Name: Falgi Silverbeard
Class: Ironclad

HP: 63/70
MP: 41/55
LP: 7/10

Weight: 9
Drive: 1/19
Initiative: d6+9

Armor: 3

Resist: Earth
Weak: Water

Steadfast: +15 HP/+15 MP
Vigor : Heal 10 when Defending. Once per battle, C-Any to Heal +10 more when using any Ability. (Doing this before you've combod with the ability in question doesn't prevent it from comboing normally later)

Weapon: Spear[Pin]: 5 PWR, Against targets with a turn marker above yours, deal an additional +1 damage. Two-handed. 3 WGT
Armor: Heavy Plate: +15 HP, +3 Armor, 6 WGT

[1] x
[2] x
[3] x

On Tour
Sc: You're visiting the village from abroad. You might have some family here, though. You're well-packed and supplied and are planning to leave soon after the festival.
Sp: Whenever you have time to explore a town, you instantly make one casual friend — they'll tell you a little bit about what things are like there.
Sp: You have some modern magical gadget you picked up in the city: An instant camera with a tremendous flash, or a pair of walkie talkies, or a magic map. It'll come in handy, maybe?

Race: Dwarf
Shrouded, subterranean beings. 'All life on earth survives only from luck, and that luck must be returned to the earth'.
P - Turning Wheel - When you miss or hit a resistance, recover 1 LP, 1 MP.
OD - Eternal Engine - [S] Your entire party gains Long Lucky. Additionally, they can recharge one use of a magic weapon power, if they have any. M-Supreme

[T] Jump: 2MP. 80CoS during the second round. Leap up into the air, out of targetting range and Slow 1 (non-negotiable) the Ironclad. On your next turn, land on a target and deal double your weapon's damage to an enemy while ignoring row restrictions. Momentum is generated with both actions. M-Rush.
C Launch: Deal +4 damage.
C Earth: Other enemies in the target's row take 3 fire damage.

[S] Grappling Hook: 2MP. 80CoS. Pull a single enemy into the front row, then inflict it with Long Taunt and Short K-Shatter. M-Pin.
C Launch: The target also takes 3 physical damage.
C Water: K-Shatter is Long, rather than Short.

[T] Skewer: 4MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to two different enemies. If you discard the weapon (while recovering it after the fight, like a javelin) to use this attack, it ignores row restrictions. M-Pin.
C Recovery: Deal +2 damage, and change it to Supreme. Generates M-Supreme instead of M-Pin. The weapon must be discarded, as well.
C Air: Any targets are inflicted with Short E-Shatter, as well.

[T] Impact Charge: 3MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage to an enemy while inflicting Short Challenge II your target. M-Rush.
C Rush: Push the enemy, as well.
C Recovery: The Ironclad recovers 7HP, as well.

[T] Iron Driver: 2MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, then the grant the Ironclad a Bubble(5). M-Launch.
C Air: The Ironclad recovers 7HP, as well.
C Fire: Deal +2 damage, and the attack can ignore row restrictions.

[T] Overdrive: Battalion Crash: 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to an enemy, but the damage is Supreme rather than Physical. Deals +1 damage for each of the Ironclad's back-row allies. Grant Long K-Guard to all front row allies. M-Launch.
C Launch: Deals +2 damage.
C Air: The ally which generated the momentum gains +2 Drive.

[S] Stand Strong: Dazed. 100CoS. Grant an ally a Bubble(5). M-Recovery.

Mechanism - 2
Operation - 2
Determination - 2

DESCRIPTION: This older Dwarf, recently arrived from Thon, is masked head to toe in metal, save for his eyes and beard (An impressive silvery white mass of braided facial hair, and thus his surname). He tends to carry his bags slung over his spear, instead of on his back as others might. Falgi has made the journey down from his home in the mountains in order to observe the festivities and rituals of the other provinces on this one, very important, night.

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