Fa Traits

Academy Prodigy
Sc: You're brilliant at the academies! You can detect and understand fancy magic, and cite the minutiae of histories.
Sp: You start with three Prodigy points. Stock up to five. Spend one to:
1. Add a die to a skill roll,
2. consult your mind as if it were the Great Library
3. unmake magic with fine golden lockpicks and patient work.
Sp: When you immerse yourself in the finery of the Academies, or the burning questions of your study, gain a Prodigy point.
Sp: When away from the amenities of home, you can crumple and become Sick. If you do so, gain a Prodigy point.
(Being learned, being bad at "roughing it")

Sc: You've helped out with the rituals at Mt. Isat since you were a little kid - now you're going to lead them for the first time.
Sp: When you're holding the Jewel of Ancestry, you gain +1 die to all skill rolls, as long as you're doing something your ancestors would approve of. (Your sacred duties always gain this benefit.)
(This isn't magical. You just take it seriously.)
(Connection to history, literally carrying the Jewel of Ancestry as the game begins)

Country Kid
Sc: You know these forests as well as anyone. Beasts don't scare you!
Sp: If you're out in the country, you can immediately end any negative mood on you at will.
Sp: When battle begins against a natural enemy or an If-Ys, Quicken 2.
(Beast knowledge, good at "roughing it")

Rookie of the Companies
Sc: Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, you're on the way to the front for the first time. But you're well-packed!
Sp: When your optimism is tested, you can Panic. If you do so, whenever things are bad in the same way, you gain +1 Drive - you've grown a little.
(Picks up +mood when shown the ropes)

Veteran of the Companies
Sc: This isn't your first rodeo - your senses are instincts are finely honed. You can talk military matters with the best of them.
Sp: When someone makes a mistake and would suffer for it, you can retroactively bark a warning at them - they can choose to act differently.
Afterwards, you must tell a story of one of your comrades suffering for making the same or a similar mistake - until you do so, you can't use this ability again.
Sp: You don't Panic.
(Keeps cool easily, mentors others)

Strange Visitor
Sc: You're a mysterious outsider - a Maxwellian, an If-Ys, or a Dantali Elf. Talk to the GM about what this means.
Sp: If you ever visit your homeland, enter High Tide.
Sp: When you begin battle with a magician, Quicken 2.

On Tour
Sc: You're visiting the village from abroad. You might have some family here, though. You're well-packed and supplied and are planning to leave soon after the festival.
Sp: Whenever you have time to explore a town, you instantly make one casual friend — they'll tell you a little bit about what things are like there.
Sp: You have some modern magical gadget you picked up in the city: An instant camera with a tremendous flash, or a pair of walkie talkies, or a magic map. It'll come in handy, maybe?

Hard-Working Familiar
Sc: You're a Familiar! You're good at carrying things, and keep track of what your magician forgets.
Sp: You start with three Somebody's Gotta Do It points. Stock up to five. Spend one to:
1. Transfer 2 Drive from your Magician to you - (either "when they show appreciation" or "when you call them a goodfornothing".)
2. Add +1 Die to a skill roll to a task your Magician can't do, or to save your Magician
3. Ignore the limitations of being a tiny stuffed animal for a scene.
Sp: When your Magician asks you to do something, if you grumble and do it, gain a Somebody's Gotta Do It point. If you refuse, lose all your Somebody's Gotta Do It points.

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