EC Session 6.8

Morning, Merch 2 Pluday.
The crew awakens in what seems to have been an afterthought of a bedroom.
Pak u-uuus.
All around are mostly quiet ice crystal gizmoes and whirlybobs and…well, it is easy to remember that this is one giant factory.
Sakha was up half the night writing her book and sleeps soundly.
Looks like they had this room here just because there was so much space and, well, people have to sleep somewhere.
The beds were moogle-sized, but by pushing two together there was enough for a larger person.
Pak is curled up in a single bed, actually, being the second-smallest party member.
No hunger or thirst taunts the crew this morning, the factory's magic having apparently taken care of such needs for the time being.
Ahiru slept as a duck. She wakes up with a quack and changes back to human.
Cassandra_Lionheart is sleeping on a bed with her arm drapped around Eric's lap
Pak also is curled up due to VIOLATION.
[OOC] Ahiru: What violated Pak this time?
Eric_Lionheart is reading a book right now. Apparently he has been up for a while
Well, except for ORN, but it looks like someone sprinkled a few small quartz crystals on the golem overnight, so even ORN is okay.
[OOC] Pak: Remember? That examination machine.
[OOC] Riia: The machine
[OOC] Sakha: ah
Hector snores.
Pak suddenly crawls out of bed.
Pak: "x_x"
Pak: "Okay, this bed's too small."
Sakha is actually asleep at the desk on top of her book - she must have thought it to much hassle to prepare a bed.
Suddenly, the room begins shaking.
Pak scuttles out to the lab, deciding to take this early-morning-wAaahh shaking!
Riia slides out from under her bed and pops a round in the chamber
Cassandra_Lionheart begins to stir awake and feels the shaking!
Sakha is still sleeping
Pak opens the door - and barely avoids stepping into the empty sky.
The factory is receding into the distance.
ORN nonchalantly grabs Pak before he falls for his doom
Pak: "…WHAT"
Riia blinks
Felicia stretches, having slept sitting against a wall.
Riia sighs
Eric Lionheart: "What is going on?" *looks at Cassie* "Get your armor on."
Pak: "Nooo! I really, really wanted to hear the results of that research! Why is the sleeping room being jettisoned?!"
A hole in the side of the factory is visible, along with the mechanical arm that apparently dug the bedroom out of the wall and flung it like a discus.
Below, a cloud begins forming.
Felicia: "…"
Sakha mumbles "…uiet down… sleeeeep…"
Hector is still asleep.
Pak: "T.T"
Pak: "Okay, okay, okay okay what do we do what do we do."
The radio in Hector's pocket begins to crackle.
Cassandra_Lionheart does so and looks around "How about calm down."
Pak eyes the distance between himself and the factory. Could he make it there with a teleport?
Riia looks around the room
Hector sits up with a jolt. "Wha-wha-what?!"
Riia taps Sakha to wake her up
It is already too far to teleport. The wind rushing by threatens to suck Pak out if the door is not closed.
Hector rubs his eyes. "Ah, dammit." He gets the radio out.
Pak whines, but closes the door.
Hector squints as he looks directly at the audio output part.
Pak: "Guys! A mechanical arm went crazy and threw the entire sleeping room out of the factory!"
Sakha mutters again sleepily.
Felicia: "…What."
Riia sighs and looks around the room, trying to figure out who can use ice magic
Pak: "And now we're free-floating through the sea of the sky, and unless we figure out a way to move this thing in the opposite direction we might be stranded forever!"
Pak is panicing!
[OOC] Sakha: Pak can wake Sakha up
Hector presses the talking button. "Helloooooo? You frigging better have a damn good reason for waking me up."
Riia tries poking Sakha again
Felicia: "Ahh… Calm down first."
Pak shakes Sakha!
Sakha mutters sleepily. "…don… s…eep…ime…"
Pak: "Sakha sakha sakha wake up we're floating away from the factory all the results of your research were in there!"
The moogle from the previous night answers. "Good morning! Since you're going to the library, this was the transportation they came up with."
Pak: "…'
Riia blinks
Pak: "Oh."
Felicia: "…"
Riia: =|
Felicia: "See?"
Pak calms down.
Pak: "H-hey, wait, but I wanted to hear the results of my exam! ._."
[OOC] Riia: Half an hour late, I see
Moogle: "A drive system's assembling itself underneath you as I speak."
Cassandra_Lionheart breathes a sigh of relief.
Moogle: "After that, a convertor will assemble itself too, but that'll take a day or so."
[OOC] Sakha: Unless he did not change time, thus for principle's sake, an hour and a half late
Moogle: "Until then, your intertia should give you a good head start."
[OOC] Amatsu: Actually, internet was in use till a few minutes ago.
[OOC] WC GM: Technically only half an hour late.
[OOC] WC GM: -internet +Single computer that can access Internet
Pak: ":x"
Pak grabs the Radio. "Well, that's okay and all, but what about my tests? ._."
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I counter with the fact I'm in a house that while has multiple computers, does not have a network and thus cannot share a connection, but eh. >.>
Cassandra_Lionheart sits back down on the bed next to Eric
Moogle: "Your tests? Oh, those! Yes, they confirmed that you are a male mithra."
Pak: "…"
Pak: "I-i meant the other tests."
Eric_Lionheart hmms thoughtfully.
Moogle: "You mean how you can act like your own convertor?"
Pak: "Yeah!"
Moogle: "Inconclusive. But don't worry! I've wired your new transport with all kinds of sensors so I'll be able to collect lots of data about you!"
Riia sighs
Felicia: "…>_>"
Moogle: "I've made sure they're inobtrusive. They shouldn't stick out too much. You'll barely feel like you're being watched all the time~."
Hector yawns. "Great."
Pak: "…x_x"
Pak: "Well…"
Pak: "At least they're watching me instead of everyone else.'
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Eric and blushes "Damn."
Hector: "Mm. Universal racial appeal. Not sayin' I wish I had that. Too much of a hassle."
Cassandra_Lionheart whispers into Eric's ear "Do we have to um..well."
Hector finally gets out of bed, taking the communicator back on his way to put his shoes on.
Pak: "Well, yeah…'
Pak: "It's really problematic!"
Moogle: "Oh, don't misunderstand. You're ALL interesting subjects! This way we can gather data on all of you at the same time~!"
Riia rolls her eyes
[OOC] Riia: Man I am glad Nova's not here, ORN would want us to turn the cloud back so we could blow up the factory
Felicia: "…So how long should it take us to arrive at the library?"
Pak: "Auu…"
[OOC] WC GM: It'd be hard to turn it just now, seeing as it's ballistic. That said - you think the moogle might have anticipated that? ;)
[OOC] Hector: I'm glad Nova's not here, because we can actually TALK AND HAVE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.
Pak pouts.
Pak: "…So, on our current trajectory."
[OOC] Riia: Dude.
Pak: "Are we likely to run into any enemies? :3"
[OOC] Riia: The reason ORN never shuts up is becaues no one else talks.
Moogle: "It will take a day or two to reach the southern hemisphere. You'll have to get by the volcanos - a small transport like yours should be able to navigate through - and then hunt around for it."
Moogle: "Enemies? Why, yes. In fact, I do believe some are headed your way right now."
[OOC] Hector: It's a feedback loop.
Pak: "…Oh. :x"
[OOC] Felicia: But nobody talks because he says everything anyway :p
Riia looks for a way to climb out of the room without falling to her spectacular death
[OOC] Sakha: No one else talks because ORN doesn't leave room for it
By now, a small platform has grown around the bedroom.
Eric Lionheart: "Being attacked at the moment does not sound that good."
[OOC] Sakha: ORN makes talking obsolete
Felicia: "…at least the cloud is forming up."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay, well, lets just beat then into submission."
[OOC] Hector: Is Sakha awake yet?
[OOC] Sakha: no
Up ahead, a veritable stream of black and white dots clouds the sky.
Hector: "Go wake your sister up, Pak. I'd do it, but I don't feel like dying."
Riia sighs
Riia heads out onto the platform, looking for conttrols.
Pak: "Okay, fine…"
Pak BUZZES Sakha.
The controls - and the engine - do not seem to exist yet. It is just structure, for now.
Cassandra_Lionheart looks at Eric and smiles
Sakha meeps and jumps up from the desk with the yelp and a blush.
Eric_Lionheart hmms.
[OOC] Riia: Riia was really just looking for nascent ones just now - does she have any idea where they'll be when they exist?
Sakha: "I was up all night, what's your problem?"
Pak: "There's some enemies incoming, our room is floating."
[OOC] WC GM: She has a good guess. That part of the cloud does not exist yet.
[OOC] Riia: Okay.
Sakha: "Of course we're floating. We're on a CLOUD."
Felicia: "Well yeah."
Pak: "It's floating AWAY."
Felicia: "But the room isnt attached to the building anymore."
Sakha ? sleepily
Pak helps her stand and points her eyes out the window.
Hector scratches the back of his head. "I was a little worried you wouldn't even sleep."
Hector: "You passing out at your desk isn't exactly a comforting thought, either."
The black and white cloud looms closer. The bedroom-cloud is in a direct collision course for it.
Riia puts her fingers between her lips and whistles piercingly.
Riia points at the approaching evilcloud.
Pak: "Yeah, there's a cloud of those annoying stars."
Hector: "We know, we know. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. So get ready for battle, everyone!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Good…Lets teach then a lesson!"
The enemy cloud swirls, seeming to blend…no, that's just the number of enemies. A thousand at least…
…no, ten thousand…
…perhaps a hundred thousand…
Pak: "…W…what"
…the enemies almost seem to breed and divide, their numbers swelling to over a million.
[OOC] Riia: If I throw out too much jargon, I apologize - I shot with the M-16 on Friday.
Hector: "I…don't think we could take out that many, even if we have courage ad infinitum."
Pak: "D:"
[OOC] WC GM: No problem so far.
Pak: "Is every star in the sky our enemy?!"
Riia runs her fingers over her bandolier, checking her bullets.
[OOC] Riia: Bahahahaha
Explosions sound from the direction of the cloud.
[OOC] Pak: I haven't finished it yet but I couldn't pass up that line.
Riia cuffs Hector across the back of the head, lightly.
Hector: "Ow." *rubs his head*
Riia holds up her sign where she can read it - "Then you don't have enough"
Cassandra Lionheart: "I got enough power to hurt these….huh?"
Hector: "Looks like we're getting some help, after all."
A purple comet emerges from the cloud, having just carved out a tunnel through it.
Pak: "Oh! Aer."
Felicia: "!"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Okay…"
The bedroom cloud soon after enters said tunnel. The enemy cloud tries to close in; the comet swirls around you, detonating any that stray close.
Riia hmms softly.
Pak: "Thanks, Aerie~"
Pak waves to the comet.
Sakha: "Was just too much of a hassle to prepare a bed," she grumbles belatedly
Hector: "Well, looks like someone actually WANTS us to get to the library."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Then, lets oblige her."
You come out the other side - sure enough, the inner moon is overhead, having just passed by and dropped off more enemies.
Riia tracks the enemy for possible weak spots in Aerie's defense
The purple comet splits into three and lands in front of you, with enough force to shatter the edge of the platform - which proceeds to reform afterwards. Three identical purple-furred moogles look at the group.
Riia raises her eyebrow
Pak: "…o.o"
Felicia blinks.
Riia nods at the moogles
Eric Lionheart: "…Hmm. This is different."
Cassandra_Lionheart looks, and puts her sword back in the holster
[OOC] Riia: Ahhh, so Sakha's really out of it - that was her response to Hector, yes?
[OOC] Sakha: yes
[OOC] Riia: And it's called a scabbard, Cassie, a fighter should know that!
[OOC] Sakha: She was up most of the night writing a book on all she knows about plasma
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Sheathe also works I think.
[OOC] Riia: Yeh
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: oops. ><
[OOC] Riia: No e on the end, but yes.
[OOC] Riia: I think there's a slight difference but if there is I don't know WHAT. Or it could be that one is French or something.
Felicia: "Theres three?"
Pak stare.
Pak: "o.o"
[OOC] Sakha: Sheathe is the process of putting into a Sheath
[OOC] Riia: Yup. =p
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I think the e version is-yeah.
[OOC] Hector: To recap: Sheathe is a verb, sheath is a noun.
Cassandra Lionheart: "Hello." *looks at the Moogles*
[OOC] Sakha: Just like Breathe is the act of drawing Breath
One of the moogles speaks - you recognize the voice.
Aerie: "Well, that was fun~! You seemed ready to fight them - let's you and me spar instead~!"
Felicia: "…"
Riia sighs
[OOC] WC GM: BGM: http:/‘`/``4fun.mid
Riia throws a salute to the moogle
Cassandra_Lionheart blinks and sighs "Why?"
Pak: "O…okay! n.n;"
Riia eyes her team and slides a round into the chamber
WC GM: Battle order: AerieA:24 Riia:22 Hector:22 Sakha:20 ORN:20 Eric:20 Pak:20 Cassandra:20 AerieB:20 Ahiru:19 Felicia:19 AerieC:15
Hector shrugs. "We don’t have much of a choice, do we? It's gonna be a while before we get to our destination, anyway."
Eric Lionheart: "…"
[OOC] Riia: …yeah, this is gonna be pissing Eric off. =p
AerieA: "Yeah! But I won't hold back~!" The lead Aerie starts off by holding out her hands - a strong gust of wind heads Eric's way.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 )
WC GM rolled 1d12+255,125% and got 6 for a total of 326.25
Hits for 326 Melting Wind damage.
[OOC] WC GM: Riia!
[OOC] Hector: oh my good WIND IMMUNE US.
Sakha still looks out of it))
[OOC] Felicia: HAHAHA
Eric Lionheart: "Using wind against me? Foolis-erk!"
Eric Lionheart: "T…that hit far harder then I estimated…"
Pak: "That's… that's pretty strong wind."
ORN …'s
[OOC] Riia: Sorry, I just had an image of Eric as Edgeworth reeling from a strong Objection
Felicia: "…Like, yeah."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Eric?" *glares at Aerie* "Why are you doing this?"
[OOC] ORN: Why, I just know that ORN would be saying all sorts of stuff now
[OOC] Riia: Yup
[OOC] Sakha: Like wondering how to harness such a concentration of wind
[OOC] WC GM: Like I said, ORN may simply be surprised into "…" reactions for now.
[OOC] WC GM: To excuse ORN being doppled.
Eric Lionheart: "Im…impressive power over wind, that is for certain."
Riia pulls a large canister over the tip of her rifle, then fires it into the air.
Hector: "Y'need a healin', Eric? I can give ya a hand if ya need it."
[OOC] Sakha: No one has reflect do they?
[OOC] Riia: Elemental Shield set to Wind, will go off on 12.
[OOC] Aerdan: <ORN> "What powerful wind…hmm… Guess if they're going to use it, this one must therefore discern how to harness it oneself."
[OOC] Aerdan: Or something.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: ORN always refers to himself as 'this unit'.
[OOC] Hector: We'll be dead by 12. D:
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I go BEFORE the remaining two.
[OOC] Aerdan: Yes, I know. <.<
[OOC] Riia: <ORN> This unit thought you were an ally to This Group. Redesignating to Hostile.
Hector: "Move it, move it, MOVE IT!" *Command: Faster Tactics. Everyone but me gets Agi Up(U)*
[OOC] Riia: Yeh, I should have Skyhooked, but I've been overusing it…
Hector throws a Hyper Potion to Eric. "Bounce back and do what ya gotta!" (+250 HP)
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
Eric Lionheart: "Thanks Hector. It'll be a few moments more."
Sakha struggles out of her sleepy reverie and summons up her wand.
ORN points his right arm at the Aeries, which split in two rails. They charge with energy and shoot forth a powerful electrical blast ((Ligthing Stab))
ORN rolled 4d12+390 and got 12, 5, 9, 1 ( Total: 417.0 )
Also rolled 3d100 and got 84, 78, 66 [Total: 228 (High), Avg: 76.00]
Total: 645.0, Avg: 36.43
[OOC] ORN: Guessing I: Seal already, but anyway
[OOC] WC GM: Yes.
The Aeries are slightly singed.
[OOC] ORN: HP: 489/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 0%
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
Eric_Lionheart casts Absorb:Wind! Wind swirls around the party briefly.
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
Pak tosses some gil into the air! "Go ahead and read THIS, sensors!"
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 8 for a total of 8
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 76 for a total of 76
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 65 for a total of 65
[OOC] Felicia: Melting MARM or Melting ARM? @ Aerie attack
[OOC] ORN: M.Arm is our best guess, really
Pak floats up into the air! *_*
[OOC] WC GM: Melting ARM.
[OOC] ORN: Oy~
[OOC] WC GM: It's a physical attack.
[OOC] WC GM: Even if MAG-based.
Pak grows 6 wings and blasts the moogles with LASER BREATH
Pak rolled 4d10+504 and got 3, 2, 3, 4 for a total of 516
Cassandra Lionheart: "Oh boy." *looks at Pak*
[OOC] Pak: MARM Magical.
The Aerie trio braces and takes it.
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
[OOC] Felicia: Stop getting laser breath
Cassandra_Lionheart screams with a beastial vigor..seen everytime she fights
[OOC] Pak: I want to!
Aerie B waggles a finger at Eric. "Trying to stop us like that~?"
A shower of wind comes from Aerie B, assaulting the party's barriers!
WC GM rolled 9d100 and got 65, 77, 45, 45, 37, 42, 21, 100, 97 ( Total: 529 )
[OOC] Sakha: I doubt Sakha and Riia lose anything
[OOC] ORN: Bet I loose it, though. Argh, even my Protect/Shell
[OOC] WC GM: Actually, there are a lot of hit by 1 or 2 points in this roll.
[OOC] Hector: You can't negate my Command, nor can you negate equipment effects. I think.
The Absorb barriers around everyone but Eric are blown away!
[OOC] Felicia: You can
[OOC] Felicia: They just come back at the end of the status phase
[OOC] Sakha: EH?
[OOC] Felicia: Well, during the status phase
[OOC] WC GM: Lore: Magic to ID the move.
[OOC] Riia: Whoa, the Elemental Shield is gonne be useful
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 )
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 1d100 and got 100 for a total of 100
[OOC] Sakha: I have 43 MEVA and was hit with the 97
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: I love you also Highwind
[OOC] Riia: Fail by lots
[OOC] Felicia: Terra you know how MACC works
[OOC] WC GM: Yes - it was 124, MEVA to hit.
[OOC] Felicia: Also
[OOC] WC GM: 97 + 43 = 120 - *barely* hit.
[OOC] Felicia: PAss by 78 on lore
[OOC] WC GM: There were a lot of cases like that in that roll.
[OOC] Hector: What was I?
[OOC] Sakha: that = 140
[OOC] WC GM: Err - wait, no
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha was the 21
[OOC] Hector: NEvermind. I got confused.
[OOC] WC GM: Order was Ahiru Cassandra Felicia Hector ORN Pak Sakha Riia Eric - the order on the page.
[OOC] Hector: I said nevermind.
[OOC] Hector: Something clicked literally two seconds after I hit enter.
The move…it seems like the Dark Knight art Catastrophe.
Eric Lionheart: "…Hmm."
But why would an avatar be acting like a Dark Knight? Especially one not an avatar of Min.
Pak: "o.o"
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
Pak: "More shields! >.<"
Felicia: "Eh? Why does she know a darkness move?"
Hector: "Darkness, you say?"
[OOC] ORN: Ahiru?
Hector: "All sorts a'mysteries."
Pak: "Hmm. :x"
Felicia: "…Yeah. It's an art used by dark knights."
[OOC] Sakha: Can they be hit by physical?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes. They're not flying.
[OOC] Riia: Don't forget to use the right client!
Cassandra Lionheart: "Darkness…Well, I must not have paid attention to that class.."
Ahiru changes to duck and attacks A!
Ahiru rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 )
[OOC] WC GM: hit
Ahiru rolled 3d8+228 and got 2, 8, 3 ( Total: 241.0 )
Aerie A is pecked!
[OOC] WC GM: Felicia!
Felicia narrows her eyes, readying her sword, drawing in light from the surrounding area. With a luminous glow, she rushes AerieB, and swings with her blade, exploding in a burst of holy power!
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 73 ( Total: 73 )
[OOC] Felicia: :O
[OOC] WC GM: hit
[OOC] Felicia: No WRIA I assume
[OOC] WC GM: Not to Holy, no.
Felicia rolled 4d10+351 and got 8, 2, 4, 7 for a total of 372
[OOC] Felicia: as expected
As Aerie B takes the blow, Aerie C snaps off a gust of wind at the party before Riia's shield can activate!
WC GM rolled 4d8+255,125% and got 2, 1, 8, 2 for a total of 335.0
Everyone is hit for 335, MARM Wind damage.
[OOC] ORN: HP: 223/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 54.396728%
And then Riia's shield activates.
Pak owowowowowowo
[OOC] Riia: One sec, not sure if I'm furied
[OOC] Pak: Of course, Eric just gets healed >:T
[OOC] Hector: That's good.
[OOC] ORN: I… Get a feeling it's Potent
[OOC] Hector: If he gets healed, he can stay alive to heal US.
[OOC] Felicia: HP: 307/567, MP: 514/519, SoS: 141, Limit: 45.855379%
[OOC] WC GM: Riia, just noticed: on your sheet, you need to list the Elemental parts too, even if you have Triple Element.
[OOC] Hector: 298/558.
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusHector: AGI Up(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - Cassandra: POW Up(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Party: A: Wind(3)
[OOC] Hector: Not quite level 2 limit.
WC GM: Battle order: Riia:32 Eric:28 Sakha:26 Pak:26 Cassandra:26 Ahiru:25 ORN:24 AerieB:22 Hector:20 AerieC:17 Felicia:15 AerieA:15
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: HP: 279/547, SoS: 136
[OOC] WC GM: Riia!
[OOC] Hector: Eric going #2 is good. :D
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: 197 HP here. At level 1 Limit.
[OOC] Riia: Triple element doesn't need element parts, and one sec, still not sure if I'm furied.
[OOC] Felicia: wait what
[OOC] Sakha: HP:227/487 - MP:642/642 - Limit:260/487/730.5/974.0/1217.5 - SOS:121.8
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: Limit 1 charged…Another hit and i can do 2
[OOC] WC GM: Triple element does need element parts, I believe. But we can discuss afterwards.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Hmm. Should Scan one of them and see what's up.
[OOC] Hector: Heal us!
[OOC] Felicia: why are you at 197
[OOC] Riia: Fury, no element shield, Riia shot then, and will shoot again this turn.
[OOC] Riia: Last round's attack:
[OOC] Hector: Eric's HP went UP when the wind spell went up.
[OOC] Felicia: ^
[OOC] WC GM: Fury cancels Element Shield?
Riia rolled 1d3 and got 1 for a total of 1
[OOC] Ahiru: HP:220/462 - MP:473/583- Limit:510/462/693.0/924.0/1155.0 - SOS:115.5
[OOC] Riia: Element Shield is a Tool, not a physical attack, yes?
[OOC] WC GM: Then only Eric is A: Wind(3).
[OOC] WC GM: And yes.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Oh, I thought my A:Wind poofed, wasn't paying attention. >.>
[OOC] Hector: Then Sakha needs to heal us. D:
[OOC] Hector: Unless Ahiru has a party heal.
[OOC] Riia: So Riia shot A at the end of last round when her control snapped.
[OOC] WC GM: Eric: nope. You were the only one whose A: Wind did *not* poof.
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 100 ( Total: 100 )
[OOC] Pak: I might party heal
[OOC] WC GM: Emphasis on "at".
[OOC] Riia: GF
[OOC] ORN: Actually no, she basically lost the action, Riia. Being Fury'd cancels your action if you're hit midway through a CT, and doesn't allows an attack. But that's moot now
[OOC] Pak: a…ahahaha
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 41 ( Total: 41 )
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: We need infomation.
[OOC] WC GM: Ah - then this is attack @ start of round.
[OOC] WC GM: Hit
[OOC] Riia: Yup
[OOC] Hector: Information doesn't do you much good if you're a corpse.
[OOC] Ahiru: Ahiru would have to give up damage to be able to heal, it'd be a big waste of MP
[OOC] Felicia: …
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Too many things to do, not enough PCs. >.>
[OOC] Felicia: Ahiru damage
[OOC] Felicia: No, not really
[OOC] Riia: Does AGI UP allow past cap?
[OOC] WC GM: Hmm?
[OOC] WC GM: AGI Up doesn't affect damage.
[OOC] Felicia: Agi up = ACC/EVA +25%, +2 Init
[OOC] Riia: It dunt? Nevermind, then.
[OOC] WC GM: There is no cap for ACC/EVA/Init.
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah, it's slightly confusingly named in that regard.
Riia rolled 3d12+325,125% and got 4, 7, 10 for a total of 432.5
[OOC] Hector: 25% more base, or an actual 25%
Riia shoots AerieA for 432.5 ARM damage.
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
Aerie A ignores that .5 damage.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: 25% more in general I believe. I do believe it bases it off of equipment.
The 432 seems to make a dent, though.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Heal or protection?
[OOC] Hector: Heal.
[OOC] Hector: They keep de-buffing us anyway.
[OOC] Hector: Might as well stick to keeping us alive.
Eric_Lionheart spins his staff around, healing sparkles flying off of it and landing on the party, rapidly undoing the damage done thus far. (Curaga)
[OOC] Pak: Actually-
[OOC] Riia: Why not make them take an action to debuff? That's a loss of 1/9 of a turn for us and 1/3 for them.
[OOC] Pak: …n.n;
[OOC] Pak: I was gonna say 'actually I might heal'
[OOC] Pak: But whatevs
[OOC] Hector: Stop arguing every damned action we take.
Eric Lionheart rolled 5d8+396,75% and got 3, 6, 3, 8, 1 for a total of 312.75
[OOC] Pak: It's fine
[OOC] Hector: I'd HATE to play an MMO with any of you.
[OOC] Hector: Well, Saiai's fine, maybe Terra. But the rest of you, no.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: I do a good job in WoW actually
[OOC] Felicia: Wow you're only limited by GCD >_>
[OOC] Felicia: It's not the same as this at all
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: nope
[OOC] Sakha: No one has Reflect do they?
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Eric haet reflect.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: It fucks up group healing. >.>
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: no reflect
[OOC] Pak: Should I attack Reels or PHantom Dice?
[OOC] Felicia: And theyre not neccesarily casting spells
[OOC] Felicia: So it's like
[OOC] Felicia: Wut
Sakha: "If they're gonna hit hard, let's hit fast!" She casts Hastega.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: MAG attacks don't have to be reflectable.
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
[OOC] ORN: Pak… Your choice!
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Or Runicable. Don't let the damage type fool you. >.>
[OOC] Felicia: Reflect only works on spells, not abilities, or anything else :<
Pak is hasted!
Pak throws out 200 more gil! "W-well, hopefully…!"
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 6 for a total of 6
[OOC] Pak: …mmmmmmmm
[OOC] Pak: GF~
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 5 for a total of 5
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: BRB a moment.
Pak points upward! Suddenly, a giant carrot falls from the sky, exploding all over the enemies!
Pak rolled 5d8+441 and got 3, 4, 5, 6, 2 for a total of 461
[OOC] Pak: MARM Fire damage
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
The flaming carrot covers the purple fur.
Cassandra_Lionheart slashes at AerieA.
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 1d100 and got 12 for a total of 12
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: no command huh?
[OOC] Hector: Nope.
[OOC] WC GM: hit
[OOC] Riia: Not for DS, if that's what you mean.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: DOH
[OOC] Hector: We're Agi Up.
[OOC] WC GM: Command is AGI Up.
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 3d12+255,200% and got 11, 2, 9 for a total of 554.0
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
Aerie A reels form the blow
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: HP: 547/547, SoS: 136
Ahiru surveys the situation, does A look ready to drop?
A is not even close to dropping yet
Ahiru goes in for an Eye Jab on A
Ahiru rolled 3d8+228,125% and got 7, 8, 2 for a total of 306.25
[OOC] Ahiru: Immune to blind, yes?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes
It's better than a poke in the eye…no, wait, that's exactly what it is. But a good poke!
ORN steps in front of Eric ((Cover))
Aerie B waggles her finger and sends another dispelling gust of wind at the party.
WC GM rolled 9d100 and got 27, 22, 88, 1, 10, 97, 41, 5, 31 ( Total: 322 )
Pak is the only one to evade this time. Everyone else loses Haste - and Eric loses his A: Wind.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
Hector charges up a Climhazzard. CT 14
Aerie C sends a blast at Cassandra.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 )
[OOC] Hector: At least Agi Up is still on.
WC GM rolled 1d12+255,225% and got 4 for a total of 582.75
[OOC] Hector: That +2 init helps you guyses out.
[OOC] Felicia: nope
Hits for 582 Melting Wind damage.
[OOC] WC GM: Felicia!
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: HP: 302/547, SoS: 136
[OOC] Hector: Isn't Melting just pure damage?
[OOC] Hector: If that's the case, then Cassie's out.
[OOC] Felicia: well we have the +2 init because that resolved, but no more acc/eva bonus
[OOC] WC GM: Yes, unless Cassandra has Protect.
[OOC] Pak: <Awesome>
Felicia tries something different this time… She holds her weapon ahead, blowing a kiss towards the blade, now shimmering a bright pink. Swinging it towards AerieA, noxious smoke erupts from it, attempting to warp her essesnce!
[OOC] Pak: I'm still hasted :D
Felicia rolled 1d100 and got 74 ( Total: 74 )
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: …
[OOC] Pak: Did we all lose our Agi-ups except for me too?
[OOC] Felicia: Well get it back in the status phase
Sakha: (Agi-up unaffected))
[OOC] Hector: It comes back next turn. Self-perpetuating.
[OOC] Pak: Oh, okay
[OOC] WC GM: No, that's Command - it's like an equipment ability.
[OOC] Felicia: no, its gone
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: -35/547
[OOC] Felicia: yes, those get dispelled when someone uses a dispel effect >_>
[OOC] Felicia: It's auto, so it comes back in the status phase
Cassandra_Lionheart drops in a heap on the ground
[OOC] WC GM: Ah, true.
[OOC] WC GM: But that only matters for ACC & EVA until status phase.
Eric Lionheart: "…"
Aerie A dodges the smoke - barely.
Sakha: "Don't tell me I'm going to have to be everyone's nursemaid…"
[OOC] Felicia: sigh
[OOC] Felicia: With 200 ACC?
The sword hits, but not the smoke.
[OOC] Felicia: I: Transform?
[OOC] WC GM: Yep.
[OOC] Felicia: Lovely
Felicia rolled 4d10+351 and got 9, 4, 10, 6 for a total of 380
Aerie A counterattacks Felicia with a blast of wind.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 48 ( Total: 48 )
WC GM rolled 1d12+255,125% and got 8 for a total of 328.75
Hits for 328 Melting Wind damage.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
[OOC] Felicia: Out.
Hector swings his whip and fires an arc of energy at the Aeries. "Take this!"
Hector rolled 4d10+260,125% and got 3, 3, 6, 2 for a total of 342.5
[OOC] Hector: vs marm, autohit.
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusHector: AGI Up(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - Pak: Haste(3)
WC GM: Battle order: Pak:50 Ahiru:29 Riia:28 Eric:28 Hector:24 AerieA:24 AerieC:24 Sakha:23 ORN:22 AerieB:18 Pak:15(EI)
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
Pak grin~
Pak bounces and tosses more gil! HE'S PRACTICALLY GIVING IT AWAY
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 7 for a total of 7
[OOC] Pak: GF again.
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 3 for a total of 3
[OOC] WC GM: Pak Tran?
[OOC] Pak: …Do over
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 3 for a total of 3
[OOC] Pak: fffff
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 50 for a total of 50
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 6 for a total of 6
Pak launches a wave of Chocobos that run across the clouds~ At AerieA.
Pak rolled 5d8+441 and got 5, 3, 4, 2, 3 for a total of 458
[OOC] Pak: MARM magical
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
Aerie A is getting battered - looks to be a bit over half strength, still.
Ahiru keeps up the assault!
Ahiru rolled 3d8+228,125% and got 8, 6, 7 for a total of 311.25
[OOC] Ahiru: Go for the Eyes Ahiru!
[OOC] WC GM: Riia!
Riia slides a Skyhook round into the chamber of her rifle and thumbs it over to Ice…
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 48 ( Total: 48 )
[OOC] Riia: Good, it worked, now tool roll-
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 97 ( Total: 97 )
[OOC] Riia: ….GRAH
[OOC] Riia: Sugarlips, I am going to murder you!
The Aeries concentrate briefly. A gust of wind knocks the Skyhook away. (I: Weak)
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
[OOC] Riia: Also, Aeries, you are going down, too!
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Hmm, what to do…
[OOC] WC GM: If you're deciding, you could delay 'til 23, after 2 of the Aeries.
Eric_Lionheart waits till 23.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
[OOC] Hector: I could revive someone, and then Eric can do a Curaga on them?
[OOC] WC GM: Possibly, though Eric's delayed until after the Aeries.
[OOC] Hector: …dicks.
[OOC] WC GM: You could too.
Hector delays until 23 as well. He needs to see what's up.
Aerie A tries to get that duck off of her!
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 43 ( Total: 43 )
WC GM rolled 1d12+255,125% and got 8 for a total of 328.75
Hits Ahiru for 328 Melting Wind damage.
Aerie C blasts ORN.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 17 ( Total: 17 )
WC GM rolled 1d12+255,225% and got 1 for a total of 576.0
Hits for 576 Melting Wind damage.
[OOC] ORN: Goddamit
[OOC] WC GM: Hector then Eric!
[OOC] ORN: HP: 0/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 107.157464%
ORN gets blasted into bigger shards
[OOC] Hector: Doesn't he have Reraise?
[OOC] ORN: Doesn't it triggers on status phase?
[OOC] Pak: Yeah, see if that activates
[OOC] ORN: Or is it immediate?
[OOC] Pak: No, it's immediate
[OOC] WC GM: He does, and it happens immediately.
ORN rolled 1d100 and got 21 ( Total: 21 )
[OOC] Pak: Because Status Phase is STUPID
[OOC] WC GM: There is no roll to activate.
[OOC] Ahiru: I can LB2…
[OOC] ORN: Well, then. Here we go, his Reraise triggered ^^; Though I don't think it triggers if he's dead already
[OOC] Riia: ?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes it does.
[OOC] Riia: That's the whole point of Reraise, isn't it?
[OOC] ORN: This attack killed him, his Dragon Heart won't trigger
[OOC] ORN: And he doesn't have his Reraise accessory on
[OOC] WC GM: Yes he does.
[OOC] WC GM: Last I heard.
[OOC] ORN: He doesn't, he told me had had his Protect/Shell on one ^^;
[OOC] WC GM: Oh! Then that attack doesn't KO him.
[OOC] WC GM: Melting doesn't prevent Protect.
[OOC] WC GM: And that 17 means Dragon Heart activates.
[OOC] ORN: It doesn't but I got dispelled this turn?
[OOC] WC GM: Last turn.
[OOC] Ahiru: That was last turn
[OOC] WC GM: So you live, and you now have Reraise(U). Thus sayeth the GM. :P
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
[OOC] ORN: No, no
[OOC] ORN: That attack still deals 258 damage, when I had 223 left
[OOC] ORN: I still die~
[OOC] Pak: you butt
[OOC] WC GM: …then why didn't you roll for it earlier?
[OOC] ORN: I… Forgot
[OOC] Pak: Then you're reraised now.
[OOC] WC GM: Fine - the 17 takes effect for the earlier one.
[OOC] Riia: *facepalms*
[OOC] ORN: Then i'm up at 10%
[OOC] WC GM: Yes.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
[OOC] ORN: HP: 48/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 107.157464%
ORN slowly reforms… Still showing a large variety of cracks
Hector uses his last Phoenix Down on Cassandra. "The fight's not over yet! What would people think if they saw us layin' down on the job?"
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
Hector: "Eric, work that magic a'yours to get Orn 'n Cassie up 'n running!"
[OOC] Felicia: :|
[OOC] Felicia: yeah thats ok Im just gonna go get lunch or something
Cassandra_Lionheart moans "Lying down? She hits like a truck..But I'm going to hit harder!"
[OOC] Sakha: How's A looking?
[OOC] WC GM: About half health
[OOC] Sakha: I'll try out my new spell
[OOC] Pak: Felicia died too?
[OOC] Pak: D:
[OOC] Pak: How?
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Alright, who is down right now?
[OOC] WC GM: Just Felicia at the moment.
[OOC] Pak: Just Felicia
[OOC] Hector: And Sakha refuses to heal us.
[OOC] Pak: She ain't a healer >_>
[OOC] Riia: This is new how?
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Hmm, there is still a Aerie to go this turn, right?
[OOC] Riia: Sakha believes that dealing damage is more important than taking care of what's to come…
[OOC] Sakha: … I don't babysit
[OOC] Felicia: everythings immune to anything I can do anyway
[OOC] Riia: Er….what's been done, that is.
[OOC] Pak: What about Earth Strike
[OOC] Felicia: Whooo
[OOC] Felicia: I can use a single elemental strike
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: So, heal or revive pretty much?
[OOC] Felicia: I get 5 new spells and only 1 of them has any effect and party members dont even notice when I die :P
[OOC] Riia: Poor Pen
[OOC] ORN: Go for healing, we got too many people wounded
[OOC] Pak: Fine, healz. And revive laters
Eric_Lionheart casts Curaga on the party.
Eric Lionheart rolled 5d8+396,75% and got 8, 4, 4, 7, 2 for a total of 315.75
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
[OOC] Sakha: Eric rolled… a Loran?
[OOC] WC GM: Something like that.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: HP: 316/547, SoS: 136
[OOC] Pak: The Turn-A swoops outta the sky and saves the day with MUSTACHE POWER
[OOC] Hector: Loran's an /m/ namefag, IIRC.
[OOC] Hector: I talked to him a couple times. He's a good guy.
[OOC] ORN: HP: 284/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 107.157464%
ORN recovers slowly, as always
[OOC] Pak: Sakha goooo~
Cassandra Lionheart: "You call this a spar? Even I would not hit to kill a person!"
Sakha: "I have a new trick I want to try." She points at Aerie A striking her with globes of pure magic. Flare!
Sakha rolled 4d10+456 and got 7, 8, 7, 2 for a total of 480
[OOC] Pak: yay 8D
[OOC] Riia: <.<
[OOC] Riia: ….hello?
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: hey
[OOC] ORN: We wait on the commander to give out results
[OOC] Ahiru: WC
[OOC] WC GM: Sorry, someone was at door
[OOC] Riia: Suuure. Next time pop some caffiene pills…)0
The globes hit - they do not seem to do that much…
[OOC] WC GM: No, seriously. Someone knocked just as the damage roll came.
ORN starts growing extra crystal covering around his body [Init: 12]
[OOC] ORN: Going for Group Regen
Aerie B frowns, and tries to get rid of Pak's hasteyness.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
And does! The wind blows over the rest of the party too…to no effect.
[OOC] WC GM: ORN, since Pak's pinged at the moment.
ORN 's out layer explodes outwards and rains over the party, the tiny crystals set on their wound and start growing, also mending their bodies as they do so ((Regen(6) to the party))
Riia: (And it went off AFTER Aerie dispelled everything - nicely done!))
[OOC] Riia: We waiting for Pak to r/c?
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah.
[OOC] WC GM: Will wait a few minutes; if no r/c, he'll skip.
[OOC] WC GM: Pak's turn!
[OOC] Riia: Here we go, then
Pak looks about. "…What could we use?"
[OOC] ORN: You just had your Haste dispelled
[OOC] Pak: D:
[OOC] Pak: Well that sucks
[OOC] Riia: Only thing you missed was ORN regening us and B dehasting you.
[OOC] Riia: heh.
Pak spins and throws ghostly dice!
[OOC] Pak: Who's down, just Felicia?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes
[OOC] ORN: Use !phantomdice [targets]
Pak: Current target is 1 of 8: Pak. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Weapon gains the Piercing ability (4).
Pak: Current target is 2 of 8: Sakha. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +30 ACC.
Pak: Current target is 3 of 8: ORN. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Reflect (4).
Pak: Current target is 4 of 8: Cassie. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Reflect (4).
Pak: Current target is 5 of 8: Ahiru. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +40 EVA.
Pak: Current target is 6 of 8: Hector. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +40 EVA.
Pak: Current target is 7 of 8: Eric. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +30 MACC.
Pak: Current target is 8 of 8: Riia. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +40 MEVA.
[OOC] Pak: :|)
[OOC] Hector: Boooooooooooners.
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: You guys ain't getting anymore group healing. >.>;
[OOC] Aerdan: Failsauce.
[OOC] Pak: I'm sorry ;_;
[OOC] ORN: Just try again, it overwrites
[OOC] Pak: If I Re-dice, it replaces the last effect
[OOC] Pak: So I'll do that
[OOC] Riia: I'm expecting all reflects now.
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusHector: AGI Up(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - AhiruHector: +40EVA(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - ORNCassie: Reflect(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Pak: Piercing(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Sakha: +30ACC(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusFelicia: Regen(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - Riia: +40MEVA(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - Eric: +30MACC(U)
WC GM: Battle order: Riia:32 Sakha:27 Eric:27 Cassandra:25 Pak:24 AerieA:24 ORN:23 AerieC:22 Ahiru:21 Hector:21 AerieB:16
[OOC] WC GM: Riia!
[OOC] ORN: HP: 320/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 107.157464%
Riia slides a large cylinder onto the tip of her rifle and shoots the enemy. The cylinder explodes into a thousand tiny shards that cut through the enemy's armor - and their magical reserves.
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 58 ( Total: 58 )
[OOC] Sakha: How is Aerie A looking?
[OOC] Riia: Works, then ACC vs. all three?
[OOC] WC GM: Still about half HP
[OOC] WC GM: And hit
[OOC] Riia: No, no, that was temperamental. Do I roll once for the group, or once for each target?
[OOC] WC GM: To hit or damage? Once for group.
Riia rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 )
[OOC] WC GM: hit
[OOC] Riia: To hit, ACC.
[OOC] Riia: 200 damage dealt against 1/2 armor, then 1/2 of that is applied to MP.
[OOC] Sakha: Imma gonna do my turn start cleaning garage the hopefully be back in timely manner for Ahiru after a stint
[OOC] WC GM: Was that manablaster, or…?
[OOC] Riia: Grounder.
[OOC] WC GM: Ah, okay.
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
[OOC] Riia: BAH- Grounder isn't Temperamental… *mutters balefully and marks off gil*
Sakha: "It seems that spell wasn't that effective… how about we try some of THIS?" Sakha gathers magical energy around herself and PUSHES it with a wave of her wand against Aerie A. Shellburst Stab!
The blast blows out Aeries back damaging her with her own magical ability.
[OOC] Sakha: So do I do 999 damage?
Space itself seems to bend under the sheer force of Sakha's attack. The pure energy, extracted from the essence of the avatar, indeed blows through Aerie A, a bit under half the damage wasted on empty air…
Aerie A seems much hurt afterwards.
[OOC] WC GM: Indeed, cap.
[OOC] ORN: Oh, crud, they've got 20k MP
[OOC] ORN: Erm, 2k
[OOC] WC GM: Sorry for taking a moment to type out a suitable description for first cap of game. :P
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
[OOC] Riia: No more grounders, then, it's just spitting in the bucket.
[OOC] ORN: Alright, let's keep on moving, time to pull out the stops and go… Group hitting. Bleh
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Hmm, what to do…
[OOC] Riia: I recommend murder.
[OOC] Hector: Seriously this shit is taking forever.
[OOC] ORN: Use holy power if nothing else
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I don't haveholy. :/
[OOC] Riia: Though I could just be mad because they blocked the Skyhook.
[OOC] Riia: And I could be recommending it because Eric's a pacifist and will ignore me anyway.
[OOC] Pak: You could, um
[OOC] Pak: Revive Felicia
[OOC] ORN: Well, you should try sending more A: Wind to us
[OOC] Pak: That would be something
[OOC] ORN: To force them to dispel or YEAH, Revive the Felicia
[OOC] ORN: But after all Aeries have gone
[OOC] Pak: They'll probably dispel my ridiculous buffs anywaY
[OOC] Riia: Has it just been B debuffing or is it my imagination?
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I think it has been…hmm.
Eric_Lionheart waits till 21.
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
Cassandra_Lionheart growls. Her fists glowing in a Red hue "Some spar. Have a taste of true power!" rears back and lunges at Aerie A without giving her time to respond. "POWER WAVE!!" blasting her with the brunt of her attack, while the energy richochets into the others. ((Limit break 2-2))
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 3d12+255,250% and got 7, 5, 3 for a total of 675.0
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
The Aeries struggle to hold their ground under the continued assaults.
Pak decides to redo all that silly business with Phantom Dice.
Pak: Current target is 1 of 8: Pak. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Protect (4).
Pak: Current target is 2 of 8: Sakha. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +30 ACC.
Pak: Current target is 3 of 8: ORN. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +40 EVA.
Pak: Current target is 4 of 8: Cassie. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Haste (4).
Pak: Current target is 5 of 8: Ahiru. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Weapon gains the Piercing ability (4).
Pak: Current target is 6 of 8: Hector. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Weapon gains the Piercing ability (4).
Pak: Current target is 7 of 8: Eric. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is +30 MACC.
Pak: Current target is 8 of 8: Riia. The result of the Phantom Dice for this target is Shell (4).
[OOC] Pak: :P no Reflects this time~
[OOC] Riia: Huh. Not what I was expecting at ALL.
Aerie A frowns and waits a bit.
[OOC] Ahiru: Back early…)
[OOC] Ahiru: but ooo piercing :3
[OOC] Hector: Piercing :3
ORN opens up his rails and fires a burst of lightining at them
[OOC] Hector: No Reflects, either.
ORN rolled 4d12+390 and got 5, 5, 10, 9 ( Total: 419.0 )
Also rolled 3d100 and got 91, 52, 26 [Total: 169 (High), Avg: 56.33]
Total: 588.0, Avg: 28.29
[OOC] ORN: If it's not I: Seal…
[OOC] WC GM: I: Seal
[OOC] Hector: Does Piercing count when I do Climhazzard?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes
[OOC] Ahiru: yes
[OOC] Hector: SCORE.
Aerie A lets lose a blast of wind, so dense it forms a pulse of sound, at Pak!
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 88 ( Total: 88 )
Pak sidesteps.
Pak sticks his tongue out~
Pak: "Nyaha~"
Aerie C tries the same!
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 39 ( Total: 39 )
This one hits.
Pak gah~!
WC GM rolled 1d12+255,125% and got 9 for a total of 330.0
[OOC] Riia: That's what you get for egging them on, Pak.
For 330 Melting Wind damage.
[OOC] Sakha: Pak sidestepped into the second one?
[OOC] WC GM: Could be.
[OOC] Pak: Physical?
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
[OOC] Pak: I have Protect
[OOC] WC GM: Protect applies, yes.
Pak ow! Fortunately the shield he has keeps him from taking TOO much damage.
Ahiru goes for Aerie A's eyes again. Now with extra bite!
[OOC] Pak: Piercing applies to Ahiru's perk attacks. :3
Ahiru rolled 3d8+228,125% and got 4, 2, 3 for a total of 296.25
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
Hector charges up a Climhazzard.
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Hmm.
[OOC] ORN: Weren't you reviving Felicia?
Eric_Lionheart revives Felicia.
[OOC] Pak: My health is fine. Revive Felicia!
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: BRB.
Aerie B goes after Riia.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 )
WC GM rolled 1d12+255,125% and got 6 for a total of 326.25
Hits for 326 Melting Wind damage.
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
[OOC] Riia: Dead
[OOC] Riia: Wait- ….Shell doesn't apply, does it. Never mind.
Hector once again blasts an energy wave from his whip.
Hector rolled 4d10+260,125% and got 7, 3, 7, 2 for a total of 348.75
[OOC] WC GM: Not vs. ARM.
Aerie A is obviously hurt bad - seems to be down to about a quarter now.
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusHector: AGI Up(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - ORN: +40EVA(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - Cassandra: Haste(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Pak: Protect(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Sakha: +30ACC(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusFelicia: Regen(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - AhiruHector: Piercing(3)
WC GM: Status Phase - Eric: +30MACC(U)
[OOC] Pak: This fight x_x
WC GM: Battle order: Cassandra:54 Sakha:28 ORN:25 Riia:24 Hector:24 Ahiru:22 AerieC:22 Eric:21 AerieB:20 Cassandra:19(EI) Felicia:16 AerieA:16
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
[OOC] Pak: Someone scan plz.
[OOC] Riia: We usually can block their element and make them weak to our choice. Aerie cancels both of those advantages.
Cassandra_Lionheart charges a fated circle ((goes off at 48))
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: We need more data.
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 3d12+255 and got 10, 3, 7 for a total of 275
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: This fighting is useless unless we got a idea on how to win.
[OOC] ORN: I've been talking to you about Scan for a bit =P But either way, I know they have some weakness, and I know they've got a bunch of HP
Sakha grins and uses her talent to use Aerie's power against her again! Shellburst stab!
[OOC] Pak: …where's my name in the place there?)_)
[OOC] Riia: Sakha's probably gonna punch another hole in Aerie A. ORN can't scan. I'm dead, and mine's not as good anyway.
[OOC] Pak: I'm not in the init list
[OOC] ORN: I know they also use magical moves, and only B seems to be using dispelling
WC GM: Battle order: Cassandra:54 Sakha:28 ORN:25 Pak:24 Hector:24 Ahiru:22 AerieC:22 Eric:21 AerieB:20 Cassandra:19(EI) Felicia:16 AerieA:16
[OOC] Pak: Thank you, WC n.n
[OOC] WC GM: Ack - sorry, checked off Pak instead of Riia
[OOC] Sakha: i slip off for more work in hopes that I can finish quik enough for regalia
[OOC] ORN: A good guess is that each of those 3 does a different thing, anyone knows what is A doing?
[OOC] Pak: They each hit us with melty wind
[OOC] Pak: :X
Once again Aerie A is pummeled. A bit more should be able to do it…
[OOC] Riia: I'm thinking that A and C are the same.
[OOC] Riia: They both do the melty wind attack, as Pak says.
[OOC] ORN: A second
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: I have a hunch two are fakes.
ORN blows off his back and another set of jump implements appears, and then he rockets off into the sky~
[OOC] ORN: Jump, on Aerie A
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
[OOC] Riia: I thought that decoys couldn't do real damage unless countering…
[OOC] ORN: They cna be Slave Parts
[OOC] Riia: That's true, though if that's the case my bet would be on B being the main part.
[OOC] Riia: Frikkin purple moogles.
Pak rars~ and tosses gil once more
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 5 for a total of 5
[OOC] Riia: If Aerie respawns A, I'm gonna punch someone or something.
[OOC] Riia: Probably my homework, since it's so close to hand.
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 37 for a total of 37
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 94 for a total of 94
Pak :O!
Pak watches as a giant carrot falls- but detonates too early! Instead, a bunny-girl comes out of it and gives everyone carrots before vanishing.
Pak rolled 3d8+210 and got 1, 1, 5 for a total of 217
[OOC] Pak: Everyone gets healed 217 HP.
[OOC] ORN: HP: 482/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 107.157464%
[OOC] ORN: Not bad, at least
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: HP: 533/547, SoS: 136
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
Hector does another Climhazzard charge, which goes off at 8.
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru!
[OOC] WC GM: Ahiru AFK?
[OOC] Riia: I think so.
Ahiru delays to 1.
Aerie C channels a blast at ORN.
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 25 ( Total: 25 )
WC GM rolled 1d12+225,125% and got 8 for a total of 291.25
Hits for 291 Melting Wind damage.
[OOC] ORN: HP: 337/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 136.809816%
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
ORN gets battered some but not nearly enough to make him feel
[OOC] Pak: Didn't ORN just… um… jump?
[OOC] Pak: How did he get hurt?
[OOC] Sakha: back
[OOC] ORN: … True
[OOC] Eric Lionheart: Hmm.
[OOC] ORN: That attack shouldn't be able to hit
[OOC] ORN: *spacing off*
[OOC] WC GM: Err - right.
[OOC] WC GM: Illegal target.
WC GM rolled 1d8 and got 5 ( Total: 5 )
[OOC] ORN: HP: 482/489, MP: 160/191, SoS: 122, Limit: 107.157464%
[OOC] ORN: Ehe…
Eric_Lionheart Scans Aerie B. He has had enough of this lack of infomation.
The blast went for ORN, but hits Cassandra instead.
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: HP: 242/547, SoS: 136
[OOC] Hector: You could always use your EI to heal yourself. :E
Level 44 Boss Humanoid. 5548/8448 HP, 1850/2112 MP. A: Wind, E: Wind. I: All. A shadow copy of a shadow copy - disrupt the main controller and this one will go away too.
Aerie B tries to remove the group's Dice effects.
WC GM rolled 8d100 and got 86, 9, 81, 32, 7, 77, 40, 70 ( Total: 402 )
Eric Lionheart: "Hmm."
[OOC] ORN: Just as we eventually thought. Next time, yuo scan C to see if that's the real one
Eric Lionheart: "Ignore the second one for the time being."
Ahiru and Hector evade.
[OOC] Sakha: sweet
[OOC] Hector: :D
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
[OOC] WC GM: Actually, ORN evades too - again, illegal target.
Cassandra_Lionheart does another Fated Circle ((goes off on 13))
[OOC] WC GM: Felicia!
[OOC] Felicia: Hrm
Felicia drinks a hyper pot.
Aerie A seeks to undo the hyper potion.
Ahiru attacks Aerie C in the face!
WC GM rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 )
WC GM rolled 1d12+225,125% and got 8 for a total of 291.25
[OOC] Ahiru: Isn't aerie A gone?
[OOC] WC GM: And then Ahiru.
[OOC] WC GM: Nope.
[OOC] WC GM: SOS, but not gone.
Felicia is hit for 291 Melting Wind damage.
Ahiru then does Aerie A in the face
Ahiru rolled 3d8+228,125% and got 3, 3, 5 for a total of 298.75
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra then Hector!
Cassandra Lionheart rolled 3d12+255 and got 6, 8, 10 for a total of 279
[OOC] WC GM: Hector!
Hector swings his whip dramatically, which incidentally fires a wave at his foes.
Hector rolled 4d10+260,125% and got 8, 7, 7, 1 for a total of 353.75
[OOC] Felicia: meh
Aerie A is almost down…
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusHector: AGI Up(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - ORN: +40EVA(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - PartyMinusFelicia: Regen(U)
WC GM: Status Phase - AhiruHector: Piercing(2)
WC GM: Battle order: Sakha:30 Eric:28 Cassandra:26 Pak:25 AerieC:24 ORN:23 AerieB:22 Ahiru:21 Hector:20 Felicia:20 AerieA:17
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha!
[OOC] Felicia: What? no. Im dead again.
[OOC] Riia: Highfive
WC GM: Battle order: Sakha:30 Eric:28 Cassandra:26 Pak:25 AerieC:24 ORN:23 AerieB:22 Ahiru:21 Hector:20 AerieA:17
[OOC] Felicia: fuck you hippie
[OOC] WC GM: Anyway, Sakha!
[OOC] Riia: *checks his haircut, high and tight, yup, so wtf?*
[OOC] Riia: Actually it's not h+t, so I think I'll have to fix it soon.
[OOC] Pak: How? You just healed yourself with a hyper pot
[OOC] Felicia: Devils brand, only 250 health to begin with
[OOC] Pak: Oh :x
[OOC] Pak: K
[OOC] WC GM: Sakha?
[OOC] Pak: Shellburst!)
Sakha Stabs C
[OOC] Riia: Sakha in fury?
[OOC] Sakha: No Shellburst stab
[OOC] Sakha: I running around cleaning
Aerie C takes the massive blast this time.
[OOC] WC GM: Eric!
[OOC] Sakha: run o ff again
[OOC] Pak: Why C instead of A? D:
[OOC] Riia: Should probably verify that A or C is the master.
[OOC] Riia: Pak; I think she missed that…
[OOC] ORN: We're kind of already beating A down, so… And since Eric's scanning C now we should have a hint
Eric_Lionheart scans C.
Level 44 Boss Humanoid. 4336/8448 HP, 1488/2112 MP. A: Wind, E: Wind. I: All. A shadow copy of a shadow copy - disrupt the main controller and this one will go away too.
[OOC] Pak: Told you
[OOC] WC GM: Cassandra!
[OOC] Riia: So yeah, kill A
Eric Lionheart: "Hmph. Now we know which one is real."
[OOC] ORN: Eesh…
AerieA: "Aha~! Finally saw through my little trick~?"
Pak: "Yup~"
Pak: "I was wondering where you got sisters."
AerieA: "None of these are me, actually."
AerieA: "You've still gotta find the real me~!"
Pak: "…"
Pak: "Cassie!"
Eric Lionheart: "You're a fake too? Hmm."
AerieA: "Told you I was borrowing their trick!"
Cassandra_Lionheart goes for a fated circle again ((goes on 20 ))
Pak: "Okay, listen to me carefully!"
Pak: "…Oh nevermind. I'll do it myself."
[OOC] WC GM: Pak!
Pak squints into the clouds.
Pak presses target button, then Right three times. A-B-C-?
Pak: "…"
Pak: "Good enough!"
Pak tosses Gil one last time!
Pak rolled 1d10 and got 8 for a total of 8
[OOC] Riia: =p, nah, we gotta find the real Aerie /AFTER THE FIGHT/.
[OOC] Riia: Aerie A is the Shadow Copy that B+C are Shadow Copies of.
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 54 for a total of 54
Pak rolled 1d100 and got 79 for a total of 79
[OOC] ORN: Then, we will notice that the moogle that's been with us has been Aerie all along
[OOC] WC GM: Nope. That moogle stayed back at the factory.
Pak rolled 4d10+504 and got 9, 4, 7, 2 for a total of 526
[OOC] WC GM: You've been in radio contact only.
[OOC] ORN: Oy~
Aerie A dissolves. A few seconds later, so do Aeries B and C.
Pak: "x_x Finally."
Cassandra Lionheart: "Wow..""
Pak: "Well, at least this gives that Moogle plenty of combat data."
WC GM rolled 3d100 and got 34, 77, 39 for a total of 150
Eric Lionheart: "Whew. That was a long fight."
[OOC] Riia: Felicia and I are still dead, btw
Eric_Lionheart revives and heals the dead and wounded.
Pak: ">_O Annoying…"
Cassandra_Lionheart walks over to Felicia and uses a PD on her.
Riia sighs and holds up a sign wearily: "We're gonna have to fight her later, to seal Aer, aren't we?"
[OOC] Riia: Eric already Raised us, Cassie
[OOC] Cassandra Lionheart: …
Two X-Ethers and an Ultra Potion seem to have cropped up out of the ice while you were fighting - perhaps early test products of the forming convertor?
Sakha: "Are we at the Library yet?"
[OOC] Riia: Sposed to be like two days and some hunting
[OOC] WC GM: 11058 XP & 4004 Gil each, too.
Cassandra_Lionheart puts the PD back when she sees Eric take care of things.
Sakha grumbles and goes back to fine-tune her book.
Riia taps Sakha on her way out
Riia holds up a sign: "Impressive magic"
Sakha: "Hm?"
Cassandra Lionheart: "Well…We are going to have to have a talk with Aerie on what a spar really is."
Sakha: "What I did today wasn't exactly magic but more of an ANTI-magic."
Riia sighs and holds up a sign: "She said she wouldn't hold back"
Hector: "Hmm."
[OOC] Hector: Aerie is a yandere.
[OOC] WC GM: That's actually rather accurate.
[OOC] WC GM: Anyway, we seem to have trailed off for now, so…

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