Ernst Gohins

Ernst Gohins

General Information

Name : Stocke Gohins Gender : Male Max HP : 180
Race : Human Bloodied Value : 90
Level : 30 Surge Value : 45
Align : Neutral Surges/day : 12
Deity : ??? EXP : ?
Size : Medium Next Level : ?

Class Information

Class : Artificer
Paragon Path : Battle Engineer
Epic Destiny : Planeshaper

Ability Scores

Ability Score Ability Mod Lvl+ Mod Race Mod Misc Mod
STR : 11 : 0 : : :
CON : 24 : +7 : : :
DEX : 12 : +1 : : :
INT : 28 : +9 : : :
WIS : 16 : +3 : : :
CHA : 12 : +1 : : :


Total Base Armor Item Misc
Speed : 8 6 - + + 2

Action Points: 1
Additional effects of action points: N/A


Total Dex ½ level Misc
Initiative : 30 1 + 12 + 8+6


Total Level Abil Class Feat Enh Arm Misc
AC : 43(45) + + + + + +
Fort : 47(49) + + + + + +
Ref : 49(51) + + + + + +
Will : 40(42) + + + + + +

Contraption Information - Stocke gets +2 to all defenses over Ernst

Max HP: 90 (Bloodied Value)
AC: 47(+4)
Fort: 51(+4)
Ref: 54(+4)
Wil: 44(+4)
Speed 8
Strength 4
(Can take actions even when I'm down.)

+1 to hit and 1d6 extra damage when you AP
Regain an encounter power when you crit
Send an enemy to your astral seed when you crit
Roll a second d20 for your initiative
+3 dmg if you haven't moved yet
Magic Weapon as Minor once per encounter
One Encounter twice per Encounter
Always flying. Speed 8. Must end turn on solid surface.
You can minor multiple times from Ring of Free Time. It also gives you Resist All 5 as a property.


Name of attack Attack Defense Damage Type Other Notes
(At Will)
Shotgun +6 2#+27 vs AC 2d8+10 Standard Action. Deal 3[W] more if both attacks land at short range. (Range is 11 / 22)
Rifle-Carbine +5 +26 vs AC 2d8+9 Standard Action. Brutal 2. +1[W] on crit, 2d6 on crit (Range is 15 / 30 / 150 | 60 / 120 / 600)
Magic Weapon 2#+37 vs AC 2d8+18(21) Ranged Weapon, Standard. Any adjacent ally gains +5 power bonus to attack rolls, a +7 bonus to damage rolls and brutal 1 until the end of your next turn. Enemy suffers -1 AC.
Thundering Armor +33 vs Fort 2d8+15(18) Close Burst 10 (Ally or you within 10 squares), Thunder Ally gets +1 AC UeoNT. Enemy takes 1d8+10 damage and is pushed one square. Enemy suffers -1 AC.
Greater Magic Weapon 2#+40 vs AC 2d8+18(21) Arcane, Weapon +11 to hit (Power Bonus), +7 dmg, brutal 1
Coiled Spring Traps +33 vs Reflex 2d10+15(18) (Standard Action - Ranged 10) Arcane, Conjuration, Force Conjure 3 invisible traps on the ground in unoccupied squares. If they walk over them slide up to 5 squares and knock prone. -6 AC -6 Fortitude.
Siphon Fate 2#+35 vs AC 1d8+18(21) Weapon, Two Targets, Psychic, Standard action. Targets take a -2 penalty to attack rolls and defenses. Ally within 5 squares of you gets +3(2) power bonus to all defenses and +6(5) to hit.
Slick Concoction Minor Action Close Burst 3 Each Ally Arcane You slide each target 5 squares. Each target gains +4 reflex until the end of your next turn.
Prismatic Strike 2#+35 vs FOR/REF/WIL 1d8+18(21) Thunder, 1d8+18(21) Force, 1d8+18(21) Fire Arcane, Fire, Force, Thunder, Weapon Knock Target Prone + Push target 6 squares. Cannot stand up UeoNT + -3 to attack rolls
Swift Mender Ranged 10, Minor Action Target makes a saving throw.
Iron-Hide Infusion Each Ally in the Burst Close Burst 5, Minor Action Each target gains +4 AC UeoNT (Untyped)
Heroic Effort Trigger: You miss with an attack or fail a saving throw. No Action. Effect: +4 to attack roll or saving throw.
Disposable Simulacrum Place your contraption in a square adjacent to you. Minor action.
Transposing Carbine Free Action Use this power when you hit a target with the weapon. You and the target switch locations. +23 THP
Restorative Gauntlets (Item) Standard Action One ally adjacent to you takes damage equal to half his level and ends effects on them that a save can end. +23 THP
Airstriders (Item) Free Action You do not fall at the end of your turn. +23 THP
Ring of Free Time (Item) Free Action You can take an additional minor action this turn. If you have reached a milestone you may use this once every round as an at-will.
Punishing Eye Ranged 5, Standard Action Conjure an eye in range. Enemies within 3 squares do not benefit from concealment. Enemies in range take 9 psychic damage when hit. You can move the eye 3 squares as a move action.
Lightning Sigil Minor Action Gives one ally 12 lightning damage for the encounter. They can choose to expend this bonus at any time to daze an enemy.
Simulacrum — | Ranged 5, Minor Action Create a clone of Ernst. It can use all of his abilities as its own pool. If you use a daily it disappears. Uses your stats.
Fleeting Dweomer Close Burst 5, Minor Action The targets weapon now deals an extra 9 [Acid|Cold|Fire|Force|Lightning|Thunder] damage until end of encounter. When they crit with the weapon the target gains 10 ongoing damage (save ends) of the element chosen.
Persistent Spheres +24 vs AC 3d10+6 Standard Action If target doesn't move at least 2 squares take 10 damage (save ends). Creature gains a burst 2 zone, any enemy that starts its turn in the zone takes 5 damage and grants CA.
Planar Refuge Close Burst 5, Standard Action Teleport all targets to your astral seed. Everyone may spend a healing surge and recharge an encounter power. Reappear at the start of Ernsts next turn.
Cure-All Admixture Melee Touch, Minor Action Target regains healing surge HP. All effects are ended on them. +2 to saving throws until end of encounter.
Reinforced Minion (Interrupt) The triggering attack misses the summoned creature.
Ring of Calling (Item) Ranged 20 Minor Action Choose one ally within 20 squares of you within line of sight. They are now adjacent to you. If you've hit a milestone you can teleport to them. +23 THP
Surprising Transposition (Item) +33 vs Fort Ranged 10 Immediate Interrupt Arcane, Implement, Teleportation The target swaps positions with the ally and the target is subject to the enemy's melee attack. +23 THP
Timeless Locket (Item) Minor Action You may use a non-attacking Standard action. +23 THP
Generals Belt (Item) Trigger: When you heal an ally Free Action You may spend a healing surge. +23 THP
Healing Infusions: 3 / Encounter
Curative Admixture Close burst 10, Free Action The target regains hit points equal to its healing surge value +25.
Resistive Formula Close burst 10, Free Action The target gains +1 AC until end of encounter. The target can end the bonus as a free action to gain THP equal to its healing surge value +28. This THP is then applied to another ally within 5 squares. Ernst gains half of this THP on himself.

Gained Abilities

Racial Abilities

+2 to INT
Heroic Effort
Extra Feat
Extra Skill
+1 Fort/Ref/Will

Class/Path/Destiny Features

Arcane Empowerment: Impart Energy - Recharge the daily power of a magic item with a short rest. (1/day, additional empowerment per milestone)
Arcane Empowerment: Augment Energy - Imbue a weapon to gain +2 to an attack roll as a free action. One time use. (1/day, additional empowerment per milestone)
Arcane Rejuvination - Imbue a magic items daily power. Ally gains THP equal to 1/2 artificers level plus INT mod. (Before Combat, +23 THP)
Pet upgrade at level 5 and 10.
Aggressive Action - When you spend an AP gain +1 to hit and 1d6 extra damage UeoNT
Brutal Enchantment - Whenever you buff an allies damage their attacks also gain Brutal 1 UeoNT. If they already have brutal this has no effect.
Accurate Enhancement - +2 to any ability that gives a bonus to weapon rolls.
Ultimate Adaptation (21st level): You increase your Intelligence by 2, and after an extended rest you can choose one encounter power. You can use that encounter power twice per encounter. When you take another extended rest, you can choose a different encounter power.
Astral Critical (24th level): Whenever you score a critical hit against an enemy, you can choose to also remove the enemy from play by sending it to your astral seed. The target vanishes from its space and reappears at the start of your next turn.
Shape Reality (30th level): Your transcendent understanding of the universe empowers you with the ability to bend and warp your environment. You gain an aura 10 that allows you to reshape reality as you see fit. During your turn, you can alter the environment in any of the following ways by spending a minor action:
• Change the temperature. Creatures that start their turns within your aura automatically take 15 cold damage or 15 fire damage (your choice). You can spend another minor action to return the temperature to normal, eliminating this damaging effect.
• Permanently transform any squares of difficult terrain within your aura into normal terrain.
• Permanently transform any squares of normal terrain within your aura into difficult terrain.
• Create breathable air in any or all squares.
• Fill 9 unoccupied squares with a solid surface, such as stone or wood. If you fill a square with a solid surface that is not attached to another surface (in other words, you create a stone slab 5 squares up in the air), the surface hovers in place.


Potent Restorables - Artificer healing powers heal +2. +3/6, +4/11 +5/16 +6/21 +7/26
Sturdy Contraption - Your contraption has HP equal to your bloodied value.
Ritual Caster - Master and perform rituals.
Eldritch Fusillade Expertise - +1 feat bonus to attack rolls made with a crossbow or a wand. +2 at 11th, +3 at 21st. Artificier can draw or stow a wand as a free action and load crossbows as a free action.
Improved Defenses - Bonus +1 to Fort/Reflex/Will
Crossbow Caster - Use crossbow as an implement.
Firearms Focus - +1/2/3 Damage with firearms
White Lotus Enervation - Reduce enemy AC by 1 until the end of your next turn when you hit them with an At-Will.
Accurate Magic Weapon - Whenever you use an artificer power that buffs weapons (Burning Weapons) or Implements (Magic Weapon / Siphon Fate) the next attack roll with that weapon or implement gains a +1 untyped bonus to hit.
Superior Initiative - +8 Feat bonus
Enhanced Resistive Formula - When your formula grants THP to you or an ally, that character can grant an equal number of THP to one ally within 5 squares of him or her.
Rapid Infusion - Infusions are now free actions.
Danger Sense - Roll twice for initiative take higher roll.
Steady Shooter - +3 dmg if you haven't moved yet since the end of your last turn.
Defensive Minions - +2 to all defenses of summoned creatures.
Epic Fortitude - +4 Fort
Quickened Spellcasting - Magic Weapon as a Minor once a fight.
Gun Mastery - Crit 19-20 with guns.
Epic Resurgence - Regain encounter attack power on critical hit.
Defensive Enchanting - Your spells do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Human Innovation - Recharge 1 magic item when you spend an action point.
Epic Reflexes - +4 Reflex


Related Mod Train Abl Msc | Skill Ability Trained?
16 | Acrobatics (DEX)
29 | Arcana (INT)
15 | Athletics (STR)
16 | Bluff (CHA)
16 | Diplomacy (CHA)
23 | Dungeoneering (WIS)
21 | Endurance (CON)
23 | Heal (WIS)
29 | History (INT)
18 | Insight (WIS)
16 | Intimidate (CHA)
18 | Nature (WIS)
23 | Perception (WIS)
24 | Religion (INT)
16 | Stealth (DEX)
16 | Streetwise (CHA)
21 | Thievery (DEX)



Item Powers:




Equipment and Gear

Weapons Prof.Bonus ENH DMG RNG Properties
Distance Shotgun +6 +3 vs AC 1d8 Ranged Increases short range by 5 and long range by 10.
Transposing Rifle-Carbine +5 +3 vs AC 1d8 Ranged Ignores penalty for long ranged. Brutal 2, High Crit

Armour AC Bonus Check Penalty Speed Properties
Shared Valor Drowmesh Armor +6 Anytime you grant THP to an ally you gain half of that amount in THP.
Ring of Calling When an ally adjacent to you uses a teleport power he can increase the distance by 4 squares. Item Power: Choose one ally within 20 squares, they are now beside you. If you've reached a milestone today you can go to them instead.
Ring of Free Time Resist 5 to all damage. Power: Encounter (Free Action) take another minor action. Can use this as an at-will if you are at a milestone.
Air Striders Take no damage from falls and always land on your feet. Item Power: Gain a fly speed equal to your speed until the end of the encounter.
Timeless Locket+6 +3 F/R/W. +3 Init. Item Power: You take a standard action which you cannot use to make an attack.

GP: ??? spent

Equipment/Magic Items
Drowmesh Shared Valor Armor +6
Adventurer's Kit
Timeless Locket +6
Ring of Calling
Ritual Book
Ring of Borrowed Spells

Total weight:
53 lbs
Normal Load Heavy Load Max Drag
100 200 500

(3675 gp for rituals)
Brew Potion - Create a common potion or elixir of your level or lower. Component cost is equal to the price of the item you create.
Disenchant Magic Item - Destroys a magic item of your level or lower. 20% gold return on common, 50% on uncommon and 100% on rare. (1 hr / 25 gp component cost.)
Enchant Magic Item - Turn an item into a magic item of your level or lower. Upgrade a common, uncommon or rare item to a more powerful type within 5 levels. Cost is price difference. (+1 Flaming LS 1000g, +1 LS 360g 640 gp.) Resize armor. (No Cost.) (1 hr)
Make Whole - A single object that can fit in a 10 foot cube is repaired for 20 percent of the items cost. (10 minutes)
Raise Dead - Time: 8 Hours, Component Cost: 500 gp. Target returns to life as if they had taken an extended rest. They have -1 to all attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws and ability checks which fades after 3 milestones. 5000 gp for Paragon, 50,000 for epic tier. (680gp learn cost)
Remove Affliction - Time: 1 hour, Component Cost: 250 gp. Removes a single enduring effect on the subject. Heal Check: 0-: Death, 1-9: Damage equal to the target's maximum hit points, 10-19: Damage equal to 50% of the targets MHP. 20-29: Damage equal to 25% of the targets MHP. 30+: No damage. (680 gp learn cost)
Shadow Bridge - Time: 5 minutes, Duration: 10 minutes, Component Cost: 135 gp. Arcana Check for bridge dimensions. 19-: 1x10, 20-29: 2x20, 30-39: 3x30, 40+: 4x40. (600 gp learn cost)
Regeneration - Time: 4 Hours, Duration: Instant, Component Cost: 250/2500/25000 gp. Heal (No Check). Regrows a severed limb on a living creature over the course of four hours.
Reverse Portal
Linked Portal





A dreary looking room with what presumably could be called a chair. No doubts this was an interrogation room. A procedure that every Royal Homeland Constabulary member has to go through. Or so the stories go. To be frank, I'm a bit insulted that they have to go through such a procedure to question my integrity. Reputation is everything here in Flint and I would be doing myself no favours if I dragged my family name through the ground. I walk a perilous road in that regard already. If you had talked to me last year at the Pardwight University however I would have laughed at the notion of me applying here. As my father always said though, if the workers are not doing what needs to be done you had best get it done yourself.

The Royal Homeland Constabulary has in my opinion, failed to perform their duties across Flint. The state of Parity Lake has only gotten worse as the years go on. Working at the factories is not an easy way of life as is. Many of the districts inhabitants work their hardest to make ends meet. Which is fine in and of itself, one cannot expect to get anywhere without sweat and tears. But instead these people have to work in fear of cretins that should have been put behind bars a long time ago. Ever since the most recent Ragman murder the workers have been requesting to go home by nightfall. Denied, of course. The fact the business owners are expected to cut profits because the Royal Homeland Constabulary cannot do their job is preposterous. And then there is that fey terrorist roaming about, 'Gale'. If the fact that the city is harbouring her as an illegal refuge from the Danoran family isn't enough she has also set fires to our district and even attempted to murder the owners. If I ever catch sight of the woman I no doubt will do what the others did not and arrest her on the spot.

So as you can see I have ample reason to want to protect Risur. Crime has gotten worse in the passing years and no doubt it will continue to grow worse as Saxby becomes more and more unfit for the job. And yes, if you were curious I am indirectly related to Rosa Gohins. Through my father, at least. I am his first born and a bastard at that. That has little to do with my concern for the state of Parity Lake. The fact that I lived there should be reason enough. I am here to make a name for myself. Through sweat and tears I got through school and even picked up some knowledge from the factories.

Now if you're done poking around in my head, Inspectress…? I have nothing else to say.

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