[CE 1000] [Mels] [Outskirts of Meticen] The five of you have gathered on the outskirts of the village shortly before dusk. As is tradition, the hike up the small mountain begins when the light begins to fade, and you should be as the summit and shrine shortly after night fall. Generally speaking, the village doesn't like to send tourist up alone, so they arrange small groups and assign
PseudoGM: a guide - and Soach is your this time.
Soahc dutifully bears the replica of the jewel. Those who know him will note, thankfully, he's not wearing a jester's cap or brandishing a rubber chicken.
Alder doesn't know Soahc, so he'll assume that the man's relatively muted appearance is natural. Himself, however, is decked out in a pastel pink suit, tall and rail thin, with numerous silver rings and dangly jewelry bits. His sidearm is a long, silver-barreled rifle with some fancy engravings. He brushes his blonde hair from his face and looks down at the group with a thin smile.
Alder: "Ahh… I've not seen the legendary jewel this up close and personal. Even if it -is- a replica…?"
Scampering around near Soahc's feet is what could be taken as someone's forgotten toy, the tiny dragon plush looks around alert, mostly curious though "So this is the place…" says a voice somewhat soft despite being a little dee
Soahc: "Fratres aut sorores aut memoriam facimus vobis, patres et matres, et tributum, exaudi nos, qui in caelo et in terra, tempus revertar."
[OOC] Soahc: or whatever relevant ritual chanting should go here.
Chrysanthemum is standing, arms crossed, grin on his face, right over by Soach; it's hard to tell where his armor leaves off and his scales begin (and with his armor on it looks like he's ALL plates and scales- you don't want to leave your fur exposed, after all!) He's got a TREMENDOUS greataxe slung over one shoulder with a javelin tucked away somewhere awkward. His voice booms, cheerfully. "Anybody
Alder: "Thaaaaaaaaat's the spirit."
Chrysanthemum new? Probably not. "
PseudoGM: You probably have it better memorized than anyone else!
Alder: "Get it?" He titters. "Spirit? Oh ho ho~!"
Alder: "Well…" He turns to face Chrysanthemum, swiveling not unlike a top. "I've done a lot of -research-, perhaps, my grand man, but this is my first excursion along with the ritual."
Alder: "Any proffered first-hand knowledge would be kind and gracious."
Lyra looks at Alder "Well, I certainly haven't been here before" she looks Chrysthemum from head to toe
Soahc: "Lapidem in manu, ut ambulemus ambulaverunt patres nostri, precibus orasset matres et filios et filias et orate ut sicut ille ambulavit ambulavimus orabat."
Rudri is done up in light, gauzy clothes that conceal their entire body. Some of them might be draped a little over Chry's cheek. "I'm new! But you knew that." Even their tail barely pokes out of the almost veil-like coverings, and it's definitley not possible to tell much about their body.
Soahc is bald, and dressed in slightly more ornate robes than usual. The bald is less ritual and more "Oh crap, I need to be more careful where I aim my lightning bolts."
Chrysanthemum: "!" It's… more like a sudden, Hundred-powered gust of wind than anything else. "Newbies! Wonderful." He glances up at the Driftin on his shoulder and snorts. "Yeah, but I've told you all the stories already."
Lyra: "Ah, a storyteller, I see" she looks at Soahc "Hrm… And the jewel bearer, that much I have heard about"
Lyra turns to Chrysanthemum "Do tell, you who seem to be knowledgeable, what is the ritual we're to perform?"
Soahc: "Non memini adepti sumus, nec quid amiseris oblivisci. Sed praeteritorum incedendo honorare."
Chrysanthemum: "Heh. We light the candles, take them- and the jewel- up t'the top o'the mountain. Honors the ancestors, it does."
Chrysanthemum: "Probably, there'll be creepy-ass ghost monkeys come swingin' out at us. That's why we go ahead of the big crowd, gahaha! Clears the way!"
Soahc . o O (Please no creepy ghost monkeys or clowns, please no creepy ghost monkeys or clowns…)
Alder: "Splendidly put!" He racks his rifle across his shoulders and grasps it delicately near both ends.
Soahc . o O (You know this was a little more tense before I learned to kill someone by shouting at them. Oh well. Now then…)
PseudoGM: The sky starts to change color as the sun gradually begins its descent, marking the start of the treck up the mountain side.
Rudri plays nervously with their gauntlets, the only metal on them. "Well, if they do, I-I guess it'll be good training!"
Chrysanthemum nods at his shoulder. "Nothin' we won't be able to handle."
Soahc: "Brothers and sisters, we remember you. Mothers and Fathers, we pay tribute, please hear us, those in heaven and on earth, the time has come again."
Lyra crosses her arms and stretches her wings "No wonder Master sent me instead, then" she looks at her right wing and grumbles a little bit, brings it closer to adjust the wiring that's poking out
Chrysanthemum perks his ears up. He was wondering if the bald guy was gonna repeat that in the language he spoke more than a smattering of words in! Best to pay attention now.
Alder smiles wider and backs up a little, nodding towards the… monk? He assumes the man's a monk.
PseudoGM: The hike itself isn't too bad - it's a pretty small mountain, all things considered, and not terribly steep. And while there's a decent amount of forest growth along it, it's pretty thin and doesn't require *too* much effort to navigate around. Lots of walking.
Soahc is sooooo not a monk.
[OOC] Soahc: Think the village joker who can actually be serious when he needs to be.
Soahc: "Stone in hand, we walk as our fathers walked, pray as our mothers prayed, and may our sons and daughters walk as we have walked and pray as we have prayed."
Soahc: "We will not forget what we have gained, nor forget what we have lost. We will honor the past by walking forward."
Lyra believes it requires a LOT of effort to navigate around, unfortunately. She looks at Rudri with furrowed brows for a moment, keeps walking otherwise
Chrysanthemum is good at walking. He might start singing, even, at that point in the walking where it goes from 'hey cool we're walking' to 'crap my legs are starting to hurt' for people who aren't used to marching. It's a local song- Soahc at least probably recognises it. Some little song about the sky and the rocks.
Rudri: "… so if fathers walk, and mothers pray… uh, what do I do?"
Soahc: "Either or."
PseudoGM: Admittedly, the world wasn't built to be super accomidating toward plushies. But look on the bright side - at least it's not grassland, so you can see where you're walking Lyra.
Soahc: "They aren't picky. Neither am I."
Alder takes really long strides with his hiking.
Chrysanthemum: "I like these ancestors. They're good ancestors."
Alder: "Blessed be to them."
Lyra: "A…" she jumps on top of a root "Very long tradition, I guess?" she looks further ahead "To honor your ancestors?"
Lyra: "Hrm… Makes sense"
PseudoGM: It's a pleasent walk for the first half an hour or so, and then it's kind of a boring hike after the rush wears off - but like Chrys said he knows the score and trys to keep some distractions running. It's not too much longer after that though, that you get what's probably a bigger distraction a bit further up the mountain trail. Some bizzare hooting and howlering noises, and the trees
PseudoGM: rustling.
Rudri: "… ghost monkies?"
Soahc stops chanting. "…if you're smart enough to understand what I'm saying, then know I am not in the mood."
Chrysanthemum nods. "Wound up spreading outside the region. All sorts o' people swing by if they can. Usually it's a 'do it once before y' kick off' sorta deal, really- ahahahaha, yeah. Ghost monkeys."
Lyra looks ahead, looking slightly annoyed "Really? Ghost monkeys? I don't mean to doubt your knowledge but that would be actually silly"
Alder: "The woods are shadowed and full of howlers!"
PseudoGM: The rustling kicks up a bit at Soahc's shouting, and then there's a high pitched shreik, followed by the sound of loud buzzing. Moment later, three sickly green monkies burst through the canopy, followed in short order by two angry sounding bees, as large as Chrys' head behind them. And they're coming straight for you!
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Ghost Monkey A, B, C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Giant Bee A, B
PseudoGM: TURN ORDER: Soahc, Ghost Monkey C, Giant Bee A, Giant Bee B, Ghost Monkey B, Rudri, Alder, Lyra, Ghost Monkey A
PseudoGM: Any adjustments, Rudri?
Chrysanthemum chuckles. "Which've us climbed this mountain before, sweetheart? Poor bastard monkeys. Th'say the ghost monkeys come from Yue-To monkeys dying violently. They come back and haunt the living!"
Soahc actually looks… pissed off. "Fine."
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: ice plz I know I weigh a ton but I gotta be on the init somewhere
Lyra: "It really is silly! Oh well… Time to work, I guess"
PseudoGM: oh i must have forgot to put you at the Actual List after i sorted everything. you're dead last.
Soahc puts the crystal in his robes and starts making gestures and muttering things. He looks like he's praying. Then he throws a ball of flames at Ghost Monkey A. LOD, M-Fire.
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for 75% cos
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 45/45, MP: 55/60, LP: 10/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 4 / 13
[OOC] Soahc: 6 fire damage and long burning.
Soahc: "I. Warned. You."
Alder: "Don't let them yet you, too! Oh ho ho~!"
Chrysanthemum sets Rudri down off his shoulder and pats their head between the ears and draws his axe and tromps into the frontline, all in one fluid motion.
[OOC] PseudoGM: 6] damage as it catches fire and begins to scream in Soahc's direction!
PseudoGM: Anyway before we get to far, you doing anything with your Driftin passive at the start of this, ilru?
Rudri: I'll… hm.
Soahc . o O (Oh hey, I hit this time. I'm gonna just roll with it and act like I planned to do that. Yeah.)
Rudri: Slow 2.
Rudri: … er, quick 2.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: What's the momentum command again
Dicebot:// Adding fire
PseudoGM: //Alright!

PseudoGM: The flaming monkey jump forward, landing on Soahc's head and pummeling him!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 )
[OOC] Soahc: and I targeted A, if it matters
PseudoGM: Or rather, it would have, but there's no way it's getting past Chrys.
PseudoGM: Dealing 6 physical damage!
PseudoGM: Giant Bee A quickly flies forward, [Sting]ing Chrys as well.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 78 ( Total: 78 )
Chrysanthemum grunts.
PseudoGM: Dealing 2 ranged physical damage, and inflicting Short Disease II!
PseudoGM: Rudri!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 62/70 MP 55/55 LP 10/10 DR 0/20 Long: - Short: Disease II
Rudri lines up and fires at both bees! [Twin Arrow]
Rudri: !2d100
Rudri rolled 2d100 and got 24, 32 ( Total: 56 ) for 80 CoS
Rudri: 2 damage and arrow to both!
Dicebot:// Adding pin
PseudoGM: //Gunna let you keep track of where your arrows are yourself, if you don't mind. Two hits!

PseudoGM: Giant Bee B begins buzzing loudly, before sending a [Gust] through Chrys and Rudri!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 3 ( Total: 3 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 4 Air damage to both!
Lyra runs over to Rudri and clambers up their back and jumps on top of their head, her paws are quite soft and warm "Thanks!" she says as she looks at Bee A and a couple of clicking sounds happen. She opens up her mouth and three loud banging noises happen as the Bee is impacted three times [Twin Arrow] [C-Pin]
PseudoGM: Nope!
PseudoGM: It's not your turn yet.
[OOC] Lyra: Hrm? Oh, wait, wasn't I after the bee after Rudri?
Alder Frowns at the familiar.
[OOC] Lyra: No that's Alder
[OOC] Lyra: MY BAD~ I thought you were a bee, Hachi
PseudoGM: No, he's a Driftin, so he gets to change his init after it's rolled at the start.
[OOC] Lyra: Fuck thiiiis
PseudoGM: Ghost Monkey B hops back up into a tree momentarily, pulling off two not-exactly-ripe pears, before hurling one at Chrys and the other at Lyra! [Throw Fruit]
[OOC] Lyra: i'll wait for an init call
PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 54, 40 ( Total: 94 )
PseudoGM: Hitting both for 1 Earth damage and Short Shock II!
PseudoGM: Alder!
Chrysanthemum tries to catch the pear out of the air and eat it but no, ow, right in the face.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 56/70 MP 55/55 LP 10/10 DR 0/20 Long: - Short: Disease II, Shock II
[OOC] Lyra: HP: 39/40, MP: 60/60, LP: 10/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 0/14, Status: Short Shock II
Alder: "Those bees… how annoying! I'll show them how it's done." He takes aim at Giant Bee A and fires! [Demonstrate]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 ) for 80
[5 damage!] [Gains Long H-Power]
Dicebot:// Adding rush
[OOC] Soahc: remember peeps- add 2 drive at the start of your turn.
PseudoGM: //Lyra!

Lyra NOW uses the maneuver from before [Twin Arrow] [C-Pin]
Lyra rolled 1d100+20 and got 28 ( Total: 48 ) for 80
Lyra strikes the poor bee for 4 x 3 damage [12], three glowing marks appear on it
PseudoGM: Three seperate attack rolls~
PseudoGM: Does only consume one ammo though.
Lyra: Oh, okay
Lyra rolled 2#1d100+20(1) and got 39 ( Total: 59 )
Also rolled 2#1d100+20(2) and got 75 [Total: 95]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 154
Lyra hits all three [1 LP]
PseudoGM: Hit, hit, miss!
[OOC] Lyra: 2 LP] rather
PseudoGM: It's Good To Spend LP
Dicebot:// Using pin
PseudoGM: //Three hits!

PseudoGM: The final ghost monkey lunges forward, clawing at Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 )
PseudoGM: For 6 physical damage!
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Alder: "Hang in there, big fellow!"
Chrysanthemum: "Gahahah! I've seen worse than this!"
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Julian did you generate momentum
[OOC] Lyra: Right [M-Pin]
[OOC] Soahc: He used momentum.
Rudri: +1 damage to Lyra.
Dicebot:// Momentum List: fire, rush,
Rudri: //She used my C-Pin momentum.

Dicebot:// Adding pin
[OOC] Lyra: Rudri: Already added it in the damage
[OOC] Lyra: Base is 3, +1 from you
Rudri: //never mind then~

Chrysanthemum rushes forward and starts swinging his axe around in a circle and roaring and flames start to gather on the blade from the air and then he slams the axe into Monkey B! [Spread Wave] [C-Fire]
Chrysanthemum rolled d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 ) for 60, effectively
PseudoGM: Hits!
Soahc gives a brief nod of approval as Chrysanthemum combines axe murderin' and fire murderin' into fiery axe murderin'.
Dealing [5] physical to monkey B and [4] fire to everything else in the same row!
Lyra watches as Crysantemum spreads fire everywhere "Just… Be a little careful with that, okay"
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 46/70 MP 51/55 LP 10/10 DR 2/20 Long: - Short: -
Alder: "Amazing hit! It spread the element all around…"
Chrysanthemum bows, flexes, staggers backwards coughing a bit as the bee's revenge kicks in. "Gahaha! Told you I've done this before. Don't you worry at all."
PseudoGM: Nice! Monkey A was an easy target due to being on fire and never saw it coming! And obviously took burning damage. Much like Chrys took Disease II damage just now!
PseudoGM: End of the round! Lots of statuses fade away. Monkey A and Bee A are both startign to look roughed up.
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //FRONT ROW: Ghost Monkey A, B, C

PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Giant Bee A, B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Ghost Monkey C, Giant Bee A, Rudri, Giant Bee B, Ghost Monkey B, Alder, Lyra, Ghost Monkey A, Chrys
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Soahc looks at Chrys, and frowns. Respect the tank. FOEN. M-Recovery. 7 HP get!
Dicebot:// Adding recovery
Chrysanthemum: "Thanks!"
[OOC] Soahc: and I get E-Power II
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 53/70 MP 51/55 LP 10/10 DR 2/20 Long: - Short: -
PseudoGM: //Ghost Monkey C goes to pick some more pears to throw at Alder and Chrys! [Fruit Toss]

Soahc sends green and blue sparkles on Chrys, healing some wounds. Then Soahc's eyes start to glow…
PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 86, 33 ( Total: 119 )
PseudoGM: But only managed to peg Chrys for 1 Earth damage and Short Shock II!
PseudoGM: Giant Bee A swoops in at Rudri, attempting to [Sting] him!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 2 ranged physical damage and inflicting Short Disease II!
PseudoGM: Rudri!
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 45/45, MP: 50/60, LP: 10/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 6/ 13, E-Power II
PseudoGM: Giant B also begins to shimmer! [Drive Guage Nearly Full]
Rudri doesn't seem to think much of this bee! They're gonna Freeze it! … and by freeze -it-, they mean freeze Monkey A and then expend their arrows to also freeze Bee A and Bee B.
PseudoGM: The Bees are W: Water!
Rudri: 6 water damage to Monkey A, 12 damage to Bee A and Bee B!
Dicebot:// Adding water
[OOC] Lyra: Weakness is +2 damage not double damage
PseudoGM: //+2, not x2, haha. [6] [8] [8]!

Rudri: … oh.
Rudri: right.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: got REAL excited for a minute
PseudoGM: Giant Bee B swoops forward, [Sting]ing Chrys!
[OOC] Lyra: Chrys please not in the middle of combat
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 14 ( Total: 14 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 2 physical and inflicting Short Disease II!
PseudoGM: It also begins to shimmer. [Drive Gauge Nearly Full]
Alder: kk
[OOC] Alder: mt
Soahc: "We should kill those bees. Soon."
PseudoGM: Ghost Monkey B hops forward, clawing at Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 )
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: I already have Disease II so… nothing happens, right, I don't get special bee syphilis
PseudoGM: For 6 physical!
[OOC] Soahc: It expired last round.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Naw the other bee already applied it lawl
PseudoGM: The one from the first round was gone, you just now recaught it.
[OOC] Lyra: Point is, statuses don't stack
PseudoGM: The first Bee stung Rudri! They can fly and [String] is ranged.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: OH WAIT nevermind that was Rudri akjfhrughr I CAN READ
PseudoGM: But yeah, statuses don't stack, which is why they're spreading the attack.
PseudoGM: Anywho,
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder: "The bees live and die quick! Don't worry, support is coming soon!" He aims and fires at Giant Bee B! [Conjuration]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 ) for 80
[6 damage!] [Next Sage spell hits an additional target.]
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Chrysanthemum laughs and thwacks his belly with a claw.// "Do I look like I'm falterin'?"
[OOC] PseudoGM: 6]!
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Alder: "Oh, I think you'll like this one."
Chrysanthemum: "'m sure I will."
[OOC] Alder: er 5 damage lol
PseudoGM: Oh, okay.
Lyra looks at Rudri's spell "I know that one, check this one out" she puts her hands down on the floor "Drag them down, Thorns!" thorny vines appear under the ground below Bee A and grab it and drag it's frozen form to the floor, they squeeze and grasp until the ice shatters with explosive force! [Thorns] [C-Water]
Rudri: Roll burst!
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for 100/35
PseudoGM: And then mention damage and element, I don't have this stuff memorized
Lyra strikes for 7+3+3+3 [15] Earth damage and marks Bee B with an Arrow!
[OOC] Lyra: Wait, Burst affects only base-damage, right?
PseudoGM: yeah
PseudoGM: The Bees are W: Earth! Though even before that, the Giant Bee crumples! [KO]
PseudoGM: Ghost Monkey A stops, drops and rolls, after realizing Being On Fire is pretty unpleasent. [Defend]! [Burning Cleansed]
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Alder: "Oh my goodness, my diminuitive assassin."
Alder: "You show little quarter, do you?"
Soahc: "Very nice."
Dicebot:// Momentum List: recovery, water, rush,
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: is the other bee still alive out of mild curiosity
PseudoGM: //Yup!

Lyra nods at Alder "I mean, i'm supposed to be a bodyguard too"
PseudoGM: Monkey A and the remaining B are a bit beat up, Monkey's B/C are pretty fine
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: …further question. is water the same as ice
[OOC] Peter: yeah
PseudoGM: Water is the proper name, any references to Ice are mistakes
Chrysanthemum plants his axe in the ground, draws his javelin, and hucks it at the remaining bee. [Put Down] [C-Ice]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
PseudoGM: Hits!
Dealing [3] ranged physical damage and removing 5 Drive from the target!
PseudoGM: Rude!
Chrysanthemum: "Gahahahah!"
Alder: "Rude! I love it!"
Chrysanthemum pulls his axe out of the ground and spins it victoriously. Is that even a word!?
PseudoGM: The Bee makes a Very Sad Bee Noise, having lost all of its drive from the embeded javilin.
PseudoGM: And that's the end of the round! Clear your shorts if ya got 'em.
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //FRONT ROW: Ghost Monkey A, B, C

PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Giant Bee B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Ghost Monkey C, Rudri, Giant Bee B, Ghost Monkey B, Alder, Lyra, Ghost Monkey A, Chrys
Lyra is not wearing any shorts to clear
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 41/70 MP 49/55 LP 10/10 DR 4/20 Long: - Short: -
[OOC] Lyra: HP: 39/40, MP: 56/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 4/14, Ammo 3/4, Status:
[OOC] Soahc: anyone I should focus on?
[OOC] Alder: either monkey A or bee-b I think
Soahc calls down lightning on monkey A! AUM!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for 75
[OOC] Soahc: does… does that make it?
[OOC] Alder: yup
[OOC] Soahc: oh, and e-power II expended to deal 8 air damage
PseudoGM: CoS = That Number Or Lower, so I think so?
Dicebot:// Adding air
[OOC] Soahc: and long shock!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8]! The monkey doesn't look so great. Especially not with the CoS penalty!
Soahc raises his hands, and calls down a blinding bolt of lightning to blast the once burning monkey!
PseudoGM: //Ghost Monkey C grabs a pair of pears, before hurling one at Chrys and the other at Lyra!

PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 12, 47 ( Total: 59 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 2 Earth damage to Chrys, 1 Earth damage to Lyra, and Long Shock IIing them both.
PseudoGM: Er, Short Shock II.
PseudoGM: Not long. That would be silly.
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri takes aim! [Twin Arrows]
Rudri: Targeting Monkey B and Monkey C!
Rudri rolled 2d100 and got 70, 85 ( Total: 155 )
[OOC] Rudri: 1 LP
PseudoGM: Oh, Monkey C also begins to shimmer. [Drive Gauge Nearly Full]
PseudoGM: Two hits! You speeding up/down along with that?
Rudri: Up.
Rudri: 2 damage to both, then, and arrows!
PseudoGM: Noted!
PseudoGM: Giant Bee B angerily swoops down and [Sting]s Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 )
Chrysanthemum blocks with his axe! [-1 LP]
PseudoGM: For 2 physical and Short Disease II!
PseudoGM: ?!
[OOC] Alder: Get Dunked On
PseudoGM: The Bee spins out of control briefly, before flying back into formation.
PseudoGM: Ghost Monkey B lets out a skreetch, before lunging at Chrys while he's distracted!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 )
PseudoGM: But it over shoots the jump!
Chrysanthemum isn't distracted, is using the momentum to dodge out of the way of that one too!
PseudoGM: Alder!
PseudoGM: (Monkey B is also shimming pre-Over Drive as well, just for the record)
Alder reloads his rifle! "A tactical decision, then! Hold for just a bit longer…" [Defend] [Quicken 1]
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Lyra runs a bit farther back and looks at the monkeys, she takes a deep breath and opens wide her (little) jaws at it, a loud pair of bangs as both Monkey A and Monkey B are struck [Twin Arrow] [C-Pin]
Lyra rolled 2#1d100+20(1) and got 32 ( Total: 52 ) for 80
Also rolled 2#1d100+20(2) and got 65 [Total: 85]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 137
PseudoGM: Hit, Miss!
Lyra takes another breath as one strike hits for [3] and the other goes wide
[OOC] Lyra: HP: 38/40, MP: 54/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 6/14, Ammo 2/4, Status: Short Shock II
PseudoGM: Monkey A's hangin' in there! [SOS]
PseudoGM: Which then hurls itself at Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 )
Dicebot:// Adding pin
PseudoGM: //For 6 physical! It then begins to shimmer. [Drive Gauge Nearly Full]

PseudoGM: Chrys!
[OOC] Soahc: uh.
Dicebot:// Momentum List: air, pin, pin,
[OOC] Soahc: long shock on the monkey a mean anything, or did it still make it's roll?
PseudoGM: //Still hit

[OOC] Chrysanthemum: naw still makes it :< could dodge it but meh
[OOC] Soahc: kk
PseudoGM: Though I probably should of directly modified the roll so there was less wondering if I forgot, yeah haha
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: sorry one sec
Chrysanthemum strikes a heroic pose and then cuts deep into Monkey A! [Hero Saber]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 59 ( Total: 59 )
[-1 LP]
Deals [5] physical damage, and Chrysanthemum gets a second wind! [+7 HP]
PseudoGM: Nice.
PseudoGM: Also Roar Reminder, just in case you forgot about it!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 42/70 MP 47/55 LP 8/10 DR 8/20 Long: - Short: -
PseudoGM: Okay, and that's the end of ROUND 3!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: 's why I'm at 8 DR haha
PseudoGM: //Monkey A is nearly dead! B and C are basically fine. Giant Bee's kind of beat up but doin' okay. All three monkey's are about to over drive!

PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Ghost Monkey A, B, C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Giant Bee B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Rudri, Ghost Monkey C, Giant Bee B, Alder, Ghost Monkey B, Lyra, Ghost Monkey A, Chrys
PseudoGM: Soahc!
[OOC] Soahc: who's statused?
[OOC] Lyra: Nobody right now I believe
[OOC] Soahc: anyone?
PseudoGM: No one, the enemies have only been using Short duration ones.
PseudoGM: Although Monkey A still had Long Shock on it.
Soahc tries to pick off Monkey A! LOD!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 ) for 75%
PseudoGM: Hits!
[OOC] Soahc: and burst! +1?
Dicebot:// Adding fire
[OOC] Soahc: and long burning
PseudoGM: //Yeah, Burst is +1 Damage, and -1MP cost.

PseudoGM: What
PseudoGM: What's the normal damage?
[OOC] Soahc: 6
PseudoGM: That'll do. [KO]!
Soahc: "Finally."
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri sends frost cascading over the foes once more! [Freeze, expend arrows]
Rudri rolled 3d100 and got 58, 95, 38 ( Total: 191 ) for bee b monkey b monkey c
[OOC] Rudri: 8] [6] [6
Dicebot:// Adding water
PseudoGM: //The Monkey's are weak to water! +2 damage! The Bee is neutral to it.

PseudoGM: So I imagine it's [6] [8] [8]
PseudoGM: Ghost Monkey C lets out a howl as it jumps on top of Chrys, glowing red. [OVER DRIVE] [DRINK BLOOD]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 42 ( Total: 42 ) for 80
Rudri: Oh, whoops
PseudoGM: Hitting him for 6 physical damage as it takes a bite out of some barely exposed part of his body! It looks… a lot better. [+20HP]. And then continues to claw at Chrys. [Attack]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 57 ( Total: 57 )
PseudoGM: For another 6 physical!
PseudoGM: Giant Bee B swoops down to [Sting] Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 )
Alder: "Foes that heal!"
Alder: "Savage."
[OOC] Soahc: Okay, I'm using my termination to heal him next turn.
PseudoGM: 2 physical and Short Disease II!
PseudoGM: Alder!
Lyra: "Those are the worst"
Lyra: "Why are those monkeys here?!"
Chrysanthemum finally manages to shake it off, growling. "O- oh yeah I forgot t' mention, they like t' drink th' blood of th' living…"
Lyra: "They're going to keep doing that, aren't they?"
Alder: "Right, so! It's time to finally show off!" He twirls his rifle in one hand and shoulders it, and channels a bright white flow of aether through his palms! He turns up his hands, and white magic diffuses around Chrysanthemum and Rudri, mixing with the latent Water in the air! [Solace]
Chrysanthemum: "Tha's what th' glowing means, yeah… tch…"
[C-Water] [+20 HP] [Barrier (4) - until the end of the round or your next turn, whichever is longer, gain Barrier 4]
Dicebot:// Using water
PseudoGM: //Woah, what a good heal.

Soahc: "Wow."
PseudoGM: Ghost Monkey B begins to glow red as well, as it lunges for Chrys! [OVER DRIVE] [DRINK BLOOD]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 ) for 80
Chrysanthemum: "Damn!"
PseudoGM: Hitting for 6 physical as it finds another kink in the armor! [+20HP]. It then scampers up a tree to find some fruit, before beaning Lyra and Chrys with it. [Throw Fruit]
PseudoGM rolled 2d100 and got 78, 3 ( Total: 81 )
PseudoGM: 1 Earth to Lyra, 2 Earth to Chrys and Short Shock II to both!
PseudoGM: Lyra?
PseudoGM: Oh.
PseudoGM: Nearly forgot - Giant Bee is shimmering now! [Drive Gauge Nearly Full, Again]
[OOC] PseudoGM: Maybe It'll Stick This Time
[OOC] Lyra: HP: 37/40, MP: 54/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 8/14, Ammo 2/4, Status: Short Shock II
Lyra takes a couple of steps back "Okay all of you monkeys, time to Freeze!" she starts flapping her wings strongly and a powerful gust of frozen winds flies onwards as all three Monkeys and the Bee get encased in ice!
Lyra rolled 4#1d100+30(1) and got 70 ( Total: 100 ) for 100/35
Also rolled 4#1d100+30(2) and got 25 [Total: 55]
Also rolled 4#1d100+30(3) and got 96 [Total: 126]
Also rolled 4#1d100+30(4) and got 29 [Total: 59]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 340
Lyra missed right on Monkey B but other [8] to monkeys and [6] to the bee, all arrows are spent
PseudoGM: There's only two monkeys, but they're both W: Ice!
Lyra: Oh, okay
[OOC] Lyra: I missed a monkey dieing, ahaha
PseudoGM: So that looks like… Miss Monkey B, Hit C, Miss Bee…?
PseudoGM: Or no, hit both monkeys
PseudoGM: magic!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8] [8]!
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Dicebot:// Momentum List: fire,
[OOC] Lyra: Oh right also add Water to the list Teak I forgot :<
PseudoGM: //and a water in there from Lyra just now, as well.

Rudri: Freeze CoS is 100, no misses unless some of these things somehow evade magic?
PseudoGM: 126 > 100
[OOC] Lyra: I have Shock II, so I can in fact roll over 100
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Is there a monkey still alive and glowing out of curiosity I lost track
[OOC] Lyra: No just the B
PseudoGM: Nope, you guys killed A before it could OD
PseudoGM: and the other two already have.
Chrysanthemum: "Damn bee took off with my javelin."
Chrysanthemum: "Ah, well."
Dicebot:// Using water
water is not in the list
[OOC] Alder: erm disregard)
Alder: "Sadly, the Bee -is- buzzing with urgency, yes."
Chrysanthemum shrugs a bit and rushes Monkey B, trailing the axe behind him- it picks up streamers of water as he runs and he hits the monkey with a [Power Strike][C-Water]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 )
[-1 LP to crit]
PseudoGM: //W: Water!

Dealing [12] water damage as the axe hits with a momentous splash!
PseudoGM: Not Bad.
PseudoGM: And that's the end of Round 4!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //Monkey B is bloodied! Monkey C is mostly okay. The Giant Bee is bloodied and shimmering, watch out!

PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Ghost Monkey B, C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Giant Bee B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Rudri, Ghost Monkey C, Giant Bee B, Alder, Ghost Monkey B, Lyra, Chrys
PseudoGM: Soahc!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 46/70 MP 44/55 LP 7/10 DR 11/20 Long: - Short: Shock II
[OOC] Soahc: psst, chrys, no longer shocked
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: except minus Short obviously
[OOC] Soahc: which enemy looks worst off?
[OOC] Alder: bee
PseudoGM: The Bee, yeah.
Soahc takes a deep breath. the sky starts to rumble furiously as he chants, raising a finger to point at Bee B… IX! Termination, expending all three stored syllables, stressing aum for air damage! M-Air!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 77 ( Total: 77 )
Dicebot:// Adding air
[OOC] Soahc: so 9 air damage
PseudoGM: //The Giant Bee is R: Air! -2! What's your damage?

[OOC] PseudoGM: 7]!
PseudoGM: That's knock it into [SOS] though.
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Soahc: "Well shoot."
Soahc is a little underwhelmed by what the lightning bolt did.
Lyra: "Hrm… Makes sense the bees are attuned to wind aether. A pity we haven't figured how to use the minor fire aspect of lightning yet, it would have proven useful here"
Rudri is thinking… probably get the bee wrecked. [Thorns]
Rudri rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
Rudri: 6 earth to Bee B!
PseudoGM: It's W: Earth! [8]! It's… just barely hanging on.
PseudoGM: Monkey C leaps at Chrys once more!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 )
PseudoGM: Hitting him for 6 physical before cartwheeling away.
PseudoGM: The Giant Bee begins to glow green! It then swoops down at Chrys, stinger first. [OVER DRIVE] [Broken Tip]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 53 ( Total: 53 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 4 physical damage and inflicting Long Disease (I)! As it pulls back, you notice the sting is gone, still stuck in Chrys…? [Can't Overdrive Anymore] But it looks ready to go down swinging. [Gains Long E-Power II]
PseudoGM: A moment later, it lets off a [Gust], tearing through Chrys and Alder!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 82 ( Total: 82 )
PseudoGM: Hitting both for 5 Air damage!
PseudoGM: Alder!
Chrysanthemum: "Augh!"
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 29/70 MP 44/55 LP 7/10 DR 11/20 Long: Disease Short: -
Alder: "Well they just won't let up… so neither will I!" He channels with a single hand, the white aether mixing with the residual Earth energy, and it forms around Chrysanthemum!
[C-Earth] [+17 HP] [Barrier (4)]
Dicebot:// Adding recovery
PseudoGM: //Barrier?!

PseudoGM: The Monkey shoots Alder a Nasty Look at it lunges for Chrys' ankles.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 )
PseudoGM: Hitting for 6 physical!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: which is really 3 because armor, which is 0 because barrier. right?
PseudoGM: Yeah! Although if anything would do 0, it'll *tink* for 1 instead. But still, pretty pathetic for our evil little monkey friend here.
PseudoGM: Lyra!
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 58/70 MP 44/55 LP 7/10 DR 11/20 Barrier 4 Long: Disease Short: -
PseudoGM: Both monkey's are up, the bee is nearly dead.
Lyra puts her hands on the floor again, time to finish off the bee with her [Thorns]!
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 ) for 100/35
[OOC] PseudoGM: KO]!
PseudoGM: Chrys!
Dicebot:// Adding earth
Chrysanthemum strikes a pose again, and slashes Monkey B, his axe glowing brightly! [Hero Saber][C-Earth]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 67 ( Total: 67 )
Dealing [7] Supreme damage! Regains [7] HP!
PseudoGM: //idk if that's with our without the heal penalty from disease, but here's a reminder it exists.

PseudoGM: And that's the end of ROUND 5! Nearly there!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
PseudoGM: //FRONT ROW: Ghost Monkey B, C

PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Giant Bee B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Rudri, Ghost Monkey C, Alder, Ghost Monkey B, Lyra, Chrys
Soahc goes overdrive!
[OOC] Soahc: Double Up!
Rudri: "I can patch up a bit, but I need the heat of a flame to kindle the lifeblood within us…"
Soahc uses Ux to eat Chrys' Long Disease, then hurls a fireball at Monkey C!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for burst 35
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 ) for 75
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Orite I'm at 2 HP less than I thought
Soahc: (…burn 2 LP to hit))
[OOC] Soahc: so, Long Disease on Chrys is gone, and Long Burning on Monkey C.
Dicebot:// Adding fire
PseudoGM: //Hits! Hooray for LP

PseudoGM: What's the damage again? 6?
Soahc points at Chrys, and the stinger simply… disappears, along with the poison. Then he burns a monkey for 6 fire.
PseudoGM: Not bad, Soahc. Not bad.
PseudoGM: Rudri!
Soahc: "You wanted fire? You got your fire."
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 45/45, MP: 36/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 0/ 13
Lyra: "Dual-purpose?"
Lyra nods "That's efficient use of energy"
Soahc: "Sometimes…"
Soahc smiles the grin of someone not. Quite. Okay. "Sometimes I get a little impatient."
Rudri: The flames waft off of the monkey, and return to swirl around Chry with all the warmth of a roaring campfire. The ground at his feet seems to bloom for a moment. [Four Blessings, C Fire]
Rudri: Long E-Guard, +6 HP to Chry!
PseudoGM: Ghost Monkey C rolls up the fire on its arms, not unlike sleeves, and rushes forward to claw at Chrys.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 )
Chrysanthemum takes a deep breath and grins at Rudri. "Thanks, Ru!"
PseudoGM: But misses! And burns! Bad call, monkey.
PseudoGM: Alder.
Alder takes aim and fires at Ghost Monkey C! [Attack]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 ) for 80
Alder spends a luck to crit! [-1 LP]
[8 Damage]
PseudoGM: Bang! It's bloodied!
PseudoGM: Monkey B runs up to maybe actually claw Chrys!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 )
PseudoGM: Nope.
PseudoGM: Lyra?
Lyra considers for a moment, and strikes at Monkey C! [Shoot]
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hits!
Lyra moves back a little as the recoil is a bit more than she can handle as she deals [4] physical to the Monkey [M-Pin]
PseudoGM: Chrys!
[OOC] Lyra: HP: 37/40, MP: 48/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 10, Drive: 10/14, Ammo 1/4, Status:
Dicebot:// Adding pin
Chrysanthemum snarls- time to try and end this! Smash! [Power Strike] on Monkey B!
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 )
[7] physcal damage!
PseudoGM: //Pow! It's in [SOS]!

[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 67/70 MP 36/55 LP 7/10 DR 15/20 Long: E-Guard Short: -
PseudoGM: And that's the end of… ROUND… 6?
PseudoGM: Monkey B is in SOS! Monkey C is bloodied and burning!
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: Ghost Monkey B, C
PseudoGM: BACK ROW: Giant Bee B
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Rudri, Ghost Monkey C, Alder, Ghost Monkey B, Lyra, Chrys
PseudoGM: Soahc!
PseudoGM: Only with less back row
Soahc shocks Monkey C! Aum!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 ) for 75%
[OOC] Soahc: burst, so 7 damage and long shock
Dicebot:// Adding air
PseudoGM: //Knocked into [SOS]!

PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri lets their bow sing again! [Twin Arrow]
Rudri rolled 2d100 and got 57, 3 ( Total: 60 ) for B C
Rudri: … burning LP, C takes a crit
PseudoGM: Hit, crit!
Rudri: 2 to B, 5 to C, embed arrows!
PseudoGM: C drops! [KO]
PseudoGM: B's just barely hanging on!
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder takes aim and fires at Ghost Monkey B! [Attack]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for 80
[5 Damage]
PseudoGM: Hits! [KO]
[OOC] PseudoGM: All Clear]!
Alder: "And that's the beauty of my fury." He flourishes with his rifle, with a half spin, aims at the sky, and with a slap, reloads it.
[OOC] Alder: HP: 41/45, MP: 49/60, LP: 9/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 14 / 18 (U),Ammo: 2 / 2 (U)
Soahc sighs. "Wow. Bit more satisfying than run and hide… but…"
PseudoGM: +5 XP, and you can scavange the monsters for materials you can sell for +10 Gon! (The local currency) Tracking XP is probably worthless but you can if you really want.
Soahc: "Anyone badly hurt?"
Lyra sighs and sits down "That took a while, i'm almost out of ammo"
Chrysanthemum slings his axe back over his shoulder and then tromps over to Rudri, picks them up with one hand, and sets them back on his shoulder pauldron with a grin. "Hey, you all did great! I bet we can sell some of this back at town, too…"
Lyra pulls out a small bag she had somewhere, pulling three small caliber bullets from them before eating all three of them. She looks at Soahc "Don't worry about me!"
Rudri squeaks as they find themself picked up, and settle.
Alder: "Hm, how about offensive reserves?"
Soahc: "I'm good for another battle, but mana's… half or so gone."
Lyra shakes her head "Mana reserves are doing just fine for now, don't worry"
[OOC] Rudri: 65/65 HP, 36/55 MP, 8/10 LP, 12/16 Drive
Chrysanthemum: "Feelin' fine."
PseudoGM: …Doesn't seem like there's any other monkeys in the area looking to pick a fight with you guys after that. The sky's that nice, orange red color that it gets during sun set, and you're about halfway to the shrine, going off Soahc and Chrys' memories. Hopefully any other monkey got the message!
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 45/45, MP: 37/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 0/ 13
Soahc: "Let us press on, then."
Lyra certainly hopes other monkeys got the message well gotten
Alder: "Travelling under the setting sun! I'm glad we could make extra time."
Lyra: "Indeed, despite the danger the land is beautiful"
Rudri resumes their perch atop Chry's pauldron.
PseudoGM: And… it looks like they did! You do spot a couple more of the bees as you continue hiking up, but they seem a lot more doscile when there aren't ghost monkey's harassing them and seem content to go about their business and ignore you. The rest of the walk is pretty pleasent, all things considered. And the forest thins out a bit more as you go up, making the fading light a bit less of
PseudoGM: an issue.
Lyra looks at Rudri and Chrysanthemum for a moment, then looks forward again then up at the sky, she continues on with a smile
PseudoGM: A little less than an hour later, you manage to spot the shrine in the distance! It's completely different from the one's Alder and Lyra are used to seeing - no reds or purples or whites, no triangular shapes. Then entire thing is fairly curved - a large dome, with the pillars being less pillars, and more a set of four arcs framing the edges of the dome at four points. The arcs look like
PseudoGM: they're made of obsidian, while the dome itself is some kind of teal, sturdy looking stone. Various orange strings are hung around the outside of the dome, with small lanters attached to it which are lit with some kind of low powered magical flame. In the dead center is a pedistel of a darker orange material, with a large basketball sides jewel much like Soahc's rested on it, but much
PseudoGM: shinier.
Soahc waves his hands and the lanterns flicker to life, yes.
PseudoGM: A couple of feet in front of the shrine is a small, more subdued pedestal without anything currently on it, and ringed by a handful of smaller incense sticks.
Soahc takes out his replica.
Soahc: "Spirits of those who were, we honor the foundation you have built."
PseudoGM: (There's also a rope tied around the shrines arc's, nonimally sealing off entrance inside of it.)
Soahc: "Spirits of those to be, we will make a better world for you to be born into."
Soahc sets his jewel on the pedestal, and waves his hand again. The incense sticks smolder.
Soahc: "We ask not for strife, but for peace and prosperity."
Soahc: "We ask not for the easy road, but that we learn and survive to grow strong."
Soahc: "We ask not to be spared hardships, but for strength to endure them."
Soahc: "So have those before prayed, so do I now."
Soahc then takes out a list of newborn children, and those who died in this year, and mutters prayers for both. When he is finished, he claps his hands together with a crack that sounds like a gunshot. The incense sticks snuff out.
PseudoGM: As Soahc finishes his pray, the light from the last few moments of sunlight and the incense sticks reflects off the replica just so - breifly making it look as brilliant as the real one housed in the shrine proper.
Soahc despite himself wiggles his hands- OW, that hurt.
Alder shields his eyes, only getting a hint of the brilliance.
Soahc: "Memento mori."
PseudoGM: Traditionally, this is the part where everyone silently offers up their prayers in their own ways to the ancestors. The universe gives you a quiet few moments to do so.
Soahc says that AFTER prayers, yes plz.
Lyra takes a deep breath, not like she needs it, and just looks at the sky it seems.
Alder prays that if he can't find the third way, that he be strong enough to break the cogs.
Soahc waits until after prayers are done, then speaks the same words he heard from the last one to do this. "Memento Mori. Remember you will die. We do this rite, because it is familiar in a world where things change. People are born. People die. To stop this cycle is to invite true stagnation and decay. Appreciate what you have now, because tomorrow it may not be there."
Soahc then carefully picks up the replica.
PseudoGM: And after those few minutes pass… there's a loud snickering off to the side, at the edge of the shrine's clearing. "Got everything off you chest~?" A voice asks in a sing-song tone. When you turn to face it, you see a large wolf, nearly the size of an adult human, wearing a comically large stone mask upon its face, somehow The typical form an If-Ys will take when it's in a mood,
PseudoGM: explicitly on the hunt for trouble, as you're all aware.
Soahc 's solemn facade drops like a too-hot potato. "Oh what in the fresh hell is this…"
Alder: "Well no… I was about to also pray for a cuppa and scone."
Alder: "Instead… you."
PseudoGM: "The start of the Rite's season is always the best time to find to playmates!" It grins behind the mask at Soahc. "I'm all out of scones, though…"
Lyra looks over at the uninvited visitor "Hello, I imagine you're another visitor?" she looks at Alder "Unless they are not?"
Alder: "They -can- be, but take care of her aura."
Soahc: "Look, ordinarily, I'd say 'let's dance', we'd cause some mild to severe property damage, but I'm on business, not pleasure."
PseudoGM: "That sounds so dreadfully boring."
Soahc: "yes, well… even the village screwup has some duties to perform."
PseudoGM: "No, no, no, that won't do at all. Lets play!" The stone masked wolf stands up slowly, before sprinting forward at the group.
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: San-Ys
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, San-Ys, Chrys, Rudri, Alder
Alder: "Yup, we're doing this!"
PseudoGM: Any speed adjustments, Rudri?
Lyra looks at the incoming beast "Seems like someone has no concept of respect"
Soahc: "Fine."
PseudoGM: "That's not true! I was very patient and waited until you were done praying!"
Lyra: "Unless the local customs are very different, it is not considered acceptable to fight in consecrated land"
PseudoGM: "It's not MY temple, so it doesn't count!" It laughs as it closes ranks.
Soahc: "Okay, normally, I'd start off simple, but I'm on the clock. Let's do this."
Soahc chants and sends a wave of phantom giant bee stingers at San-Ys! IX, 8 damage and long disease I.
[OOC] Soahc: 8 physical
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 )
[OOC] Soahc: still hits!
PseudoGM: "Guah! I guess I can't complain too much since I started it, huh?" //The wolf laughs.

PseudoGM: Lyra!
Lyra considers for a moment "Fine then" she steadies herself and [Shoot] [C-Pin]
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 ) for 80
Lyra misses wildly
Soahc: "Yes, yes, the 'wow I'm so crazy I don't need to follow rules or instructions' routine. It's funny for about 30 minutes."
Dicebot:// Adding pin
PseudoGM: //Miss!

Soahc: "Then you, say, shock yourself with your own spell, go perma-bald, and suddenly you're introduced to the novel concept of your actions having consequences."
PseudoGM: San-Ys shakes its head from side to side. "I'm not crazy! I just don't care about YOUR rules. Lets rumble, baldy!" The wolf skins to a stop as a hot wind kicks up around Soahc. [Brushfire]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 70
PseudoGM: But nothing happens! It growls and the winds start to kick back up… [Brushfire]!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 ) for 70
PseudoGM: Hitting this time! For 8 Air damage, and inflicting Long Burning!
PseudoGM: "Hmph."
PseudoGM: Chrys!
[OOC] PseudoGM: I Remembered Disease Damage
Lyra: "And you say you weren't being disrespectful" she shakes her head "Those who refuse to listen are the worst"
Chrysanthemum barrels in and attacks! [Great-Axe]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 ) for 80/20
[5 damage]
Dicebot:// Adding launch
PseudoGM: //Hits!

PseudoGM: Rudri!
PseudoGM: Oh, whoops.
PseudoGM: wait n/m i didn't forget to mention a thing since it didn't come up yet
PseudoGM: anyway.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: HP 67/70 MP 36/55 LP 7/10 DR 17/20 Long: - Short: -
Rudri rapid fires arrows into San-Ys! [Twin Arrow] [C-Pin, So Really It's Triplet Arrow]
Alder rolled 3d100 and got 6, 62, 1 ( Total: 69 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hit x3!
Gonna say Rudri's feelign saucy and spends some luck to make that 2 crits 1 hit. [-2 LP]
PseudoGM: Nice!
[5] [2] [5]
PseudoGM: That's a really good attack, for a bow.
PseudoGM: Alder!
Alder raises his rifle and aims with pitch perfect precision! He'll show you how it's done! [Demonstrate]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 12 ( Total: 12 ) for 80
[5 damage!] [Gains Long H-Power]
PseudoGM: "Woof! You guys are a bit tougher than most groups, ha ha ha!
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round 1!
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: San-Ys
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, San-Ys, Chrys, Rudri, Alder
PseudoGM: San-Ys' still diseased!
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Soahc realizes he's on fire, and in a few seconds, that will hurt. Time to remedy that. Ux!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 )
[OOC] Soahc: burst, -1 MP cost
PseudoGM: Cleansing!
PseudoGM: Lyra?
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 37/45, MP: 38/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 8/ 13
Lyra sighs "Soahc look, normally I only do this for my Master, okay?"
Lyra: "So you better be grateful"
Lyra spreads her wings wide, puts both hands over her chest as a radiant sphere of energy gathers. She walks up to Soahc and practically shoves it into his chest. It fills his body with energy, granting him 14 Drive and Long E-Power [OD - Dragon Heart] [https://youtu.be/ItlMzEvf7Uw]
Lyra falls over backwards without moving for a moment, looking a little dizzy. Then she turns to San-Ys "As for you…" [Shoot]
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 ) for 80
Lyra misses again how fully expected
PseudoGM: The wolf tilts its head to the side, looking at Lyra. "Familiars are so weird~"
Chrysanthemum: "Dang."
PseudoGM: It lets out another howl as hot wind kicks up around Soahc - [Brushfire]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 ) for 70
[OOC] Soahc: oh, right
PseudoGM: Hitting for 8 Air and inflicting Long Burning again, before barreling forward and leaping over Chrys, before slamming down on Soahc's chest. "Lets. PLAY!" [Rolling Leap]
Dicebot:// Adding recovery
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for 80
Alder: "Jeez. You're mad!"
PseudoGM: //Stomp! 7 ranged physical damage, before it quickly darts back into position.

PseudoGM: It's shimming, too! [Drive Gauge Nearly Full]
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 23/45, MP: 38/60, LP: 8/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 13/ 13 Long Burning I
PseudoGM: Chrys!
[OOC] PseudoGM: Disease Also Ticked
Dicebot:// Momentum List: fire, pin, pin, air, rush, pin, launch, recovery,
PseudoGM: //Err.

[OOC] Chrysanthemum: …is that accurate?
PseudoGM: Those first 3 aren't there I forgot to clear.
PseudoGM: …Hmm…
PseudoGM: One sec
PseudoGM: no it should just be Recovery and Pin up atm.
PseudoGM: Sorry about that.
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: Hm okay
PseudoGM: OK fixed
Chrysanthemum runs in roaring! [Charge]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 )
PseudoGM: Hits!
Dealing [5] damage and Short Taunt! "Hey! Eyes this way, weirdo wolf!"
Dicebot:// Adding rush
Using rush
Chrysanthemum doesn't actually do that at all. [Defend]
[OOC] Chrysanthemum: goes fastar
PseudoGM: //Okay! Now you've got the advantage on San-Ys!

PseudoGM: Rudri!
Rudri does the boar call! [OD - Tan-y-Vull, The Foolish Boar]
[C-Pin] [8 earth damage]
Dicebot:// Using pin
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8]!
Adding earth
Momentum List: recovery, earth,
PseudoGM: //Alder!

Rudri keeps up the ST damage!! [Thorns]
PseudoGM: Oh right.
[15 damage!] 6 earth + 3x3 for arrows
Soahc: "…heh."
PseudoGM: "Ahahaha!"
PseudoGM: "Not… not bad at all!
[OOC] PseudoGM: Bloodied
PseudoGM: Alder for real!
Alder dashes to the middle of the battlefield, his stance wide with his hands twisted into grasping claws, pointed at the party and San-Ys! "Your drive to fight… is nothing compared to our own!! I'll show you the blazing heat of our conviction!!"
A long, looping arm of Water crashes into San-Ys! [5 Water Damage] [Long Chill - Each turn, -1 drive]
[OOC] Soahc: if that's overdrive, I could use the healplz…
A red, radiant beam streaks through Chrysanthemum and Soahc! [+8 HP] [Long Energize - Each turn, +1 drive!]
Soahc: "THANK YOU!"
He then takes aim and his aura glows with an empowered strike! [Conjuration]
Alder rolled 1d100 and got 15 ( Total: 15 ) for 80
PseudoGM: "Ugh… you're right… I'm not feelin' this quite as much as I was before…"
[5 damage] [Conjuration effect]
Soahc: "I see."
Lyra: "That was an amazing spell, i'll give you that"
PseudoGM: That's the end of Round 2! Making good timing with the Overdrives going off! Nice!
Soahc: "So, you ready to call it quits?"
PseudoGM: San-Ya is bloodied, and Long Diseased and Chilled.
Chrysanthemum: "Gwahahah! You're amazing!"
PseudoGM: "Noooo waaaaay~ Only losers stop before the very end!"
PseudoGM: FRONT ROW: San-Ys
PseudoGM: BATTLE ORDER: Soahc, Lyra, Chrys, San-Ys, Rudri, Alder
PseudoGM: Soahc!
Soahc: "That's right."
Soahc: "That's… so right."
Soahc overdrives! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6erGiKR7TY
[OOC] Soahc: statuses on the san-ys?
PseudoGM: 2!
Soahc creates a sigil underneath San-Ys, which explodes violently! NIX, 8 supreme damage!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 )
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8]! [SOS]!
Soahc then follows up with a lightning bolt! AUM!
Soahc rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 ) for 75%
[OOC] Soahc: burn 2 LP to hit
PseudoGM: Swing and a mi - oh, nope you're good! LP is wonderful!
[OOC] Soahc: HP: 28/45, MP: 33/60, LP: 6/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 0/ 13 Long Burning I, Long Energize I
Dicebot:// Adding supreme
Adding air
[OOC] Soahc: and long shock I
PseudoGM: //That's… 6, right?

[OOC] Soahc: yessir!
PseudoGM: And then you have… E-Power, I think, so 7?
PseudoGM: It's R: Air, though, so [5] total! And Long Shocked!
[OOC] Soahc: no, energize!
PseudoGM: oh, okay
[OOC] Lyra: He has both
[OOC] Soahc: oh.
[OOC] Lyra: I gave him Long E-Power and Hachi gave him Long Energize
[OOC] Soahc: right!
PseudoGM: Lyra!
Lyra lowers her body and stands on all fours, for about the first time in this day, and strikes with [Shoot] again! [M-Pin]
Lyra rolled 1d100 and got 64 ( Total: 64 ) for 80
PseudoGM: Hey, ya finally hit!
Lyra strikes for [4] damage at last!
Dicebot:// Adding pin
Chrysanthemum: "Gwahahaha!"
PseudoGM: //Chrys, you're not only last, but you're AHEAD OF AN ENEMY!

PseudoGM: take it down.
PseudoGM: not last^
Soahc is on fire. And smiling.
Soahc: "People say it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt."
Chrysanthemum: "Heyyyyyyy! Watch -this- manouevre!" [OVERDRIVE] He jumps -into- the air, swirling his axe around dramatically, before bringing it down on the wolf mask like a meteor! [Admiralty Sword][C-Pin]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 6 ( Total: 6 )
PseudoGM: Crit!
Soahc: "Such a quaint mentality."
Dealing [11] physical damage and removing [5] Drive!
PseudoGM: That's the sound of despair at losing the chance to Over Drive, coming from behind its mask.
PseudoGM: Nearly finished!
Chrysanthemum lands, and then immediately barrelasses into it! [Charge][C-Air]
Chrysanthemum rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 )
Dealing [5] physical and Long Taunt! "Never gonna be able to use your special attack now! This is what you get for desecrating a shrine!"
Dicebot:// Using air
Using pin
PseudoGM: //Wham!

Dicebot:// Adding rush
PseudoGM: //The wolf groans, before toppling over.
"Okay okay okay okay okay you win, I give! I give."
[OOC] PseudoGM: KO]!
Dicebot:// Clearing Momentum List
Alder: "We caught you in a mood- but then, so did you, to us."
Chrysanthemum: "Hahah! Dang right you give. What's your deal, anyway!?"
PseudoGM: //+4 XP!

Soahc pats himself out.
PseudoGM: "Eeeh… I was just bored."
[OOC] Alder: HP: 41/45, MP: 51/60, LP: 9/10, SoS: 11 - Drive: 0 / 18 (U),Ammo: 0 / 2 (U),Healing-Power I (L),Conjuration (U)
Lyra looks at the wolf fallen over "If really necessary"
Rudri (( 65/65 HP, 28/55 MP, 6/10 LP, 0/16 Drive ))
Lyra: "You should have waited outside, for the people leaving"
Soahc: "You were bored."
Lyra: "Even better, the best option would have been to just go into town and ask for who wanted a brawl, I am certain there would have been a few"
Lyra: "Also, Soahc, you're on fire"
Lyra: "In the very literal sense"
PseudoGM: "It's not any fun if they can't see and I have THAT much of an advantage."
Soahc took care of that.
Lyra: "Please look to that"
Alder looks about the shrine. Did they end up doing much collateral damage to it? "
PseudoGM: …Actually now that you mention it, it looks like the Real Jewel got knocked loose from its resting spot and is now laying on the ground.
Soahc grumbles, and carefully, reverently, replaces it.
Chrysanthemum snorts. "Hope you had fun, then."
[OOC] Soahc: Is it damaged?
PseudoGM: The jewel… looks fine? The moment you pick it up though, it begins to give off a dull glow…
Soahc: "Uh."
PseudoGM: …Which continues to get brighter, and brighter… and brighter….
Chrysanthemum: "Uhoh."
Soahc: "Oh."
Lyra: "I've the impression this is not supposed to happen?"
Soahc sighs, and looks at San-Ys. "This is why I asked you to wait…"
PseudoGM: …And brighter still… it's actually brighter in the immediate area now than it generally is during the day time, and the obsidian is sparkling.
Soahc: "Hmm."
Alder shields his eyes again!
PseudoGM: "…Uh… Yeah, I'm out!" The wolf manages to pick itself up after a moment, then leaps high into the air, landing on the top of a tree before hopping away.
Alder: "Did we nick it?"
Soahc tries setting it on the pedestal realllyyy gentle.
PseudoGM: …It's a perfect fit!
Soahc: "No. But it's time for another ancient tradition. Running Like Hell."
Soahc leads by example!
PseudoGM: A moment later the light seems to focus on a single point inside of the jewel… and then fires a beam of light straight up into the roof of the dome!
Chrysanthemum: "!!"
Soahc turns- Oh right, he's supposed to handle these things. CRAP.
Alder: "Guh-!"
Soahc: "…oh I'm gonna get yelled at for this…"
Chrysanthemum picks Lyra up by the floof and grabs on to Rudri with the other hand and hightails it out of there! Or, tries to, anyway-
PseudoGM: The dome begins to give off an intense blue glow for a moment, before everything around you goes dark. Briefly, an imagine of the night sky appears all around you, if the stars were all purple and connected by wavey blue lights -
Lyra just lets Chrys carry her "A star map?"
PseudoGM: …There's a sudden sense of inertia, even though as far as you can tell you're not moving…
Chrysanthemum stops stock still, blinking up at the sky curiously. "Woah…"
Alder drops to his knees and tries to balance himself on his rifle.
Lyra: "… It's too late"
PseudoGM: …And then the image is gone, and you're back in front of the shrine.
Lyra: "I recognize the aether matrix, this is a transportation spell…"
Alder: "Ahahah…. ahah…"
PseudoGM: …Only there's no rope sealing it off anymore… and most of the weathering on the materials seems gone…? Huh. … There's a lot more trees than there were before, too.
Alder: "Who would have ever thought it'd do -that-…"
Lyra looks around "But it… Same coordinates? No, I knew there was-"
Lyra: "Time?"
Soahc: "Oh, no."
Lyra: "Are you fucking kidding me, a time portal?"
PseudoGM: I wonder…!
Soahc: "This was NOT covered in the training."
Alder: "What a strange power the crystal truly holds."
Lyra: "I noticed the displacement was strange"
Alder staggers to his feet.
Chrysanthemum: "I… oh, dear."
Lyra looks at the crystal, presumably while still in Chrysanthemum's grasp "And… Let me guess, it's going to be inert now until we do whatever it is we ought to"
Chrysanthemum is still holding onto Lyra and puts her on his other pauldron a bit awkwardly.
Alder: "…we might need the real thing from here on out."
PseudoGM: It doesn't seem to be glowing at all, anymore.
Lyra makes herself comfortable there, scooting a little bit closer!
Alder: "Since it may require some experimentation to truly figure out what just happened, even though I s~ome~ of us have already made educated guesses."
PseudoGM: Well… I'm sure you'll figure something out…
PseudoGM: Probably.
[CE 600] [Mels] [Meticen Shrine]
[OOC] PseudoGM: Chapter 0 - End

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