EC Session 8.18

Morning, Pyril 1 Pluday. //
The party is refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, and in the midst of a party.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Finally, it's a different day.
[OOC] WC GM: A different month, even.
Refuge is partying like it has never partied before, with all the peoples of the world - even Aeons and Yeti - in attendance.
Hector tilts his head sideways to see if he can get a glimpse of Shiva's nipples.
Cassandra Lionheart watches the others party, and then looks for the regent.
Sakha elbows Hector
ORN thinks people are partying a little early given the AX-1 unit is still around
Hector smiles at Sakha.
Sakha hmphs
Hector laughs. He knows she cares, and that's why she acts like that.
Cassandra Lionheart then motions for Eric to come along with her.
Pak is likely surrounded by Fyl and other girls n.n;
Pak is surrounded by Fyl. Other girls are only occasionally successful at touching him.
ORN does not see Alexandra around.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Eric, come here! Help me find the regent, please."
Regent is partying with the rest, albeit in the castle.
Pak looks up at Fyl. Wags his two tails. "Um…"
ORN was not looking for it, actually; going to be passing by the library to grab a few orbit and tidal charts, and then will head over to forestburg to meet with the elder units. They may have some info.
Fyl gently grabs Pak's tails right near where they split. "I know. And I don't mind." She kisses her intended on the lips.
Pak mmph!
Eric Lionheart blinks and tries to help Cassie out.
Pak: "W-well! Well, wait, I still wanna talk about it. ._.; I mean, if you might have alien babies, that might be hard on your body, you know…!"
Cassandra Lionheart grabs him by his hand and rushes to the castle. "We need a family meeting now."
Riia lurks in the shadows.
Eric Lionheart: "Now?"
[OOC] Riia: Like the Batman.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yes. Now."
Fyl: "They'll be your babies. Mithra or not, I don't care."
Pak: "._."
Pak: "I still don't wanna be a burden on you though…"
Pak: "Besides that, my lifespan is probably a lot longer now! '_';"
Hector puts his arm around Sakha and sighs contentedly. "I know it's not over, but it's so close. For now, you wanna just enjoy it?"
Pak: "I mean, two-tailed Mithra are supposed to live a really long time!"
Pak: "I-i'm not trying to say I don't want you by my side, but…"
Fyl: "And how would you know? There's never been one yet."
Pak: "I thought I heard a legend about it once. '_';"
Felicia is over conversing with the soldiers and her former crew, looking over to keep an eye on what everyone else is up to.
Sakha: "…whatever…"
Fyl: "For all we know, you might have a life expectancy of one year."
She looks around. "Especially if some of these other ladies have their say."
Pak: "._.!"
[OOC] Sakha: Is Hector going to give Sakha alcohol? She has not had any since the dwarves…
Pak: "…Well that makes me even more resolute…"
[OOC] Hector: If she wants some. :P
Cassandra Lionheart looks at Eric "We got to talk to the other Lionhearts. They know her best, and I know she has her quirks fighting. They maybe able to help figure something out."
ORN finds his older brothers off to one side, observing the festivities. A few girls are climbing over them.
Pak: "I-i… I want you to stay with me, but… but if other women want to help repopulate the aeons too, I… I don't wanna sound selfish though…"
He squirms and kicks his feet.
[OOC] Hector: Chicks dig giant robots. I'm not surprised.
ORN moves closer, sparkles and nods
Fyl: "…I suppose. But me first!"
Pak: "O-of course! :o"
Pak: "Now that we've finally beaten all the enemies, you can travel with me, right?"
Hector: "C'mon, let's get somethin' to drink, 'n just have a good time. You don't always have t'sound like ya don't care."
Pak: "So you can be my bodyguard~"
Eric Lionheart: "Doesn't solve the problem of Shield, though…"
Pak is still only a 5-strength weakling.
Fyl: "I'd have to get Regent's permission - or maybe the queen's, now that she's free to be our queen."
ORN: "Elder Units. Primary factor elimination in local region complete. Assessment of your learning?"
Countermachina1: "Ongoing."
Pak: "…Not if I kidnapped you~ <3"
Sakha is handed a drink by hector and starts to sip at it.
Pak giggles mischevously.
Fyl: "…eep?"
Hector gets himself a drink, now that his lady's got one.
Pak grins~.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Eric…I do not care anymore. She has to DIE."
*rushes to the castle*
Pak: "Although apparently we still need to kill one more person before we disband."
A massive, red-coated figure strides collosus-like through the celebratory crowds.
Fyl: "…"
Pak: "So no running off to elope or whatever just yet."
Eric Lionheart: "And how are we going to pull that off? The second she gets Shield up…"
Hector notices Santa standing tall above the rest, and raises his glass in that general direction.
Cassandra soon finds Regent, dancing up a storm as Random and other courtiers look on. Fakir is cuddling Ahiru off to one side.
The collosus crosses to where Hector and Sakha are seated, a massive stone axe over one shoulder, a bag of cookies in the other hand.
Pak stands and stretches.
Cassandra Lionheart: "The second she gets shield up, we rest and heal. I bet 50,000 gil, she we try to hit us with Holy during that time. and since Shield lasts a short time, its her only bet to be safe and hit us with it."
Santa beams down at Sakha and Hector, grinning in his usually manic fashion.
Pak: "Oh, yeah, um."
ORN: "Secondary target remains before This Unit's departure. Estimate potential for informational input on your parts. Regarding model AX-1: This Group seeks direct confrontation. Shield bypassing or neutralizing; primary energy source White, is extremely likely to be required. Any experience with the field effect?"
Sakha: "……"
Santa: "Hey there, boys and girls!"
Hector: "How ya doing?"
Cassandra Lionheart waves to the Regent and others "Regent. Can we get my family together right now?"
Hector: "Me, I'm just havin' a drink with my girlfriend."
[OOC] Ahiru: I can't change anymore right, so he's cuddling birdgirl me?
Pak: "Oh! It's Santa~"
Countermachina1: "Negative."
[OOC] WC GM: Correct.
Santa: "My workshop has, of late, been undergoing some very major changes!"
Pak takes Fyl and runs off to meet Santa.
Countermachina2: "Inquiry: does group include equivalent protective capabilities?"
Regent dances to a stop, and smiles. "If you can find them. Good luck with that, in the middle of all this."
[OOC] Hector: Once the cookie is mass-produced, we'll put an end to sad faces in no time!
ORN: "Likelyhoood probable, but active use by group's mana manipulators has not been noted. Direct absorbtion and defense of white and other elemental sources is, however, common."
Eric Lionheart: "It might have to wait, Cassie…"
Cassandra Lionheart sighs and screams at the top of her lungs "LIONHEART FAMILY MEETING NOOOOWWWW!"
Fyl lets herself be dragged behind Pak, curious.
Cassandra Lionheart looks at Eric and coughs..
Cassandra's scream is lost in the commotion of the party.
Pak: "Santaaa~"
Santa pours cookies into his massive bearded maw.
Eric Lionheart: "As I said…maybe we can wait."
Regent winces. "I…don't think most of them are here."
Pak: "Hi!"
Pak waves, other hand holding onto Fyl's.
Santa swallows cookies.
Eric Lionheart: "I'm sure waiting until the party is over won't change much."
Countermachina3: "Strategem: utilize equivalent protection. Single-source Shield is not indefinite. Attack during down cycles."
Santa: "How are you, then? Still being a good boy, I take it! HOHOHOHYAAAAA!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Then I guess we got to visit your mom."
*shrugs, and coughs again* "Ugh..I should not have done that."
Pak: "I'm trying~ n.n; Although I apparently have mutated beyond Mithra-dom…"
Hector checks on Sakha's drink to see how far she has left.
ORN: "Indefinite duration is believed by several in This Group to potentially have been bypassed, While such methods likely have specific weaknesses Units may target, direct elimination of shield would be ideal. Whethering White assault should be simple enough however, but affected area potential uncertain. The longer AX-1 remains in combat, the higher the likelyhood of collateral damage, and thus suffering."
Sakha has downed the drink by now and is smiling softly…
RandomMerchant: "Since you've gotten everyone's attention anyway…"
He notes that the room - which, Eric and Cassandra can now see, is the throne room - has quieted down after Cassandra's yell.
Santa roars. "IRRELEVANT!"
Pak: "O-okay~"
Santa: "IF you're still a Good Boy, that's all that matters! HAHAR!"
Pak: "I-i think I'm a good boy, sir~"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Um, hi. Yeah, any cousins of mine around right now? Maybe even aunts and uncles?"
Santa: "So do I, my boy! AND I SHOULD KNOW!"
RandomMerchant: "There is a matter that needs tending to."
He looks at Ahiru. "Your majesty, if we could have a moment?"
Santa: "… And is this young lady your friend, m'boy?"
Hector hands one more half-full drink to Sakha.
Countermachina1: "Unit AX-1 has been observed. Fundamental breakthroughs in nature of abilities not observed - merely dramatic levels of power."
Hector: "This one's a bit weaker. Figured that may be your limit for now."
Ahiru: "Oh yeah… I forgot about that…"
She hops off Fakir's lap and walks over to Random
Pak: "Yes! She's a good girl!"
Fyl blushes, still on Pak's arm.
Pak: "She's gonna have my crazy mutant babies."
Pak: "Probably some other women too, but she has dibs."
Hector finishes his second drink. "Even though it may go without sayin', Santa, I still wanna thank you for all the stuff you've given me."
RandomMerchant: "Your Highness, I-"
Regent cuts him off with a finger to his lips.
Santa: "…"
Santa puts hand to bearded chin, as if contemplating something.
Ahiru ruffles her wings as she stands.
Regent kneels. "Your Highness, Queen Ahiru. I have kept the peace and prosperity as best I could while the world needed your services. I ask what your future plans are now."
Santa: "HMM! Well then, I suppose it's alright!"
ORN: "Uplifting information. Understood. This Unit shall impart it to the remainder of This Group. Most have chosen to remain on This World after these events. Nevertheless, This Unit will be leaving This World to your care. The remainders of This Group or their creations may prove excellent future allies should you require them. Take care."
Santa: "If you're both Good Boys and Girls, I'm sure it'll aaaaaall work out."
Cassandra Lionheart stands there, lost in though.
ORN: "This Unit only hopes to have remembered proper communication syntax untainted by local flavors when This Unit some day returns. Until then."
Santa sits down with a reverberating thud. "MY pleasure, Hector my boy!"
ORN nods and leaves to go find someone else
Ahiru: "…I forgot that I was put in charge here… but now that I'm so close with the spirits… I don't think that I can look over one country along…"
Pak :3
Santa: "Of course, the smiling faces I see around me are all the thanks I need!"
Sakha: "Did you have to encourage him?"
Santa: "Aside, of course, from these COOKIES!"
Santa produces another bag of cookies from inside his bloody coat.
Pak: "…Why is your coat still bloody? D:"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Eric. Lets go."
*looks back to the regent* "Okay. We will talk later."
Hector scratches Sakha behind her ears. Since it works on Pak, and they're related, it stands to reason…
Santa ignores the hell out of Pak's question.
Santa: "Ms. Sakha! Do you still insist on that dour attitude?"
Santa: "A shame, for such a Good Girl as yourself! Life is to be CHERISHED!"
Sakha blushes and swishes her tail. She's a little on the drunk side.
Regent continues to kneel in front of Ahiru. "If you wish, I could continue to rule in your name."
A murmur spreads among the court.
Regent gives the court a glare. "With her active supervision. My head if she thinks I'm out of line."
Ahiru looks around. "They don't seem to like that idea…"
ORN will go check the castle. regent usually knows where everyone is, and sakha's probably in the library he figures
Fakir: "Of course not. They were hoping to rule instead."
Hector: "I'm workin' on her, Santa. I really am. It's like tryin' to turn a brick of orichalchum into a swan, usin' a fork and your teeth."
Cassandra Lionheart walks out of the throne room, continuing to think of situations.
Fakir: "Or, short of that, that none of them would rule."
Santa gives Hector an appraising look.
Regent: "Of course, if you have another candidate in mind, I would give them my full support."
She grins, throwing a leer at Random.
ORN walks into the throne room and looks around
Fakir chuckles. "By which she means, all the prestige for what she's done, less work - except for Random, it seems."
Random pales.
Ahiru frowns.
Hector is just kinda petting Sakha like she's a cat.
Pak hmm.
Sakha has had enough alcohol that she's compliant… she sure can't hold liquer
Santa adopts a serious expression.
Santa: "Hector."
Hector: "Yo?"
ORN: "… Ah. Ahiru. This Unit has some news."
Santa: "Have you…"
ORN: "… . hat form?"
Cassandra Lionheart walks back out to the party, and looks around.
Santa brightens. "…seen Ms. Riia around lately? I've been meaning to thank her again for the cookie recipe!"
Hector: "Y'know, I haven't."
Santa rises from the table like some kind of giant bear. "THEN I MUST JOURNEY ON! HOHOHOHHAAARRRR!"
A bunch of soldiers are carrying Felicia on their shoulders. They move past Santa and company.
Ahiru: "…?"
Looks questioningly at ORN
Right behind them are some Mithra and Viera, carrying Riia similarly.
Riia: //=S //
Santa blinks.
ORN: "would not your current position be more pleasurable in your regular attractive form?"
Riia blushes, difficult to see as it is beneath the weathered tan.
Pak blink
Cassandra Lionheart sighs and rejoins the party.
Santa follows, his boisterous laugh audible even when he is out of sight.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay. Where is the alcohol? I need a drink, please."
[OOC] Hector: Back in…I dunno, maybe 10-20. The usual excuse.
ORN: "In any case, Thi…. I, have obtained a certain modicum of information on AX-1. Elders A through C have stated not to have observed any deviations from standard form in the Cassie progenitor white manipulation beyond the standard forms observed and used by ones such as Eric. While her output remains at the high end of one limiting themselves to only one aspect of mana-manipulation"
ORN: "They estimate, given their own observations, that the duration and resilience of her shielding is unlikely to be different from the momentary standard. Her primary assault using White should also be possible to counter using elemental absorbtion."
Ahiru: "…"
ORN: "Regent and Random may also wish to communicate on occasion with the Elder Units; their learning continues to expand, and they should shortly prove capable allies in the war against suffering. Of course they could also prove most capable of eliminating any corruption should it form at the top as well."
ORN: "… …"
ORN remembers who he's talking to
Regent: "As you wish. But may I ask - what has Alexandra done to deserve execution? We felt…something different from her recently."
ORN: "… Right. Have you seen Sakha?"
ORN: "… hm?"
Sakha is cuddling drunkly with Hector
ORN feels all the eyes of the court upon him.
ORN: "Active corruption of the Elder Units so as to cause the continued and recently interrupted genocide of the Forestburg Remains, among many other things."
ORN: "… ?"
ORN looks around
ORN: "???"
Riia nods in support.
[OOC] WC GM: Where's Riia been carried to?
Ahiru: "We're talking about Cassie's mom who is currently holding the negativity of the universe, right?"
ORN nods
[OOC] Riia: I figured we were being carried into the throne room, my bad
ORN: "Affirmative. AX-1, aka "
lionheart", the current hatred elemental."
Regent: "…what? I mean, yes, that's her, but…?"
[OOC] WC GM: You were being carried. No destination specified. You want to be in the throne room? You're there.
Ahiru: "Well. I think her being the core of all hatred is reason…"
[OOC] Riia: Kay, then
Riia signs: "Told golems that incineration was the best way to end suffering of injured."
RandomMerchant: "What are you talking about, your Highness?"
ORN: "That she has temporarily retreated for further planning or concentration is little reason not to intercept her given her history of pro-suffering-focused genocide."
Ahiru: "Our fight isn't over…"
Cassandra Lionheart sits down at a table, and beings to drink a pint of ale down.
[OOC] ORN: as opposed to love-and-peace oriented genocide
The court murmurs, obviously confused.
ORN: "… … ."
ORN: "Riia?"
Riia cocks her head at ORN.
ORN: "How will you get people to learn things if they're all like Ahiru and sakha continues to never want to explain things?"
Sakha is drunk
Sakha hugs Hector
ORN: "… You may need a much bigger signboard"
Fakir: "If you could explain, please, sir ORN."
ORN: "Of course. Please specify what you're currently wondering about?"
Pak is just playing with Fyl
Fakir: "Alexandra. What exactly has happened to her, that you apparently mean to kill her?"
ORN: "Ah. Hatred elemental…. You know the spirits, correct?"
Riia signs: "Avatar of Hate."
Riia signs….."Also irevoccably and incommunicably insane."
ORN: "For example, Gaia, or Pyr, or Ahiru, apparently embodying love, thus her high offensive capabilities."
Regent: "We do. Fakir has been telling us that they are all part of her Highness Ahiru now."
Riia signs: "Accordingly, danger to others."
ORN: "Well not all of them. Another has formed, likely in response to Ahiru's full attainment of a spirit-like or avatar state, one could say. A diametrically opposed one."
Random: "…oh."
Regent: "And that is what Alexandra has become?"
ORN: "… primarily composed of Hatred, as can be evidenced in its inordinate amounts and use of White; the aspect of destruction of magic."
Pak: "…"
Pak isn't even anywhere near ORN and yet he suddenly feels like staring at him funny. Weird.
Fyl is silent, lost in bliss - and a bit drunk herself - at Pak's every touch.
ORN: "Her latest, known to us, at least, attempt on this world was tricking the eldest three ORN series units, Elders A through C, whom had remained mostly enterred after the Forestburg incidents, into believing that suffering; something This Series is meant to combat, was best eliminated by burning or crushing those that feel it."
Cassandra Lionheart: "I don't know what to do anymore."
*drinks down the ale*
Pak isn't even doing something like that!
[OOC] WC GM: Pak's playing with Fyl, no?
[OOC] WC GM: Even if just innocently - Fyl's still enjoying it.
ORN: "Their misguided efforts were eventually talked down, and the Elders were made to understand that their understanding of the Creators intents had been corrupted by AX-1… "
alexandra", but much harm had already been done."
ORN: "Currently she appears to be steaming, breaking down or scheming; which and in what ratios are uncertain. What IS certain, however, is that it is better she be defeated now than left to corrupt innocents in her constant and hostile attempts to drag everyone down to her level of mental anguish and then some more."
The court "…"s at ORN's explanation.
ORN: "She is a concentration of, and source of, hatred and suffering. No single entity can more appropriately be designated Hostile by This Series. AX-1's elimination will proceed before the lunar complex departs, or the ORN series cannot be said to have completed its work at all!"
RandomMerchant: "…I think I got the last of that. The moon's going away?"
ORN: "It is not THIS unit's fault that you all decided to hold festivals before all threats had been eliminated. Nevertheless, it would be inappropriate to leave our work unfinished."
ORN: "Though the rest of This Group seems apprehensive at the thought of long distance, long term travel, increases in scale are only a natural step in existance. The lunar complex… moon, will be taken as a transport to find and aid other worlds, many of which are known to have suffered or been eliminated by the Yeti Scourge and Grav."
The court crowd begins murmuring again.
ORN: "The new series created from Thi… my stablizers is currently readying for its departure. The complex was assimilated to remove grav's influence directly, given his similar method of control and power over solids."
[OOC] Pak: The court has no idea what the hell is going on
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I'm not even sure ORN has any idea what's going on.
ORN: "Ahiru and Mer should have no difficulty in ensuring local forces are not negatively affected by the process of departure itself. Your skies will be clear to observe the stars once more."
[OOC] ORN: well he certainly has no idea what all that court stuff is that's for sure
Kupostein: "Ach! A mizzion of mercy to ze Yetis' ozzer victims! How kupossionate!"
ORN: "… … . ."
ORN: "yes."
Kupostein: "Eef sir ORN would not mind, eet would be my honor to employ some of my latest inventions to assist!"
Riia snickers.
ORN: "This World needs… … your… ingenuity."
[OOC] Riia: A tactful "DON'T COME DAMNIT"
Riia blinks at ORN, impressed. Low standards, perhaps, but impressed nonetheless.
Kupostein: "I am honored zat you believe it. But zat ees being ze core of ze brilliance! Ze Viera and I haff been working on means of teleportation."
ORN: "a small one, Noir, has already expressed a desire to join for such purposes. Any … Not-so-importantly-needed Scholars should be welcome. Given the distances involved, however, judging from data obtained of the Grav-core displacement system, it may require a generational aspect, however."
Ahiru brightens with a thought.
Kupostein: "So you could be moving the moon out, but still be being in contact vith us!"
[OOC] Hector: …ow.
[OOC] Hector: I don't think I can keep going. My stomach hurts SO BAD.
ORN: "… and… it works?"
[OOC] Hector: FALCOOOOOOOOOON…*minimize window*
Kupostein: "Eet is beink in need of ze testing, da."
[OOC] Pak: well, to be fair, him /and/ the viera were working on it.
[OOC] Riia: I still have nightmares about that cat…
ORN: "… One of the new series… aid in designations would be appreciated, could aid in this."
ORN: "… Pak is generally good with names."
ORN: "Ah, speaking of which…"
ORN looks around at the 'court'
ORN: "Who ARE all those people and what do they do?"
Ahiru: "I think I know something that will make everyone happy."
She smiles. "I'll leave Regent to rule here… but there are so many places around the world that need to be looked after and… I think Sakha should act as the person to keep an eye on everyone. Make sure things work, because she know things like that… What to call her…."
ORN: "… Sakha. Its her name, Ahiru."
Cassandra Lionheart finishes her ale, and sighs, going back to the castle.
Regent: "Empress."
Regent: "Refuge is a kingdom. Sakha, can rule the empire that governs everything."
ORN: "… … would that not require constant explanation given the need for constant decisions? she may not like this."
Sakha lookss up. "Me..? Rule…?"
Cassandra Lionheart returns to the throne room and listens in.
[OOC] WC GM: So, by now everyone's gathered in the court?
[OOC] Riia: Yes
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: yup
Ahiru: "No… Maybe… Heaven's advisor? She will come by and check to make sure averyone is working properly!"
Regent: "As you wish."
Regent grins. "So, what does that make Fakir?"
ORN: "… You should also ensure the remaining spirits learn to communicate with others. A single point of contact is a weakness, and given their temperament, many offspring of the various races would likely provide or derive entertainment from these attempts."
Fakir BLUSHES. "…Ahiru's. Just that."
Pak looks around.
ORN looks at Fakir, and Points
Cassandra Lionheart waves "Hi everybody."
Random gives Fakir a sympathetic look.
ORN nods.
Pak: "Wait, teleporter? So we can go to the moon and come back to the earth whenever we want?"
Ahiru: "… Why does Fakir need a title…?"
Kupostein: "Ya! Even eef ze moon moves far far away!"
ORN: "It would be rather simpler to hold your usual bipedal form, however, Ahiru."
ORN: "hm."
ORN looks at Pak and Kupostein
ORN: "Very well. It is at least worth testing. Also, Pak, some of your knowledge will be required. In the meantime…"
Ahiru looks around. "Well ever since I absorbed Grav I've been stuck like this.
Dwarf: "Hey, so, why do you need the intact moon? Can't you, like, rebuild the wandering moon and take that? It'd clean up our sky, too."
ORN aims his arm up towards any openings in the roof accumulates a bit of a charge and fires off a White beam into the atmosphere
ORN looks at the Dwarf
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN? What are you doing?"
ORN manages to shoot through a skylight.
ORN: "Signal sent, they should perform atmospheric entry and arrive shortly."
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I'm trying to figure out what ORN's doing and not getting it whatsoever. >.>
Pak: "…Actually, yeah, taking the leftover moon bits is probably a good idea. :3"
[OOC] Riia: He's telling the units he left on the moon to come down
ORN: "As for the other moon, that would take too long. Larger sections are being assimilated, however. Much has already fallen to ground."
Pak: "We can make them into a big ship~"
[OOC] Riia: So yeh, they'll be here in three days
Pak: "Wait, don't they need a moon here?"
Pak: "The moon affects tides and stuff!"
ORN: "Ahiru and Mer have that covered."
Viera: "Maybe you could rebuild the moon we arrived on, and leave that in orbit?"
[OOC] Riia: You missed his answer to the Dwarf - "nah, too hard"
ORN: "… and ALL OF YOU CHEATED THIS UNIT OUT OF A DELICIOUS AND ULTIMATE BUFFET when you BLEW UP the last one. You can have the blown up one smashed back together into a large ball. THIS one is ORN'S."
Elvaan: "ORN's sibling units are still around. They can rebuild…"
The court glares at ORN.
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN..stop please."
Dwarf: "Sir ORN, don't press your luck. You yourself could be a buffet."
Eric Lionheart facepalms. "Is that all you ever think about, ORN?"
ORN: "Besides all they ever do is crash into your world you don't really need'em."
ORN would cry for emphasis if he could
ORN looks at the dwarf
ORN: "Additionally, local gravity of the larger body will be required for housing anyone travelling. The chunks of the destroyed one, are mostly already yours and grounded."
Pak: "Uh, ORN."
Mithra: "Whatever. We'll have a moon either way."
ORN nods
ORN: "Exactly!"
Pak: "…nevermind. @_@"
Riia frowns
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah. But ORN, you are going to work ALL the old moon off!!"
Human: "Two, if Kupostein's teleporter means we can visit ORN's moon whenever. Or, hey, maybe we can leave teleporters on the worlds ORN visits."
Riia signs at ORN: "How propel? No motor - motor was grav."
ORN: "Work does not begin to describe it. But, in any case, should this teleportation system function, its free for travel to and from anyways. It just won't be obscuring your view, precariously waiting to fall again."
ORN looks at Riia
ORN: "Turns out Grav was… not so dissimilar."
ORN nods at the Human
ORN: "If it works, our thoughts exactly."
Cassandra Lionheart rolls her eyes.
Kupostein: "Ya, I am haffink another idea on zat. Eet should be having a ninety percent chance of not disassembling ze moon and eet's occupants molecularly."
Eric Lionheart: "…"
Elvaan: "Ninety percent chance of win, ten percent chance of win. I like the way you think!"
ORN: "… What OTHER cataclysms are included in this 90%, Stein?"
Kupostein: "Oh, eet should be fine, kupo."
Eric Lionheart: "…I think you'll understand if I decline to visit your moon, ORN."
Pak: "'_'"
Pak: "Hey, come on, they aren't even in the test phases yet! <3"
Cassandra Lionheart is confused now.
Pak: "I'm sure they can bump up that percentage quite a bit~"
ORN: "You will be too busy with carnal relations. Understood. The same can thus be estimated from Cassie?"
Eric Lionheart: "…"
Random gives Eric a sympathetic look.
ORN: "Or did you mean the disintegration risk?"
Eric Lionheart: "…Yes."
ORN: "AH."
Cassandra Lionheart: "ORN!"
ORN looks around at the court people, then back at those two
ORN: "Sorry."
Pak: "…"
Eric Lionheart shakes his head and wonders just how he got involved in all this in the first place.
Pak hops up on ORN's shoulders. Pakhat.
Pak: "Okay, okay, lemme help out with this."
Pak: "So we're taking a moon and rolling off with it into space, right?"
ORN nods.
Pak: "And the teleportation system will allow us to return to earth."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Look. Eric and I will get married after this. The world is still in danger. Remember? My mom is possessed by the evil feelings of the world?"
Pak: "But there's a 10% chance of critical existance failure."
Pak: "…"
Pak: "Actually, wait."
Regent: "…oh. THAT'S what happened to Alexandra."
Pak looks at kupostein.
ORN: "Other systems, sectors, worlds, and who knows what lies beyond; such scales will be understood after the current known ones are cleared, still suffer or may require aid. It is only natural to continue as we did. From villages to continents, to all known existance."
Pak: "Kupostein, does this 10% chance exist for the earth, too? Is there a chance merely testing it might explode the world?"
[OOC] Hector: I'm back, but barely hanging on.
Kupostein: "Nah. Vell, not one vorth worryink about."
Pak: "…"
Pak: "…Well!"
Pak: "…"
Pak: "Have you thought of talking with the Aeons?"
Pak: "Some of them have powerful potential, they might be able to help make teleporters that won't randomly disintegrate moons and stuff."
Kupostein: "Eet ees beink about ze same chance az your matink activities vith Fyl striking a harmonic frequency und shatterink ze vorld, ya? Very small chance."
Pak wags his two tails.
ORN: "They seem to like you. Perhaps you should ask, Pak."
Pak: "Actually, considering my current state, I imagine that chance is slightly higher now. <3"
Pak: "Hm? Ask them what?"
ORN: "… . Kupostein. Is this chance re-calculated or rolled against once more every time they perform such an act?"
Riia signs: "Can't happen."
Riia signs: "World not have single resonant frequency due to possessing multiple contiguous structures."
Kupostein: "Hmm…summed over, say, any given hundred year period?"
ORN nods at Riia; obviously she knows more than a moogle ;p
ORN: "Exactly what you suggested, Pak."
Riia signs: "Therefore damped out. Intriguing possibility, however."
ORN: "A rather unique source of planetary cataclysm indeed."
Fyl: "Hundred…years…of…"
Fyl passes out. A small tickle of blood leaks from her nose.
Eric Lionheart: "…I think you broke her."
ORN: "Ah"
Pak: "…Ah, she'll be fine."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh my."
ORN fires a healing wind her way
Pak: "Mithra don't live to be that old anyway."
Eric Lionheart does a Scan on Fyl to be sure.
The blood on Fyl dries up.
Pak: "Unless I somehow infect her with my two-tailed-ness."
Pak: "I don't really know how it works! :D"
Pak: "…I should probably get examined by a medical professional or two. Or five, while I'm at it."
ORN: "constant exposure to you could allow you to temporarily assimilate and improve her. You managed to discover self modification, you'll manage eventually ."
Level 33 Notorious Humanoid. 0/??? HP, 0/0 MP. W: Pak.
ORN sparkles
Pak: "But anyway!"
Pak: "I would like to discuss the new residence of Aeons upon this world- once we find others, naturally some others can migrate."
Pak: "If you can use Aeonic powers to create a more reliable teleportation system, that'd be pretty great."
Regent: "Actually, that's one of the reasons we want a moon here."
Pak: "Oh? You want them to live on the moon?"
ORN: "Why exile them, instead of Yeti?"
Regent: "We…were first born on a moon. If we could have that land, then the land we currently claim may be taken by the Aeons."
Pak: "…Oh!"
Pak: "Ohhh, I see."
Pak: "That sounds fine to me."
Regent: "Let the Yeti live in the south - among their ruined city."
ORN: "All other considerations aside, why not allow them to remain wherever they wish; as per every other race in Refuge?"
ORN: "The Aeons, we mean"
Pak: "I think that's implied."
Pak: "But their homeland would be that of the Viera."
Eric Lionheart: "How much damage did their city sustain anyways? Is it even feasable for them to live there?"
ORN: "At worst, interbreeding may greatly improve the future of the various races on This World."
Human: "All races are welcome in Refuge - the home of the Humans. And in other lands too."
Pak: "ORN, I'll be doing plenty of interbreeding anyway. >_>;"
Random clears his throat, taking over from the lesser one.
ORN: "Their City, as you recall, was toppled and bombed to the ground by ourselves, you included, and then turned to a mass of volcanic obsidian and glass by Fakir over there."
RandomMerchant: "All races have lands where they are found the most. That is their 'home'."
ORN: "Unerground levels first and included."
RandomMerchant: "The Yeti who survive, can survive in what remains of the southern ice cap."
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I don't recall the entire thing being destroyed, nor WC saying as such.
RandomMerchant: "The northern ice cap will apparently be the moogles' new home, as that is where the center of their civilization has landed."
[OOC] ORN: sometimes ORN embelishes slightly, but let's face it; we tore the place up and then fakir pulled a volcano in the middle. whichever way you look at it :P
Pak: "I see!"
Cassandra Lionheart listens in and smiles
Pak: "Noone's paying attention to me about aeonic teleportation ._."
ORN: "This Unit has already approved of the idea, Pak."
Pak: "…Wait, couldn't you just use time magic to create two, um… what's that spell called. Home Point Jumps?"
ORN: "Additionally, if it functions, or they are capable of their own, then interplanetary travel should not be an issue."
Pak: "…Ah well."
Kupostein: "Da! Pak, zat ees beink ze basis ov my idea!"
Pak: "Oh, good!"
Hector isn't really paying attention to what's going on, and instead is sampling all the free alcohol that this place has.
Pak: "…Why is it risking moon disintegration"
Pak: "I-i still don't get that part '_';"
Kupostein: "Different part. Zat was beink vit gettink ze moon INTO position to teleport stuff to in ze first place."
Pak: "Anyway, all I'm saying is that if you can't get it more reliably, see if there's aeons that can help ~.~"
Pak: "I mean, look at Doomtrain!"
Pak: "He… like… makes holes in reality and drives through them!"
An affirmative TOOT sounds.
Pak: "…"
Cassandra Lionheart: "see?"
Pak looks around.
Looking up - Doomtrain, apparently Mini-ed and somewhat drunk, is driving by on the upper wall from one hole to another.
Pak: "Actually, having Doomtrain ship people through whatever-dimension-he-travels-through and back is a good idea too…"
Hector: "…now I've seen everything."
Cassandra Lionheart: "okaaayyyy..A drunk ranaway train, that is never coming back."
Pak: "I'll ask him later."
[OOC] WC GM: Drunktrain! XD
Pak: "Oh!"
Pak hops off.
Pak: "Ahiru!"
Pak: "Since you're space queen and all."
Ahiru looks at Pak.
Pak: "Can I be official Aeonic diplomat? :3"
Ahiru: "That'd be fine.
Pak: "Yay~"
Pak: "I have a title!"
Pak: "That means I also have diplomatic immunity~"
Pak points at the passed-out Fyl. "Don't get kidnapped!"
Regent chuckles. "The Aeons are a part of our people."
Regent: "There's no one to have immunity for."
Pak: "Well, yeah, but you guys can't communicate as easily with them regardless."
Pak: "Besides, even if it doesn't mean anything it's cool to say."
ORN: "In any case, the Lunar Complex will be open to visiting should this work. The primary goal is the discovery and aid of other worlds. You all should work on communication, however. Many misunderstandings could be avoided that way."
Random taps ORN on the forehead. "Yes. We ALL should."
Regent yanks Random away. Random lets her, his point made.
Pak: "…Oh, and yeah, Alexandra's apparently been possessed by the spirit of hatred."
Pak: "We're gonna go beat her up."
Pak: "Sorry that ORN explained it in less court-friendly terminology."
ORN: "They could at least make some effort to understand terminology. A lack of understanding more specific terms could easily lead to misunderstandings through the use of inappropriate ones."
ORN: "The more specific and complete, the better."
Pak: "Yes, yes, learning is cool."
ORN nods
Regent: "Fortunately, Alexandra has made no effort to leave her mansion in some time."
Pak: "Ah, good~!"
Pak: "We know where she is then."
Regent: "We were wondering if she had just starved in there."
Eric Lionheart: "No one has tried to check?"
Cassandra Lionheart sighs
Regent: "No one who cared enough, has dared try, after your last visit with her."
ORN: "Ah, as was told to Ahiru; the Elder Units have informed us that given their best observations and estimations, her ability to hold a shield should not be of any greater extended duration than eric's estimated standard. Her energy limits are likely similar, though obviously high. Anti-White defense will of course nevertheless be required."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Yeah..sorry about that Regent."
Pak: "It's okay, though!"
Pak: "I think we'll win."
Hector had a little too much free wine and is now sawing wood on a couch on the far side of the room, if there are couches. If not, well, a coffee table will suffice.
[OOC] Hector: This is what happens when you allow someone who's nineteen unmitigated access to alcohol.
Pak wags tails.
Pak: "…Before we do that, though, I'm still kinda looking to be examined just to make sure my body's okay n.n;"
Little does Hector know, the "couch" is actually some Hector-fangirls taking the excuse to get him away from Sakha for a bit.
[OOC] ORN: I haven't gotten bad-drunk in… probably 10 years
ORN nods
Not that the fangirls actually have the courage to do more than cuddle.
And squee. Must not forget the squee.
[OOC] Hector: I'm talking about Hector. Not me. I don't drink anymore.
ORN: "We will continue to prepare and investigate… though, while you are at it, Pak: some of your ingenuity will be required. The new series requires designation. You should be capable of this. We will send them to your examination when they arrive."
Pak: "…New designation?"
ORN: "… in case you failed to notice, the Creators were not particularly adept with naming sentients. Do you honestly believe This Unit to be any better? It will be left to you. In the meantime, if this "
court"; no explanation as to their actual function or designation has been provided, by the way, is done gawking, I'll be in the library."
[OOC] Pak: Sounds like things are wrapping up
Pak: "O-okay, I guess…!"
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah - I believe two players said they had to leave in about 20 minutes.
[OOC] Pak: Yup
[OOC] WC GM: So we should logend soon.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Mother wants me to come shopping with her soon I think, but I dunno when.
Pak: "…Well! Anyway, I'm gonna go back to the party. We'll prepare for the last fight next time!"
[OOC] ORN: I gotta go pick someone up at train station
Regent: "This court is comprised of the people who run the kingdom."
ORN: "… But… what do they DO?"
Regent: "Make the laws, enforce the laws, collect taxes, judge and resolve disputes, that kind of thing."
ORN: ".. .. .. collect taxes?"
Regent: "Well, yes. How do you think we reward those who keep the roads smooth and even? Or tend to the sick and injured?"
ORN: "… well, a good amount of Gil seems to occur naturally given its appearence post-combat in various nonsentient species…"
ORN: "But, does not sending people out to collect these incur greater costs than if people were simply to drop off a slightly smaller amount at the treasury, thus requiring only a handful of mathematicians?"
Regent nods. "Yes, and that's one source of production. Those who specialize in hunting, get paid that way. Other people specialize in, for instance, teaching children - they don't have time to learn to be the best huner."
Regent: "Most people do, but some people try to cheat. And then, who pays those mathematicians for their time?"
ORN: "Having a large subsection of the population simply for the movement of funds, rather than their use, seems problematic to the process as a whole… what if THEY cheat?"
ORN: "… That's what rulers are for."
Regent: "We are the rulers."
ORN: "… Perhaps one of the elder units could be adapted to such a function."
[OOC] ORN: a bad idea if I ever heard one
Regent: "If they want, but I think Kupostein wanted them for the moon rebuilding effort."
Pak just goes and enjoys himself. <3
Regent: "Oh, that reminds me. Felicia! Now that the world is safe, we need to discuss how the military will act going forward."
ORN: "Simply estimating that if a large subsection of your funds are used up simply due to a large number of collectors and mathematicians to combine and accumulate all of it, a better model, which would free up a number of this same primary pool, would be more efficient, and can thus be diverted towards education could it not?"
ORN: "The number of 'cheating' would likely not change…"
ORN shrugs
ORN: "As long as no suffering is caused, I guess. Just make sure it doesn't begin to."
ORN nods and walks off towards the library
Regent smiles. "But of course."
[OOC] ORN: hopefully he got the point across, given what everyone's about to go do to someone that 'causes suffering' was the main subject of that hearing ;p
With that, the party resumes as it had been. Celebrations here, discussions there, and just-plain-sleeping-because-they-finally-can elsewhere. The party lasts all day… //

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