Fa World

Mels - The Kingdom of Reason

The home of a strong knightly tradition - with its three great academies, and the largest airship port in the world, it's now the center of magic and research!
The four provinces meet in its capital to decide matters great and small.

Humans - Mels is mostly human! All kingdoms are a little human, but Mels is mostly human.
Familiars - A recent magical invention. So helpful!

Thon - The Kingdom of Dwarves

In the mountains to the northwest, the Dwarves live in seclusion, seeking the deepest truths of the world.
When they leave, it's to study - or to spy.

Dwarves - What brings you out into the sun?

Yue - The Lake Kingdom

A thriving kingdom of one-thousand lakes. It was traditionally ruled by two royal families, the To and the Be.

Driftin - The ruling families of Yue are Driftin. They're quite populous here.

Gudu - The Kingdom of Scars

Gudu was once a thriving, lush land.
However, the terrible magic used by the Mystics scarred it forever, and left it stricken with magical beasts and illusions.

Alloci Elves - Elves who rebelled against the mystics long ago. The iron implanted in their bodies helps them fight against evil magic, but leaves them incapable of reaching the heights of power the mystics did.
Hundred - Powerful beasts who were once enslaved by the Mystics. They live as recluses, now.


If-ys - A spirit of the woods…?
Dantali Elves - An agent from another world…?
Maxwellians - A hero from the future…?

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