NAME: Lili
CLASS: Maverick
Speed: Quicken 3 when defending. Once per battle, C-Any to Quicken 3 when using any ability. (Doing this before you've combod with the ability in question doesn't prevent it from comboing normally later)
Steadfast: +15 HP / +15 MP

WEAK: Earth

HP: 65 / 65
MP: 55 / 55
LP: 10 / 10
Drive: 0 / 17
Init: 1d6+7

Standard Mail - WGT2 - +10 Max HP, +2 Armor.
Orb - WGT 1 - Your spells produce a special elemental resistance field around you when cast; until the end of your next turn, you take -2 damage from the element of the spell you just cast.
Sword [Rush] - 2 WGT - PWR 4 - Accuracy 5 and anytime someone combos with your momentum, they deal +1 damage

[1] x
[2] x
[3] x

Strange Visitor
Sc: You're a mysterious outsider - a Maxwellian, an If-Ys, or a Dantali Elf. Talk to the GM about what this means.
Sp: If you ever visit your homeland, enter High Tide.
Sp: When you begin battle with a magician, Quicken 2.

[T] One, Two: 2MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, and grant an ally Short K-Power. M-Rush.
C Supreme: Long K-Power, rather than Short.
C Fire: Instead, grant a row Short K-Power.
C Rush: Grants Short K-Power II, instead.

[T] Quick Hit: 2MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, then Quicken 1 an ally. M-Rush.
C Rush: Quicken 4, instead.
C Launch: Deal +3 Damage, then Retreat.

[T] Short Fuse: 4MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage to an enemy and Short Taunt it. If it's suffered damage from Taunt by your next turn, gain Short Power II before acting. M-Launch.
C Pin: Long Taunt, rather than Short.
C Air: The Maverick gains Short Lucky.
C Rush: Choose a target - an ability they've already comboed with regains the ability to combo again.

[T] Alms Taking: 3MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, and dispel a status on the target. M-Rush.
C Fire: The Maverick gains a Short version of the status they dispelled at the start of the next round.
C Water: The Maverick recovers 10HP.
C Rush: Pick an ally and cleanse a status.

[T] Shredder: 4MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to an enemy. If it hasn't acted yet, deal +2 damage. This attack can combo off of multiple momentum at once. M-Pin.
C Any: Consume any number of momentum tags for +1 damage each.

[T] Overdrive: The World Cries Out!!: 80CoS. Quicken 4 the Maverick, then deal weapon damage to an enemy. This attack can combo off of multiple momentum at once, creating additional hits. Additional hits are C70 each. M-Rush.
C Rush: 3 Physical damage.
C Launch: 3 Physical damage.
C Pin: 3 Physical damage.
C Fire: 2 Fire damage + Short Burning.
C Water: 2 Water damage + Short Chill.
C Air: 2 Air damage + Short Shock.
C Earth: 2 Earth damage + Short Shatter.
C Recovery: 3 Supreme damage.
C Supreme: 3 Supreme damage.

[S] Hey, Ugly!: Dazed. 100CoS. Slow 1 an enemy. If enemy is at the bottom of the initiative list, it takes 2 Supreme damage. M-Pin.

Mysticism **
Insight **
Determination **

DESCRIPTION: She floats along the edge of the forest, concealed by the trees, pulled by the candles and their beauty and the need to know. What is it like to be part of memories that stretch back beyond one's own? Unable to help herself, she approaches the procession, close to the ground until she reaches the candles' glow and joins it. There are so many of the little lights, surely no one will mind just one more? Tonight, someone's candle burns just a little brighter.

(Sometimes Lili is a little ball of light. Sometimes she's a tall girl with short, bright red hair, tiny owl wings where she should have ears, golden eyes, and a variable amount of fingers. She forgets how many people usually have. It doesnt really matter that much, right? Her clothes usually look like a short white dress and lace-up boots.)

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