NAME: Lyra
CLASS: Mystic
ELEMENTS: R: Earth, W: Fire
ATTRIBUTES: Insightful, Team Spirit
(+10% Burst) (When someone uses your Momentum they deal +1 potency)

WEAK: Water

HP: 40 / 40
MP: 60 / 60
LP: 10 / 10
Drive: 3 / 14
Init: 1d6+4
Burst: 35%

[W]Pistol: 2WGT, 3POW [Pin]
[I]Grimoire: 2WGT, -1 MP Cost.

[1] Medicine - Remove all negative conditions
[2] x
[3] x

[Passive] Stuffed Body: As long as you still have Drive, you can act while at 0 health. (Lose 1 Drive each round rather than gain it, and lose 1 Drive anytime you're struck)
[Passive] Concealed Breath: Deal +1 damage with a Pistol
[Passive] Mystic Marking: Whenever you hit an enemy with a Technique Mark it
[Passive] Exploit Weakness: When striking an elemental weakness, 70% Burst rate and +2 DMG and -2 MP instead

[T] Shoot: 80CoS. Deal 4 physical damage to an enemy [M-Pin]

[X] Defend: Reduce damage you take until your next turn by -2. Quicken 1 yourself.

[T] Twin Arrow: 2MP. 80CoS. Deals 3 damage to two different enemies. M-Pin.
C Launch: Deal +2 damage with the attacks.
C Rush: Make an additional attack against a third target.
C Pin: Instead of attacking two different targets, attack the same target three times. Each hit embeds a unique arrow into the target.

[T] Blessed Arrow: 3MP. 80CoS. Deals 4 damage to an enemy, restore 1 HP to an ally and grant Long Starwart. M-Recovery.
C Launch: +1 damage, +20 CoS. Embed an additional arrow.
C Earth: Restore +4 HP.

[S] Lightning: 3MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 air damage to an enemy. Additionally, you can expend arrows in different targets to make them hit by this attack, as well. M-Air.
C Pin: Inflicts Short Shock to struck targets.
C Launch: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Freeze: 3MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 water damage to an enemy. Additionally, you can expend arrows in different targets to make them hit by this attack, as well. M-Water.
C Fire: Inflicts Short K-Shatter to struck targets.
C Launch: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Thorns: 3MP. 100CoS. Deals 6 earth damage to an enemy. Arrows inside the struck target can be expended to inflict an additional +3 damage per arrow. M-Earth.
C Water: Other enemies in the same row are the target are embedded with an arrow.
C Pin: Inflicts Long Disease as well.

[S] Four Blessings: 4MP. 100CoS. Grants Long E-Guard to a row of allies. M-Recovery
C Fire: Also restores 6HP to the allies.
C Recovery: Also grants Short E-Power to allies.

[S] Overdrive - Raz-y-Dran, The Lethargic Dragon: 100CoS. Conjures Tan-y-Vull, inflicting 6 Earth damage to all enemies. M-Earth.
C Earth: Deal +2 Damage.
C Pin: Deal +2 Damage.

[S] Overdrive - Dragon Heart: Transfers the amount of Drive you have to an ally, then grant then any Long status you wish. M-Recovery

[S] Y-Visitor: Dazed. 100CoS. Restores 4HP to an ally. Choose one of: M-Fire/M-Water/M-Air/M-Earth.

[Q] Kinectic Gambit: Generate a single Pin, Rush, Launch or Recovery momentum immediately.

Stealth *
Lore **
Determination **
Sorcery *

TRAIT: Academy Prodigy - As a both toy and guardian to two accomplished mages and scholars Lyra retains a lot of knowledge of all things scholarly.
Scope: You're brilliant at the academies! You can detect and understand fancy magic, and cite the minutiae of histories.
Special: You start with three Prodigy points. Stock up to five. Spend one to:

  1. Add a die to a skill roll,
  2. Consult your mind as if it were the Great Library
  3. Unmake magic with a set of golden claws under her soft ones and patient work.

Special: When you immerse yourself in the finery of the Academies, or the burning questions of your study, gain a Prodigy point.
Special: When away from the amenities of home, you can crumple and become Sick. If you do so, gain a Prodigy point.

DESCRIPTION: A small plush toy made in the visage of a dragon, well used and well loved over time by her creator and his son both, despite the fact her creator's is long gone now. She was made with a myriad earthen tones with lighter ones near the belly and darker ones in the back, there's a few haphazard stitches around her wings so often the wireframe had to be replaced. After a certain incident when her creator's son was kidnapped at a young age she was given a (somewhat clunky, slightly awkward) 'breath weapon' and told to keep him safe.

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