will, however, wait for someone to go talk to him first
PseudoGM: "Ah good, you're finally back! You were taking a while, so we were starting to worry they'd already advanced. Apologies once again for askin' you lot of accompany the Jewel Bearer up tha mountain, but even in times like this it doesn't do to entirely abandoned tradition."
Alder: "No… where would be be if things changed all of a sudden, where would we be indeed."
Lyra scratches her cheek "Hrm…" she has no idea how to actually make this question
Alder: "Did, ah-"
PseudoGM: He nods, "Even still, my thanks again as well."
Alder: "Did things get more tense in our absense?" He gestures about to the assembled guards and tanks.
PseudoGM: The Elder gives a sigh while shrugging half hearted and heading back towards the housing area. "Well, no more so than when they first showed up the other week. Some of the younger soldiers were wonderin' if maybe Yue-Be was cuttin' through the moutains and caught you bu surprised, but otherwise."
Alder: "No, just… ran into a local If-Ys."
Alder glances toward the party, concerned.
PseudoGM: "…An If-Ys? Just one?"
Alder: "Just one, yeah."
PseudoGM: "Hmm. May've been a scout. Probably should let the soldier know."
Lyra crosses her arms "Hrm… If you don't mind me asking"
Chrysanthemum scratches the back of his neck with the arm that isn't holding Rudri up. Gosh, this is awkward.
Lyra: "The encounter was rather confusing, i'm not quite certain my senses are working right still"
PseudoGM: "Hmm?"
Lyra: "Can you give me a once over what what's happened in the last day or two, to make sure my memory didn't get damaged in the scuffle?"
Lyra: "You know, familiars can be a bit fragile sometimes. (Only sometimes)"
[OOC] Lyra: *a once over of what
PseudoGM: "Well, you know. The same ol' same ol'. Soldiers've been waitin' for orders on where to strike and defend the town from any potential invasion until then. Put a real damper on the festivities. Luckily you lot of mercenaries showed up and agreed to accompany our Soahc up to the Shrine, so at least the bare minimum of the ritual could be completely properly."
PseudoGM: "Took you a bit longer to get back than expected, but it sounds like sending you with the boy was a good call after all."
Lyra: "Hrm… Alright, thank you. It matches up after all"
Lyra looks at Soahc, looks at the Elder "Well, I imagine we could take a moment to rest and reconvene, then?" she says, looking at the rest of the party
Lyra looks back at the Elder "Unless there is still more which you need aid in"
Alder: "Yes, let's… take a load off. And do some reading. The library still stands in Meticen, does it?"
Alder: "(Or am I thinking of a different city…?)"
Alder tilts his head back and forth.
PseudoGM: "Aye, of course. Feel free to use any empty room in my home. Least I can do to repay your kindness." The Elder gives a nod to the smaller manor as you come upon it, before heading inside.
PseudoGM: "That it does."
Alder nods. "Curling up with a good book is a nice treat, given any era."
Lyra chuckles, then hops over from Chrysanthemum to Alder "Well, i'll be going with you, then. Shall we?"
Alder nods, and speaks in a hushed, somber tone. "(It'd probably be faster if we all went, right now.)"
Lyra: "(I agree)"
Alder hustles over that way.
(To the library, that is.)
Alder: "So…"
Alder: "I think I have a pretty good idea of what happened."
Chrysanthemum: "Step ahead of me, then, friend."
Lyra: "Go ahead"
Alder: "I'd put it at… ninety-nine point five percent accurate."
Alder: "Well- if I said it now, and that point five percent won out, then I'd look like a fool!"
Alder: "I'm only allowed to look like that on purpose."
Chrysanthemum: "Gahahah! You're confident! I like that!"
Alder: "But there's a preamble so I can go ahead and set it up, I suppose-"
Alder: "We found ourselves lost in time, and in an effort to make a better world, we rescued the princess of Mels from an untimely dwarven-Mystic joint-death."
Alder: "And yet…" He looks over his shoulder at the assemebled army past the group. "It's all a bit shite, isn't it?"
Alder: "So, hypothesize with me-"
Alder: "What really changed, and why did it make things worse."
Lyra: "What changed was, as I see, that the princess lives and the dwarves joined the battle early"
Chrysanthemum: "Well, what-all was she plannin' on doin'? Dwarves join in… that oughtta've been a good thing, an' yet…"
Alder nods. "You'd think that being in a superior military position earlier would change things."
Alder: "And I agree with that thought."
Alder: "However."
Lyra: "Perhaps the princess caused a diplomatic incident"
Chrysanthemum: "'s why I'd like t' get my claws on a 'istory book."
Alder nods. "Possible. I'd say the point-five changes to maybe a straight two-percent."
Lyra: "Or, perhaps even, seeing the loss of their dwarven allies the mystics found, instead, to manipulate Yue-Be"
Alder: "Also possible. Five-percent."
Lyra thinks "Hrm… What else, then, could the princess' life have caused?"
Lyra: "I do not recall at this moment all the details of Yue-Be joining, however"
Alder nods along. "Further muddying the odds."
Alder: "So, I'll throw out my hypothesis here, but first, there is something I must tell you all."
Alder: "I am, in fact… (-not- a Alloci elf.)"
PseudoGM: Well. You don't even need to get to the library to figure out the what - it seems like Yue-Be offically delcared war on the Kingdom about a month ago, after years of escalated tensions within the country. It's pretty much all anyone's talking about on the streets of the front pages of the newspapers. The why… well, that seems to be a mystery to everyone.
Lyra looks at Alder "I realized you are certainly more frail than expected, yes"
Alder flinches, face in shock. "Ah-!! It was that obvious-?!"
Alder huffs. "Well. I'll have to double up on the meat rationing…"
Chrysanthemum claps Alder on the shoulder good-naturedly. "I'll teach you some exercises!"
Lyra: "I mean, I expected you to be sick, rather than… Whatever it is that you happen to be"
Alder pats Chrysanthemum's hand. "It's appreciated, friend!"
Alder: "Ahem."
Alder: "But yes, I'm the real deal~."
Alder: "There's a loooooot more I could get into, but I assure you first that I really am fleeing that life, and do wish to work against the Mystics that remain."
Alder: "And see here-" He gestures at a newspaper. "Good news! Ish. The princess has been long dead, so this couldn't have been caused by her living."
Lyra: "Hrm… Yes, this is a recent occurance"
Chrysanthemum: "Wait, so… how did… WHERE did…" He frowns, and pats Alder on the shoulder again, more gently, then squints.
Alder: "So! It's time! To tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn the chessboard around!" He heads for the historical section.
Lyra closes her eyes for a moment "I will take you have some knowledge we lack" she follows Alder
Alder: "War records, war records… battles and sieges…"
Alder gathers up several texts related to those things he just said.
Lyra: "Although, I believe that in this instance Yue-Be does not stands divided as it did when we left"
Chrysanthemum: "…I mean, I'm sure it's somehow -because- o' that. But tryin' t' track down the hows and whys… well, we'd need t' track down some sort of scholar for that, and they'd probably think we were a flock o' If-ys come t' lead 'em into a hedge maze, so."
PseudoGM: While this would have been pretty needle in a hay-stacky if you didn't know exactly what you were looking for… you do! And some of you are pretty well read and versed in history.
PseudoGM: Some more than others.
Alder nods knowingly as he starts spreading a few books across a table.
Alder: "So I admit I was holding back to make a point-"
PseudoGM: Some a lot more than other really… but that's why it pays to have a diverse party!
Alder: "There's one other really important thing that changed!"
Chrysanthemum leans forward.
Alder: "Rather, I guess it's unfinished business…?"
Lyra: "Do tell"
Alder: "As you remember, we confronted the Hooded Mystic and his entorage, and forced them to die, surrender, and in the Mystic's case, flee."
Alder: "Now…" He weakly smiles. "I'm pretty bad at names, sometimes."
PseudoGM: Anyway! It turns out the Princess fierce display of bravery reall resonated with the residents of Thok, and it wasn't too long before all of Thon was on board with joining Mels. And in general it seems like a lot of the worse losses for the allied kingdoms just… never happened. There was a LOT less of the Mystics and the Hundred armies completely rolling everything all over the place
PseudoGM: . Instead though there were a lot of really pitched battles none of you ever remember heard about, all really nasty and drawn out stalled tactics that none the less wore the kingdom down, before Yue-Be finally joined the effort.
Alder: "But there's also one particular mystic who was pretty integral to the Mystic war effort- well maybe not 'integral,' but he was great at gurella tactics, stalling, disruption…"
Alder: "That mystic is one and the same with our hooded friend."
PseudoGM: And there's a lot more notes of bitter resentment on the Yue-Be side left in the histroy books than you tend to recall seeing. I mean, there was always some - what with the If-Ys more or less completely withdrawing from the world and lostering themselves off -
Alder: "And, really, the Mystics of auld mourn his passing because, well- he was good at it."
Alder: "The only one -really- good at it at least. Most of the rest were the really loud thunder-and-lightning types."
PseudoGM: But it seems like that didn't happen nearly as much anymore for some reason or another, and they kept kicking up a fuss about the Kingdom and the War.
Alder: "But he died thanks to a small slip up."
Lyra continues looking through the books as she listens to Alder
Alder: "You see… from the best recollection I remember from the Mystic texts…"
Alder: "He was supposed to die in Thon."
Lyra: "… How would he have died?"
Lyra: "He seemed very ready to escape at a moment's notice"
Chrysanthemum: "Eheheheheh, that bastard…"
Alder: "The details on his exact capture are muddy, but from the best I can remember-"
Lyra answers as she reads "Hrm… I never understood the If-Ys' bitterness about the war, however… Didn't they join of their own volition?" she blinks "Wait…" was there ever an emissary sent to get the magical sword in history now?
Alder: "They killed the princess, and then the radical dwarves sort of lost their nerve at the whole thing and started to turn on him. Honestly, it was like… he did slightly escape, but he wasn't able to cover his tracks well?"
PseudoGM: Yup! That definitely still happened, and is still the major factor in the war ending.
Alder: "And so he was spotted by the whim of his own bloody cloak, captured- since even the greatest Mystics can't run forever, I suppose?"
Alder: "There's a lot of theory as to why, but not a lot of actual details other than follow-up investigations by more Mystic spies."
Alder: "But for whatever the reason, he wasn't able to escape Thon as a whole, and died."
Lyra blinks, putting a hand on her chin "That, however…" she considers
Alder: "Us being there forced the issue, I believe."
Lyra: "So he lives, and lightning strikes trade places with trench warfare"
Lyra: "For some reason, that incites the If-Ys already existing bitterness into a much greater state?"
Lyra: "Did they suffer a different kind of loss as our allies in this time?"
Alder: "Smaller scaled strikes could have incited them."
Lyra: "Any of you well versed in the reasons of the If-Ys? That is not my expertise at all"
PseudoGM: Not… that you can see, actually? Hell if anything it looks like the Mystic directly messed with them less now. A lot more harassing via blockaids and the like, but less direct conflict until they joined. They weren't even part of the war very long, the basically ended within two weeks of the offically allying.
Alder: "Sounds like an area for more research! Though I'm not sure how much luck we'd have on If-Ys demographics here…"
Alder: "Hm!"
Alder: "Seems like the lore doesn't support that theory."
Alder pours a third cup of coffee, because good lord how long have they been here.
Chrysanthemum: "Hmmmm."
PseudoGM: Late enough that the library told Soahc to lock up behind him when you guys were done.
Chrysanthemum: "Hahaha. Bet we can't just go back again and pop the sucker, can we?"
PseudoGM: But in any case it doesn't seem like there's much more to dig up - the If-Ys were never really good at or big on explaining themselves.
Alder: "Gosh, but-"
Alder: "That sounds exactly like what we have to do, Chrys!"
Chrysanthemum: "?!"
Alder: "Well-"
Alder: "Either that or -not- save the princess."
Alder: "Would we then have to fight ourselves…?
Alder: "Time travel is so confusing!"
Chrysanthemum: "I'm not keen on th' thought o' fightin' myself- gahahahah!"
Chrysanthemum: "Great minds thinkin' alike, friend."
Lyra: "Hrm… I am not very confident the exit and entry points can be easily manipulated"
Chrysanthemum: "I figure it's that or we leave bowls o' milk out for th' If-Ys until they deign t' tell us up from down."
Lyra: "They may be relative instead of absolute, there are certain differences in time we can traverse, but they are fixed"
Chrysanthemum: "Still got a feelin' they know somethin' they're not lettin' on."
Alder: "(Do the If-Ys actually drink milk like that as an offering??)"
Lyra considers "I would really like to meet an If-Ys willing to talk, myself"
Alder: "(It just sounded like a mainlander rumor…)"
Lyra: "But Raz has always been the silent kind, and I do not expect an answer"
PseudoGM: Well. If nothing else you DO know where an encampment of Yue-Be soldiers are, just from listening to the Mels one talking about things to look out for.
Chrysanthemum: "(Y'leave a bowl o' milk out an' then it's gone later, but, I mean, likely as not it's a cat's lucky day.)"
Alder: "Well… before we try to change our timeline -away- from a doomed one, how about we do some hands-on questioning?"
Lyra nods at Alder "Yes, wasn't there a camp nearby?"
Lyra: "I doubt a… Diplomatic approach would be easy to achieve, but maybe being… 'soldiers of fortune' as it is we could perhaps have a chance at asking them"
[OOC] Soahc: READY
PseudoGM: Perfect. Now Hachi won't have to dopple.
[OOC] Soahc: so is this right after we got back to the right time?
PseudoGM: At any rate, I imagine you eventually head back to the Elder's manor and get a few hours of sleep and some breakfast, before heading out of town again and towards the Yue-Be boarder.
Soahc is trying not to look forward to potentially beating the ever-loving anima out of the If-Ys who started all this…
PseudoGM: The Elder even lets you borrow his truck! After making you promise not to get it destroyed.
Alder flops onto a bed. Mumbles random sentences that he read from time to time.
Alder flops into the truck, straightening his suit.
Lyra is no driver, can't reach the pedals. So she lets someone else do the job "Hrm…"
PseudoGM: And before too long your out of Meticen, and nearly to the Mels/Yue-Be boarder before the day's even over.
PseudoGM: There's a few check points set up by the Mels soldiers encouraging you to turn back, but after Chrys explains about the mercanary company he's with they always shrug and wave you on through.
Chrysanthemum drives the car, provided he can fit behind the wheel. Gosh.
PseudoGM: Yue-Be's a lot less developed than Mels even. Even just at the boarder this is pretty apparent - most of the forest in Mels have been cleared out long ago and it's just grassland now, but on the Yue-BE side the forest are tall and dense. There's only one road leading into the country, and not even ten minutes into it, there's a barricade set up blocking further progress by a few large
PseudoGM: logs.
Soahc is in the back, standing and holding onto the hood. Because Magus =/= common sense. Silver lining: MAGIC TURRET.
Alder: "Oh man we better get out of the car for an obvious ambush."
Alder: "Which is good, really-"
Alder: "It'll help us get in touch with the higher-ups in a faster fashion!"
Soahc: "Yeah, I guess. I don't think we've got rules for vehicles in battle yet."
Chrysanthemum: "Gahahahah!"
Lyra sighs "This is a beautiful place, though, I have to say"
Chrysanthemum: "Shoulda brought a picnic basket."
Lyra: "I wonder if they really are less developed or just reverent of nature"
Alder: "They put logs in the way to block us."
Alder: "They were all 'screw this particular part of nature' and slammed it down right there!"
Alder coughs, adjusting his accent.
Alder also exits the truck and hefts his rifle.
Soahc: "You know, it's tempting to just say 'let's burn the logs' but I'm preeeeeeetty sure that would start a forest fire."
Soahc exits, hopping down.
Lyra: "Meeting whoever set this up would be better either way" she hops on down
PseudoGM: The Yue-Be soldier appreciate your cooperation as well, Alder. When you guys finally get out of the truck and start pushing the logs out of the way, three elves drops down from the tress brandishing swords, while two diftin in the trees train rifles upon the party. And they don't look like they're in a talking mood!
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Infantry A, Infantry B, Infantry C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Ranger A, Ranger B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Ranger A, Ranger B, Soahc, Lyra, Rudri, Infantry A, Alder, Infantry C, Infantry B
Chrysanthemum: "Hello there!" He booms, cheerfully.
Lyra halts, turns around, looks at the infantry
Alder does his level best to appear shocked.
Lyra: "That's new"
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: why am I not on the inits T_T
PseudoGM: Huh
PseudoGM: weird I could of sworn I wrote it down. You're at the bottom though.
[OOC] Lyra: Chrysanthemum always a bottom
[OOC] Alder: so far down he has to dig even further down the list
PseudoGM: Ranger A immediate gets a bead on Soahc and lays down some [Suppression - M-Pin]!
Soahc: "This is going to Be A Thing, isn't it."
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
PseudoGM: Hitting for 5 physical damafe and inflicting Short E-Shatter II!
PseudoGM: Ranger B lays down some [Suppression - M-Pin] on Lyra as well!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 )
PseudoGM: But misses!
PseudoGM: Soahc?
Soahc: "…and now…"
Alder: "Ha, interesting."
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 41/45, MP: 42/60, LP: 5/10, SoS: 11, Drive: 13/13, Status:
Lyra flutters sideways alittle bit "I would suggest not"
Soahc: "I'm MAD." ((OVERDRIVE))
[OOC] Lyra: Serigo we had a full refresh I believe
[OOC] Alder: you have full hp/mp/lp yeah
[OOC] Soahc: Okay cool
Soahc does double up! Ged on the ranger that shot him, followed by Lod!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 70
[OOC] Soahc: burst
Dicebot:// Adding earth
[OOC] Soahc: 7 earth damage and long k-shatter
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 70%
[OOC] Soahc: wow.
[OOC] Soahc: burst
PseudoGM: //R: Earth! N: Air!

[OOC] Soahc: that was fire
PseudoGM: I assume that's without the E-Falter so…. [3] [5]! Long K-Shatter, Long Shock! I think.
[OOC] Soahc: long burning and 7 fire damage.
PseudoGM: Oh, wrong symbol.
PseudoGM: Burning not fire then and N: Fire!
[OOC] Soahc: and you did e-shatter on me.
PseudoGM: Oh. … Fuck that IS what I typed, I am bad at this.
[OOC] Soahc: unless you meant e-falter? either or!
PseudoGM: It was supposed to be falter yeah.
PseudoGM: I imagine you still would of done that for the statuses anyway though?
PseudoGM: You can change actions if desired though.
[OOC] Soahc: naw
PseudoGM: Okay.
PseudoGM: Lyra!
[OOC] Soahc: I made him deprotect and then set him on fire
[OOC] Soahc: …do I get the burst damage bonus?
PseudoGM: Yup!
[OOC] Soahc: oh wait I'm blind.
[OOC] Soahc: nm
Lyra takes a step back and opens wide her mouth, firing twice at both Rangers [Twin Arrow]
Lyra rolled 2d100 and got 100, 88 ( Total: 188 ) for 80
Lyra will not hit anything today
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Dicebot:// Adding fire
Rudri takes aim and gives Ranger A a triple dose of pain! [Twin Arrow] [C-Pin]
Alder rolled 3d100 and got 61, 67, 68 ( Total: 196 ) for 80
[3] [3] [3]!! (3 bow -1 twin arrow +1 k-shatter)
Using pin+1
PseudoGM: //Not bad!

PseudoGM: Infantry A steps forward and attacks Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 )
PseudoGM: Hitting for 4 damage!
PseudoGM: Infantry A is shimmering!
PseudoGM: Alder?
Alder takes careful aim with his rifle! "Feeling the pressure yet?" He squeezes off a shot at Ranger A! [Demonstrate]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 80
Alder makes that hit. [-1 LP]
PseudoGM: Hits!
[6 damage!]
PseudoGM: 6?
[OOC] Alder: 5 +1 k-shatter
PseudoGM: Oh, right. Shatter.
PseudoGM: He's bloodied!
PseudoGM: Infantry C moves to to strike Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 46 ( Total: 46 )
PseudoGM: Hitting for 4 physical.
PseudoGM: Infantry C is shimmering!
Dicebot:// Adding rush
PseudoGM: //Infantry B can't do much else other than follow their lead, and so it does.

Alder: "Jeez, these guys act fast."
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 )
PseudoGM: Hitting for another 4 physical.
PseudoGM: Infantry B is shimmering now, too!
PseudoGM: Chrys?
Dicebot:// Momentum List: earth, fire, rush,
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Do we know anything about the infantry's fire or earth WRIA
Chrysanthemum cuts viciously at Infantry A!// "You don't even hit very hard, do you?" [Put Down]
Dealing [5] damage and [-2] drive!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: rolled a 38
PseudoGM: Pow! Knocked out of shimmering! "Guah!"
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round one!
PseudoGM: Infantry B and C are still shimmering! Ranger A is blooded, Long K-Shattered and Long Burning.
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Infantry A, Infantry B, Infantry C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Ranger A, Ranger B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Ranger A, Ranger B, Soahc, Lyra, Rudri, Infantry A, Alder, Infantry C, Infantry B, Chrys
PseudoGM: Ranger A [Defends], cleansing his burning and bracing for impact while getting a bit [Fired Up: +2 Drive when defending].
PseudoGM: Ranger A's now shimmering!
PseudoGM: Ranger B [Defends] as well, also gaining the benefit of [Fired Up] while reloading. And he's also shimmering!
PseudoGM: Soahc?
Soahc uses IX on Ranger A, holding his feet fast with jagged manacles of rock while a blade of stone rising up to bisect him. (using ux, lod, aum, ged, stressing ged for 10 earth damage)
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 ) for 100
PseudoGM: Hooray magic.
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8] Damage! Ranger A is in SOS!
PseudoGM: Lyra?
Lyra runs up in front of Alder "I hope you like this one" a glowing white magical circle appears under her feet as she opens up her mouth aiming at Ranger B. Energy gathers in her mouth and her wings glow for a moment before she fires off a charged bullet! Her shed off motes of white light that float towards Alder [Blessed Arrow]
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 ) for 80
Lyra strikes for [4] damage heals Alder for [1] and grants Long Stalwart
Rudri concentrates, and there's a rush as Ranger A is crushed by unrelenting earth magics! [Thorns] [Expends arrows!]
[6 earth damage] [+3 earth damage] [+3 earth damage] [+3 earth damage]
PseudoGM: Yup, that'll do. [KO]!
PseudoGM: The best method of preventing shimming.
Soahc: "OOh, that looked like it hurt."
Lyra: "That was a perfect combo, indeed"
PseudoGM: Infantry A moves in to jab at Chrys as the ranger falls to the ground!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 53 ( Total: 53 )
PseudoGM: Hitting for 4 physical! Infantry A is now shimmering again!
PseudoGM: Alder?
Alder: "He isn't giving up!"
Alder switches hands and raises his crossbow at Infantry A, firing! [Conjuration]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 ) for 80
Alder winks and lets loose the fire bolt, too! [Crossbow Expend!]
[4 physical] [3 fire damage to the row!]
[OOC] PseudoGM: 4+3] [3] [3]!
PseudoGM: Infantry A is bloodied!
Alder: "Hm."
Alder: "You frontliners… they're speedy, but not that tough!"
Chrysanthemum: "It's either one, or the other! Gahaha!"
PseudoGM: Infantry B throw its sword to the side as the shimmer begins to brighten intensely enough that you can no longer see it! A moment later the light dies down and its… different. [OD - Transform: Treant]. In it's place is a large aumbil tree with a face.
PseudoGM: It then reaches through the group and grabs ahold of Rudri, [Drag]ing him into the front row.
Soahc: "Getting back to your roots, I see."
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) for 100/35
Alder: "Hah!"
PseudoGM: Rudri's pulling into the front row! The Treant is quickened 1!
PseudoGM: Also kind of important and part of the transformation that I shouldn't forget: [+40 Current/Max HP!] [+1 Current/Max MP!]
Alder: "I guess I should have held onto that fire bolt."
Lyra: "Now that is just plain silly"
Soahc: "Glad to see some mooks are branching out into something else."
Lyra: "I will admit it's useful"
PseudoGM: Infantry B cast aside its sword as well as the light flares up. [OD - Transformation: Shaman] [+40 Current/Max HP] [+4 Current/Max MP]! And in its place is stilla human, but now weilding a wooden sword, and a large incentoid mask.
Alder: "Why didn't you guys… just show up like that?"
Chrysanthemum: "It's still going to be all bark and no bite, I'll bet."
Alder giggles more.
Alder: "Oh no, I'm about to be killed by my own party, here."
PseudoGM: It then dashes forward, slamming its sword into Chrys! [Siphon - M-Recovery]!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) for 80
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Wait did… B transform twice, or
PseudoGM: C was the first, B was the second. I just typed B twice because ice. :(
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: o <3
PseudoGM: Hitting for 5 physical damage! A mote of light flies out of Chrys and into Infantry A - [+5HP!].
PseudoGM: Chrys?
Dicebot:// Momentum List: earth, fire, rush, rush, recovery+1, earth+1,
Chrysanthemum: "Hrmrmrmrm."
Chrysanthemum shakes his head and then jams his sword into Infantry A again trying to keep it from turning super. [Put Down]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 ) for 25/80
Alder: "That's a good plan."
Dealing [9] damage and a possibly unnecessary [-2 Drive]!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 9]! And it makes Infantry A stop shimming, *again*.
PseudoGM: //Infantry A's Bloodied once again!

PseudoGM: And that's the end of round two.
PseudoGM: Ranger B is shimmering!
Chrysanthemum: "Let's take this sucker down afore it can turn into some kind of heretofore unspoken-of beastie, shall we?!"
[OOC] Alder: did infantry A get healed or something?
PseudoGM: Yes, as part of Siphon.
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Infantry A, Treant, Shaman
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Ranger B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Ranger B, Soahc, Lyra, Rudri, Infantry A, Alder, Treant, Shaman, Chrys
[OOC] Alder: oh b didn't heal itself, it healed A
PseudoGM: Yeah.
PseudoGM: It wants it to transform but Chrys had other ideas…
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //Ranger B lays down some [OD - Covering Fire] [Anytime an ally in front of the Ranger is targetted by an enemy for the rest of the round, they suffer 5 supreme damage], then lays some [Suppression] on Soahc.

PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 3 ( Total: 3 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting for 5 physical and inflicting Short E-Falter II!
PseudoGM: Soahc?
Soahc sets the ranger on fire in retaliation! LOD!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 ) for 70
PseudoGM: Hits!
PseudoGM: For [4] I believe and Long Burning.
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Lyra stretches her wings, and slowly walks towards Chrysantemum, standing in front of him. A white magical circle appears under her as she spreads her wings and they start to glow "Alright, let's make things go faster for now" she puts her hands over her chest, drawing out a sphere of brilliant light! "I hope you're ready for this, Alder… It doesn't come cheap!" she throws the sphere
Lyra at him, granting him +14 Drive and Long Energize [Dragon Heart] [https://youtu.be/ItlMzEvf7Uw]
Alder: "I knew you cared! <3"
Lyra then turns to Infantry A, her mouth glowing, as she fires off another [Blessed Arrow] as white sparkles scatter around Chrysanthemum
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 ) for 80
Lyra deals [3] damage and heals Chrysanthemum for [1], granting Long Stalwart
PseudoGM: Thunk! Infantry A is in SOS!
PseudoGM: Rudri?
PseudoGM: Also make sure you took your 5 damage from [Covering Fire] Lyra!
Rudri says 'damn the man' and fires off a Twin Shot at Ranger B and Infantry A! [Twin Shot]
Alder rolled 2d100 and got 52, 23 ( Total: 75 ) for 80
[2] [2]!
Lyra takes damage, for the first time in the entire game thanks to carelessly firing into a punishment effect!
PseudoGM: Double tink! Each your covering fire damage too, Rudri.
PseudoGM: Infantry A moves up and stabs Rudri!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 ) for 80
Chrysanthemum glowers!
PseudoGM: Dealing 4 physical as Infantry A begins to shimmer again!
PseudoGM: The Treant wraps some of its branches around one another, forming a fist like shape before slamming it down into Rudri as well. [Attack] [Rush Combo]!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 ) for 80
PseudoGM: For a whoping 9 physical!
Chrysanthemum: "Dangit, you're supposed to be hiding behind me!"
PseudoGM: Alder?
Alder: "Here's something new." Black clouds gather overhead, crackling and churning! They condense down into small balls of lightning, gathering behind Alder! He grabs one in his hand, and flings it at the enemies- it explodes into a wave of lightning! And a second! Third! Fourth! Fifth! [OD - Nova Regulus] [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mdkmTXDG2I ]
[Group Target] [5 Air damage] [Long Exhaust to all enemies]
PseudoGM: Infantry A is [KO]d without ever transforming!
PseudoGM: GT long exhaust is gross!
Soahc: "Niiiiiiice."
Chrysanthemum applauds!
PseudoGM: Ranger B is R: but otherwise N to the others. [5] [5] [5] [3]!
Lyra: "Impressive"
Dicebot:// Momentum List: recovery+1, recovery+1,
Adding air
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 ) for insight??
PseudoGM: //Sure one more.

+1 damages all around, move the ranger into the front row!!
Alder: ALSO
PseudoGM: 5 damage from covering fire!
PseudoGM: And then it… it… the covering fire is no longer relevant now that they aren't in front of him.
PseudoGM: Kurse All Mystic
Alder grins and then fires off a regular rifle shot at the Ranger! [Attack]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 80
Alder nods. That was a great shot. [-1 LP]
[5+3+1 damage]
[OOC] PseudoGM: 9]!
PseudoGM: OKAY.
Dicebot:// Adding pin
PseudoGM: //The Shaman fixes its eyes upon Alder for a moment, before reaching a hand into the air, pulling on *something*, then places it in its mouth. [Consume Sin] [-Exhaust] [The Shaman has Short K-Power II next round!]

Alder waves.
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Chrysanthemum goes running at the treant, launches himself into the air and swings for the branches! [Charge] [C-Air]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for 25/80
Dealing [5] damage and inflicting Long Taunt!
PseudoGM: Looks like the bark is kinda thick - [4]! But it's taunted all the same.
PseudoGM: Aaand that's the end of round 3!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //Treant is Long Exhausted and Taunted! Ranger A is Long Burning and Exhausted

PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Infantry A, Treant, Shaman, Ranger
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Ranger B, Soahc, Lyra, Rudri, Infantry A, Treant, Alder, Shaman, Chrys
[OOC] Lyra: Hrm… Is the infantry supposed to be in the battle order?
PseudoGM: No.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: someone gimme fire to combo with I wanna hit everything and I bet the tree's weak to fire >_>
PseudoGM: Ranger B takes aim at Rudri, then lets off a [Lead Shot] while bemoaning the unreasonable MP cost.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 46 ( Total: 46 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Thunking into him for 6 physical damage!
PseudoGM: Soahc?
Lyra: "That tree you can set on fire, Soahc"
PseudoGM: Ranger B is also now Bloodied from burning!
Soahc does so! LOD again!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 70
[OOC] Soahc: …burning 2 lp
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness then!
[OOC] Soahc: 8 fire, long burning
Dicebot:// Adding fire
PseudoGM: //Lyra!

Lyra shakes her head, and pulls out a few bullets and swallows them [Defend]
Alder smiles.
[OOC] Lyra: HP: 35/40, MP: 52/60, LP: 10/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 2/14, Ammo 4/4, Status:
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri isn't scared of the ranger and gets into a [Thorns] match with it!!
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 52 ( Total: 52 )
[6 earth damage] [+3 earth damage arrow]
Dicebot:// Adding earth+1
PseudoGM: //Hits the weakness for another 2, as well! [11]

PseudoGM: The Ranger's in SOS now!
PseudoGM: The Treant shakes itself a bit, and acorns begins to rain down upon Chrys and Rudri! [Arbor Fall] [Launch Combo]!
PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 80, 65 ( Total: 145 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting both for 4 physical damage and inflicting Long K-Shatter to boot!
PseudoGM: Alder?
Alder: "Okay, now that we can catch our breath-" He chants, and a white glow forms around Chrysanthemum and Rudri! They're also surrounded by green healing magics, but the white glow remains! [Solace] [C-Vigor]
PseudoGM: (And takes burning damage…)
[+19 healing] [don't forget Stalwart] [Barrier (4)
PseudoGM: Ah yes alder my nemesis we meet again……
PseudoGM: The Shaman dashes forward, impaling Rudri with its sword! [Siphon] [Pin Combo]!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 80
PseudoGM: The Shaman is shimmering!
PseudoGM: Chrys?
Chrysanthemum jumps up into the air and his axe starts burning and then he swings at the treant and a fireball expands to cover the enemies! [Spread Wave] [C-Fire]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 ) for 25/80
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: -2 LP
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: And targeting the shaman whoops
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness on the treant AND the shaman!
[OOC] Alder: : O
Deals [5] weapon damage to the Shaman and [4] fire damage to the Treant and the Ranger!
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round 4!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //The Treant is Long Exhausted, Burning, Taunted (Chrys). Ranger B is in SOS, on fire, and exhausted!

[OOC] Chrysanthemum: 4+2 b/c weakness to the treant ofc
PseudoGM: yeah, got the extra 2.
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Infantry A, Treant, Shaman, Ranger
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Ranger B, Soahc, Lyra, Rudri, Treant, Alder, Shaman, Chrys
PseudoGM: Ranger B warbles in desperation, [Defending] like its life depends on it, realoding and cleansing the fire as it does. And causing it to shimmer from further drive gains.
PseudoGM: Soahc!
[OOC] Soahc: hmm.
Soahc uses GED on the defending ranger, going for the weakness!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 40 ( Total: 40 ) for 70
PseudoGM: Devious.
PseudoGM: The Ranger then drops from the tree! [KO]
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Soahc: "Well, you'll make good fertilizer."
Soahc: "…just kidding. I'm gonna salt the earth in a mile radius from your corpse."
Lyra sighs "Soahc, we do plan on getting some answer towards piece from those people"
Soahc: "…we do?"
Lyra still, however, decides to spread the mark rather than the love with a [Twin Arrow]
Soahc looks at his notes.
Soahc: "……"
Lyra rolled 2d100 and got 25, 98 ( Total: 123 ) for 80
Soahc: "…………."
Soahc: "…………………….."
PseudoGM: Hit, miss!
Lyra hits only the Treat for [3] damage
[OOC] PseudoGM: 2]!
Soahc closes his notebook with a somewhat disturbed expression. "I am not a good diplomat."
PseudoGM: The Treant is bloodied!
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Chrysanthemum: "Gahahah, it's okay. Sometimes diplomacy is about lighting th' bad guys on fire, an' you're great at that'n!"
Rudri runs up the front of the Treant and executes a backflip- in mid-air, he pins the Treant down with a stunning shot! [OD - Spinkick]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Nice
[3 physical] [4 Slow!]
[OOC] PseudoGM: 2] and sent to the bottom of the init list!
Rudri then repositions! [Reposition]
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
Chrysanthemum: "Amazing!"
Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: //And now HE'S at the bottom of the init list!

[OOC] Lyra: oops also
PseudoGM: Alder?
[OOC] Soahc: did people get custom ODs suddenly?
[OOC] PseudoGM: naw, that's his racial
[OOC] Soahc: oh.
Alder: "I'll help shore up this defensive position. Sorry, but it'll be another little while before I'm offensively useful!" He chants, and a green wave washes over Rudri, leaving him cloaked in a white glow. [Solace]
[+9 hp] [Barrier (4)]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 )
[OOC] Alder: Super Healing Explosion +3
Dicebot:// Adding recovery
PseudoGM: //The wind kicks up around the Shaman, as it begins to form a small whirlwind around its sword. [OD - Spirit Sword] [Techniques now deal an additional 2 air damage, hit or miss]. Before rushing in and taking a swing at … Chrys, because it's not getting past that barrier. [Siphon]

PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 68 ( Total: 68 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hittinf for 5 physical and 2 air damage! A mote them pulls itself from Chrys and flies to the Treant - [+5 HP] and its no longer bloodied!
PseudoGM: Oh wait, 6 physical. K-Shatter.
PseudoGM: …And then burns and is back in Bloodied range.
PseudoGM: Chrys!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: shit sorry
Dicebot:// Momentum List: pin+1, pin+1, recovery,
Chrysanthemum hacks viciously at the Shaman! [Power Strike]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 ) for 25/80
PseudoGM: //Smaaaaaash!

Dealing [5+2+4] physical damage!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 11]!
PseudoGM: The Treant swoops a branch around to attack Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 80
PseudoGM: But misses.
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Chrysanthemum is glowing!
Rudri hops into the back row
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 65/70 MP 47/55 LP 8/10 DR 19/21 Long: Stalwart, K-Shatter Short:
PseudoGM: And then?
Rudri then fires a flaming arrow at the Treant, igniting the embedded one! [Flame]
[6 fire damage] [+weakness
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 )
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8]!
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round 5!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //The Treant is blooded, burning, exhausted and taunted onto Chrys!

PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Treant, Shaman
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Alder, Shaman, Chrys, Treant, Rudri
PseudoGM: Soahc, no one's in front of you anymore!
[OOC] Soahc: who's hurt?
[OOC] Soahc: or bad statusesd?
Lyra: Lyra - ((HP: 35/40, MP: 50/60, LP: 10/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 4/14, Ammo 3/4, Status: ))
PseudoGM: I don't think anyone is, Alder went ham on the heals. :(
[OOC] Alder: Rudri HP: 65/65, MP: 41/55, LP: 10/10, Drive: 6/16, Long K-Shatter
Soahc calls down lightning on the treant, just because.
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 81 ( Total: 81 ) for 70
Soahc: (…2 LP)
[OOC] Soahc: 6 air damage, long shock
[OOC] PseudoGM: 6]!
Dicebot:// Adding air
PseudoGM: //The Treant enters SOS as it's shocked!

PseudoGM: Lyra?
Lyra can give Chrysanthemum what he wants! She fires twice, on both of the remaining enemies. Watch her miss again [Twin Arrow]
Lyra rolled 2d100 and got 90, 34 ( Total: 124 ) for 80
Lyra now hits only the Shaman for [3]
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: //Alder!

Alder reloads all his firearms! [Defend]
PseudoGM: The Shaman dashes forward, bringing the sword down on Chrys once again!
PseudoGM: With one last [Siphon]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting for 6 physical and 4 air total!
PseudoGM: And healing the Treant for +5!
PseudoGM: Which briefly brings it out of SOS.
PseudoGM: The Shaman is shimming!
PseudoGM: Chrys?
Chrysanthemum brandishes his axe dramatically, showboating a little before whirling into the front row like a living blender! [OVERDRIVE! Admiralty Sword!]
Chrysanthemum rolled 2d100 and got 24, 44 ( Total: 68 ) for 25/80, C-Pin+1
PseudoGM: Crit, hit!
Deals [5+4] crit to the Treant and [5+3] to the Shaman! Removes [2] drive from the Treant and [5] from the Shaman!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8] [8]! The Shaman is no longer shimmering!
Chrysanthemum follows up with a normal attack on the Shaman!
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 )
[OOC] Alder: Moar Critz
Dealing [5+4] damage!
PseudoGM: Crit again!
Chrysanthemum: "Raaaaaawwwrrrrhh!"
PseudoGM: Out of interest why are your crits doing +4 instead of +3
[OOC] PseudoGM: 7]!
PseudoGM: The Shaman is bloodied!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Sharp trait
PseudoGM: Ah yes that would do it.
PseudoGM: The Treant flails at Chrys.
PseudoGM rolled d100+20 and got 75 ( Total: 95 ) for 80
PseudoGM: But not very well.
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri fires a Regular Arrow at the Shaman
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 18 ( Total: 18 ) for 80
[3 damage]
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: b/c pin+1
PseudoGM: OK
PseudoGM: Do do do
PseudoGM: okay
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round 6!
PseudoGM: The Shaman is bloodied! The Treant is in SOS, exhausted, burning, shocked, and still taunted onto Chrys.
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Treant, Shaman
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Alder, Shaman, Chrys, Treant, Rudri
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Soahc stares at the Treant. "Seriously? JUST LEAF!" Lod, fire damage!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 ) for 70
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness into a KO! Good job.
Dicebot:// Adding fire
PseudoGM: //The Treant collapses.

PseudoGM: Lyra!
Alder: "Knockin' 'em dead."
Lyra looks at the last opponent, sighs "Well, so be it" she stomps her right foot on the ground and [Thorns] rise from the ground grasping at the Shaman "Tear them down, power of the land" and the thorns rip them apart
Lyra deals [6+3] Earth damage by spending one arrow
PseudoGM: R: Earth! [7]!
PseudoGM: It's in SOS!
PseudoGM: Alder?
Alder aims and fires his rifle at the Shaman! [Attack]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 ) for 80
[5 damage]!
PseudoGM: Bang! [5]!
PseudoGM: The Shaman lets off probably its last attack on Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Slamming into him for 6 physical and 4 air damage!
PseudoGM: The Shaman's shimmering again!
PseudoGM: Chrys?
Chrysanthemum jumps into the air, his axe lights on fire, and bam! [Power Strike] [C-Fire]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) for 25/80
PseudoGM: Aaaand that's it.
Dealing [5+2+4+2] fire damage!
[OOC] PseudoGM: KO
[OOC] PseudoGM: +10 XP] [+3Gon]!
Alder blinks a few times. "Yow."
Lyra puts a claw over her face "That took a while"
Soahc: "Yeeeeeah."
PseudoGM: And it's all clear… for now.

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