Fa History

Long ago, there were four kingdoms - Mels, Thon, Yue, and Gudu.
Using different kinds of power, they drove back the beasts of the forests and established their own ways of living.

In Gudu, powerful magicians lived like tyrants. They sought to conquer the world, and seize all the magic for themselves.
The kingdom of Mels led the effort, and united the other two kingdoms to defeat Gudu.
Princess Mieu climbed the mountains of Thon in her sacred raiment, and asked the Dwarves to leave their seclusion.
The Red Legion settled the succession of Yue, forever dividing it into two.
Even rebels from Gudu joined the effort.

However, even united, they could not defeat Gudu's powerful magic, or their beast-soldiers, the Hundred.

Eventually, Mels sent an emissary to beg for the assistance of the forests.
They granted them a great boon, a magic sword which dispelled all illusion.
Using this, a heroic knight led a march on Gudu.
He killed its greatest magicians, and freed the Hundred, and there were 400 years of mostly-peace.
The kingdoms joined together under the banner of Mels, and became one kingdom of four provinces.
Though sometimes they scuffled, the laws of peaceful conflict have always held.

Now, in CE 1000,
Half of Yue, Yue-Be, has announced it wishes to secede.
Its revolutionary army has taken certain officials and bureaus hostage, and is asking for independence and concessions.
The other Mels Provinces have started raising hired companies to suppress the revolt.
It'll be over by Christmas!

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