Soahc Abeoan (Chaos is born. My grandpa thought he was being funny.)

Class: Magus (Yep, teaching me to drop lightning bolts and fireballs was a great idea that never* backfired.)

HP: 45/45
MP: 60/60
LP: 10/10
Drive: 0/13
Init: 1d6+3

WEAK: Earth

Attributes: Agile, Will (+5 to cos of abilities and deal 1 supreme damage when you miss, +20 MP and recover 5 MP at end of battle won)

1: Elixir
2: Potion

Sorcery ***
Experimentation ***

P - Pep - +2 drive at beginning of battle.
OD - Double Up - Take two actions this turn, paying no costs for the first one. Yes, you can combo off yourself.

Traits: Jewel Keeper. (They gave me the really important, magic, shiny stone. There’s NO WAY THIS COULD GO HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY WRONG.)

Equipment: (I travel light. A massive axe is great when you’re in battle, but those long walks make you reconsider it.)
I: Magic Gauntlets – WGT 1 – Burst range for spells is +10%.
A: Light Armor – WGT 2 - +5 HP – Armor 1

Abilities: Magus! (You know how some people are subtle with their skills and like to let what they’ve done slowly sink in, relishing the slow unfolding of their plans? I’m not one of those people.)

When you cast a spell, enter its syllable into the chronicle.
When you cast a termination, eat preceding syllables from the chronicle to alter effects.
Retain your chronicle from battle to battle, but record each syllable only once.

QUICK - Resonate - You recover 2 MP, or 4 MP if you hit with a Spell this turn.
PASSIVE - Exploit Weakness - When hitting an elemental weakness, your Burst rate is doubled, as are its effects (+2DMG, -2MP).


[S] LOD: 5MP. 70CoS. Deals 6 fire damage and inflicts Long Burning. M-Fire.
C Pin: CoS is 100.

[S] AUM: 5MP. 70CoS. Deals 6 air damage and inflicts Long Shock. M-Air.
C Pin: CoS is 100.

[S] UX: 4MP. 100CoS. Remove a status from any target, enter it into the chronicle with this syllable, then restore 8MP to the Magus.
C Launch: The target takes 4 Physical damage.
C Rush: The target takes 4 Physical damage.
C Pin: The target takes 4 Physical damage.
C Water: Instead of removing the status, pick one: It's a Long status now, or upgrade it to II. (Enter the non-upgraded version into the Chronicle.)
C Recovery: The Magus recovers 7HP.

[S] FOEN: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 7HP to an ally. Then Magus then gains E-Power II. The next time the Magus inflicts Elemental damage, dispel that E-Power. M-Recovery.
C Fire: Also Long Energize the ally.

[S] GED: 5 MP. 70CoS. Deals 6 earth damage and inflicts Long K-Shatter. M-Earth
C Pin: CoS is 100.

[S] IX: 4MP. 100 Cos. Termination. Deals 6 physical to an enemy. IX gains bonuses while expending syllables from other used spells. Pick a single syllable to stress, if any available syllables grant a Stress entry. M-Rush.
lod: Deals +1 Damage. Stress: Change damage and momentum generated to fire.
aum: Deals +1 Damage. Stress: Change damage and momentum generated to air.
ged: Deals +1 Damage. Stress: Damage and momentum are Earth.
ux: Expend a status from chronicle: add that status.
foen: Deals +1 damage. Stress: Change all damage into HP healing, and change the momentum to M-Recovery.
nix: Deals +1 damage for each status on the target.

[S] Overdrive - NIX: 100 CoS. Deals 6 Supreme damage to an enemy. Deals +1 damage for each status on the target. M-Supreme.
C Launch: Deals an additional +2 damage for each status on the target, rather than +1.

[S] VOSS: Dazed. Termination. Long Disease an enemy. VOSS makes additional attacks while expending syllables from other used spells. Additional attacks can freely target anyone, have 30CoS, and syllables are not expended on a miss. M-Water.
lod: Long Burning.
aum: Long Shock.
ged: Long K-Shatter.
ux: Long version of the status in the chronicle
foen: Long H-Power II.
nix: Long Curse II.

Description: Okay, so first thing is I’m bald. Yeah. Eyebrows still there, but my head o’ hair? Gone. Zapped myself while learning magic. Mirror sheen.

Second thing is I’m holding this really special jewel, and people keep telling me “DON’T DROP IT” and “DON’T THROW IT AT THAT BIRD” or “WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO EAT IT?!”

Oh, and I can do magic. I think that’s important?

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