PseudoGM: When we last left off, the group had infiltrated a slightly busted up theater, where a band of rebel dwarves were holding Meiu hostage. There was a brief moment after defeating her capture where you seemed in the clear and confirmed she was alive, but it wasn't much past that point when the doors were thrown open once again, and a hooded mystic made an apperance, with another small group
PseudoGM: of rebel dwarves.
Alder grins, showing fangs. (They have those, right…?)
Lyra turns around slowly to face the incoming Mystic, she looks at the new group with a 'really?' look to her face
PseudoGM: "Hah. So much for in an out without notice." The Mystic scowls at the Commander, "…Not that you're even conscious to hear my compelling." After a moment he shifts his focus to the party while three gurellia spread out in front of him and an operative stance a defensive stance beside him.
Alder: "The poor souls. Did they even know they were dealing with a Mystic?"
PseudoGM: "And what are you doing here…? I was supposed to be running this operation solo."
Chrysanthemum narrows his eyes!
Lyra looks at Alder
Alder: "You're getting a little bit of help."
Alder dramatically points.
Alder: "Help into irons!"
Chrysanthemum: "Gwahahahahaha!"
PseudoGM: There's a long pause, during which you can see the dwarves getting nervous, before you can hear the grin in the Mystics voice as he replies. "Ah, a traitor then. This is my lucky day then. Your death shall be worth nearly as much as the Princess'!"
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Guerilla Saboteur A, Guerilla Saboteur B, Guerilla Saboteur C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Shadow Operative A, Hooded Mystic
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Shadow, Rudri, Hooded Mystic, Guerilla C, Alder, Guerilla B, Guerilla A, Chrys
Lyra: "Well, that resolved itself quickly"
Rudri stretches their neck. "Kind of hard to betray something you were never sworn to."
[Strange Visitor]
Lyra: "I wasn't quite sure whether you had an actual plan or not"
[When you begin battle with a magician, Quicken 2.]
Alder: "The plan is simple- rout the enemy!"
PseudoGM: I imagine Rudri wants to move it up too so I'll do that.
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Soahc is not feeling too flashy today, either way he strikes the Hooded Mystic with [AUM]
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 ) for 70/35
PseudoGM: Resists!
Soahc strikes for [4] air damage and Long Shock! [M-Air]
Dicebot:// Adding air
PseudoGM: //Lyra!

Lyra on the other hand is not feeling like giving those people any time "I hope you weren't expecting your plan to work" she scurries around and jumps on Alder's shoulder, she opens her mouth and fires a [Twin Arrow] hitting both the Hooded Mystic and the Operative
Lyra rolled 2d100 and got 30, 92 ( Total: 122 ) for 80
Lyra is fine missing the operative
PseudoGM: Hit, miss!
Lyra deals [3] physical damage! [M-Pin+1]
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: //Rudri!

Rudri catches the wind of the last shot! [Twin Arrow Pin]
Dicebot:// Using pin+1
Rudri rolled 3d100 and got 87, 1, 29 ( Total: 117 ) for 80 CoS
PseudoGM: //Miss, hit, hit!

Rudri: Burning… one LP each on the first two. [3] [5] [3]
PseudoGM: Thunk x3!
PseudoGM: He reels back a bit, looking annoyed at the barrage of projectiles.
Rudri: arrow'd!
Rudri: Do I still provide momentum if I combo?
PseudoGM: Yup!
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: //You provide momentum hit or miss, normal or combo.

PseudoGM: The Shadow Operative thrust a hand forward, placing a [Curse] upon Rudri and Alder!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 54 ( Total: 54 ) for burst check
PseudoGM: Inflicting Long Curse and Slow 1 on both!
PseudoGM: The Mystic takes a step back, before gesturing at Alder as he fires an [Ice Shard + Any Combo] into his chest!
PseudoGM rolled d100+20 and got 27 ( Total: 47 ) for 100/35
PseudoGM: Inflicting 6 water damage and Long Chill!
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder reels! "Y-you mad!"
PseudoGM: "Arrows don't agree with me."
Alder rolled 3d6 and got 1, 6, 1 ( Total: 8 ) for Lore
Alder grins beneath shaded hair. "Don't think you'll win this one by dragging it out, though."
Alder: "You'll wait, and wait, and wait for your victory…"
Alder: "Until suddenly, everything ends."
PseudoGM: "Tsk."
Lyra: "Stalling, I hear. I would advise against trying to stall against a familiar"
Alder flips up his rifle and fires at the Shadow Operative A! [Conjuration]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hits!
[5 Damage]
PseudoGM: Guerilla C dashes forth, attempting to [Smash] Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 60 ( Total: 60 ) for 80/20 M-Launch
PseudoGM: Hitting for 7 physical!
Chrysanthemum growls!
PseudoGM: Guerilla B moves in to [Attack + Launch Combo] him as well!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 ) for 80
PseudoGM: But misses.
PseudoGM: A does the same!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting this time for 6 physical and inflicting Long E-Falter!
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Dicebot:// Momentum List: air+1, air, pin+1,
Adding pin
Chrysanthemum takes a few really menacing steps towards the Mystic, brandishes the gun, and shoots him! [Charge] [C-Air+1]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 )
Dealing [4] and inflicting [Long Taunt]!
PseudoGM: //Oh right I was probably

PseudoGM: supposed to actually mention this on the turn.
[OOC] Alder: server lag
PseudoGM: But the Mystic started [Gathering Power] after casting!
PseudoGM: Okay.
PseudoGM: End of round one!
[OOC] Alder: w-what?!
[OOC] Alder: you can't do that!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //Well, you can't. He can tho.

PseudoGM: The Mystic is Shocked and Taunted!
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Guerilla Saboteur A, Guerilla Saboteur B, Guerilla Saboteur C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Shadow Operative A, Hooded Mystic
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Shadow, Rudri, Hooded Mystic, Alder, Guerilla C, Guerilla B, Guerilla A, Chrys
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Soahc is going nuts! [OD - Double Up]
Soahc draws the Long Curse out of Rudri with an [UX]
Soahc then turns to the Hooded Mystic and strikes him down with an [IX], dealing [7] fire damage and Short Exhaust
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness!
[OOC] Lyra: 9]!
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Dicebot:// Adding rush
[OOC] Alder: erm no wait
[OOC] Alder: I think I'm an idiot
PseudoGM: //Fix'd

Lyra then jumpms off of Alder's back "Okay, enough of this. Come to me, my friend!" she spreads her wings wide open as a dark mist gathers around her. It takes a vaguely humanoid form as it picks her up "Raz-Y-Dran, The Lethargic Dragon!" suddenly the form disperses- Only to reform as a giant dragon with dark brown scales. It roars. Lyra sits atop it's head and she raises her right claw,
Lyra the dragon raises it's front and then as Lyra brings her claw down it comes crashing down and smashes the ground, spreading shrapnel everywhere [OD - Raz-Y-Dran] [https://youtu.be/9Sk9MnGeF2w]
Lyra inflicts [6] Earth damage on all enemies
Dicebot:// Adding earth+1
PseudoGM: //Guerilla are Resistant! Operative is Resistant! Mystic is Neutral.

[OOC] PseudoGM: 4] x4 [6]!
Lyra then closes her eyes as the dragon dissipates, she floats gently to the ground and then stares at the Mystic… And fires another [Twin Arrow], this time one shot in the Mystic and another in Guerilla A
Lyra rolled 2d100 and got 55, 1 ( Total: 56 ) for 80
PseudoGM: "What in the world is th - gah!"
Lyra flips back from the recoil and fires a third shot on the Guerilla [1 LP]
Lyra strikes for [3] and [5]
PseudoGM: Hit, crit!
Lyra: "Someone you'll learn to fear"
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: //The Operative makes a hand gesture, then forms an [After Image] around the Mystic. Barrier (4), Long E-Guard! M-Air.

PseudoGM: Rudri!
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri likes what they see! As far as the Mystic's reaction, that is.
Rudri raises his hand, and stones fly! [Thorns]
Rudri rolled 1d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 ) for 35 burst
Rudri: Expending all three arrows - 15 earth damage!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 10]! The E-Guard does not provide much reduction against that much damage, but the Barrier does!
PseudoGM: He stumbles back a bit, before wiping at his mouth. Bloodied!
PseudoGM: "Seems like you found some powerful friends despite their strange looks, Traitor." A deep breath, before thrusting a [Lighting Bolt] at Chrys.
PseudoGM rolled d100+20 and got 47 ( Total: 67 ) for 100/35
PseudoGM: Hitting for 10 air damage and inflicting Long Shock!
[OOC] Alder: Weakness I believe
PseudoGM: The Mystic then begins preperations to [Siphon Power] next round!
PseudoGM: Also the Operative is now Shimmering, bad at mentioning that.
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder: "You're good… but I'm better!" He flips his rifle around again and fires at the Shadow Operative again! [Demonstration]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 ) for 80
[5 Damage]
PseudoGM: Bang!
PseudoGM: Oh thank God I made sure to give myself Air momentum for this combo this time.
PseudoGM: Guerilla seizes an opportunity, rushing at Chrys for a [Smash + Air Combo]!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 46 ( Total: 46 ) for 80/20
PseudoGM: Hitting for 7 physical damage and inflicting Short K-Shatter II.
PseudoGM: Guerilla B moves in an [Attacks] without combo!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting for 6+2 physical!
PseudoGM: Guerilla A then performs a [Hustle + Launch Combo] upon the tank!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hitting for 6+2 physical and Quicking B by 1! Guerilla A has +30 Crit next round!
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Alder: "They're putting in some work!"
Lyra: "That I can see, they're Chrysantemum a run for his money"
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 39/70 MP 51/55 LP 5/10 DR 19/21 Long: Shock Short: K-Shatter II
Dicebot:// Momentum List: fire, earth+1, pin+1, earth+1,
Chrysanthemum goes berserk on the Saboteurs in the front row! [OVERDRIVE - Admiralty Sword]
Chrysanthemum rolled 3d100 and got 83, 95, 46 ( Total: 224 ) for 25/80, c-Pin+1
Chrysanthemum spends a Luck to hit the first one, ugh. [-1 LP]
PseudoGM: //HIt, miss, hit!

Dealing [6] to Saboteur A and [9] to C, removing [-2 Drive] from A and [-5 Drive] from C!
PseudoGM: now all my saboteurs have different drive values, you monster :(
Chrysanthemum then stabs Saboteur C flashily! [Hero Saber] [C-Earth+1]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 )
PseudoGM: Very Heroic.
Dealing [11] supreme damage and healing Chrys for [7]!
PseudoGM: Bloodied!
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round two!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //FRONT ROW: Guerilla Saboteur A, Guerilla Saboteur B, Guerilla Saboteur C

PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Shadow Operative A, Hooded Mystic
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Shadow, Rudri, Hooded Mystic, Alder, Guerilla B, Guerilla C, Guerilla A, Chrys
PseudoGM: The Mystic is Shocked, Taunted, Exhausted, and E-Guarded! And his barrier is now gone. Also Bloodied.
PseudoGM: Guerilla C is bloodied! The Operative is Shimmering!
PseudoGM: Soahc?
Soahc decides to continue to put pressure in places and with a [LOD] sets the Guerilla C aflame
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 ) for 70/35
Soahc deals a massive [7] fire damage and Long Burning
PseudoGM: Fire!
PseudoGM: Lyra?
Lyra then continues to spread the pain and fires a [Twin Arrow] at Guerilla C and the Operative
Lyra rolled 2d100 and got 47, 89 ( Total: 136 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hit, Miss!
Lyra is making sure to hit the dodgy Operative p1 LP]
Lyra deals [3] damage to both
PseudoGM: Guerilla C's in SOS!
PseudoGM: The Shadow Operative makes a few gestures, before firing a finger gun in the direction of Chrys and Alder! [OD - Invisible Cannon]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 32 ( Total: 32 ) for 35 burst
PseudoGM: Hitting both for 6 air damage!
PseudoGM: A brief pause before another hand thrust at Chrys! [Icicle]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 ) for 35 burst
PseudoGM: Hitting for 6 water damage this time!
Chrysanthemum: "Mmrrf!"
PseudoGM: Rudri!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 31/70 MP 46/55 LP 4/10 DR 1/21 Long: Shock Short:
Chrysanthemum: "Friggin' mages…"
Rudri thinks that enough's enough!
Alder: "/The/ \worst\."
Dicebot:// Momentum List: fire, pin+1,
Lyra: "There's a certain consistency to magic"
PseudoGM: //The Mystic shrugs theatrically.
"Well, you seemed to want to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, and whom am I to not oblige?"
Lyra: "That can be certainly annoying"
Rudri calls on a power to ward! [Four Blessings]
Dicebot:// Using fire
Rudri rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 ) for 35 burst
Rudri: //Granting Long E-Guard and +7 HP to Chrys!

Dicebot:// Adding recovery+1
PseudoGM: //Frown.

PseudoGM: The Mystic takes a deep breath, before huring another [Lightning Bolt + Any Combo] at Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100+20 and got 16 ( Total: 36 ) for 100/35
PseudoGM: Hitting for…. 6+2(Combo)+2(Weak)-1(EGuard)….. 9 air damage!
PseudoGM: And a moment later the energy is siphoned back into the Mystic himself. [+9 HP]!
Chrysanthemum is still standing!
Lyra: "You are certainly resilient"
PseudoGM: "Aaah… that's much better!" He then throws his hands out to the side. [Gather Power]
PseudoGM: And he's now Shimmering!
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder: "Let's stop the bleeding a bit." He chants a few words, and two streams of green energy, cloaked in white wisps, curl around Chrysanthemum and Alder! [Solace] [C-Vigor]
PseudoGM: "Feh!"
[+19 HP] [Barrier (4)]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 )
[OOC] Alder: MAKE THAT +21 HP
[OOC] Alder: ER I MEAN 22
PseudoGM: Guerilla B is going to do his best to [Smash + Air Combo] through that Barrier, but doesn't look thrilled to try.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 ) for 80/20
PseudoGM: Hitting for 7 physic and inflicting Short K-Shatter II!
PseudoGM: And then two basic [Attack]s follow it up from the other frontliner Dwarves.
PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 11, 53 ( Total: 64 ) for 80
PseudoGM: I wish those had been rolled in the other order. 6+2, 6+2 physical!
PseudoGM: Chrys!
PseudoGM: …C really should have just defended rather than taking burn damage but whatever.
Chrysanthemum barely takes any damage from that onslaught on account of the barrier, and carefully aims and fires at the Mystic… [Put Down]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 48 ( Total: 48 ) for 5/80
Dealing [3] damage and inflicting [-2 Drive]!
PseudoGM: Goodbye, shimmer. We hardly knew ye.
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round three!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 50/70 MP 44/55 LP 4/10 DR 3/21 Long: Shock E-Guard Short:
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //Guerilla C is in SOS and Burning! The Mystic is Shocked, Taunted, Exhausted and E-Guard.

PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Guerilla Saboteur A, Guerilla Saboteur B, Guerilla Saboteur C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Shadow Operative A, Hooded Mystic
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Shadow, Rudri, Hooded Mystic, Alder, Guerilla B, Guerilla C, Guerilla A, Chrys
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Soahc, with no further need to cleanse anyone turns to a different feat, he uses [Ux] and eats the E-Guard of the Mystic
PseudoGM: Rude.
PseudoGM: Maybe not the best action you could have taken, but definitely the rudest.
PseudoGM: Lyra!
[OOC] Lyra: Look I don't know how to magus
Lyra then points her right finger up "Alright, let's take you down!" as electricity charges at it's tip "Strike them down, Lightning!" and it arcs towards the entire enemy party dealing [6] Air damage to everything
Dicebot:// Adding air+1
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for 100/35 for burst
Lyra deals [7] actually, let's ammend that
PseudoGM: //The Guerilla are Weak! The Operative is Neutral! The Mystic Resists!

[OOC] PseudoGM: 9] x3 [7] [5
PseudoGM: Guerilla C is [KO]d!
PseudoGM: Shadow Operative is Bloodied!
PseudoGM: The Operative isn't going to get many more actions in and jsut fires an [Icicle] into Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 ) for 35burst
PseudoGM: For 6 water.
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Chrysanthemum: "Hahah, they're gettin' desperate!"
Rudri lets loose another pair of shots! [Twin Arrow]
Rudri rolled 2d100 and got 48, 100 ( Total: 148 ) for 80
PseudoGM: At?
Rudri: It was supposed to be at the Shadow and the Mystic.
Rudri: But one of them's dodging, I guess?
PseudoGM: OK. Hit, miss!
PseudoGM: For… 2 damage, right?
Rudri: Yes.
Dicebot:// Adding pin+1
PseudoGM: //The Hooded Mystic begins to laugh and laugh.
"Hah! Right! Now I'll show you what I can really do!" [Grand Stand - +2 Drive since he hasn't be hit yet] [Which pushes him into an OVERDRIVE]
PseudoGM: Runes appear on the ground beneath the party and begins to glow bright yellow for a moment, before they errupt into a dozen small tornados which rip through the party. [OD - Nova Regulus]
PseudoGM rolled 5#d100+20(1) and got 81 ( Total: 101 ) for 100 /35 on first
Also rolled 5#d100+20(2) and got 24 [Total: 44]
Also rolled 5#d100+20(3) and got 26 [Total: 46]
Also rolled 5#d100+20(4) and got 60 [Total: 80]
Also rolled 5#d100+20(5) and got 78 [Total: 98]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 369
PseudoGM: Hitting everyone but Soahc for 5 air damage and inflicting Long Exhaust on them!
[OOC] Lyra: Which roll was mine?
Rudri: That's [7] to me…
PseudoGM: The second
Lyra is totally getting hit
PseudoGM: The Mystic then thrust his hand forward again, slamming another [Combo'd Lightning Bolt] into Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100+20 and got 66 ( Total: 86 ) for 100/35
[OOC] Lyra: whoever 5 was could dodge that pretty easy
PseudoGM: HItting for another whopping 12 air damage before weakness or buffs!
PseudoGM: "Haaha! Maybe that'll turn things around…!"
PseudoGM: Alder!
Chrysanthemum: "Nnghh… don't… don't bet on it…!"
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 26/70 MP 44/55 LP 4/10 DR 5/21 Long: Shock E-Guard Short:
Alder rushes into the center of the battlefield! He thrusts his hands out to the sides, his hands turning into grasping claws! Water energy gathers in one, and fire in the other… [Overdrive - Separation Of Night and Day] [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mdkmTXDG2I]
PseudoGM: Ah yes, he's still [Gathering Power]
Alder: "Your relentless strikes… I'll turn them all back with my determination to defy all the Mystics!"
A wave of Water rushes into Guerilla A and the Shadow!
Alder rolled 2d100 and got 57, 82 ( Total: 139 )
5 water long chill
A wave of Fire washes over Chrysanthemum and Rudri!
Alder rolled 2d100 and got 58, 70 ( Total: 128 )
[7 healing] [Long Energize]
PseudoGM: Shadow Operative is in SOS!
Alder snaps his fingers! Chrysanthemum gets another boost of healing! [Solace]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 )
[+9 HP] [Barrier (4)]
PseudoGM: The Guerillas both grunt and flail ineffectively at the Barrier'd Hundred.
PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 10, 60 ( Total: 70 )
PseudoGM: HItting for 6 physical apeice which probably just tinks for 1.
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Alder: "Simply put… you won't break us!"
Chrysanthemum: "Gahahaha! Still… standing!"
PseudoGM: "Geh! You trained well. Who was your Mentor?"
Dicebot:// Momentum List: air+1, pin+1,
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Which guerillas are still up, A and B?
PseudoGM: //yes.

[OOC] Alder: kill dat shadow
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: uhhhh does it… have less than 3 HP left
PseudoGM: Who Knows.
[OOC] Alder: I don't know they didn't invent HP bars in the SNES days
Rudri: the Shadow know
Rudri: s
PseudoGM: And he certaintly ain't tellin'.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: well I mean I can… only hit it with my gun. is it w:air?
[OOC] Alder: neutral air
Chrysanthemum shoots the Shadow I guess?? Guerillas ain't even that much of a threat anyways really. [Power Strike][C-Air+1]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 68 ( Total: 68 ) for 5/80
PseudoGM: Hits!
Expends -1 LP
PseudoGM: oh right shocked.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: I have shock that's +20 so I have to eat an LP to land it
PseudoGM: Yeah.
Dealing [6] air damage!
PseudoGM: That's enough for the [KO]! The Mystic swears as another dwarf drops.
PseudoGM: That's the end of round four!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //FRONT ROW: Guerilla Saboteur A, Guerilla Saboteur B

PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Hooded Mystic
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Rudri, Hooded Mystic, Alder, Guerilla B, Guerilla A, Chrys
Chrysanthemum: "Hah! See that, Alder!?"
Alder: "Got 'im!"
PseudoGM: Guerilla A is bloodied! The Mystic is bloodied, shocked, taunted and exhausted.
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Alder: "Anyway, my Mentor…?
Alder thinks.
Alder: "Hmm… nope, I don't have one that would have surivived -that- long…"
PseudoGM: "A pity."
Alder: "For you."
Soahc continues to deliver damage, this time an [AUM] on Guerilla B
Dicebot:// Dice Sides Error: Unable to parse 100/35 in 1d100/35
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 100/35
Soahc actually misses because the CoS is 70
PseudoGM: //oh shit. Guerilla B is Shimmering too

PseudoGM: Lyra!
Lyra looks at the Guerilla, so apparently they charge faster the more they're targetted. Still, she cnsiders for a moment "This is for you, Rudri" she puts her claws on the ground "Tear them to pieces, Thorns!" and thorny vines appear under the Mystic, grasping at him and squeezing!
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 ) for 100/35
PseudoGM: Hits!
Lyra deals [9] Earth damage as she spends her last arrow in the field to boost it
Dicebot:// Adding earth+1
Adding air
PseudoGM: //The Mystic is once again Bloodied!

PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri: THUD.
Alder: "Now, you're weak to fire…"
Alder: "But it's all a matter of resources right now, isn't it?"
Rudri: The room shakes… and then buckles under the foes as something huge and weighty rushes past them… and then slams back down HARD on the foe! On the bright side, they now know what it feels like to be flattened by a giant spectral pangolin.
PseudoGM: "Nnnngh."
[OOC] Rudri: OD!] [Tan-Y Vul, The Foolish Pangolin
Dicebot:// Using earth+1
[OOC] Rudri: 9] earth damage to all foes!
PseudoGM: //The Guerilla Resist, the Mystic doesn't! [7]x2 [9]!

PseudoGM: Guerilla A is in SOS!
Rudri then spins and lets fly at the front row! [Twin Arror - Guerilla A, Guerilla B]
Rudri rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 2d100
Rudri rolled 1d100 and got 72 ( Total: 72 )
Rudri: Burning 1 LP to deal crit to Guerilla A!
PseudoGM: …That was weird … oh because you put the ; first ok.
[OOC] Rudri: 5] [2
PseudoGM: Crit, hit!
PseudoGM: Still hanging on.
PseudoGM: The Mystic let loose one more [Combod Lightning Bolt] into Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100+20 and got 15 ( Total: 35 ) for 100/35
PseudoGM: BURST, thank god.
PseudoGM: Dealing 11 air damage before weakness and buffs, which I think brings it to 12?
PseudoGM: …Hachi raises a good point the guy feeding him combos is dead,
PseudoGM: So he could not, in fact, combo.
PseudoGM: So that does 2 less damage.
PseudoGM: In either case he's still [Gathering Power]
PseudoGM: Alder!
PseudoGM: Oh, oh.
Chrysanthemum grits his teeth but stays standing!
PseudoGM: And Chyrs is blasted into the back row by the sheer force of the burst. [Spatial Warp]
Chrysanthemum: "Whaaa-"
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder flips his crossbow around and fires a bolt at the Mystic… he winks. The red bolt follows. [Attack] [Fire Bolt]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for 80
[OOC] Alder: Nice.
[4 damage] [3 fire damage] [Hits the weakness…?]
PseudoGM: Correct.
[OOC] PseudoGM: 4] [5]!
PseudoGM: "Geh… Damn you!"
PseudoGM: Guerilla A and B rush past Chrys now that there's an opening his i wide defensive stance and both strike at Alder! [Attack] x2
PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 21, 18 ( Total: 39 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Both hitting for 6 physical!
PseudoGM: Chrys!
PseudoGM: Oh right Guerilla B has his OD…
PseudoGM: which means [+5 HP +1MP/LP]
PseudoGM: which would have ment… using both Smash and the Air combo so… have another 4 damage that won't matter Hachi.
Chrysanthemum repositions, then moves into the front row again and takes a swing at Guerilla A with his axe! [Attack]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 )
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: cripes.
PseudoGM: Ka-thunk. That's a good chunk of the ground missing and the dwarves eyes going real wide.
PseudoGM: Unless you wanna burn the LP?
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Naw
PseudoGM: excellent
PseudoGM: That's the end of round 5!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //FRONT ROW: Guerilla Saboteur A, Guerilla Saboteur B

PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Hooded Mystic
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Rudri, Hooded Mystic, Alder, Guerilla B, Guerilla A, Chrys
PseudoGM: Guerilla A is in SOS and Chilled! The Mystic is Bloodied, Shocked, Taunted and Exhausted!
PseudoGM: SOAHC.
Soahc continues to deal vast amounts of damage. He uses [IX] on the Mystic!
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 ) for 100/35
PseudoGM: Thunk!
Soahc deals [8] Fire damage (11 with weakness?)
[OOC] PseudoGM: 11]! He's in [SOS] finally!
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Lyra can't really DPS now, though, what with having run out of ammo… But this thing could still stand to go down faster, so she just uses [Thorns] on the Mystic!
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 85 ( Total: 85 ) for 100/35
Lyra deals [6] Earth damage to it
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Lyra: Lyra - ((HP: 35/40, MP: 28/60, LP: 4/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 10/14, Ammo 0/4, Status: Long Exhaust))
Lyra: Soahc - ((HP: 45/45, MP: 32/60, LP: 5/10, SoS: 11, Drive: 10/13, Status: ))
Dicebot:// The Momentum list is empty
PseudoGM: //Rush and Earth

PseudoGM: Er
PseudoGM: Fire and Earth
Dicebot:// Using fire
fire is not in the list
Rudri: //Arrows? Rudri's got plenty of arrows! Arrows that are suddenly feeling awfully cold… and then hot! [Freeze, C-Fire]

Dicebot:// Adding fire
Adding earth+1
[OOC] Rudri: 6] water damage and short K-Shatter to all three!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 6]x3! Guerilla A is [KO]d!
PseudoGM: //The Mystic growls under his breath before throwing his cloak.
"Enough of this! I have [Better Places To Be], I'll not die here!" And as the cloak falls back into place, the Mystic is… gone without a trace.
Alder frowns.
Lyra: "I imagine you're not familiar with that particular type of magic?"
PseudoGM: The last remaining dwarf blinks once, before glancing around at the nine unconscious dwarves around him, the Mystic that's jsut deserted them, and the entire group in front of him that's still going strong.
Chrysanthemum: "DAMMIT!"
Alder: "Unfortunately… you couldn't be more wrong."
PseudoGM: And then… drops his greatsword to the ground. "I surrender!"
Chrysanthemum takes another chunk out of the floor in frustration. (But not the surrendering dwarf.)
Lyra looks at the dwarf "Good idea"
[OOC] PseudoGM: +15 XP
Lyra looks at the princess, looks at Chrysanthemum "Why don't you channel some of that energy into carrying our dear princess to safety?" she looks at Alder "While you see if our new friend has information worth listening to"
Rudri: "You are aware, of course, that the terms of surrender involve telling the authorities what you know of that man."
Alder shuffles over to the cloak and searches through it. He's not expecting much, but…
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 32/70 MP 37/55 LP 3/10 DR 9/21 Long: Short:
Lyra: Lyra - ((HP: 35/40, MP: 28/60, LP: 4/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 10/14, Ammo 0/4, Status: Long Exhaust))
Lyra: Soahc - ((HP: 45/45, MP: 32/60, LP: 5/10, SoS: 11, Drive: 10/13, Status: ))
[OOC] Lyra: For the record
Chrysanthemum grumbles a whole bunch, but, yes, carefully picks up the princess. Hell, he can probably truss up and carry the dang dwarf too if need be.
[OOC] PseudoGM: +15 Gon] [x1 Whatever the fire damage battle item is called
PseudoGM: "I… sure. I don't seem m'self gettin outa this one if ya'll did all this." He spreads his hands wide.
[OOC] Rudri: HP 64/65, MP 12/55, LP 5/10, Drive 6/16
Lyra: "I admit it was rather difficult" she looks at Chrysanthemum, looks at Alder, looks at Rudri "Rudri, help us take him to the authorities" she looks at Chrysanthemum "Now let's find a guard post, at last"
Alder: "…right." He stands up from the cloak.
Chrysanthemum: "Everything alright?"
Alder: "Well… we saved the princess, yes?" He cracks a grin.
Alder: "I'd say that's a fairly different change in process."
Alder: "Let's do all that smart sounding stuff Lyra was puffing just a second ago."
Chrysanthemum: "Y'just looked like ye'd eaten a frog for a second is all." He chortles. "Where's 'the authorities', anyhow?"
PseudoGM: You won't need to look long - between the rumors from last night, and how many more loud mages were involved in this fight, you can see guards running towards the theater as soon as you glance out the door.
Rudri shrugs lightly, and goes to check over the princess.
Chrysanthemum: "Ho, the authorities!"
Soahc: "Hey. We set some bad people on fire. They deserved it. Can you tie them up? Thanks."
Soahc gives best summaries ever.
Lyra lets the others talk, nobody takes her seriously her anyway
PseudoGM: A few bewildered looks in Soahc's direction, then further into the theater. "…Right…"
PseudoGM: "Wait isn't that the Mels Princess with 'em?!"
Alder: "That's the one."
Lyra: "She had been kidnapped but those ones, yes"
PseudoGM: "And you lot say you - ah!"
Alder: "You sure keep up with news, don't you! Good on you!" He smiles!
Lyra: "She will be fine, however, just a knock on the head"
Lyra: "I am certain what remains of her delegation should likely be warned"
PseudoGM: "She was kidnapped?" "Aye, I heard about that. They were keeping it out of the news though…" "They might be tellin' the truth then!" Most of the guards move in to start rounding up the unconscious dwarves.
PseudoGM: "Er… well, far as we could tell there ain't really… anything left 'o it but her."
Lyra: "Hrm… That's… I was jut being hopeful"
Soahc: "I used some healing magic on her, but you may want to have a healer look at her anyway."
Lyra: "Let's take care of her and see what she decides to do upon waking up"
PseudoGM: "Aye, that we should. Follow me, would ya? Don't wanna be caught with her on me own if there's more rebel's lurkin' about." The guard gives a nod, before leading the group to the city's healer, who takes her in without too much fuss.
Chrysanthemum tromps alongside them all to the healer's!
PseudoGM: "Now then. Just who in the world ARE you lot? Not that we mind the help - you all done good, would have been terribly embarassing if their Princess snuck out of the castle and travelled all the way here in hopes ot holdin' peace talks only to get killed - but no one was supposed to even know she was missin'."
Alder: "One part due diligence and many parts providence."
Alder: "We're a meandering mercantile crew!"
PseudoGM: "Luck then, is it?" He scratches at his chin. "Suppose the town was do for some 'o it comin' to the surface."
Lyra lets Alder do the talking, that's a slightly different story than once before
PseudoGM: "Still, that was rather bold of the rebels to outright and kidnap her Highness. Never heard of 'em taking any action that deliberate before."
Alder: "Ah well… there's a fear among them."
Alder: "Which could, one day, give rise to…" He closes his eyes and snorts into a smile. "Ah, well, you should really question the unconsious ones when they wake."
Lyra: "I would also be wary of Mystic involvement, my friend here aside, as they were being led by one. Who obviously managed to escape with no trace, as he would not be unwise enough to leave evidence of his presence" she shakes her head lightly, putting a hand on her face "I wonder if those guys will have any recollection? I certainly hope they do"
Soahc: "Yes, that may be a while. They were beligerent and uncooperative. Various forms of trauma were used, which may or may not have included lightning bolts aimed at parts of the body that are generally considered poor sporting targets."
PseudoGM: "Another Mystic…? Ah! You ain't the bloke that's been comin' into town with the cloak all up, then?" Slightly headtilt towards Alder.
Alder: "Indeed not, a cloak would hide all my best features!"
Lyra shakes her head "He arrived just today with us. Or well, yesterday. I could not imagine him wearing a cloak- As you can see"
Alder hairtoss, smile, sparkle.
PseudoGM: "I knew somethin' about him was suspicious!" The guard slams the butt of his spear into the ground, before the healer in another room shouts at him. "Stop yellin' ya idiot!" "Sorry."
PseudoGM: "Well, thank you all the same for puttin' a stop to all those plots."
Rudri scratches his cheek. "Come to think of it. She's going to need bodyguards."
PseudoGM: "The Princess? Aye. Can't imagine the group of you gettin' the warmest reception in Mels… but you ARE the ones that saved her, and I reckon that'll count for a lot."
PseudoGM: "Who knows, might even do her cause some good to come back with a varied group 'o friendliess which ain't usually so friendly."
Alder: "We'd be more than delighted and honored!"
Alder nods along. "Representation is important!"
Lyra nods "IT's true"
PseudoGM: As they start questioning the dawrf that surrended the guards more or less decide your story checks out, and they arranged for some [Inn] rooms for the group. Not going to make the day's heroes sleep out in the streets!
Rudri nods. "Of course, it'd be up to her ultimately if she'll have us. But considering my own home nation isn't making any official moves.."
[OOC] PseudoGM: Alder still has to offer his prayers up to the Gods to recharge his crossbow though… If desired.
Alder offers a prayer and an offering. Please let this end well…
PseudoGM: All in all, it's a very pleasent night! Lots of food, lots of drink, lots of people coming up to the group and asking to get the scoop on what happened. It's probably late by the time you manage to make it back to the Inn, but the rest you get is good and restores you to full fighting force.
Chrysanthemum winds up telling the story over and over WITHOUT EVEN EMBELLISHING THAT MUCH!
Rudri: Because all the embellishing is done by the Driftin perching on Chrys' shoulder!
PseudoGM: In the morning a few guards accompany the Princess Meiu to the Inn in order to meet you. She's a bit younger than you expected, probably only twelve or so, but she looks surprinsingly unshaken by the recent events (though she's notably wearing clothing more fitting of a commoner now, as opposed to the fancy dress you found her in) as she sizes the group of you up.
Lyra mostly sits on the table at this moment, she wound up getting worn out last night from telling stories
Alder dresses pretty loud. His jewelry sparkles as he waves a hello!
Rudri doesn't dress loudly, but they certainly dress more appropriately to a desert than dwarven lands.
PseudoGM: "This is the group that offered to take me back home…?" "Aye. Took out all the rebels, drove off the Mystic, and rescued you." "Hmm…"
Lyra looks at the princess "Do not be daunted at our… Diversity. It only comes in handy"
PseudoGM: Stares at everyone in turn, "They sure do wear odd clothing…" "Well, mercenaries can be like that Highness." She then pauses, slowly turning to Lyra, before reaching out and lifting her up off the table. "Wooah! Which one of you made a cotton golem?! This is neat!"
Alder snorts, amused, seeing that coming.
Lyra wiggles just a little bit, but she's overjoyed at being picked up "None of those could have made someone such as me!" she looks a little proud! "But I am here nontheless"
PseudoGM: "Hee! Well, I suppose they'll do then!"
PseudoGM: The Guard nods seriously to Alder and Chrys in turn, before taking his leave.
PseudoGM: "Right then. So, how fast is your wagon…?"
Alder: "Thank you for everything, good sir!" He waves as The Guard leaves, and turns back to the princess.
Alder: "Uh, well…" He rubs the back of his head.
Alder: "Chrys, about how fast do you walk…?"
PseudoGM: Meiu gives Alder a look that screams 'are you serious'.
Lyra: "I am certain we can acquire a fast one at the next town over, your highness. Unfortunately until then… Chrysantemum will have to suffice for you"
Chrysanthemum: "Big strides, Alder."
Alder gives the hulking Hundred an apologetic smile.
PseudoGM: "Hmph. What kind of two bit mercenary squad has power enough to squash a coup, but doesn't even have a wagon…?" She sighs, placing Lyra down before climbing - slowy - up Chrys's side and take a seat on his shoulder opposite Rudri.
PseudoGM: "Right then, lets get to it!"
Lyra: "(One that's used to cars…)" she mutters to herself as low as she can, then looks a little sad for being put down. Either way, she looks at Chrys, nods to him, and heads onwards!
Alder salutes. "Yes, my liege!"
Alder: "(…is that how the greeting goes?)"
PseudoGM: "It'll do!"
Chrysanthemum is comfy, at least. (And seems graciously amused by all of this.)
Rudri flashes Mieu a nod and a smile.
PseudoGM: For the most part, the Princess isn't too fussy for the duration of the trip back to Metican, other than complaning about how bland everything taste anytime to stop to make campfire cooked food.
Chrysanthemum: "(Gahaha! You get a taste for it. Good wholesome food.)"
PseudoGM: "Oh! I remember this town! There's a Knight outpost here, so I should be good from here! They'll definitely have a wagon or two I can use. They're a lot faster, no offense." She pats Chrys on the head.
Alder: "Good day to you, then!"
PseudoGM: When you get close to the Knight camp - you get a few looks. Most of them remember your group, and it seems like some of them are trying to figure out why the kid with you looks familiar.
PseudoGM: And she clambers down from Chrysanthemum. "Hmm…"
Alder: "Do be doubly careful about your duties! We shant always be around!"
PseudoGM: "I never did reward you all, did I?"
Lyra chuckles "Indeed, we figured we could get you transport from here"
Lyra: "It's good enough that you are well, your highness"
Alder: "Hmm, well, you didn't, but I'm pretty sure Rudri'd blush to death with a peck on the cheek."
PseudoGM: "Well… you SAY that… I'm pretty sure people are SUPPOSED to say that when royality offers them stuff…"
PseudoGM: "Ah! I know."
PseudoGM: She digs around in her pocket for a moment, before taking out a hairclip adored in mutliple small jewels, a few of them looking strangely similar to Soahc's jewel fro the ceremony but smaller.
Alder: "…!"
Lyra blinks "That is beautiful…" she sounds somewhat stunned
PseudoGM: "You can have this! If you ever super get in trouble and need helps from the Knights, just show 'em this and say it was offered to you by a Crown Princess and they should help you out."
PseudoGM: Soahc: Actually now that I mentioned it, the jewel you've been carrying around gets a bit warmed after she offered the hairpin to the group.
Alder: "Aha, thank you very much, your highness!"
PseudoGM: "No problem! Take care!" She waved excitedly, before running off into the Knight's camp.
Alder: "We'll treasure it forever. Doubly so if we need Knightly help."
Alder turns to the group.
Lyra keeps a careful eye on her as she goes "… This is worrysome" she says after she's left
Chrysanthemum: "!"
Alder: "Does that gem look kind of familiar to anyone else?"
Lyra: "The stone is linked to the royal family, that much is clear. This is the same kind of stone as the one in the shrine"
Alder: "Yeah… I bet you anything she'll continue to get in trouble for the rest of her life."
Alder grins. "But I believe!"
Chrysanthemum: "I mean, she's royalty. What do you expect?"
Lyra: "What worries me the most is the small chance this is more than a simple adornment but also a protective charm"
Alder makes a series of non-comittal noises.
Lyra: "Either way…"
PseudoGM: Well…
PseudoGM: Between the group of you there's a LOT of ranks of Mystic and Experiment going around…
Lyra: "With the princess safe and one disaster averted I believe we should focus our efforts into locating the stolen stone, and figuring out the nature of those stones"
Alder: "How about we head back to the Shrine for now, and see if we can't bang some rocks together."
Lyra looks at the hairpin, looks at Alder "Good idea"
Alder: "But in a very scientific way!"
PseudoGM: And it's not that hard to puzzle out that the Ascenstral Jewel is definitelty reacting to the hairpin - the latter of which seems like it can be used as a sort of key slash control device on it.
Alder: "Hm hm hm…"
Lyra seems to have suddenly sprouted a set of golden claws on both of her hands as she proceeds to examine the jewel and the hairpin "I can tell there's a reaction. With sufficient energy we should be able to trigger the warp effect again, I believe"
Chrysanthemum: "Oho!"
Lyra: "… That's our way back, but I wonder what our adventure changed in our time"
Alder weaves some magic about it, inspects the pedastal, eats a rice ball for lunch, paces…
Alder: "Let's give it some mojo and find out!"
PseudoGM: The trip back up the mountain this time is a lot smoother than it was last time. No weird ghost monkeys or asshole If-Yas causing any trouble. And before too long you find yourself at the shrine. After a bit of mental poking and proding and experiments with half formed but not fully completed spells,
PseudoGM: You realized that by holding the hairpin at a certain angle and distance away from the Ancestral Jewel and offering up the prayer, Soahc can get you back back home!
PseudoGM: Which he does in short order. The same sense of vertigo overcomes everyone just as it did before…
Alder spins in place, finger to the sky, snaps! Spins again, points! "Oh~kay!"
Lyra: "Ready for the trip, Soahc?"
PseudoGM: …And moments later, the wear and tear on the Shrine that was present went you first laid eyes on it has returned.
[CE 1000] [Mels] [Outskirts of Meticen]
Alder sucks on the tip of his finger, holds it up to the wind.
Alder: "Yup, that's a time travel."
PseudoGM: And for a moment everything seems fine….
Lyra looks around, no signs of that If-Ys correct? Good. She walks closer to the shrine, the stone still in place? (or did it remain in the floor where it fell?)
Soahc: "Oyyyyyy:
Soahc: "
PseudoGM: …Until you notice the company of tanks and soldiers, parked on the outskirts of town. That uh. That definitely wasn't there when you left.
Soahc: "Okay, we're… we're back. That's good."
Soahc: "Now where is that If-Yas."
Lyra looks down towards the town "More importantly"
Alder: "…huh."
Lyra: "I don't think Meticen had an army before"
Chrysanthemum: "Uhoh."
Soahc starts looking around with a Completely Benevolent Smile That Isn't Indicative Of Bad Ideas.
Soahc: "Oh boy."
PseudoGM: Seems like the If-yas cleared out when you vanished, or at least, didn't stick around for however long it was you were gone.
PseudoGM: Which means if you want any questioned answered, you'll be going into town. …Next week, of course!
Alder: "I wonder just how long we've been gone…?"

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